Monday, December 30, 2013

Geko (USG) Ft. Lil Eazy - They Don't See (official video)

Following Geko all time we found this new video out there on the interwebs - stepping away from the Grime this one is more on a deeper HipHop tip. Conscious words from a deep thinking youngstar. Instant classic - diggin' this tune a lot.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mental Overdrive - Cycls [Love OD Communications Promo]

On the production circuit for more than two decades now Per Martinsen a.k.a. Mental Overdrive released his new album "Cycls" via his very own label Love OD Communications on December 21st,  a conceptual album piece featuring ten tracks dealing with the Mayan end of the world scenario that was predicted for December 21st of 2012. Starting his journey with some kind of an apocalyptic Ambient piece named "A Fireball, It Is Red, The Sky Looks Black About It" which incorporates exactly these words in a quite threatening way Mr. Martinsen progresses into ritualistic House with "Trollhunter", explores Rave-stab gravid UK Funky terrains with an undeniable 'troity twist when it comes to the string arrangements of "Sunstorm", fuses tenacious basslines, balearic guitars and sweetest, heartwarming melodies on "Damascus" whilst turning his head into ultra-distorted, experimental Breakbeat / IDM / DarkJungle workouts with the follow-up named "Quarks". More high quality RitualHouse with a trancey twist is to be found in "Dada Urka" whilst the Dubstep / Future Bass crew will wave its hands and lighters to the super dry 808 drums of "Kollaps" which is to be referred to as future classic instantly due to it's seductive stabs and sweet melodious basslines. Heavy halftime beats and synths meandering in between Trance and (Neo)Cosmic for a maximum effect are the basic foundation of the anthemic "Systems" which is another hit featured on "Cylcs". Meanwhile the synth beauty of "Liverpool Street" comes up with a kind of ecclesiastic, contemplative attitude that is nicely contrasted by the positive, dancefloor moving force of the closing tune "Beaches". If that's the soundtrack of armageddon we're ready to join the party. If armageddon is cancelled we'd like to praise one of the most varied albums we've come across  in 2013. Recommended.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Guts Pie Earshot - Amparo Fugaz [Major Label 069 Promo]

Celebrating their 20th anniversary these days Guts Pie Earshot have released their latest album "Amparo Fugaz" via Major Label in early December and once again they've made up their minds to serve something special - an eleven track longplay piece that has been recorded live and direct without any kind of safety net but in a studio environment to preserve the best possible sound quality. And here they go - unleashing a raw and widely unprocessed musical storm incorporating elements of Punk, live Drum'n'Bass, epic layers of plangent violins, killer basslines referring to  Dubsteps wildest moments as well as parts that seem to be taken from Gypsy Folk plus a lot of super solid Rock and Hardcore drumming that isn't afraid of modern urban riddims like Moombahton and others. Sounds wild? It is for sure but not confusing at all. Guts Pie Earshot are to be called true masters of amalgamation, entraining audiences and listeners with their full-on open minded attitude and setting live stages on fire whereever they do appear. We're looking forward to the next decade of thrilling musical freestyle visions. Happy birthday!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

[aniYo kore] - Delts

Maybe the deepest Downbeat / TripHop tune you've heard in 2013. [aniYo kore] are nothing less but a yet undiscovered hyperemotional, musical sensation. Check 'em.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 016]

Sascha Müller is back with the 16th untitled album offering on his very own Supersix-imprint and as a regular reader of these pages you might know that this ends up in quality. Although his more melancholia-/ minor note-driven opener "Radio 2000" is quite an usual approach for the Uelsen-based producer when it comes to Techno but it's the second tune on this album named "Ready To Fight" that sees him stepping back into upfront, storming areas again. What's defo new to Mr. Müller's sound spheres is the fully acoustic, contemplative "Gong Part 1" that brings in the feel of Asian temples and monks before the full-on TechnoJazz- / BrokenTechno-vision of "Schweinereien" touches down on advanced, primetime'ish dancefloors with its simple but lovely melody. The follow up named "Shadow" - another heavy BrokenTechno workout - serves the first heavily pounding bassdrums being the foundation of uncompromising dancefloor killing tool whilst the next tune "Shadow Man" is more of a steadily grinding attack on the crowds efferent pathways with a minimalistic DBX-like twist. I see ppl losing control to this one for sure. With "Ritual Of Life" as eighth track we'll find a really proper and nicely floating piece of TribalTrance whilst the "StarkStromGenerator" deals with a dry, bouncy, stripped down Techno variation well appealing to all fans of Cisco Ferreira's Kombination Research label. Another dry and skeletal but more scifi'esque piece to be found here is the 12+ minutes runtime piece "Synthese" which turns out to be a kinda hypnotic, repetetive Ambient / Clicks'n'Cuts tune on a solid bass foundation but without any beats at all. Finally the closing "Troy" is hectic, Jazz-driven House music that reminds me of Compost Records early days - think "Future Sound Of Jazz" here - or more experimental Vienna-based Jazz meets House crossovers put on the circuit by the usual suspects. Nice one.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Hainbach - Mono Means One (free download)

Raw, unprocessed, grinding underground Techno from the dark side. Get on the DL if you still love the sick analogue sounds associated with The Hague's Bunker Records and similar imprints or early works of the man Fred Bigot, better known as Electronicat. Killer piece.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Joined Forces: baze.djunkiii Joins Joinmusic

So much music out there to talk about, so many promos flying in and so little space for reviews in print magazines and / or not enough staff in terms of manpower to take care of it all when it comes to online publications - quite a well known fact to everyone invlvd in music press. Plus: there's a lack of writers able and willing to handle the more sophisticated, leftfield or just not that well known stuff we all know as "underground music" when it comes to serving proper reviews but also when it comes to being connected directly to the heart of the scene, the labels, DJs, producers and creative minds, being able to provide news and content straight from the core of what's happening.

Seeing a need for exactly this the mainly Hamburg- and partly Berlin-based online magazine Joinmusic and baze.djunkiii, founder of these pages your on as well as author for FAZE Magazine and others, most recently agreed upon a collaboration which sees baze.djunkiii serving exactly the kind of content mentioned above for the Joinmusic website: news, track, reviews, the occasional video and more - served in German language and following the magazines mission statement "Good Music Only"...which doesn't imply that there won't be scorchers at all.

So if you've been following baze.djunkiii writings for a while now make sure to check out his first articles about vinyl from Russia and technoid whitelabels from the 12" underground which have been published these days.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cassar - Shortbread Instrumental (free download)

Another large riddim piece provided by the Liverpool-based Grime- /UK Bass-producer J Cassar. Get on the DL if you're loving the dark side. Plus: Check that phone recorded freestyle on top of this beat as well.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

03.01.2014 Pure Garage & Silk @ Dreiundsiebzig / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / FAZE Magazine]
Schulterblatt 73
Hamburg / Schanze
baze.djunkiii is finally back @ Dreiundsiebzig!

Nearly two years have passed since his last appearance @ Dreiundsiebzig and once again he's ready to serve nothing but bass pleasure.

Back on track after necessary timeout which allowed Hamburg's UK Bass pioneer to focus on his extensive work in the music business and delve deeper into the field of music journalism baze.djunkiii still is championing original trueskool DJ culture and craft – 100% vinyl, two turntables, a man and his mixer.

All live and direct – no digital assets used... when baze.djunkiii re-installs his longtime running „Pure Garage And Silk“ party, a series of occasional one-off events which keeps the original spirit of the original 2Step & UK Garage scene alive, fusing all the classic anthems of the flourishing past with the most essential pieces of London's Future Garage & UK Funky movement.

Don't miss this journey into 15 years of bass history and dance your ass off to beloved and long time missed tunes by Trick Or Treat, Mark „Ruff“ Ryder, So Solid Crew, Zed Bias, Dem 2 and many more.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 / baze.djunkiii - new promo mail address / baze.djunkiii
c/o Rathmann
Mokrystrasse 5
21107 Hamburg

If you like to send VINYL PROMOS or things that DO NOT FIT into a standard postbox please get in touch via "nitestylez (at) intrauterin-recordings (dot) de" and ask for an alternative postal address to make sure everything arrives safely. Thx.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2013

01. Alemayehu Eshete - Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol.2 [L'Arome Productions]
It's been a while now since I discovered the fascinating music that came from Ethiopia in the late 60s and early 70s via the re-releases of L'Arome Productions "Ethiopiques" series and this album is one of these albums which are available to a wider audience again. Although more Soul and Funk driven in comparison to the countries more Jazz-related scene in these days long days it's quite fascinating how well the clearly American influences and the unfamiliar language compliment each other. Check "Hameta" or "Yeweb Dar" to prove me right. Full on recommended - not only to those who love to dig for more exotic sample sources.

02. Captain Capa - Foxes [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details..

03. A Band Of Crickets - Ask What It Is! [Behind The Black Curtain Records Promo]
When Downbeat meats Dub meets PostStep meets sweet female vocals on top of huge, ever embracing sinewave basslines. When these vocals are not provided by the one and only Björk but surely pleasing all of her fans due to their excentric, echoic and surreal nature. When the tempo is slow but the power of BASS is able to move any dancefloor right away. And when the very last track comes up with a - contextwise that is - quite surprising view on purely Funk-driven high octane JazzBreaks. When all of this happens you might've grabbed this overly interesting gem at your local record store. Make sure to buy it.

04. Lucknow [LUCKNOW001 Promo]
Quite a mysterious hand-numbered four track vinyl piece with hand printed cover artwork that revolves somehow in between stoically marching technoid minimalism that does not really build up to a climax, DubTechno influences and a very stripped down variation of BrokenTechno for all those strongminded people with a thing for conceptual rhythms and sub heavy bassdrums. I'd totally love to see that 12" blasted through a huge P.A. in some concrete and steel bunker - especially when it comes to the TechnoJazz abstractions served on the untitled B1 tune.

05. Studio 1 - Gelb / Lila [Assemble Music 006 Whitelabel Promo]
Actually I've gotta admit that I haven't embraced or loved that Wolfgang Voigt's Studio 1-series that much when it was released back in the 90s as I was digging deeply into the more harder and more experimental spectrum of electronic music in these days. But as more than 15 years have passed now since their initial release and they still sound nice and fresh and timeless and functional there's no other option than to call these two tracks masterpieces in true Minimal Techno for a reason. Essential works.

06. Crime Scene - Jam The Box EP [Crime City 004 Promo]
I'll never stop being a sucker for raw, unprocessed House music, especially when it comes along with loads of Chicago and Detroit references like this little limited 12" bitch here. Four tracks with an oldskool feel and just the right amount of sex drive meets melancholia to keep everyone moving in the small hours just before the sun rises again. No more words - just music. And a pressing of only 100 black vinyl copies world wide.

07. Transpacific Express Vol.2 [Hypnotic Room 004 Promo]
A four track split E.P. featuring tracks from Paranoia106, Takashi Watanabe, Yuuki Hori and Seri (in order of appearance) that's coming down all the way from Sydney / Australia, crossing big blue waters and reflecting that in its deep blue vinyl colour theme as well. Musicwise this mini compilation or label showcase - if you like to name it like that - is exploring the realms of fluxionary but dancefloor suitable DubTechno in terms of demanding bassdrums and a more uptempo attitude than the average DubTechno-12". And actually this works out pretty well although none of the tracks  adds any new or surprising aspects to the genres long-known formula. Plus: all lovers of slightly acidic Intelligent Techno are highly recommended to check out Seri's B2 work "Cold Stone" which is an expertly crafted example of deep listening electronic music with an ever evolving twist.

08. Tlic - Winterplague Adopt [Minor Label 027]
See review for details..

09. Restless Leg Syndrome - Dabkeh [Duzz Down San Recordings Promo]
Actually I'm not the biggest fan of the popular crossover movement that fuses - or at least tries to - western or eurocentric electronic club music with oriental influences as a lot of these attempts have a too artificial feel or seem to be forced fusions that by any means are happening only for the reason of proving how open minded this or that producer is. If not, the other half of these productions take the most kitschy, cliche parts from oriental music to use it as a novelty hook or whatever. So listening to Restless Leg Syndrome's "Dabkeh" and riding on their superdope beats seemed like a kind of epiphany. Clearly coming from a HipHop-related background the production team did what every good digger and beat miner does - they were looking for samples to use, to incorporate them in to their phat Instrumental HipHop tracks, their Dub-driven Downbeat and - sic! - TripHop pieces which are able to rock any floor without the "stigma" of being necessarily filed under the flag of  so-called World Music although they obviously have a slightly oriental or like different feel and athmosphere to them caused by the use of specific instruments and their non-western tonalities. Pure dope.

10. Cyperkid - These Were Our Days [Flop Beat Disk 0005]
See review for details...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Egotronic - Glücksversprechen (Official Video)

Tlic - Winterplague Adopt [Minor Label 027]

Another one coming from Leipzig these days is an icy-blue 7" which is the 027 of Minor Label named "Winterplague Adopt" holding the tracks "USB Stick In Quarantine" as well as "Pullarbear Cause Problem Solve", both written and produced by Tlic which has already put out a split 7" with LXXXC via Minor Label / Alphacute back in 2006. Whilst the A-side starts out with a pretty cold, isolationist atmosphere and and bleepy, metallic beats reminiscing of great labels like Hymen in their heydays when they used to cater IDM freaks and Rhythm Industrial lovers alike with abstract, but still (advanced) dancefloor suitable pieces, the flip turns into a more sub-driven affair with Death Ambient drones covering a harsh and hectic beat structures building up to being a heavy, forging, ever grinding maelstrom of sound that provides no relief until the very end of the record where a few melody fragments are popping up but fading away immediately again. This is the soundtrack for hostile, hopefully far-away spheres, providing a home for evil forces. Me likey.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Deep Listening Music For Winter Nights.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Dr. NoiseM / eVADE feat. cR-teK - In Strange Fields: A Found Footage Recording 2 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

And here it is - the second part of  "In Strange Fields", a collaborational project between the mysterious Dr. NoiseM and the joined forces of eVADE feat. cR-teK which are dealing, again, with a more experimental kind of Ambient / Electronic Listening here. Whilst the first third of the nearly 30 minutes long - sic !!! - opener starts on a quite kitschy, esoteric and sugar-coated piano driven level, more and more disturbing - or at least interfering - distorted bass layers start to build up after an organic, ever embracing introduction. And, although the level of being organic might be debatable to a certain point, this first track sets the controls for what is to follow in the three other tracksfeatured on this album: basicly warm, harmonic repetitions at some points even referring to the music of the Far East contrasted and interrupted by certain amounts of Noise and distortion. A more conceptual way of working in the field of experimental electronic music that might not appeal to many but surely will find its way to those out there interested in this kind of work, although the audience for this very special approach might be a small one. Or is.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Kai Uwe Kohlschmidt - Exodus Namib [Major Label 067 Promo]

Recently released via Major Label, one of the rare imprints out there that deals with music as well as being active in the field of audio books, is Kai Uwe Kohlschmidt's latest work "Exodus Namib" - a piece based on a true story of two German geologists fleeing into the Namib desert in the 1940s and facing a throwback into the life of ancient hunters and gatherers for more than two years. These are the basic conditions for a story tracking down traces of these two men and scientists, their fundamental research works of these days, their insights in philosophical and psychological realms as well as in the field of the human consciousness. Similar to previous audio books released on Major Label once again the listener finds himself switching seamlessly between two narrative levels - the 1940s, taking care of the dialogues and experiences of the two geologists Henno Martin and Hermann Korn or at least giving a clue of what could've happened between these men, and the experiences and field recordings of Kai Uwe Kohlschmidt which, alongside his crew of speakers, went to Windhuk, South Africa to visit all the original sites - and ruins - of their self-imposed journey beyond and back to the very beginnings of civilization. Recommended to those who like their audio books a bit deeper, more complex and different than the rest as this one caters a trip crossing over between novel and documentary which is a rare thing to come across for sure.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Bloodgroup - Mysteries Undone *Com Truise Remix (Official Video)

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Cyperkid - These Were Our Days [Flop Beat Disk 0005]

Flop Beat Disk, the Leipzig-based experimental electronics imprint with its highly ambitioned four-digit catalogue numbers, is back on track with a new 10" release these days catering all lovers of distorted underground tracker electronics and dark, grinding Industrial TechnoCore with four tracks by Cyperkid which brings back the good old days in which a group of well-active protagonists ran quite a bunch of tape only labels in the Eastern part of Germany, releasing only ultralimited quantity cassettes for those longing for the harsh, leftfield, weird and Noize-induced part of the electronic spectrum. Call it Rhythm Industrial, pulsating Noize abstractions, TechnoCore or just music for non- (or hardly) existing dancefloors populated only by a few lost kids that are definitely not all right. Music for high speed strobe attacks, aggressive fog machine abuse, abandoned factory sites and cyberpunk parties celebrating the acidic post nuke rain. They're out there. And they need this music. Still. Limited to 200 copies only.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Black Manual - Mordendo [Brigade Commerz Promo]

What an intense album - maybe the most intense longplay piece released in 2013. Mouse On Mars co-founder and longtime music experimentalist Jan St Werner recently discovered the rhythmical and structural magic lying within the afrobrazilian-rooted spiritual way of the Candomblé cult and fuses - with a little help studiowise coming from his longtime partner in mouse which is Andi Toma - its wild, highly fever'ish polyrhythmical patterns and ancient, mystical vocal outtakes with uber-cold, robotic, partly screeching, partly drone'esque electronic pieces seemingly coming from somewhere beyond our regular space-time-continuum. Harsh, alienating drones and pulsatile bass tones meet clearly defined short circuit noises, brain killing alarm tones - see "Grito Das Ras"- and ever intense drum works, no matter if these drums seem to explode like a rattling thunderstorm caught in some dell bouncing back and forth between the rocks or - in opposite - seem to be fading off into near silence, providing only slight and quiet movements before the next heavy attack bursts out of nothing, sucking braincells - and possibly souls - in like an acidic alien maelstrom consisting of grinding, revolving variations of darkness. And not everyone might survive in this.

Black Manual live (Credit: Thomas Knoefel)
If any this album can be compared to exactly none of the records, tapes or CDs that's sitting in the reviewers quite eclectic multi-thousands collection of sound carriers and is therefore recommended to all lovers and appreciators of the leftfield, new, demanding and advanced in quality [electronic] music.

Black Manual live (Credit: Thomas Knoefel)

Sascha Müller - Matra EP [Psychocandies 021]

Set for release in January 2014 via the more Acid-flavored Psychocandies label is Sascha Müller's "Matra EP", a three track piece which starts with the nothing less but stunning "Matra 3" - a perfect fusion between deep, spiralling Acid and string-backed, floating Intelligent Techno. Next up is the "Need For Synthetic Destruction", a raw, breakbeat-based piece of Robotic Phonk including trancey 303 lines, unprocessed beat loops plus a few, kinda ritual synth ingredients of unknown origin. Finally "Travel Thru Space" takes us a trip to the deepest realms that Electro can provide with calm ethereal strings and a solemn attitude reaching out to the most advanced dancefloors only. 

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Cassettes #1

Just a short video I came across this very minute. Loving cassettes still and keep quite a few bunch of them in my collection - DJ mixes, static noise recordings, self-recorded compilation tapes, promotional street tapes, original copies and obviously stuff coming from the Noize / Drone / Breakcore circuit that still comes flying in promowise. Biggin' up all the keepers of tape culture.