Thursday, September 30, 2010

Illamasqua meets X Mal Deutschland

Just flying in via email from Anja Huwe, former lead vocalist of the infamous band outfit X Mal Deutschland , is the news that their song "Morning (Will There Really Be)" taken from the bands 1987-released album "Viva" will and is be used in the new "Art Of Darkness" film, shot by and for the London based cosmetics brand Illamasqua which are promoting their autmunm / winter collection 2010 of the same name with this video. Illamasqua also featured an interview with Anja Huwe on their website, introducing her as member of their art team.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Supershirt & Captain Capa - Tote Tiere [Audiolith Promo]

A new project unleashed via Audiolith Records is a collectors series of split-7"es coming up under the project name of "Singles Club" and featuring two Audiolith-artists each. Responsible for the first one entitled "Tote Tiere" are Supershirt and Captain Capa, both relatively fresh additions to the labels family. Whilst Supershirt are exploring the fields of glitzy, but tongue-in-cheek AutotunePop with their track "Dein Monster", Captain Capa do work hard on their vision of IndieElectro that comes up with a quite epic attitude this time, ready to rock your regular local Indie-crowd well. And btw - big up for bringing the 7" format back to the labels catalogue after a long long break.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shaping Elements: Poker Flat Recordings Vol. 8 [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]

Recently released via Poker Flat Recordings is their 8th label compilation entitled "Shaping Elements". Although the double 12" edition including six exclusive tracks by the likes of Donnacha Costello, Steve Bug and others has been reviewed on these pages a while ago it is now about time to take a further look on the double CD edition. Whilst CD1 contains a ten track selection of tracks - two exclusives plus eight from the labels back catalogue and including such future classics as Lawrence's remix of Donnacha Costello's "Leaving Berlin" or the extremely underrated "Ghosts" by Berkson & What -, all picked and compiled by Mr. Steve Bug himself, we see Jay Tripwire on duty when it comes to CD2. Being a household name within the north american and international scene he pumps a fine blend of 22 tracks, seemlessly woven into a deep floating trip of a DJ-set that easily takes clubbers and homelisteners to a new dimension - a place in space where Intelligent Techno originally stems from, a place that should be home to all of us punters worldwide.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Adam Brat feat. Dazzled Kid - Twist Your Nipples

Also scheduled for release on october 1st and for sure an interesting variation of your regular GhettoBass. Enjoy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

01.10.2010 Technopunkt @ Docks / Hamburg

01.10.2010 Technopunkt @ Docks / Hamburg

01.10.2010 Technopunkt @ Docks / Hamburg


James Nidecker [Strøm Recordings / Amsterdam - 1st time in Hamburg!]
Phly [Superstition / Purgatory]
baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / ByteFM]

doors: 11 PM
fee: 5.00 €

Spielbudenplatz 19
20359 Hamburg St. Pauli

Torpedo Boyz - Ich Bin Ausländer (Leider Zum Glück)

This is the new single taken off the recent Torpedo Boyz album "Return Of The Ausländers" due for release on october 1st.

Playlist: 23.09.2010 baze.djunkiii presents: Adventures In DeepHouse @ ByteFM


23.09.2010 baze.djunkiii presents: Adventures In DeepHouse @ ByteFM

transmission started: 22.09.2010 / 23.59 GMT+1

transmission ended: 23.09.2010 / 03.00 GMT+1

00.00 - 01.00

1. Ogguere - La Revolucion Del Cuerpo Pt. 1 *Skinner’s Owiney Sigoma Mix [Brownswood Recordings]
2. Garsaaidi - Frank Zaffa *Sequel’s Dream Mix [Compost Recordis 110]
3. Smooth Society - Escape From A Restless World *Frankman RMX [Auris Recordings]
4. Ryo Murakami - Off The Wall [Dessous Recordings 095 Promo]
5. Roberto Fonseca - Rezando *Michel Cleis Extended Remix [Brownswood Recordings]
6. Claire Ripley - Labyrinth [Dessous Recordings 089 Promo]
7. Moodymanc - Snore *Dubba Dub [Dessous Recordings 088 Promo]
8. & Jonas - Porte Regal [Desolat X 006]
9. Blaze - Lovely Ones [Life Line Recordings Promo]

01.00 - 02.00

1. Martinez - Maresias [Moon Harbour Recordings]
2. Martinez - Memorial [Moon Harbour Recordings]
3. 40 Thieves feat. Qzen - Don’t Turn it Off *Greg Wilson Version [Tirk 059]
4. Curses! - The Deep End *The Holy Ghost! Day School Dub [Institubes]
5. Phonique feat. Ian Whitelaw & Meitz - Worked It Out *Charles Webster’s First Remix [Dessous Recordings 073 Promo]
6. Phonique feat. Ian Whitelaw - Our Time Our Chance *Wahoo Remix [Dessous Recordings 096 Promo]
7. [ESPERANZA 010 Whitelabel]
8. T.F.X. - Deep Inside *US Remix [Stealth Records]
9. Marco Passarani - Again [Peacefrog]

02.00 - 03.00

1. Acos Coolkas - Intergalactic Train *Original Version [Force Tracks 076 Whitelabel]
2. Modern Walker & Urban Absolutes - No Problem [Ladies & Gentlemen 004 Promo]
3. Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence *Ewan Pearson Extended Remix [Mute Records]
4. Martin Landsky - Monitor One [Poker Flat Recordings 110]
5. Marco Passarani - Criticize [Peacefrog]
6. Shake Shakir - Frenchie [Frictional Recordings 015]
7. DJ Shuffle - Artist *Kalle-M Supergroove Mix [Vuo Records 001]
8. St. Sebastian - Dirt Bag Dirty Jay *Phonique Remix [Dessous Classics 001 Promo]
9. Sylk 130 - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life *S-Man’s Horny Dub [Ovum Recordings / Six Degrees]
10.Sylk 130 - When The Funk Hits The Fan *Mood II Swing Vocal Mix [Ovum Recordings / Six Degrees]

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

30.09.2010 Platinum Garage @ Spice / Hamburg

file under: UK Garage

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / ByteFM]

doors: 9 P.M.

Juliusstrasse 29
22769 Hamburg

Phonique vs Tigerskin - Longdrink E.P. [Ladies & Gentlemen 006 Promo]

Forthcoming via Ladies & Gentlemen as their 006 is a split-12" - how long haven't we seen this concept of two artists sharing one disc? - of Phonique, long term production talent and mastermind of this label, and Tigerskin. Whilst Phonique provides two classic sounding House tunes of top notch quality which are serving a percussion driven attitude and funky ass basslines plus - this goes for the title track "Longdrink" - a nice oldskool'ish melody hook that could be taken off the highly productive mid 90s era, it's Tigerskin that digs deep in his Disco crates and comes up with two glitzy variations of quite uplifting DiscoHouse - a style that went a bit out of the main focus throughout the last decade but still is able to provide some good vibrations plus is appealing to an audience much wider than the electronic music purists. It's way too early to see these two tunes as the forecast of a revival but I think they'll well open some ears again.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

L.O.E.P. - Don't Stop EP [Super 6 Records 056.5]

Another fresh one on Super 6 Records is L.O.E.P.'s four track E.P. entitled "Don't Stop" which provides glitzy, high quality ElectroHouse for all lovers of the genre. Especially the title track sticks out as it contains a vocal sample from the legendary HipHouse-tune "White Lines" by Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel but tracks like the ultra uplifting, piano-driven "SRetro Files" are well able to work the crowd so these tunes are not to be missed if you're about to spin some prime time slots these days.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Nightnoise - Startup Mode Selector EP [Super 6 Records 056]

Fresh on the circuit via Super 6 Records is latest release of Flensburg-based Nightnoise entitled "Startup Mode Selector", a quite experimental piece of Techno featuring normal and double time bassdrum parts, growling synth basslines and other on/off percussions plus short melodic pieces clearly influenced by PsyTrance, all arranged like they were directly taken off a spontaneous live jam. Remixes are provided by Michael Schwarz - rough, dark, loop-driven PsyTech - and Sascha Müller, who provides a banging, merciless HardTechno relick that isn't keeping much of the original but turns the whole thing into noisy, brain destroying tool for the hard stomping crew.

Sascha Müller - Gefahrenzone / Painkiller [Chillzone Records]

Sascha Müller is back with two brand new tracks on Chillzone Records. Whilst "Gefahrenzone" can be described as tense and intense fusion of thrilling Acid and so-called Intelligent Techno that is about to drive exhausted ravers mad in early morning sets, "Painkiller" is on a acidic tip as well but serves a set of dark, slow'ish Downbeat / Illbient-flavored beats for those who can stand such a trip. If you still love and remember Fauna Flash's legendary three track E.P. released as 015 of Compost Records and featuring tracks such as "Poly Ply Plus" and "Please... May I Sniff Your Klompen Kloqqen" you'll defo love this tune as well. Check.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Glamour To Kill - Creatures Without Soul [Pale Music Int. 050 Promo]

Forthcoming via Pale Music Int. on october, 2nd is the third longplay album straight out of the studio of Glamour To Kill. Entitled "Creatures Without Soul" the triple pack of artists are exploring fields somewhat in between ElectroWave, Indie and Punk-influences, serving an energy fueled fourteen track power pack about to set not only your local dancefloor on fire. One to be loved and appreciated by many, sexy as fuck and hopefully one to be crossing over into the realm of mainstream recognition. They surely deserve it, not only due to their ingenious remake of Visage's uberhit "Fade To Grey".

Kill The Dandies! - I Saw White Fields [Pale Music Int. 046 Promo]

All those who like their Rock'n'Roll dirty, psyched out and Noise-driven are recommended to check "I Saw white Fields" by Kill The Dandies, recently brought to you via Pale Music Int. . And although their roots in 60's music are well recognizable it's obvious that Kill The Dandies are not here to copycat the oldschool as their use of modern aesthetics plays an essential role in their music as influences from Wave and even some Grunge are to be found here, alongside pieces that might work well as psychotic road movie soundtrack - see "Mohawk" - and more eclectic tunes. Plus: Even Cherie of Warren Suicide drops by for a feature, which might be interesting for all those ElectroClash followers. Not recommended if your going through detox tortures, coze this album might seriously spoil your brain then.

23.09.2010 Platinum Garage @ Bacana / Hamburg

file under: UK Garage

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Byte.FM ]

doors: 8 P.M.

Bellealliancestrasse 52
20529 Hamburg

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Phonique - Perfect Stranger [Dessous Recordings 098 Promo]

Fresh on the promo circuit via Dessous Recordings is Phonique's latest 12" named "Perfect Stranger", taken off his latest album "Kissing Strangers". Whilst the original cut sets the House crowd on fire with massive stabs, short vocal snippets and a quite nerve wrenching melody built out of bit crushed high tones, we see Guti on remix duties serving a decent, percussive and very hypnotic workout that is well referring to his South American roots. On the flip Phonogenic and Sasse are teaming up for another additional remix, speeding up a bit, using sharp hi-hats for additional drive and adding up a quite ravey attitude as their work is well focused on the dark stabs and the use of an ever evolving acidic modulation in the second part of their refix. Defo a good one.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alex Flatner & Lopazz - Dinosaurs [Poker Flat Recordings 114 Promo]

Upcoming via Poker Flat Recordings is the tune "Dinosaurs" by Alex Flatner & Lopazz, remixed by Paul Woolford on the flip. Whilst the original version comes up as thrilling uptempo TechHouse-tune, driven by forcing hi-hat figures, some weird vocals snippets, endless climaxing and a small melody that is hidden in the very background of the mix, nearly inaudible but still there like some kind of ghost sound. Mr. Woolford's "Mannheim Beatdown Remix" does not refer to the slow, original Beatdown sound of motor city but focuses on a more percussive variation of the original, mixing up a kind of jazzy drum abuse with typical MinimalTechno effects, creating tension but not giving release up to its very end. That job has to be done by the next record played out.

New Concept - Stomp [Esox Music]

Although New Concept's seven track E.P. "Stomp!", their third official release, has originally been released in 2008 it was sitting in my P.O. box only yesterday, providing a mixture of epic kitsch, radio-friendly Pop and obvious influences from 80s SynthPop and all those bands walking paths between mainstream and the so-called Wave-/Goth-scene overground, a true crossover product for sure, but one that is still searching for a musical direction and can only provide a snap shot of New Concept's evolutionary journey. So how do they sound in 2010?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

22.09.2010 baze.djunkiii presents: Adventures In DeepHouse @ ByteFM

file under: DeepHouse / House

Adventures In DeepHouse. Der Name ist - im Gegensatz zu vielem, was sich dieser Tage mit dem hippen Zusatz "deep" schmückt - Programm und so geht im Verlauf dieser drei Stunden um nichts anderes als um Groove, um Liebe , um Sex und den ewig pumpenden Beat, der nichts verheisst ausser Verführung und eine gute zeit.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / ByteFM]

transmission starts: 23.59 [GMT+1]

transmission runs up to: 03.00 [GMT +1]

tune in @ ByteFM

Monday, September 13, 2010

Informer - Black Propaganda [Pale Music Int. 041 Promo]

Formed in the Los Angeles of 2007 the trio of Johanna Sadonis, Rayshele Teige and Ashburn Miller, known under their band moniker Informer, are about to come up with their first album in 2010. Entitled "Black Propaganda" this ten track piece is about to gain attention from both the Indie-scene and the so-called ElectroClash-followers alike as well as from fans of more widely recognized projects like Client - obviously! - or Chicks On Speed. But although their mixture of electronic influences, guitars and very special use of vocals is not exactly fitting into your everyday Pop drawer to me it sounds a bit too harmless, partly cute even, and, due to this, is not about to stay or being remembered for a longer period of time.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harkom Records Is Closing Down

This email notice was just flying in form the french TribeTekno related label Harkom Records that served more than only a few great 12"es while they were up and running.

"Dear Harkom friends,
We are at the last stop of our journey.
After more than 10 years we will shut down all Harkom projects in order to follow individual targets.
It has been a great ride and we don't regret anything! We would like to thank you for the support you show us and we wish you'll keep spinning our records for long more!
Keep healthy,stay sharp.
The Harkom crew"

Thursday, September 09, 2010

17.09.2010 DEEP. @ Bar Morphine / Hamburg

17.09.2010 DEEP. @ Bar Morphine / Hamburg

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Byte.FM]
Timo Weiner [Soundlook / Batterie / Byte.FM]
Phly [Superstition / Purgatory]

doors: 11.59 P.M.

Bar Morphine
Reeperbahn 136 / back door
Hamburg St. Pauli

Playlist: 09.09.2010 baze.djunkiii presents: JDB. @ ByteFM


09.09.2010 baze.djunkiii presents: JDB. @ ByteFM

transmission started: 08.09.2010 / 23.59 GMT+1

transmission ended: 09.09.2010 / 03.00 GMT+1

00.00 - 01.00

1. Dre [BOOTLEG]
2. Aquasky - Spectre [Moving Shadow]
3. Unknown vs. Warren G - Regulate [WG001 Whitelabel]
4. Cyantific - Quiet Star [Hospital 071 Promo]
5. Sub `Erb & Kaos - Shapeshifter [Homegrown 001]
6. In For The Kill *Let’s Get Gravy Remix [GRAVY 001 BOOTLEG]
7. Dark Soldier vs Ray Keith - Defender [Dread Recordings]
8. Wishing On A Star [STAR 001 BOOTLEG]
9. JL - Intercept [Orgone 002]
10.Acen - Cryonic Coma *Dune Remix feat. Signal To Noise [Dune Recordings]
11.Sub Tera - White Owl [Cabal 001 Promo]

01.00 - 02.00

1. Cruel Intentions - Chinese Water Torture [Outbreak Limited]
2. B-Key [Freak Recordings 011 Whitelabel]
3. Facs / Scythe / B-Key - Mindsplinter [XXX 001 Whitelabel]
4. The Enemy & Kid Kryptic - Dripping With Sin [Hardline Recordings 015]
5. Panacea - King Of The Jungle [Position Chrome]
6. Capital J feat. Bigg Triggs - Noizecheck [Humble Recordings]
7. Darkus & Tension - Hi Ho Silver [Re-Birth 001]
8. DJ Uplift - Brutal [Raw Elements 002]
9. [R2F 005]
10.CLSM & Cube::Hard - See You On The Other Side *Original Mix [Turbulence Hardcore 003]
11.Scott Brown - I Became Hardcore [Evolution Records Hardcore 069]

02.00 - 03.00

1. [R2F 005]
2. RLD - We’re Back [Thin’n’Crispy Recordings 001]
3. Panacea - Ear2Brain [L/B Recordings]
4. Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson - Aural Exciter *Temper D Remix [Subsistenz 001]
5. Panacea - The Nightmare [Position Chrome]
6. DSF - Fine Day [BOOTLEG]
7. [NAME 001 Whitelabel]
8. Rufige Kru - Terminator *Cujo Remix [Metalheadz 050]
9. Pyro [Evol Intent 004 Whitelabel]
10.[Tilt Recordings 009 Promo]
11.[Tilt Recordings 007 Promo]
12.[Camouflage 005]

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Van Raveshot - Marquee De Fuck

Here's another video for your personal pleasure - this time it's Van Raveshot's "Marquee De Fuck" which is to be found on their recent album "Eden East".

16.09.2010 Artificial Memories @ Spice / Hamburg

file under: Armchair Techno / Minimal / TechHouse / Elektro

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / ByteFM]

doors: 9 P.M.

Juliusstrasse 29
22769 Hamburg

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Steve Morell - Loneliness

This is the official video for Steve Morell's recent single "Loneliness" , directed by James Slater.

Monday, September 06, 2010

The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Rising Sea

The first single taken off their forthcoming album "Drown You Heart Again".

Van Raveschot - Eden East [Pale Music Int. 044 Promo]

"Style: Cold Wave Punk Rock" - this is what the info sheet says about Van Raveschot and reading this caused a bit of scepticism as the clean, nearly sterile aspects of Cold Wave are quite different from the raw, uncut energy defining PunkRock in its origins and combining these is close to impossible. But somehow Van Raveschot, the four piece band gathering around french singer Amelie, manage to fuse them perfectly on their recent album "Eden East" which is released via Pale Music Int. and well likely to be appreciated by a wide audience as it appeals to those being around the (Cold) / (No) Wave-scene from day one as well as to todays Indie youth discovering the magic of those days or even following the return of a PostPunk'ish attitude introduced to them by bands like The Gossip and others. So what's to expect musically? Dark'ish female vox, spaced out guitar works and melodies plus a straight, dancefloor-focused percussion set that is about to work them club people right. Recommended.

14.09.2010 Nacht Aus Beton @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: PostPunk / (No) Wave / SynthPop / NuBeat / Indie / ElectroPunk / EBM / Ingenious Dilletantes

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 PM

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Steve Morell - Loneliness [Pale Music Int. 031 Promo]

Flying in from the Pale Music Int.-camp recently was Steve Morell's new single "Loneliness", the first one taken off his album "The Life And Death Of Jimmy Pheres And His Rise From The Underworld". Whilst the original version is a scenic ballad based on campfire'esque guitars, contrasted by piano sounds well fitting into any kind of scary movie soundtrack and Morell's unique voice that's not too far away from Iggy Pop's timbre we see Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten-fame serve a slow, epic rework pleasing all those who like their music dark, dangerous and well influenced by Industrial and Doom. UK-based Punx Soundcheck at the controls transfer the tune into a nice piece of so-called IndieElectro or - if one still wants to use this term - Electroclash, replacing parts of Morell's vocals by the voice of their lead singer Sadonis and their final, so-called "Electronic Version" turns out to be the most accessible, radio-friendly mix without necessarily turning Pop in a commercial meaning. If this promo had come in as 12" I'd defo play this.

11.09.2010 BETA-ZERFALL @ Honigfabrik / Hamburg

11.09. / 27.11.2010 BETA-ZERFALL @ Honigfabrik / Hamburg

file under: PostPunk, (No)Wave, SynthPop, Electropunk, IndieElectro

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Byte.FM]
Herr Brandt [Sonnenbrandt / The Convent]

doors: 10 P.M.

Industriestrasse 125
21107 Hamburg - Wilhelmsburg

09.09.2010 A Freestyle Affair @ Bacana / Hamburg

file under: Downbeat / Headz / Freestyle / Vintage

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Byte.FM ]

doors: 8 P.M.

Bellealliancestrasse 52
20529 Hamburg

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

baze.djunkiii Charts 09/2010

01. Panacea - Ear2Brain [L/B Recordings 007]
Simple, brutal, effective, anthemic. After a three years period of weak releases, Panacea - one of the rare Drum'n'Bass-artists I've been following from day one - seems to be back on track with a devastating banger sampling the absolute king of german Hardcore Rave, Hardsequencer, orginally releasing on the Low Spirit subsidiary Fire Records throughout the nineties. "Uberbomb" on the flip isn't that strong though, but still sheds blood on the dancefloor.

02. Blood Red Shoes - Fire Like This [V2 / Cooperative Music]
One of my favorite Indie-bands - seen them live a couple of times - comes up with their album number two. "Don't Ask", the first song, is catchy as fuck, made for the dancefloor and to be sung along whenever played out. But the whole album is good and gets better the more often one listens to it.

03. Shaping Elements [Poker lat Recordings Promo]
See review for details...

04. Samuel L Session - Blue Ripple EP [Detelefunk 015 Promo]
See review for details...

05. Pattern J - Chemical EP [We Hunger 001]
Four tracks of banging Hardcore with a special twist brought to you by a new label from the TBook Production-camp.

06. DJ Mutante - Farme Ta Yeule Criss De Cave! [Terror Noize Industry 013]
Francois Robichaud a.k.a. DJ Mutante serves a heavyweight picture disc featuring a bunch of eight mind bending Speedcore tracks causing severe cerebral destruction. Do not play out to minors.

07. Chicken Accelerator [Astro Chicken 001 Promo]
See review for details...

08. Diamonds In The Rough [Formant Recordings 009]
A three track E.P. featuring tracks by relatively unknown producers like Phaeleh, Hxdb and Psychonaught, which delivers an absolute emotional anthem in Future Garage with his tune "I Just Want You" whilst the other artists explore the field of chilled Dubstep and related.

09. Craig Vear - Summerhouses [Cluster Promo]
See review for details...

10. Kabutogani - Bektop [Mille Plateaux Promo]
See review for details...