Monday, October 31, 2011

Sascha Müller pres. 6 In The Video Mix Vol. 03 [Super Six Records Video 003]

All those who love the visual affairs provided by Sascha Müllers Super 6 Records watch out for part three of the "6 In The Video Mix"-series which brings you about an hour of audiovisual joy including the near legendary "Tank" video, Ewan Rill's partly animated sci-fi affair "Don't Forget I'm On Mars" which must be mentioned as a great piece of Techno music, Dany Oghla's flickering "Frost Tracker *Bengala Boys Remix" and more stuff from the Super 6 Records stable. If you love the oldskool and have been brought up in the era of huge raves you're well recommended to check out eVADE's "The B-Rave Theme *Sascha Müller Remix" which keeps up the oldskool vibe not only within the music.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Teichmann - They Made Us Do It [Festplatten Promo]

Released just one day ago on october 28th via their very own Festplatten-imprint the new and second album of the brothers Andi & Hannes Teichmann is about to hit the stores shelves within the next days and to please those appreciating what can be named as musical eclecticizm and a broad variety presented within only one album, a thing that lies within the Teichmann family as their father Uli Teichmann comes from a FreeJazz background and even plays solo sax on one of their tracks here, a first time recording collaboration between them. Furthermore their list of featured artists includes Foremost Poets a.k.a. Johnny Dangerous, Alois Späth, Tijana T and more, all contributing their parts to warm analogue sounding tunes in between WildPitch-influenced House, twisted, echoing Electronica / Downtempo pieces and tunes that might be future anthems like "Brainwash - Adapter Edit" which is sadly not to be found on the forthcoming and hand-numbered vinyl edition of "They Made Us Do It" although it's one of the most fascinating tracks of the album, an album that also is able to fuse the big basslines of so-called Wonky- or BrightonTechno once provided by acts like Neil Landstrumm, Tobias Schmidt and their posse with House vibes and - yes! - uplifting vocal workouts. This is Future Phonk!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Drum'n'Bass Longset @ Gruenspan / Hamburg Tonite

Apologies to all those who expected baze.djunkiii to play a Drum'n'Bass all night set @ Hamburgs Gruenspan tonite as announced only a few days ago. The longset set was planned to please all those punters still longing for big basslines after Chase & Status finished their show but due to an obviously not working communication chain between the three agencies involved in setting up the whole Chase & Status tour - Hi Life, FKP Scorpio and Four Artists - the after show was cancelled spontaneously only a few minutes before doors opened for reasons too absurd to be elucidated, especially regarding the fact that these agencies are in business for a while now.

Complaints can and should be sent to these agencies directly via mail, blame those not able to handle their business and communications chains right.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Live Action Picture - Wohlwillstrassenfest Open Air

baze.djunkiii & Hr. Svolanski on our sound system truck at Wohlwillstrassenfest Open Air on June 18th

Monday, October 24, 2011

Short Term Announcement - 27.10.2011 Drum'n'Bass Set @ Gruenspan / Hamburg

file under: Drum'n'Bass

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

Für alle die nach dem Gig von Chase & Status immer noch nicht genug von dicken Bässen und treibenden Beats haben geht es im Gruenspan direkt Drum'n'Bass-lastig weiter, denn dort lädt baze.djunkiii mit einem Longset bis in die frühen Morgenstunden zum Feiern ein und spannt dabei einen Bogen durch die Golden Era des Drum'n'Bass - von echten Klassikern bis hin zu lang verschollen geglaubten und doch immer wieder gern gespielten Tracks.

Schon Anfang des Jahrtausends spielte baze.djunkiii unter anderem Seite an Seite mit Drum'n'Bass-Grössen wie Panacea, Current Value, DJ Ripley, Aquasky und anderen, hob mit Intrauterin Tapes das einzige norddeutsche D'n'B-Mixtapelabel aus der Taufe und produzierte Ende 2007 zusammen mit DJ Da Cut einen D'n'B-Remix für die Washingtoner PostRock-Band Ostinato.

Grosse Freiheit 58
Hamburg St. Pauli

Alex Flatner & Lopazz - This [Poker Flat Recordings 123] 123 of Poker Flat Recordings is provided by Alex Flatner & Lopazz which are serving three brand new tracks on this 12". First of all the title track "This" takes us on a trip through a dark TechHouse-continuum that only sees a bit of light when the slightly psychedelic vocals unfold over a warm and funky bassline. On the flip there are "Hapbee" and "It's", the first mentioned balancing between SlowHouse attitude and shimmering DiscoFunk of now, the second one is a deep tool featuring some Yello'esque vocal snippets that keep the crowd pumping throughout endless late night sessions.

Friday, October 21, 2011

29.10.2011 BETA-ZERFALL @ Schaubude / Kiel

file under: PostPunk / (No)Wave / SynthPop / ElectroPunk / IndieElectro

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]
Herr Brandt [Sonnenbrandt / Funkhausgruppe]

doors: 11 P.M.

Legienstrasse 40
24103 Kiel

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wehbba - 3 Days [Audiomatique Recordings 046 Promo]

New stuff to come via Audiomatique Recordings as the labels 046 is provided by the brazilian producer Wehbba who's about to unleash his first Audiomatique release with this one. The title track "3 Days" is a powerful prime time weapon, using ecstatic and ever building stabs leading towards an amazing breakdown. Plus this track is spreading nothing but a positive vibe due to the remarkable vocal samples used. Pure joy. Mihalis Safras' remix on the flip is vibeing off the same train, adds a lil' tempowise and is a massively rolling big room affair generally. Finally Wehbba offers his track "Balance" on B2 which is more of a tool'ish piece, stripped down, hypnotic, expertly crafted and providing a timeless, well-balanced ClubTechno feel that is valid now and forever. Do not miss this one for any reason.

Safeword - You Can You Will [Dessous Recordings 105 Promo]

Safeword is not only a well known phrase in the SM-scene but also the newest addition to the artist roster of Dessous Recordings debuting with this 12", a duo consisting of the american producers Clint Stewart and Marc Smith who are ready to work crowds floating through the worlds shiny red light district clubs with their deep, ever pulsating workouts balancing between House and its TechHouse variation. Especially the title track is a long builder starting out dark and pumping and then surprisingly turning into a uplifting and even happy, melodious piece that helps the DJ in charge to change the whole vibe on the floor within only a few minutes. On the flip the labels mainstay Phonique is on remix duty, picking up the uplifting aspects and keeping things closer to classic House adding more shaky percussions, some cut-up vocal snippets and a huge bassline whilst the closing tune "Tangent" is a very late night affair amalgamating beautiful chords and calm but still moving beats, celebrating the special moment when everyone realises that a long night out comes to an end. A better closing tune might be hard to find these days.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

eVADE - Esy [Chillzone Records]

eVADE is back on Chillzone Records with two brand new tracks these days. Whilst the title track "Esy" combines PostPostRock-influenced guitar figures trailing away with some really really dope beats that are about to be loved by freestyling MC's as well as by mid-90s TripHop aficionados "Wrpng" serves a sweet ElectroJazz attitude with melancholic strings and raw beats well fitting amongst the tracks featured on the first three issues of legendary "Future Sound Of Jazz"-series released in 1995/1996 Timeless and still fresh.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ayshay - Warn-U

This is without any doubt one of the most exciting tracks I came across in ages - maybe even my favorite record of the year?

11.11.2011 Elf! @ M-Bia / Berlin

This one's set up by the Liquid Sky Berlin-crew and not to be missed if you're in town on November 11th. The lineup includes loads of Techno legends that haven't been seen in Berlin for a while. This is gonna be a rave, innit?

Affie Yusuf (Force Inc.) live
TokTok (TokTok Records / ZokZok Rec) live
Mark Hawkins live (Djax Up Beats) live
Audiosex™ (Technoline / Liquid Sky Berlin).
Dr Walker (Djungle Fever / Force Inc / Air Liquide).
Sheldon Drake (Liquid Sky Berlin)
Neopi Visuals (Weisep++++) live & installations
Asbest! (Djungle Fever / Blim Rec Paris) live
BAD Bad Tom aka Kodoish (Djungle Fever / Liquid Sky Berlin / Kodoish Stockholm) live
Bleed (De-bug Berlin).

Acid All Stars / Luvtonez / Liquid Sky Berlin Floor
Dr Walker & Bathsh3ba " > Bathsh3ba live
Bathsh3ba "> Bathsh3ba & Ninja.
Natasha Van Dongen

and many many many artists more.

Friday, 11 November 2011
11.11 pm (friday nite) - 12.12 pm saturday noon
M-Bia / Dircksenstrasse / Mitte / 10178 Berlin
11 euro - 1 euro rave rabatt

The Best Of Video Releases Vol. 03 [Super 6 Records 070.5]

More compilation stuff to come from the Super 6 Records-stable is their new "The Best Of Video Releases Vol. 03" including ten tracks from the labels catalogue which - apart from their regular release - have also been seen on the video circuit before. To name only a few of the featured tracks there are Noro's "Radvanakan 1" and Ewan Rill's "Don't Forget I'm On Mars" alongside DmVsMv's "Tank" and others. So there are not many surprises for those who've been following Super 6 Records within the last year or two but all those longing for a compilation of proper 4/4 tracks with a good dancefloor twist and - even more important - provided by longtime underground producers able to serve quality but being far away from the attention and (magazine / print) support they deserve need to take a closer look at "The Best Of Video Releases Vol. 03" for sure.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sascha Müller - Krankenhaus (PLATIN) [SM Traxxx 015]

All fans of raw, unedited Techno and Acid watch out for the next sequel of Sascha Müllers "Krankenhaus"-series under the name of "Krankenhaus (PLATIN)" which features two tracks as usual, both made for large industrial areas or grim underground bomb shelters rather than for polished hi-tech clubs. Especially "Krankenhaus (PLATIN) 1" is able to twist your braincells due to its hypnotic, ever evolving use of the beloved 303 whilst "Krankenhaus (PLATIN) 2" is a quite distorted affair and sounds like played through a very fucked up P.A. system. Crank this one up and your neighbours are about to hate you forever.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Sound Of Super 6 Vol. 02 [Super 6 Records 070]

Fresh via Super 6 Records is their second label compilation representing "The Sound Of Super 6 Vol. 02", a fifteen track piece serving tracks by the labels core artists as there are Sascha Müller, Toph Subderground, eVADE, DJ Pablishhhh!, Acidfloor and a bunch of others more. As one can guess from the names mentioned the musical range covered is a wide one including positive sounding Electro, anthemic bassline driven Techno - Jay Zoney! -, technoid experimentalism and, of course, Acid, the whole spectrum that's to be found on Super 6 today and a good introduction for those who haven't heard of Super 6 Records yet, although not every tune is able to showcase the best of its producers potential. But no matter what, this one is more varied than your usual genre based compilation in electronic music anyway and due to that fact alone it's worthwhile to check it out. One recommended track for the headstrong: Kinetic Pressure - Module *Sascha Müller Acidcore Mix.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Clara Bow - You Got It

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Live Action Pictures - baze.djunkiii @ Klingel 3 / 26.05.2011

Props are going out to for taking these and sending them in finally.... Big up!

Steinkind - Es Wird Zeit [fubAk Entertainment / Danse Macabre]

Steinkind are about to unveal their next single "Es Wird Zeit", the second outtake of their recent album "Etappe 011", via fubAk Entertainment / Danse Macabre on October 14th - a piece dealing with those who've got the power these days, not only politicians but corrupt managers, bankers and their state of mind. And the fact that things might change. A few remixes are provided here covering styles like ElectroClash, Trance-influences or even the new kids' favorite: Hardstyle / Jumpstyle. But way more interesting are the two bonus tracks - a great Rummelsnuff cover of "Weil Wir Fressen " which sounds totally absurd and funny plus the alcohol intoxicated piece "Heidi", a weird ElectroSchlager anti-anthem dedicated to Miss Heidi Klum. I bet she won't be amused if she comes across this one... o_0

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Supershirt - Kunstwerk [Audiolith Promo]

Two years have passed since Supershirt released their massive album "8000 Mark" via Hamburg's ElectroPunk-trademark imprint Audiolith, still a masterpiece jam-packed with banging anthems. But two years are a long time as well and quite a few things have changed in Supershirts universe, not only that they're a proper three member band outfit these but also their sound has evolved which means that they've been stepping back from ElectroPunk a bit and turned their heads towards Indie, they're writing songs not pure bangers now and they've changed big basslines and weird electronic sounds for guitars. Plus: there's a certain kind of bitter sweetness to be found now on their new album that has been released on September 30th under the name of "Kunstwerk". Those who've been waiting for an album that could be named "8000 Mark Part 2" will be slightly disappointed although tracks like "Am Arsch Des Triumphs" or "Kunstwerk" and have an undeniable club quality featuring nice shout-a-long lines and banging beats. And yes, there's an attitude to be called Pop - not: sell-out - which might appeal to a mainstream audience and daytime radio listeners. That's what Supershirt 2011 are all about, IndiePop with recognizable ElectroPunk roots. Defo an album that the girls will like and well fitting for the early fall of that strange year that this one has been so far.
Two to check: "Verlass Die Stadt" for it's deep, spooky intro part and great lyrics ("... grab' Dir ein Loch, steig' auf den Baum..." / "...dig a hole, climb on a tree...") as well as "Koppel Dich Ab" for its misanthropic lyrics and its subliminal no future feel.

Monday, October 03, 2011

baze.djunkiii Charts 10/2011

01. Darkness Falls - Alive In Us [HFN Music 009 Promo]
See review for details...

02. Seiji - More Of You / Sticks [Seiji 003]
Drum'n'Bass-legend Seiji is on a Future Garage meets UK Funky tip these days, adds a SpeedGarage topping and a bit of Detroit-influenced melancholia - a recipe that is named "More Of You", fully works to keep dancefloor crowds moving and to set my heart on fire. Plus: You can't beat that hyper-positive attitude provided by "Sticks" on the flip. I love these tunes to death and I'm sure they won't leave my box for a while.

03. Bluff - Eminenzen 1 [Shhhh Records 003 Testpress]
See review for details...

04. James What - It Feels Wrong E.P. [Poker Flat Recordings 121]
See review for details...

05. Dagshenma - Zaumi [Electroton 012 Promo]
See review for details...

06. Epidemix - Jungle Ting [Titan Records]
Usually I don't buy much contemporary Drum'n'Bass-tunes these days as I've been seeing this genre evolving from day dot and I think that there's not much new happening that's able to touch my heart, although I feel a growing love for a lot of tunes released pre-2005. But Epidemix' "Jungle Ting" is a huge exception from the norm and the only reason why I purchased the whole "Surface EP" 2x12" recently released via Titan Records as the tune provides a nice junglistic feel, thrilling stepper beats, classic vox snippets and a huge bassline one cannot resist. I want more tunes like this one.

07. Admiral Bailey - Jump Up *Terror Danjah Remixes [Greensleeves Dubstep]
The long time running Reggae-imprint Greensleeves has been launching a Dubstep-focused subsidiary series a while ago serving Dubstep reworks of some classic tunes from the Reggae / Dancehall-scene. This time it's Admiral Bailey's "Jump Up", originally released in 1987 by Jammy's Records and a familiar vocal to all those oldskool junglists out there, that has been reworked by Terror Danjah who tranfers the whole thing into a dark and deadly digital banger somewhat in between Dubstep and Sublow, coming up with some of the most Industrial-sounding noises that I've heard in Dubstep for a while. If you've loved Vex'd's legendary 2005-album "Degenerate" on Planet µ you're quite likely to appreciate this one, too.

08. Istanbul 70 Volume III - Psych, Disco, Folk Edits by Baris K [Nublu Records 030]
Well, that's a surprise. Even for me as I usually cannot do much with turkish, arabic, oriental music - I just do not feel the sound aesthetics of that cultural background and I do not know much about their access to and assimilation of modern music like Disco. Same goes for polka and klezmer soundwise - I just don't get it. But these edits by Baris K are so psychedelic, obscure and fascinating that I could not resist. Especially the re-edits of Modern Folk Üclüsü feat. Aysegül Aldinc's "Dönme Delap" with its seductive, close to erotic vibe, psyched-out strings and sexy bassline and Nazan Soray's darker, quite stripped down "Halhal" opened the doors for me and I had to realize that there's a wide and - at least for me - unexplored musical field to discover, a field that I wasn't aware of before.

09. Argy - Reminiscence EP [Permanent Vacation 083]
If I didn't knew better I'd say this release contains stuff that had been produced somewhen in between like 1992 and 1995, a long gone era that brought something like Intelligent Trance and great compilations like "Tour De Trance" or "Logic Trance" as an outlet for nicely floating, string-loaden music that was not as cheesy and simple as Trance became in the years following. "Whish You Were Here" as main track could still fit in on these releases with heavy strings, a good overall vibe and sweet pianos whilst the Breakbeat-based "N.A.O.E. *Argy's Hacienda Mix" is closer to classics like The Future Sound Of London's "Papua New Guinea" mixed up with a bit of Klaus Schulze- or Pete Namlook-like synth aesthetics. Finally there's "Tari Tari", another uplifting, well Trance-flavored piece with loads of oldskool'ish elements, raw vocal-snippets, kitschy pianos and happy sounds. Where are my dolphins?

10. Der Tante Renate - H4xX02 [Audiolith / Riptide Testpress]
See review for details...

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Bluff - Eminenzen 1 [Shhhh Records 003 Testpress]

Upcoming on November 4th is 003 of one of the most exciting, most thrilling and most underrated labels around these days - yes, we're talking about Shhhh Records here. Started in 2011 and only distributed via Otaku Records in Germany they're walking in huge footsteps soundwise with the release of Bluff's "Eminenzen 1", the start of an upcoming five records in-label series, tributing to the conceptual, hissing, technoid minimalism once provided and pioneered by labels like Profan and mixing that up with looped and layered pieces of old shellac records. Looped and layered does not necessarily mean that these loops and layers follow the basic 4/4-scheme, some seem to be a bit off-rhythmic, weirdly pitched and puzzling, combining the orginal recorded aesthetics with a straight and clean production - a thing they call "meta-retro" in their release sheet. This term sounds a bit made-up to me but no matter what, the overall feel is like what could be named TechnoJazz if this hadn't been used for some of the rhythmically abstract and loose productions of guys like Cari Lekebusch or Steve Stoll before. Maybe this record could be seen as a continuation of their concept although this time it's not the beats floating around freely.
"Eminenzen 1" might also appeal to those who're into contemporary styles like the so-called GypsyTechno / GypsyMinimal that is fusing all kind of tuba, klezmer, gyspy and other sounds with electronic dancefloor culture so if you're spinning this kind of stuff, make sure to grab a copy, too.