Monday, October 31, 2016

Christian Wallumrød Ensemble - Kurzsam And Fulger [Hubro Music Promo]

Another fresh one released via the Norwegian label Hubro Music is "Kurzsam And Fulger" , the new album by Christian Wallumrød's performing group named the Christian Wallumrød Ensemble. And this one comes as a surprise in comparison to other label releases we've reviewed so far as the albums opener "Haksong" comes across as a pretty much light-hearted, pleasant and positive take on repetetive, loop-based Jazz music sporting sweet shakers, brushes and most importantly a coaxing piano phrase that reminds us of warm and lazy late summer days. Following up is "Fulgsam", a stripped down 155 seconds affair relying on multiple triangle or glockenspiel layers only that add up to a quite calming effect whilst "Langsam" provides a rich menu of comforting melancholia contrasted by a contrary alignment of distant, hollow sounding drums that are defo far off any given track or tempo predetermined by the tunes melodic section. In "Phoniks" we see the group creating a deep, slightly haunting and well foggy Ambient atmosphere like the one one might find in nature when roaming through age-old, untouched forests, "Klafferas" brings in thrilling, repetetive, clattering drum sequences of quite abstract nature that, despite being created without the help of any electronics, might be well suitable for those following labels like Raster Noton and other imprints gravitating towards musical abstraction, before "Arpsam" focuses on the unquestionable beauty of pure piano romanticism, accompanied here by scattered, kinda mechanical sounding percussions and, towards the end of this 11 minutes journey, by unsettling trumpet experiments. Finally we've got "Kurzsam Und Onward", offering a remarkable hard piano phrase we've surely heard before, probably in Wallumrød's involvement in the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, and, as a great juxtaposition,  periods and sequences of near silence as well as small micro fractures of the original phrase popping up here and there. So if contemporary Jazz is something you're into - check this one out!   

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Electric Sewer Age - Bad White Corpuscle [Hallowground Promo]

Put on the circuit via Hallowground only recently is Electric Sewer Age's album "Bad White Corpuscle" which was originally released via the Old Europa Cafe label in 2014 and is now re-issued including a previously unreleased vinyl bonus tune named "Redocine (Death Of The Corpuscle)". And according to what we've found, musically, on the promo CD copy it's defo a necessity to make this longplay piece  available to a broader audience than the 750 ppl that the original, hand-numbered edition from two years ago was meant for. Going from Dark Ambient via Ambient to experimental, sci-fi fueled and ever evolving modulations accompanied by intense, non-vocal choirs and a well threatening vibe within the first four tracks which, as a bunch, make the A-side of the vinyl the musical journey is a quite intense one with the 8+ minutes of "Rising Corpuscle" totally drilling into our shocked and congealed brain cells. The B-side starts off with more choirs and spacious alien gregorianism when it comes to the intro of albums title track which also brings in kinda organic, yet reprocessed slap bass, World Music-reminiscing vocalisms and (Neo)Cosmic structures for hyper-advanced dancefloors before the additional vinyl tune even unearths some balearic guitars and epic, slightly kitsch-driven panorama strings alongside additional, pretty eerie sidetones, gnawing vocoder samples and heavily compressed mid-90s IDM / Electronica beats in parts reminiscent of The Future Sound Of London and the concluding "Black Corpuscle" serves a final ride through various stages of what Ambient music can be, accompanied by what seems to be a slightly depressing, field recorded and therefore distorted, intense monologue. Intriguing music that's about to stand the test of time for sure.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ariel Guzik - Cordiox [Von Archives 023 Promo]

Recently released via the Von Archives label is Ariel Guzik's new album "Cordiox", an album named after the instrument going by the same name that's driven and inspired by an idea brought to life by Gugliemo Marconi, who is known as the inventor of modern day radio transmission. Marconi presumed - or envisioned - that any sound ever created never fully trails away but keeps afloat in the atmosphere, a continuous background noise that, at some point in time, could be deciphered by a technology that's about follow up his very own invention. Coming from this point of view Ariel Guzik came up with the idea of the Cordiox instrument which, although its true technical specs remain unveiled, functions or at least sounds like an eternal resonator, providing echoes of echoes of echoes of every sound ever made. The result is - as one might guess - not harsh and overwhelming at all but more resembling the Drone-like vibrations of humongous metal plates in a clear and empty space. Vibrations of a calm, contemplative and often harmonic, sometimes even slightly melodic, nature that - somehow - evoke memories of the everlasting 'Ommmmm' sound used in meditations. This said, the sound provided on "Cordiox" is pretty close to what might be referred to as an inertial, lava-like stream of classical, very minimalistic Ambient music that provides only a few alterations over the average tracks runtime of 10+ minutes but therefore will be well received by die-hard genre connaisseurs and / or lovers of Drone for a reason. Good stuff to come down and find oneself again after a busy, hectic day. Check.           

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Strange Walls - ... Won't Last [Alrealon Musique 072]

If there's any label out there that provides a home for what can be described as incredibly strange music it must be the multinational imprint Alrealon Musique which is now about to release "...Won't Last", the new album by the experimental NYC-based project The Strange Walls. Scheduled for October 31st, 2k16  we see the longplay piece provide a string of twelve songs - a journey that starts with the seductive, yet beatless PostPunk- / PostIndie-effort "The Sleeping Cage", turns into distorted, garage'esque Noise'N'Roll slightly reminiscent of Lolita Storm's legendary rrriot grrl-attitude in the so-called 'Attrition Mix' of  "The Girl On Mandragora" before "The Torch Song" brings us some excellent, vocoder-driven Desert Blues vibes mixed up with a touch of a folksy feel. Listening to their "Wartime Melody" we feel a warm, all embracing blur like the smoke-filled air of our favorite underground bar, "Sit And Sway" brings back influences of lonesome Post Punk and experimental (No)Wave that might well appear to The Cure-fans in their most desperate moments whilst followers of the Danish band outfit Darkness Falls which also happen to love Siouxsie & The Banshees are about to fall for the captivating slomo anthem that is "In Time" - surely one of the strongest songs to be found this album. Going into "Hateful Hollow" we find ourselves immersed in a short, haunting and soundscape'ish skit of Lynch'esque qualities, "White" leads us onto the dancefloor where we're supposed to loose ourselves to Regina Yates' fragile and brittle vocal beauty accompanying a yet melancholic but also uplifting instrumental backdrop quite fascinating in its contrasting qualities and "Snow Day" is the kind of song resonating with lovers of Artschool Indie experimentalisms, PostRock - think labels like Morr Music or Alien Transistor here -  and Psychedelia for a reason.  Furthermore the seven+ minute spanning "Yadwons" creates a dreamlike, druggy atmosphere through a collage of yearning accordion tones and seemingly field recorded bits and pieces, the colour transition from "Grey To Red" offers a lo-fi, surely Cosmic-influenced and well spaced out approach to Synth Wave with angelic vocals before finally the untitled, and unlisted, bonus track concludes this touching and defo recommended album in a way that makes us hope that The Strange Walls will last at least.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

A. K. Klosowski - ...Plays The Kassetteninstrument [Gagarin Records Promo]

Coming up via Gagarin Records on November 1st is "...Plays The Kassetteninstrument" by A. K. Klosowski, who - back in the early, experimental 80s - actually invented this unique, DIY-sampling device which was comprised of eight Sony Walkmen one could mute, and demute, directly as well as comitting other wizzardry with. And from this time period, namely 1982 to 1984, we see thirteen previously unreleased takes being unearthed that unveil the plunderphonious powers of this self-built instrument when combined with flanger, tape echo and a drum basic drum machine. With loops and cuts taken from actual running tapes the start-stop techniques of the Kassetteninstrument provide rhythmic structures predating the sounds and FX created by turntablists through flare scratching on top of artificial Ingenious Dilettantes-reminiscing drum patterns or provide psychedelic, tripped out layer arrangements like the ones to be found in tunes like "Loop #1" or "Deutscher Zoo" whereas "Rot Glocken" seems to manipulate German Schlager in a more humpa'esque, Polka-resembling way - kind of. And although the origin of source material remains unclear in many cases, also due to alteration of speed or being looped in an alienating way, the outcome and use of this well clunky method of sound manipulation is quite fascinating as songs like "Wake Up, Wake Up" might have a massive dancefloor impact on dedicated Industrial / Rhythm Industrial dancefloors or in highly advanced Electronica venues even today, especially with the african influences evident in the track mentioned whilst "Long Toe" seems to come from a kind of Punk background and might cause mayhem on Minimal Wave floors as well. So if you're deeply into the process of sound design and looking for an album providing techniques you might not have heard of before this one is defo catering to your needs - not only as an historic document.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rayon - A Beat Of Silence [Morr Music 152 Promo]

Scheduled for release on November 11th, 2k16 on Morr Music is "A Beat Of Silence" , the sophomore album of Markus Acher's Rayon-outfit which is making a comeback with a mostly  non-electronic menu of nine tracks these days. Using an array of instruments including harmonium, marimbaphone, piano, glockenspiel and various objects amongst many others throughout the course of the album which are played by Acher himself as well as by musical companions like Tadklimp, Sachiko Hara, Cico Beck etc. we see Rayon creating sparse, yet musically rich arrangements of melodic beauty with a slightly melancholic twist at times that might - or might not - be influenced by Acher's work in terms of writing film soundtracks and scores. The overall feel of "A Beat Of Silence" might be described as well suitable for the Film Noir genre and can be, somehow, described as comparable to entering a long barred attic on a late summers day - with rays of light entering the room through blind windows and little holes in the roofing tiles, dusty cobwebs all over the place and a lot of romantic, fond memories being brought back by heaploads of vintage things and furniture scattered and stored in places like this. At times, these memories can be a little more lively like in the tender, rhythmic and delightful "Dots" whilst "-Kona" provides more of an introspect, thoughtful and contemplative ambience and the nearly seven minutes spanning "But For One Minute" serves a well powerful, experimental and fast-paced fusion of PostRock, Rock-influences like distorted background guitars and loads of lo-fi elements that followers of the former Ingenious Dilletantes movement or extremely artschool influenced PostPunk / Noize-crossovers might relate to. So there's a lot to discover on here and we're pretty sure that not only die-hard followers of all things Morr Music will enjoy this longplay piece for a reason.       

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Black Manual - Mordendo Remixed [Portals Editions 005]

It's been nearly three years since Black Manual released their highly praised album "Mordendo" on Brigade Kommerz and finally the project lead by Jan St. Werner is back with a new sign of life, a 12" release catering a quadruple pack of remixes put on the circuit via Portals Editions these days. Opening the sequence of remixes is William Bennett a.k.a Cut Hands who's fusing polyrhythmic tribalisms with intense, blurred out and threatening atmospheres of apocalyptic quality whilst the 'Bleed Turquoise Remix' explores the vantablack vaults of Dark Ambient in which echoes of ancient cult drummings and chants slowly trail off until the faraway sun rises and its flickering, distorted rays break through a leaden curtain of ever moving, sulfurous clouds. On the flip we've got the 'Format01 Remix' which, not only for being the most dancefloor friendly cut on this 12", brings a lot of voodoo - or better: candomble - fire to the advanced dancefloors of the globe not necessarily relying on a straight 4/4 bassdrum foundation for maximum excess and a killer Tribal workout before the 'KETEV Remix' evolves into a unhastily moving, yet merciless and rattling suction partly evoking memories of freight cars in super slow motion whilst layers of Ambient beauty provide a nice organic counterpart to the inherent darkness the tunes starts of off. Interesting stuff although the original album still wins for a reason.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Aquasky vs. Off Aiah - T-rouble *Unofficial Drum'n'Bass Relick (Free Download)

A perfect combination of ravey and floating elements in this one - good to see Aquasky picking up on Drum'n'Bass production again!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Laurel - Park EP [Counter Records Promo]

Forthcoming on November 18th, 2k16 is Laurel's "Park EP", the four track-debut written and produced by Southampton-born and now London-based Laurel Arnell-Cullen which is released via the Ninja Tune offspring Counter Records. At 22 years of age only the young brit defo is bound to the Indie side of the musical spectrum and caters a sweet mixture of raw, muscular partly even PostPunk-reminiscing drums, sparse, yet melodic and sometimes melancholia inducing guitars alongside her clarion, lusty vocal beauty in songs like "Maybe Baby", "Hurricane" and "Too Far" whilst the additional demo cut of "Goodbye" comes across in a quite folksy, fragile and elfish manner.  Defo one upcoming artist to watch out for in the future for those being deeply immersed in contemporary Indie music.  

Friday, October 21, 2016

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me? (Official Video)

Moby's immanent and deliberate intent to make this world a better place might be a little tiring and arduous at times but the visual message of his new music video is well on point.  No doubt about that.

N.M.O. - RIYL Roma

Filed under the flag of 'Dance & EDM' on Soundcloud we'd rather refer to this as advanced madness, probably created throughout a technoid live jam session.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sascha Müller [Sascha Müller Music 1000017]

Forthcoming on November 11th, 2k16 is Sascha Müller's new digital two track single on his very own imprint Sascha Müller Music, containing the two tracks "Backdraft" and "Jamming On The Moon". Whilst the first mentioned provides a sweet mixture of ever flangered drum structures and an array of ProtoTrance-reminiscing melodies with a hint of mysticism which, over time, build up to a great, ever floating effect we see "Jamming On The Moon" taking Trance-inducing aspects down the fast lane due to the use of a soft, yet lively foundation of hypnotizing pads and tripping synth sounds as well as a decent Acid line appearing throughout the second half of the tune. Nice one.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Christopher Chaplin - Je Suis Le Tenebreux [Fabrique Records 058]

Scheduled via the Vienna-based label Fabrique Records for October 21st, 2k16 is "Je Suis Le Tenebreux", the first solo album effort by the British composer Chistopher Chaplin who has performed with renowned acts like Hans-Joachim Roedelius, who is - alongside his wife Christine Martha Roedelius - also featured on this album, and other likeminded artists throughout the past years. Inspired by latin verses engraved into an old tombstone found in Bologna the four tracks of the album take us on an intense journey into scenic, theatrical darkness in which the romanticisms of string instruments meet citations of Spoken Word and minnesong resembling vocalisms which are combined with eerie, unsettling electronic atmospheres in "Lucius Agatho", even met by short sequences of hot, yet abstract Jazz Noir'esque Tango-isms and scattered pianos in the albums title track "Je Suis Le Tenebreux" which, in terms of the use of the female voice, evokes memories of several audio play works released on the German Major Label imprint. Furthermore "Aelia Laelia" provides a more lighthearted feel but still manages to keep an irritating, thrilling off kilter twist to its score'esque slightly medieval attitude partly buried by evident layers of static noise whilst "The Enigma (Reprise)" intensifies the unique musical arrangement and direction of this very special as well as highly recommended longplay piece due to the use of growling bass frequencies, ritual kettledrums and modular synthesis alongside ever repetetive vocal samples which are partly dissolving into glitched copies of copies of themselves. Captivating, this is.

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Album teaser video here!

Monday, October 17, 2016

22.10.2016 baze.djunkiii @ Mojo Jazz Cafe / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Liquid Sky Berlin]

file under: TripHop / Downtempo / NuJazz / Eclectic Freestyle

doors: 9 p.m.

Mojo Jazz Cafe
Reeperbahn 1
Hamburg St. Pauli

Facebook event here!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

DJ Phil TEKLIFE - Inner City Life VIP

This is how to respectfully rework and update a classic. Sweet one!

Garry Bradbury - NO!

This might be the best collage, cut-up piece we've heard all throughout 2k16 - fucking hilarious!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ingar Zach - Le Stanze [Sofa Music]

Released in early October via the Norwegian Sofa Music label is Ingar Zach's fifth solo album on which he refines and specifies his unique approach towards experimental minimalism and super sparse sound recording that might be defined as Skeletal Jazz by some. The first of four tracks on this piece is "La Bugia Dello Specchio" which is based on brushes and rare, scattered drum / snare eruptions whilst "Il Batito Del Vichinga" starts on a more lively tip using and abusing bells, cowbells and chimes alongside a steady atmospheric drone and driving live drums in the lower sound spectrum to slowly fade out and calm down after approx 7 minutes, providing a more Ambient- / Field Recording-flavored atmosphere for the rest of the tunes 15 minutes play time. Furthermore "L'Inno Dell' Oscurita" caters a menu of fright-inducing, highly intense metallic scraping and squealing that 's defo not made to please the weak and instable amongst the listeners of experimental music and the concluding 11+ minutes of "E Solitudine" are focusing on electrical buzzing of ever changing intensity that, surprisingly, brings in a feel of warmth and comfyness instead of referring to the cold, digital world the original sound source might come from. Spread out over a playtime of 38 minutes these four tracks, as diverging as their musical approach might seem, fall together as a quite interesting longplay journey for those who like to explore the more leftfield side of the experimental music spectrum for sure, being a little off the more Ambient driven path we've seen in past Sofa Music releases we've reviewed.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Jan St. Werner - Felder [Thrill Jockey Records 410 / Fiepblatter Catalogue #4]

Coming in from Chicago's Thrill Jockey Records label and its sub- / sister branch Fiepblatter Catalogue is "Felder", the latest album by Jan St.Werner, known as prolific solo artist as well as for his work in the globally appreciated band outfit Mouse On Mars. Within the ten tracks of this longplay effort the artist groups a couple of tunes performed live - with additional contributions of Max & John Ferguson, Alexander Jovanovic, David Grubbs and Tim Johnson this is - throughout the years 2011 to 2015, covering a musical spectrum from organic The Notwist / Alien Transistor reminiscing Post-PostRock that meets additional electronic works here and there in the opening piece entitled "Beardman", turns its head towards full on electronic experimentalisms and highly complex digital filters being intertwined with more organic structures and what seem to be far away echoes of found sounds, amalgamated in a well familiar, warm and welcoming way to provide a 14+ minutes journey into sound named "Osho" which seems to be subdivided into several independent parts whilst "Kroque AF" gravitates towards glitch-influenced Ambient and some hard hitting strokes with a slightly robotic, yet retrofuturist sci-fi twist. The short skit "Foggy Esor Pt.1" comes across in a quite psychedelia-driven, partially krautsy and defo friendly way, "The Somewhere That Is Moving", the second piece exceeding the ten minutes mark on this album, grabs the listeners attention with the introduction of warm piano tones that immediately and seamlessly turn into short and skipping digital loops - think: early Oval - which are accompanied by echoes of reprocessed FreeJazz and precise bass pulses evolving into larger waves emphasizing the blurry, yet kinda romantic overall feel of this well-scenic piece that holds quite a disturbing surprise ca. mid-tune before seemingly recalling a classic DJ Shadow intro sequence for a few seconds. Furthermore "Slipped Through The Heaven" takes the use of piano sequences towards glitched and highly reprocessed levels without getting rid of the tender and romantic nature the instrument can provide, especially alongside off-kilter strings and twisted sound mutations, "The Abstract Pit" starts of with the alarming sounds of German stuka bombers - or a pretty precise sonic effigy - before getting lost somewhat in between lonely, alienated Piano Jazz abstractions and lost bleeps as well as highly scientific sounds of seemingly modular nature whilst "Foggy Esor Pt. 2" presents itself in a cute, playful and uplifting mood, kinda. Finally we see "Singoth" amalgamating ultradigital buzzing and organic Ambient Jazz whilst the concluding "Rain Deer" provides a peaceful, slightly kitsch-induced farewell to all lovers of weird, yet friendly electronic sounds coming from a wonderful array of presumably vintage synthesizers and their nice'n'wonderful friends. What a sweet ending for an album as highly recommended as this one.  Get!

Album artwork on Instagram!

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 10/2016

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Isan - Glass Bird Movement [Morr Music 148 Promo]

Scheduled for  October 14th, 2k16 is "Glass Bird Movement", the first album released by Antony Ryans and Robin Savilles a.k.a. ISAN after a six years period of silence -  and their eighth overall longplay effort in the projects two decade spanning history. Together, the pair of producers is exploring a set of eleven tracks which are floating somewhat in between warm, friendly and superorganic Ambient and highly advanced, comforting dancefloors with tunes like "Leonardo's Formula" bringing in elements of dubbed out Electronica whilst "Every Since And Then" crosses over towards deep, string-loaden Intelligent Techno beauty in slow motion.  In "Napier Deltic" we'll even find some references to the uplifting side of IDM and the early works of one of its unquestioned masters, especially when it comes to the masterly crafted stab motif to be found in this tune, "Rattling Downhill" serves a little krautsier overall feel and the concluding "Linnæus"takes us into ethereal Ambient realms before shaking things up slowly due to the use of some precise, highly compressed beats after a nearly two minutes intro sequence. This is good stuff, for sure.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Ilsa Gold - Donald Grabs To Washington

This is by far the best contribution to the US elections so far - NuBeat is back!

15.10.2016 Plastik Phonk w/ baze.djunkiii @ Häkken / Hamburg

Plastik Phonk - What is Plastik Phonk? A journey into the groove, into the classics and into the freestyle aspects of electronic, yet organic sound.

A night which harks way back to the origins of TripHop and Downtempo music which emerged from the original IDM / Intelligent Techno movement of the early 90s, manifested in classic albums like Nightmares On Wax's "Smokers Delight" or the praised "Future Sound Of Jazz" compilation series. Fusing this classic approach with elements of original and modern contemporary Dub music, Advanced HipHop, Future Jazz and bits and bops of Rare Groove, NeoSoul and a heaploads of Phonk we'll see PLASTIK PHONK originator baze.djunkiii, who's been an active staple in the electronic music scene for the past 20 years, both behind the scenes and playing all over Germany as well as in Greece and the United States , opening his vast vinyl archives for an exceptional allnighter that'll bring organic, sophisticated and advanced grooves back into the cities club culture for a reason.

file under: Dub / Advanced HipHop / TripHop / Downtempo / Future Jazz

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Liquid Sky Berlin] - all night vinyl set

doors: 10 pm
admission: free  

Spielbudenplatz 21/22
Hamburg St. Pauli 

Facebook event here - invite your friends!

Resina - Resina [130701 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Fat Cat Records sister label 130701 is the solo debut album of Warsaw-based Karolina Rec a.k.a Resina who is serving a thought out and well-accomplished take on organicly - meaning: through the use of real, although partly reprocessed instruments - created Ambient bordering both the genres of Indietronics as well as (Neo)Classical music to some extent and even heads into full-on experimentalisms with tunes like "Flock" which opens on a quite detuned level before falling into place providing layers and layers of loops, creating an ever climaxing musical structure that abruptly comes to a halt without further warnings. In "Tatry II" we see the artist defining fragility in terms of romantic, string-based ambience and atmospheres whilst "Nightjar" provides some tense and intense drama, telling tales of dark, ancient secrets noone's ever been allowed to mention at any point in time. Lovers of more eerie and haunted vibes will fall for "Dark Sky White Water" due to the tunes outerworldy overall feel turning into a brute classical force and those longing for more calm and comforting sounds will find theirselves gladly immersed in the crystalline beauty of the "Afterimage" which also functions as a perfect example of how elegantly real instruments and decent electronic can be amalgamated in one composition. So if this approach appeals to you, this might be an album to check out for sure.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Ensemble Du Verre - Who Will Tell Us (Room 13) [Batterie Records]

Coming in as a prequel for the forthcoming Ensemble Du Verre album "Rooms" is this beautiful little 7" record featuring two tracks taken off the longplay format, accompanied by a video for the title track of the vinyl, "Who Will Tell Us (Room 13)". The tune mentioned - and to be found on the A side of the 45 - features the fragile, yet touching vocals of Jan-Philipp Kelber spreading over an intimate musical foundation somewhat in between Jazz, thoughtful, late night romanticisms and a ballad'esque twist whilst the instrumental affair "The Beauty Of The Imperfect - Part 1 (Room 24)" goes even deeper and, played on repeat, provides a perfect, mostly piano driven soundtrack for hours and hours well spent in front of open fires throughout stormy autumn evenings. If this is what you're looking for these days, get your local record dealer to hunt this down for you.

Single artwork on Instagram!

Hitori Tori - UFO At Disaster Site *Stazma Remix

Well, nothing can beat an intro sequence as classic and epic as the one used for this highly detailed DarkJungle tune - heard times and times before but still this isn't growing old on us. Are you ready for some IDM / Drill'n'Bass warfare?

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Bader Motor - Disappear In America (Official Video)

(No)Wave infused Indie taken from Bader Motor's recently released album "Drei Drei Drei".

Friday, October 07, 2016

OKZharp & Manthe Ribane - Teleported

Excellent African-flavoured voodoo bass music from the Hyperdub camp - EP out on October 28th, 2k16!

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Jung An Tagen - Das Fest Der Reichen / Zweite Schicht / Die Hand Lässt Niemals Los

A complex, crystalline and well-fascinating first glimpse on the forthcoming "Das Fest Der Reichen" album produced by the musical act Jung An Tagen which is about to be released via Editions Mego in late October 2k16.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

baze.djunkiii Charts 10/2016

01. Mr. V - Something Wit Jazz *Remixes [Razor N Tape Reserve 013]
Yeah, House music! Stalwart producer Mr. V is remixed by Jimpster, Session Victim and The Planty Herbs on this beautiful green 12" record and what we get here is a piece that won't leave any dedicated DJ's crates for quite a while. Jimpster is serving a regular remix and is taking sweet DeepHouse pads and glitzy synth works on a ride down the fast lane whilst his 'Dub' mix comes across as a sweet take on late night DeepHouse for small'n'plushy underground venues located in red light districts, known to true genre connaisseurs only. On the flip we've got Session Victim exploring a more laid back DiscoHouse-infused vibe and finally The Planty Herbs deliver the most thrilling remix, bringing on the ultimate Phonk / Broken House tune for all those still loving Slim's "It's In The Mix" as well as Joakim's remix effort for Lionel Hampton's "Vibromatic" to death. Tunage detected!

02. Wassermann - Die Schallplatte [Protekt 003]
Sometimes it takes quite a while to embrace the magic of a specific record and this is surely what happened for me with Wassermann's "Die Schallplatte" which was released via the limited Kompakt offspring Protekt back in April 2k16. Including four mixes all kinda embracing the minimalist Wassermann-sound, apart from the so-called 'Vinyl Countdown Mix' which is quite a trippy take on haunting Ambient Techno crackles and spiralling, drug-induced echoes, this one is a tongue-in-cheek ode to vinyl records featuring catchy, yet strange and slightly robotic German vocal efforts that totally grew on me over time until I finally had to add this one to my collection for a reason.

03. Various Artists - An Anthology Of Turkish Experimental Music 1961 - 2014 [Sub Rosa 390]
Yes, it's true - I've already charted the CD version of this one, which came in as promo, in June but decided to add the vinyl version to my collection as well - so here we go again!

See review for details...

04. (ghost) - The First Time You Opened Your Eyes [Sound In Silence 031]
See review for details... 

05. Club Des Belugas - Nine [Glamjazz Records Promo]
See review for details... 

06. Panoptique Electrical - Disappearing Music For Face [Sound In Silence]
See review for details...

07. -

08. -

09. -

10. -

The Mouse Outfit feat. Fox, Sparkz, Tman + Jman - 007 *Dub Phizix Remix

Our man Dub Phizix does a lot of beat twisted damage with this massive remix. This tune is nothing but murderation!

Monday, October 03, 2016

Teruyuki Nobuchika - Still Air [Oktaf #13 Promo]

Recently put on the circuit via Oktaf is "Still Air", the third solo effort released by the Japanese artist and composer Teruyuki Nobuchika who is serving an array of eight track miniatures on this mini album of approx. 28 minutes length. Riding the waves of warm, mostly organic sounding Ambient textures in his productions, we see Mr. Nobuchika add comforting, vintage sounding crackles to the beautiful harmonies of the title track whilst relying on slightly off-kilter loop techniques in tunes like "Into The Silence" or "Le Reve". This general approach as well as adding panoramic layers of strings or piano referencing (Neo) Classical music every now and then is what perfectly characterizes the music featured on "Still Air" which defo will be a sweet addition to every dedicated collection of Ambient music this fall.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Soft Grid - Corolla [Antime 018 Promo]

After having already announced the arrival of Soft Grid's forthcoming album "Corolla" on Antime through posting the video for their massive tune "Herzog On A Bus", also the opener for this longplay piece, in late August we're now thrilled to check out the full five track piece which sits somewhat in between being an EP and a full longplay effort. Apart from the intense, super thrilling opening tune we see the subsequent "Hospital Floor" focusing on spine-tingling, multilayered vocal harmonies and innocent, in parts even tender and fragile, folksy instrumentation before immediately bursting into heavy riffing and wall of noise'esque Garage Rock towards the tune's end. The prominent 12+ minutes composition "Minus Planet" meanders in between calm, spaced out Indietronics, elements of feedback heavy PostRock and short sequences of dancey, fiddle-infused Folk harking back to ancient traditions. Inspecting "Two Barrels Of Oil" we'll find a blurred, slightly Lynch'esque sonic vision of some romantic quality whilst the title track bursts into a well-chromatic, playful array for advanced PostPunk dancefloors, filled with an audience fond of retrofuturistic synth bleeps and other sonic wizzardry. Nice and unique stuff, this is.