Friday, November 30, 2012

Steve Bug & Mr. V - The Long Run [Dessous Recordings 111]

Just fresh on the more DeepHouse-focused Dessous Recordings-imprint is the meeting of two heavyweight champions in House music - the meeting of Steve Bug and Mr. V resulting in the contemplative but still effective "The Long Run", a classic late night Spoken Word driven House tune that's stretched out over four versions here. Each of the collaborators is serving a vocal and an instrumental cut - Mr. Steve Bug is taking a sweet  classic House ride whilst Mr. V is speeding up things a little and comes up with a stripped down TechHouse cut living by its lively subs, constantly building drum layers - cowbells! - and raw, uncut and kinda unprocessed, off rhythm, punctual snare works adding some Chicago-related oldskool drive.  

Thursday, November 29, 2012

baze.djunkiii presents: "Dereliction Of Now"

A pilot radio show I recorded for the Hamburg / Germany based station TIDE 96.0FM in their studios on February 22, 2010 representing the Ambient / Electronica / Deep Listening side of things. Don't know if this was ever broadcasted live as I decided to stay away from hosting another regular radio show for - again - no pay.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the Kinder - Fliegen *Kalipo Remix [Free Download]

Biggin up Kalipo for this epic, melancholia driven crossover of Future Garage, Dubstep and (Neo)Trance. Get this.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

dmvssm / Sascha Müller [Pharmacom Records]

Fresh on the circuit as limited cassette tape edition of 27 copies world wide is the new dmvssm / Sascha Müller split release entitled "Katzentod / Katzencounter" which is dealing with the pain-inducing possibilities of ever evolving LoFi-Noize, general experimentalism and quirky modulating 8bit influences on the "Katzencounter"-side which is actually Sascha Müller & Manfred Reckers whilst the spooky "Katzencounter" steadily but hypnotically counts up to 500 dead cats in german language -  "Eine Katze tot... / Zwei Katzen tot..." etc. - on top of a dark and tense bass drone that's about to scare the hell out of wannabe Goth & Emo kids. One of the sickest and creepiest tracks released in 2012.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bro Safari & UFO! - 2012 [Free Download]

More bass sickness from the U.S. - album to drop in 2013. Full support. Get that.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tiger Fingers - Tiger Fingers [Hafendisko 005 Promo]

Having released their first single "Little Drummer Girl" only today it's about time to announce the new musical outing of Jordan Lieb - also known as Black Light Smoke - & Asako Fujimoto a.k.a. Tiger Fingers that's due on December 17th and, although being a debut kind of album / EP , might be the last ever Tiger Fingers release as the band already had split up before their music was signed to the hafendisko label. That's quite special when it comes to a debut and at the same time farewell release but the labels A & R department did no wrong to get hold of these six tracks anyway. Apart from the mentioned epic SynthPop vs. CosmoStep-focused single release tracks like "Small Talk" or "Say It To Me" showcase a feel for great songwriting and partly innocent but always seductive vocal parts somewhat in between Indie moods and a little spaced out Electronic Funk blended with 80s Pop and trippy synth works - an amalgamation that's quite unique and remarkable and it's a pity that we won't see any update on the musical progress of Tiger Fingers in the near future if at all. Reunite, folks.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Time For House 2 [Ladies And Gentleman Promo]

Forthcoming on December 3rd after a longer hiatus happening on Phonique's very own Ladies & Gentlemen-imprint is the new and jam packed label compilation named "Time For House 2" which features a whole bunch of 17 exclusive tracks that have been produced only for this compilation by the likes of Tigerskin, Dirty Doering & Sascha Cawa, Boris Fox, Wehbba & Dubshape, Kolombo and many many more, serving a perfectly balanced menu of warm, embracing and mostly melodic Deep-/TechHouse that is available in its seperate single ingredients as well as combined in a floating, decently uplifting DJ-mix created by labelhead and long time dancefloor expert Michael Vater a.k.a. Phonique himself. Being known and loved for his very special discoid twist in his clubs sets he lives up to his reputation in this mix especially when bringing in his own vocal driven anthem "One Step" remixed by Kolombo that he created in a conjunctional session with the up and coming Pupkulies & Rebecca-project a while ago or sweet House cuts like "Save My Soul" or Drama On The Floor's "Hands Up!" with their classic vintage flavour. Defo a felicitous restart for Ladies & Gentlemen and hopefully the beginning of a string of releases that's not about to stop for a while. One for the party - me likey. Plus: triple big ups for the massive closing tune by Oren Bi named "Love Bright" which fuses oldskool HappyBreakbeat pianos and contemporary UK Funky vibes.     

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zombie Nation - RGB [Turbo Recordings Promo]

Fresh on the circuit via Turbo Recordings is "RGB", the latest longplay outing of the infamous Zombie Nation project that's serving a proper 13 track blast with this one, embracing the undeniable Rave power of dark'ish sawtooth basslines catering a "(I'm The One And Only) Dominator" attitude, mixing that up with some clonking subbass hits and the inevitable ElectroHouse / NuRave energy that's still hyping youngster crowds but - seen in the long run - might be a bit tiring for oldskoolers. But no matter what, tunes like "Sigma", the lo-fi Italo-influenced "Attic Sundays", the ElectroBreaks driven "TryOuts" or "Pony" do have their charming points in their unfiltered exaggeration of dancefloor excess and if you're looking for that you'll defo appreciate  "RGB" as the soundtrack of choice. Bang.

baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2012

01. Rangleklods - Beekeeper + Home EP [Schoenwetter Schallplatten]
Without any doubt this one is gonna be the album of the year if not even the decade and I'm eternally grateful that my friend Lilly introduced the music of Rangleklods to me after she saw them supporting WhoMadeWho in Hamburg. A perfect mixture of Indie and the sweet melancholia of SynthPop, tasteful harmonies and one HUGE song following up another, the best songwriting I've come across in ages  and they're even managing to branch out into what might be named Alternative Country in one song without any weakness. In ten years this piece shall be mentioned alongside great albums like Depeche Mode's "Violator" and Rangleklods shall play large stadium shows by then. The future is Danish.

02. Global Goon - Plastic Orchestra [030303]
What a sweet surprise this album is. The friendliest and most cuddly Electronica album released in ages that somehow reminds me of the late 90s when quite a lot of releases were experimental but playful and embracing and one could see loads of not well known but still interesting live acts popping up for a live show in underground venues like Golden Pudel Club, Astrastube or Tempelhof (R.I.P.) in Hamburg nearly every week. And although these days have gone it's good to know that there's still someone out there who cares and is able to deliver a heartwarming album like "Plastic Orchestra" in these cold trouble times. And talking the title "Plastic Orchestra" - some tunes really sound like if they were recorded with the help of sweet plastic synthesizers or tiny toy instruments which is pretty charming to be honest.

03. Tod Dockstader - Recorded Music For Film, Radio & Television: Electronic Vol. 1 [Mordant Music 054]
After literally ages of passing on every Mordant Music release this one is the first release after the label put Shackletons "El Din (Part One) / Olde Wobbly" in 2008 I really dig. Re-releases for a proper reason are always appreciated and regarding the fact that Tod Dockstader produced these 23 ProtoAmbient sketches back in 1979 - the year of the original release - or even earlier "Recorded Music For Film, Radio & Television: Electronic Vol. 1" is quite a fascinating album and recommended to those who love the synth / electronic sound effects used in films like John Carpenters "Dark Star" and other old sci-fi flics.

04. Tropic Of Cancer - Permissions Of Love [Mannequin Records]
It's no big secret that - since the discovery of their "Be Brave" 10" - Tropic Of Cancer are one of these bands that I feel the urge to check out immediately every time they release something new. And although this EP was defo overpriced these three tracks of stoic EchoWave have been worth every buck. "Beneath The Light" even takes their music in a new, slightly romantic and more accessible direction, turning its head away from the dark feelings and possibly feeds all ChillWave-lovers out there.

05. Chromatics - Into The Black [Italians Do It Better]
Actually I'm still waiting for the whole album named "Kill For Love" to grow on me as I've been purchasing this one for the great cover of Neil Youngs "Into The Black" only which is giving me the goosebumps each and every time I listen to it. Unfortunately "Into The Black" is the first track on the album so it's getting hard for the other still okay songs to break through.

06. Bears. - I Was A Good Hunter Until That Day [Voluntary Whores 001 Promo]
Check review for details...

07. Robert Hood - Motor: Nighttime World 3 [Music Man]
Much has been written on this album and whoever does not refer to "Motor: Nighttime World 3" as a true masterpiece is nothing but wrong. Although I've gotta admit that the magic wasn't too obvious and it took a few listening sessions for me to really embrace the deep vibes of Ambient, Intelligent and of course Detroit Techno the minimal master is spreading out on this triple vinyl box set but it turned out to be what's usually called a grower and is soon to be called a classic. Essential.

08. Etat Brut - Mutations Et Protheses [Sub Rosa 357]
Originally released in back in 1981 on cassette tape the Belgium-based Sub Rosa-imprint brings back a classic piece of Noise and echo-driven Industrial music that includes some surprisingly deep, funky and hell of sexy live bass workouts that make "Mutations Et Protheses" an outstanding and unique album compared to other Industrial works of that early era. Non-Music with an attitude.

09. David Lynch feat. Karen O - Pinky's Dream *Trentemöller & Visionquest Remixes  [Sunday Best Recordings]
Two remixes for what's maybe the most accessible track on David Lynchs recent "Crazy Clown Time" album that still is nothing but great. Whilst Anders Trentemöller comes up with a spooky and quite stripped down, bass-driven uptempo ElectroWave excess of a remix that's about to tear up all Wave and Goth floors around the world the version provided by Visionquest is slowing down a bit, getting on the desperate and slightly ChillWave-influenced side of things with a sweet but dark'ish HeroineHouse approach unveiling loads of echoes and a nice tip of bleepy Acid showing off after the first 2 or 3 minutes.

10. Parris Mitchell presents Life In The Underground [Ghetto House Classics 001]
Originally released in 1994 through the legendary Chicago Basement-imprint Dance Mania this re-release of Parris Mitchell's "Life In The Underground" album is crossing over between the classic dry GhettoHouse style that built the original foundation of what's now popular as Juke and Footwork but serves some classic House pieces as well, even some looped sax licks and short vocal snippets are to be found here that might be more appealing to the classic House crew of today. Rumours have it that this one has been remastered from the original DAT and that Parris Mitchell even officially approved of the re-release. No matter what if the Ghetto House Classics-imprint really is meant to bring more classic cuts back I'd be totally up for it. "Can't stand the bass - take your dead ass home...". Indeed.

Monday, November 12, 2012


"Stop tweeting like you're a hard dog you look like a crack head that works on a farmyard" - made my day.

Seems like there's still proper Grime shit out there and although I don't know what was the point in their twitter battle that caused this diss track I still love it. Some good punch lines, innit?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Martin Landsky - 1000 Miles *The Remixes [Poker Flat Classics 002 Promo]

Six years after its original release Poker Flat Classics is bringing back Martin Landsky's enormous "1000 Miles" to the clubs and venues of the world but instead of going down the easy road that a simple re-release would be they cater two new reworks by noone less than French Techno and beyond ambassador Laurent Garnier and Dutch long term activist Gerd which is well-known for working on the forefront of electronic music ever since with a first release back dating back to 1994 on Brave New World Records. Whilst Mr. Garnier - as somehow expected - serves a Paris-Detroit connected rework with a decent flow in minor pitch, working floors right but spreading a certain deepness and floating melancholia that proves his deep felt love for the motor city roots Gerds remix is more of a lively kind with its dry pumping House beats, sprouting claps and ever busy bass tones accompanied by a climaxing, acidic signal and raw drum wizardry including ecstatic drum rolls and a proper prime time feel catching up with all the oldskool ravers out there. A classic is a classic and these mixes will be referred to as such within shortest of time. Large.  

Friday, November 09, 2012

Store & Distribution Update

Just a quick one today for all collectors out there:

Hamburg-based store Hanseplatte have updated their website and finally offer PINK MINIMALISM online now.

Another secret gem from the past which is not to be named here has been repressed these days as a limited run of 100 copies only  and can be found at Otaku Records, Soundbase Music and Hanseplatte as of now and will be available via Hamburg-based Reggae specialist Selecta  throughout the next week. Follow the links to find out more.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Tiger Fingers - Little Drummer Girl [Hafendisko 004 Promo]

Forthcoming and scheduled via HFN Music offshoot Hafendisko is the new Tiger Fingers 12" named "Little Drummer Girl" which is serving the original version plus remixes crafted by Night Plane and Jimmy Edgar. Whilst the "Little Drummer Girl" comes up as a kind of sweet, innocent and synth-driven CosmicPop flirting with stuttering ElectroDubstep-influences, Nightplanes so-called "Club Mix" emphasizes the electroid aspects  throughout its intro and evolves into a deep late night piece that surely can be filed under the flag of Intelligent Techno due to a warm, hypnotic feel and embracing low frequency basslines reminiscing about the Sheffield Bleep-era. Yes, there used to be real b-a-s-s in Techno and 4/4 driven music that's other than SpeedGarage / Niche / FutureGarage and it's good to see that a few producers still do know. On the flip Jimmy Edgar flips vox snippets back and forth while switching between straight bassdrums and his specific vision of what contemporary breakdancers - are these still out there ??? - would pop and lock their bodies to. Anybody ready for doing the robot again? Plus: his string arrangements are simple as fuck but of a seductive beauty that's nothing but timeless. Finally Nightplane's on remix duty again with a second rework that's made to please the DJs loving a bit of Disco-feel attached to their decently pumping DeepHouse. Labels like Esperanza, Mild Pitch or - partly - even Philpot seem to be adequate reference points to point out roughly where this journey is about to take these jocks.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

One For The Drum'n'Bass Massive...

Monday, November 05, 2012

baze.djunkiii On Mixcloud

Although I've decided to step back from the DJ-circuit for a while or maybe even entirely there's loads and loads of old mixes and live recordings from radio shows sitting in my archives and as people have been requesting these from time to time I'll put some of them up to mixcloud these days, starting out with a classic Dubstep / Grime showcase from early 2005.

Check for updates.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Timmy Schumacher ft. MC Spyda - Rock Out (Official Video)

And back they are, these baaad ass block rockin' beats. Seems like BigBeat / Chemical Breaks are back from the ashes. This one's gonna tear up floors for real. Serious business.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Bears. - I Was A Good Hunter Until That Day [Voluntary Whores 001 Promo]

A new label on the experimental tape / cassette circuit is Voluntary Whores which recently released its first - and limited to 40 copies world wide - catalogue number, a conceptual one-track-per-side C60 tape dealing with a mysterious story that might've really happened - or not - in Canada's north-western territorities in the 1930s and is roughly spread out on the tapes art cover. This story is told in two parts that can be described as a kind of Industrial radioplay (not radioplay) as there are no real speakers involved although field recorded voices and screams are part of the composition. Musically we've to deal with a mixture of wild FreeJazz-flavored drumming appearing on side A in combination with Drone, Dark Ambient and heavy Noize, melted and amalgamated to a tense soundtrack-like score triggering dark inner eye pictures. Sometimes it feels like the field recordings were taken from old  8mm film of things that have happened some day - not in the 1930s, of course. If they're not they're a pretty good fake anyway. And without planning to spoil any expectation one's got to unveil that throughout the whole running time it becomes pretty clear that, whatever the story is about, it's not going to end in a land full of coloured ponies and rainbows. Neither recommended for light heartened persons, for alone-in-the-dark consumption nor for allergic subjects being responsive to dogs. You don't want to find out why.
Hunt this down. Then you will.


All those digging deep in the spheres of Ambient, Drones, Deep Listening and Experimental Music are recommended to order their copies of PINK MINIMALISM directly from the legendary Drone Records mailorder which has been home of these styles ever since and is also responsible for the great Drone Records label as well. True supporters of underground music.

Friday, November 02, 2012

PINK MINIMALISM - Kopenhagen Store Update

This post is dedicated to all our readers from Denmark in particular as the Kopenhagen-based recordstore Sound Station has picked up a bunch of PINK MINIMALISM copies that can be purchased directly at the store or via the Sound Station website...

I've got to big up these guys big time although I've never been to their store in person but they seem to be quite reasonable people that are keen to take care of vinyl culture and to supply collectors and connaisseurs with rare stuff. Their store looks like serious business referring to this image.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Daniel Half - Lonely Boy [Shhhh Records 008 Promo]

Shhhh Records closes their release circuit of 2012 with the first ever vinyl album released by the Italian DJ and producer Daniel Half which serves a longplay piece stuck in the middle of dancefloor fitting but still tense, Drone-influenced Armchair Techno and minimalistic Deep Listening Ambient that's close to being dark but in the long run more eerie and full of suspense, fully fitting into the sonic worlds explored by Shhhh Records up to this day and limited to 196 copies pressed. The record is - and that's a new move here that, arguably, could be seen as a step into art and conceptual territories - accompanied by a board game and a full length DVD including videos shot and created for all of the albums tracks and it doesn't happen without a reason that the albums plastic sleeve holds a kind of "explicit content" sticker preventing minors from violence and pornography as well as epileptics from attacks. Having checked the DVD full length in one long session which was not that hard to bear but well intense I think it's better not to sell this one to minors as the full load of flickering lights, unearthly athmosphere and multi-layered patterns of blowjobs or sexual activity, gore, slaughterhouse documentaries, puking, natural disasters, women giving birth and subtle comments in conjunction and or contrast with Daniel Halfs music might be too much for some youths - and adults as well. But keeping that aside it's a well thought piece of conceptual art that fits snugly and leaves the consumer with a not well pleasant feeling. Leaving out the visual aspects and talking just music it surely is an album that really is album'esque, working well between the field markers of SlowHouse and Ambient and it's pretty good for that. Not sure if the DJs will pick out single tracks though as there's no obvious hit or banger on it that really sticks out but for sure it's an album piece that is about to stand the test of time.

Reptile Youth - Dead End (Official Music Video)

Halloween has passed but Reptile Youth don't care. Quite a dark flic well fitting the tracks title.

Miniatur 1(Free Download)

Michael Nowicki, formerly releasing under the moniker Panzerboy666, is serving a nice menu of short Electronica, Ambient and Future Garage fragments here. 16:46 minutes of Deep Listening pleasure and AFX'ey vibes that will be loved by those following the paths of the legendary Future Sound Of London project as well.