Friday, August 14, 2020

Sparkle Division - To Feel Embraced [Temporary Residence Ltd. Promo]

Scheduled for physical release on September 18th, 2k20 via Temporary Residence Ltd. is "To Feel Embraced, the album debut by Sparkle Division - a collaboration between renowned composer William Basinski and his studio assistant Preston Wendel which also sees the pair of artists teaming up with several vocalists and instrumentalists contributing to the 41 minutes spanning thirteen track journey. And the result is quite spectacular, a well dramatic take on loop-based Leftfield Pop from the very first bars of the opener "You Go Girl!" which surely is informed by most dramatic score music and large scale drama, incorporating brooding crime scene vibes and Dope Beats in the subsequently following "You Ain't Takin' My Man", even drifting into blurred out advanced Easy Listening with "Oh Henry!", exploring deep Future Jazz with "Oh No You Did Not!", entering raw, loopy Beatmaker dreamscapes in "Mmmmkayy I'm Goin' Out Now I Don't Want Any Trouble From You!" and even ventures off into late night DubJazz with the closing cut "No Exit" which becomes an immediate favorite for us just to name a few. Beautifully intriguing, this.

Igor - Umf [Lamour Records 078]

Set for release via Swedish label Lamour Records on August 28th, 2k20 is "Umf", the forthcoming 4x7" box release by longtime composer Mikael Strömberg a.k.a. Igor who supposedly pays homage to German KrautRock heroes Cluster as well as dada-artist Hugo Ball with this release - at least according to the accompanying info sheet. Feeding the listener with onomatopoetic, yet meaningless track titles like "Umf", "Olobo", "Blung", "Wulla" etc. for each of the eight cuts featured on the album but no additional context or information the listening experience is an adventurous one, taking the listener from mysterious bass grooves to trippy, highly fascinating Future Tribal outings with a somewhat Dub infused twist, from ethereal Downbeats with Synth influences to experimental modular abuse and beyond. Unique and well interesting. Plus: additional bonus points for the format. Get.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Ramon Moro Quartet - Blue Horizon [Aut Records 068]

Another one album in the pipe to be released via Aut Records on September 7th, 2k20 as an addition to the labels ever growing catalogue is "Blue Horizon", the new longplay outing by the Ramon Moro-led Ramon Moro Quartet. Inspired by the 1979 written "Folk Song For Rosie" by the Paul Motian Trio the trumpet player and composer set out to create his own musical vision for this project which slowly unfolds with the tender, emotional and dreamlike opener "White Dragon", a yearning, autumnal piece of Deep Jazz followed by the beauteous, story-telling late night grooves of "Love's Uncertainty" which in itself would make a perfect soundtrack for a love story short film shot in black and white whilst "Untie Me" fuses cascading, classy piano lines with free, complex drumming and a deeply romantic vibe before "Albedo" fully loses itself in score'esque, slightly kitsch-driven piano meets trumpet romanticisims. Furthermore the title cut "Blue Horizon" follows the path of its predecessor into even deeper, inward-looking Jazz pianos for rainy Sunday afternoons and so do the crystal clear, spatial piano minimalisms of "Too Late" before "Nocturne For Loly" caters most beautiful Late Night Jazz and the final piece dubbed "Wrong Stop. It's So Cool" weighs in 157 seconds of classy, intimate grooves for a closing. Top tier.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Eugene Ughetti - Agglomeration Of Measurement [Room40 Promo]

Released via Australian label Room40 on July 31st, 2k20 is "Agglomeration Of Measurement" , the latest six track album outing created by percussionist Eugene Ughetti in cooperation with composers Anthony Pateras, Liza Lim, Robin Fox alongside others to further explore the hypnotic possibilities of solo percussion performance, starting with the calm and crystalline, outerworldly and multi-layered "Twin Resistance" which rather resembles a floating, chiming electronic composition than a pure percussion piece whereas the subsequent "March Static" combines tense, mourning, post-apocalyptic atmospheres, probably created from warped and warbled vocal choirs with lamenting strings turning hopeful and war drums blown over from afar. "Transducer (Finale)" sees Eugene Ughetti on a droning, minimalistic Ambient tip, "Tremolo" follows on a similar, yet more solemn path with its tender Ambient movements and brittle, time dissolving sonic waves building up and slowly fading out into near or total silence  whereas "An Elemental Thing" deeply indulges in minimalist scrapings and fast, processed percussive micromovents and finds its one on one continuation in "Hypnagogics" which adds only a few morphed and scattered elements to the formula of stripped down scraping and stressed material sounds before harling back to the crystalline chiming of the original opening tune. Deep.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Charles Hayward - Crossfade Estate [Klanggalerie]

Another fresh album released via the buzzing Austrian Klanggalerie imprint on June 10th, 2k20 is Charles Hayward's "Crossfade Estate", a collage project harking back to its beginnings in late 2005 and an 18 months completion period following to the initial recording process before being shelved and sitting dormant for more than a decade. Featuring a gazillion of artists from the Jazz world whose contributions are layered, cut-up, paired with FX and even minidisks involved - see: old technology! vintage! - the album provides a beautifully gelled 18 tracks and 55 minutes spanning ride through what was once dubbed Future Jazz - an organic, yet electronically recreated take on the genre, in this case occasionally paired with intimate quasi-Future Folk cuts like the stripped down "The Space Between Me And You", relaxed and laid back late summer night pieces like "Tilling Time", retrofuturist Space Electronics in "Flashback" as well as dramatic ballads like "The Borrowers" and yearning Americana / TexMex influenced tunes like "Rose Window" or even deep, dubbed out affairs like the "Penultimate Tango" which evokes memories of the legendary "Showroom Recording Series #1" for those in the know. If you do have a thing for artists like Jimi Tenor you're well likely to love this one as well.

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Frett - The World As A Hologram [Gusstaff Records Promo]

Scheduled for release via Poland-based label Gusstaff Records on September 4th, 2k20 is "The World As A Hologram" which sees Maciej Frett of Job Karma-fame going solo in an electronic manner employing the solo alias Frett on this eight tracks and roughly 40 minutes spanning album. Pairing dark, full on Industrial vocals with a fascinating take on Future Pop somewhat evoking memories of Atari Teenage Riot's  late 2014 album "Reset" in cuts like "Dreams" whilst going deep, sci-fi, atmospheric and almost Tron'esque in the epic, spacetime defying "Two Cups" whereas the subsequent "Trust" perfectly embraces ElectroTech-dancefloors with its clean, minimal approach and masterly sculpted string works and"Flag" weighs in thundering drums of the apocalypse alongside desperate, distorted vocals in good old Future Industrial fashion. Furthermore "The Light" brings in a silver lining at the dystopian horizon not unlike Cosmic Baby a.k.a. Cosmic Inc. did in his 1994 classic "Futura" vibewise, "Isolation" weighs in pure percussion anger, deeply hypnotic, yet well unsettling female vocals as well as gooey retrofuturist synth melodies and signals of doom and destruction, the "Judge" indulges deeply in a cyber reality of sorts and finally being "Holy" comes down to listening to ethereal spheres and solemn vocal spread out like a sheet over a masterly sculpted electronic rhythm foundation. Excellent. Top drawer.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Bluering Improvisers - Materia [Aut Records 066]

Released via Berlin-based label Aut Records on June 29th, 2k20 is "Materia", the new and well massive 22 track, 2CD and 100+ minutes spanning album outing by the large scale supergroup known as Bluering Improvisers, a collective aiming to cross boarders - both personally and sonically - and enter previously unexplored musical terrain throughout extensive research and practice. Drawing influences from Alberto Burri's work and methodological approach the album's journey starts on a dark and brooding, somewhat tense and droning tip with the scores'que (Neo)Classical piece "Preludio", drifts off into minimal DarkJazz hypermelancholia with the subsequent "Jula E Colore: Tre Evocazioni (Part 1)" only to evolve further towards a masterfully executed amalgamation of Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical and stripped down, oftentimes subdued yet expressive and complex (Free)Jazz / Improv over the course of the first album which even includes excessive, thundering electric guitar abuse in "Grande Sacco" as well as ghostly, danger heralding movements in pieces like "Ferro (Part 2)". With the additional second CD dubbed "Cretti" we get an additional glimpse into experimental solo exercises of each instrument involved in the production of this album, once again approaching borders of what's sonically possible and exploring beyond uncharted territories for the most part before catering a large scale crescendo in the 14+ minutes closing cut named "Cretto" before returning to deeper vibes with all elements and instruments falling together in one single place. If you're in for the long form, this is an album for you.

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Thomas DeLio - Selected Compositions III (1986 - 2017) [Neuma Records]

With the final in a series of reviews covering the work of American composer Thomas DeLio it's about time to further examine the compilation album "Selected Compositions III (1986 - 2017)", released via Neuma Records in 2019 and covering mainly electroacoustic works as well as a few percussion pieces. Opening with a combined triple of compositions dubbed "Trois Visages" DeLio fuses short expressive percussion bursts with actual, non-modified yet shouted or whispered male vocals and his trademark approach to minimalism, leaving enough room for silence to breathe whilst Modern Classical string-based passages unfold whereas the six parts of the "Limn"-series scattered over the album rely mainly on cut up layers, often of one word or even sub-syllable size, of various voices in combination with metallic electro-acoustic tones whilst the 1984/1985 created two piece "Against The Silence..." closes the album with approx. 20 minutes of stripped down, scientific sinewave signals and crystalline retrofuturist computational noises alongside ghostly, scattered percussion movements. If you're familiar with Minimal Music and / or academia-informed contemporary this compilation album defo has things to offer for you and might be the most accessible amongst Neuma Records attempts to fully cover the works of Thomas DeLio within the labels catalogue.

Sunday, August 09, 2020

[.que] - And Inside [Sound In Silence 074]

Put on the circuit via the Greece-based label Sound In Silence on July 1st, 2k20 is "And Inside", the new album outing created by Japanese artist Nao Kakimoto a.k.a. [.que]. Spanning ten tracks and roughly 34 minutes playtime his second longplayer for the imprint sees Kakimoto diving deep into a twangy fusion of soft and easy electronic textures paired with oftentimes twangy real life instruments, exploring the blurry, dreamlike areas touched by both Ambient and Easy Listening, yet also crossing over into Electronica, RomanticHouse and (Neo)Trance with tunes likes the crystalline and surprisingly dancefloor friendly "Haze" which is defo a new feat for the label and so is the airy, delightful PostRock / Indietronica fusion named "Sepia" whereas the innocent, naturalistic repetitions in "Film" or the tender emotionally floating "Said" perfectly correspond with the well appreciated Sound In Silence label sound.

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Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 27 [SM Traxxx 50-2020]

Scheduled for release on August 20th, 2k20 via the SM Traxxx label is Sascha Müller's new digital two track single "Traxxx Vol. 27". Opening with "Track 53" the ever active producer explores spiralling, gallopping and well gooey MonoAcid to a great effect whilst the subsequent "Track 54" weighs in a more tool'ish approach with its stripped down, filtered and ever pounding greyscale Techno style which unfolds its magic and fascination best in the context of a banging, relentless peaktime DJ set played in a massive concrete underground bunker venue. Think: Tresor. The old and classic one.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Todd Anderson-Kunert - Past Walls And Windows [Room40 Promo]

Released via the ever active Australian label Room40 in July 24th, 2k20 is "Past Walls And Windows", the latest longplay outing created by minimalist composer Todd Anderson-Kunert whose most recent exercise spans six brand new tracks spread out over roughly 38 minutes runtime. Tackling some deep and somewhat nebulous concepts we're not about to embrace in this review the music Kunert presents ranges from brittle but beautiful, yet hardly ever evolving Ambient dronings and harmonies in the tender opener "A Single Remark" to raw vintage low end pulses and computational machine communication sequences as well as ethereal minimalist floatations in the subsequent "Left  Hanging" whereas "A Sense Of Place" presents the most stripped down take on cold, futuristic, score'esque, sci-fi leaning and danger inducing soundscapes one could ever think of. Furthermore "4 Better Left" brings forth a sequence of spine-tingling bass pulses alongside crystalline overtone layers and huge drums blown over from beyond afar, "For Those That Need" goes in deep with single note movements alongside heavenly, time defying-atmospheres before the final cut that is "An Echo" follows down a similar, yet slightly warmer and more organic path. Is this 38 minutes only or a comforting eternity spent in cryostasis? Hard to tell.

Zeitkratzer & Mariam Wallentin - The Shape Of Jazz To Come [Zeitkratzer Productions 025]

Put on the circuit via their very own imprint Zeitkratzer Productions on June 19th, 2k20 is "The Shape Of  Jazz To Come" - an album which sees the legendary, long standing ensemble that is known as Zeitkratzer team up with vocalist Mariam Wallentin to tackle Jazz in its own specific way and with seven live recorded cuts originally written by the likes of Geri Allen, Richard Muhal Abrams, Lil Hardin Armstrong and others including Arthur Hamilton's "Cry Me A River" which, in its original version, has become a staple not only in Jazz but in Pop culture in general. The result of this approach to the subject is mainly molded by and built around the im- and expressive vocal performance and expansive range of the Swedish singer, giving her enough room shine with quasi-solos whilst the ensemble does what Zeitkratzer always does and does best - bending, warping and re-shaping the borders of the genre with an expertly sculpted display of multi-layered dissonance, complex ghostly structures oftentimes only fully accessible by those schooled by and experienced in Contemporay Avantgarde Music, bringing forth dynamic leaps from calm and quiet to mad, improvised crescendoes and sudden, brutal, multi-layered eruptions of chaos at times, staying surprisingly close to classic Dixieland structures in other cuts whilst going classy deep and smoke-infused with our instant favorite that is the dramatic, piano-led late night ballad "Strange Fruit" which is one tune that makes the purchase of this entire longplayer worthwhile in itself. If you like your Jazz on the edge or even pushed over, this one is for you.

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Friday, August 07, 2020

Aniyo Kore - Muscle Memory (Official Youtube Audio)

One of the most intense songs taken from Aniyo Kore's most recent album named "432".

Uz Jsme Doma & Randy - Moravian Meeting [Klanggalerie 328]

Another one released recently by the Austrian label Klanggalerie is "Moravian Meeting" - an album showcasing an exhibition, live show and performance honoring the legacy of the band / art collective The Residents which took place in Olomouc / Czech Republic back in 2010. With the Prague-based Progressive Rock band Uz Jsme Doma joined on stage by original The Residents vocalist Randy for the opening show the roughly hour long concert sees 13 songs performed in a new fashion, taking into account the 30+ years spanning history of Uz Jsme Doma which started out before the iron curtain came down in a time in which Rock music, especially influenced by Western bands like The Residents, Uriah Heep and Pere Ubu, really meant subversion and (political) counter culture, whereas Randy's presence presented a connection to the visionary band honoured and worshipped on this special occasion - a tense and intense combination which results in great moments like the epic interpretation of the golden classic "This Is A Man's Man's Man's World", the dramatic, whirling, high-octane dancefloor filler "Constantinople", an emotionally touching DesertBlues take on "Six More Miles", a hounded, most exciting evalution of the "Santa Dog" whereas the variation of "My Window" presents a captivating take on TexMex / Americana and "Smelly Tongues" drift off into pure post-apocalyptic fever and PunkRock-resembling madness whilst the final song "Teddy" even touches base with echoes of Grunge for a closing just to name a few. A well recommended exercise - not only for fans of The Residents.

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Thursday, August 06, 2020

Eternell - Imagined Distances [Sound In Silence 075]

Put out on the circuit as 075 of the Greek label Sound In Silence is "Imagined Distances", the second album crafted by Ludvig Cimbrelius a.k.a. Eternell for the ever active label. Weighing in a total runtime of 75+ minutes stretched over the course of six tracks with two of them - "Singularity" and the title cut "Imagined Distances" - reaching or even exceeding the magical 20 minutes mark the Swedish composer of many aliases - think: Purl, Rust, Surr, Ziyal, Alveol, Illuvia and a few more... - once again presents an organic, all comforting vision of beautiful, slightly blurred out Ambient with a well scenic, oftentimes even majestic twist built from carefully layered pads, levitating timelessness and a few, soft and scattered background guitar tones and chords every now and then. Classic Ambient music is classic. Period.

Decent Damage - Swaggin'

The epitomy of Sci-Fi Bass brought to us by Off Me Nut Records. Subs are deadly

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Baiguera / Papetti / Maniscalco - Preludes [Aut Records 067]

Released via the buzzing, ever expanding Berlin-based imprint Aut Records on July 16th, 2k20 is "Preludes", the new collaborational album effort created by the artistic tripler of Francesco Baiguera, Giacomo Papetti and Emanuele Maniscalco who aim to diverge from the labels highly advanced Jazz leaning framework within eight cuts and roughly 42 minutes playtime to embark on what the accompanying press sheet describes as a PostRock-infused journey. And well, despite the instrumental line up with electric guitar, double bass and drums clearly points towards PostRock as a genre "Preludes" is by no means a radical breakaway from a beaten path a.k.a. the labels previous catalogue, yet rather a fusion of tender, ontrovert and invert looking PostRock structures with warm and expertly crafted Late Night Jazz skills, informed by so-called NuJazz - think Bugge Wesseltoft's "New Conceptions Of Jazz" minus the electronic backing here - as well as the warm and peaceful vibes of Balearic terrace sunsets  - with the latter especially prevalent in the deep and aptly named minimalism of "He Seems So Quiet" which is a well suitable soundtrack for intimate hours spent in comforting silence for sure and so is the closing piece "Moods". Check.

Hainbach - Light Splitting

Our old mate Hainbach has teamed up with Frankfurt-based imprint Seil Records again for his third ever album released on the label and once again he's in for a vast array of rich, beautiful textures that exceed the Ambient genre by far. And of course, there's loads of rhythmic pulses and strange quirky tones generated from his ever growing wall of highly obscure laboratory test equipment as well alongside a surprisingly solemn and quasi-spiritual outing in the ethereal Piano Ambient piece that is "Forgive". Lovely.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Death In Paradise - Nuke Vol. 11 [Nuke The Planet]

Scheduled for release via Nuke The Planet on August 25th, 2k20 is "Nuke Vol. 11", the digital one-track debut single for Death In Paradise on the label. Coming at us and all our broken down braincells with hammering, highly distorted Industrial Tekno / Breakcore structures and random, arhythmic, highly compressed anti-grooves as well as a total lack of melodic elements this one is a most brutal, over the top musical outing that's only to be appreciated on most underground FreeTekno dancefloors for a reason. Harsh.

Pascal Comelade & Marc Hurtado - Larme Secrete [Klanggalerie]

Released via the long time standing Austrian label Klanggalerie on May 22nd, 2k20 is "Larme Secrete", the first time ever collaboration between two musical pioneers who've both been in the game for over 40 years respectively. On this album Pascal Comelade and Marc Hurtado churn out a total of eight cuts which defy any genre drawer, hauntingly meandering somewhat in between PostPunk, ghostly (No)Wave, elements of PostPunk, Industrial, Alternative- and ElectroRock with intense, hypnotizing cuts like the time-dissolving ten minutes spiral of "Infini", the dramatically trippin "Ete" evoking memories of Tangerine Dream's intense soundtrack works for "The Sorcerer" plus dark'ish, longing vocals whilst taking us by surprise with the highly emotional and touching, ever floating avantgarde piano outing "Or" whilst "Lamre" even goes down a more Psychedelia leaning lane just to name a few. If you do love band outfits like Tristesse Contemporaine or even the way more minimalist PostPunk-outings of Prinzhorn Dance School this album is a must have for sure. Not for the weak heartened or severely depressed, though.

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Monday, August 03, 2020

Berangere Maximin - Land Of Waves [Karlrecords 078 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the ever active Karlrecords label on June 26th, 2k20 is Berangere Maximin's "Land Of Waves", the sixth full length album release created by the French composer who, once again, further explores her very personal electroacoustic sonic vision over the course of ten tracks and more than 70 minutes total runtime. Inspired by recordings she did in city parks as well as abandoned spaces all over Europe Berangere Maximin's opening track "Day 41" paves the way for all things to come with a beautiful, peaceful take on ever floating, time-dissolving Ambient with a darker twist, presenting ever morphing, brooding textures and gooey, somewhat  swamp like movements alongside deep tribalistic rhythm signatures evoking memories of ChillOut greats like TV Victor - see especially his 1989-released album "Moondance" which was recently re-issued via Tresor Berlin - whilst the subsequent "Kalimba, Rough" travels to deep and hollow spaces with its minimalist, yet tender approach before "The Broken Shoe" harks back to the days of early electronic music research with its twisted, warped retro-futurist echoes and subaquatic overall feel. The subsequent "A Kind Of Night Ritual" is a take on crackling surface noise and hefty athmospheric tonal shifts surprisingly closed out by a one-off vocal appearance, "Full Jungle" weighs in an offering of various sci-fi leaning technological buzzes resembling the score of an exoterrestrial lab facility whereas "Off The Page" fuses the sounds of a nightly walk with eerie percussive eruptions and well unsettling scrapes and scratches accompanied by a dense, danger heralding atmosphere. Furthermore "L'Echappee" caters nearly 20 minutes of frosty Ambient building up towards multiple climaxing crescendoes as the albums main piece, "Walking Barefoot, Imaginary Quintet" goes back to classic - and classy - 90s Electronica / ChillOut vibes whilst evoking memories of influential acts like Future Sound Of London in their heydays, "Des Tigres Multicolores" presents brittle, cut up ethereal melodies for a change and the final cut "The Thread" comes at us with wooden tones turned and transformed into calm and peaceful water droplets for a closing. Recommended.

Thomas DeLio - Selected Compositions II (1972 - 2015) [Neuma Records]

Stepping deeper into the musical legacy of American artist, writer and music theorist Thomas DeLio whose entire back catalogue is about to be released via Neuma Records as a part of the Neuma Composer Series we're now exploring "Selected Composition II (1972 - 2015)" which covers a much wider time range than its predecessor and is going back to the very beginning of the long time composers career. Once again filled to the brim with a total of 18 pieces of mostly sparse, minimalistic and undoubtedly academia-focused works comprised of large sonic voids, punctual eruptions of warped vocal snippets and a cold, otherworldly and metallic aesthetic characteristic for DeLio's musical approach it is especially older pieces like 1990's "Anti-Paysage" for flute, piano, percussion and tape, even the tender stripped down piano romanticisms of 1983's "Text", the partly thundering Contemporary Classical outing "Serenade" from 1974 or, for a more contemporary exercise, 2004s " - en / L'espace De..." involving both soprano vocals as well as the Prague Radio Symphony orchestra which document and capture the evolution of DeLio's sound from minimal, yet warm and to some extent even mystical or naturalistic towards his sound of today. Further recommendations on this album include the crunched fragmentary vocal reworks at the very start of "Inents (Version 2)", the sparkling piano excercise of Transparent Wave II" as well as the 1972 five part composition "A Draft Of Shadow" which might the closest to classical Stage / Screen / Score work we've heard from the catalogue of Thomas DeLio so far.

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Sunday, August 02, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 08/2k20

01. Foul Play - Origins [Sneaker Social Club]
100% essential UK Hardcore artist compilation album. All lovers of early 90s Breakbeat will be familiar with the essential contribution of Foul Play to the scene yet shelling out close to or even three digit prices for original pressings of cuts like "Finest Illusion", "Ricochet *Remix" or the massive anthem that is "Dubbing You" might be a little far fetched for many DJs out there. So Sneaker Social Club decided to have our backs and put all of these plus a few more out  on 2x12" vinyl for 2k20. Don't miss out  on this.

02. Jamie XX - Idontknow [Young Turks]
This is a yes. And a no. Jamie XX pulls off the stunt of releasing a super fascinating and unique piece of Future Tribal meets Bass Music meets Future Soul sporting captivating non-voccalisms on one-sided 12" whitelabel vinyl which is able to tear advanced dancefloors apart as soon as the main beat sets in after the stuttering slo-mo intro is over but ruins the fun for DJ's with its way too tight and way too sticky plastic sleeve which hardly ever releases the record from its grip without a fight. Why, though?

03. Tuff Tunes - Volume 1 [Tuff Tunes Records]

Darkside is back. The two cuts on this 12" are exploring the darker side of UK Hardcore / Breakbeat from a contemporary angle and bring forth all the sample madness, scratches and rave signals we loved about this style in the first place - a.k.a. the early 90s when the so-called 'ardcore continuum emerged from the thriving electronic music scene of those days. We're in.

04. Subtle Houzze - Controversy EP [Running Back Double Copy 005]

Back to 1992 with this one when the unlikely pairing of House hero Boris Dlugosch and later HardTrance legend to be Gerald Malke a.k.a. Gary D. joined forces under their conjunctional moniker Subtle Houzze. Now re-released via Running Back Double Copy with the first repress run on green vinyl the four cuts on this one are still as uplifting as they used to be, fusing positive and playful House vibes with elements of ProtoTrance to a great effect and result. Classic.

05. Sidewider Business [Newham Wax 002]

Quite a mysterious one-sided 12" whitelabel which pairs original stepping mid-90s Jungle vibes with soundsystem sirens and deep atmospheres as well as vocal samples seemingly taken from either original rave or pirate radio tapes. One contemporay release for all them original junglists out there.

06. Butch - Joe Le Taxi [PUSS 20202]

Quite an adventurous bootleg, this. Renowned electronic music producer Butch rolls out a pumping, floor moving take on lively, ever evolving peak time Acid for heaving crowds and infuses the whole thing with the innocent vocals of Vanessa Paradis' 1987 smash "Joe Le Taxi" for a change. What might sound quite cringy and obscure in the first moment turns out to be a highly functional fusion and a massive club banger that comes at us on stamped 10" whitelabel vinyl.

07. Anthony Rother - Machine [Omnidisc 023]

Anthony Rother is Anthony Rother is Anthony Rother. The master of quality, stripped down Electro is back with three more tense and spine-tingling cuts which once again define timelessness within this genre for 2k20. Plus - there's an excellent brooding, low end heavy 4/4 based Techno cut on here as well.

08. Abdul - Falkenburg [Ace Tone Records 001]

Dub business is 7" business and therefore it is a well logical conclusion for the Ace Tone Records crew to launch their new label with a limited to 100 copies 7" single, bringing forth a well seductive approach to forward thinking Dub music which is especially prevalent in the title cut "Falkenburg" its captivating sweet little main motif whereas the two cuts on the flipside are in for a darker, heavier and more experimental Dub vibe slightly reminiscent of the works of Adrian Sherwood and the likes of.

09. Various Artists - 3 Feet Deep 002 [3 Feet Deep Records 002]

The second 12" released by the relatively fresh 3 Feet Deep Records imprint weighs in tracks produced by Pepe Elle, Main Phase, Ollie Rant and ZeroFG, all representing a new wave of UK Garage with a dark side swing. Stripped down, complex, low end heavy and only one small step away from Dark Garage and Sublow for those who know. Especially watch out for ZeroFG's "Heavy Rain" with it's spine-thrilling little main motif that could be taken from a classic 80s horror flic for a reason.

10. 2121 - Vol.7 [2121-07]

See review for details...

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Marina Rosenfeld and Ben Vida - Vertice [Fridman Gallery 001 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the recently launched Fridman Gallery imprint run by the NYC-based art space of the same name is "Vertice" - a vinyl album presenting two recorded improvisational performances by interdisciplinary artists Marina Rosenfeld and Ben Vida in January 2016 and May 2019 which have been dug up from the archives of the Downtown Manhattan venue. With both "Any Landscape" on the A-side and "Branches" on the flip we see the two artists explore a sonic landscape built on a background foundation of crackling surface noises paired with psychedelic - and probably psycho-active - wanderings through the stereo field, ethereal non-vocalisms, multi-layered, yet stripped down electronics and percussive eruptions, presenting a vast, ever changing chain of acoustic events furthermore including twisted pianos, what seem to be morphed Field Recordings and cold, outerworldly, yet nonetheless fascinating tonal shifts as well as movements alongside minimalist sequences which directly catapult the listener into a surreal deep dream state of sorts which presents loads of wondrous experiences to even the experienced connaisseur of advanced electronic music.

Sascha Müller - Mars Rover EP [Dancefloor Socialism 002]

In for the second shot of the fresh Dancefloor Socialism imprint is the man Sascha Müller who pays homage to space exploration ventures with his "Mars Rover EP". The opening title track "Mars Rover" presents itself as a dark and ever rolling piece of Miami Bigroom Techno garnished with loads of heavily cut up and filtered 90s Belgium Techno rave signals for a change whereas "Monday Morning" weighs in 8+ minutes of pounding ProtoTrance vs. Techno with interesting percussive shuffles and a soft, all embracing melody which takes us straight back to Trance-floors of approx. 1994 and turns into an instant alltime classic within the first two minutes. Killer.