Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol.19 [SM Traxxx 42-2019]

To be released via the buzzing SM Traxxx label on December 19th, 2k19 is Sascha Müller latest digital two track single "Traxxx Vol. 19". Featuring "Track 37" and "Track38" respectively we see the first of these two present a dry, tool'ish and clap-heavy approach to stripped down Techno mainly driven by a static low end bass drone and an ever decaying, synth motif for extra tension whereas the subsequent tune indulges in thundering, chaotic, gooey and somewhat anti-groove oriented Acid madness.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Kryshe - Continuum [Serein 021]

Freshly released via the Welsh imprint Serein on October 18th, 2k19 is "Continuum", the third full on album appearance on the label by Kryshe who can be identified as one of the staples and pillars within the Serein roster. Presenting his new album as a roughly 41 minutes spanning ten track piece we see Christian Grothe, the man behind the Kryshe project, exploring a realm of sheer sonic beauty, presenting an ever flowing stream of soft Ambient pads and textures, accompanied by caressing slow low end movements as well as melancholia-inducing FutureJazz, dreamy, yet slightly kitsch-infused piano motifs leaning towards (Neo)Classical music whilst tunes like "Fragile" even present an innocent, rural and age old approach towards super naturalistic Folk vocals, amalgamated with modernist, beatless, yet highly defined electronic structures to a touching effect whereas "Fragile II" seems to reflect the more playful, tongue-in-cheek side of Grothe's musical work and "Nocturnal" is as classic as classic Ambient can be. Maybe the most Pop-oriented album on the label so far, without even delivering one single minute of Pop or mainstream oriented music at all.

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Ernest Hood - Neighborhoods [Freedom To Spend 014 Promo]

Re-released via Freedom To Spend on October 11, 2k19 is Ernest Hood's originally 1975-issued album "Neighborhoods", formerly only available as hard to impossible to find private pressing financed and commissioned by the Portland-resident, Jazz musician, composer, field recordist and locally famed personality Ernest Hood by himself. Over the course of eight musical pieces and approximately 57 minutes runtime the listener is taken on a dreamy, comforting and somewhat ethereal, nostalgia-infused journey through the beautiful city of Portland around the time, with chirping birds and random street scene sounds to be found all over the albums tracks whilst soft, oftentimes slightly hazy and diffuse Proto-Ambient synthesizer works and zither melodies provide a warm, welcoming musical soundscape - a combination that is as unique and touching in its composition as it is cinematic and storytelling in its overall approach. If you'd be tasked to come up with the most innocent, yet partially psychedelic soundtrack for dreams dreamt in the late 60s and early 70s that do not include any Rock'n'Roll and / or music aired on the radio something very very close to this album would most likely be what you'd compose for a reason. A well beautiful journey into a better past and an unearthed piece of American music history that's unbeknownst to many. Recommended, not only to our Portland-based friends and readers out there.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 12/2019

Monday, December 09, 2019

Kongrosian - Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously [Aut Records 050 / Oltrarno Recordings 011]

Put on the circuit as a collaborational effort between Berlin's Aut Records and Oltrarno Recordings is the epicly titled and limited to 200 copies red vinyl pressing "Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously" which features four original tracks created by the saxophone / clarinet focused trio Kongrosian on the A-side whilst the remixes on the flip are provided by Thomas Brinkmann, Daniele Papini and Cloud Of Illusions. As the trios composition suggests we see their original floating improvisations gravitating towards a multi-layered approach to Jazz / FutureJazz with a slightly melancholia-infused twist imminent to all their intricate, meandering and interweaving melodies and beautifully syncronized harmonic interplays which makes this one a true fest for every Jazz connaisseur out there. Remixwise we see Cloud Of Illusions slowly transforming "Tensegrity Part II" into a tender, yet dancefloor functional and slightly fuzzed out Techno meets Jazz affair defined by dark, ever rolling basslines, dark'ish Spoken Word passages and a borderline oriental twist whereas Daniele Papini's take on "Mikrokosmos" provides a complex foundation of dry, grooving and ever filtered MinimalTechno / MicroHouse with a distinct swing as well as tenderly hovering pads for fans of labels like Perlon and the likes of. For a closing German Minimal Techno staple Thomas Brinkmann takes on "Tidal Forces" to go full-on experimental, leaving the dancefloor way behind to accompany the melancholic Jazz vibe of the original cut with layers and layers of harmonic, yet intense and metallic feedback Noize for a closing that might be the soundtrack to future nightmares or low budget slasher movies for a reason. Go check!

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Moe / Pinquins - Vi Som Elsket Kaos [Conradsound]

To be released via the Norwegian imprint Conradsound on December 13th, 2k19 is "Vi Som Elsket Kaos", the latest musical outing by the ever active experimental Rock group Moe who are teaming up with the percussion experts of Pinquins for this nine tracks and 38 minutes spanning journey in sonic exploration which is inspired by the work of writer, essayist and poet Jens Bjørneboe to a certain extent. Opening with the nightmar'ish combination of ever clanging, field recorded metal pieces or cutlery and thundering barrel drumming as well as brutal riffing and howling guitars all found in "Bjørnenes Inntogsmarsj" the two groups lay the foundation for what's to follow up: Spoken Word, a PostPunk-attitude and more apocalyptic Desert Blues-infused riffs in "Skyggene" as well as the brooding, ritualistic and ancient demon summoning soundscapes of "Det Sorte Hull" which will be appealing to Black Metal / Drone Metal enthusiasts for a reason. With "Atlantis" the album takes a turn towards Punk-infused, ultra intense Indie meets MinimalWave on hyperspeed, "Den Ubehagelige Behaglighet" breaks down into nightmare'ish Crossover / Alternative territories accompanied by dreamy and ethereal, highly retrofuturist melodic counterparts whilst "Applaus" is nothing more than a spooky skit emulating fake audience noise. Furthermore "God Natt!" on the other hand is a surprisingly intimate lullaby lead by spaced out non-vocalisms, crystalline sounds and brooding, sub-surface levels of madness, "Drømmen" brings forth intense, hypnotic (Neo)Cosmic synth pulses and more tense, sci-fi leaning vocal recordings mixed with military drumming before the concluding cut "Før Hanen Galer" surprisingly jumps towards what can be roughly described as Polka-infused, 50s or 60s happy party music for a closing. What a combination. Excellent stuff.

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Ivy Lab - Space War

Ivy Lab don't care about genres. Ivy Lab are about to become a genre of their own. Sick.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Alex Zethson - Pole Of Inaccessibility [Thanatosis Produktion 001]

Going back to 2016 with this album, the first full on solo effort by Swedish pianist and composer Alex Zethson - probably best known to readers of these pages as a member of the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, a group whose work has been reviewed on these pages previously. With "Pole Of Inaccessibility" released via his own label Thanatosis Produktion Alex Zethson caters a two track double CD album and therefore a monolithic debut of which the first part, "Pole Of Inaccessibility I", is stretched over the course of roughly 41 minutes and caters, leaving aside all the heady conceptualism referred to in the promotional press sheet, a haunting, unsettling variation of Dark Ambient built on a foundation of thundering, reverberating pianos, slighty muffled and bereft of their high frequencies, yet moving forward in a bleak, nightly and somewhat empty and desolate manner and therefore evoking an interesting state of mind within the conscious listener, slowing down every single thought and finally dissolving any single idea about what time actually is. This approach towards total mental stasis is also employed in the first minutes the second piece, the 58 minutes spanning "Pole Of Inaccessibility II" which pairs a slightly more dramatic, melancholia-infused background and tender drone works before slowly progressing into beautiful, mostly minor scale piano minimalisms, harking back to both (Neo)Classical and romantic Minimal Music as well as to barely audible near silence only to make a return to the endless, reverberating meanderings  introduced in the albums first part and to finally fade out into Ambient nothingness over the course of 10+minutes. Intense music for long, undisturbed late night listening sessions.

Fierce Ruling Diva - Woman Like Man

On the circuit for 30 years now and Fierce Ruling Diva are catering most brutal Techno bangers still. Raw.

Friday, December 06, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 092]

Incoming from studio veteran Sascha Müller is his next, 92nd - !!! - album release put on the circuit via Supersix Records, another 12 track journey for lovers of advanced, dancefloor-focused electronic music. Opening with "Sluch" we see the long standing artist explore stripped down, yet deep and touching levels of Techno reminiscent of Robert Hood's finest musical works whilst "Sommernachtsträume", which has already seen a vinyl release a few years prior to this, somewhat caters to the ElectroSwing-massive before "Sounds Of Life" are entering serious dancefloor territories again on a captivating, stripped down mid 90s HardHouse tip garnished with seductive stab works and a sweet little backswing. Turning the "Southern Fried Chicken Wheel" Sascha Müller gets down in a warm, playful, friendly and surely bass heavy Minimal House fashion, "Space (MIR Mix)" mixes up serious, uplifting Trance vibes with bits of Technolectro for all the real ravers out there and the subsequent variation "Space (Raumflug Mix)" follows up on a slightly bouncy, jumpier path accompanied by hard hitting rave stabs and livelier percussion works. The "Spacebox" takes us on a spaced out, subaquatic trip into gooey, drexciyan Electro territories, "Spacelab" brings forth electroid AcidTrance on a well positive, drifting and uplifting note whereas "Start Automatik" indulges in a busy, yet minimalist, heavily filtered and muffled Phonk variation that provides quite a thrill to those loving the TechnoJazz efforts of acts like Cari Lekebusch or the electroid side of Lassigue Bendthaus whereas fans of deeply emotional sunrise Trance will dig the masterfully crafted string arrangements in this cut. Furthermore "Sterntaler" caters to all followers of playful and intelligent ProtoTrance, "Steuerreform" presents braincell wrecking, monotonous midrange synth modulations atop a bouncy, toolish Techno foundation and the concluding "Struggle Of Power" showcases how powerful raw, storming and continuously evolving Acid can be - a deadly tool in illegal warehouse raves this tune is. Once again, nothing but quality in this.

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Havington - Curiosity

Havington do indeed have their Indie vibes on fire with this sweet little tune, taken from their new EP "Behind A Smile".

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Jeff Platz Quartet - Theory Of Colors [Umland Records 026]

Another fresh one released via the Essen-based Umland Records imprint is "Theory Of Colours", the latest thirteen track album effort created by the group known as Jeff Platz Quartet. Comprised of Stephen Haynes, Damon Smith, Matt Crane and of course Jeff Platz the four musicians are taking us on a 13 tracks and roughly 55 minutes spanning ride through their musical universe which fuses Jazz and Free Improvisation in a very specific and interesting manner. Instead of employing an ultra-expressive, often times eruptive route usually explored in FreeJazz, giving way to many solo parts in which each and every member of a group is able to showcase their respective versatility the music of the quartet is hyper-dense, atmospheric and withdrawn, at times even muffled seemingly, to create a more intimate, tender and accessible vibe in which communication is key, with compositions like "Fall Away" bordering an autumnal, late night variation of Jazz Noir which, despite improvisational and free floating moments, could even accompany deep, meaningful conversations whereas the subsequent "The Particulars" presents itself in a stripped down, minimalist yet tense and crime-scenic manner to great effect. Further excellent cuts to check out here are the touching, twangy and kinda haunted short cut that is "Naranja", the suspended, feverish, yet thrilling soundscapes of the "Elevational View" whereas "By Means Of A Spine" fully explores Slowcore Jazz experimentalism led by a very distinct, somewhat even Desert Blues-infused guitar which drifts into a very own tonal cosmos over the course of tune whilst "A Musty Mint" gets as tender and classy as free floating music can get. Recommended, this.

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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Maria W Horn - Epistasis [Hallow Ground Promo]

Released via the ever busy Hallow Ground label on October 25th, 2k19 is "Epistasis", the second fully fledged artist album album by Swedish composer Maria W Horn. Channeling her wide-ranged influences from Experimental Music to Black Metal within four pieces originally commissioned for a multi-channel audiovisual piece and mixed down for a proper album context the journey starts with "Interlocked Cycles I", a take on beautiful, (Neo)Classical-infused piano minimalism and decent, low end-focused background drones followed by the title track "Epistasis" which brings on an intense, slightly haunting variation of solemn, ritualistic Ambient paying homage to Synth and Cosmic greats like Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream at the same time. With "Konvektion" Maria W Horn harks back to the scientific, stripped down approach of early electronic music composition whilst emulating the emotional intensity of slow church organ chord progressions with most minimalist, yet classy Ambient methods before the concluding cut "Interlocking Cycles II" closes the longplay cycle with more (Neo)Classical piano beauty stretched out over the course of nearly 10 minutes. File under: Deep Listening Music.

Monday, December 02, 2019

Various Artists - Innate 003 [Innate 003]

Our friends at the UK-based Innate label have been harvesting tracks for a new 12" release and do provide a full length preview here. Check and get on pre-order now.

Sunday, December 01, 2019

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2019

01. The Crystal Apes - TCARMX001 [Intrauterin Recordings TCARMX001]
See here for further details...
Buy the limited 7" single directly from Bandcamp...

02. Nazamba - Nazamba [Dubquake Records]
Dub, darkness, intensity. A little bit of conscious Spoken Word wisdom and echoes of Illbient. All blended in a well captivating fashion to create what is to be considered the album of the month for each and every Dub lover as well as followers of the long defunct WordSound label and associated groups like Dubadelic. Excellent and extraordinary.

03. Jabu - Jabu Remixes [Young Echo Records 004]
Is this the most beautiful Post-Dubstep / Post-Garage release of the year? Or even the decade? Dreamy, touching, emotional vocals, heavy basslines and sparse beat structures paired with a distinct late night urban feel as expressed to perfection by albums like Distance's "My Demons" back in 2007 make this one one of the most important 12"es for every serious follower of Bass Music and nothing short of an instant classic. Get!

04. Gilb'r - Lord Of The Basics EP [Versatile Records 128]
French producer Gilbert Cohen a.k.a. Gilb'r delivers a highly sophisticated eight track mini-album with this so-called EP, covering ground in territories such as Synth / (Neo)Cosmic, ChillOut, Ambient Dub, Tribal as well as krautsy, off-kilter Lo-Fi House and therefore presents an impressive, highly diverse showcase of his abilities as a producer. Check.

05. [PUSS 2019 Whitelabel]
A mysterious two track whitelabel 12" of unknown origin. The A-side fuses an excellent piano driven Broken House / Electro crossover with seductive vocals delivered by HipHop / Urban doll Cardi B. to a killer effect whereas the flip brings the heat with a stripped down, percussive DiscoHouse vibe.

06. Driftmachine - Driftmachine Plays Marien Van Oers [Ungehoord 004]
Inspired by a tape release of Dutch 80s underground producer / performer Marien Van Oers and the accompanying liner notes Driftmachine create a ritualistic sonic flow meandering in between the realms of Electronica, Dub and Future Tribal. Performed on a minimalistic note with loads of space in between sounds and an approach of carefully building up soundscapes in terms of adding up one single element after another in a thought out layering process Driftmachine easily dissolve the perception of space and time and take us back into the motherly womb of eons, to a time way before the existance of humans or even multi-cellular organisms was even a dawn at the horizon of time.

07. Umwelt - The Invisible Enemy [Linda 005]
The ever active producer known as Umwelt strikes a chord again, delivering three takes on fast-paced, most brutal and distorted Electro for hardcore genre connaisseurs who already dug releases by labels like Atak Records or producers like Burrito Boys back in the late 90s. This is nothing but robo war music.

08. Ivan Dubious [Nun.Ki.Rec. 007]
Ivan Dubious and his Nun.Ki.Rec. label are back with a new release and this time they're even coming at us with a 12" and four tracks of what I'd kindly describe as Plastic Reggae / Plastic Dub for a reason. All tunes are coming with an undeniably cheesy summer feeling and the gated snares and offbeat licks sound like they've escaped from an 80s Pop studio in dozens. Sounds appalling? Well, these tunes made me smile big time and therefore I do love 'em.

09. DJ Spinn - Da Life E.P. [Hyperdub 124]
DJ Spinn's "You Ain't Really 'Bout Dat Life" taken from his latest 12" release on Hyperdub has been already featured on these pages in mid-October but the Chicago native delivers way more goodness on wax here. "Knock A Path Out" is storming GhettoTech on hyperspeed for dancefloors on absolute fire whilst tunes like "Sky Way", a collaboration with DJ Manny, bring forth an excellent, shuffled halftime bounce for those in the know.

10. [NWHITE 003 Whitelabel]
Information level is sparse on this stamped 12" whitelabel release but the level of thrill is massive. Four tracks of stripped down, pumping, trippy and psychedelic Techno for the darkest hours of your strobe lit dancefloor experience. Imagine the early releases of labels like Elettronica Romana being transfered into a large space, reverberating Techno context whilst still keeping up with the level of detail and advancement once delivered by a genre known as Intelligent Techno. Check.