Friday, March 31, 2023

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2k23

01. Various Artists - Vidal Benjamin presents Uprooted #1: Vladimir Ivkovic [Versatile Records 135]
This first issue of this highly conceptual 7" compilation series unveils some super rare gems from the early 80s. Whilst the untittled - and previously unreleased - sketch by Rex Ilusivii, Goran Vejvoda and Milan Mladenovic provides a deep, not only slightly psychedelic take on dubbed out Serbian slomo SynthWave the second cut "NBKE" (short for: "Neger Brauchen Keine Elektronik") sees Beate Bartel of Einstürzende Neubauten and Mania D. as and Chrislo Haas of former DAF operate under their CHBB alias which was only available on a series of hyperlimited cassette tapes released in 1981 and brings forth a trippy, yet driving amalgamation of lo-fi Industrial and a greyscale'ish, washed out Ingenious Dilletantes vibe typical for the dystopian Berlin scene of 1981.

02. Andreas Kunzmann - Album [Growing Bin Records 041]
This is a trip. A ten track selection of electronic solo experiments recorded by Molto Brutto's Andreas Kunzmann between 1998 and 2005, picked and selected from a vast archive of still unreleased cuts. Opening with playful SynthWave- X Minimal Wave-leaning Tribal Electronica vibes Andreas Kunz also provides trippy, hypnotic and ever spiralling Intelligent Techno with tunes like "Sputnik Rave", drifts into killer Acid Downbeat with "Sleeping Sunny Day", caters atmospheric and dark'ish Electronica minimalisms and other goodness, including the filtered IDM / ChillOut bang0r "Troubleshooting", for the advanced lover, listener and fan of electronic music. Also include an extra point for the incredible album artwork here.

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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Ben Rath - Resolve [Sound In Silence 099]

It's been a while. Five years after his longplay piece "Anything Is Possible" Manchester-based producer finally makes a return to Greek label Sound In Silence with "Resolve", his third album for the ever active label and their 099. Put out on the circuit on February 20th, 2k23 the twelve tracks and almost 66 minutes spanning long form release sees the Mancunian dabble with the concept of a still time-travelling post-collapse society trying to observe and understand mistakes and failures of its own past without intervention, starting the journey with the beautifully sad and touching Ambient x Electronica pulses and scintillating melodies of "Resolve (Part I)", progressing into the icy and brittle, yet ever cascading "Man The Barricades" as well as the ever droning off-kilter Ambient of "Dreams Of A Liveable Future" whereas tunes like "Robber Barons" tell tales of glistening dystopia, the "Committee Of Future Ghosts" even goes beyond that and gets itself invlvd in calming and comforting DarkAmbient, "Forests On Fire" drifts off into dreamy Berlin School x (Neo)Cosmic x Synth territories before the concluding "Truth And Reconciliation" falls back to slowly pulsing sinewave bass frequencies and tender, fragile Ambient oscillations for a closing just to name a few. Scenic!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Giovanni Lami - Monumento Fiume [Kohlhaas 023 Promo]

Released via the Italian Kohlhaas label on March 3rd, 2k23 is "Monumento Fiume", the latest two tracks and roughly 25 minutes spanning mini-album conceived by composer x sound artist Giovanni Lami throughout his 2k21 artistic residency in Cotignola, an Italian municipality which not only funded Lami's extended stay but also was invlvd in the financial backing of this album to a certain degree. Seemingly based on Field Recordings and FoundSounds captured on magnetic tape the two pieces on this album provide an array of highly interesting rural and electro-acoustic soundscapes starting off with the radio bleeps and mechanical rhythm signatures of "M" which soon make way to most peaceful and naturalistic Ambient sequences as well as a busier closing part which seems to amalgamate both subaquatic sound processing and the movement of wooden logs whereas "F" pairs athmospheric Noize sequences of varying intensity with singular spatial percussion tones, sustained and melancholia inducing, Post-PostRock-leaning guitar minimalisms as well as an almost inaudible bass drone, captured street dialogues as well as a well astounding piece of Plunderphonics for a closing. Recommended.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Louise Rossiter - Der Industriepalast: Part I [Oscillations 005 Promo]

Scheduled for release on April 7th, 2k23 via the Oscillations label as their 005 is Louise Rossiter's "Der Industriepalast: Part I", a three tracks and roughly 28 minutes spanning EP / mini album which takes a great portion of inspiration from Le Mettrie's concept of materialim which considers the human body to be a well working machine with several sub-sets and branches taking care of several functions within the factory as well as the work of materialist infographic icon Fritz Kahn who's been a vital force in illustrating these ideas in detail. This being said, Louise Rossiter works her way from the vantablack, soul-sucking DarkAmbient minimalisms of "Homo Machina" which interestingly presents some Kraftwerk-inspired radio bleeps - think: "Radioactivity" - as most recognizable quasi-melodic feature amongst humungous tectonic low frequency shifts to the deep dive into the machine analogy named "Neuronen" with its slow mechanical rhythms and a plethora sounds reminiscent of hydraulic or robotic arms, drills etc. at work, paired with additional sci-fi sweeps and, once again, a threatening background layer of pure essential darkness. Finally the concluding "Synapse" is following on a similar path, making use of more cavernous low end movements and an even more apocalyptic and doomed approach which might provide a soundtrack extraordinaire for the next great psycho sci-fi slasher to come. Think 'Alien' in its original form. Highly recommended.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Rasmussen / Flaherty / Rowden / Corsano - Crying In Space [Relative Pitch Records]

Put out on the circuit via the ever active American imprint that is Relative Pitch Records on January 27th, 2k23 is "Crying In Space", the first full on Improv album conceived by Mette Rasmussen, Paul Flaherty, Zach Rowden and Chris Corsano in this setting. Rolled out over a total of three pieces and a playtime of roughly 42 minutes the four musicians employ a musical arsenal of alto and tenor saxophones, double bass, drums and unspecified objects to embark on two well extended journeys as well as one relatively shorter excursion, all recorded in New Haven, CT on June 23rd, 2k19. Pairing thundering drums with an ever certain elegic vintage oldskool Jazz vibe - think old and grainy black and white movies - and complex, intense sax interactions in the 20+ minutes spanning opener "The Hesitant Nature Of Doubt (Shadow Chase)" the group lays out a demanding Avantgarde Jazz foundation for things to come, with the subsequent "What To Expect When Faking Your Own Death" opening in a tentative, stripped down and partly tongue-in-cheek manner only to evolve into an interesting call-and-response situation which finally turns into a dense jungle of intertwined FreeJazz madness before "Industrial Sabourage Friday" brings forth a final exclamation mark in terms of structurally organized chaos garnished with sustained, longing melodic eruptions for an absolute firework of a closing tune. If you're deep into Avantgarde Jazz this is one to check out for sure.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Ruxpin & Stafraenn Hakon - Meet Me In Forever [Sound In Silence 098]

Put out on the circuit via the Greek Ambient x ChillOut staple Sound In Silence on February 20th, 2k23 is "Meet Me In Forever", the very first collaboration album crafted and conceived by Icelandic producers Ruxpin and Stafraenn Hakon. With both artists having appeared on the label previously in other contexts more than a decade ago their duo effort results in a total of 12 brand new tracks rolled out over an hour of total playtime, starting from a point of unexpectedly dancefloor friendly NuDisco / Romantic House sporting dreamy guitar licks and washed out atmospheres in "Flawless Delivery" before "Unmapped Landscapes" are following a similar, yet more Broken Beat- / Broken House-oriented path which leads into the gentle, Electronica-informed Downbeat of "Cloud Surf 1985" as well as the subsequent, well dark'ish slow motion panorama TripHop of "Odesa". With "Delayed Goodbyes" Ruxpin and Stafraenn Hakon are taking a turn towards slightly kitschy, shoegazing Indietronica x hyperdreamy PostRock Pop crossovers for young Indie girls in love whilst "Second Breath" harks back to a TechHouse-compatible Romantic House attitude for daytime festival crowds, "Footsteps" are in for more large scale panoramic Downtempo landscapes well suitable for Ibiza sunsets whereas the "Dark Rift" indeed takes its complex drum patterns to cavernous, light deprived and melancholia-inducing places. Furthermore "Angeyja" enters deeply intricate Glitchtronica realms for highly advanced dancefloors, "Offshore" follows with a dark, heavy and sluggish TripHop foundation garnished with airy guitar movements and occasional vocal samples before the haunted, björk'esque "Reunited (If That's What You Want)" heads back to 4/4 driven club floors and the final cut that is "What We Need" rounds things off with a last round of classic Electronica vibes. Probably the most beat driven and club-focused album release on Sound In Silence so far, this.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Matterhorn Well - Sketches For Francis [Consouling Sounds / Icarus Records]

Coming in via mail from Belgium these days is "Sketches For Francis", the January 20th, 2k23 released album debut by Imre De Cauter and Mathias Dewilde which fuse the sounds of cello, Fender Rhodes and electronics under their conjunctional moniker that is Matterhorn Well. Put out on the circuit as a joined effort by the labels Consouling Sounds and Icarus Records the 41 minutes spanning longplayer presents a total of four extended pieces subsesequently named "Sketch I - IV" which see the duo partake in tentative, tender and mostly improvised Ambient interactions characterized by misty, yet panoramic atmospheres going through minimalistic changes, morphings and meanderings of a mostly mystical nature, accompanied by floating singular piano'esque tones and naturalistic sound events, yet - especially in "Sketch II" - also cater tense, unsettling and slightly off-kilter sequences and tectonic shifts whilst being informed by echoes of score'esque Contemporary Classical as well as composition techniques employed in so-called Minimal Music, all falling together in a beauteous, partly romantic and time defying fashion. Go check.

The D3VI7 - The Deal [Nachtkabinett Recordings 006 Promo]

Out on the digital circuit since December 9th, 2k22 via Nachtkabinett Recordings is "The Deal", the first ever appearance on the label made by the mysterious underground production force that is The D3VI7. Opening with the mysterious and captivating vocal intro of "No Big Deal" we're drawn to the center of the dancefloor by a dry variation of Business Techno garnished with classic rave stabs for heaving past peaktime crowds whilst "The Gentleman", the second tune on this digital single, provides more of an uptempo approach, serving razor sharp hi-hats, twisted and bent vocals samples as well as an ever filtered, ever intensifying build-up leading into pure Techno ecstasy for those who are the happiest being reduced to their very silhouettes popping up in rapidly firing strobe light.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Killing Joke - Full Spectrum Dominance (Official Video)

Probably the most intense and elaborate music video we've seen popping up in 2k23 so far.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

The D3VI7 - Acid Embargo [Sound Kleckse Records 361 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via Sound Kleckse Records as their 361 on October 13th, 2k22 is "Acid Embargo", another relatively fresh two track single by The D3VI7. Opening with "Acid Embargo (Part 1)" The D3VI7 embarks on a pounding and well relentless journey, pairing ultra-brutalist, oftentimes filtered bassdrum attacks with short, slightly oldskoolish Acid loops reminiscent of classic HardAcid releases on labels like Labworks Germany before "Acid Embargo (Part 2)" provides a more straightforward, yet also more spiralling and ecstatic variation of banging Acid madness for a second cut.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Pita / Friedl - S/T [Karlrecords 099 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the long standing and ever active Karlrecords imprint as their 099 on February 17th, 2k23 is the self-titled "Pita / Friedl", the first ever collaboration album crafted by Peter Rehberg of Editions Mego and Zeitkratzer's Reinhold Friedl - and a sole oddball release as Peter Rehberg passed away not long after the two recording sessions documented in this one. Based on a combination of electronics and inside piano the two artists cater a total of three unedited Improv sessions rolled out over a total playtime of 64 minutes, all of them named after different Italian words for 'noise'. This being said "Caciara", "Chiasso" and "Clamore" indeed unfold as extended, grinding streams of nervously buzzing, partly metallic, partly harsh sonic information overload in which electric tones whizz around, distortion is always presents and plucked and prepared piano strings are bent, twisted, mistreated and malused whilst struggling for attention, oftentimes drowning in hardly decipherable waveform transmissions coming in from the depth of space, inside an ant colony, a beehive or whereever whereas screaming, spine-tingling and mind melting high frequency Industrial horrors induce fear and sonic terror or, on the opposite side of spectrum, tender, nocturnal Modern Classical piano passages provide a brooding vintage twist. Furthermore the mindful and considerate listener might as well find washed out echoes of echoes of echoes of eerie, outerworldly Future Jazz, early electronic music resembling filter sweeps and percussive industrialisms amongst other goodness - at least if one can handle harsh and highly experimental Avantgarde music. Interesting stuff.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Aperture - Stanze [Stray Signals 008 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the Stray Signals imprint on February 10th, 2k23 is "Stanze", the sophomore album outing by Berlin-based sibling Emanuele and Elisabetta Porcinai, better known under their sonic nom de guerre Aperture. Rolled out over the course of nine new pieces and a total playtime of approx. 36 minutes the duo offers a musical ark taking us from the hovering piano tones, intimate Spoken Words, unsettling, complex rhythm foundation and voluminous bass pulses of the opening "Siren" to the calm and organic Ambient textures of "Everyone", the enchanted, naturalistic Post-PostRock poetry of "Paper Circles", drifts into even more minimalist Field Recording x Musique Concrete meets Spoken Word territories with the ever droning and most fascinating "Weightless" whereas "Read Me A Poem" is on a slightly offkilter (Neo)Classical Noir and the final cut that is "Sveva" even turns out to be an intimate Italian Pop song just to name a few. Quite a range to cover within this short of a time but still a well coherent and pleasant journey for slightly adventurous listeners.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Geins't Nait + Scanner + L. Petitgand - Ola [Ici D'Ailleurs / Mind Travels Series Promo]

Released via the French label Ici D'Ailleurs, and more explicitly their Mind Travels Series, on March 3rd, 2k23 is "Ola", the nine tracks and roughly 57 minutes spanning result and outcome of a massive collaboration effort between Geins't Nait, Laurent Petitgand and Robin Rimbaud a.k.a. Scanner which is, according to the accompanying press release, dedicated to and focusing on 'Ambient, Neo-Classical and Industrial' music. This being said Rimbaud's presence in the project is obviously felt from the very start and hinted at especially in the carefully reprocessed vocals and tense, washed out and surreal atmospheres of the opener "MT-26" which have been a trademark in his work from 90s onwards, accompanied by deep, carefully constructed Electronica rhythms whereas tunes like "Gilles.2 *Remix" pair the thoughts of philosopher Gilles Deleuze with a dark and intimidating, yet minimalist sci-fi atmosphere and a certain sense of dystopia which carries on in the cavernous horrors lurking and grinding underneath the floating and innocent piano lines of "370". Furthermore the subsequent "Bed" and its captivating bassline movements might provide late-night weaponry for highly adventurous Dubstep or Illbient DJ's, the title track "Ola" drifts and loops into beautifully misty and time-dissolving Ambient nothingness before dubbed out Dope Beats are taking over whilst "Mouche" brings forward a highly fascinating take on overwhelming, yet hypercomforting and most hypnotic darkness and "95-MW" rounds things off with floating harmonies, multi-layered background voices as well as a continuous ebb-and-flow of hybrid Electronica x Rhythm Industrial beats just to name a few favorites here. Excellent stuff. Highly recommended.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

King Ayisoba - Work Hard [Glitterbeat Records 134 Promo]

The King returns. All hail the King. And indeed, Ghanaian Kologo master and internationally praised musician King Ayisoba is back with "Work Hard", his second full length album outing on Glitterbeat Records. Released on February 17th, 2k23 and once again in parts co-produced and guided by The Ex' Arnold De Boer a.k.a. Zea "Work Hard" presents a brand new set of nine tracks rolled out over the course of roughly 40 minutes which reveal a slightly different variation to and approach towards King Ayisoba's musical vision which, in a certain way, is departing from the purist traditional ways of his previous albums with this one. Instead King Ayisoba opens up to driving African dance beats from the get go, starting with the opening "Good Things God Knows" which immediately brings heat to any dancefloor whilst "People Talk Too Much" harks back to traditional polyrhythms and chants as well as one of the simple, but well significant messages which are a trademark of King Ayisoba's music in general. Furthermore "Namba Sonne" adds a well seductive flute line to fever'ish Tribal x Kologo drums whilst "Asome" pairs heavy shuffled Afro anti-grooves with lo-fi synth sounds to an interesting effect whereas the final cut that is "Buri Malima" once again harks back to a somewhat fever'ish and primordial vibe just to name a few.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Painting - I'll Be A Shadow And A Cloud (Official Video)

P.T.B.S. / Afflicted - Legends EP [Dancefloor Socialism 016 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit on November 23rd, 2k22 via Dancefloor Socialism as their 016 is the "Legends EP", a multi-artist split single collecting talent from the labels roster. First we've got "B.T.M" by Ufuk Özbayar a.k.a. P.T.B.S. remixed by the might Knarz Maschine which results in a dark, hypnotic and somewhat mechanical, yet pretty much uneventful Techno workout for tool-oriented DJs before Afflicted's "Kill Somebody *The D3VI7 Kill 'Em All Remix" subsequently brings forth a most brutal, stomping and distorted take on borderline Hardcore Rave Techno featuring some well interesting movie samples for those who can actually stand it.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents BETA-ZERFALL Volume 2 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (02.03.2023)

Thursday, March 16, 2023

User23564112514 - Kidz EP [User Recordings 045 Promo]

Released digitally via the still well mysterious imprint User Recordings as their 045 on December 13th, 2k22 is the "Kidz EP", the first outing on the label by User23564112514. Whilst the opening cut "Untitled 5-1" provides a raw, slightly distorted take on full Acid madness based on short, ever repeating loop modulation sequences meandering towards peak intensity, accompanied by razor sharp, mental hi-hat x noise bursts the subsequent second track, "Untitled 6-1" enters even more brutal and mind-bending HardAcid territories with its barrage fire clap attacks, hyper dense modulation layers and untamed, uncompromising jam session attitude. Pure insanity.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Cement Tea - Oxymoron *Remixes [No Sleep Till Bedtime 024 Promo]

If there's one globe spanning, multi-national collaboration release out there that's been released digitally on September 11th, 2k22 it has to by this one - the "Oxymoron *Remixes" by Brazilian producer Cement Tea. Put out via the Australian label No Sleep Till Bedtime as their 024 the journey starts with Cement Tea's "Oxymoron *Original Version", a pretty much straightforward, no nonsense, straight-in-yer-fucking-face Gabber meets Crossbreed tool affair which is transformed into eerie, grinding and galopping Psycho Hardcore by the subsequent 'Hallucinate Remix' whereas 'The D3VI7's Gangster Remix' pairs dry Gabber x HardTechno drums and driving rave sounds with a kind of tongue-in-cheek attitude once to be found in long lost projects like Teschnozabel, Smash? or Os-Ram. Furthermore the 'Tyrant X Remix' introduces a spatial, reverberating take on Hardcore brutalism creeping up from cavernous underground vaults, the 'Hardtrax Techno Mix' reminisces of the so-called Schranz-era in German Techno whilst also paying homage to 90s HardTrance with its hyper-seductive melodic elements and overwhelming sawtooth bassline, the so-called 'Der Cherep Remix' chooses war, violence and hyperdoom in its well intriguing Slomo Gabber iteration before the final 'Bioxeed Remix' finally enters sci-fi territories with chrome cold bassdrums and wafting, outerworldly atmospheres which announce the presence of powerful beings actually at home at a higher plane of existence. Good stuff, this.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Martina Bertoni - Hypnagogia [Karlrecords 097 Promo]

Roughly two years after the release of her label debut "Music For Empty Flats" Martina Bertoni is back on Karlrecords with a new album - the six tracks and roughly 35 minutes spanning "Hypnagogia". Released on January 20th, 2k23 Bertoni once again combines cello, electronics and voice on the new longplay piece, opening with the brittle and glacial Ambient movements of "Inversion" which set a panoramic, majestic even, yet icy and somewhat Nordic tone for things to come like the subsequent "Collided" with its highly intense droning sweeps and swells paired with a background of atmospheric static before "From E To W" brings forward a perfect score for an actual earthrise experienced from the moons surface with its quasi-angelic harmonies and subdued, meandering piano tones. Furthermore the "Orchid" presents dense layers of slightly off-kilter Ambient Noize paired with yearning echoes of echoes of re-processed Contemporary Classical structures, "Hemisphere" dives even deeper into an intimate, calm, yet highly emotional fusion of Ambient and Modern Classical and "Your Sun" closes out on a rather brooding UnAmbient tip, introducing tectonic low end shifts, atmospheric crackles and a certain post-apocalyptic feel even though its wafting, slightly distorted melodies provide a shimmering glimpse, a silver lining of hope at the horizon far far away.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Zark - 3 [Zarkon Records 003 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via the artist run label Zarkon Records as their 003 on December 18th, 2k22 is "3", the aptly named third outing by the quasi-anonymous producer that is Zark. Opening with "3.1" we're presented with a somewhat muffled, relentlessly, yet somewhat mechanically marching bassdrum intro which evokes blurred memories of the early 90s before additional hypno synths and irregular hi-hats drill down into ones mind. Furthermore the second cut on this one, "3.2", follows the beaten path in terms of an underlying foundation, yet adds washed out, somewhat trancey background atmospheres and spatial Intelligent Techno oriented micro synth sounds for a deeper, slightly sci-fi leaning vibe.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Felines - Felines [Lab'ut 004 Promo]

Put out on the circuit on November 19th, 2k22 via the French Lab'ut label as their 004 is the self-titled "Felines" album, the first ever full length album effort conceived by the new trio project of the same name consisting of Kaspar T. Toeplitz, Jozef Dumoulin and Yerri-G Hummel. Combining the sonic spectrum of saxophone, TR808 drum computer, Fender Rhodes and electric bass the three long-time standing artists provide an eight tracks an 56 minutes spanning journey starting from a point of air flow-based microtonal movements progressing into dark, subaquatic Ambient Jazz in the aptly named "Intro" which provides a seamless transition into the rest of the album which basically follows along within the beaten musical path, pairing an oftentimes unsettling and eerie, partially spatial and gargantuan electronic backdrop with bleeps, sweeps and blips reminiscent of early experimental electronic music production, spine-tingling, brooding and mostly not clearly defined sonic movements as well as screaming, hyper-intense and nightmare-inducing Noize attacks reminiscent of tortured and highly distorted demons ("Far"), danger inducing and slightly off-kilter UnAmbient x Synth with somewhat krautsy, klaxon'esque sax movements and subdued rhythms ("Sense") whereas tunes like "Brainstorm" fully indulge in ever droning DarkAmbient accomponied by brittle, outerworldy vocal processings before the final "Outro" caters a lullaby of dreamy tones, high frequency sweeps and static atmospheric Noize for a closing, just to pick a few. Not necessarily an easy journey for the uninitiated listener, this.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

31.03.2023 BETA-ZERFALL @ Nachtasyl / Hamburg

file under: PostPunk / ElectroPunk / (No)Wave / Industrial / IndieElectro + more

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / El Caballo Semental / The Absence Of Light]
Herr Brandt [Sonnenbrandt / Damaged Goods / The Convent]

doors: 10 P.M.
RSVP: Facebook event

The ZERFALL continues.

Wieder sind alle Turntables besetzt – es geht los, Leute!

Der BETA-ZERFALL kehrt für eine Nacht zurück nach Hamburg und macht Station in einer der zweifelsohne schönsten Locations der Stadt – dem Nachtasyl.

Und während da draussen die Welt und der Wahnsinn in immer schneller wirbelnden Spiralen frei dreht sorgt sorgt das BETA-ZERFALL DJ-Team thermonukleare Wärme und durchgeschwitzte Tanzkörper in der Hansestadt.

Wie gewohnt haben baze.djunkiii & Herr Brandt einen eklektischen Vinyl-Cocktail aus PostPunk, (No)Wave, ElectroPunk, SynthPop, Industrial, IndieElectro und vielerlei artverwandtem Sound in ihren frisch polierten Plattenkisten, gespickt mit legendären Underground-Favorites, Alltime-Klassikern und allerlei raren, seltsamen oder auch pressfrisch veröffentlichten Vinylscheiben, die jenseits des BETA-ZERFALL nur sehr vereinzelt den Weg auf die Plattenteller einschlägiger deutscher Clubs finden.

Denn BETA-ZERFALL ist seit mehr als zehn Jahren das Synonym für einen in dieser Form fast einzigarten Crossover zwischen Indie- / PostPunk- / Goth-Disco und der technisch versierten Mixkunst der elektronischen Clubkultur, die Zusammenkunft von Track-Ansatz und Songstruktur und vor allen Dingen die Essenz aus mehr als 50 Jahren DJ-Erfahrung, die die beiden BETA-ZERFALL Resident-DJs baze.djunkiii & Herr Brandt in ihren jeweiligen Szenen zusammen auf die Waage bringen.

Der Hamburger Musikaktivist baze.djunkiii ist seit 25 Jahren als DJ umtriebig in Sachen vorwiegend elektronischer Musik, zuweilen als Kulturbotschafter im Auftrag des Goethe Institut unterwegs und mit seinem Label El Caballo Semental unter Anderem verantwortlich für die 7“ Single Wiederhoffentlichung des Hits „Suicide Commando“ der Kieler Kultband NO MORE, während Herr Brandt als Veranstalter der Hamburger Partyreihe Damaged Goods seit Jahren als Vorreiter und Initiator des mittlerweile im grossen Stile gezündeten PostPunk Revivals aktiv ist und als Musiker seit Jahrzehnten mit Bands wie The Convent, Sonnenbrandt und The Promise Club-Venues und Festivals in ganz Europa bespielt.

Save the date!

Alstertor 1
20095 Hamburg

Friday, March 10, 2023

Phauss - Audiodrome [Room40 Promo]

And here we go with the next Phauss re-issue on the ever active Australian imprint Room40 which now brings back "Audiodrome", the first ever full length album effort thought up by Carl Michael Von Hauswolff and Erik Pauser under their shared conjunctional alias. Originally released in 1987 on the Swedish label Radium 226.05 the "Audiodrome" album, which has been back on the circuit since December 16th, 2k22, caters two extended pieces recorded in 1983 and 1986 respectively, "Zürich - Zürich" and "Alger - Lagos", which are making extensive use of Field Recording techniques as a means of documentation and original source material for later re-arrangement and re-combination of recordings, a muffled amalgamation of Plunderphonics, Musique Concrete and urban city scores, randomly recorded by a predetermined methodology in unnamed and sonically unrecognizable places, densely layered in part to create a thundering maelstrom of Urban Noize x Ambient Concrete whilst other sequences, especially in the second long form piece, present a spine-tingling take on raw, super experimental Swedish ProtoIndustrial which is about to resonate with the inner circle of die-hard Avantgarde, Noize and Non-Music lovers for sure. Defo a well interesting historical document - and quite an intense journey. Go check.

Thursday, March 09, 2023

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 03/2k23

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

The D3VI7 - Fear [Basics Avenue Records 121 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via the French imprint that is Basics Avenue Records on October 29th, 2k22 is "Fear", another fresh two track single cooked up in the hell'ish underground studios of The D3VI7 himself. Opening with "Acid Hell" we see the German Techno phenomenon on an expertly sculpted, Acid-leaning Hard Techno tip, providing pounding, hammering bassdrum power and screaming modulation insanity for ultimate dancefloor combat whereas the subsequent title track "Fear" pairs more spiralling Acid madness and razor sharp hi-hats with a technoid Tribal approach well reminiscent of Oliver Ho's legendary labels Meta and Chango and therefore turns out to be our favorite cut on this one.

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Underton Podcast #003 - baze.djunkiii: Unhinged Vol. 1

Monday, March 06, 2023

Samuel Rohrer - Codes Of Nature [Arjunamusic Promo]

Put out on the circuit via Arjunamusic on February 10th, 2k23 is "Codes Of Nature", the latest full length album effort by Berlin-based Samuel Rohrer who's pulled off more projects and collaborations throughout his nearly 18 years spanning release career than some labels have actually released within a similar timespan. Now back with another menu of six brand new pieces rolled out over a total of roughly 50 minutes playtime Samuel Rohrer presents a musical menu ranging from deep and stripped down late night Downtempo vibes to be found in the opening piece "Body Of Lies" followed on similar, yet slightly more meandering, Electronica-infused path by "Scapegoat Principle" to "Forth Density" which provides carefully layered and low key jazzed out percussion grooves for ChillOut dancefloors which might go well along Bugge Wesseltoft's 'New Conceptions Of Jazz' project vibewise. Furthermore "The Banality Of Evil" fully indulges in soft, enchanted Ambient textures and hovering, ever cascading melodic polyrhythms, the more agitated Future Tribal cut "Talking To Nature Spirits" is as enchanted, otherworldly and dreamy as its title suggests and the final "Resurrection", despite being obviously percussive, is as close to classic mid-90s Ambient transmissions as it gets on this album and therefore probably our personal favorite out of the six cuts on here. If you do own a single record by the famed, yet more krautsy, Moritz Von Oswald Trio you might well appreciate "Codes Of Nature" for a reason.

Sunday, March 05, 2023

Phauss - Nya Sverige: Nothing But The Truth [Room 40 Promo]

Reissued via the Australian label Room40 on December 16th, 2k22 is "Nya Sverige: Nothing But The Truth", the originally 1991-released and 54 minutes spanning one track album by the duo Phauss, then comprised of Erik Pauser and long standing electronic music activist x composer x artist Carl Michael Von Hauswolff. Initially put out on the circuit via the long time defunct Swedish imprint Anckarström the longform composition was conceived and fleshed out throughout an extended underground tour in the United States in the same year, oftentimes in sketchy locations and under the flag of being announced as an act performing 'Extreme Swedish Industrial'. Probably an announcement far fetched in hindsight the recording of "Nya Sverige: Nothing But The Truth" reflects the bleakness and endlessness of touring the outskirts and edges of American cities for weeks on end, resulting in an ever increasing, ever densening layer of sound evolving as slow and minimalistic as pieces by like-minded experimental artists like Francisco Lopez as one of the conceptual masters of glacial Drone music whilst adding what seem to be Field Recordings of icy desert winds to the mix, weighing in bits of Aube's metallic edgyness as well as occasional percussive one hit eruptions and well unsettling tectonic low end rumbles, all falling together in the form of greyscale'ish Isolationist Ambient x Desolation Ambient before continuously building up to create a well overwhelming wall of tense Ambient Noize which, for those familiar with the field, occasionally might even hint at Olaf Rupp's eardrum crushing live performance pieces of the late 90s or - to reference more contemporary Pop culture - might provide an eerie, fear-inducing daily background score for life within the upside down, where unseen, horrific, gargantuan creatures of Lovecraftian dimensions lurk... and unspoken things even beyond that. Thrilling and still worthwhile even though more than three decades have passed since this albums initial inception. Go check.

Saturday, March 04, 2023

2020 - 5 [2020 Records Promo]

So here we go with another extended digital album by the mysterious artist x project that is 2020, released on the presumably artist-run imprint 2020 Records under the simple, yet well logical name of "5" on October 7th, 2k22. Over the course of 10 brand new tracks and an approximated total playtime of 100+ minutes 2020 embarks on a journey taking us from the wide and meandering streams of glacial, washed out and slowly developing Ambient beauty of "Find Me" to the nearly overwhelming sonic whiteout of "The Unknown" whilst the low end pulses hidden deep within the mix of "Daylight" seem to be reminiscent of the most Ambient-infused DubTechno ever. "New Forms" introduces a brooding, well alarming moodiness and trembling bass frequencies which come with a shift of attitude away from the comforting blanket of its predecessors whereas "Echo" unfolds as an epic, glistening and near static drone of time-defying qualities before "Gone" serves an intense, mind-melting Cold Ambient atmosphere for a well suitable - and frosty! - closing just to name a few. A most beautiful ride, this is.

Friday, March 03, 2023

P.T.B.S & The D3VI7 - Woody Woodpecker [Dead Groovy Music 188 Promo]

Released via the digital imprint Dead Groovy Music on December 2nd, 2k22 is "Woody Woodpecker", the latest collaborational single effort cooked up by Ufuk Özbayar a.k.a. P.T.B.S. and the hell'ish underground phenomenon that is The D3VI7 himself. With their original mix of the title track the duo caters a raw, spatial and relatively monotonous variation of creepy, mind-melting peaktime Techno for illegal warehouse raves whereas the subsequent remix by Cement Tea brings forth a brutal, almost Hardcore-infused attitude based on hypercompressed bassdrum terror and dense layers of grinding Industrial sounds for the headstrong. Heavy.

Thursday, March 02, 2023

Adrenochrome - Conversion EP [Monokrak Records 270 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via the Swiss imprint that is Monokrak Records on November 28th, 2k22 is the "Conversion EP", the very first release by a new project known as Adrenochrome. Opening with "Kirschblut" Adrenochrome serves a bouncy, expertly sculpted and highly complex take on floating Minimal Techno garnished with driving claps and soft, sustained piano tones for an extra bit of late night deepness whereas the subsequent cut named "Pepsi Cola" combines hyperpositive Minimal Techno, curious bleeps and sawtooth modulations as well as dubbed out background pads for a classic, well uplifting dancefloor vibe. Good stuff.

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2k23

01. Geier Aus Stahl - Strapazen Und Genesung [Knekelhuis 043]
That's a well interesting longplay debut on the Dutch label Knekelhuis. The Viennese duo that is Geier Aus Stahl have not only chosen one of the very best project names in the history of electronic music ever but also manage to deliver the most greyscale'ish and depressive take on stripped down, contemporary MinimalWave garnished with an occasional pinch of hypermoody Industrial you might ever hear. Fascinatingly dark and captivating.

02. Combat Dubs - Combat Dubs II *2023 Repress [Intrauterin Recordings 007]
See announcement post for details...

03. Various Artists - Artificial Intelligence: Electronic Listening Music From Warp [Warp Records]
One of the most essential and at the time groundbreaking compilation releases in contemporary electronic music is back. In 1993 Warp Records' "Artificial Intelligence" provided a blueprint for the emerging Intelligent Techno x IDM scene of the early 90's with captivating and curious intelligent dancefloor bang0rz like Musicology's playful BrokenBeat cut "Telefone 529" as well as their Post-Rave anthem "Preminition", Autechre's Phonk classic "Crystel", Speedy J's most beautiful ChillOut tune that's "De-Orbit" as well as the spiralling Acid x ProtoTrance goodness that's "UP!" provided by Richie Hawtin under his Spiritual High guise and Dr. Alex Paterson's ever cascading Ambient synth pleasures of "Loving You Live" amongst others. Defo a must have, even though we'd love to have seen an actual 2xLP set for this reissue to provide more room and dynamics for each individual tune instead of cramming nearly 25 minutes or more onto one side of a single vinyl.

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