Monday, May 31, 2021

Murcof - The Alias Sessions [The Leaf Label Promo]

Put out on the circuit on May 21st, 2k21 via The Leaf Label is Murcof's new longplay outing "The Alias Sessions" which sees the long standing Mexican producer known to his friends and parents under the name of Fernando Corona embarking on an extended sonic journey stretched out over a 2CD pack or triple vinyl album respectively. With the album being split in two parts - "Contre-Mondes" and "Normal" -, both results of an extended collaboration with choreographer Guilherme Botelho and his dance company Alias for two of their performance pieces, we see Murcof touching base with score'esque Deep Listening Music as well as highly dynamic (Neo)Cosmic / Kosmische Musik over the entire course of "Contre-Mondes" whilst adding marching, subtly threatening and surely dystopian drums in pieces like "Unboxing Utopia", further drifting into subaquatic Electronica in the aptly named, sci-fi leaning cut that is "Underwater Lament" or even dabbling with the grinding, gargantuan slow-motion sound of plate tectonics in bits like "Inevitable Truth" whilst indulging in fluttering, angelic atmospheres like those to be found in the concluding cut "Shadow Surfing". Furthermore the second part entitled "Normal" opens with the tender, nocturnal Ambient beauty of "Surface Wear" followed by the ever dynamically changing low-end pulse of "Ideology Storm" which is accompanied by icy athmospheres before further evolving into a deep, well seductive Electronica groove monster even suitable for highly advanced dancefloors whilst the "Fire Thief" caters an ever scintillating cascade of crystalline synth melodies which are likely to appeal to lovers of classic Synth and also Classical Music for a reason whereas "Systemic Amnesia" builds a sonic realm beyond our regular space and time whilst the final "Void Glance" presents a well tender and carefully arranged Cosmic perspective when it comes to Ambient and Deep Listening Music just to pick a few favorites from this well recommended longplay piece. Nice.

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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Trond Kallevag - Fengselsfugl [Hubro Music]

Coming in from the Norwegian imprint Hubro Music these days is the May 14th, 2k21 released album "Fengselsfugl", the sophomore longplay work by Trond Kallevag for the label after his 2019 debut "Bedehus & Hawaii". With the title translating as 'jailbird / prison bird' in the English language one might not be surprised that both old Norwegian prison ballads and his experience in working with inmates have had an influence on Trond Kallevag's new, ten tracks and roughly 41 minutes spanning body of work, resulting in a stripped down, slightly twangy, yet harmonic and beautiful, oftentimes textural and surely overall melancholia-infused journey into pure instrumental guitar, both acoustic and electric, as well as steel guitar arrangements accompanied by only a minimum of additional padding that could well be described as a timeless piece of Americana, despite its Nordic origin. This said "Fengselsfugl" might be the ideal soundtrack and score for the road movie that is your life, crossing the great plains and flickering highways and living through the adventures, highs and lows and whisky fueled nights innate to such a trip. Best consumed cruising around in a high octaned fueled classic American vehicle defo up there on the upper end of the mileage spectrum. Lovely. Recommended.

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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Okkyung Lee - Na-Reul (Black Cross Solo Sessions 3) [Corbett vs. Dempsey 082 Promo]

Released only recently as 082 of the Corbett vs. Dempsey imprint is "Na-Reul (Black Cross Solo Sessions 3)", the new nine tracks and roughly 38 minutes spanning album outing created by Korean composer Okkyung Lee who, like many likeminded artists, saw her life and therefore also the production of this album affected and overshadowed by the pandemic situation and the emotional troubles that came with it - in this specific case losing the connection with the cello as her instrument of choice and artistic expression. Finally finding a way of reconnecting and getting accustomed to the process of making music again after an extended break via the invitation to make this album Okkyung Lee focuses on an interesting approach of layering slightly deferred, mostly unprocessed cello lines atop of eachother to achieve what could be described as a ghostly, somewhat naturally dubbed out realm in some pieces whilst cuts like "Mountains" fully indulge in large scale melancholia and the intimate beauty of Classical Chamber Music on a rainy sunday afternoon, "Mirage" fuses prominent plucked low frequency strings with wild, free-riding and partially filtered avantgarde cello improvisations to a surprisingly calm and tender effect, "Lorelei" pairs ancient rhythm signatures with brooding low-end bass movements to create a fever'ish, spine-tingling whirlwind of a track that we confidently call out as our most favorite on this longplayer whereas "Wings" seems to be born out of a well unsettling nightly vision and provides the soundtrack for twisted nightmares and "Grey" seems to be a worthwhile sonic reflection and bleak representation of the personal, and oftentimes depressive, struggle the artist had gone through prior to the making of this piece before a shimmering, chiming sequence provides a little bit of light a the end of the tunnel. Go check.

Friday, May 28, 2021

BLK JKS - Abantu / Before Humans [Glitterbeat Records Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the ever active imprint that is Glitterbeat Records is "Abantu / Before Humans", the latest - and sophomore! - album outing by Johannesburg-based quartet BLK JKS after their widely acclaimed longplay debut hit the stores back in 2009. Described as 'South African art-rock band' by The New York Times and championed by the likes of Diplo, The Roots, Dave Grohl, TV On The Radio and The Mars Volta alike we see BLK JKS making a genre bending return with this nine tracks spanning album, starting on a deep, fascinating and somewhat ruminant level with the tribal chants of "Yela Oh!" atop an inward-looking and dark'ish, if not brooding Campfire Rock backdrop followed by the brass-heavy Tex-Mex Hyperfusion sound of "Running – Asibaleki / Sheroes Theme", later on progressing into spatial, comforting IndieFolk in "Harare" featuring Morena Leraba on vocals, a tune that evokes memories of the 2012 Indie meets Afro sensation that was Sinkane, a dreamy, tender, emotional, brass-heavy and slightly 90s leaning Afro Alt.Rock vision named "Human Hearts" or, for a closing named "Mmao Wa Tseba – Nare / Indaba My Children", a widescreen, panoramic and surely Jazz-infused sound for hot summer sunsets just to pick a few. Defo an album that encourages multiple deep listening sessions to fully embrace each and every level on this one.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Rose Bolton - The Lost Clock [Cassauna / Important Records]

Scheduled for release via Cassauna / Important Records on May 28th, 2k21 is "The Lost Clock", the latest, four tracks and 36 minutes spanning longplay outing created by Toronto-based composer Rose Bolton who's been active on the Canadian circuit for more than two decades, fusing both elements of electronic and classical music in her work. This said, the opening tune "Unsettled Souls" caters an ever so slowly evolving array of comforting Ambient hums and drones reminiscent of a small rotor propelled aeroplane passing by at quite a distance on a calm and hot summers day, providing the backdrop for brittle, glassy and reverberating, spatial chimes whereas the subsequent cut "The Lost Clock" explores a still Ambient-leaning, fragile, yet more outerworldly and transdimensional, washed out and blurry sonic realm bound to strange, psychoactive dream worlds or parallel universes even. Furthermore a "Starless Night" is indeed as calm, angelic and beautiful as it gets in the wee hours and defo a track that is, especially due to its dynamic range and undeniably Cosmic- / Berlin School-influenced sonic story-telling, one that is best consumed on headphones or, if alone, through a high end speaker system to get the very most out of its carefully arranged minimalism before "The Heaven Mirror" waves goodbye in a tender, yet dramatic and touching Piano Ambient fashion, connecting contemporary Electronic Music, (Neo)Classical and swirling Synth arrangements created by the genres early pioneers in a masterful fashion. One to check out for a reason.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Natura Est - Real Seasons [Cyclic Law 162]

Put out on the circuit in late April, 2k21 via the ever active imprint that is Cyclic Law is "Real Seasons", the third album outing by Natura Est, the conjunctional studio project of Andreas Davids and Tony Young. Both widely known and acclaimed for their solo works as Xotox and Autoclav 1.1 respectively their new longplayer clocks in at six tracks and 36 minutes and provides an even deeper and more desolate continuation of the glacial Dark Ambient / Drone approach showcased in their earlier albums, opening with the icy and hollow Isolationist Ambient cut "Rebirth Of The Solar God" which is a well lugubrious affair followed by the unsettling nature of the subsequent tectonic low end movements found in "From The Cross Quarter Day" alongside supernatural, yet non-vocal angelic choirs. Paying homage to ancient pagan rituals and silent, solemn ceremonies "The Feast Of May Eve" is as beautifully brooding and mighty as any Dark Ambient cut can get, "Midsummer" follows on a similar, yet calmer and more stripped down path for fans of productions by Tarkatak or Kallabris whereas "The Trilogy Of Harvest", another nod to pagan times, redefines Isolationst Ambient with an almost Post-(Neo)Classical note for 2k21 before working its way towards a thundering crescendo and "The Turning Wheel" provides a calm, comforting and almost womb-like atmosphere of glooming darkness for a closing. Good stuff, this.

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Monday, May 24, 2021

28.05.2021 baze.djunkiii guest set @ 90s Rave Radio / Ems-Vechte-Welle 99.3FM

Another year, another special guest set for 90s Rave Radio. Keeping up with what has become a kind of tradition over the last half decade or so baze.djunkiii is digging deep for a special contribution to Sascha Müller's monthly oldskool-focusing radio show which has been an FM haven and refuge for oldskool rave enthusiasts in the German Emsland area for basically forever. Expect a journey covering the whole spectrum from rare and rather obscure Ambient Trance cuts and beloved Trance classics to commercially successful big time crossover hits, heavy Rave bangers and braincell-twisting Acid madness all mashed and blended together in this exclusive 60 minute set.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Freebreakz.FWD]

file under: Trance / Techno / Rave

Transmission starts @ 11 pm GMT+1

Terrestrial transmission on frequency 99.3FM in and around the Emsland-region of Germany.

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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Lauroshilau - Live At Padova [El Negocito Records 098]

Another most recent album outing coming in from the vaults of El Negocito Records these days is "Live At Padova", the November 30th, 2k18 recorded live performance by the Free Improv trio known as Lauroshilau which consists of Audrey Lauro, Yuko Oshima and Pak Yan Lau. Combining alto saxophone and preparations, drums as well as toy pianos, synths and various electronic devices the musical triumvirate embarks on a well fascinating, roughly 43 minutes spanning journey into a sonic dreamworld, an amalgamation of haunted and x or enchanted Ambient atmospheres accompanied by fluttering, microtonal sax additions and echoes of a Cosmic / Berlin School informed attitude later evolving into a combination of dark, brooding, tectonic low end shifts paired with intense, spiralling layers of FreeJazz-leaning saxophone lines as well as ominous and danger-heralding drums rolling up to the surface from the earths innermost core, subsequently breaking down to brittle, electroacoustic near silence and taking a turn towards an extended sequence of haunting UnAmbient and highly experimental electronic soundscapes for a closing. What a ride.

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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents Pure Garage & Silk Volume 1 @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France (20.05.2k21)

Friday, May 21, 2021

Doko - Ikebana [El Negocito Records 094]

Coming in from the Belgium-based headoffices of the El Negocito Records imprint only recently is "Ikebana", the latest album effort created by Doko, a duo project formed by Gregor Siedl and Nicolas Chkifi which are pairing real life instruments with analog synthesizers, drum sequencers and FX on this one which covers the most perfect overall runtime of 33 minutes and 33 seconds over the course of ten tracks; including the glitched out and spine-tingling high frequency Phonk of the hard hitting opener "Cattail 1" which could be used as a high octane battle routine weapon for advanced HipHop DJ's whereas "Sweet Violet" is on a more playful and galopping tip, "Rattlesnake Master" presents highly abstract, Jazz-leaning, yet digitally processed and decaying drum works for highly advanced listeners before "Wild Indigo" goes in hard with a mixture of driving drum loops and FreeJazz / Free Improv leaning sax improvisations. Furthermore "Switchwort" focuses on spatial, loose, intimate and hyperminimalist percussion / drum patterns recorded close up and from afar and therefore making use of the 3D realm whilst cut up and reprocessed vocal samples fire random numbers towards and into ones very own head, "Blue Violet" explores a crisp, carefully layered Minimal Ambient realm before "Cattail II" provides an ever densening crescendo of a digitally retouched freestyle improvised drum solo for die-hard drum and beat headz. The subsequent "Go-To-Bed-At-Noon" takes the amalgamation of FreeJazz and an undeniable Drill'n'Bass attitude to a new level - think: Bogdan Raczynski in Improv -, "Sneezeweed" is more rattling and tumbling than sneezing and the final cut that is the "Rough Blazing Star" weighs in a proper barrage fire of highly rhythmic, muscular and rolling drums for those who do appreciate a certain type of war music in their lives. Good stuff. We're in.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Andreas Davids & Sven Phalanx - A Psychedelic Trip To Space [Infacted Recordings]

Put out on the circuit digitally via Infacted Recordings as well as a highly limited, self-released physical CD-r edition of 50 copies created by the artists is "A Psychedelic Trip Into Space", the combined longplay effort cooked up by German producers Sven Phalanx and Andreas Davids, the latter of those better and more widely known for his Xotox project. On their conjunctional album we see the two producers aiming for the planets - as well as the now degraded dwarf planet Pluto - of our solar system as well as the neighbouring star (system) Alpha Centauri with a well interesting and somewhat even radio play resembling combination of Electronica / IDM and truly spaced out, slightly retrofuturist (Neo)Cosmic-leaning sci-fi synth sounds, garnished with samples seemingly nicked from space documentaries, driving mid-tempo Breakbeat sequences ("Venus"), large scale atmospheric movements and other goodness for a chill and comforting, yet thrilling deep listening experience. Those who remember German late night tv programs like HR3 Space Night which provided a backdrop for many a ravers afterhour sessions or house parties will 100% love this for a reason. Music for the mind.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Korr - Tombe De La Voute: Series 'Travelling' [We Insist! Records]

Another fresh release on the ever active imprint that is We Insist! Records is "Tombe De La Voute: Series 'Travelling'" by Korr, a trio project formed by three seasoned improvisers - Michel Doneda, Andrea Grossi and Filippo Monico - which met in this specific constellation for the first time, taking on the task of a basement recording session on January 18th, 2k19. The result is this 43 minutes spanning album - a collection of five pieces in total, one of them split into six distinct chapters - in which the three musicians, each a master in his own right, combine the power of sax, double bass and percussions, carefully building each and every single composition from scratch, adding layer after layer working their way from oftentimes tentative beginnings to minimalistic, yet intense and highly abstract improv madness which is not only making use of dynamic changes but also seems to have the musicians moving within the 3D space around the recording microphone to fully use and embrace the spatiality of their makeshift recording environment, adding another layer and dimension to their highly avantgarde-leaning FreeJazz / Improv sound which is most likely to speak to a niche audience of those well versed and experienced in these genres whereas those not in the know might rather opt out for a reason.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A Tonic For The Troops - Ambush [Odin Records]

Released via Odin Records on April 16th, 2k21 is "Ambush", the eight tracks and 63 minutes spanning debut album by the Ellen Brekken-led quartet that is A Tonic For The Troops. Based on a foundation of bass, piano, saxophone and drums this hour long musical nod to the history of British colonialism plagued by malaria - and cured by gin & tonic - provides a spine-tingling musical journey from the dramatic, furious uptempo Jazz opener "The Capitulation Of Alexandria" which indeed, like many of Ellen Brekken's compositions, draws inspiration from the historic event to the deeper late night standard to be that is "Marc's Lament", the extended, well cinematic and carefully layered dreamworld intro of the ever meandering "Blue Nile", the playful, uplifting and masterfully executed title cut that is "Ambush" - a future favorite for all Jazz DJs for sure due to its captivating groove and high octane performance - as well as the sweet, romantic and well intimate harmonies and the innate golden age twist of "1 Welgelegen Road" just to  pick a few favorites here. One for classic Jazz afficionados, this.

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Monday, May 17, 2021

20.05.2021 baze.djunkiii presents Pure Garage & Silk Volume 1 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (2300 GMT+1)

UK Garage and all its derivatives – be it the more commercially oriented, vocal-driven 2Step, Speed Garage, Sublow, Dark Garage, Future Garage, you name it... - have always played an important role for baze.djunkiii ever since the Hamburg-based Radio Flouka-resident stumbled upon his very first UKG 12“ somewhen in late 1998 or early 1999.

With countless radioshows as well DJ-sets all over Germany baze.djunkiii continued to be a tireless ambassador of this style even after the genre had fallen from mainstream grace shortly after the turn of the millenium, put out limited UK Garage-related mixtape runs through his very own Intrauterin Tapes imprint and even generated some minor hype with the release of COMBAT DUBS II – the second 7“ release of the conjunctional studio project he set up with longtime mate Sascha Müller which took on Breakbeat Garage / Speed Garage with a special twist in late 2k20.

With his new show "Pure Garage & Silk Volume 1" baze.djunkiii combines classic 2Step tracks and contemporary UK Garage releases, uplifting vocal anthems and raw instrumental riddims and even further extends his journey into PostGarage / Bass Music / Post-Dubstep for a distinct forward thinking segment of the mix.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Combat Dubs]

file under: UK Garage / 2Step

transmission time: 23oo - 00oo GMT+1

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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Ayuune Sule - Putoo Katare Yire [Makkum Records 030 / Rebel Up Records 023 / Red Wig Records 043]

Put out on the circuit as a collaborational effort by Makkum Records, Rebel Up records and Red Wig Records on April 23rd, 2k21 is "Putoo Katare Yire", the new, nine tracks and roughly 44 minutes spanning album release by Ghanaan singer / kologo player Ayuune Sule. Originally hailing from the countries Frafra region the artist whose latest body of work roughly translates to "Wickedness Has No Home" in terms of its title once again delivers a powerful musical statement based on the raw power of storytelling, fever'ish tribal drum rhythms and, ofc, the double stringed lute known as kologo. This said, the album features quite a few kologo bangers of which especially the uptempo, somewhat even Pop-leaning "Don't Be Lazy" featuring Kwame & DK on microphone duties as well as the deep, yet uplifting call-and-response cut "Life Is A Journey" stand out whilst "Fighting Music" pairs traditional vocals with echoes of echoes of echoes of Reggae and a complex, modernist rhythm foundation and "Tesan Monge Taaba" is about to be an instant genre classic and might be the one from this album that will see the most airplay for a reason  just to name a few favorites here.

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baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 05/2k21

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Catherine Lee - Remote Together [Redshift Records]

Coming in via mail from Portland, Oregon these days is "Remote Together", the new and forthcoming album effort created by American improviser, oboist - and Doctor Of Music - Catherine Lee. Scheduled for release via Redshift Records on May 21st, 2k21 Catherine Lee's sophomore longplay outing is based on a foundation of oboe, english horn and the rare oboe d'amore in combination with Field Recordings, electronics and manipulated sound. Based on this combination we see the artist explore several compositions written with her in mind by the likes of Jordan Nobles, Dana Reason, Taylor Brook, Julian Snow and Matt Carlson as well presenting a piece she perceived alongside Juniana Lanning, talking the concluding "Silkys" here which is, and what a great inspiration this is, by the life cycle of the domestic silk moth. This being said, Lee touches base with a classically inspired, touching solo performance in "Nocturne", pairs her instrument of choice with minimalist background electronics as well as a collage of mostly nature-leaning Field Recordings - think: rainfall, crickets, jungle sounds etc. - in "Chanson De Fleurs: Eleanor Of Aquitaine" to create a beautiful sonic score with a slightly eerie, uncanny undertone caused by various disturbances and harsher one-off events of unclear origin before "Alluvium" indulges deeply in somewhat droning, score'esque as well as slightly Dark Ambient-infused melancholia with an innate sense for intricate, interwoven harmonic drama. Furthermore "Red Eyes, Green Lion's Teeth, Golden Heads" is a well fascinating tale for oboe d'amore and tape which relies on somewhat of a call-and-response resembling interplay between the live instrument and the pre-recorded medium featuring a ruminant, slightly ritualistic music evoking memories of Asian temples and ceremonies, "Chiasmus" approaches a concept of ever evolving, emotionally touching melodic patterns in combination with extended breaks and short periods of silence whereas the aforementioned "Silkys" caters a crackly, partially dubbed out and probably Max/MSP generated electronic backdrop for Catherine Lee's hovering, floating, and somewhat outerworldly oboe performance to create a piece that truly exceeds the dimensions of space and time. Highly recommended, this.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Microtub - Sonic Drift [Sofa Music]

Fresh on the circuit via Norwegian staple Sofa Music is "Sonic Drift", the fifth album release by the famed Microtub project which - as its name might suggest - focuses on the compositional realm of microtonal tuba music. Featuring two slightly extended pieces, the title track "Sonic Drift" as well as "The Pederson Concerto", the May 7th, 2k21-released album clocks in at around 27 minutes total playtime, once again presenting a somewhat klaxon'esque array of droning, layered tuba pulses with a calm, Ambient-leaning, yet organic and emotionally touching quality which is rarely to be found in the realm of conceptual and minimalistic Avantgarde sounds these days. Therefore highly recommended, not only for fans of Deep Listening Music.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Markus Türk - Türk [Umland Records 046]

Soon to be released via Essen's ever active Umland Records label as their 046 is "Türk", the new solo album by trumpet player Markus Türk who took on the challenge to produce this roughly 43 minutes spanning longplayer entirely on his own, using and abusing a plethora of various instruments as well as a loop station whilst drawing influences from his more than 25 years spanning career. This said, Markus Türk's musical spectrum is and alway has been a wide one, playing in bands like the famed Punk-leaning outfit Family 5, working alongside the Umland Records core outfit The Dorf, being invlvd in several Rock, Jazz, Latin projects as well as channelling many other creative sources and outings which, to a certain degree, are reflected in this solo piece, be it in the opener "Dunkle Zeiten" in which both Bavarian Blasmusik (a brass leaning variation of traditional music) and Jazz are fused in a lo-fi'esque yet well groovy way whilst "Wieder Kein Oscar" offers a bit of a laid-back Downbeat vibe, "You Are My Sunshine" gets down in a proper Swing manner, "Markt 16" presents a well hounded, thrilling Blasmusik aesthetic with a bit of a Ska-leaning twist whilst "The Saddest Thing In Your Life" brings on some proper New Orleans funeral vibes, "Yuri Joao" even dabbles with droney, spiritual and somewhat ritualistic atmospheres as a foundation for deep, highly melancholic brass tones before "Somewhere In The Past" turns out to be a proper distinct and slightly fever'ish dancefloor smash of a kind - and an innate quality that would qualify this tune to be featured in a future Tarantino soundtrack - just to pick a few favorites here. Check.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Alberto Braida / Giancarlo Nino Locatelli - From Here To There [We Insist! Records]

Scheduled for release via the ever active Monza-based imprint that is We Insist! Records on May 14th, 2k21 is "From Here To There", the latest full length album result of the 25 years spanning collaboration between Italian composers and artists Alberto Braida and Giancarlo Nino Locatelli. Based on a foundation of their chosen instruments with Braida on piano and Locatelli on clarinet the duo caters a nine tracks and roughly 40 minutes spanning journey into a very nightly, very intimate and most of all very close-up recorded Jazz realm with slightly noir'esque twist in compositions like "Counterpoint" or "Tropus" , a tender and comforting listening experience which, at least in parts, even evokes memories of the feel and atmosphere of Chamber Music even though this phrase usually is rather associated with Classical or (Neo)Classical Music than with Jazz as a genre.

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Monday, May 10, 2021

Sweeney - Misery Peaks [Sound In Silence 081]

Freshly released on March 27th, 2k21 via the Greek imprint that is Sound In Silence is "Misery Peaks", the new, eight tracks and 38 minutes spanning album by Australian composer Jason Sweeney a.k.a. Sweeney who has also released on Sound In Silence under his musical nom de guerre Panoptique Electrical before. With "Misery Peaks" we experience Sweeney presenting a further evolution of the sonic path he explored with his 2019 album "Human Insignificant", an obvious progression which leads the artists songwriting away from soft piano tones of its predecessor into sparse, minimalistic and partially even Industrial leaning realms of dark, brooding, yet dreamy Leftfield Pop and extremely stripped down SynthPop spheres telling tales of hurt and broken-ness, not only through captivating vocals but even moreso through brilliant sound sculptures, clean, crushing beats and brooding, thundering low end movements especially prevalent in songs - yes, songs! - like "Kid", brittle arrangements found in the wonderful ballad that is "Please Accept My Love", the drilling, Noize-driven sonic intro warfare of "Sun" which surprisingly turns from Sci-Fi Industrial into what can be best described as a touching, melancholia infused Synth Folk piece whilst "Solitear" is as desolate as Isolationist SynthPop could ever be just to name a few favorites here. Excellent stuff. Get.

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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Schroer / Bektas / Nebel - Exit [Umland Records 043]

In with another new album - and accompanied by a most beautiful cover artwork, btw - is the Essen-based Umland Records imprint which presents "Exit", the longplay firstling by the relatively fresh trio that is Schroer / Bektas / Nebel. Coming in from a Jazz angle with an approach to introduce, feature and spotlight the oriental / middle eastern oud instrument, played by Ahmet Bektas, in the genres context alongside piano and upright bass the three musicians bring forth a swinging, playful and twinkle-toed sonic attitude which makes "Exit" a perfect early summer release due to pieces like the poly-layered and somewhat polyrhythmic title track, the tender, classy late night vibe of "Verlorene Welt, Verwitterte Seele" as well as a few more melancholic sequences throughout cuts like "Laila" in which especially Bektas' take on the oud seems to represent an imaginery love child of more mediterranean vibes and somewhat melancholia-infused traditional Russian balalaika bits. If this sounds compelling to you... go check!

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Saturday, May 08, 2021

Polski Piach - Poludnie [Gusstaff Records]

Another fresh one on the Polish Gustaff Records imprint is "Poludnie", the latest album outing by Warsaw's trio Polski Piach - a name which translates to 'Polish Sands' and probably refers to the groups influences which are cited as being '...the sands of the Mississippi Delta, the Sahara Desert and the Wisla river'. This being said - and taking into account the Mississippi area is associated with its special love for the Blues -, the April 30th, 2k21 released longplayer presents a roughly 61 minutes and eleven tracks spanning journey into exactly this - Blues, 100% Instrumental Blues to be even more exact. Sparse, yet never minimal. Without words, yet full of stories and meaning. Nightly, yet full of tension. Somewhat chill, yet presenting an underlaying plane of dark- and noir'esque-ness, garnished with bits of Jazz, a slow, heartbeat-like pulse and a timeless attitude that makes this album a worthwhile investment for now and ever. Plus: If Depeche Mode ever decide to record an all acoustic version of "Delta Machine" I personally would want it to sound like it this one. Recommended. Instant classic. Immediate favorite.

µ​-​Ziq - Slade Treacher (Official Video)

Mike Paradinas and his µ-Ziq project are coming at us with a beautiful, well dancefloor suitable IDM vision and a heavy visual information overload. Beware of the glitch.

Friday, May 07, 2021

Shofar - Before It Started [Gusstaff Records Promo]

Scheduled for release via Polish imprint Gusstaff Records on May 14th, 2k21 is "Right Before It Started", the latest album outing by Raphael Roginski's Shofar project which has been dealing with the mystical Jewish tradition and Hasidic music ever since it was founded back in 2007. Based around the performance of mostly unchanged and unaltered traditional music which, when used in a ritual / ceremonial context, is meant to elevate listeners into a state of trance and hypnosis, the eight pieces on this album - presented on guitar, saxophone, bass clarinet and drums - provide a meandering, oftentimes thundering and well fever'ish undertone paired with, coming from a well uneducated perspective when it comes to traditional Jewish music, bits of Jazz and FreeJazz, a certain melancholic tendency and elements roughly reminiscent of ever so slowly evolving PostRock using a slightly descriptive rather than analytical angle here. And with bits like "Shovel Pigon No. 20" and "Baromether Gadol No. 97" one might even find some lowkey bangers and seductive grooves for traditional Jewish formal dancing on this one. A sneak peak into a world more or less unbeknownst to us, yet a well interesting and somehwat educational listening experience which is also recommended to all Jazz fans out there.

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Ola Kvernberg - Steamdome II: The Hypogean [Grappa Musikkforlag]

Put on the circuit via the Norwegian main player that is the Grappa Musikkforlag on April 23rd, 2k21 is "Steamdome II: The Hypogean", the sophomore album outing by Ola Kvernberg's project Steamdome which - once again - presents a well eclectic ride influenced by Gustav Mahler, Fela Kuti, Kraftwerk, Billie Eilish and Squarepusher amongst others according to the accompanying promo sheet. This said we see the multi-piece ensemble fusing electronic and real instruments over the course of roughly 64 minutes, amalgamating large scale Classical structures and build-ups with hounded, uptempo and well thrilling Synth as well as Production Music vibes in "Arpy" whilst working its way up to spine-tingling cinematic heights in "Get Down", a piece well worthy to be used and abused in many a film score whereas "Carbonado" presents a take on tender, dreamy, piano-driven and viola-led KrautDisco that would've been loved by the late Andrew Weatherall as well as followers of musical outfits like DC Recordings to a certain extent whilst mixing up folksy elements and thundering drums in the title track "Hypogean" or even gravitating to deep, heartfelt and melancholic Chamber Music paired with echoes of Romantic House alongside complex, dancefloor-friendly drum grooves in bits like "Devil Worm" just to name a few. A great and captivating journey, this one is. Check.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Sky Burial - Stations Of The Sun [Opa Loka Records]

Put on the circuit in recent days via Opa Loka Records is "Stations Of The Sun", the latest album outing created by Michael Page under his musical nom de guerre Sky Burial. With this album, coming in five 'stations' subsequently named "Stations Of The Sun I-V", his 2006-founded project embarks on a journey into the twilight zone in which tense Ambient, DarkAmbient and brooding (Neo)Cosmic / Synth sounds meet to form an atmospheric amalgamation oftentimes interrupted by eerie, uncanny and surely outerworldly sound of probably modular or Max/MSP generated origin, warped flickerings, percussive metallic clangs and scrapings, drifts into clean cut Electronica / IDM futurism for Space Night afficionados ("Stations Of The Sun II") or lowkey references stripped down Dub techniques in combination with ever present synth drones and ambient'ish mannerism, provides misty, melancholia-infused piano elegies whilst layering various communication recordings of probably questionable origin atop minimal, DarkAmbient-leaning low end movents and claustrophobic remnants of our digital society in a well Scanner'esque manner in "Stations Of The Sun V" for those who still cite tunes like "Mass Observation 3" as one of the most influential pieces in 90s electronic music for a reason. Well varied and therefore well interesting, this one.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

The Green Kingdom - Solaria [Sound In Silence 080]

Coming in from the Greek headoffice of the Sound In Silence label only recently is "Solaria", the new, March 27th, 2k21-released and eight tracks and roughly 40 minutes spanning album project created by Michigan-based producer x composer Michael Cottone under his musical moniker The Green Kingdom. Once again following his approach to amalgamate and blur the lines between what is described as 'soundscapes and structure' in the accompanying press release Cottone presents a fragile, icy and somewhat brittle take on Ambient atmospheres combined with harmonic swells and naturalist guitar of a well minimalist nature in the opener "Atmosphere 1" whilst the subsequent "Arc" relies on a sparse IDM / ChillOut pulse in combination with elegic, cinematic strings and a touch of Electronica before drifting off into a realm of folksy Post-PostRock meets PopAmbient. "Sol 1" indulges deeply in a dreamy, slightly twangy PopAmbient meets Balearic fusion, "Landform" presents itself as a perfect, slightly guitar-infused soundtrack to wind down after a long and hot day whereas the concluding cut that is "Atmosphere 2" dives deep into lazy sunday summer afternoon dreamworld as well just to name a few. Beautiful, once again.

Monday, May 03, 2021

Jon Rose - State Of Play [ReR Megacorp]

Released via the longtime standing ReR Megacorp label this month is "State Of Play", the new, truly monumental album by 1951-born Australian musician Jon Rose which clocks in at well over 150 minutes total playtime in 2CD format, accompanied by massive linernotes and an in depth booklet catering detailed information on compositional processes and more. Presenting a total of 26 pieces on "State Of Play" - 19 of them on the first part dubbed 'Duo Improvisations' whilst CD2, 'A Selection From Recent Project' holds an additional seven, more extended bits - the album is a true homage to Rose's work in highly advanced Avantgarde Music featuring not only a heapload of collaborators as well as a wide array of obscure, rare or even self-invented instruments like various musical automatons, the thai pumpkin soup violin, nyckelharpa, impossible banjos as well as - sic!!! - The Sydney Harbour Bridge, data input from Wall Street traders and a 12-string clusterfuck violin amongst others. This being said, it is nearly impossible to describe the vast richness and oftentimes unique angle of Jon Rose's sound and compositional approach or even pick out a single favorite, yet if you are well versed in the field of Improv, Free Improv as well as FreeJazz, Contemporary Classical and a realm often described as 'new music' alongside bits of electroacoustic composition this truly is a hot contender for your 'must buy' extended album of the month for a reason.

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Sunday, May 02, 2021

Low Island - If You Could Have It All Again [Emotional Interference]

Coming in via mail recently is "If You Could Have It All Again" - the new, April 16th, 2k21 released ten track album by the buzzing four piece outfit known as Low Island. Put on the circuit via the Emotional Interference label the roughly 40 minutes spanning longplayer sees Low Island tackle a quite unique, somewhat ethereal and dreamy vision of Indie meets Pop attitude from the very first minute of the albums opener "Hey Man" onwards which seems to float eternally with only reaching a full on climax or point of relief a mere few seconds before the song ends despite featuring a plethora of complex drum solo eruptions along the way. This being said, the follow up "What Do You Stand For" provides a stark immediate contrast with its very British sound and electronic backing both causing havoc on IndieElectro, Electroclash and even BigBeat dancefloors whereas "In Your Arms" is as tender as a slightly blurred, misty DreamPop song might ever get with its slow drum pulse and ever rising synths which might be pointing towards success and continuous rotation on SlowHouse / Romantic House festival dancefloors as well even though these are not necessarily the bands main audience. "Who's Having The Greatest Time" dabbles with funky, slighty over the top 80s influences and the killer slow jam "I Do It For You" fills SynthPop-leaning late night dancefloors with ease whilst making itself at home in any music lovers brain for weeks on end before "What The Hell (Are You Gonna Do Now?)" waves goodbye in beautiful ballad'esque manner for a closing just to name a few. Check.

Saturday, May 01, 2021

baze.djunkiii Charts 05/2k21

01. Centaur Jackson - Nigga Jazz [Yoruba Soul Records 014]
Osunlade and his alter ego Centaur Jackson are a relatively new discovery for me as I dismissed many of his records I came across in the past. Yet, stumbling upon the 2019 released "Nigga Jazz" EP, a six track 12" pressed on beautiful silver-grey'ish vinyl, only recently defo opened a door to his musical realm for me. And whilst a lot of SJW's and other snowflakes might feel very well offended by the releases title instantly without having done any background check on what's the angle Osunlade might be coming from I'd rather enjoy the fascinating fusion of dry, slightly Herbert'esque House music, Jazz, Swing, Broken Beat and slightly shuffled DeepHouse which makes up for one of the most soulful records I've bought in recent times. Good stuff.

02. Sascha Müller - Bones & Acid Vol. 1/2 [Bones & Acid]
See review for details...

03. Underground Resistance - Inspiration / Transition [UR 3000]
The UR camp has been on a bit of a re-release spree more recently so that was an opportunity to get hold of a clean copy of this classic 12" which I somehow had missed out on when it was originally released in 2002. Beautifully complex, melodic Detroit Techno goodness produced by Mad Mike Banks on the A-side whereas "Transition" with its slightly out of tune beat loops, tense and intense synth layers and, first and foremost, deep and inspirational lyrics is one of the rare tunes that oftentimes transcends the dancefloor and might be able to turn lives around for the better - or upside down, depending on one's individual perspective.

4. The D3VI7 - Amazonas [Eyes Wide Open Records 001]
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