Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 12

Skull Disco have put out their fifth release under the name of “Soundbwoy’s Bones Get Buried In The Dirt Volume 2” these days and once again are about to set advanced floors on fire with their tunes. While Applebim’s “Fear” comes up as a dark, sci-fi, half tempo Dubstep-track with ultra-dry drums accompanied by a processed Rave signals that might be taken off some like early- to mid-nineties Gabba-tune, Shackleton’s “Hamas Rule” explores the fields of RitualGrime and MythStep with the usual set of Voodoo-percussions, oriental samples and classic Dub basslines.

Digital Mystikz‘ double-A-sided 12” “Walkin‘ With Jah / Earth A Run Red” on Soul Jazz Records has been on the circuit for a while now and still contains one of the best Dubstep tunes around available on vinyl these days. While “Walkin‘ With Jah” is more tool’ish and comes up with a kinda Benga’esque feel it is “Earth A Run Red” on the flip that’s to be named nothing but anthemic with its massive metallic hookline plus melancholy driven vox. About to reach a status similar to Skream’s classic “Midnight Request Line” soon – bad as fuck!

Grime Not Grime is my favorite term for contemporary sounds clearly influenced by the UK scenes named Grime, Eski, Sublow, whatever but dealing these influences in a very special and own way, transforming and melting them into something new and individual without being on the copycat tip. This is what Hamburg’s latest offspring named The Boy Group‘s debut album “Love Is A Freaquency” on Enduro Plus is about, serving a tongue in cheek mixture of above mentioned styles, 80‘s lo-fi trash & early HipHop, Electronica and invites the likes of Supercollider for a night out. Not recommended for purists but if you’re an open minded egghead this is a double-LP worth checking out.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Longplay love 30.0

After five albums on Thrill Jockey Düsseldorf's infamous Mouse On Mars are serving their new album "Varcharz" on a new label, none less than Mike Patton's Ipecac-imprint. To be released on September 19th, the band/project comes up with nine new tracks - strangely enough divided by 21 trackmarks - that are defo their best works since the 1997 album "Autoditacker" although the harsh, ultra-digital, distorted AlienPhonk of "Varcharz" is totally different to the dallying, dinky Electronica sounds of Mouse On Mars' early days. Embracing a range of influences from FreeJazz to Breakcore via Electronic Freestyle - an attitude to be found as well in the music of NYC's Broklyn Beats-collective - Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner are about to provide the perfect soundtrack for this year's urban paranoia, so you gotta keep this safe for the last spastic dance of a mouldering society.

"Mezzotint" is the title of Birmingham's Chris Herbert's first ever album which is to be released via Kranky on September 15th. Recommended to those being into Ambient, Drones and Deep Listening Music the whole of seven tracks - plus five untitled interludes - to be found on the album prove Chris Herbert's , who describes himself as dedicated non-musician, interest in what the promo sheet refers to as elastic nature of sound, a soundscapish ambience accompanied by a few digital textures which'll well match with some of Oval's early works and driven by a consistent state of deep melancholia, that might be influenced by the period in which the whole album was produced according to the album sleeve: "captured live at home and at work through winter's end 2006".

Made Out Of Babies' new and second album "Coward" will be released via Neurot Recordings on September 22nd and is for sure a massive contrast to the labels' latest, more Ambient-/Drone-flavored releases. What we got here is serious expressive Rock music with a touch of Psychedelia and intensive Urban Angst accompanied by screamy exalted vocals that creates massive tension straight on the edge of madness - imagine Iceland's finest Björk and Skunk Anansie's Skin teaming up with a band like Ostinato having it on a shitload of acid, experiencing a shattering nervous breakdown and you get quite close to what this excellent album delivers. Might be named nightmarish by mainstream-aficionados, but is 100% recommended to lovers of cutting edge sounds. Check!

September 1st sees the release of Volt's first ever full-length album on Exile On Mainstream, the follow up to their E.P. "Romeo K.O." which is said to have sold out within only three weeks after release in 2005. The Chemnitz-based band changed their name to Volt not that long ago after seven years on the road under their former Roerhedds-moniker to which the albums name "Rörhät" clearly refers and pays tribute. Musicwise Volt, who've been touring constantly since 1999 and will do a 2 month tour through Europe due to the albums release, serve 9 tracks of grounded, heavy NoiseRock for connaisseurs, phat & fueled with an incredible energy that even increases when the band is on stage. Check out their album and watch out for tour dates!

>73 dB @ III & 70 / Hamburg

lineup in order of appearance:

O.cram [Audio Tympanum / >73dB]
baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records]
Truebadour [Mannheim]
Bassrk [Grindingecho / Sonic Fiction]

doors: 10 p.m.
adm: 5 €

III & 70
Schulterblatt 73
Hamburg / Germany

file under: Drum'n'Bass

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Longplay love 29.0

US-based producer Abel Okugawa comes up with his new longplay vinyl “816:Mix” on Monkeyclaus Records and provides a solid 9 tracker mainly focusing on deep Electronica. Reminds me of the stuff that has been released by labels like Germany’s Heimelektro Ulm Tonquellen in the period from 1998 – 2001 and is recommended to those still appreciating that style as the best around. Might be hard to find in Europe though, as there is – afaik – no distributor taking care of this release yet. And btw - Abel Okugawa is on myspace, too.

Jan Gazarra‘s new album “Love Rules” has been released via the Hamburg-based imprint Sunday Service on August 18 th, a longplayer filled with extremely fragile Pop songs driven by a certain kind of urban melancholia that is at the same mournful and tender – ten songs that are to be a nice soundtrack to accompany forthcoming autumn nights.

Sunday Service as well released Halma’s third album entitled “Back To Pascal” earlier this year, which is a perfect fusion of organic Dub-flavored elements and – if you want to name it – the sparse instrumental realm of what is known as Postrock to a wider audience. Only a small number of instruments used on the album are more than enough to create a deep intense athmosphere and the imagination of a wide, deserted landscape at the exact moment of sundown when darkness is about to arrive and one sees the last flickering rays of the big orange ball disappear.

September 15th sees the release of "It's Electric" on Secret Records Limited, which is the new album of legendary Heavy Rock-outfit Diamond Head. Recorded live at The London Astoria in November of 2005 the band, which was formed in the mid 70's and has been influential to top acts as Metallica and Megadeth, serves fifteen songs of down to earth Metal / Heavy Rock on a high energy level that proves that those guys are still hungry although they spent about 3 decades on stage to date. A big one for long time fans and lovers of the grassrooted school of Metal which is accompanied by the release of a live DVD of the bands performance named "To The Devil His Due" on the same date.
You're a fan already? Stalk them on myspace...

Lovers of Classic Rock should watch out for "Hot Wings", which is the upcoming album of Bill Steers' - former guitar player of both Napalm Death and Carcass -band Firebird. Due to be released on September 15th as well via Rise Above Records there's ten songs to be found here which keep up the flava of the 70s more Psychedelic outfits and paying tribute to all them classical elements without sounding dated. This is pure fired up stuff - check their song "Horse Drawn Man" taken off the album on the bands myspace-page.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 41

Mannheim’s Tilt Recordings have recently released their cat.no. 004 which is the first artist-split on the label ever. A-Side sees prodcution duo Amex/Kaiza taking care of “Sourcream”, a straightforward Techno-Drum’n’Bass-tune – as the label names its own style this way – causing serious trouble on the dancefloor due to it’s psyched out, processed vocal sample and marching energy. Budoka’s “Whiplash RMX” on the flipside steps the same path musically but is defo more influenced by the minimalistic Future Funk provided by Ed Rush & Optical in their heyday of “Wormhole” – cold, athmospheric sounds accompanied by some subtle ravey elements that keep the floor moving. Play this 12” to a bunch of Industrial-heads and they’ll be freaking out immediately.

Vinyl 2 of Yello's “Oh Yeah” remixes is out now on Universal Music and on a more pumping tip. On side A there’s Ralphi Rosario providing his so-called “Big Room Vocal Mix” which is for big rooms indeed, well fitting into sets of similar more tribalistic jocks appreciating the sounds of Deep Dish and the likes of while Sander Van Doorn speeds things up a bit and deals with the more TribalTech side of life.

Ralphi Rosario also provides a remix 12” of Nelly Furtado's “Promiscuous” , transforming her tune into a pumping, slightly progressive TechHouse-monster that does way better than the original tune. Three versions served here – Vocal Mix, Radio Edit and Dub Mix and it’s unquestioned that the last mentioned is the best out of all. Check.

Ayo comes up with a nice 10” on Polydor these days featuring to acoustic, more Singer/Songwriter-flavored songs named “Down On My Knees” and “Welcome Into My World”. Innocent, fragile and intimate stuff to share some special moments with your boy or girl.

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 15

Mary J Blige's new single “Enough Cryin” is out now via Geffen Records. Supported by Brook-Lyn – who the fuck is and why is it that ppl start to name theirselves after their hood ? – on vocals our well known drama-queen deals with another love story on top of quality DigiSoul beats that’ll bump right into young girls hearts with their deep 808 boom. For all those not into heavy vocal abuse there’s an instrumental version featured here which might well fit on yr next mixtape. Not essential but still proper.

Puerto Rico-based project Pachanga of core members J Del Alma & Rico Caliente have recently covered Maxi Priest’s 1990 hit “Close To You”. 4 versions to be found on the whitelabel which is on promo circuit now, which is not that bad compared to more than 90% of all cover versions to be found on the music market these days but still a bit disappointing to those who still remember the original track. Check Tigerstyle’s Desi-flavored rework on B1 when looking out for the best mix on this 12”.

Fergie’s “London Bridge” on A&M Records is the first single taken out of her upcoming album “The Dutchess” which is to be released on September 19th. The 12” sounds likes a mixture of Missy Elliott and a slow motion version of Teairra Mari’s “No Daddy” of last year and due to this she’s gonna be one female MC to keep an open eye on this autumn.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 14

“Jamaican Girl” feat. Brick & Lace is the first single taken from Obie Trice’s upcoming album “Second Rounds On Me” to be released via Eminem’s Shady Records in mid-August. The Real Slim Shady is on production here and provides a kind of Reggaeton-influenced riddim on which Obie spits but the best feature on this 12” is the catchy female hook backing the whole thing up top notch style. One to watch out for this summer.

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks has his new album named “Rotten Apple” piped for this year and put out “Hands Up” as a teaser for that recently. Bouncy beats by Eminem & Dangerous LLC keep the floor moving, a danger zone bassline builds up the tension and Mr. Bank’s vocals on top are of sing-a-long quality, so you got all the ingredients to please the crowd in the right place here and due to that the audience will be grateful if you hammer that one on a big P.A., but never ever mix up A- and B-side as the unnamed tune on the flip is nothing but a piece of cheap crap.

Timabaland’s on production for Nelly Furtado’s new single “Promiscuous” on Geffen Records and does proper work, but unfortunately can’t stand the test against the massive “Maneater” – her last single and best work taken out of her recent album so far. On the flipside there’s a DesiBeats plus two more like Reggaeton-flavored reworks to be found but somehow they just don’t seem to work right.

Bollywood-star Aneela comes up with a DesiBeats meets Reggaeton-rework of Snow’s 90‘s Raggamuffin-anthem “Informer” on Extensive Music these days featuring Indian-toaster Arash on vocal duties. Can’t take this 12” providing an instrumental plus full vocal remix by Pachanga for serious but it‘s funny as hell and spreads a lot of good vibrations.

Parts in the post, pt. 40

Agoria’s new double A-sided 12” single “Code 1026 / Kick The Peace” has been released on PIAS / Different recently and is defo the best thing this project has put out for long. “Code 1026” is crisp, pumping and anthemic stuff for huge rooms featuring siren-like sounds and a massive breakdown while “Kick The Peace” is a decent, minimalistic tool for warmups and advanced dancefloors.

Remixes of Tarkan’s “Start The Fire” are floating around on promo circuit for a while via Urban / Universal. While the “ Mousse T. Abi’s Club Mix” works on the dancefloor for a while but fails when Tarkan starts to sing, the “Fat_Tony_Crew vs. Eniac RMX” does better as it leaves out most of the vocals but finally suffers from a huge string breakdown that defo sounds like crap commercial Trance. To be fair both remixes make at least an attempt to do good, but finally fail due to details.

Remixes of Yello‘s classic tune “Oh Yeah” have been put out via Universal Music these days. Part 1 of two includes reworks by Booka Shade, Bodzin & Huntemann as well as Tobias Luetzenkirchen which are some of the brand names in Minimal-, Electro- and TechHouse these days. All of them treat “Oh Yeah” well and deliver state of the art 2006 updates but still are far from the massive potential that the first wave of reworks entitled “Hands On Yello” had back in the days.

Mekon’s new single “Boy Bitten” / “Blood On The Moon” on Wall Of Sound / PIAS is on promo circuit now and ready to move some ass in different scenes. The Padded Cell remix of “Boy Bitten” featuring Rita Brown on vocal duties clearly aims on TechHouse- as well as ElectroClash-influenced dancefloors well appreciating the likes of Chicks On Speed or Malaria! , while the Inflagranti Remix of “Blood On The Moon” – Alan Vega and Bobby Gillespie on vocals here! – brings back the cold dirty sex of early NuBeat-days and wins here.

Roberto Rodriguez debuts on the fresh imprint Floor Tools with his 12” entitled “I Want To Be A DJ” which is out since July 26 th . Both tunes, B-Side’s a remix ironically named “I Want To Be A Trance DJ”, are sweet & sexy pumping TechHouse-workouts big time influenced by the days of AcidTrance accompanied by vibrating male vocals adding a slightly hormone-driven touch to the nights athmosphere. Big tune.

And now to something completely happy on Zeitgeist / Universal. The Springlove’s “Porque Te Vas” is on out on promo now - an ultra cheesy, Filter- / HappyHouse remake of Jeannette’s 1978 top seller of the same name. Sweet as a piece of chocolate candy both mixes provided by 2-4 Grooves and Vinylshakers put a phat smile on each ones face and due to this are great, no matter if this is commercial music or not. There’s only very few tracks of that specific genre out there deserving a full 10 points out of 10 and “Porque TeVas” gets 11.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Longplay love 28.0

July 14th saw the release of "The Anatomy Of", which is the new longplayer of North Carolina-based Metal-outfit Between The Buried And Me via Victory Records. The bands fourth album pays tribute to the roots of the band members covering a large musical spectrum from synth-gods Depeche Mode -sic! - to Metallica, from Pink Floyd to Mötley Crüe, Soundgarden and far beyond. "Pays tribute... - how?" one might ask and already guess that Between The Buried And Me provide a whole bunch of at least fourteen cover songs here, adding their special flava and ingredients to classics as DM's "Little 15" (one of my personal all time favs btw) , Queen's glam-anthem "Bicycle Race", King Crimson's "Three Of A Perfect Pair" and others. This is done in a very respectful way that on the one hand stays close to the original vibe but totally transforms the song on the other and due to that is close to totally amazing. If there's only one album to buy in the next weeks make you checked this out before you purchase any other.

European longtime Ska-activist Mark Foggo is about to put his new album "You Shot Me" produced 'longside his band Mark Foggo's Skasters out via Skanky Lil' Records on September 15th. Being a brand name within the scene due to his highly appreciated Ska-debut "Ska Pig" - not his first album though - plus 9 more albums dedicated to this style and 1000+ compilation appearances as well as numerous killer live shows he seems to have legions of stalwart followers backing him and with this album not only a few more will be on top of these as his vision of Ska music spreads loads of good vibrations - although his lyrics deal serious issues as well - which are approaching an audience much wider than diehard Skatalists. Nice one for this hot summer which also features a tribute to Ari Up's legendary band The Slits as Mark Foggo's "Living On Alcohol" covers the main hookline of that huge "Moving To Altona"-anthem of their 1981 CBS-album "Return Of The Giant Slits". Comment on that? Use myspace...

eVADE's new album "This Is What You Pay For" has been released on Supersix Records recently. Once again the artists explores fields between classic Electronica and Intelligent Techno, as one is willing to use this mid-90's term today. Not exactly targeting the dancefloor but making the brain dance as the infamous Rephlex-imprint used to classify its music for a while. If you've been digging eVADE's latest releases you'll be likely to be into this one as well.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Intrauterin Recordings on beatport.com

Following releases are available via beatport.com now.

Intrauterin Recordings Digital

intra_d001 Motec Registered - untitled 7"
intra_d002 Spherical - untitled E.P.
intra_d003 Various Artists - Little Brutal Rave Bastards Vol. 1

Intrauterin Recordings Digital Extra

intra_dx004 Orderly Chaos - Limited Forever [licensed from Otaku Records]
intra_dx005 Rotor - Votum E.P. [licensed from Hidden Rooms]
intra_dx006 Sascha Müller - Hypnotools Vol. 1
intra_dx007 Sascha Müller - Percussive Storm E.P.
intra_dx008 Lettuce - The Lost Paradise

Saturday, August 05, 2006

13.08.2006 Astoria Frühclub @ SM Bar / Hamburg

file under: ElektroHouse / TechHouse / Minimal

baze.djunkiii (Intrauterin Recordings / Laka-Tosh-Music)
+ Astoria Frühclub Posse

doors open: 05:00 a.m.

SM Bar
Grosse Freiheit 6
Hamburg St. Pauli

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 39

German label Pharmacom Records has recently put out it's 21st release, a funny five tracker entitled "Gureto Fun *The Remixes" by Neotericz, which is a gameboy / 8bit related project focusing on bleepy low-fi structures & sounds we all know from the early days of video gaming. Similar to concepts like Micromusic this stuff is highly controversial as it seems there's only the option to love it or leave it and nothing in between.

Aura Fresh's "Slowdown E.P." is cat.no 012 of Super Six Goodies, serving three tracks of intelligent electronic dance music which might be described as TechnoJazz in a sense of early Cari Lekebusch- or Steve Stoll-releases. Defo a nice one for late night-sets on advanced dancefloors, but as most of todays clubs seem to focus on standard mainstream minimalism or KetamineHouse it might be hard to find a place to play out deep pumping stuff like this. Check.

Cat.no. 013 of Super Six Goodies is Underground System's "Secret Files". This project by Roman Frolikov and Nikol Nazarov provides three massive, kinda oldskool'ish House-tunes strictly made for the dancefloor. Reduced to the max all tracks just focus on a pure hypnotizing groove and only a few additional elements that unfold an irresistible impact during their running time of 7 - 13 minutes comparable to some releases on Steve Bug's former imprint Raw Elements. File under: Future Classic.