Monday, August 30, 2021

Various Artists - Eddy Ramich presents Croatian Blue: A Selection Of Contemporary Jazz-Influenced Electronic Music From Croatia [BBE Music 640]

And now - to Croatia! Scheduled for release via BBE Music on September 24th, 2k21 is "Eddy Ramich presents Croatian Blue: A Selection Of Contemporary Jazz-Influenced Electronic Music From Croatia", a quite self-explanatory ten track compilation album curated by DJ, radio host, producer and club promoter Eddy Ramich, founder of Zagreb's famed 'Kontrapunkt' events who's, despite being Berlin-based since 2k17, been a staple within the Croatian scene for many years now. Shining a light on the vast amount of studio talent to be found in his homeland Ramich takes us on a roughly 74 minutes spanning trip, collecting formerly unreleased cuts and even tracks exclusively produced for this compilation, featuring a wide array of producers of which Ilja Rudman, apart from Ramich himself, might be the one best known to a wider audience, spanning a musical arch from Jazz-infused and piano heavy Balearic SlowHouse / Lounge vibes brought on by producers like Chui, intimate DeepHouse grooves contributed by Koolade, a banging, a stripped down, stab-heavy and surely floor functional UK Funky affair named "Floripa" conceived by Homeboy in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis, deep, classic Electro provided by Disrupted Project's "Dissolve" as well as classy BrokenBeat culture catered by Ante Matas amongst many others not mentioned here. Defo a worthwhile introduction to a country that usually isn't associated with a thriving electronic music scene by many, yet has more than only a few names in store which are about to leave a mark on the international circuit in future times.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Jason Sharp - The Turning Centre Of A Still World [Constellation Promo]

Put on the circuit via 1997 launched Canadian imprint Constellation Records is "The Turning Centre Of A Still World", the latest, eight tracks and roughly 45 minutes spanning, album outing created by saxophone player Jason Sharp. Considered to be his first true solo longplayer according to the accompanying press sheet and, like many albums these days heavily influenced by restrictions and measures applying due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, Sharp utilizes his instrument of choice alongside his very own pulse as a trigger signal for various modular synthesizers and sampling devices on this one to create a calm and beautiful, widescreen cinematic take on what is best described as Deep Listening Music, resembling the atmosphere right after an epic sunset which is also depicted in the cover artwork provided by Daichi Saito, bringing forth multiple layers of electronic athmospheres in combination with echoes of echoes of (Neo)Cosmic / Berlin School and, most importantly, Sharp's oftentimes subtle, yet emotionally touching, longing sax movements which perfectly complement the panoramic backgrounds to create an essential, slightly autumnal and inward looking listening piece for Ambient lovers and score collectors alike. Recommended.

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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Flukten - Velkommen Hap [Odin Records]

Scheduled for release via Norwegian imprint Odin Records on September 9th, 2k21 is "Velkommen Hap", the very first album outing created by Flukten, a quartet comprised of four members of the countries buzzing Jazz scene who met up and found their creative way out of the covid-19 induced lockdown - starting their sonic venture in March 2020 and finally coming together for a full recording session roughly a year later, wielding and laying down a ten tracks and roughly 43 minutes spanning longplayer as the result of their sonic escapism. Based on sax, guitar, bass and drums the quartet comprised of Hanna Paulsberg, Marius Hirth Klovning, Bardur Reinert Poulsen and Hans Hulbaekmo doesn't even need a millisecond of an intro to immediately embark on wild, fast-paced and untamed journey pairing the raw power of FreeJazz and Improv with masterfully executed interactions and parallel melodic communications, elements of uptempo Swing ("Budeie Boogie") and even echoes of more romantic, beautiful Vintage Jazz bits ("Framsyning"), a stripped down, tender late night communication between mainly guitar and saxophone ("Jonas Og Hvalen"), more playful and frolicking Swing vibes ("Tennis Med Torsten") whereas "Pave Toten Totten" even touches base with positive summer grooves just to name a few cuts to be found on this fully fledged debut.

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Friday, August 27, 2021

Lowtec - Easy To Heal Cuts [Avenue66 011 Test Pressing]

Scheduled for release via Avenue 66 as the labels 011 is "Easy To Heal Cuts", the latest album outing by German producer Jens Kuhn a.k.a. Lowtec who's been making sonic waves on the scene since the late 90s. Digging deep in his archives of rare and formerly unreleased cuts Lowtec presents six pieces from the vault on this one with no information or detail given - at least not on our upfront whitelabel copy - on the exact date of production or their general context within the long standing artists career. Yet, even without this information we do assume that these cuts do hark way back in time - from the raw, psychedelic, yet slightly dubbed out Techno of "Flat Dog" to the beautifully twisted, tribal'esque IDM x Electronica fusion of "Going Nowhere" and its crisp and tender harmonies as well as the dry, experimental nature and somewhat Sandbenders-reminiscing vibe of "Red Sparrow" which will be a major flashback for all those still remembering this very first EP outing of the short lived Bodo Elsel / Martin Maischein collaboration, all of them to be found on the albums A-side which also holds a sweet untitled Electronica bonus track. Furthermore the flip opens with the playful, frolicking, yet slightly quirky IDM Rave-leaning title track "Easy To Heal Cuts" subsequently followed by the sparse excellent DubTechno variation named "Nature Thinks For You" which defo is the second major highlight on this release before "From Moment To Moment" waves goodbye in a deep, calm, yet hypnotic manner, providing a nice late night addition to the sets of well experienced ChillOut DJs around the globe. Good stuff, this.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Jason Busteed - 5 Point Palm [Sneja Recordings Promo]

Scheduled for release on the digital circuit on August 27th, 2k21 via Sneja Recordings is "5 Point Palm", the latest musical outing brought to us by Jason Busteed who's coming at us with two original cuts as well as two remixes on this single. Opening with "Creeper" we see Jason Busteed on a pumping TechHouse / Techno fusion tip bringing forth highly seductive grooves and expertly cut up afro tribal vocal samples whilst the subsequent "Creeper *Tonepusher Remix" caters more of a modernist Techno feel for fast lane autobahn rides with its reverberating bassdrums and driving shakers. The subsequent "5 Point Palm *Oktal 3 Remix" weighs in a well balanced combination of dubbed out DeepHouse pads and sparse, yet multilayered percussion elements for intimate clubnights rather than large scale raves before the original version of the title track provides a fever'ish, bass-heavy and well funk-driven version of peaktime Techno for a high octane closing, once again bringing on excellent vocal samples and killer stab action for an extra portion of energy. Nice.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii Guest Mix For 90s Rave Radio @ Ems-Vechte-Welle (2021.08.20)

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The D3VI7 - Wow Factor [Sound Kleckse Records Promo]

Soon to be launched via the digital imprint known as Sound Kleckse Records is "Wow Factor", the latest musical outing by noone less than The D3VI7. Whilst the 'Original Mix' follows the mysterious producer on a journey into eerie, somewhat fever'ish and Tribal-infused Tech territories building up towards a dense and intense, filtered, nerve-wrecking multilayered crescendo the subsequent "Wow Factor *DJ Nightnoise Beyond Space Remix" provides deep, complex and well intertwined MinimalTechno crafted by a long standing talent from the northernmost part of Germany whereas the "Wow Factor *Hanzzo Remix" weighs in a heavy, reverberating, somewhat mechanical tool for all heaving mainroom floors of today. One for the purists.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Yellow6 - The Cloud Factory [Sound In Silence 082]

Following up to his 2k20 released album "Silent Streets And Empty Skies" Jon Attwood's Yellow6 project is back on the Greek label Sound In Silence, this time with another longplay outing named "The Cloud Factory". Within ten tracks and a total runtime of 66 minutes the Leicestershire-based artist, who's been an active staple in the local and global Ambient x PostRock scene since the late 90s, drew inspiration from a wide variety of sources to create this album including soundtrack work commissioned by Nick Cave, the Philip Glass inspired school of minimalism as well as the washed out, urban PostGarage / Post Dubstep sound of producers like Burial amongst others. This said, "The Cloud Factory" starts out on a deeply solemn and inward-looking, slightly blues-y even, Ambient Folk tip with "Downhill Fast" to set the path for all things to come like the ruminant subsequent DesertBlues minimalism of "Lake Surfer" or the almost naturalistic campfire vibes of "Mayday" which are fusing tender electronic backings with semi-acoustic guitar goodness to create a most beautiful atmosphere and, from our point of view, one of the main highlights of the album alongside the meandering, nightly PopAmbient x DesertBlues pulses of "Twenty Four" and "Tides", the comforting tenderness of the rainy Sunday afternoon piece "Seven Five" whilst the soft and calming cut "Rain Twins" makes a perfect sonic companion for a hot summers sundown just to name a few. Top tier. Get.

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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Kamm - Cookie Policies Remix EP [Circus Company 117 Test Pressing]

Scheduled for release via Circus Company on September 10th, 2k21 as the labels 117 is the "Cookie Policies Remix EP" which delivers a set of four remixes crafted and manufactured for tracks taken off of the 2020 Kamm album named - guess what...? - "Cookie Policies". With producers like I:Cube, Dave Aju, Kenneth Scott and Alland Byallo at the controls, three of them amongst the original founding members of Kamm itself, we're in for a wide musical range of reworks with this one, spanning from glitzy, shimmering Techno sporting tribal'esque, dubbed out and 'troity influences to dark, bouncy and defo BigBeat-infused DopeBeat vibes paired with touching sax melancholia, more driving, highly functional, sparsely vocoder-infused peaktime Techno as well as an atmospheric stripped down Dubstep x Broken Techno x PostGarage fusion for late night x early morning closing sets. Well diverse. Good stuff.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Wolfgang Mitterer - Temp Tracks [Col Legno]

Put on the circuit via the long standing imprint that is Col Legno on July 30th, 2k21 is "Temp Tracks", the latest album outing by widely praised and multi-awarded Austrian composer Wolfgang Mitterer who weighs in a total of 37 tracks and miniatures rolled out over a total playtime of roughly 56 minutes. With what seems to be a conceptual approach of having all track titles starting with either a variation of "Temp..." (01-20) or "Ton..." (21-37) Mitterer presents a collection of what is referred to as 'preliminary music' in the accompanying press sheet - functional pieces serving as a temporary soundtrack for film sequences until the actual score is finished, placeholders of sorts with whom the artist is well familiar with, especially being in high demand as a composer of scores for film, theatre and opera himself. This said and despite the general functional nature of the music itself the album provides a fascinating listening experience with the opening tune "Temp" even making use of the classic 'music's hypnotizing' vocal sample which became engrained in the early electronic music and rave scene due to its appearance in multiple seminal UK Hardcore and Breakbeat tracks throughout the first half of the 90s, incorporating echoes of opera and dramatic Classical arrangements in others whilst bits like "Templar" seem to pair dark, threatening electronics with processed samples taken from highly explicit porn, the subsequent "Template" provides the nightly soundtrack to a fairytale, bits like "Tempt" go down a road of full on collage techniques, "Toneless" evokes memories of both DarkJazz and Illbient whereas compositions like "Tonepad" pay homage to the upright bass, just to name a few. Defo recommended for an audience made up of score collectors, film geeks and avantgarde connaisseurs, this one.

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Friday, August 20, 2021

Various Artists - Luft Tunes Vol. 1 [Luft Records Promo]

Another fresh one out on the digital circuit is "Luft Tunes Vol. 1", a five track compilation EP taking a closer look at the artist roster of the, probably relatively fresh, Luft Records imprint. Opening with Fractal Disorder and their cut named "Future" we're presented a raw, stomping and dirty take on slightly monotonous, tool-oriented HardTechno whereas Jose Baher & Bad Omen provide a similar, yet cleaner and still hammering approach to dark, militant Techno in their collaborative effort that is "Bad World". The subsequent "Humming" turns out to be another collaboration, this time by Marco Kallas & Puncher who are bringing forth a busier, uptempo-leaning take on Techno driven by shakers on hyperspeed, futuristic hoover sweeps and an ever growing intensity well suitable for strobe-lit peaktime sets and large scale warehouse raves, our friend P.T.B.S. dabbles with proper Hardcore and highly functional hyperviolence whilst incorporating some classic early 90s Gabba samples for all the real headz which will surely be in for his tune "Bad Kitchen" whilst the final cut, "Death System" by XCV, is unfortunately misisng on our upfront CDr copy of this one. P.T.B.S. wins. Big time.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Oktal 3 - Jackin For Beatz EP [Grey Shadow Records 028 Promo]

Soon to be released on the digital circuit via Grey Shadow Records as the labels 028 is the "Jackin For Beatz EP", the latest two track single outing by the upcoming Oktal 3 project. Whilst the title cut "Jackin For Beatz" mixes up hammering Techno beats with mainfloor-leaning TechHouse on a certainly funky tip, featuring a variety of highly detailed sample cut-ups and intriguing melodic elements the subsequent Oktal 3 collaboration with J-Cub, a tune named "Beyond", weighs in more of a deep, washed out and most beautiful late night / early morning Trance vibe for all those who stayed up all night, spending hours and hours on the dancefloor only to experience an intimate, touching and well emotional closing set in which the soulful vocals provide a perfect addition to the tunes chilland slightly dubbed out vibe. Nice.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 08/2k21

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Juhani Silvola - The Slow Smokeless Burning Of Decay [Eighth Nerve Audio 009 Promo]

Scheduled for release on August 27th, 2k21 via Eighth Nerve Audio as the labels 009 is "The Slow Smokeless Burning Of Decay" which is the latest album outing created by Finnish / Norwegian composer Juhani Silvola. Comprised of three pieces stretched over a total of roughly 37 minutes we see Silvola exploring a spatial stereo field with a massive, irregular swell of sweeping noise accompanied by vast physical low end presence, chirping electroacoustic modulations, doleful tones, plucked, minimalist guitar or harp melancholia and other fascinating, oftentimes otherworldly goodness all to be found within the title track whilst the segmented "Five Failures In Representing Our True Nature" weigh in a variety of highly warped and processed Field Recordings including what seems to be barking dogs and the general sounds and atmosphere of rural nature whilst later evolving into an eruption of grinding noises accompanied by looped angelic, yet somewhat unsettling and apocalyptic non-vocalisms as well as, in one of the final sections of the track, cold and brooding sci-fi atmospheres. Finally "Like Garlands Of Flowers Spread Over The Chains That Bind Us" seems to be the most coherent of the three commissioned compositions to be found on this album, starting from a point of icey, glatial atmospheres only to evolve into a highly entangled and intertwined stream of bleepy computational sounds accompanied by eruptive, somewhat percussive outbursts and Juhani Silvola's trademark reverberating, spatial low end movements creeping up from the cavernous vaults deep within the earths crust. Fascinating. Check.

Monday, August 16, 2021

20.08.2021 baze.djunkiii guest set @ 90s Rave Radio / Ems-Vechte-Welle 99.3FM

Making a quick return to the 90s Rave Radio show stepping in for the shows long time host and founder Sascha Müller this month baze.djunkiii once again is digging deep in his crates to unearth a full hour of electronic music from the booming 90s, opening with a trippy, extended and most beautiful Experimental Techno cut by David Holmes, working his way to tunes by EON and The Shamen via spiralling, nerve-wrecking underground Acid tracks and hard hitting Techno brutalisms only to end up with one of the hardest, most uncompromising Rave anthems to ever wreak havoc on dancefloors in the first half of the decade in which electronic club music exploded all over the planet. Enjoy the ride.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Freebreakz.FWD]

file under: Trance / Techno / Rave

Transmission starts @ 11 pm GMT+1

Terrestrial transmission on frequency 99.3FM in and around the Emsland-region of Germany.

Click here for internet stream!

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Tholos Gateway feat. Jarboe - Tholos Gateway [Gusstaff Records]

Set to be released via Poland's Gusstaff Records on September 17th, 2k21 is "Tholos Gateway", the self-titled album of the trio of the same name consisting of Colin Marston, Alex Reviriego and Vasco Trille which are bringing their most diverse backgrounds to the table for this project reaching from Black Metal to Contemporary Composition, Jazz, Ambient, Improv and way beyond. This eclectic melange leads to a seven track and roughly 44 minutes spanning album as complex and as far out there as their members individual history, starting with a brooding, most apocalyptic bass drone of doom in the opener "The Wine-Dark Sea" paving the way for a sparse, yet spine-tingling variation of Dark Ambient / Doom Jazz of sorts whereas "Nostos" provides an excellent blueprint for tense, minimalist piano noir arrangements and "Spell Of Circle", accompanied by the vocal visions of Jarboe, is comprised of unsettling tectonic low end shiftings, electrical crackles and chiming metal pieces alongside dramatic strings and a general atmosphere reminiscent of a now desolate battlefield with its soil still soaked in blood from last nights slaughter and slayage. Furthermore "Eternal Control Of The Gods" provides the first, even though stripped down to the bone, clue that Tholos Gateway do have a background in Black / Doom Metal, the "Hand Of Time" gets your brain with more slow moving low end movements, haunting atmospheres and tripping, polyrhythmic layers seemingly moving on different, yet sometimes interlocking time scales, the "Cyclopean Curse" lures one's brain - and soul! - into a trap with longing, siren'esque strings expressing the mourning sorrow of millenia-lasting isolation and loneliness whereas the concluding "Divine Spiritual Slaughter" harks back once again to the feel of essential desolation and a gaping, vantablack abyss buried deep within one's inner self. Probably the darkest album we've reviewed in 2k21 so far. True excellence.

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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Konstrukt feat. Thurston Moore - Turkish Belly [Karlrecords 084 Promo]

Lined up for release on August 27th, 2k21 via the ever active label that is Karlrecords as their 084 is "Turkish Belly", a new album in an ongoing series of collaborations which sees the Turkish outfit Konstrukt teaming up with a variety of renowned musicians for joint venture recordings. In their live recorded sessions with Sonic Youth guitarist and remarkable solo performer Thurston Moore, all taking place in February of 2k20, the now five piece ensemble explores a high density, high tension and high alert sonic universe from the first highly captivating seconds of the opener "Yapayalniz (Gezerler Sokakardar)" onwards which comes at the listener like an army of whirling dervishes with its stripped down, distorted and ear-piercing intro, brutal, Hardcore-reminiscing drumming and super intense vocals which set the pace for all things to come, a six tracks and roughly 42 minutes spanning jet-fueled, high octane improv session garnished with a few slightly Psychedelia-infused moments that would be well placed on a bill squeezed in between bands like Black Flag, Crass or The Ex and FreeJazz-projects like Paal-Nilssen Love's Large Unit and the likes of just to provide y'all with a rough layout of what is to expect here. Thrilling.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Western Edges - Dependency [Sound In Silence 083]

Coming in straight from Athens, Greece recently is 083 of the George Mastrokostas-run Sound In Silence imprint which sees Richard Adams' Western Edges project making a return with a new nine track album named "Dependency". Rolled out over the course of roughly 45 minutes the Leeds, UK-based artist explores and surely broadens the the imprints spectrum with this one, introducing straight bassdrums to the ChillOut crowds from the very start of the most beautiful, crystalline opener "Page Reveals" which immediately evokes memories of the unchallenged Harthouse-classic "Spectrum" by Metal Masters, progresses into harmonic, multilayered Synth structures surely influenced by Classical- and Minimal Music-infused composition techniques for ensembles whereas the subsequent "Winter Hill" provides a misty, washed out highlight for (Neo)Trance / Romantic House floors of future festivals for a reason. "The Wall You First Kissed Her Against" brings out a most touching, emotional take on large scale cinematic Ambient, momentarily drifting off into off-kilter harmonies before being put back on track in the tunes next pulse, "Lucy Hall Drive" gets straight back onto the dancefloor despite being accompanieed by a slight naive, naturalistic main motif whilst "Love Is Contagious" presents shimmering Ambient harmonies in their purest form. Furthermore "So Cold Now" embraces the world with angelic arrangements - and a little bit of flutter due to, probably intended, mastering overdrive - the albums excellent main piece "Temperance" meanders in between GAS-like forest romanticisms, echoes of DubTechno and even klaxon'esque Dub bass harmonies over the course of 14+ minutes and the final cut "Still Think About It Now And Then" once again harks back to misty, blurred out and almost mythical atmospheric movements for a closing. A timeless and essential addition to every dedicated Ambient lovers collection.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Andreas Davids - Digitale Asche [Inner Demons Records 087]

Coming in via mail only recently as a hand-numbered, limited to 42 copies 3" CD-r edition is "Digitale Asche", the latest musical outing created by Xotox mastermind Andreas Davids who's employing his irl name for this one. Released on the American, Tampa / Florida-based underground label Inner Demons Records the two tracks - subsequently named "Part 01" and "Part 02" - see Mr. Davids on a quite intense, mind-drilling tip, combining a fluttering, ever modulating midrange drone with stripped down, clean and futuristic Electronica structures with a slightly late 90s / early 2000s-leaning touch in combination with massive - and massively unsettling - low end rumblings as well as grinding, ever shifting sonic emulations of what plate tectonics must sound like if they were to be transferred into an audible spectrum whilst "Part 02" explores more of an icey, fragmented and once again well futuristic realm, best to be described as the remnants of a highly developed civiliziation rediscovered tens of thousands of years after a cataclysmic extinction event, sitting amidst the methane swamps of a frozen exoplanet far far away in another galaxy. Dark, Real dark.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Cass. - Ambient Music For A Young Girl [Growing Bin Records 032 Test Pressing]

Another fresh one to come via the ever active Growing Bin Records label is Cass.' new album aptly named "Ambient Music For A Young Girl". Scheduled for release on September 3rd, 2k21 the German artist, whose name might ring a bell for regular long-time readers and followers of these pages, is coming back with a total of six brand new Ambient outings, further cementing and carving out his very personal approach and niche within the scene with a well balanced combination of icey, somewhat glacial, time-defying background dronings in combination with expertly sculpted naturalisms, frolicking miniatures and enchanted melodies telling tales of untrodden, untouched beauty which solely exists for the simple cause of existence alone as well as dreamy Piano Ambient and - especially when it comes to the B1 cut "Hey Sun" and its direct sucessor "Waling" - most tender, slightly washed out genre blueprints for dedicated collectors of classy, comforting Deep Listening Music. And that's exactly what this one is. Check.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Orquesta Del Tiempo Perdido - Traantjes [Astral Editions 022]

Scheduled for release via the Astral Editions-imprint on August 27th, 2k21 is "Traantjes", the sophomore album outing by Jeroen Kimman's project Orquesta Del Tiempo Perdido. Originally written for a septet setting but, amidst and wriggling around the covid-19 induced restrictions as well as making use of decentralized way of working, ending up with a total of 21 contributing artists x musicians the roughly 50 minutes and eleven tracks spanning longplayer is a true, yet somewhat tongue-in-cheek, homage to classic twangy Easy Listening x Exotica - think: twangy guitars, sweet cocktails and the most cliche version of Hawaii one can imagine - for hot tropical summer settings, following a musical approach which, for what reason ever, has totally fallen out of time and fashion these days and therefore rather seems to be fascinating relict unearthed from another era than a most recent release even though wild, raw and untamed, partially clunky and over the top bits like "Dos O Tres Cervezas" seem to approach the genre from an angle that could be filed under the flag of Exotica Punk / Punxotica whilst "Poppin' Chops" is touching base with dreamy 60s Exotica Pop (...and echoes of French songwriting), "Bubble" represents freefloating, well psychedelia-infused Novelty cuts whereas the short interlude named "Elastiek" is as elastic and bendy as its name might suggest and "Bye Bye Things" waves farewell in a truly melancholia-inducing manner just to pick a few remarkable cuts from this utterly unique album. Truly something different.

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Monday, August 09, 2021

Sorcerer - Kids World [Growing Bin Records 035 Test Pressing]

Scheduled for launch via Growing Bin Records as the labels 035 on August 27th, 2k21 is "Kids World", the latest album outing created by San Francisco's Dan Judd who is utilizing his musical moniker Sorcerer for this one. Within eight tracks rolled out over a fully fledged LP we see the US-based artist explore a surely warm and comforting sonic terrain stretching from playful Electronica / IDM grooves to laid back NuDisco, highly seductive DeepHouse meditations infused by both Balearic, Disco and a hint of ChiTown as well as a beautifully flangered BrokenBeat meets Balearic excursion on B1 which, alongside its well funky successor, probably might be our most favorite cut on this test pressing which - like many whitelabels these days - did not come with any additional tracklisting or further information available. Defo one for sunny beach lounges, marinas, yacht cruises and similarly vibed venues.

Sunday, August 08, 2021

Mat Maneri & Kalle Moberg + Ingebrigt Haker Flaten - Worldless Voices [Kamo Records 004]

Put out on the circuit via Kalle Moberg's very own Kamo Records on August 5th, 2k21 is "Worldless Voices" which sees the label owning artist and accordion player team up with Mat Maneri on viola for a total of three compositions whereas the two of them are being joined by Norwegian double bass player Ingebrigt Haker Flaten for the nearly 29 minute spanning final piece that is "Trialogue". With all tracks being recorded in a fully improvised, unrehearsed live situation setting at the Austin, Texas-based No Idea Festival the opening triple of duo performances sees Moberg and Maneri on a dissonant, tonally off-kilter start slowly, yet steadily working their way towards more harmonic, partly even somewhat synchronous movements with each artist obviously being in eager, well alert anticipation of each others next sonic manoeuvre which results in both obvious tension as well as an abundance of tentative tonal details which might resonate most with an audience trained and experienced in the perception of improvised avantgarde music anyway. With the extended "Trialogue", now performed in a corresponding triple setting, the interaction between Moberg and Maneri seems to be more firm and musically consistent, most probably glued together by Ingebrigt Haker Flaten's sparse, yet expertly performed bass interventions providing a steadfast foundation for a continuous forward evolution of the piece each of the musicians invlvd can bounce off of and come back to to develop new, and partly even well futuristic sounding, ideas and movements to keep the audience and avid listener of Improv x Avantgarde x Contemporary Classical on track. Nonetheless a well demanding piece of work, this.

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Afflicted - Unity + Remixes [Afflicted In Techno]

Coming in via mail these days is "Unity + Remixes", the latest - and first - double cassette tape remix pack released by the German underground Techno duo Afflicted on their very own label named Afflicted In Techno. Whilst their original version of  "Unity" Afflicted provides a taste of floating and somewhat even mystical TechTrance for illegal, Psy-infused open airs out in the woods which will be enchanted by ethereal female non-vocalisms in this one the total of twelve remix versions presented on this limited to 50 copies release, crafted by the likes of Jens Mueller, S3KTOR, Duck Sandoval, Gregor Size, Pitch!, El Atalaya and many more, do cover the entire spectrum from gallopping uptempo Rave variations to clean cut, somewhat mechanical HardTechno / Industrial crossovers as well as Deep Trance and eerie, hypnotic, well dark and threatening Techno and even Electro for all underground tape collectors out there.

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Saturday, August 07, 2021

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents Deep Exposure Volume 2 @ Radio alHara / Betlehem, Palestine (2021.07.25)

Friday, August 06, 2021

Konus Quartett & Klaus Lang - Drei Allmenden [Cubus Records 376]

Put out on the circuit on June 18th, 2k21 and accompanied by a theroretical / philosophical approach towards how and to which extent a composers script defines the piece of music it describes and lays out canonically as well as towards how and how much the musicians / ensembles intepretation plays a role in doing this is "Drei Allmenden", the latest album and collaboration created by Klaus Lang and the Konus Quartett which was released via Cubus Records. In three movements rolled out over the course of roughly 43 minutes the artists invlvd combine Lang's harmonium with a variety of saxophones, bringing forth a beautifully solemn, inward-looking and surely longing, melancholic interpretation of organic and well cinematic DarkAmbient performed with real life instruments, a floating, carefully sculpted exercise which exceeds the confined realm of Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical music in slow but calm, continuos and steady motion like an enormous body of water, shaping landscapes over the course of aeons. Excellent.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Broeckart / Berweck / Lorenz - Bernard Parmegiani: Stries For Three Synthesizers And Tape [Mode Records 328]

Soon to be released via the 1984-founded Mode Records imprint is "Bernard Parmegiani: Stries For Three Synthesizers And Tape", a take on recreation, reproduction and - in some ways - possibly even further development of a piece of electroacoustic music originally composed and recorded by Parmegiani in 1963, his "Violostries". Taking things to a next evolutionary step using both original tape recordings and the digital tools of their time as well as those available today at the ZKM | Hertz-Lab in Karlsruhe Colette Brockaert, Sebastian Berweck and Martin Lorenz went through a painstakingly detailed and complex process, combining pieces of a sonic puzzle and in some cases creating modernist sonic workarounds to successfully bring Parmegiani's work back to life and make it performable again in a world of digital technologies with especially "Strio" presenting a beautifully eerie, minimalistic and surely haunted variation on electronic movements pre-dating, yet fully antedating what is now recognized as an atmospheric crossbreed of DarkAmbient and (Neo)Cosmic whereas the subsequent albums main piece "Stries" sticks to a, yet livelier, form of similarly atmospheric darkness whilst adding extreme levels of highly futuristic, dynamic and well sci-fi'esque tension as well as surely goosebump- and shiver-inducing soundscapes that would provide excellent score works for pieces like the classic "The Andromeda Strain" and other tech-driven flics of this era. Highly recommended. 

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Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Andy Moor - Music For Safe Piece [Unsounds]

'"Safe Piece" is a long term project exploring the question of parenting while maintaining an artistic practice." Take this in for a concept and read once again: '"Safe Piece" is a long term project exploring the question of parenting while maintaining an artistic practice." That's what Andy Moor is dealing with on his June 15th, 2k21 released album for the Unsounds label, providing the sonic backdrop for a project initiated by choreographer Valentina Campora which also happens to be the mother of his child, Elio, who is also actively invlvd in the conceivement and live performances of the project. A true family affair which results in a roughly 46 minutes, thirteen tracks spanning longplay piece with Moor sticking true to the electric guitar as his main instrument of choice, accompanied by interventions of his children and occasional tape additions, presenting a free-floating take on experimentation and improvisation with pieces like "Safe Piece OT301 / Part 2" coming across in a highly abstract, yet somewhat blues-y manner despite in its intricate, complex and mostly twangy fashion being a gazillion light years away from what actual Blues is or used to be whereas "Safe Piece Zaal100 Part 1" introduces warm, literally overwhelming bass pulses as some kind of a recurring main motif accompanied by whirling scratches and somewhat off'ish tonal progressions of ever growing intensity, "Safe Piece Zaal100 Part 3" drifts off in a meandering, yet inward-looking PostFolk / Campfire Improv fashion, "Safe Piece Studio Leine & Robeana Part 2" caters a dramatic highlight evoking faint echoes of memories of intense hindhu, native american or dervish ceremonies, "Safe Piece OT301 / Part 4" fully indulges in heavy Psychedelic Rock-leaning feedback orgies over the course of nearly 11 minutes whereas "Safe Piece OT301 / Part 5" turns out to be the most eerie, nightmare inducing piece on this album, mostly due to the warped toddler voice using, or rather curiously abusing, the microphone present throughout the performance. Intriguing, yet rather one for an audience already gravitating towards highly avantgarde-leaning music.

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Monday, August 02, 2021

Sorry For Laughing - See It Alone [Klanggalerie]

What a comeback - or better revival? Resurgence? Whatever one may call it, Gordon H. Whitlow revives his 1986 one-off cassette project Sorry For Laughing, is joined by Edward Ka-Spel of Legendary Pink Dots as well as Martyn Bates of Eyeless In Gaza-fame as fixed collaborators in a trio setting plus several other contributing artists to come at us with a new album in 2k21. Released via Klanggalerie in June "See It Alone" presents a menu of 12 brand new songs x compositions which unfold as a most beautiful, tender and touching array of Leftfield / Avantgarde Pop pieces with some instrumentals in between, bits of highly advanced songwriting and even echoes of FreakFolk and classic Chanson thrown into the mix with the latter especially prevalent in the fascinatingly twisted "The Necessicity Of Good Timing" whilst "Seven Stormy Oceans (An Edward Lear Dream)" is as melancholia-inducing and maritime - #accordeon! - as the title suggests, "Agone" presents itself in a truly solemn and ecclesiastical fashion - #organ! - whereas the quasi- a cappella "Fate Stars" in all its quiet dramatic fashion could easily evolve into a musical / theatre / large scale show piece just to pick a few favorites here. The essence of songwriting beauty for literally everyone fond of an all-caressing, intimate listening session spent in devout silence or with a beloved significant other. One cannot recommend this album enough. Get.

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Sunday, August 01, 2021

baze.djunkiii Charts 08/2k21

01. Freddy Fresh - 333 / Watch It Go Roun Roun *featuring Mikey Dredd [Intrauterin Recordings 009]
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02. Various Artists - Meeting Of The Minds Volume 5 [Future Retro / Meeting Of The Minds 005]
What a well thought out concept. Future Retro label head honcho Tim Reaper enters the studio with a bunch different collaborators and combines the results for a next episode of his "Meeting Of The Minds"-series which presents his very personal of the recent New Jungle x Neo Jungle scene. Teaming up with the likes of Comfort Zone, Law, Kola Nut, Coco Bryce and the aptly named Hornchurch Hardcore the result is nothing short of 100% pure dancefloor devastation, filled to the brim with classic breaks and amen madness, haunting vocal samples and eerie melodies as well as an undeniably brooding darkness that will surely lure fans of Darkside Hardcore and most evil DarkJungle into cuts like "Brain-dead" which might by a favorite on this killer 12" release.

03. Dauwd [Psssh Records 002 Test Pressing]
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04. Benoit B - We Come In Peace [Animals Dancing 009 Test Pressing]
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