Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Metric - Art Of Doubt [MMI / Crystal Math Music / BMG]

Released on September 21st, 2k18 via MMI / Crystal Math Music / BMG is "Art Of Doubt" , the seventh full length album outing created by Toronto's Metric who've recently been touring the states alongside Smashing Pumpkins and are set and ready to conquer Europe this fall. With their tune "Dressed To Suppress" already being featured on these pages videowise the bands opens their new release with the single "Dark Saturday", a muscular take on Indie / Rock paired with a fragile, yet powerful vocal performance by Emily Haines that makes this tune a killer future anthem for all Indie floors for sure followed by the highly seductive powerhouse that is "Love You Back" and the 80s synth driven Pop ballad "Die Happy" which evokes sweet nostalgia for everyone listening to this masterpiece on daytime radio. "Now Or Never Now" introduces more playful, 80s-driven synth greatness paired up with a proper neon dancefloor vibe, the title track "Art of Doubt" brings forth a floating, ethereal feel that might even appeal to a Power Metal audience for a reason, "Underline The Black" takes a innocent Alternative Pop turn whereas "Risk" brings back innocent, reverb-heavy Indie Pop for peak time dancefloors in love before "Seven Rules" dreams away in the most beautiful slow-jam manner possible and will even get Taylor Swift-fans excited with its '...out of the woods, out of the woods...' repetition brought on in the first verse. "Holding Out" for Metric means touching on College / Alternative Rock territories with a sweet, light-hearted twist, "Anticipate" unveils a panoramic, big scale production and once again synth-led appeal for neon city lights and the final take on "No Lights On The Horizon" comes as a surprise with its classic drummachine rythm and soft electronic backing for a closing. Highly recommended!

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RY X - Untold (Official Audio)

Tender, intimate Indietronics meet echoes of Future Garage as a first glimpse of the forthcoming RY X album "Unfurl" which is about to be released via Infectious in mid-February 2k19. Lovely.

Wargirl - Wargirl [Clouds Hill]

Following up to their "Arbolita" EP which made some distinct waves this summer we see Wargirl now coming up with a full self-titled album, once again released via the Hamburg-based imprint Clouds Hill which did quite a lot to push the band over the course of the past months. Opening with "Poison" and "Sass Girl" from the limited 7" whitelabel release we've already featured extensively in our 'baze.djunkiii Charts 10/2018' post in early October the band makes a great start followed by "Mess Around", a seductive swing piece for sexy moments on the dancefloor whereas the "Voice Of The Mountain" harks back to African uptempo rhythms and a great, uplifting lo-fi attitude slightly touched by 70s Psychedelia for those who know. With "No Difference" Wargirl stay in the same lane albeit adding a little bit of seductive Soul eroticism to the mix, "Streets" is a high class sing-a-long anthem infused by Reggae- / Dub-offbeats and defo a hit on each and every dancefloor and "How You Feel" caters to those loving smokey bars, hot nights out and having a dance to raw big time vintage Soul that's able to smash even the most distinct Northern Soul nights and prestigious venues to pieces within less than a rewind. "I Know I" harks back to the laid back Reggae-infused side of the bands musical work, "Make Believe" reveals unexpected dreamy romanticism brought to us with super soft pads and twangy guitars and the final cut "Last Time" brings on a brooding, fever'ish yet super seductive take on PostPunk and Jazz for an epic closing. Essential. Get.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fxbip - Burning Mad

This is retrofuturist Space Electro on a next level. Busy, buzzing, great.

Ten Fe - Won’t Happen (Official Video)

Sweet, innocent and uplifting Indie with a hint of Americana mixed in - a frist preview for the new Ten Fe-album release "Future Perfect, Present Tense" which is about to hit the stores in early March, 2k19.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Zeno Van Den Broek & Gagi Petrovic - Sound Of The Young Avant-Garde Volume 02, 2018: Ob-Literate [Gaudeamus / Unsounds]

The second instalment of the new 'Sound of The young Avant-Garde'-series brought to life by the two Dutch labels Gaudeamus and Unsounds is "Ob-literate", a commissioned compositional project of electroacoustic nature for organ, vocal ensemble, electronic and custom built performative objects utilised in the works world premier at Utrecht's Nicolaikerk in March, 2k16. Together, the two artists create a 42 minutes long journey split into five pieces of up to 18+ minutes length, tampering with a dark sonic dystopia mostly comprised of cold electrical droning of varying, yet always scientific and almost sterile intensity paired with multiple vocal layers, both cut-up and spoken as well as sung - a combination that brings artists like Robin Rimbaud / Scanner to mind for a reason -, whereas the sounds provided by organ and performative objects add up a solemn, yet haunting atmospheric vibe as if one was watching an alien, or alienating, cult of the future performing inscrutable rituals, worshipping outerworldly beings whose multidimensional entities one cannot conceive at any point in life. This is great.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sharon Van Etten - Comeback Kid (Official Video)

Wake up, these are the 80s! And they've made a full on comeback in 2018.

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 6 [SM Traxxx 29-2018]

To be released on November 15th, 2k18 via SM Traxxx is Sascha Müllers next digital two track single which brings us raw, fast-paced, oldskool'ish and quite tool-oriented Techno stuff for peak time dancefloors with "Track 11" whilst the second shot, "Track 12", caters towards an underground audience longing for muffled, slightly distorted Techno sounds in combination with gooey, viscous sawtooth Acid lines and an overall braincell crushing effect.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Shohei Amimori - Pata Music [Noble Label 225 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the experimental imprint known as Noble Label on November 21st, 2k18 is "Pata Music", the latest album outing created and produced by Tokyo-based sound artist Shohei Amimori who has been active in the fields of Classical / Contemporary Classical, Pop and experimental electronics before. Presenting a body of work consisting of eleven tracks on this one we see the Japaneses artist starting the journey with "Climb Downhill 1", an undeniably seductive homage to 80s theme and Library Music undergoing quite a few unexpected tempo changes and progressing into what might be best described as Space Exotica later on before tales of a "Decadent Utopia" follow the latter path, adding some tongue-in-cheek moments as well as echoing, cut-up memories of the so-called Japanese Club Pop movement to the menu as Shohei Amimori takes on microphone duties on this cut as well. With "Now Forever" the artist enters advanced, yet highly groove-oriented club floors bringing forth loads of killer pianos alongside a cute, highly dense backdrop provided by both electronics and seemingly a whole bunch of scampering toy instruments reminiscent of Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam's 1998-released "Eclektronics" album as well as very early Jeans Team-singles or stuff put out via the long gone German Stora imprint, "ReCircle" explores a deeper, melancholia-laden vibe which defo shows off the artists abilities in terms of Classical - or better score'esque - arrangements with its touching strings and pianos, "Ajabollamente" brings forth high end drama and a buzzing maelstrom of highly fascinating sonic events and killer melodies whereas "Climb Downhill 2" is more of a modular take on glitched out, retrofuturist computational sounds and therefore turns out to be our personal favorite on the album, subsequently followed by "Biennale" which starts out as a solemn, maybe even ritualistic Ambient piece and progresses into a spiralling, calm and friendly IDM / Electronica vibe before the "Coincidental Planet" totally re-enters the Japanese Club Pop realm to a great effect. Furthermore the "Washer" is a crossover between full on Glitch / Cut-Up and organic harmonies, presenting a sweet, funny aspect of Shohei Amimori's work, especially when his vocals are splintered, the "Fence Of Bats" caters a combination of psychoacoustic background noise modulations and ballad'esque Pop vibes with a specific twang and the final cut "Pata" enters the deep end of calm, multilayered chaos for a start before breaking off into different territories all of a sudden only to return to chaotic structures within seconds. Recommended!

Friday, November 09, 2018

Jessica Sligter & Wilbert Bulsink - Sounds Of The Young Avant-Garde Vol. 01, 2018: Untitled #2 (The Mute) [Gaudeamus / Unsounds 062]

Released as a collaborational effort between the Dutch labels Gaudeamus and Unsounds on November 1st, 2k18 is "Untitled #2 (The Mute)" the new album created by Jessica Bligter and Wilbert Bulsink as the first ever volume of the freshly installed 'Sound Of The Young Avant-Garde'-series. Premiered live on November 8th, 2k16 in Den Bosch / Netherlands the five pieces on the 41 minutes spanning longplayer are subsequently named "A" to "F", exploring the tension between non-vocal resonance and fragile, spine-tingling high pitch viola and violin works of Hitchcock'esque qualities in the opening tune whilst the follow up "B" provides 103 seconds of pure atmospheric ambiance, for the most part sticking to near silence before "C" enters with a bang, or better a short eruptive chord leading towards meandering, hypnotizing string works and intense vocal performance by Jessica Sligter. With the albums main piece "D" stretched out over 16 minutes the group fuses Cold Ambient atmospheres and hyperfragile, oscillating strings as well as ever modulating drones alongside beautiful, mysterious vocals once again performed by Jessica Sligter in an almost theatrical manner not only in the tunes' ultimate climax of madness before the final closing piece "E" is an overall unsettling combination of alarming strings, haunting whispers and dark, beatless electronic tones of mostly buzzing, electric and apocalyptic nature. Intense.

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Venta Protesix - Post-Masturbatory Suicide [Hirntrust Grind Media / Hirnplatzt]

Freshly released via the Austrian Hirntrust Grind Media-camp in conjunction with their associated Hirnplatzt Magazine is the latest, one sided 7" vinyl outing by Venta Protesix named "Post Masturbatory Suicide" which comes to us as a limited edition of 100 white copies alongside an underground comic magazine delivering a dark'ish and well macabre back story explaining the releases title to all of you gore- and brutalism-headz out there. Musically the single track contained on this record is dealing with a dithering amalgamation of brutal, yet blurred Noize and more washed out ethereal background atmospheres creating a surprisingly embracing, nearly Ambient-flavored take on the genre despite delivering a clear sonic information overload in terms of sonic density. Is Ambient Noize a thing yet stylewise? If not, this one makes up for a blueprint able to turn beginners and curious souls towards darker and harsher territories in the future in terms of being a (non)musical gateway drug.

Vera Sola - The Cage (Official Video)

A stunning take on minimalist PostPunk which makes us even more keen to review her new album "Shades" that has been released on November 9th, 2k18. Watch out!

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Alpines - Full Bloom [Alpines Music / The Orchard]

To be released via Alpines Music / The Orchard on November 16th, 2k18 is "Full Bloom", the sophomore album outing produced by the British band outfit known as Alpines after their 2014-debut "Oasis". With their massive tune "Out Of View" already being featured on these pages in September expectations are high for the rest of the album which opens with the title track "Full Bloom" which  fuses a decent 4/4 club beat with a distinct late 80s / early 90s Soul attitude whilst "Alright" brings on a deep, dramatic piano line, slow, dubbed out Downbeats and ethereal vocals for a hell of a Pop song that should be aired on daytime radio each and every hour for now and forever whereas "Heavy Metal" is a lovely, highly emotional Future Soul slow jam with beats heavily influenced by the UK Urban scene whilst bringing on a single electric guitar sequence paying homage to the tunes title and "Human" comes across as a large scale, Piano-led power ballad for intimitate hours albeit being built on a muscular, seemingly live recorded drum foundation. With "Too Young" we see Alpines going back big time to classic early 90s Soul, "Ghosts" employs a large scale Future Soul attitude slightly influenced by blurred Future Soul / Post Garage whilst bringing forth panoramic chords and strings for maximum dancefloor impact,"Be Yours" is the over the top, kitsch-dripping love song that somehow is to be found on each and every Soul- / Pop-related album ever and "Summer Rain" is a definitive swirling dancefloor killer for advanced Freestyle parties all over the world. With "Eyes Open" we experience another soulful slow-jam excursion harking back to the 90s, "3D" surprisingly puts a proper UK Garage / Future Garage tune to the table that will surely find its way to a lot of DJ cases and therefore dancefloors over the course of the next months and the final cut named "Archangel" closes out on a intimate bedroom vibe for a needed time out with a loved one. Defo a proper addition to each and every record collection, this. Get.

Interfaces - Jazz Meets Electronics [Ravello Records]

Put on the circuit via Ravello Records on October 12th, 2k18 and sent to us straight from Texas by Jeff Morris only recently was "Jazz Meets Electronics", the latest album outing created by the Interfaces project consisting of Mr. Morris himself alongside collaborators Karl Berger and Joe Hertenstein. Aiming to fuse computer technology and the aesthetics of a modern Jazz ensemble we see Morris employ various glitch and looping techniques to handle samples recorded from his co-musicians, turning the opener "Upzy" into a grand exploration of processed backward percussions, mesmerizing, dramatic pianos and intricate, complex Jazz drumming whilst sporting surprising breakdowns and unexpected shifts in the tunes structure whereas the following "A Solo Is The Nth Melody" almost touches the boarders of (Future) BarJazz standards and classy, smoke filled atmospheres without too much electronic / digital interference getting in the way before "In Which" goes deep into minimalist Piano Ambient territories of sorts for a start before progressing into buzzing, yet stripped down FreeJazz later on. With "Rondo" we see the Interfaces project once again connect backward glitching and a deep melancholia, "Into" explores more of a playful vibe seemingly drawing inspiration from Minimal Music, Jazz as well as Neoclassical formalisms alongside its tongue-in-cheek electronic preparation leading into a crackling climax of sonic decay, "Three At One" employs a sweet, and this time dancefloor-suitable, Future Jazz vibe for advanced club floors and "Unwind" brings on 127 seconds of highly experimental chaos and Illbient / UnAmbient for those digging deep into the depths of the genre. Listening to what the "Clocksays" - sic - we're confronted with maybe the most light-hearted composition of the entire "Jazz Meets Electronics" album, "Inderneath" provides a spaced out variation on retrofuturism and classic B-movie scores within the Interfaces spectrum which makes this one our favorite track out of these ten and the concluding cut "Dot (Dot Dot)" comes full circle with its mostly organic, uninterfered, yet fever'ish drums and ecstatic climax. Highly advanced music for Jazz afficionados and an audience way beyond.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Colin Self - Stay With The Trouble (For Donna) (Official Video)

This is the most disturbing Mainstyle / Gabba video you will see in a long time. Check.

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 070]

The next full length album piece by Uelsen's Sascha Müller on Super Six Records brings on eight new tracks from his studio vault, opening with the 33 minutes spanning "Radiowaves" which is a massively stretched out take on swampy, decaying Ambient / Electronica modulations and intensely beautiful minor chord synth pads mixed with a variety of obscure Field Recordings and randomized samples whereas the following "Tron" explores the glitchier, digital realms of the Ambient genre and "Funkstar" fuses crackling Clicks'n'Cuts with a superminimal take on DubTechno / Dubtronica. "The Broken Space Invaders On Planet Chocron" provide 14+ minutes of massive, grinding tectonic shifts in combination with desolate, melodic background melancholia which makes us think about how Ennio Morricone would've handled low budget sci-fi scores in terms of composition before mixing in some random recordings from sports, presumably soccer, broadcastings whilst "Plug 03" presents a sweet, glitched out variation on super dry Minimal House for those who know. Furthermore "Monotron" brings forth a hard hitting, yet highly experimental attitude somewhat reminiscent of certain Lassigue Bendthaus releases of the mid-90s, "Second" fuses sweet, soft, panoramic pads with a banging UK Techno attitude and the final cut "The Scottish Highlanders On Dope" is full-on Novelty weirdness for all those not coming down from their trips in the very near future.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Feldermelder - Another Place (Official Video)

Capturing the horrors that are hidden beneath the surface of the sea - sonically and visually.

Le Crabe & Optimis GFN - EP [Hirntrust Grind Media / Amertume / Urgence Disk Records / Et Mon Cul C'Est Du Tofu? / BRK / Bruits De Fond / Ccrecordz / I Feel Good Records / Sweat Lodge]

A multiple label effort and collaboration brings forth and results in the first collaborational single-sided - sic !!! - four track 12" created by French producer Le Crabe and originally US-based but world travelling Experimental / Mutant HipHop artist Optimis GFN which we've met in person earlier this year when he did a show at Hamburg's Goldener Salon @ Hafenklang. Opening the musical journey with "Majin Buu" we see the two artists explore 808-heavy Mutant HipHop-realms evoking memories of genre greats like Dälek or Le Trolls throughout their heydays with its warped, mind-bending bassline attacks whilst "Tetsuo Headaches" feat. K.The.I??? provides a direct, yet slightly more ass kicking sequel for all Illbient headz out there. Furthermore "S.A.H.D" brings forth a sparse, more traditional HipHop-approach with a minimal, yet spine-tingling melodic sequence that would mix perfectly with Coldcut's banger named "Only Heaven" and the final cut "Onyx Heart" comes on with the intensity of your favorite horror flic, killing everyone and everything alive with its super massive sinewave bass. Excellent.

Monday, November 05, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2018

01. Various Artists - Diggin In The Carts: A Collection Of Pioneering Japanese Video Game Music [Hyperdub]
We've been waiting for this to be released on vinyl for way too long after we've reviewed the promotional CD copy of this amazing compilation album that arrived at our offices in late 2017. Sic.

02. Jubei & Tyrone - The Arcane EP [Metalheadz]
The Metalheadz-camp has always been a source for quality and this doesn't change with this four track EP which once again comes back to the 'long black tunnel' oftentimes cited as a well suitable description for what Drum'n'Bass is and sounds like in the genres early days. Despite employing some uplifting pads and melodic elements every now and then the masterfully shaped foundation of each tune is clean, stepping, stripped down and fueled by deepest subs for heaving floors and Drum'n'Bass purists like us. Excellent. Timeless. Get. Especially for the deadly monsters that are "The Saboteur" and "Hoppers Theme", both to be found on the B-side of this record.

03. Aphex Twin - Collapse EP [Warp Records 423]
Oh well, Aphex Twin. Praised by many for being the ultimate genious and saviour overlord of electronic music that guy named Richard D James is an interesting character for sure but hasn't been able to convince us to purchase any of his music ever since the release of his "Smojphace EP" which has been put out on the circuit back in 2003, a good 15 years ago. But now he's back at the height of his game, bringing forth four variations of Glitch-infused IDM sporting hints of Electro, Phonk as well as Drill'n'Bass / Breakcore whilst never going over the top in terms of the use of decent, friendly, playful, yet touching melodic sequences of alien origin. A future classic for highly advanced dancefloors, this.

04. Commodo - Dyrge E.P. [Black Acre 074]
What a surprise this one is as releases from the Acre- / Black Acre-camp never really resonated with us prior to this one. But the mixture of classic, yet dark'ish TripHop influences, cut-up samples, echoes of Illbient and contemporary bass music is quite thrilling and oftentimes similar to Ivy Lab's "Death Don't Always Taste Good" album whilst the B1 tune "Leeroy" provides the most excellent, spine-tingling swamp bassline we've heard in contemporary Dubstep for years and makes this hell of expensive 2x10" release worth every hard earned penny .

05. Inushini - Organisierte Ruhestörung [Alphacute / Minor Obscur / Ohm 52 / Phantomnoise / Scrotum Records]
A multi-label collaboration brings us this highly limited 4-track 7" release by underground Breakcore master Inushini who's bringing the raw, brutal tracker aesthetics of the genre back with this one whilst also crossing over into noisy Hardcore- / Speedcore-realms at times. Especially the A1 tune "Verhetzung Der Jugend" is a big hit and worth alone buying this one from your local underground vinyl vendor.

06. Yamaoka - Knuckle Ball [Minor Aqua]
One that has been sitting on my personal wantlist for quite a while. The Japanese producer Kenichi Oka a.k.a. Yamaoka brings forth two variations of hounded, yet powerful and peaktime-focused 90s Techno for strobe- and laser-lit underground raves and smoked out warehouses. Great stuff.

07. PS Stamps Back - Beyond Lies The Wub / Dyl & Paragon - Unstable [False Move Rec. 001]
Leipzig's Minor Label and the Greek Tilt Recordings joined forces for a new conjunctional label effort resulting in the first release of the new False Move Rec.-imprint. Whilst PS Stamps Back seems to explore a trippy, spaced out realm somewhat in between Electronica / IDM, Armchair Techno and influences of contemporary bass music with "Beyond Lies The Wub" we see the studio force of Dyl & Paragon bring on a hefty take on Drum'n'Bass referencing the more advanced of he genre brought forward by producers like Amit or D-Bridge's 'Club Autonomic' podcast series with the bass heavy tune that is "Unstable". Proper.

08. DJ Madd - Can't Test We [Dubwise Revolution 002]
It seems like these are interesting times for any kind of bass music again, especially after Dubstep and Grime both went through a phase of streamlining and stagnation. With this one-sided, excellently stamped 10" whitelabel release we see DJ Madd fuse the best of sparse, classic Dubstep vibes with a modern take on contemporary Jungle that defo should be striking a chord with every fan of bass heavy music for a reason.

09. Numa Crew & Killa's Army - We Nuh Tek Talk [Numa Recordings 001]
As said before, these days are interesting days for bass music and this one surely is proof for this assumption. Fusing a classic, uplifting and heavily Reggae-infused Dubstep foundation with Grime-related vocal vibes this 12" brings on pure vibes and positivity to any bass-focused dancefloor.

10. La Lune Noir - Dictator [Svinx Records]
See review for details...

Moon Relay - #`_`_`__ (Official Video)

Intense, hypermodernist PostPunk-Techno for lovers.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Koazoamo - Synapskollaps [... 001]

Coming in straight from the deepest underground of the East German city of Leipzig is the first ever release of the newly established ...-imprint, a two track 7" released produced by Koazoamo who is also known under the name of Kid Kozmoe. With the title track "Synapskollaps" we're taken into a realm of lo-fi 4/4 based dancefloor music for 8bit lovers, bringing on a certain bassdrum swing, unprocessed 80s keyboard pads and, most notably, multiple layers of raw, bleepy madness evoking memories of the wild, mostly jam-like moments of producers like Hieroglyphic Being and similar minded figures. On the flip there's "Nervenkitzel", a tune similarly raw albeit gravitating more towards classic Electro and Detroit aesthetics both in beats and arrangement which are well suitable for IDM, advanced ChillOut and SpaceNight sets for a reason and therefore win the race for our favorite track out of these two presented here.

Linus + Økland / Van Heertum / Zach - Mono No Aware [Aspen Edities 001]

Already released back in September, 2k17 and incoming alongside a bunch of other albums put on the circuit via the Belgium-based imprint Aspen Edities is "Mono No Aware", the first collaborational album effort created by the musical quintuple that is Linus + Økland / Van Heertum / Zach. Based on a musical setup including instruments like Hardanger fiddle, euphonium, banjo, guitar and several brass pieces the album opens with "Islander", a tender and fragile musical journey meandering in between (Neo)Classical and melancholia-driven, naturalistic Nordic Folk as an opener whilst the subsequent "Truth" goes a little deeper, fusing intertwined guitar and euphonium progressions with oscillating strings, a calm swell and some remnants of FreeJazz sax before "Stir" takes us back to ancient, often romanticized times and life in untouched woods and landscapes and "Surge" is bringing on intense, klaxon'esque drones and fever'ish multi-layers telling tales of dangers and monstrosities hiding around the corners of the known territories. With "Dewy" we see the group returning to undisturbed naturalistic beauty and innocence whilst employing echoes of panoramic Jazz, "Fairbanks" comes as a surprise with its lively banjo lines and "Snakes And Ladders" brings on the collected aesthetics and strict movements of a formal medieval dance for a reason. Finally we see "Still" gravitating towards an Ambient-like experience of quietness and minimal movements before the concluding "Stray" introduces the first final electronic backings on this album, fusing Ambient-related pads with longing, yet lonesome fiddles and crystalline synth tones. One for the purists, this.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

09.11.2018 Schön & Voll - Tuntenball 2018 @ Fabrique / Hamburg

Fabrique Ballroom - Mainfloor

Die Traurigsten Cheerleader Der Welt & Hildegard Von Binge Drinking

DJ Wuchtbrumme
DJ I Will Do It Again

Fabrique Basement - Glitter-/ElectroHouse & Techno

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]
Brian Dino [Maschine Brennt]
Niik & Pony [Gay In Die Gänge]

doors: 9pm - basement floor opens at midnight.

Flyer artwork on Instagram!

Valentinskamp 34

Jason Forrest - Subdivision (Official Video)

Breakcore god Jason Forrest takes DiscoHouse to new extremes.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Rhytm Police - Debaser [In Gute Hände 001]

Going back to the year 2012 with this album which was given to us in Augsburg lately we're examining the first ever release of the local imprint In Gute Haende, the "Debaser" album by Rhytm Police. Comprised of the two members Leroy Schlimm, known as Leroy on Munich's Schamoni Music label, and Mycrotom the duo caters a set of seven tracks on this one, starting with the deep Electronica Blues cut that is "Gotta Lotta Low" before "Cecillia" draws influences from heavy Dancehall and UK Bass music in general beatwise whilst sending out all embracing low end signals as a deep ass foundation for yearning, and slightly broken vocals whereas "Partners In Crime" employs an isolationist, desolate P-Funk / PostPunk-Disco vibe and "Cobra Royal" weighs in a suprisingly big portion of Hi-NRG Disco overdrive. On the flip we've got "Sign" with its seductive, yet tongue-in-cheek electronic swing, distinct background offbeats and playful late night night vibe, "TV Killer" offers more mimimalistic swing for hormone-driven (No)Wave- / ElectroClash-dancefloors and the concluding "Cool Again" takes us deep into the beautiful, calm spheres of stripped down Indietronica evoking memories of labels like Digital Kranky or the early Morr Music years. One to check if you're on a journey into the deepest realms of the German underground music scene for sure.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Shohei Amimori - Now Forever

Is this the epic return of Japanese ClubPop?

Thursday, November 01, 2018

La Lune Noire - Dictator [Svinx Records]

Incoming from the Netherlands only recently was "Dictator", the latest album outing by the Dutch outfit La Lune Noir. Put on the circuit via Svinx Records on October 20th, 2k18 the band is - at least according to the press info coming with the album - paying homage to Charlie Chaplin and his closing speech in "The Great Dictator" titlewise, opening the ride with "We Have Lost The Way" which can be described as balancing the line between epic FuturePop and modernistic, Trance-infused EBM employing panoramic synths and heavy riffing, "Hate" employs a similar formular, yet bringing forth more drama and pathos before "This Empty Room" evokes musical memories of the large scale, yet still 4/4 SynthPop production approach once brought forward by genre masters like the Pet Shop Boys throughout their "Go West" era, although La Lune Noir's vocals are clearly catering towards a more Goth-leaning audience. With "Fake News" the band touches down on ProtoTrance in combination with ethereal female vocal backings and the very first samples of president Trump we've ever heard in an electronic music context, the rocking "Nudes" will be loved by Laibach-fans of late, "Wired To The Screen" indulges in deep technological nostalgia with samples of old telephones and data sets evoking a string-driven, retrofuturist 80s vibe for NuBeat- and ProtoTechno-dancefloors and "I Have A Dream" transfers the sample of legends into a thrilling FuturePop context for your wildest, yet blackest night out. Furthermore "Cowboys And Indians" serves a sweet, seductive bass motif for those loving deep electronic (Synth)Pop ballads, "Shots Are Fired" is on a slightly kitschy tip musically and the final cut "Neglected And Torn" presents an intro of playful electronic bleeps leading into a powerhouse of a closing tune that we defo want to listen to on a large scale live p.a. for a reason. Great stuff although we think there could've been more of a dynamic range and a punchier bass section brought forward within the mixing and mastering process of the whole album.

Bloom Offering - Venus Shrugged

Heartfelt, melancholia driven SynthWave to be released via the great The Helen Scarsdale Agency in late November, 2k18.