Sunday, February 26, 2012


Defo one of my personal favorites from their new album "Sisyphus". Me likey!

Wardrobe Memories - Swamp Of Sorrows [Cognito Percepti Promo]

Scheduled for march is the release of the new Wardrobe Memories-album named "Swamp Of Sorrows" which will be available via the digital-only imprint Cognito Percepti and once again it's a pity that music like this went off to digital spheres instead of being released physically. To manufacture a small run of 200 CD or vinyl copies that accompany a digital release is not a giant affair and, if distribution channels are prepared right and upfront, there's a good chance to sell them as well to break at least even to cover manufacturing costs. Plus: a physical release will pay off in creating more attention for the artist and the label or - talking the long tail here - maybe some gigs, more releases through other channels and an increasing overall recognition usually meaning an increasing income as well. But we're here to talk music, not only theoretical issues and marketing strategies so what's served as a "Swamp Of Sorrows" starts out with a little droney affair and switches into nice mixture of warm embracing electronics and advanced machine phonk, always to be filed as Deep Listening Music but not necessary easy as machine means machine and sometimes mechanically sounding and - surprisingly - danceable at least to a certain extent when played out to an experienced audience. Defo recommended to those who can imagine a mixture of reference points like early Dial releases, 90s Move D, Source Records and 800trak, the long gone Heimelektro Ulm Tonquellen imprint and Hamburg's M.usic F.or O.ur C.hildren-sessions taking place at the legendary Tempelhof club around 97/98.... You can relate to 50% of those mentioned? Get this one. Soon.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Joe Goddard - Gabriel *Remixes [Greco-Roman Promo]

As well upcoming via Greco-Roman is a four track 12" featuring remixes for Joe Goddards recent single "Gabriel" including reworks by Seiji, Compound One, Peach Melba and Ossie. As one might expect it's Seiji's remix that totally wins for me, sweetly wandering the line between UK Funky and Future Garage with what I'd call a clonky Seiji-trademark bassline and sexy vocal use whilst Compound One serving a summerly House menu and stick close to the original feel although they're playing around with the vocals, cutting and pasting heavily. On the flip Peach Melba attempt to serve the TechHouse crowd with only a certain success compared to Ossies HyperSwing fueled Future Garage vs. 2Step vs. Phusion lick that's one for the ladies, for those who seriously know how to move, dance and wind up. Damn good, this one is. And not to be missed.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sascha Müller / Acidfloor [Psychocandies 001 Promo]

A new label offering from the ever active vaults of Mr. Sascha Müller is the new imprint named Psychocandies which is setting things straight for an Acid-poisoned future with 001 which is a marbled, limited to 200 copies 7" pressing holding Sascha Müllers "Tempelrotation (Edit)" and Acidfloors "Goja 3" on the flip. Whilst the first mentioned tune is on a grinding, distorted MonoAcid tip clearly influenced by long gone labels like Labworks or Propulsion 285 we see Acidfloor working on a mind bending fusion of dry ElectroPhonk and a tweeking 303 that is about to make all breakers twist their legs and the rest of the crew jump around like mad. If you love alltime classics like "Higher State Of Consciousness" you'll surely appreciate this little tune as well. Watch out for more candy!

Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes (Kasper Bjørke´s New York Snow Re-Edit)

Pretty decent rework - big up!

Change Of Focus

Those who've been following baze.djunkiii on twitter might have seen hash tags like #backtoprivacy and #leavesocialnetworks appearing more and more throughout the last months and wondered what that fuzz is about. As well they might've read that there has been a decision to retire from promoting events and parties, recognized that pages like myspace are abandoned (after everybody left for the next social network hype), formspring as well as the facebook fan page for baze.djunkiii have been cut off and, although that's for a while now, baze.djunkiii quit doing radio shows for Byte.FM. Apart from that 2012s DJ-schedule has been heavily reduced compared to the last years and all that's been happening for a reason. For more than one to be honest and not all of them are about to be mentioned or explained here but it's a fact that, after being in love with electronic music since the mid- / late-80s when AcidHouse appeared, after being actively invlvd in this scene for around 15 years and after seeing things evolve from vinyl and dubplate culture to what's now called digital DJ'ing, seeing a scenes spirit going down from "it's all about music" to "it's all about fashion / the next hype / what the blogs talk about / what... ever", after working on the creative forefront of genres like DarkJungle, Breakcore, Dark Garage, Dubstep and others, after pushing people forward, setting up shows for the reason of adding something new to this cities nightlife, for the reason of pushing boundaries further, to present things that are upfront and way beyond the electronic mainstream, after - more than once - losing money on these shows instead of breaking at least even, after all this the time has come for a time out, for a change. That goes for most activities - promoting has been cut off already, networking will be reduced as well as I'm tired of investing energy and money in other people rather than in my own career and projects without getting anything out of it and more is to come. When it comes to DJ-sets... well, I still like to play out somewhere, at places where people are willing and open for something different, where people appreciate music that's not played in every other club and where promoters are reliable and willing to pay proper fees. Or at art spaces. At places were people do not come up with stupid requests like "please play some Kalkbrenner" or "...David Guetta" - this happens too much these days, even at Drum'n'Bass-shows - or are complaining around 30 seconds after they've entered the room, asking the DJ to play "something everybody knows". More examples of these can be found via No Breasts No Requests which is great fun to look at. And musicwise - within the last years I've recognized a huge gap between what's hip and trendy amongst punters and what I personally do like and play out, a gap that's always been there but these days it's getting bigger and bigger... I've turned my head towards more song-structured stuff like PostPunk, Indie, (No)Wave or the DesertRock-influences brought up by Trentemoller in album works like "Into The Great Wide Yonder", fell for bands like Darkness Falls, discovered Minimal Wave and other genres and when it comes to electronic music I see the percentage rate of "playable" - using this term referring to todays (or german) club music standards - music in my monthly charts decreasing although I've been buying more stuff recently. But this stuff is rather too niche like Future Garage or - proper! - Electro to be recognized by a wider audience or too hard or unknown like Tribe Tekno, Hardcore and related or at least too abstract, slow, non beat focused like some great Ambient / Drone records that have been released throughout the last months to happen in clubs anyway. Or too song or weird or whatever. The sad fact is - the music I love is hardly happening anywhere, even what I'd call proper House or Techno is hard to be found except like one or two occasions a year, one reason why I quit clubbing a while ago apart from going out to play my own sets and prefer a good concert or a nice bar to most nights in a club now. And I think I'm happy with that, mostly. Pioneering things eats time and money, sometimes even your love for music and homelistening does not. Still, I'll be reviewing music on these pages, be selling records at Otaku Records and working somewhere in the background but not to that extend I used to. There are other things to do now, other goals to achieve, some of them way more important than I thought they'd ever be.

But to unveal a glimpse of future things as well - there'll be a monthly column to be published in the new FAZE Magazine dealing with electronic music, a remix for No More's forthcoming album is to be crafted alongside my mate and BETA-ZERFALL partner in crime Herr Brandt in the next weeks and some DJ-sets are to be played as well, e.g. in Mainz on May 26th. Plus: there are vague plans for further productions, maybe some art-related projects and - if there's enough money floating in - the next Intrauterin Recordings-releases might happen as well, somewhen. There are some pretty awesome and still unreleased tunes by several artists sitting around here, stuff I'd regard as timeless and - to me - not growing old so these will see the light at some future point, no matter how far or near that might be anyway.

All promoters dedicated to music beyond the norm, willing to take a risk, burning for things new and fresh, club owners loving raw & classic vinyl only sets, aiming to reclaim the spirits of the good old days without necessarily setting up so-called revival nights or anyone else coming up with great, challenging, inspiring ideas for shows - feel free to contact OHA! Music for booking conditions. That goes for publishers as well as there are... well, but that's another story related to the mentioned art projects. To be told another time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TJ Kong & Modular K - End-game [Poker Flat Recordings 127 Promo]

Forthcoming from the Poker Flat Recordings camp and announcing their debut album "Dream Cargoes" TJ Kong & Modular K come up with the first single outtake named "End-game" as the labels 127 and what they're coming up with is not less than classy. Whilst the main version of "End-game" is a moody but thrilling and very Blade Runner'esque Tech-affair with ecstatic elements that, in a similar way, were already setting crowds on fire in the era of Munich Disco and later in classics like "French Kiss". But don't get this wrong 'coze "End-game" is not about retro as long you're not talking retro futurism, this tune is fresh as fuck and one that'll be in your box forever, to be played alongside timeless tunes like the ever good "Timbuktu" 10" or Laurent Garnier's "Back To My Roots EP". On the flip we'll have the so-called "Reference Mix" which is even darker and on very hypnotizing tip, built around one ever repeating tone that is accompanied by dubbed out Detroit structures and straight claps with a bass drum that seems to get even heavier after a deep, mid-tune break. This is what I'd call proper ClubTechno and defo a piece for the second part of the night when the dancefloor people are in a state of trance that keeps them pumping and pumping and pumping away until the night is finally gone. Nice.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kabutogani - Cymma [Electroton 013 Promo]

Forthcoming on march 16th and only for the digital circuit via Electroton is Kabutogani's five track piece "Cymma" which contains remixes of his 2010 album "Bektop", crafted by the likes of the Hamburg-based incite/, Weiss and others who are basicly sticking to Kabutogani's ultra-digital Clicks'n'Cuts vision but still add or re-construct something interesting and different to the original tunes, like Absent who is coming up with a vision of (Neo)Classical HyperPhonk that might even turns heads of some Mutant HipHop MCs willing to take a risk - this one's for the advanced dancefloor whilst other reworks contribute dusty, Industrial-impregnated bass works and hypnotic sci-fi structures creating tension, general unrest and urban angst on top of flickering beats. Not for the paranoid amongst us.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wrongkong - So Electric [AdP Records Promo]

Yeah, Wrongkong! IndieElectro meets Rock'n'Roll meets the 80s and it's the very first minute of the very first track named "Hearts Are Breaking Hearts" that's not breaking hearts but the ice and if you don't feel that you won't feel the rest of the album anyway which is burning like fire and - once again - proves why I tend to dig this kind of sound more then pure electronic music these days although not every song is my personal cup of tea - "Crystal Clear" is way too cheesy and aiming to be an obvious radio hit imho. But Wrongkong are fucking happening anyway and even if they mix up Indie with cliche pianos and cheap 90s Filter-/DiscoHouse like in "My Dearest Enemy" they're way too charming to dislike them... or their trippy, psychedelic and slightly kitsch-laden space artwork and their girly attitude. Plus: they make me feel better although I'm going through trouble times these days. Recommended for these reasons and for tunes like "Electric" or "Love Machine" although the two ballads at the end of "So Electric" are a bit puzzling.

Wanna check "Crystal Clear" ? Here's a free download...

Wrongkong - Crystal Clear by AdP records

Bluff - Die Reise Nach Solingen [Aurelie Records Promo]

Forthcoming via Aurelie Records as digital release this spring is Bluff's six track album "Die Reise Nach Solingen" which aims to fuse field recorded sounds with a mixture of dubby Techno and what I'd like to refer to as Cologne-influenced TechHouse / Minimalism or at least its softer, more melodic and (Neo)Trance-induced variety. Add a quantum of Akufen-like cut-up work with microscopic vocal snippets, playful hi-hats and an overall string-focused deepness with a 'troity touch and you'll get the picture of what happens here musically - laid back dance music good for warm up sets or homelistening sessions, well-crafted but not necessarily overly exciting or innovating, at least not for the experienced listener of electronic music that's been around for ages. Honestly I'm a bit bored coze I've heard stuff like this for too many times now throughout the last decades. Not bad though, but I don't feel it. Anymore?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

TANDBERG & ØSTENBY performing Darkness Falls' "The Void"

Well, it's not a secret that Darkness Falls are my favorite band of the moment but I'm flattened that an acoustic version of their song "The Void" even made it to the danish X Factor show 2012. And the competitors going by the names Tandberg & Østenby do an amazing job with their cover. Big up!

Joe Goddard - Gabriel [Greco-Roman Promo]

Mr. Joe Goddard of Hot Chip-fame serves his first 12" for 2012 alongside vocalist Valentina on Hot Chip's very own Greco-Roman-imprint and what he serves with this one is a pretty sweet hybrid piece of Pop-loving but slowed down Speed-/Future Garage-crossover that is about to see heavy daytime radio rotation in the UK. Stick-in-yer-our flavour, a unique voice, a bit of drama and epic string arrangements, a dancefloor working bassline and a massive breakdown - this is what we love in its original and dub version. Two more tunes are featured on this 12" - "All I Know", starting of nearly acoustic and turning into a dreamy but still clubby piece that even worked last weeks NuSkoolBreaks crowd right and "Jump", a jumping and pumping affair that sounds like 1999 SpeedGarage played at the lowest possible pitch adjust mixed up with pieces of classic House music, sweet monotony that's about to be played out at small red light district venues where House music lovers are celebrating sweaty, ever lasting wild pitch rituals to hail their one and only god. Don't miss!

Kasper Bjorke w/ Jacob Bellens - Lose Yourself To Jenny [HFN Music 012 Promo]

As a teaser for his forthcoming "Fool" album that is scheduled for April 1st Kasper Bjorke is about to unleash the first single outtake named "Lose Yourself To Jenny" via HFN Music these days. Although the original version is not featured on the 12" four mixes make clear what the story is all about. The first one on remix duty is Axel Boman who does what he's known and loved for these days, providing a dry but sub-driven rerub that's functional for all those tool-loving jocks out there. Next one to deliver are Maxxi Soundsystem embracing the floor with a warm, catchy workout for all House- and TechHouse-followers withouth losing the Pop-aspect of the original tune. Rebolledo on the flip nearly cuts out the vocals by Jacob Bellens, singer of the bands Murder and I Got You On Tape, and stretches out a vast, hypnotic BrokenHouse piece including a huge, seductive Disco bassline and a sweet breakdown one is not about to forget quickly whilst the "Till Von Sein's 4,5 Minutes In Essex 1992 Jam" serves a tricky but swinging beat skeleton built of Future Garage and West London Phusion, syncopated as fuck but one to even please the oldskool ravers and bass heads out there with its foggy warehouse attitude. TVS wins.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Addicted To Trance [Tetsuo Promo]

Another one coming from the Tetsuo Music stable in early march is their compilation „Addicted To Trance“ which is really astounding as 23 of the 30 tracks included, at least according to the press info sheet, are already included on their previously released „World Class Trance“ and it's pretty sure that even die-hard Trance addicts are not willing to spent money on another compilation that contains 60+ % of tracks they bought on a piece released just two weeks ago. Even if a label is short of money this kind of marketing move is not a good one and I won't be surprised if Tetsuo is about to earn a heavy shitstorm from their followers for this. And they'll earn it for a pretty good reason.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

World Class Trance [Tetsuo Promo]

If you're addicted to contemporary Trance you'll surely dig the sound provided by Talla 2XLC's label Tetsuo Music that is about to release a thirty – yes, 30! - track digital compilation under the name of „World Class Trance“ on february 17th providing a 3+ hours journey for all fans of uplifting vibes, melody hooks and epic breakdowns. Included are pieces from the past years as well as recent anthems from the labels catalogue and roster which features scene-appreciated names like Fred Baker, Rober Burian, Scot Project, the man Talla 2XLC himself and many others, too many to pick out single names but enough to provide a certain diversity for fans, friends and lovers which are expected to be into „World Class Trance“.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brazed - The Remainder EP [Audiolith Promo]

More stuff to come from the Audiolith-stable is „The Remainder EP“ by Brazed and it seems like the label is getting ready to leave its self-coined Electro-/RavePunk niche and to spread its wings widely over the electronic club and festival scene with this one. The influences are more than obvious - Stadium Drum'n'Bass, Brostep and bass heavy ElectroHouse provided by big name acts like Pendulum, The Prodigy, Skrillex and Deadmau5 just to name them as well as artists like Delta Heavy e.g. releasing on the Drum'n'Bass imprint Ram Records. And no one can deny that Brazed are able to compete soundwise, no matter if one digs their style or not, as they're able to handle instrumental bangers and more Pop-flavored vocal tunes like the two featured collaborations w/ guest vocalist Blacked Out named „The Way“ and „Under Construction“. So the boys are on fire and ready for action, let's see how the Audiolith youth reacts to their sound and if the – still, after so many years! - UK-focused Drum'n'Bass scene is willing to accept such a project released via a label that's not really bound to the (inner) circuit of D'n'B.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Johnny Mauser - Die Sendung Mit Dem Mauser [Audiolith Promo]

Now it's official. Hamburgs Audiolith Records goes HipHop with Johnny Mauser's debut vinyl named "Die Sendung Mit Dem Mauser" featuring guest artists like Marie Curry, Captain Gips, Plurioso and others. A surprising move for a label that's well recognized and anticipated for its very own definition of so-called Electro- or RavePunk but as Audiolith always had an open ear for what's happening in various underground scenes this one finally makes sense especially when one listens closely to Mr. Mausers lyrics. They're deep, partly political and served on top of beats far away from recent bling - this one is German HipHop as it used to be back in the days, raw, story telling and defo not polished or streamlined. Not necessarily funny or made for easy access but a grower for sure if one listens to it more than one time. Check out.

Sascha Müller - Sommernachtsträume [Shhhh Records 005 Promo]

Scheduled for early march via Shhhh Records is Sascha Müllers new 12" named "Sommernachtsträume" which is the strangest release on Shhhh so far and well astounding for Mr. Müller as well as he's usually known for more straightforward musical pieces. This tune instead, talking the title giving piece here, seems to be an endless and ever repeating loop of what might be flagged under the name of Gypsy Techno these days - that kind of TechHouse with influences of Eastern Europes traditional music that became popular through support of the likes of Ricardo Villalobos and others. "Sommernachtsträume" is such a piece and it - although less than 6 minutes long - seems to run for eternities, like a Moebius Strip in time. Hopping on the same bandwagon is Bluff's remix but playing around with filters a lot, adding some acidic bits, pumping up bassdrums and stretching the whole thing up to nearly ten minutes. One for ketamine-driven afterhours. The flipside serves two additional tracks - "Bangkok" and "Future Funk Part II" - both on an Electro tip with a dreamy flavor but keeping up with the Moebius like feel of the A-side which means loops and loops but not much development within the tunes themselves. This one's for tool-loving DJ's.

Check the video as well...

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2012

01. Darkness Falls - Timeline [HFN Music 011 Promo]
See review for details...

02. Sandbenders - Retrogaming / White Frame - The Last Morning [Kreislauf 116 Promo]
See review for details...

03. Martin Landsky - The Composer [Poker Flat Recordings 125 Promo]
See review for details...

04. Bondage Fairies [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details...

05. Chez Damier - Can You Feel It (New York Dub) [Dessous Recordings Limited 002 Promo]
See review for details...

06. Simon Garcia - Cavern EP [Poker Flat Recordings 126 Promo]
See review for details...

07. Cyberchump - Their Moment Of Perfect Happiness [Internal Combustion Promo]
See review for details...

08. Gunslingers & Greenhorns - Poker Flat Volume 9 [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]
See review for details...

09. No More - Sisyphus [Rent A Dog Promo]
See review for details...

10. Seiji - Frustratin / Face Up [Seiji 005]
Seiji at the controls, once again on his very own imprint and once again he delivers goodness. "Frustratin" catches up on Seiji's typical vibe in between SpeedGarage and 4Beat and serves some excellent bassline clonks in combination with hypnotic vocal sample abuse whilst "Face Up" combines harder clonks, staccato vox snippets and a monotonous UK Funky feel and builds a dry monster that's about to kill punters within second. You got a licence to play this?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

CenkAkyol - BREAKCORE Politics

There's hardly any mix featured on these pages, but this one is exceptional and interesting. Soundwise, as it deals with what I personally loved about Breakcore and DarkJungle when this genres were still in their very first days - chopped, uncompromising beats, raw, uncut, energy fueled and filled with rage and ultimate darkness. Listen, learn and brock out!

Art Of Noise - Memento
Sofia Gubaidulina - Wahrlich, Ich Sage Dir: Heute Wirst Du Mit Mir Im Paradiese Sein (from "Sieben Worte")
Christoph De Babalon - Split Series #10
Slepcy - Darkwave Breakbeat Sessions
Tocotronic - Ich Möchte Irgendetwas Fur Dich Sein (Selfdestruct Mix by Christophe De Babalon)
Skull-Boze - Symbolic Attack
Gein - Telepathy
Amboss - SUBVERSION011
Dj Scud - Praxis U.S.A.
Dj Floorclearer - Roger's Massive Armpits EP
N1tro - Cross Fade Enter Tainment 007
Art Of Noise - Comes and Goes
Kovert - Pressure Sound EP
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Ode To The Beloved and Impaired
E-De-Cologne - Excalibur
Jackal & Hide - AMBUSH 01
Zombieflesheater - Powerviolent Dancehall

192 kbps
Release date: Nov 28, 2009

Sascha Müller - Sommernachtsträume