Monday, August 20, 2018

Kammerflimmer Kollektief - There Are Actions Which We Have Neglected And Which Never Cease To Call Us [Bureau B Promo]

Set for release via Bureau B on September 21st, 2k18 via Bureau B is the new Kammerflimmer Kollektief-album with the epic, and presumably way too long, title "There Are Actions Which We Have Neglected And Which Never Cease To Call Us" which caters a bunch of seven brand new songs or 'actions' all coming with a title and a place associated with it. Opening with "Action 1: Lucid, Imperial Beach" we see Kammerflimmer Kollektief starting their journey on a droney, crackling and slightly distorted 10+ minutes UnAmbient tip leading into deep, fiddly yet deeply melancholia-infused PostPostRock effort whilst "Action 2: Discharged, Quauhnahuac" brings forth a sparse, slightly naturalistic feel alongside klaxon'esque background guitars and heaps of little, yet buzzing complex movements and detailed, scraping string abuse before unleashing more of an structured (not structured) chaotic vibe with loads of distortions whilst "Action 3: Thoughtless, Hamburg" brings on a deep, mostly unaltered take on calm, beautiful and dreamy PostRock for genre connaisseurs. Furthermore "Action 4: Wasted, Ivano-Frankivsk" presents more of a laid back, dubbed out twang for hot afternoons spent on the beach, "Action 5: Resplendent, Bolinas" starts out on heavy, cut-up Noize distortion before a sudden plot twist turns the tune towards more dubby PostRock lazyness, "Action 6: Vigilant, Jerichow" provides more deep, twangy experimentation and melancholia before the concluding "Action 7: Blessed, Ermenoville" dabbles with more of a multilayered, intertwined DesertRock feel for a sweet, bluesy closure. Interesting, yet not as fascinating as their previous album "Desarroi".

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Vanessa Tomlinson - The Space Inside [A Guide To Saints]

Scheduled for release on A Guide To Saints on September 7th, 2k18 is Vanessa Tomlinson's "The Space Inside", a thirty minute cassette release, in which the Australian percussionist delivers two lengthy tracks closing around 15 minutes mark. The A-side sees "Waiting For The Passing - For Solo Bass Drum" presenting a thundering, reverberating musical approach that seems to amalgamate deep Ambient droning with large scale wobbling metal sheets forming a coherent yet alienating sound universe of its own whereas "The Space Inside - For Solo Tam Tam" indulges in a stretched out , sterile Cold Ambient scape, slowly moving metallic drones and overall sci-fi feel, referring to a desolate, post-apocalyptic future yet to come.  Check.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Olivia Block - 132 Ranks [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Australian imprint Room40 is Olivia Block's most recent album "132 Ranks" which was composed as a commissioned piece for LAMPO and The Renaissance Society between 2016 and 2017. Premiered at the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel in Chicago as a hybrid between concert and sound installation we see Olivia Block present a 49 minutes one track piece that's starting on a slow build-up from near silence levels bringing forth atmospheric sounds and bass-focused drones from afar, mixing those up with fragile, tender high frequency sinewave transmissions before finally making an evolutionary move into braincell-crushing vintage sci-fi Ambient structures that could well function as a B- or C-movie score with its intense organ vibrations and minimalist melodic fragments whilst turning towards calmer, less artificial vibes around minute 21 to ride this warm, organic wave to very end of the album, partly accompanied by highly dramatic interludes and tender, crystalline chords for a deeply harmonic touch. Defo one worthwhile to add to your collection of long running Ambient albums for sure.

Friday, August 17, 2018

24.08.2018 baze.djunkiii guest set @ 90s Rave Radio / Ems-Vechte-Welle 99.3FM

A label special all dedicated to the legendary former TechTrance- / Trance / Techno-imprint Superstition Recordings.

Transmission starts @ 11 p.m. GMT+1

Terrestrial transmission on frequency 99.3FM in and around the Emsland-region of Germany.

Click here for internet stream!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

24.08.2018 WAX UNLIMITED @ Beat Boutique / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: TechHouse / Electro /  NeoDetroit

doors open: 10 pm

Beat Boutique
Max-Brauer-Allee 219
22765 Hamburg

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 29 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Set for release on September 12th, 2k18 via his very own Dr. NoiseM Tapes-imprint is Dr. NoiseM's forthcoming six track album "Studio Works 29" which is catering a whole of six brand new tracks rolled out over the course of nearly 80 minutes playtime. Starting with the approx. 37 minutes of "Drone City" the mysterious producer brings forth a heavy, haunting load of ever meandering Cold- / DeathAmbient from the blackest exoterrestrial underground vaults, "Eine Katze Tod" is a dark'ish, minimalist and well hypnotic reference to the 2012-released dmvssm / Sascha Müller split tape on Pharmacom records which was limited to 27 hand-numbered copies worldwide whilst "Napalm Death" weighs in lively, yet braincell shredding fast-paced digital Noize for those who like going to extremes in their musical experiences. With "Poker Noise" Dr. NoiseM provides more of an alien-like, sci-fi approach to Noise-driven ethereal Ambient with far away echoes of (Neo)Cosmic Synth beauty, "Posthuman" caters to those loving the desolate isolationist Death Ambient-sound of his 'The CDr A-B-C"-series and the final cut named "Roboshocks" provides a high dosage of decaying, futuristic digital Noize and off-kilter computational machines for a B-rated sci-fi movie yet unwritten and -produced. Good stuff, this.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

P.T.B.S & Sascha Müller - Chicago Is Everywhere [SMPTB004]

Scheduled for release on August 26th, 2k18 is the latest collaboration between Uelsen-based underground producer P.T.B.S. and Meppen's Sascha Müller. Opening with "Chicago Is Everywhere *Original Mix" the pair explores a slow, tool'ish, yet functional and pounding take on classic, stripped down House music with more of a mid-90s New York-feel whilst "Chicago Is Everywhere *Sascha Müller Acid House Mix" adds a decent bubbly Acid-line to the deep vibes of the original cut and therefore wins the race for being our  favorite tune on this digital two track single.

Monday, August 13, 2018

18.08.2018 PLATINUM GARAGE @ Beat Boutique / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Combat Dubs]

file under: UK Garage / Speed Garage / Future Garage

doors open: 10 pm

Beat Boutique
Max-Brauer-Allee 219
22765 Hamburg

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Møster! - States Of Minds [Hubro Music]

Scheduled for release on the Norwegian Hubro Music-imprint on September 7th, 2k18 is "States Of Minds", the new double album effort created by Møster!, a massive band outfit created by sax player Kjetil Møster which features members of the well-known Motorpsycho as well as other greats on the bill. Going in with an overall menu of ten tracks spread over two CD's Møster! opens with "Brainwave Entraiment", a 20 minutes monster of a tune dabbling in score'esque vintage synths as well as in krautsy, yearning, experimental Progressive Rock-realms whilst even incorporating elements of Dub and, somehow, Ska elements as well as deep listening Ambient breakdowns whereas the follow up "Unhorsed By Chivalry" brings on a dubbed out fusion of complex, thundering drum Funk and electronic elements as well as heavy guitar distortions and tripped out SpaceJazz before "Plate Sized Eyes" weighs in 64 seconds of off-kilter slide guitar twang. Furthermore we see "Mystere" taking on solid, down-to-earth instrumental Desert Rock and "Bow Shock" providing full on fiddly experimentation with drums, guitar and loads of echoes and reverb. Going into the second disc the 22+minutes main piece "Life Wobble" starts out on a loose, rhythmic base both infused by Jazz Noir and marching drums sporting dreamy space guitars and - well... - wobbly, organic bass waves for the mind turning into a maelstrom'esque experience over the course of the tracks evolution, the "Phantom Bandotron" unleashes a surprisingly twangy, relaxed and partly even Easy Listening-infused BarJazz / Downtempo vibe and "Sounds Like A Planet" indeed comes across as a swampy, extraterrestrial sci-fi sound experience of an experimental kind. With "Mon Plaisir" Møster! caters more deep, laid back relaxation for hot summer days and the final cut "What A Flop Waking Up" even explores some kind of multi-layered tribalisms in combination with modified sax and clarinet outings to a well fever'ish effect. A lot to take in here, yet a well interesting musical construct  for sure.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Manga St Hilaire - Forever (Prod. Wiley)

EskiBeat is back and this ting is levels! Bang!

Various Artists - Psycho Kidzzz Vol. 5 [Psychocandies 070]

Scheduled for August 23rd, 2k18 on Psychocandies is the labels fifth full on various artists compilation album entitled "Psycho Kidzzz Vol. 5" which caters a sweet bag of ten tracks for all Acid lovers out there starting with P.T.B.S. And Hammed Maliq's "Borrooo (Sascha Müller Acid Bro Remix)", a bouncy, haunting and slightly mechanical take on raw AcidHouse whilst 4ZZZ1's "Pilldriver" combines morphing MonoTechno synths with a kind of sci-fi Tribal vibe and Sascha Müller's "Time Range" is quite a fest for a lovers of quality, fast paced HardTrance for warehouse raves and is one of Mr. Müller's best oldskool productions in a two decades spanning career for sure. "Eject The System" is another 4ZZZ1 production focusing on experimental ElectroGlitch, "Untitled 4" by Frog Bitch is a well distorted, uncompromising lesson in grinding Techno, the 'Acid Machine Mix' of Sascha Müller's "I Have A Sampler" gives us a filtered hint of floating AcidTrance and 3CloneB returns with "On Range", a lively, positive RaveTechno banger for peaktime sets. With "Acid Acapella_12" Sascha Müller provides a screaming Acid line tool for all adventurous DJ's out there, 4ZZZ1's "We Go" balances the thin line between harsh MonoAcid and tribalistic Techno with massive rave signals and the final cut - Sascha Müller's "Kenmodo" - evokes memories of Acid / Rave greats like Emmanuel Top for all those who've already been around in the 90s. Recommended!

Sam And The Womp - Ice Cream Man *Jstar Remix

Summer vibes proper. We're in!

Thursday, August 09, 2018

MAP 71 - Void Axis [Fourth Dimension Records / Foolproof Projects]

To be released as a collaborational effort between Fourth Dimension Records and Foolproof Projects on September 3rd, 2k18 is "Void Axis", the fourth album created by Brighton-based duo MAP 71 which are catering a new serving of nine tracks within a little less than 40 minutes runtime, opening with the galloping vintage synth meets intense Spoken Word (No)Wave-cut "Primary Radioaction" followed by "The Prefab", a stripped down, hypnotic homage to the Ingenious Dilettantes movement as well as "Nuclear Landscapes" employing thundering drums and a well postapocalyptic feel for a reason. With "The Future Edge" we see MAP 71 travel forward in time, bringing on a cold and well sci-fi feel whilst  "Minimal Bridget" brings forth heavy, war drums and brutal barrage fire for an ultimate apocalypse before "Armour And Ecdysis" provides more of a multi-layered, postapocalyptic edge of madness for those who can take it. Furthermore "Neonsignquietlife" is quite a hit for advanced SynthWave- / (No)Wave-dancefloors, "21-12" drifts on into a cold, abstract beat foundation and robotic vibes as well as abstract Chicago House-references synthwise before the final "Skeleton Gang" provides the projects take on echo-heavy, dubbed out, yet noisy musical madness. Highly recommended!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Tajak - Ciclos [Buh Records Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Peruvian imprint Buh Records on September 15th, 2k18 is "Ciclos", the latest album outing created by the Mexican band outfit Tajak which is one of the brand names in the Psych, Stoner and Shoegaze scene in Latin America. Opening with the powerful, riff-heavy and earthbound Desert Rock-infused "El Despertar" the band paves the way for things to come as there is the deeper, more laid back and dubbed out "Camino", the upbeat, thrilling dancefloor Psychedelia of "I've Seen It  Fall" as well as the smokey distortion of the Desert Rock-anthem that is "Don't Know Why". With "En El Centro De La Sierra" we see Tajak explore more of a sunset after a day of hard work in the desert kind of vibe, the title track "Ciclos" employs more of a dreamy, underwater Stoner atmosphere going all in for a wall of sound later, "The Drop (Vinyl Edit)" provides a proper take on intense slo-mo tension for those who like to bang their head on a regular and the final cut "Ojos De Agua (Vinyl Edit)" waves goodbye on a calm and relaxed non-vocal vocal level. Good stuff, this.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 08/2018

Monday, August 06, 2018

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 3 [SM Traxxx 26-2018]

Coming up with his next digital single on August 16th, 2k18 is the man Sascha Müller, bringing forth two new bangers on the SM Traxxx label. With "Track 05" he presents a killer take on gooey, spiralling AcidTrance featuring punchy snare attacks for all the oldskool ravers whilst "Track 06" combines more hypnotic Acid with raw, galloping Breakbeat-references for buzzing primetime sets. Great  stuff.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Lui Hill - Lui Hill [Filter Music Group]

To be released via Filter Music Group on August 10th, 2k18 is "Lui Hill", the self-titled debut album of the German NeoSoul / NuSoul artist of the same name which has recently been announced on these pages via the video of the single "