Thursday, February 27, 2014

Major Lazer - Jah No Partial *Jstar Remix (Free Download)

What a tune for all Reggae lovers out there - biggin' up Jstar big time!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hainbach - A Ritual [Hainbach Musik]

Great news have it that Stefan Paul Goetsch, better known under his Hainbach moniker in circles deeply fallen for dark'ish, kinda experimental music with a raw, unprocessed and partly melancholia-driven twist has recently put his new, and second, E.P. out on the digital circuits. Released under the name of "A Ritual" this five track piece caters a mostly solemn and ceremonial atmosphere based on tape and voice manipulations - yes, the backward trick still works astoundingly well given the result named "So We Evolved Into Birds In A Ritual" - as well as sounds coming from the bowels of a modular synth. With "The Big Calm" offering ethereal arrangements with short roaring Noise sequences breaking through like roaring thunder, the organ-reminiscing title track being a poignant Dark Ambient affair and others catering a quite haunting feel it's not hard to imagine that at least two of the featured tracks were commissioned for theatrical plays which they were as writing music for those is part of Hainbach's profession. Someone should licence these for a proper vinyl or tape release. Soon.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

PlanningToRock - All Love's Legal [Human Level Promo]

Recently released via her own label Human Level is PlanningToRock's third solo album named "All Love's Legal" which is another, pretty gender-politics heavy - or better: gender dissolving - affair musically consisting of floating ethereal and partly even beatless SynthPop and glitzy, cliched Disco-reminiscing dancefloor pieces. And although it might take a bit of time until one gets used to Jam Roston's distorted, detuned vocal works and the conceptual, monothematic bias "All Love's Legal" works pretty fine as an album, combining sociocritical topics and surely hedonistic sounds. Especially the great and Rave-flavored PostGarage / FutureGarage led tunes "Misogyny Drop Dead" or "Beyond Binary Binds" are highly recommended for primetime abuse whilst the kinda Jarre'esque ballad "Steps" features synth motifs as epic and rich as if they were written by the  French synth and light master himself and "Public Love" lives up to promise of heavily de-tuned basslines and sparse, thrilling uptempo beats. A good one for sure and recommendable to all fans of Chromatics as well. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

21.03.2014 Pure Garage And Silk @ Dreiundsiebzig - Jolly Jumper / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]
Schulterblatt 73
Hamburg / Schanze

Are you ready for some heavy bass ? baze.djunkiii surely is and well prepared to serve another round of „Pure Garage And Silk“.

As constant keeper and purveyor of original 2Step & UK- / SpeedGarage vibes for more than a decade now he's been diggin' his crates intensely to pull out all pirate radio classics of the scene's early noughties heydays, garnished this already big selection with huge Sublow and DarkGarage bangers that paved the way for todays Dubstep scene and looks into a bright future whilst bringing in the best in Future Garage & UK Funky to round off the night for all bassheadz out there.

A journey into 15 years of UK Bass culture and a throwback to the pre-digital era when playing out meant nothing but 100% vinyl, two turntables, a man and his mixer. baze.djunkiii honed his skills in these days and still is championing original trueskool DJ culture and craft for a reason. So let's get back to the classics! Now!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dr Walker - MK Naomi Part 9 [#chilloutberlin Video]

One from the dark side of Deep Listening Music.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Manga Saint Hilare - Vexxed

UK Street Rap / PostGrime on top of stone cold beats that weigh more than a ton - Manga Saint Hilare on the mic and Dizzee Rascal on production. Huge collabo, large up.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Origamibiro - Odham's Standard [Denovali 191 Promo]

Scheduled for release on February, 28th via the ever active Denovali Records is "Odham's Standard" which is the latest longplay effort of Tom Hill, Jim Boxall and Andy Tytherleigh under their conjunctional moniker Origamibiro. Grown from a growing interest in incorporeal spectral photography and the electronic voice phenomenon a.k.a. the voice of the dead developed by two of the groups members in parallel as well as the old discussion about whether or not these phenomenons exist and how the pros and cons in this discussion relate to the beholders point of view and expection - same goes for several experiments in quantum physics btw in which a single photon either appears as particle or as waveform depending on what kind of phenomenon is to be investigated, meaning that the same photon  possibly appears to one scientist as "solid" matter whilst another sees a light wave which is not only interesting but kinda odd as the photon seems to pass the either / or of regular physics and represents two different modes of existence at the same time which usually shouldn't be possible. But leaving this little exploration into the world of strange phenomena aside we see the triple headed group serve a full ten tracks album of seemingly live played - yes, we're talking real instruments here - and post-processed Electronica with an Indietronics / Post-PostRock-flavored twist. With the main focus on an intimate mixture of violins, semi-acoustic guitars, glockenspiel and tender, chary drumming that also could be released via labels like Morr Music - and will be surely appreciated by the labels fans, too - it's the small, quiet pieces of hissing surface noise, the crackles, swishes and rustles possibly not even recognized by unaware listeners that seem to deal with the matter discussed, adding a kind of partly spooky, but mostly open fire-like atmosphere to what seems to be a late fall album bearing the sweet melancholia of cold, but sunny days, coloured leaves and beloved memories - to a nice result.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Girl With The Gun - Ages [Folk Wisdom 001 Promo]

Set for release on February 28th is Girl With The Gun's first - and the very first release of the new Interbang-subsidiary itself - album on the freshly launched Folk Wisdom-label. Named "Ages" the second longplay effort of the Italian-rooted duo consisting of Matilde Davoli and Andrea Mangia the album seems to revolve around a Psychedelia-driven intimate edge still, serving a dreamy, fog-covered view on Folk like the amazing Peaking Lights minus their dub but at the same time drifting away into more Pop-flavored territories with songs like "Love Far" which might even be appealing to a more mainstream audience as well as Glam fans with a tune like "Hover". But overall the intimate feeling overrules the exceptions whichare only a few amongst the ten songs on "Ages" which is a sweet one for listening in a huge club chair in front of an open fire - with a glass of port as company.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Introducing: Streetart Daily

Theoretically in the making for quite a while it's now time to announce that our new website project Streetart Daily has been officially launched now. A website meant to reflect a view on our urban environment, to archive and capture things remarkable - stickers, graffiti pieces, photography, possibly even architecture and whatever seems to be interesting in future times.

Streetart Daily is not intending to be the next hip streetart website of the moment as there's no interest in any kind of hipsterism here. The website's not intending to be funny, cool, trendy or whatever. It's meant to keep records of what's happening out there - or what used to happen as it'll unveil a bunch of classic and previously unpublished graffiti photos from the 90s for a start. Expect more content to come soon.


Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality [Glass Air Records]

Ever been sucked into a warp drive? No? Listen to The Glitch Mob's new longplay assault named "Love Death Immortality" and you'll surely know what that feels like. Quite uncategorizable as we totally deny to use the perverted term EDM stylewise the ten tracks featured on this one fuse heavily twisted ElectroHouse bangers, dirtiest bass Filth, sawtooth-heavy BroStep and the occasional Pop-suitable vocal sample or overly catchy, high octane melody lick and a certain feel of precise and well on point 80s Rock drumming - thinking of epic, if not pathetic even anthems like "Final Countdown" here - sparkling through layers of compressed synth sounds into nothing but a massive bass monster that's sporting pure energy. A hybrid beast unleashed that's either loveable or hateable but undeniably able to move huge - spell: H-U-G-E ! - festival crowds within seconds, no matter if they consist of dedicated PLUR ravers or Metal heads doing the mill. Talking "I Need My Memory Back" we see one of the most uplifting intros ever turning into a happy 4/4 anthem for the fluo whistle and wristband crew whilst the seductive voice of Yaarrohs heard in "Fly By Night Only" might even - although contrasting banging electronics - enter daytime radio rotation and the closing tune "Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart" uncovers an even tender, romantic aspect of The Glitch Mob's music previously unthought of. Impressive.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Danton Eeprom - If Looks Could Kill [inFine Promo]

Scheduled for February, 7th is Danton Eeprom's sophomore longplay piece "If Looks Could Kill" which is following up to his 2009 inFine-released "Yes Is More" on the same label again. Starting out showcasing a sweet ElectroPop attitude and starring the seductive ItaloDisco-flavored single "Biscotto & Chimpanzee" as second tune which, amongst others, I recently featured via Joinmusic , DigiSoul / Urban vibes take over with the pheromone blasting "Hextape". Dantom Eeprom serves a widely varied but still vibewise homogenic journey within the first ten minutes of playtime before entering dark'ish nightlife realms with the ever building "Femdom" that takes underground venues by storm due to a massive sex drive and truly suggestive vibe paired with glitzy TechHouse and decent 303 lines shining through.  Further surprises included here are the intimate, floating Pop of "Never Ask, Never Tell", the dark but tender Synth ballad "All Dressed Up (And Nowhere To Go)" as well as the stab heavy RaveHouse affair "Occidental Damage" that - at some point - seems to reminisce about Green Velvet's heydays whilst creating a well positive and pretty uplifting vibe amongst punters and hardbaggin' drag queens alike. Later on "Hungry For More" caters a deep, even Yello'esque feel with its sonorous male vocals and rare "when-Pop-suits-club" arrangements before the overly dope "All Eyes On Me" triggers memories of long gone but great summer nights with Stereo MC's "Connected" blasting out of each and every car stereo and late night backyard basketball court sessions backed by shitloads of canned beer. Good one.

Time To Say Goodbye - Splitting From FAZE Magazine

As some of you might already know and others who've been missing my monthly column and record reviews in the recent February issue of FAZE Magazine have asked questions about why none of the mentioned have appeared this months print issue here's just a short statement that baze.djunkiii and FAZE have split paths recently after a roughly two years period. Basicly I enjoyed working with them for most of the time and was happy about the amount of freedom I had as a writer - both speaking of topics discussed in the monthly "There's More To Life Than..."-column as well as when it came to quite a bunch of merciless, slating reviews that were published in print and online issues without any censorship, rewritings or even questioning my opinion at a point - a freedom that is a rare good in a commercial print publication these days and therefore I'm not totally happy about things coming full circle again as I've been going through similar splits before throughout all the years of writing. But still - a few incidents not to be discussed here in detail made me sit up and take notice as I've seen and heard the same kind of signals before. And they've been causing sneaking suspicion for a reason so a further collaboration under the same terms and conditions seems to be impossible at this point. No bad vibes - just sharing the facts.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2014

01. Gelbart - Vermin [Gagarin Records]
What a great (con)fusion. Adi Gelbart a.k.a. Gelbart serves a sweet piece of ArtSchool-influenced lofi'ish, playful Spiral Space Punk touched by quite a lot of trippin' Psychedelia on his newest longplay piece named "Vermin" which has been put on the circuit via the legendary Gagarin Records label recently which has been home to a wide-range of un-fileable artists like Die Weltraumforscher, Pia Burnette, Felix Kubin, Gunter Adler and many more in the past  15 years. This genealogy of music given one can - possibly - imagine that this totally lovely and loveable longplay release drifts into far out spheres way beyond any established term, even more given the fact that the two tracks on the B-side were originally written as a soundtrack to the album name-providing short film. If you share a distinct love for all things special and leftfield this one might be the soundtrack to your next trip into space. Say "hi" if you meet the man on the moon, any kind of white rabbit or even the sarcastic rover out there.

02. Stoornis - Rave Alarm / Coexsystems - Level Five Exp. [Audio Riots Records 002]
Watch this post for soundfiles....

03. Animalhouse [Hirntrust Grind Media 037 Promo]
Watch review for details...

04. Echo 106 - Infernal Regions [Lux Records]
Techno? Yes. Acid madness? Please. Echoes of Motor City? We like. This 2x12" vinyl piece produced by two brothers based somewhere in Switzerland is to be filed under the flag of an instant classic and essential blueprint of what quality electronic dancefloor music is all about. A sparse structure, highly functional, well thought of elements, a certain deepness, sweet seductive melancholia and irresistible grooves sucking everybody onto the dancefloor within seconds. This one's not to be missed for a reason - if still in doubt listen to the uberly epic first 120 seconds of  "Wretched Souls" which turns out to be the most spooky and haunting Techno tune produced in ages. Massive.

05. Steve Bug - Simple, Thick & Raw [Poker Flat Recordings 144 Promo]
Watch review for details... 

06. [aniYo kore] - Y [BOBHARRIS 003 Promo]
Watch review for details... 

07. Ich-AG Geige - Trickbeat [Arbeiten Und Nicht Verzweifeln 001 Promo]
Watch review for details... 

08. Wyoming - Fountain [AdP Records Promo]
Watch review for details... 

09. Henry Rodrick - Don't Believe [Studio Barnhus 017 Whitelabel Promo]
The Chicago Juke / Footwork movement takes over the world slowly and now we see the first ever Juke / Footwork record produced in Sweden coming from Henry Rodrick, the latest signing to the genre eclectic Sudio Barnhus-camp. Electro'esque beats and sample madness on warp drive speed, informed by synth squeezing Skweee plus brutally pitched Disco and Funk licks cranked up to the max is what the young producer serves here, providing a unique view on most abstract vary speed dance music that has ever rocked floors. And we do like that.

10. Bloodgroup - Disquiet [Sugarcane Recordings]
Four tracks taken from the recent Bloodgroup album "Tracing Echoes" remixed by the likes of Com Truise, Girl Unit, Keep Shelly In Athens and Renaissance Man all transferring the bands epic originals into deep electronic spheres ranging from multistring-layered Post SynthPop to deepest, yet, anthemic melodic structures on top of slow motion, kinda electroid beats, haunting, melancholia-led Post Step - this goes for the winning remix beauty provided by Keep Shelly In Athens - and finally a sparse but sub bass-driven killer workout for advanced dancefloors. Nice one.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Bauhaus - She's In Parties

Just because it's a great song. And I love it.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Thug Entrancer - Death After Life [Software Recording Co. Promo]

Set for release in late February via the experimentalist and well eclectic Brooklyn-based label Software Recording Co. is "Death After Life" - the first  ever album of the mysterious artist named Thug Enhancer who has only very occasionally appeared on the digital release circuit via labels like Digitalis Recordings and Mabson Enterprises so far. Although the release info refers to styles such as Chicago Juke in its description of the artists eightfold variation of "Death After Life" and two additional bonus tracks featured on the promotional CD release we're more likely to file these tracks under the flag of impressingly uber-cold, sci-fi'esque Electronica with bits and pieces of Intelligent Techno popping up - see "Death After Life III" for this -, sweet, kinda abstract Electro workouts with a slightly acidic twist that, at certain points, seem to hold some harsh surprises like hard-hitting Noize excesses and essentially dancefloor-focused pieces that totally breathe Juke's shuffling, tempo-varied beat aesthetics but are miles away from being Juke due to their differing approach and more scientific feel albeit they might work footworking crews well in the cypher. Plus: even little lovely, plinkering melodies are to be found in here - "Deather After Life VII" - that haven't been heard like this in quite a while and are rounding this one off very well due to their more playful feel and so do the bonus tracks with their more chilled, laid back vibes. A nice one for sure.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Animalhouse - Neater This Time/ Sandy (W.A.S.O.) [Hirntrust Grind Media 037 Promo]

Yes, it's Mutant HipHop time again. Austria's Hirntrust Grind Media label kicks off 2014 with a long announced 7" by Brooklyn's conjunctional triple Animalhouse consisting of Akaaap, Dreadface and Risk which are serving lo-fi'ish, pretty stripped down killer beats for Hardcore HipHop headz, Word Sound addictz and crackhouse dons with "Neater This Time" featured on the A-side of this dope smoke marbled vinyl pressing whilst "Sandy (W.A.S.O.)" on the flip is a way more threatening affair with tense, heavy and defo evil electric guitar noise underlining angry, hate fueled slowmo raps and raw, unprocessed 808 beats going wild, accompanied by a scores'que use of strange noises and quirky samples. Morphine Rap anyone?