Friday, August 19, 2022

Angelina Yershova / Ynaktera - Time For Change [Twin Paradox 006]

Released via the Rome-based Twin Paradox-imprint on June 24th, 2k22 as the labels 006 is "Time For Change", the latest collaboration album conceived by Kazakhstan's ever active Angelina Yershova in conjunction with Italian producer / composer Ynaktera. Rolled out over the course of nine tracks and a total runtime of roughly 51 minutes the duo creates a washed out, dreamlike sonic scenario from the very first seconds of the opening piece "Awakened Goddess" onwards which opens with frolicking, spatial, yet somewhat otherworldly piano cascades accompanied by earth shaking bass pulses and all sorts of crackles and sonic interference signals whereas the subsequent "Global Ocean Warming" touches base with somewhat kitschy - ...and presumably healing... - EsoAmbient structures, the "Shamanic Morse Code" provides deep, spatial and somewhat brooding fodder for Clicks'n'Cut-infused late night IDM dancefloors and therefore is - also due to its minimal structure and spine-tingling atmosphere - one of our main favorites on this album whilst "Everything Is Connected" explores a tender amalgamation of Electronica and more wafting piano dreams, "Perpetual Spin" serves a crackly, hyperminimal Clicks'n'Cuts x Bass Music fusion for those in the know and "Cluster Light" even adds some jazzy piano sparkles to the recipe to mix things up a bit just to name a few. A little bit too smooth and kitschy at times to stand out yet defo a proper gateway into the world of Ambient and Electronica for those who are well keen to enter this realm and broaden their musical spectrum for a reason.

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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Niklas Wandt - I Wandt To Believe [Animals Dancing 010 Test Press]

First things first: We absolutely despise the title of this EP. Never ever in the history of electronic music has there been a need for a seemingly witty, pretentious and pseudo-clever play on words ever. And most importantly: Nobody ever succeeded at such an attempt at any point in time. Instead, history is nothing but a sequence of sad failures. This being said and this major faux pas aside Mr. Wandt presents a formidably deep, dreamy and melodic four track EP with this one, spanning an ark from krautsy, balearic and well trippy Romantic House with an obvious Tribal-infusion and heaps of obscure sounds for a dedicated after-after-after hours audience to proper 90s IDM x NuBeat crossover vibes with a well futuristic twist and a snare drum that could well make any tune by Cabaret Voltaire heavier by the pound before the flipside offers a proper take on very early 90s Ambient House x Ambient Rave meets ProtoTrance with the title track whereas the final cut "300CE" brings forth catchy vocoder bits alongside a fully over the top Electro x BigBeat x Italo kitsch hybrid for dancefloors shared by breakers, b-boys, fly girls and drunk British punters alike - and in equal parts. Yet, the biggest surprise arises when speeding the A2 cut "Im Verborgenen" up to 45rpm which is when all driving highspeed SynthWave x ElectroWave x Industrial hell starts to break loose for those who know. Adventurous 12" is adventurous. Not in a bad way, though.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Copenhagen Clarinet Choir - Organism [Ar & Dag 010 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Danish label that is Ar & Dag on September 2nd, 2k22 is "Organism", the roughly 43 minutes spanning debut album by the multi-national collective named the Copenhagen Clarinet Choir which is led by Irish woodwind composer - and player! - Carolyn Goodwin. Rolled out over the course of six extended pieces we see the collective exploring the beauty and possibilities of sixfold multilayered instruments, with the individual player merging with the entire ensemble to create one unique body of sound, a living and breathing organic sonic body. The musical range covered by the Copenhagen Clarinet Choir builds an ark from hovering, timeless and enchanted Ambient dronings to be found in the opening title track "Organism" which later evolves into contrapuntal call and response multimadness to the busy, buzzing and highly interactive forum for collective improvisation with a distinct FreeJazz-infused touch as well as (Neo)Classical influences of sorts presented by "Flocking Pt.2" whereas "Three Movements - Movement 1" focuses on slightly oscillating, spine-tingling minimal dronings whilst the eerie, microtonal ambience of "An Old Son Re-Sung" seemingly pays otherworldly and somewhat deconstructivistic homage to a traditional Irish melody just to pick a bunch of of favorites here. Defo a well interesting album, this. Check.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Colin Fisher / Mike Gennaro - Tactile Stories [Cacophonous Revival Recordings 015]

Put out on the circuit via the Virginia-based imprint that is Cacophonous Revival Recordings as the labels 015 is "Tactile Stories", the latest collaborational album effort created by Colin Fisher and Mike Gennaro on reeds and guitar as well as on drums respectively. Released on July 29th, 2k22 the roughly 56 minutes spanning album is comprised of four extended cuts with three of them exceeding the 13 minutes mark their most recent longplay outing starts of on a krautsy and meandering, yet highly energetic Improv tip with "Ex Nihilo" which is based on a ever so slighty morphing motif and complex, powerful and ever rolling drum movements, setting the path for things to come like the deeper, more Jazz Noir-leaning but still agitated piece that is "Ekstasis", the FreeJazz- / Jazz Improv-standard to be named "Esse" which is working its way towards a squealing, squeaking and thundering climax before abruptly turning towards an almost tender, stripped down vibe whereas the closing cut "Epinoia" presents a surprisingly introvert, somewhat twangy and peaceful attitude with Mr. Colin Fisher fully focusing on tender, yet lively guitar improvisations which might probably resonate most with fans of classic, non-improvised Jazz for a reason. If this sounds like your jam, go and check this out.

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Monday, August 15, 2022

Javier Hernando & Angel Lalinde - Vacuola [Wet Dreams Records 013]

Coming in from Spain only recently is "Vacuola", the latest album effort created by long standing - we're talking a debut cassette tape album under his real name in 1990 here... - electronic music composer Javier Hernando in collaboration with Angel Lalinde. Released via Wet Dreams Records as their 013 on June 21st, 2k22 the hand-numbered twelve tracks and roughly 42 minutes spanning album starts off on an immediately threatening and most of all hostile tip with earth shaking bass movements creeping up from gargantuan subsurface vaults before seamlessly moving forward into a realm of scraping, screaming and buzzing Rhythm Industrial x Industrial Electronics which presents an overwhelming wall of digital feedbacks in pieces like "Transito" whereas the title tracks brings forth a spatial, well minimalistic sci-fi attitude with its sparse, yet distinct backround movements and icy exoterrestrial soundscapes perfectly matched by the likeminded follow up "Comalada". "F.B.N.C.C.I." drifts off into somewhat sugar-coated Eso-Ambient for no obvious reasons whilst the triple feature of "Exaltata", "Enana Roja" and "Aparato Totalizador" explores Dark Ambient at the very fringes of the audible spectrum, providing more of a physical experience when it comes to overwhelming low frequency rumbles and other goodness before the concluding "Bandera" once again harks back to crackling minimalisms whilst adding a deep and almost accessible a.k.a. dancefloor suitable Ambient Electronica / Armchair Techno resembling rhythm signature to the mix just to name a few. Excellent stuff, this. Get.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Magnus Granberg - Night Will Fade And Fall Apart [Thanatosis Produktion 015]

Put out on the circuit via the ever growing Stockholm-based imprint Thanatosis Produktion on August 5th, 2k22 is "Night Will Fade Apart", the latest large scale album outing by Swedish composer Magnus Granberg which features a whole set of iterations of the title bearing main piece rolled out over a 2CD set and a total of roughly 95 minutes playtime. Opening with the main version on CD1, the 43 minutes spanning full ensemble take of "Night Will Fade And Fall Apart" performed by the sextett now known as Tya Ensemble, the listener is drawn into a timeless, eternal twilight of surely nocturnal quality, embedded in a sonic cocoon of calm and minimalist, yet surely DarkJazz-infused nature, garnished with what seem to be additional single field recorded sounds and an overall feel meandering in between organic Deep Listening Music and nightly Ambient references with this piece being nothing short of a magnum opus which could be well suitable to function as a fully flegded score for a contemporary, yet monochrome experimental film noir of sorts. On CD2 the Tya Ensemble splits up into fractions and presents duo / solo varieties of "Night Will Fade And Fall Apart" for percussion, violin, cello, guitar as well as for piano and vibraphone in this respective order, all stripped down and minimalist by default due to their focus on one particular instrument, of which the short piece that is "Night Will Fade And Fall Apart (For Percussion)" might be our favorite due to its brooding, somewhat low end-heavy and spine-tingling nature whereas especially the variants "Night Will Fade And Fall Apart (For Guitar)" and "Night Will Fade And Fall Apart (For Piano And Vibraphone)" present an extremely tender and introvert, defo contemplative take on the original piece which is well worth the time for a focused repeated listening session for a reason. Highly recommended. Get.

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Erlend Apneseth - Nova [Hubro Music]

Set for release on August 26th, 2k22 via the ever active Norwegian imprint Hubro Music is Erlend Apneseth's new album named "Nova", his first full on solo album in nearly a full decade and a ten tracks and 28 minutes spanning exploration of his instrument of choice which is the so-called hardanger fiddle. A staple in Norwegian Folk and beyond for centuries Apneseth's take on this classic instrument is not only his second ever solo album in his long career but also a reflection on his personal life, with the most beautiful, floating and panoramic, slightly melancholia-inducing "Ly" setting a seemingly (neo)classically infused and truly Nordic tone as an opening piece with the folksy, multilayered and echoing "Fall" presenting more of a dreamlike attitude whilst the livelier and more spatial miniature that is "Framand" is following on a similarly wound path into dreamland whereas the slightly dubbed out "Spenglingar" is frolicking through Norwegian meadows, the "Gravsong" takes us on a journey from tender, mournful sadness to a highly emotional, dramatic climax and the final cut that is "Ettertid" even drifts off into spine-tingling nocturnal territories from a quite minimalist and most quiet start just to name a few.

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Friday, August 12, 2022

Delay & Aarset - Singles [Room40 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the Australian staple that is Room40 on July 8th, 2k22 is "Singles", the latest longplay duo collaboration album conceived by long standing Finnish producer Vladislav Delay in conjunction with Norwegian guitar player Eivind Aarset. Rolled out over the course of 39 minutes the two artists present a set of eight, not subsequently numbered, tracks all named "Single (+ an additional one or two digit numeral)", which draw inspiration from their highly acclaimed individual sonic visions which, combined and stacked on top of eachother, way exceed what each of them would be capable of on their respective own. With the opening tune that is "Single 8" Delay & Aarset serve a blueprint for cold, soul-sucking Industrial hyperbrutalism that's by an order of magnitude darker than anything many contemporary Industrial acts would ever be able to come up with whilst the subsequent "Single 4" combines heavy Rhythm Industrial x Industrial Electronica x Illbient eruptions and ethereal, widescreen panorama atmospheres, "Single 22" enters brooding, highly threatening experimental Noize territories to provide a psychosis-inducing soundtrack for your worst ever nightmares and "Single 13" brings forth hypnotic, buzzing electrical Space Techno / Rhythm Industrial pulses for intergalactic warfare just to name a few spine-tingling tunes from this highly intriguing album. Do not miss out this.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Automatisme & Stefan Paulus - Gap/Void [Constellation Records 164]

Another fresh album released via Constellation Records on May 20th, 2k22 is "Gap/Void", the latest international collaboration effort conceived by Canadian artist William Jourdain a.k.a. Automatisme and Swiss Ambient producer - and more... - Stefan Paulus. Rolled out over the course of ten tracks and approx. 67 minutes total runtime the duo explores a sonic realm based upon Field Recordings of mostly inhospitable spots and hostile weather phenomena captured in various mountain ranges and even north of the arctic circle which are folded, layered, cut-up and reprocessed multiple times before being enriched by a variety of - also reprocessed and warped - samples, drums and other bits and pieces nicked from a set of, strangely enough, second hand Disco singles from the 1970s and 80s. The result of this meticulous process is a fascinating journey into glacial, hyperfuturistic IDM Rave informed by complex Broken Techno and UK Bass Music presented in the opening cut that is "Säntis" which later is drifting off into a brooding maelstrom of Doom Ambient and Field Recordings of deadly gusts of wind before "Marwees" takes on low end heavy DubTechno antigrooves for a change and "Üble Schlucht" is following up on a path of spine-tingling ethereal, dubbed out and well stripped down Electronica grooves for highly advanced after-after-afterparty dancefloors. Furthermore "Blau Schnee" is taking dancefloors by storm with its dark, minimalist, slightly washed out and highly functional Techno attitude, "Stoos" brings forth more of an atmospheric, yet hollow Minimal Techno / MicroHouse feel whereas "Wisswand" is taking Minimal Techno to a filtered, bass-heavy extreme and evokes blurred memories of late 90s underground 12" releases by Fred Bigot before he became Electronicat. "Schwarzhorn" on the other hand harks back to a mixture of Field Recordings and minimalist Deep Listening Music, the interestingly named "Tothore" provides even more minimalist, athmospheric Ambient textures, "Nob" presents an array of icy crackles alongside hostile winds before the final cut that is "Wisshorn" rounds things off on a calmer, yet somewhat brooding and ominous Dark Ambient / Death Ambient tip. This is a trip. A highly recommended one, though.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Ben Wood Inferno - Psychomania [Sumorex 021]

Scheduled for release on October 7th, 2k22 via the Sumorex-imprint is "Psychomania", the latest - and sixth! - full length album by the ever buzzing Rock'n'Roll machine that is the Ben Wood Inferno, a name probably well familiar to readers of these pages for reasons. Basically hindered from touring - and probably also recording - over the course of the past years their latest outing sees channeling all their accumulated energy over the course of nine brand new songs and a total of approximately 40 minutes playtime these days, starting with a thundering boom as an introduction to the raw opening Rock'n'Roll outing that is "If I'm Out Of My Mind (It's Alright With Me)" whereas the subsequent "State Of Flux" is a well dark, yet more funkdefied affair for psycho horror fuck fests whilst "Alligator Sex" amalgamates twisted, high octane Psychobilly with a certain PunkRock attitude, causing havoc and moshpits to form whereever it's blasted through a proper club P.A.. The follow up "Make You Hate Again" samples classic and well intriguing movie dialogue snippets of yore before entering highly catchy high octane hit single territories able to probably cross over into realms beyond the Rock'n'Roll scene due to its highly infectious vibe, "Who Cried Wolf" follows on an even catchier and more contagious peaktime path and "The Great Unpaid" brings back hard and heavy Funk grooves for fans of Crossover and Skate Metal without even slightly touching base with those genres at all. Furthermore "Modern Heartsore" shifts gears to enter the fast lane and tap in to the spooky, spine-tingling energy of the groups previous albums, "Fright Mode" hits dancefloors heavy as a freight train and the final cut that is "A Call To Turn Off!" brings back the uplifting instrumental Funk vibe for good and makes audience bounce and jump around excessively and introduces hefty organ riffs and freestyles for an extended closing session. This being said we'd say that "Psychomania" probably is the most focused and on point album Ben Wood Inferno so far. Check!

Monday, August 08, 2022

Afflicted - Afflicted LP [Afflicted In Techno Promo]

Released on the digital circuit only via their very own Afflicted In Techno label on May 20th, 2k22 is the "Afflicted LP", the first conjunctional longplay outing created by Sascha Müller and Ufuk Özbayar under their shared studio alias that is Afflicted. Rolled out over the course of ten tracks and more than an hour total playtime the pair provides some serious dancefloor punch with tunes like the raw, hypermassive peaktime Techno bang0r that is "Chicago Homesick" whilst "Deeproit" starts on a deep, washed out late night Detroit tip only to add tripping Acid Trance elements to the recipe later. Furthermore we see "Ding Ding" weigh in hefty, pumping House rhythms and more hypnotic, ever tripping Acid modulations, "Expect The Unexpected" amalgamates heavy drums, razor sharp hi-hats and an almost floating ClubTrance feel whereas "In The Ghetto" introduces spine-tingling subaquatic Techno vibes of almost Drexciyan nature to the albums musical ark and "Mega Man" taps into what's gotta be called whipping oldskool PsychoTrance for all the early 90s ravers. The subsequent "Natural Desaster" is on a hard and shrieking elastic 90s Acid HardTrance tip that's about to drive punters up to new ecstatic heights, "On The Run" dabbles with dark'ish slow motion Techno contrasted by lively synth basslines and ClubTechno stabs for a change whilst "The Fissel" takes on pumping, well uplifting MinimalHouse with a raw and quirky, yet fully primetime-functional attitude for all adventurous DJs out there before the concluding "Utek" rounds things off with a dark and sizzling, obviously Business Techno-infused TechTrance vibe for a closing. Defo an excellent collection of tracks on here. Go check.

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Boddhi Satva - Manifestation [Batakari / BBE Music]

Released via BBE Music offshoot x sister label Batakari on July 1st, 2k22 is "Manifestation", the third and final episode of Boddhi Satva's so-called conceptual "Ancestral Soul Cyle" of extended longplay albums. Presenting a total of 31 tunes over the course of a 122+ minutes spanning 2CD-set created alongside an even larger set of collaborating and contributing artists known and lesser known from literally all over the world with the likes of Indira, Atjazz, DJ Satellite, Zaki Ibrahim, Fredy Massamba and many more amongst them Boddhi Satva sets out on a journey into realms of deep, Tribal-infused AfroHouse from the very first bars of the opening title track "Manifestation (feat. Ekele & Jorge Bezerro)" onwards, drifts into syncopated organic and vocal-driven dancefloor territories with the subsequent "Killah Mbongo (feat. Jerome Kaluta)", spreads thick layers of the locally most popular Amapiano music all over the place, gets deep into BrokenBeat-leaning social media criticism with the driving peaktime vibe of "Tuko Pamoja (feat. Ndagije)" whereas "Storia Storia (feat. ELLAH)" even provides a powerful touching, soulful and ethereal vocal performance which might make it a strong candidate for daytime radio airplay and heavy playlist action for a reason. Furthermore, CD2 opens with "You Come Knocking (feat. Indira)", a well intriguing, stripped down and tender Indie Soul x Afrobeat crossover whilst "Slow Down (feat. J'Something)" introduces a tense street vibe and a dangerously brooding gangster attitude and therefore might be our personal favorite on this massive album pack, "Say Something (feat. Polarishaven)" balances things out with dramatic Soul Pop vocals, "You & I (feat. Bong Mvuyana)" brings forth Vocal DeepHouse in all its glory whereas "Ragga Ragga (feat. Preto Show, Stonebwoy & Tenny)" weighs in heavy Bass Music influences just to pick out a few of way too many proper tunes to be found "Manifestation". Defo one loungy, yet still upbeat album that might end up on heavy rotation in many a beach bar x club throughout this summer season and far beyond.

Saturday, August 06, 2022

The D3VI7 - Darkness [Stazis 365 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via Stazis as their 365 on April 30th, 2k22 is "Darkness", another fresh release by The D3VI7 himself. Opening with the original mix of the title track we're lead straight to the heart of the dancefloor by pounding bassdrums and ever morphing, HardTrance-leaning 303 modulation sequences accompanied by dreamy piano tones and floating vocal atmospheres whilst Flensburg's DJ Nightnoise takes us further into slightly darker territories in his "Darkness *DJ Nightnoise Born In Darkness Remix" which combines elements of contemporary, well reverberating Business Techno and stripped down, ethereal PsyTrance for illegal rave situations somewhere out in the woods. If those sound like your place to be check this one out for a reason.

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Francois Robin & Mathias Delplanque - L'Ombre De La Bete [A La Zim! / Parentheses Records]

Released on July 1st, 2k22 as a collaboration effort of both labels A La Zim! and Parentheses Records is "L'Ombre De La Bete", the latest six tracks and approx. 40 minutes spanning album created and conceived by Francois Robin and Mathias Delplanque which is, once again in Robin's career, an attempt and exploration in electroacoustic treatments of his instrument of choice, the veuze, which is a local French variation of a bagpipe specific to the Nantes area. With this bagpipe variation playing the main part in this album alongside instruments like the Armenian doudouk and others we're facing a spine-tingling, almost oriental and DesertBlues-infused combination of brooding Dark Ambient drones and acoustic melodies in the opening tune "Sous De Cuir" whereas the subsequent "Perdu" pairs dry, sizzling layers of Industrial Electronica beats with multiple echoing layers of plucked and strummed strings to a well doomed high noon effect for dystopian dancefloors before "Dans L'Ombre" brings forth hypnotic, yet stripped down and extended Future Tribal x Dub variations that might be well suitable for polyrhythmic DJ sets as well as for, once again, dystopian movie scores. Furthermore "Le Puits" fuses Ambient and what could be described as yearning World Music for the lack of a better term in a beautifully comforting way that makes this one well suitable for both balearic sunset sessions as well as venues like the Parisian Buddha Bar, "L'Homme A Tete De Cheval" builds a trance-inducing vibe from warped synth movements and ever meandering, cascading harmonic layers drawing every punters brain into an alternate dreamscape of sorts whereas the final cut that is "Fin De Regne" drifts off into dreamlike Downtempo / World x TripHop crossover realms for a closing. A well varied, well fascinating album this is. Go check!

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Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Reid / Kitamura / Bynum / Morris - Geometry Of Trees [Relative Pitch Records]

Put out on the circuit via Relative Pitch Records on May 20th, 2k22 is "Geometry Of Trees", the latest Free Improvisation-focused album on the label created and recorded at Connecticut's Firehouse 12 Studios on July 17th, 2k21 by Kyoko Kitamura, Joe Morris, Tomeka Reid and Taylor Ho Bynum in a live quartet setting on cornet, vocals, guitar and cello. This being said and considering the context of Free Improv as genre - or rather: umbrella term - the four artists manage to create a surprisingly calm, oftentimes even spatial sonic flow somewhat guided by  Kitamura's high register vocal performance accompanied by tender, expertly thought out minimalism in pieces like the mesmerizingly jazzy "Continuing Inexplicability" whilst the positive, playful and frolicking piece named "Imaginery Donuts" brings forth various layers of freestyle whistling and echoes of echoes of mediterranean engrained in its plucked string sequence before moving in to bustling Jazz chaos, the albums main piece "The Earth Laughs, The Brushes Her Teeth" sees the quartet exploring 14 minutes of free-floating Jazz goodness and probably primeval, tribal'esque jungle voodoo vibes whilst "Through The Shaft Of Nothing We Drive Onward" could evolve into somewhat of a deep, nocturnal FreeJazz standard of the future before turning into almost opera'esque heights in terms of its vocal performance just to name a few. If Jazz and Improv is your drawer, "Geometry Of Trees" might fit well and neatly into your realm of sonic pleasure.

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Maxx - World In My Eyes [La Bomba Recordings 007 Promo]

Also put out on the digital circuit via La Bomba Recordings on April 8th, 2k22 is "World In My Eyes", the first ever single by the new project named Maxx which is not related to any Eurodance craze of yore. Opening with "World In My Eyes" we see the project go down a rather happy, uplifting and bouncy route when it comes to gooey, hypnotizing Acid modulations accompanied by highly seductive synth motifs and uplifting chord progressions whilst the second cut, "Vendetta", explores more of a cascading Trance vibe infused with layers of Latin-infused percussion heat and an oldskool-leaning EuroHouse / EuroRave melody that still brings heaps of joy to the global late night dancefloor posse for a reason. Nice one.

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Madeleine Cocolas - Spectral [Room40 Promo]

Another fresh one put out on the circuit via the Ambient staple that is Room40 on July 15th, 2k22 is "Spectral", the first ever album recorded for the label by Australian producer Madeleine Cocolas. Rolled out over a total of eight pieces and roughly 41 minutes playtime Cocolas explores a world of timeless, calm and beautifully washed out Ambient goodness from the very first moments of the opener "A Memory, Blown Out" onwards, adds tender, deeply melancholic piano swells to the mix with pieces like the caressing, well emotional "Presence" whilst bits like "Northern Storm" perfectly represents the tension of a looming natural disaster, yet presents a feel of revelation and relief throughout its sonic evolution as a tune, "And Then I Watch It Fall Apart" touches base with an intimate, hyperdreamy (Neo)Classical x score'esque feel for rainy October afternoons whereas the closing piece "Rip" even dabbles with a folksy, inward-looking guitar motif that might well function as a gateway to the sweetest of dreams just to name a few. One to check out for all Ambient x ChillOut collectors out there.

Maxx - Maxx 2 [La Bomba Recordings 008 Promo]

Another fresh single on the digital circuit is "Maxx 2", the latest outing by Maxx which is not the former Eurodance mainstay of the early 90s btw. Released on May 20th, 2k22 via La Bomba Recordings as their 008 the single opens with "The Last Line", a well pumping, yet quite oldskool'ish and somewhat Acid- / EuroHouse-leaning affair sporting uplifting pianos and a massive throwback attitude whereas the subsequent follow up that is "The Fox" provides even more of a classic summer of love vibe with its unprocessed melodic madness and full-on AcidHouse feel which even matches the era in terms of production standards and unfiltered joyful ecstasy. Good stuff.

Monday, August 01, 2022

baze.djunkiii Charts 08/2k22

01. baze.djunkiii - In Macrospace [The Absence Of Light 001]
See announcement post for details...

02. Nihiti - Sustained [Lo Bit Landscapes 019]
See review for details....

03. Dawn Penn - No No No [Soul Jazz Records 477]
One of the most essential Studio One Rocksteady classics backed by Dub Specialists "Creator Version" and therefore a must have for all collectors of everything Roots, Foundation and Bass Music of any kind. But oh boy... we really wonder what actually justifies a distribution wholesale price north of 15€ for a two track 12" re-issue housed in a standard label sleeve? Who's about to pay twenty quid+ for a record like this in a brick and mortar store? This is getting ridiculous - and ridiculously out of hand!

04. Liminanas / Garnier - De Pelicula [Because Music]
What an album. What a combo of artists. Spread over the course of a 2LP album set we see the long-standing Liminanas and dedicated electronic music pioneer, DJ and producer Laurent Garnier dive deep into a thrilling amalgamation of PostPunk-elements, KrautDisco grooves and driving DesertRock elements alongsides bits of Psychedelia, echoes of (Neo)Cosmic and, of course, proper songwriting for extended night drive journeys. Defo one that's up to par with releases on the late DC Recordings label and one that will become a staple on the dancefloors of our forthcoming BETA-ZERFALL parties for a reason.

05. Various Artists - Running Back Mastermix: Front Classics By Boris Dlugosch [Running Back]
After dedicating two entire 2LP compilations to the sound once played in Hamburg's seminal Front club, a major hub for House music at the time, the label brings even more classic tunes to the table with this five track compilation EP. And yes, the main vibe is House, the majority of the tunes bordering DeepHouse even, with two major cuts to focus on. For one, there's "Come 2Gether" by the oftentimes despised U96 project of "Das Boot" fame in its 'Subtle Dub Mix' crafted by Boris Dlugosch and later HardTrance legend and Tunnel-resident Gary D. under their conjunctional moniker Subtle Houzze which caters an uplifting, well hypnotic groove for all oldskool House connaisseurs whereas VDT's "Strangest Music *Boris Dlugosch Edit" revives the sound of the Vorsprung Durch Techno - yes, that's hat VDT stood for in those naive and probably better times - in a well sexy and seductive manner.

06. Tommy 2000 - 2K Musik [G-Town 003]
The most recent 003 of the elusive G-Town label covers quite a lot of musical grounds within a total of five tracks. Starting from washed out, atmospheric Juke x Broken Techno fusion vibes, progressing into to proper bass-heavy TechHouse x Techno derivatives and raw hounded Breakbeat excursions as well as providing more highly seductive and bass-heavy, super functional Broken Techno in "Tuna" and more of a Gangsta Jungle / Breakbeat Hardcore attitude in "T-2000" this 12" caters to many a taste, yet doesn't commit fully to one specific style which might make it difficult for Tommy 2000 to entice a specific audience with this release.

07. -

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