Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trentemöller - My Dreams [In My Room 008 Promo]

Scheduled for April via his very own imprint In My Room is Anders Trentemöller's next strike, a tiny little 7" piece once again featuring the vocal talents of Marie Fisker, this time serving a dark'ish and extremely hypnotic re-work of The Gun Club's 1984 released "My Dreams", a PostPunk anthem back then now updated for dancefloors crossing over between the mentioned and electronics, seeing all kind of Goths, Wave-people and other desparate souls being sucked into the event horizon of this tune that seems to run and run forever despite the physical format runtime limitations. On the flip things are softer, less brooding but still fascinating as the acoustic version unveals a totally different, nearly campfire'ish feel musically although the vocals are not less longing and caught up in despair. Nice one for sure but it's a pity that the digital bonus - Trentemöller's massive rework of Chris Isaak's all-time classic "Blue Hotel" is not to be released physically as well. We need this.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Introducing Human Woman...

Introducing Human Woman from hfn music on Vimeo.

So, that's what life as an artist is about in Iceland ? And they're moving... to Scandinavia.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ludwig Leichhardt: Wanderer Zwischen Den Welten [Major Label Promo]

How to review an audio drama / audio book on a music related website? That question recently came up when the newest Major Label release named "Ludwig Leichhardt - Wanderer Zwischen Den Welten" arrived in my post box, arranged and composed by Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt which is exactly this, an audio play dealing with the story of the man named LL who left his hometown in 1848 to explore the - back then - terra incognita australis, the unknown parts of Australia, trying to cross the Simpson desert and got lost... god knows where. 160 years later three artists went off, looking for traces of this lost expedition and this is what this piece is all about, partly documentary, partly a made up story and partly dealing with what could've happened as there still are rumours about at least one white guy that has lived alongside aboriginal tribes for thirty years in the late 1800s. A fascinating story so far and even more fascinating is the arrangement of this play which switches from 100% field recordings and real life interviews to imagination within seconds sometimes, a well thought of cut-and-paste work that does not answer questions, does not even try to but manages to suck the listener in to a feverish, partly psychedelic, trippy and foggy dream world for for about an hours time. Good not only for audio book fans but also for some advanced Ambient / ChillOut floors where people like to drift of into the next dimension.

Reece - Gagarin - Returns [Monstermusik Promo]

Reece - a name that brings up memories and a flickering glimpse of good old times but this one is neither connected to Alex Reece nor the legendary Reece-bassline anyway. This Reece is named Nick Reece, Honolulu-born and now based in Berlin, serving his new album "Gagarin - Returns" on April 12th which is the official Gagarin day as we learn from the press sheet and pleasing all lovers of classic ChillOut, Downtempo, Balearic and Lounge music with this twelve track piece that has a not only a bit of epic, cinematic qualities to it. Huge production, strings, some kitschy cliche sounds, intimate and sensual piano parts... all is there, all put in the right place as well to make sure that everyone feels comfy and well-pampered while this one plays in posh beach clubs or at Ibiza terraces. If you like places like this, watch out for a copy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Heart Sharks - Summer [AdP Records Promo]

Many of you might have seen the official "Summer" video accompanying the recent single by I Heart Sharks that was posted here only a few days ago and now the full release was sitting in my P.O. box just today, ready for review, including the innocent, happy-go-lucky IndiePop original, a glitzy re-lick by the Audiolith wonder-boys named Captain Capa - about to take America by storm soon... ! - and a massive Drum'n'Step-Rave-rework by Brazed, a production duo that has recently released its debut on the Hamburg-based ElectroPunk-label. But still, despite all that wobble and bass mayhem they manage to keep original feel alive which is not an easy thing to do... well solved, guys. All electrified Acid-ravers are served by Etnik's early 2000's-sounding and mostly instrumental ElectroHouse remix that is more than only efficiently working the crowd whilst the Athletics' remix keeps the song structures right and adds a clubby layer of beats underneath fitting for IndieElectro clubs nation wide but the biggest surprise on this one is the uber-anthem "Aerobics" featured as bonus tune here. This should not be a bonus, this should the next single... so fucking m-a-s-s-i-v-e! Hit to be.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

TJ Kong & Modular K - Dream Cargoes [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]

Scheduled for mid-April on Poker Flat Recordings is the debut album of the dutch production duo named TJ Kong & Modular K, a pair of long-time friends that now finally managed to join and collaborate in the studio, serving a longplay piece combining the best of what's to be expected from an electronic music album that is, partly, to be filed under the flag of Intelligent Techno. Homelistening quality meets dancefloor deepness, ambient'ish bits meet casual influences of classic DubTechno, 'troity string arrangements and - as found in the title track - even a glimpse of NeoClassical vs. Balearic are to be discovered on this one. Plus: all tunes are mixed, or better seamlessly blended into each other so there's no cut in the ten track listening experience that is able to take you on a journey for sure. Nice.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Open Now: Die Gesellschaft / Hamburg

Open for less than a week and already approved for being one of my favorite and regular hang-outs of the future. Nice place, nice staff, nice coffee, nice selection of drinks and - as checked today - tasty cheese cake. Full support.

Die Gesellschaft
Karolinenstrasse 16

Open 12 to midnite. Or longer. Maybe.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Heart Sharks - Summer (Official HD Video)

Deathcrush T-Shirt Design Contest

Roskilde Road Trip - Deathcrush - Design your worst! from Deathcrush on Vimeo.

Remember early 90s experimental video art? This one's gonna fuck up your eyes. Rapidly.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nomad - Devotion

Skipping through a bunch of old Techno / Rave records sitting in my collection I stumbled upon this nice 1991 gem again and seeing the video got me reminiscing about those long gone days when RAVE really meant craze and laser lights and big warehouses and all that...

Funny fact: not long ago I heard a Moombahton rework of this tune in a mix somewhere but the original version still is the best one.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sascha Müller - Krankenhaus (CARBON) [SM Traxxx 020]

Now already 20 releases strong SM Traxxx presents the next issue of Sascha Müller's "Krankenhaus"-series. Whilst the first track on this one is a bubbling but minimalistic piece of sawtooth Techno / Acid that drives punters mad with a set of ever repeating hyper-hypnotic, metallic sci-fi tones of changing intensity the second one comes as a stomping MonoTechno track going mad and is well-fitting for dark bunker sessions with an oversized P.A. system. Raw but essential.

4ZZZ1 - Tiefenrausch EP [Super 6 Records 075.5]

More to come from the Super 6 Records-stable is the "Tiefenrausch EP" by the labels new talent 4ZZZ1 who - however this is pronounced - serves a three track menu of deep, classic Techno that might be filed under hypnotizing and intelligent as well. Very stripped down stuff that could've made it onto Richie Hawtin's and John Acquaviva's legendary 1994 released "X-Mix-3 - Enter: Digital Reality!" if it had been produced 20 years earlier. But: these tracks do not sound dated at all but still represent the essential futuristic formula of how Techno should sound like. Me likey.

Markus Hideo Rise - Memories Of Hideo [Super 6 Records 075]

The next one to come via Super 6 Records is Marcus Hideo Rise's six track mini album "Memories Of Hideo" that seems to bear witness of a raving past, a past when Techno still was young and storming and energy fueled, happening in large warehouse areas accompanied by laser lights, fog machines and crazy dresses. Influences of these days can be surely found here as well as well-known Rave signals, basslines and even some Trance bits without any of these six pieces being Trance at all. If you love your musical workouts fast and forcing this one's for you.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sascha Müller / Pasquale Maassen - Recycled Tapes Vol.2 [Pharmacom Records]

More stuff for collectors of hyper-limited DIY-releases comes from the vaults of Pharmacom Records - the next and second issue of the "Recycled Tapes"-series, this time dealing with Experimental Drum'n'Bass, raw DarkJungle and Unformatted Breaks produced by label head Sascha Müller and Pasquale Maassen both serving eight tracks with a proper, dancefloor rocking underground feel that - personally - reminds me of many great releases put out by French imprints in the period 1998 - 2002, the best and most productive era in DarkJungle ever with a lot of experimentalism and free form attitude going on. This is what I miss a lot in contemporary stuff and that's why I love this limited to 15 (!!!) copies C90-tape release on a, what else, recycled tape to death. 100% underground, 100% collectors stuff. Wanna find one? Ask me where.

Sticker Love & World Domination: Mainz

Looking forward to May 26th.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sascha Müller - Shit Music [Pharmacom Records]

The man Sascha Müller is back with some - as the name suggests - "Shit Music" and a quite, errrm, shitty artwork coming with this limited to 20 pieces CDr that is about to please some fetish that I defo don't share. I'm not about to name it to avoid some aweful porn spam attack but as you might guess there'd be terrible smells if this wasn't just a fake. Anyway, the thirteen dirty stinky little fuckers on this one are only for the very brave-heartened listeners as what we gotta deal with here is HarshNoize and metallic distortion to the fullest - a sci-fi'esque, alienating and horribly cold Noise excess that does not leave room for much recognizable melody or hooklines, a nearly 35 minute album work dealing with destruction and sick grinding anti music made for fans of the legendary V/Vm label, Merzbow, Rgyeue DF and similar mindfucked people. Do not play to children. But to your neighbours. LOUD!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kasper Björke - Fool [HFN Music 014 Promo]

Scheduled for April 1st via HFN Music is the labels 014 which is Kasper Björke's new album named "Fool", balancing between the musical lines of dark'ish, melancholic Cosmic and KrautHouse/-Disco - a style that has been clearly pioneered by the likes of Padded Cell, The Emperor Machine and other artists releasing on the highly appreciated but now unfortunately disappeared under the radar label DC Recordings - and happier paths with a undenieable Pop- and maybe even hit appeal like the first single outtake "Lose Yourself To Jenny", the crooning "Hummingbirds" or the even more excellent "Deep Is The Breath" featuring the vocal talents of Jacob Bellens and Emma Acs which is surely about to please all lovers of classic ItaloDisco out there with its flickering hookline and sweet love story vocals. Defo my personal favorite tune from this album and not foolish at all. Get it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Intrauterin Recordings 005 - Now Available Via

All those who did not manage to get hold of a copy of Sascha Müller's "Travelbox / 19" released as 005 of Intrauterin Recordings back in 2005 are now able to grab one of the last copies via . Still good, still fresh, still timeless and essential for all Electro and Acid headz out there.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Alex Niggemann - Don't Wait [Poker Flat Recordings 128 Promo] 128 of Steve Bugs Poker Flat Recordings-imprint comes straight out of the studio of Mr. Alex Niggemann and contains two tracks, the title piece "Don't Wait" and the flipside "Curious". And he comes up with something surprisingly special as "Don't Wait" is a hit to be, not only in underground clubs but with quite more than only a bit of mainstream appeal with a huge bassline referring back to the heydays of ClubHouse - we talk tunes like "Show Me Love" and similar here... - and longing, discoid vocals that will not only be appreciated by the gay community out there although this will be on heavy rotation in gay House clubs for sure. Massive tune. "Curious" on the flip is not less tempting, an ever building TechHouse track for late night sessions built around a huge but still sexy and hormone driven sub-bass playing a seductive melody, filled with craving melancholia and a certain kind of darkness that lies within the hearts of most nightflies out there that are yearning for way more than just simple pleasure and hedonism. To be loved by all longing for life. Killer!

The Dashwoods - We Are Lost In (Dadajugend Polyform Remix)

Me likey. And the singer reminds me of Lena Meyer-Landrut. Which is, imho, not the worst reference point ever.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Sascha Müller - Tempelrotation EP [Super 6 Records 074.5]

The next one to come via Super 6 Records is Sascha Müllers "Tempelrotation EP" and once again he caters all lovers of raw and heavy Acid with a menu of three tracks, quirky, monotonous and of an analogue functionality working best in the darkest bunkers of The Hague where a bunch of unnamed and anonymously tripnotized headz keeps the true spirit alive. This is Acid as you might know from long gone but still legendary clubs like Berlins 90s Suicide or Hamburgs Brainstorm, from labels like DJungle Fever or 100% Acidiferous or productions from the studios of Woody McBride and Roland Kasper. Name dropping galore - if you know them, you know why to get these tracks.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

March 15th - Darkness Falls Showcase In Hamburg

15oo GMT+1 - do not miss!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sascha Müller - Acidwalker EP [Psychocandies P001]

More Acid candy for the world, this time released on the digital offspring of Psychocandies and contributed to the world by Sascha Müller himself, who is the uncrowned king of 303 land and the rest of the digital underground. Three more tracks unvealed from his archives which seem to be jam packed as ever and this time he's on a mission to wrench, wreck and destroy your last braincells with a tweaking excess, monotonous but still ever changing, drilling, killing and bending knobs, spiralling into far out spaces and never seen before places. Only for the real Acid heads out there.

Roberto Rodriguez feat. Kholi - Tell Me [Serenades 006 Promo]

Coming up next via Serenades is the newest output of the man named Roberto Rodriguez who features the vocal talents of Kholi on "Tell Me" which sounds like a mixture of contemporary but still string-loaden, cheesy and balearic House music with a kind of 80s Pop feel, a crossover piece that's not made for underground respect but still might gain some mainstream attention - maybe even some radio rotation - when pushed throughout Ibiza's summer season or handed out to the right jocks hangin at the WMC. Seen in this respect there is something like potential within "Tell Me" moneywise although the time of crossover House hits seems to be gone for a while, at least if you're not jumping on the Guetta-bandwagon. We'll see if Roberto Rodriguez is able to crack in to the heavy rotation charts with this one.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Tricky & Martina Topley-Bird - United Again!

That's huge news dropping in at this very moment - Tricky and multi-talented singer / instrumentalist Martina Topley-Bird are about to re-unite on stage for a few rare performances of the legendary TripHop (Not TripHop) album "Maxinquaye"... for the first time in about 15 years! And I'm pretty sure the idea of seeing one of the most influential 1995-released albums live on stage again is sending shivers down the spine of every music lover out there that has been growing up with the dark, mysterious sound of this seminal next level piece. Three dates are announced so far - end of April, UK-only. But maybe there's more to come?

No matter what, if you happen to be there you are recommended to get your tickets for these three dates quickly, they'll be flying off like autumn leaves soon...

Thursday, 26th April - O2 Academy Bristol / Bristol
Friday, 27th April - IndigO2 at the O2, Sundance / London
Saturday, 28th April - Manchester Academy / Manchester

Monday, March 05, 2012

Reptile Youth - Speeddance [HFN Music 013 Promo]

Forthcoming via HFN Music is "Speeddance", the first ever release by Reptile Youth - a band that has caused mayhem and havoc while touring the world twice without ever thinking about releasing their music. The energy and craze they're able to unleash has been unvealed on these pages only a few days ago and now it's the time for "Speeddance" to hit the stores shelves as 7" vinyl before flying off the mentioned within shortest of time. The original version is stuck in our ears for days now and it's the flipside version which is a noisy, disturbing and yet unheard remake by Deathcrush to set things straight again. Deathcrush's delivery is nerve wrecking and shocking, like the Oval'esque technique of using skipping CD's as source material but transferred to a whole song. Especially the end part of their remake sounds like someone very, very angry kicked the cutting desk throughout the lacquer cutting process. Original Version - HIT, Deathcrush Version - for the headstrong. Allover - recommended!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sascha Müller - Krankenhaus (ALUMINIUM) [SM Traxxx 019]

Cat.No. 019 of SM Traxxx brings two more tunes of Sascha Müller's ongoing "Krankenhaus"-series, his outlet for raw and uncut Techno / Rave / Acid productions. Whilst the first of these new tracks has a proper 1992 underground Rave feel and brings back the darker side of illegal warehouse parties the second one is a hard stomping variation of what I'd call sawtooth Acid or, as Heckmann once did, simply Knarz but with a more trancey, melodic attitude.

Michael Lambart - Darkhouse EP [Super 6 Records 074]

Fresh via Super 6 Records is Michael Lambarts "Darkhouse EP", a four track piece musically containing expertly crafted pieces of clubby, functional Techno with a dark'ish, kinda spooky feel, pieces that won't be necessarily remembered after a long night out as they're rather tool'ish than outstandingly unique but absolutely essential to add a bit of extra spice to your technoid DJ-set. These are for the DJs.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

"There's More To Life Than..."

If this headline sounds familiar to you, you might've already stumbled upon baze.djunkiii's monthly column dealing with electronic music published in the brand new FAZE Magazine - the first issue has been released only yesterday and is available at all good newspaper / magazine stores now. For those preferring online publications please check the FAZE website for further information.

Darkness Falls - Timeline (Official Video)

Darkness Falls - Timeline (music video) from SEN Music TV on Vimeo.

Did you get the point that I'm a huge fan of Darkness Falls these days? Enjoy their latest video and understand why I love them that much. From the heart.

Sticker Love & World Domination: Cologne

As seen at the FAZE Magazine launch party in Cologne.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Reptile Youth - Speeddance (Live @ Spot Festival)

Reptile Youth - Live at Spot Festival “Speeddance” from Rasmus Weng Karlsen on Vimeo.

No words necessary. This song's gonna be LARGE. In capitals. Future anthem. Fuck Noize Disco. 7" to come soon. Get one.

baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2012

01. Sascha Müller / Acidfloor [Psychocandies 001 Promo]
See review for details...

02. Loops Of Your Heart - And Never Ending Nights [Magazine 005]
Ambient SynthKraut! For real. Alex Willner - better known to many under his The Field moniker - serves an epic piece of Deep Listening Synthesizer Music that's able to carry you away, off your local armchair into other relaxing realms or even the next space time continuum. Not less than excellent, a limited to 500 copies piece that I'd regard as must have. If you're able to find one.

03. Joe Goddard - Gabriel *Remixes [Greco-Roman Promo]
See review for details...

04. Shambhu And The True Love Hearts - Sadness / Rummelsnuff - Machen Wir Den Tanz [Ostgut Ton 050]
Celebrating its 50th release anniversary the highly respected Techno serving imprint Ostgut Ton comes up with something completely different. And the best thing they've ever put out. A limited to 500 copies 7" which sees Shambhu And The True Love Hearts playing with campfire romanticism, singing the Blues. Or Country. Just depends on the point of view, at least a bit of both and their "Sadness" is amazing able to touch the heart of everyone loving his Indie to Shoegaze to PostWave right. And even the lonesome rider is about to shed a tear. On the flip the extraordinary but not less amazing Rummelsnuff does the dance, the EBM dance and comes up with an oldskool'ish pre-Techno feel bringing back the original Techno Club feel that existed way back in time when EBM / NuBeat / Industrial ruled the dancefloor, paving the path for what is our electronic dance music right now. Great!

05. TJ Kong & Modular K - End-game [Poker Flat Recordings 127 Promo]
See review for details...

06. Kasper Björke - Lose Yourself To Jenny [HFN Music 12 Promo]
See review for details...

07. Battles - Drop Gloss 1 [Warp Records 327]
Has the term EmoHouse been coined yet? If not this record is the reason why this description perfectly makes sense and it's not only due to my personal and emotional state of mind that I'm falling for stuff like this easily these days - also check: Kolombo - "Waiting For / Rescue Me" released via Kompakt Pop which is another one that deeply touches my heart - but both Gui Boratto and Alex Willner / The Field (again!) serving great relicks here. Whilst Mr. Boratto focuses on a certain kind of Indie-aspect and fuses epic strings with decent guitar-built melancholia we see The Field exploring dubbed out realms in slow motion, creating an everlasting loop, a tunnel that's going nowhere but in a way that could be going forever without any signs of boredom or irrelevance. Remember "Fackeln Im Sturm" ?

08. Alpha Steppa meets RSD [Steppas Records]
What a nice surprise this one is. Exactly in between Dubstep, Roots and DubHouse in its original meaning this one reactivates my love for a special kind of bass music I first experienced when I entered - as a full-on raver - a party in in Flensburg somewhen around the mid 90s where a crew named Fat Back Sound where playing out all night. Dub and DubHouse - dancehall style with loads of FX and sirens and tons of bass. I remember a whole wall built of speakers, amazing bass pressure and being puzzled for ages before the magic of DubHouse fully hit me. This 12" makes me feel like being exactly back at that party again - all time classic potential.

09. Yasmin - Finish Line [Ministry Of Sound]
Ladies and gentlemen ... we proudly present... the return of 2Step / UK Garage! Long awaited and missed way too long the so-called "The Mike Delinquent Project Remix" is a one on one revival of the UKG heydays sound and that's the reason I love this one to death. Yes, it is a bit cheesy and the halftempo break pathetic but the tune just feels so fucking good. More of that. Soon. Shy FX's Drum'n'Bass re-fit on the flip is sweet and well-crafted but UKG wins. Always.

10. SBTRKT [YT 075 Whitelabel]
Not much info given here, just a whitelabel and that's how we love electronic music. Who cares about details when the music is good? Well, actually the A-side is okay regarding the style of vocal-driven TechHouse with a UK Funky-related bassline but it's the flip I fell for - sweet, tempting SpeedGarage with a romantic twist. Love at the first sight - or in-ear contact? Defo one of my favorite tunes of this specific genre - not only because gems like this are hard to find nowadays.