Friday, September 30, 2022

Nick Storring - Music From Wei [Orange Milk Records 161]

Released via US-based imprint Orange Milk Records on August 19th, 2k22 is "Music From Wei", the third full length album outing created by Toronto's Nick Storring for the label since his 2014 label-debut. Over the course of eight movements originally written for Yvonne Ng's dance performance piece "Wei" and a total playtime of roughly 49 minutes Mr. Storring explores a sonic realm derived from one single instrument alone - the piano, albeit several iterations of the instrument, multi-tracked, layered and intertwined. Upright, grand, prepared and unprepared, located in multiple venues, with a Disklavier in the mix somewhere, recorded through several microphones and devices, even getting up close and personal with the instruments mechanical aspects the result is a well capturing, oftentimes touching journey through the entire spectrum the piano can provide - from spatial single tone Ambient notions to buzzing, highly agitated sound waves, from dreamy passages to cascading crystalline sparkles, tender ambience bordering near silence as well as more twisted, alienated, even electroacoustic-leaning, somewhat droning sequences ("V") and fascinatingly stumbling, mechanical UltraPhonk which makes "VI" our favorite cut on this longplayer by far because it could easily and well fit into an Electronica- x Indietronica-focused DJ-set without sticking out as coming from a background that could be described as Modern Classical x Contemporary Classical for the acute lack of a better, more suitable genre drawer. Defo one to check out, this.

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Pakistan Techno Force & Cement Tea - Nuke Vol. 14 [Nuke The Planet 014 Promo]

Released via the still mysterious digital imprint that is Nuke The Planet as its 014 is "Nuke Vol. 14" , the first ever collaboration tune cooked up by the projects Pakistan Techno Force and Cement Tea. Joining forces in the studio they come up with what seems to be a lo-fi, yet well high speed version of a formerly popular style known as Crossbreed - better recognized and oftentimes referred to as a brutal and highly compressed amalgamation of Drum'n'Bass and Hardcore. Relentless in nature and filled to the brim with characteristic Crossbreed drum patterns "Nuke Vol. 14" certainly meets the structural criteria to live up the genres definition, yet seems to be a little too washed out, noisy and low end-lacking to fully resonate with a peaktime Crossbreed audience but is quite intense anyway.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jennifer Touch - Summerchild (Official Video)

Jennifer Touch provides a first taste of her forthcoming album with this brand new video and hits all neon-lit dancefloors with a massive bang. This one's as cold as a frosty winter night.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Tiefenrausch - Rauschzustand [Fischfresse 001 Promo]

Another new and ominous underground imprint on the digital circuit is Fischfresse which put out their 001 on September 1st, 2k22. Produced by Tiefenrausch the title track that is "Rauschzustand" harks back to mid-90s with a well tripping, hyperelastic AcidTrance x PsyTrance fusion monster attitude before the subsequent remix provided by Flensburg-based DJ Nightnoise drifts off into darker, trippier and more Progressive leaning territories well suitable for well illegal, UV-lit raves hidden way out in the woods. The original cut wins for us, though.

The Quilz - I Can't Sleep (Official Video)

Quite a catchy little SynthPop gem, this is. Once heard you won't get the bassline and melody out of your head for quite a while.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Ensemble Personal - Gleitzeit [Umland Records 060]

The Essen-based Umland Records imprint goes full on performance conceptual with their two tracks and roughly 13 minutes spanning new single release put together by the four piece group that is the Ensemble Personal. Originally intended to be used in a video-based hybrid live performance which would allow for the musicians invlvd to enter and open a musical dialogue with recordings of their own prior studio performance the two pieces on this CD release provide a sonic journey even without the context of a live setting with the opening title cut "Gleitzeit" catering a twangy, airy, chill and somewhat light-hearted, yet also Psychedelia-infused Exotica vibe whereas the deeper, nocturnal and certainly more tense "Emojis Zweiundzwanzig" immediately evokes memories of scores to legendary animated series like 'Pink Panther' due to its story telling, yet cheeky and Jazz-leaning nature. Defo a great standalone release on its own even though we're well curious how these cuts would sound when used in the way they were originally intended to.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Maya Bennardo - Four Strings [Kuyin 002]

Coming in from Sweden these days is Maya Bennardo's new album "Four Strings", the second full length release on Kristofer Svensson's label Kuyin. Put out on the circuit on September 16th, 2k22 this brand new release sees the NYC-based violin player tackling two extended compositions for solo performance. Whilst the opening "Duk Med Broderi Och Bordets Kant", written and composed by label head Kristofer Svensson, transports a stripped down and emotional, yet somewhat even folksy and traditionally nordic feel, shaped by an innate melancholia and divided by intended periods of silence brought to life by Maya Bernardo whose tender performance adds a certain familiarity to the sound of the piece's main motif, the subsequent title piece that is Eva-Maria Houben's "Four Strings" brings forth a rather minimalist and Minimal Music-leaning compositional approach, starting out from an angle of droning tones and working its way up towards airy, somewhat enchanted tenderness before falling back into an intense, electric and certainly vibrant droning overtone movements over its course of almost 27 minutes playtime. Defo one for the acquired musical taste of an avantgarde-informed audience, this.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Various Artists - Lefto Early Bird presents The Beauty Is Inside [BBE Music]

Put out on the compilation album circuit via the BBE Music camp on September 2nd, 2k22 is "The Beauty Is Inside", the latest hypereclectic selection of cuts put together by Belgium-based DJ and tastemaker Lefto. Covering a total of 19 tracks rolled out over a playtime of nearly 80 minutes Lefto combines the past, the present and the far future on this one, bringing together names from all genres and every corner in the world, including praised Ethopian artist Alemayehu Eshete, Chicago's Juke x Footwork player DJ Spinn and many more. Starting from a point of (Neo)Cosmic-infused Spoken Word ambience provided by Ain't About Me's "Watching Tarot Card XVI Come To Life" the compilation album develops and meanders like a properly produced radio show with the musical thread drifting off into complex Modern x Contempory Jazz realms with Pedro Ruy-Blas & Dolores' "Membrillo", is touching base with string-laden, UK Urban-infused Future Soul in Iman Houssein's "Their Eyes" whilst exploring classy BrokenBeat goodness in tunes like Qur’an Shaheed's "Thrive", bringing forth dope, Skweee-leaning beat science with "OK Dan" produced by Trian Kayhatu whilst providing polished, hyperfuturist Crime Scene Rave vibes with Regal68's "Parado En La Esquina" before Igor Jadranin's "NUB" is introducing a killer fusion of raw breakbeat loops and epic vintage synths whereas Elisa Bee's "A Sun That Never Goes Down" is aiming to bring stab-heavy Breakstep action back to peaktime dancefloors of the world just to name a few. Highly diverse, this, and therefore recommended to all non genre-fixated fans of all things electronic music and beyond. Go check.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Marc Baron & Jean-Philippe Gross - Black, Pink And Yellow Noises [Eich 005]

Put out on the circuit on September 16th, 2k22 via the still relatively fresh Eich imprint is "Black, Pink And Yellow Noises" - the first longplay studio collaboration conceived by the duo of Marc Baron and Jean-Philippe Gross. Rolled out over the course of 35 minutes and a total of twenty pieces for tape and electronics the duo caters a set of grinding, highly experimental soundscapes x collage pieces comprised of digital Noize, brooding granular movements, cut-ups and deconstructed, decontextualized samples, looped RoboPhonk sequences as well as influences taken from Illbient, Plunderphonics, collage, a general sense of lingering dystopia infused by war and brutalism, all falling into place to create an intense, partially suffocating and surely hard to grasp sonic journey which isn't for the weak-heartened but, even more so after repeated listening sessions, well rewarding for headstrong connaisseurs and explorers of the outer fringes of experimental electronic music, especially when it comes to the spine-tingling sci-fi atmosphere of "B6", the Einstürzende Neubauten-resembling meditative minimalism of "P1" or the ever escalating, accelerating whirlwind of "P3", the hostile and twisted HarshNoize of "P5" whereas "P8" even dives deep into near-static DarkAmbient, "Y1" goes full on arctic with its traces of icy winds and deeply frozen landscapes before the violent pulses of "Y5" wreak havoc on every single braincell still intact within the individual listener. Go check.

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Friday, September 23, 2022

The D3VI7 - 222 Dub [Dizzy Tunes Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit on June 17th, 2k22 via the ever active label that is Dizzy Tunes is "222 Dub", the latest eight track album cooked up by no-one less than The D3VI7 himself in his hellbound studio. Opening with "Sun Stroke" the underground producer caters deep and tender, beautifully arranged ProtoTrance-vibes for Ambient dancefloors followed by the washed out, spatial DubTechno arrangement of the subsequent cut that is "Amazonas" before "Feeling" presents an emotional amalgamation of stripped down TechHouse and early morning Trance for those who've been around on the dancefloor since the early 90s and "Smooth Landing" provides more of a stripped down, yet trippy and sci-fi leaning Intelligent Techno approach which would've been a perfect addition to Richie Hawtin & John Acquaviva's 'X-Mix-3 Enter: Digital Reality!' compilation way back in the 90s. Furthermore the quadruple set of subsequently numbered cuts "Fahrenheit 3_0" to "Fahrenheit 3_3" which occupies the second half on this album drifts from perfectly arranged and dubbed out Ambient x Armchair Techno to floating, dreamy exercises, full on Ambient journeys backed by slightly electroid flavours and beyond, providing a beautiful soundtrack to the exploration of one's innermost spheres whilst actually hovering 3 inches above the actual dancefloor. Lovely.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

User87742587412 - Oha EP [User Recordings 042 Promo]

The well mysterious and cryptic User Recordings imprint is back with their 42nd digital release which was put out on the digital circuit on August 15th, 2k22. Produced by the semi-anonymous User87742587412 we see the opening title track "Oha" bringing forth bubbly, spiralling and well hypnotic raw peak time Acid goodness followed by "Border" which is more of tripping, ever so sonically morphing trip into the subatomic realms provided by an amorphous rotating sculpture made out of polished chrome, fueled by raw hi-hat attacks and alien communication attempts. Deep.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Lawrence English - Approach [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Australian Room40-imprint on September 23rd, 2k22 is "Approach", Lawrence English's love letter to and imaginery score for Yoshihisa Tagami's 'Grey', one of the first manga series translated and made available outside of Japan and one that left a lasting impression with the young artist x producer x label head to be. Now, 33 years after reading 'Grey' for the first time, Mr. English's homage to Tagami's groundbreaking work is an album, 37 minutes and twelve tracks deep, starting with icy winds blowing over from afar, setting the scene for a derelict dystopia, evolving into scenic, yet still somewhat greyscale'ish or washed out Deep Listening Music x Ambient vibes in pieces like "Approach II: The Doll", provides glacial, partially glistening and angelic movements in "Approach IV: Shidara" before turning fully tectonic in "Approach V: First Encounter" and "Approach VII: Nagoshi" whereas "Approach X: The City" even touches base with cold, hostile Noize and "Approach XI: Toy" finally provides a glimpse of hope and relief with its crackling, hyperminimalist attitude and faint harmonic elements lost deep within the mix. Defo one to check out - even for those not familiar with Yoshihisa Tagami's work.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Juhani Silvola - Wolf Hour Roundelay [Shhpuma 072]

Sent to our postbox straight from the Norwegian headquarters of the artist himself is "Wolf Hour Roundelay", the latest album by Finnish-Norwegian guitar player Juhani Silvola and his first ever longplay piece released via the Portuguese imprint that is known as Shhpuma. Put out on the circuit in June of 2k22 the nine tracks and roughly 37 minutes spanning release sees Mr. Silvola embark on a journey into sonic territories solely created by a combination of prepared acoustic guitar and electronics described by the artist himself as an approach to 'speculative sonic archeology' and basically coming down to a sparse and stripped down array of tender, inward-looking and slightly off-kilter - hence: prepared acoustic guitar - late night meditations on his instrument, partly twangy, partly chiming and oftentimes experimental, especially in standout cuts like the somewhat electroacoustic Post Post-DesertBlues incarnation of "World Of Wings And Mirages" whereas the subsequent title track evolves from a tender exercise into an array of hypnotic, trance-inducing motifs with a slightly ritual twist, "The Eternal Present" explores deeply dubbed out territories, the droning, spine-tingling "Night Song From The Canopy" summons mysterious spirits from the outerworld and emulates eerie, yet seductive siren songs with seemingly bowed strings before "Procession (Infinite Regress)" sees a sparse, somewhat ritual loop of plucked guitar tones spinning off into eternity whilst being accompanied by a second layer built off of an additional twangy melodic motif as a leading thread in this one just to name a few. Deep Listening Music for those in the know.

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 09/2k22

Monday, September 19, 2022

Zark - 1 [Zarkon Records 001 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit on August 1st, 2k22 is "1", the first ever two-track single on the artist run imprint that is Zarkon Records. With the opener "1.1" we see Zark brings forth somewhat elastic, well shaped bassdrums paired with a distinct take on percussion-based minimalism which provides a flashback to the sound of labels like Klang Elektronik in their early days whereas the subsequent follow up that is "2.1" takes on a high speed approach to low end-focused, dry and well bleepy Minimal Techno experimentation that's rarely ever to be found these days. Defo a bang0r, this.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Szorstkie - Szorstkie [Gusstaff Records Promo]

The Polish imprint Gusstaff Records comes at us with yet another Covid19-influenced longplayer these days. Released on September 16th, 2k22 "Szorstkie", seemingly the first ever album by the trio of the same whose name roughly translates to 'rough' or 'harsh', rolls out a total of eight new cuts over the course of approx. 35 minutes, which are fully living up to the bands name, providing a truly apocalyptic sense of doom and cosmic horrors fed by an array of heavy, muscular war drums, droning atmospheres and dense, ever intensifying layer of electronics, guitars and their feedbacks, all merging into a whirling, soul-consuming maelstrom of Noize-infused evil, a brooding wall-of-sound able to intimidate armies and flatten entire cities like an Industrial- / NoizeRock-leaning iteration of the ancient horns of Jericho. This is 100% sonic terror that's about to tear the faint-hearted apart and induce and implement years and years of scary nightmares in everyone else. Heavy. Intense. Brutal.

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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Yanna Momina - Afar Ways [Glitterbeat Records]

The Glitterbeat Records camp is back with a new issue of their 'Hidden Musics' series, the 10th of this series, unearthing a new gem that most Westerners and even most African people might never have heard of. The labels new release is the Ian Brennan produced album "Afar Ways" by Yanna Momina, recorded in a stilt-hut on the horn of Africa with the incoming tide playing an essential, and actually physical, role in contributing to the albums atmosphere whilst a set of friends and musicians took care of sparse percussions and other stripped down backings. The result of this recording session is a unique, spine-tingling journey into mostly unchartered sonic territories starting with the hypnotic, space-time defying and yet somewhat danger-heralding bass notes and vocal performance of the opener "Every One Knows I Have Taken A Young Lover", progressing into the traditional call-and-response approach of the title track "Afar Ways" and the more uptempo acoustic guitar backed jam that is "Honey Bee" whereas both "For My Husband" and "The Donkey Doesn't Listen" follow a traditional rural African approach with Yanna Momina's unique voice riding atop a minimal Tribal rhythm signature before the closing a capella rendition of "My Family Won't Let Me Marry The Man I Love (I Am Forced To Wed My Uncle)" provides a sense of the social realities of the Afar people even if one does not understand their language. Quite an intriguing longplay experience, this. Go check.

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Friday, September 16, 2022

Nitrogene - People [La Bomba Recordings 009 Promo]

Released via La Bomba Recordings on August 30th, 2k22 is Nitrogene's "People", the second single produced by the project for the digital imprint. Whilst the opening tune that is "People" brings forth some dark, pumping underground House grooves garnished with deep emotional pads, an ever modulating 'troity, yet somewhat percussive main sequence and uplifting flute loops we see the subsequent "Sashiko" travel back in time, taking dancefloors all the way to 1994 when gooey, elastic and ever evolving AcidTrance ruled the world - and still should do today. Massive.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Cyprien Busolini & Bertrand Gauguet - Miroir [Akousis Records 004]

Released on September 5th, 2k22 via the the still relatively fresh imprint Akousis Records as their 004 is "Miroir", the first full length collaboration album cooked up by Cyprien Busolini and Bertrand Gauguet on their respective instruments, viola and alto saxophone which they usually explore in a context oftentimes referred to as 'new music'. Split in two extended pieces - "Oscillation" and "Vacillation" - which together span a little more than 53 minutes in total the two artists create ever meandering, tentative streams of music working their way up from droning minimalism and an ultimate Deep Listening Music approach to slowly emerging harmonic elements, breaking down to near silence and going through a similar, yet intensely stripped down, cycle once again within the first piece whereas the second extended cut immerses the listener even deeper in a full amalgamation of Minimal Music and abstract Contemporary Classical before evolving into a seductive song of sirens with temporary klaxon'esque peaks and well yearning, melancholia-infused movements which bring forward the most tender side of the duos conjunctional work. Defo one for undisturbed and focused ncoturnal consumption, this.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Andreas Davids & Sven Phalanx - Alpha-Alarm [Infacted Recordings Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via Infacted Recordings most recently is "Alpha-Alarm", the latest collaborational studio effort cooked up by Andreas Davids & Sven Phalanx which at the same time functions as a teaser for their forthcoming album. Opening with "Alpha-Alarm *Club Mix" the pair of artists starts off with unsettling sirens and apocalyptic atmospheres which pave the way for a bass heavy, somewhat EDM-infused Industrial war smash whereas "Alpha-Alarm *Stahlschlag Remix" provides total dancefloor destruction via hyper-compressed bassdrum terror and a catchy, yet intense main motif for the cybergoth crowd, a trail on which the so-called "Alpha-Alarm *Evil House Mix By Greyhound" continues with a denser, more intimidating attitude. Furthermore "Das Mittlere Auge *Phasenmensch Remix" causes havoc with a distinct reverberating Techno attitude accompanied by ever morphing atmospheres and occasional sci-fi sweeps, "Alpha-Alarm *Minimal" embodies future warfare to the fullest in stripping off all the beats to leave us with nothing but an epic cinematic soundscape before the closing cut named "Mondbasis Delta-4 *Reprise" brings on some crystalline cosmic ambience which immediately brings to mind classic vintage sci-fi flics like "The Andromeda Strain" and the likes of. Go check.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The D3VI7 - Berlin EP [Dancefloor Socialism 014 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via Dancefloor Socialism as the labels 014 on July 1st, 2k22 is the "Berlin EP", a new two track single cooked up by no-one less than The D3VI7 himself. Opening with "Berlin" The D3VI7 pairs hammering, reverberating Business Techno with underground rave aspects once brought forward by the likes of Emmanuel Top  whereas the subsequent "Forbidden Love" presents a massive - and most beauteous - fusion of dreamy Ambient Trance melodies and an absolute gorefest of fast-paced, hard hitting bassdrum barrage and therefore is our absolute favorite on this one - not only for its hypercliche HardTrance breakdown. A big tune this.

Monday, September 12, 2022

E Millar & Christof Kurzmann - Rare Entertainment [Mystery & Wonder 009]

Put out on the circuit via the Montreal-based imprint that is Mystery & Wonder as their 009 on August 7th, 2k22 is "Rare Entertainment", the first ever collaboration album created by Austrian improviser Christof Kurzmann in conjunction with Australo-Canadian sound artist Elizabeth Millar under her shortened musical moniker that is E Millar. Over the course of roughly 50 minutes the pair provides two individual long form pieces which are broken up into five and two individual parts respectively, brought to life by an entire arsenal of sound sources including amplified clarinet, fans, motors, lloopp (what?), voice and non-specified objects as the inlay of this limited edition release reveals. The sonic result of this cooperation, live recorded on a festival site in Montreal on June 17th, 2k19, is quite a fascinating journey into hyperatmospheric Deep Listening Music built on a foundation of ever droning subs which provide a solid, oftentimes brooding bed-plate for microtonal clarinet, filtered and morphing digital scrapings as well brittle, airy and most fragile, partially even Apocalyptic Folk-leaning vocals, provide tectonic low end shifts or extended nocturnal trips into the realm of Dark Ambient and highly detailed, multi-layered minimalism with a slightly melancholia-infused twist which adds an extra deep layer of heartfelt, spine-tingling beauty and even drifts into comforting hyperminimalist Post-PostRock for a closing. Defo a highly recommended one for a reason. Go check!

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Sunday, September 11, 2022

16.09.2022 20 Jahre Schaubude - Budengeburtstag @ Schaubude / Kiel

timetabe live:
2030 Rio Bravo
2115 Zycho
2215 Tot

timetable decks:
0000 BOAH! / Best Of Awesome Hits
0200 baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Combat Dubs] - UK Garage Classics

Legienstrasse 40
24103 Kiel

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents JDB. Vol. 12 @ CuttersChoiceRadio / London, UK (05.09.2022)

Friday, September 09, 2022

Guillaume Loizillon - Collapsus [Trace Label 058]

Another fresh one put out by the Trace Label on September 2nd, 2k22 is "Collapsus", the latest conceptual longplay outing conceived by Paris-based producer x composer Guillaume Loizillon who initially created a bunch of experimental electronic sequences who were then sent out as source material to a plethora of artists including Quentin Rollet, Laurent Saiet, Blaise Merlin and others with the idea to use those as building blocks to create some kind of 'Ambient Carbonic Techno' initially. The result, a fourteen tracks and roughly 64 minutes spanning album piece, presents a well fascinating amalgamation of explorative, friendly Electronica with a spin which somehow reminds us of the early days of, oftentimes psychedelic, electronic composition in combination with a certain Pop or at least harmonic sensibility, several layers of Spoken Words, beautiful tripping synth tones and an overall feel combining the best, most chill and most playful characteristics of labels like Digital Kranky, Rephlex and - for a most recent reference - Pingipung within one highly enjoyable journey which even touches base with genres like ChillOut, deep Future Jazz, Psychedelia or even Easy Listening at times. Defo one album to put on on repeat on a chill autumnal evening, probably as a well received and appreciated soundtrack for deep, candle-lit conversations with one of your closest friends. Most beautiful. Recommended.

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Thursday, September 08, 2022

Bastien Keb - Organ Recital [Gearbox Records]

Put out on the circuit via Gearbox Records on July 22nd, 2k22 is "Organ Recital", the second album produced for the label by Bastien Keb and his fourth overall since his longplay debut in 2k15. With a total of 15 new songs rolled out over a total playtime of 40 minutes the British artist delves deep into a world of tender, fragile and heartfelt Future Soul that follows the well atmospheric, trippy and enchanted opening ambience of "The World Creaks Pt 2", partly interrupted by instrumental, slightly warped and off-kilter dancefloor bangors like "You Alright, Mike", jazzed out, highly urbanized TripHop cuts like the well recommended loop affair that is "Stillmore" whereas songs like the smokey "Glass" provide a proper, intimate take on Leftfield Pop x Backpack Folk for lovers whilst tunes like "Joyeux Noelle" or "Ambers" even showcase score'esque qualities in Mr. Keb's musical work. One for those that still hold labels like Lex Records or Anticon. in high regard, this.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Gintas K - Mountains, Runlets, Caves & Cascades [Gk Rec 006]

Coming in all the way from Lithuania is Gintas Kraptavicius' - a.k.a. Gintas K - new album "Mountains, Runlets, Caves & Cascades" which has been released as a limited to 100 copies CD edition on the artist run imprint Gk Rec as the labels 006. Released on August 13th, 2k22 and originally recorded back in 2k20 the six tracks and roughly 47 minutes spanning longplayer once again sees the Lithuanian experimentalist employ his tested and proven setup of computer, midi keyboard and controller to perform a deep dive into hyperdetailed and partially hypergranular flow composition. With the opening set of tunes subsequently named "Mountains, Runlets, Caves & Cascades #1 - #5" and the additional closing tune "Eastern Bells" Gintas K provides a well minimalist view on spatial, cavernous DarkAmbient atmospheres accompanied by chiming, ever busy and moving, partially glitched out background motifs as well as sweeping filters and the occasional hard hitting, yet heavily reprocessed percussion burst, probably generated from originally field recorded sounds that bring to mind bands like Einstürzende Neubauten in their "Kollaps" phase whereas the rest of the album would rather apply to those deeply entrenched in the sounds of artists like Yves De Mey, Aleph-1, Oval, Shapednoise, Aube and other producers of partially Glitch-leaning Deep Listening Avantgarde Music of electronic origin. Good stuff. Check.

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

TRAKA feat. Killa P - Straight Wheel Up

Beats, rhymes and raw tension. That's all it takes.

Hainbach - Syn-Ket Studien (Full Album)

Monday, September 05, 2022

05.09.2022 baze.djunkiii presents JDB. Vol. 12 @ CuttersChoiceRadio / London, UK (2300 GMT+1)

baze.djunkiii makes a return to the British pirate radio x webradio circuit on a super short note, seeing an exclusive hour long DJ Mix of Jungle x Breakbeat x Drum'n'Bass tunes aired via London-based station CuttersChoiceRadio tonite to send y'all on a trip down memory lane in the first official week of meteorological fall. As usual baze.djunkiii is on a 100% vinyl tip with this one, mixing rare classics with more contemporary bits for your personal junglist pleasure. Get locked.

Transmission will start at 2200 London time which makes it 2300 GMT+1 for the rest of continental Europe and whatever time it is in your specific area. Get locked!

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: Jungle / Drum'n'Bass

transmission starts: 2200 GMT+1

get locked via CuttersChoiceRadio

UK + the global internet

Sunday, September 04, 2022

Dead Cat In A Bag - We've Been Through [Gusstaff Records]

Scheduled for release via the Polish staple that is Gusstaff Records on September 16th, 2k22 with a vinyl version to follow supposedly in January 2k23 is "We've Been Through", the fourth album release by Italian band outfit Dead Cat In A Bag and their second one on the label. With ten brand new songs rolled out over the course of approx. 37 minutes Dead Cat In A Bag present a quite surprising, if not to say astounding, musical variation we'd never have expected to pop up on Gusstaff Records in a gazillion years - heavy, old time'ish and surely whiskey-infused Blues Rock. At least this is what the aptly named opening tune "The Cat Is Dead" hits us with immediately before the subsequent "From here" is adding a more tender, somewhat melancholic and Balkan-infused touch to the recipe, the raw, unpolished vocal performance of "Evil Plans" plays right into the realm of classic Americana and the untamed outlaw attitude oftentimes related to the genres story telling which makes this one a personal favorite on the album whereas the "Hunter's Lullaby" presents a rural, intimate, authentic and well nocturnal minimalism in Blues and "The Duet For Nothing" even weighs in an electrified, hard hitting vibe and hypermodernist attitude for a change that might be one of the most intense Blues cuts you're about to hear in 2k22. Well interesting and defo one to listen to with a bottle of bourbon or rye at hand. Go check.

Saturday, September 03, 2022

Konstrukt & Peter Brötzmann - Dolunay [Karlrecords 094 Promo]

It's been August again so Karlrecords followed up on their schedule of releasing a Konstrukt album each year, this time seeing the Turkish collective teaming up with FreeJazz icon and legend Peter Brötzmann. Put out on the circuit on August 26th, 2k22 "Dolunay", as the name of their longplayer is, presents a set of eight tunes rolled out over the course of roughly 58 minutes, originally recorded in November 2008 and released on the obscure, and now long defunct, local Turkish label Re:Konstrukt in 2011. Now made available for an international audience for the first time ever this re-issue presents the hyperdense, intense and partially draining side of FreeJazz / Improv - at least for the untrained and unfocused ear - in which Mr. Brötzmann rides along and atop a gazillion sonic events a.k.a. an impenetrable wall of drums for the most part even though pieces like "Kurtlar" offer at least a few stripped down and somewhat minimalist sequences before, once again, bursting into full on thundering drum chaos and oftentimes shrieking saxophone madness. Don't play this one to an unsuspecting BarJazz lover - and neither to your infant child!

Friday, September 02, 2022

Kim Myhr - Sympathetic Magic [Hubro Music]

Released on August 12th, 2k22 via his Norwegian homebase that is the Hubro Music label is "Sympathetic Magic", the latest, almost 73 minutes spanning, full length album by composer x guitar player Kim Myhr who, alongside sonic contributions by a plethora of artists including Ingar Zach and Adrian Myhr amongst others, focuses his work around the sound of the Yamaha YC45d organ from the 70s which provides a subtle presence and a warm, well textured counterpoint to the isolation induced by pandemic situation the album, like many others, came to fruition in. Throughout the entire set of seven mostly extended pieces Myhr and his fellow musicians explore a certain blurred and washed out, oftentimes Psychedelia-infused and somewhat even hippie'esque Pop sensitivity paired with omnipresent vintage vibes, elements of Post-Shogaze and a gritty, yet organic and comforting warmth which evolves into meandering PostRock goodness in pieces like "Move The Rolling Sky" whereas "Iridiscent" explores glistening, scintillating Ambient x (Neo)Cosmic minimalisms whereas the closing "Heart Streams" even touches base with tender meandering KrautRock vibes just to name a few. Quite an unusual, yet at the same time well suitable release for the Hubro Music camp.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Jerome Noetinger - Sur Quelques Mondes Etranges [Gagarin Records Promo]

Set for release via the famed Gagarin Records imprint on September 2nd, 2k22 is "Sur Quelques Mondes Etranges", the most recent album outing by the ever active French sound artist Jerome Noetinger who's been active on the circuit at least since 1992 when his first single was put out via Metamkine, a long standing operation the artist played an essential role in. Rolled out over a 2LP vinyl set with eleven tracks and twelve accompanying locked grooves Noetinger, alongside Hamburg-based studio wizard and producer Tobias Levin, once again follows his path of tape manipulation and Musique Concrete, evoking an undeniably Proto-Industrial and well threatening feel with his oftentimes collage'esque compositions which seem to be created from manipulated and reprocessed found sounds for the most part, garnished with additional space fx and spatial tape echo vibes in pieces like "Hemizygote" whilst exploring ultra minimalist, protocomputational pulses and eerie scrapings in the subsequent "Critique De L'Effacement" which builds up towards a noisy, well nerve-wrecking climax whereas "Le Bouffon Moderne" dabbles with warped, earth-shaking low end rumblings as well as an overall aesthetic somewhat reminiscent of Felix Kubin's former Klangkrieg project or diving into creaking, looped nocturnal horrors with "White Horse Against UFO's" which might be one of our favorite cuts on this album - not only but in parts due to its excellent title. Probably speaking to a limited, highly avantgarde-leaning audience but defo an interesting one to check out if things like tape manipulation and Musique Concrete are on your radar anyway.