Sunday, June 30, 2024

Zerschmetterte Hoffnung - Ewige Verzweiflung [Dangerous Diskettes 017]

Another fresh one released as 017 of the Floppy Disk-focused label that is Dangerous Diskettes is "Ewige Verzweiflung", the first ever sonic outing cooked up by Zerschmetterte Hoffnung. Put out on the circuit as a hyper-limited edition of eight - !!! - hand-numbered copies only this release offers a journey into reverberating, well haunting and atmospheric Lo-Fi Black Metal sporting ghastly vocal utterings seeping through from the interdimensional outerworld whilst the tunes super raw guitars seem to pay homage to the early days of the genre with their overall distorted, yet well driving and in parts even classic arrangement. One for the dedicated fans and followers of the super niche within an already niche genre.

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Anatoly Grinberg & Andreas Davids - Inspired By A Tragedy [Ant-Zen 453]

Put out on the circuit via the legendary Industrial and beyond imprint that is Ant-Zen on June 12th, 2k24 is "Inspired By Tragedy", the first fully flegded vinyl album collaboration by Russian-Israeli producer Anatoly Grinberg and Andreas Davids - also known as Xotox to many. Delivering their conjunctional debut release in the most intricate die-cut cover artwork we've seen in ages the two producers are catering a sonic menu of seven tracks on this one which turns out to be well worthy for a contemporary Ant-zen release, especially considering the labels massive back catalogue, spanning an ark from the icy atmospheres and complex Rhythm Industrial structures of the aptly named opener "The Beginning" to the earth shaking subs of "The Night" and its combination of brooding sci-fi sounds and somewhat uplifting, yet frosty string arrangements drawing inspiration from Minimal Music with their Reich'esque feel via the slow moving, slightly claustrophic Industrial Ambient x Illbient fusion turning into dancefloor friendly quasi-Techno of "It's Quiet Outside" whereas "We Are Awake" once again brings forth killer bass movements at the lower end of the audible spectrum, this time paired with elastic Electronica signatures, more glacial strings, even chiming pianos and a surprisingly calm and peaceful attitude. Furthermore the flipside offers "Voices From The Future", an atmospheric fusion of strangely off-kilter harmonics and rattling, yet subdued beat structures which probably would make up for a proper last track to play on a Hardcore / Industrial Hardcore floor even which is followed by the heavy, dancefloor smashing Rhythm Industrial slow jam of "The Silence Between Two Seconds", our favorite cut on the album, before the closing cut that is "The End" - obviously! - waves goodbye on a slightly frosty and almost brittle Ambient Electronica level. Quite a beautiful and highly recommended longplayer, this debut is.

Friday, June 28, 2024

04.07.2024 baze.djunkiii presents Rave Age Volume 6 @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France

It is 1992 again. Instead of heavily pounding bassdrums dancefloors are rattled by deadly subs and sped up drum breaks which are causing a frenzy which, in the following years, would lead to genres like UK Hardcore, Happy Breakbeat, Jungle, Drum'n'Bass, UK Garage and many other derivatives rooted in this specific Breakbeat sound. With this months selection Radio Flouka-resident baze.djunkiii pays homage to those early years, presenting a 60 minutes all vinyl selection which fuses Oldskool classics both from original releases as well as contemporary reissues, variations on ProtoJungle, modern iterations and re-imaginations of the classic Breakbeat sound as well as a few unreleased Happy Breakbeat dubplates which even 99%+ of the die-hard genre fanatics might never even have heard about. Rewind selecta!

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Combat Dubs]

file under: Breakbeat / UK Hardcore / Happy Hardcore / Rave

transmission time: 22oo - 23oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Tom Carruthers - Salsa

An absolutely blazing bang0r of an Oldskool House cut taken off the forthcoming Tom Carruthers album on the L.I.E.S. label.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Jeremy Gignoux - Odd Stillness [self-released album]

Sometimes major disruptions might lead to new creative perspectives. This one's defo true for "Odd Stillness", the newest self-released longplay offering by Calgary's Jeremy Gignoux, violinist by trade yet turned conceptual composer due to a nerve injury which rendered him unable to play and perform his instrument for an extended period of time. With the idea in mind of each piece on this album consisting of one note only, performed by one performer only, yet recorded, arranged and put together in a multi-track fashion with only Gignoux and his co-producer being able to hear and listen to all of the tracks before presenting the full body of work to the entire cast of collaborators the theoretical setting automatically leads to an assumption of Minimal Music whilst the result brings forth dreamy layers of Classical movements, stripped down arrangements of plucked bass strings alongside sustained, yet also subdued atmospheres, longing, intertwining drones, stripped down Jazz rhythms, Avantgarde-infused vocal performances as well as raw, nocturnal and foreboding string pulses in "Brustred feat. Mark DeJong" which might be our favorite cut on the album - all laid out over the course of seven pieces and a total duration of approx. 47 minutes. Defo something different within the world of Modern and Contemporary Classical music.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Skat Injector - Conscious Sibi [Dangerous Diskettes 012 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via Dangerous Diskettes as a hyperlimited Floppy Disk release on April 8th, 2k24 is "Conscious Sibi", the first release on the imprint by the long standing Skat Injector project which has left its hyperviolent sonic marks on underground outfits like Omega Warfare Records or Hirntust Grind Media amongst many many others. With "Conscious Sibi" Skat Injector offer a surprisingly deep and atmospheric take on what could be identified as Freetekno-infused Rhythm Industrial vs. Industrial Ambient of doom sporting hard hitting, expertly sculpted bassdrum un-rhythms as well as occasional sub eruptions which, at least soundwise, evoke memories of certain Drum'n'Bass sub-genres ca. the late 90s and therefore do resonate with us for a reason. Interesting stuff, this.

Monday, June 24, 2024

The Nausea - Requiem [Absurd Exposition / Buried In Slag And Debris]

Released on June 7th, 2k24 as a label collaboration between the two imprints Absurd Exposition and Buried In Slag And Debris is "Requiem", the full length album firstling by Anju Singh's The Nausea project. With the album rolled out over the course of 10 tracks and approx. 44 minutes of total runtime Singh draws inspiration from death itself and her inherent and still ongoing childhood confusion about how and what to feel at funerals as well her involvement in the Black Metal / Death Metal outfit Ceremonial Bloodbath which in itself is quite an unsual feat for a violin player which also feels well at home in the Classical and Avantgarde realm, an influence that can already be felt in the whirling maelstrom of the opening piece  "Respice Finem" which fuses an intense, slightly off-kilter performance on her instrument of choice with heavy Noize eruptions whilst the subsequent "Eleison" seems to hark back to the realm of Classical music as it could be played, imagined and performed in an outerdimensional realm whereas "NIl Inultum Remanebit" seems to mirror festive medieval dances in a contemporary manner. With these three compositions paving the way for things to come we see Singh embarking on a journey which leads her from repetetive Classical elegies towards a climax of intense grinding digital Noize in "Ascension" whilst "Abyssal Depths" provides an almost ceremonial quality which, once again, is subdued by chaotic Noize eruptions and the second to last cut that is "Eleison Vindicta" pairs the deep and ceremonial side Of The Nausea with well unsettling grinding tones and varying, ever meandering off-harmonics just to name a few. This is well intense.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Final - What We Don't See [Room40 Promo]

Released via the ever active Australian label that is Room40 on May 31st, 2k24 is "What We Don't See", the latest album by Justin K. Broadrick of Godflesh-, Techno Animal-, Jesu- and JK Flesh-fame amongs others who's exploring new sonic territories with his 49 minutes spanning firstling under the moniker of Final. Opening with the forebodingly titled "Bodyless" Broadrick a.k.a. Final enters a hazy and washed out world of glacial Ambient accompanied by tectonic, almost physicial bass movements at the lower end of the audible spectrum with the follow up "Only In Dreams" providing time-dissolving electrical dronings quite similar to a helicopter hovering in a far distance or a small motorplane passing over one's head on a clear and quiet summers day. Furthermore "Inbetween You" probably is the tune closest to what might be referred to as classic Ambient on this album with its washed out, slightly warped off harmonics, grainy vintage tape aesthetics and a rather innocent and rural overall feel, "Your Bit Of Sky" follows up with a calmer and extremely soothing take on glacial, ever meandering low end heavy Ambient before "Behind Me" sends the informed listener off into a sphere of deep sleep with its wafting, nocturnal movements and solemn, almost comforting slow motion pulses. One for the dedicated fan of Deep Listening and quite a surprising longplayer from the long standing producer that is Justin K. Broadrick.

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Sascha Müller - City Limits [Dizzy Tunes 079 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit on April 29th, 2k24 is "City Limits", the latest sonic effort cooked up by Mr. Sascha Müller for the Dizzy Tunes label. Catering a selection of three original tracks and one additional remix the German producer opens with the original version of the title track which is nothing short of a blueprint of how powerful bouncy and elastic TechTrance can be in 2k24 whereas the subsequent cut identified as "City Limits *Sascha Bouche Remix" takes things to another level with a muscular pounding Techno foundation which provides a proper contrast to this versions washed out harmonies and Trance-leaning melodies, classic stabs and peak time big room Rave attitude. Furthermore we see "Caveman" operating on a rather playful and detailed HardHouse tip, providing surprise breakdowns and a plethora of expertly sculpted percussive synth elements before "Lifelike" turns into a dark'ish, ever rolling Techno affair garnished with sprinkles of yearning sustained cosmic synth tones for a closing.

Friday, June 21, 2024

Various Artists - Chapter II: The Magician Longs To See [No Sleep Till Bedtime Promo]

Released via the Australian No Sleep Till Bedtime imprint on April 19th, 2k24 is "Chapter II: The Magician Longs To See", a digital four track label showcase single which opens up with Huddo's "This Is Not A Drill", a hard hitting take on highly functional Business Techno sporting big reverberating bass drums, obscured vocoder samples and a highly mechanical peak time functionality subsequently followed by Unknownfunction's "Opaque" which turns out to be a deeper, straighter Techno affair garnished with haunting, slightly psychedelic atmospheres, subdued tribalisms and somewhat enchanted late night vibes for not exactly legal raves out there in the mountain woods. Furthermore featured on here is "We Want Freedom" by Uelsen's finest Sascha Müller who increases the tempo significantly, adds whipping percussions and a rolling psy-bass before embarking on a journey equally inspired by Dark Rave, Metal guitars and US-leaning BroStep midrange bass carnage whereas the interestingly named project Anti-P.L.U.R. brings forth an expertly sculpted, super dry drum foundation alongside an ever present bass to back intense, psychoactive synth sweeps and an intricately layered array of polyrhythms before heading off into proper Acid Techno territories with their closing cut that is "After Thought".

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Rodney Sharman / Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa - Known And Unknown [Redshift Records]

Released via the Canadian Redshift Records imprint on March 22nd, 2k24 is "Known And Unknown", an almost 73 minutes spanning body of work in which Vancouver-based Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa interpretes and performs pieces written by long-standing composer Rodney Sharman in a series of twelve or eighteen solo piano performances - dependent on if one regards the "Opera Transcriptions (Book 3 / 2 / 1)" as single pieces or prefers to count their contextual sub-sets as individual compositions. No matter where the listener stands in this regard, what we're exposed to is the meeting of two artists who've closely worked with and supported each other over the course of more than 20+ years, a mutual understanding of both each individual approach, expressiveness and artistic vision, shared respect, probably friendship even, all coming together in this major werkschau, spanning a musical ark from tender and dreamy pieces to the hard hitting and rather expressive chords and intense Spoken Word episodes to be found in "Wounded" which therefore might be our favorite cut on this one probably followed by the equally dramatic and somewhat foreboding "Narcissus" whereas "The Garden" not only is highly dynamic, extremely detailed but also evokes echoes of echoes of memories of Spoken Word legends like Lydia Lunch for a reason just to name a few. Probably an album more suitable for fall and winter listening, yet one that dedicated fans of Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical music might want to add to their watch lists for a reason.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Pablo Diserens - Turning Porous [Forms Of Minutiae 011 Promo]

Released on May 31st, 2k24 via the Avantgarde label known as Forms Of Minutiae is "Turning Porous", the latest album conceived by producer, artists and field recordist Pablo Diserens who, on the occasion of the publication and exhibition "On Becoming Amphibian", provides us with a set of compositions based on Field Recordings of amphibian wildife and its natural as well as un-natural a.k.a. man-made surroundings in the Spanish region of Galicia. Following the conceptual idea of '...merging with the local amphibian communities...' as laid out by the accompanying press sheet Diserens opens with the hyperminimalist and spatially spread high frequency bleeps of "Alytes" seemingly backed by dogs barking in far distance almost drowning at the very back of the overall mix whereas the "Riparian Zone" adds what seem to be chirping insects and droning midrange electronics to the mix whilst the expressive close-up croaking and chirping of "Herpetophonics: Pondering" rather reminds us of primordial or alien swamps than an actual place located somewhere in Europe. Furthermore "Permeable Skin", our favorite cut on this album, weighs in floating, yet slightly fluttering harmonic Ambient drone layers of a rather time defying nature, the subsequent "Herpetophonic: Arousal" defo is a multi voice concerto of amphibians in heat before "Mirage In Motion" explores an amalgamation of what probably could be subdued ancient flute tones and ever shifting wind blowing over from afar for a closing. One for the dedicated fan of Field Recordings and Deep Listening Music.

Monday, June 17, 2024

Maj Kavsek - Galaterna [Aut Records 111]

Released via Aut Records as the labels 111 on May 22nd, 2k24 is "Galaterna", the six pieces and 39 minutes spanning debut album by producer, composer and arranger Maj Kavsek which has been brought to live in the studio with the help of a handful of musicians in a quintet setting, drawing inspiration from a rather traditional Jazz approach in lively and frolicking pieces like the opener "Hexagonal Mirrors" whilst "Philosopher's Stoned" indulges in a softer, more emotional Late Night City Jazz attitude, the subsequent "Primrose" caters fully fledged romanticisms in Jazz whereas the title track "Galaterna (Improv I.)" showcases the groups artistry in perfectly balancing harmonic structures and an underlying improvisational approach just to name a few. Recommended to the dedicated Jazz fans amongst our readers.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, June 16, 2024

ükya - We Come For An Experience Of Presence [Nakama Records 025]

Released via the Norwegian Nakama Records label on April 29th, 2k24 is "We Come For An Experience Of Presence", the six tracks and roughly 42 minutes spanning album debut by ükya, a trio comprised of Emil Bø, Kristian Enkerud Lien and Michael Lee Sørenmo on trombone, guitar and drums respectively. With its titles subsequently named "One" to "Six" and with several of them being split into additional sub-sections the entire longplayer was recorded throughout an extended one day studio session in April of 2022 which sees the artists invlvd embarking on an Improv-driven journey into the realms of subdued, yet highly detailed fragmented echoes of what could be described as Avantgarde Jazz, seemingly even incorporating Field Recordings and FoundSound in highly minimistic pieces like "Two" whilst the repetetive minimalist nature of "Three" even seems to be referencing the most sparsely executed PostRock possible at times whereas other pieces fully embed themselves into whatever sonic ambience the listener is surrounded by and sometimes even feature extended periods of (near) silence between tonal events. Defo one for fans and followers of both Avantgarde and Minimal Music of sorts and hardly ever really touching base with genres like Jazz on rather obvious level.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Zark - 11 [Zarkon Records 011 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit on March 19th, 2k24 via the artist run Zarkon Records label is "11", the latest two track single outing by the quasi anonymous label head that is Zark. With "11.1" Zark provides quite a sweet little stripped down and melodic TechHouse affair which sees several soft harmonic layers intricately weave around eachother whilst rather unprocessed foreground snares and swampy synth droplets provide more of a somewhat futuristic and Intelligent Techno leaning angle accompanied by trippy Acid modulations. Furthermore "11.2" sees the producer switching gears towards underground peaktime territories tempowise whilst still exploring swampy Intelligent Techno x Minimal Techno realms suitable for those who still remember the very first computer animated late night Techno tunnel videos flickering on anaologue TV screens throughout the golden days of music television.

Friday, June 14, 2024

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents Further Explorations In Sound Volume 4 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (06.06.2024)

Thursday, June 13, 2024

The D3VI7 - Budget Acid EP [Psychocandies 115 Promo]

Released via the long standing Psychocandies imprint as their 115 on March 21st, 2k24 is the "Budget Acid EP", a new digital two tracker cooked up by The D3VI7 in his electronic laboratories. Opening with the title track "Budget Acid" The D3VI7 brings forth a super raw take on hard hitting underground Acid which feels like it could be directly extracted from an unhinged jam session performed at a semi-legal basement rave before "All-Time", the second track on this one, caters what seems to be a super dirty, distorted and steadily disintegrating take on what once were the remnants of Hi-NRG FilterHouse, now backed by Industrial-informed Broken Techno beats and gritty Wonky Techno basslines for those who really know. Imagine DJ Enrique having a love child with the likes of Tobias Schmidt, Mark Hawkins or the entire Mercuro Chrome artist posse throughout the early 2000s and have an educated guess why this would be our favorite cut on this one.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Dooom Orchestra - Our Sea Lies Within [Aut Records 109]

Put out on the album circuit via the ever expanding Aut Records label on April 24th, 2k24 is "Our Sea Lies Within", the latest longplay effort achieved by the Francesco Cigana-founded and -directed ensemble named Dooom Orchestra which caters a menu of eight brand new compositions conceived by the twelve piece group. Rolled out over a total of roughly 46 minutes we see the Dooom Orchestra boil down the essence of their musical studies into a journey which sees the group covering intense and expressive vocal performances by Nina Baietta alongside longing Jazz tones and thundering drums of dooom served in the opening cut "Amphesibena" whereas the subsequent "Roc Molek" caters subdued, yet non-organized chaos and an innate feel probably best described as hopelessness and despair "Cirillo's Ears (Spell Trouble)" dabbles with nocturnal DarkJazz in an unexpectedly playful manner, nicely contrasting the overall rather solemn, and somewhat even PostRock-informed, atmosphere with almost frolicking sax bursts whilst "Take The Steroid Z!" seems to echo echoes of fragmented mediterranean romanticism before rapidly spiralling upwards in tempo and intensity and the concluding "Ram Setu" waves goodbye on a rather intimate tip just to name a few. Defo one to check out for all fans of Contemporary Improv and Avantgarde Jazz.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Patrick Giguere / Cheryl Duvall - Intimes Exuberances [Redshift Records]

Released via the Canadian Redshift Records label on April 19th, 2k24 is "Intimes Exuberances", a full length collaboration album in which Patrick Giguere provides the compositional framework for a long form solo piano work executed by Toronto's Cheryl Duvall who, whilst playing and apart from her individual performance and interpretation of the written sheet music, is also in decisive charge when it comes to a set of parameters defining the piece in itself. This rather unusual approach results in an approx. 57 minutes spanning piano album, divided into four sub-sets, which opens quietly and initimately before switching into a rather expressive, longing and, despite sporting very upfront and in your face dynamics, romantic mode, drifting off into frolicking and rather innocent realms with the beginning of "Partie II - Tisser Le Present" which follows a path of dreamy Contemporary Classical over the course of its 18 minutes playtime, moving into a climax of unexpectedly heavy stakkato chords which, at least in parts, find their continuition in the intense opening sequence of "Partie III - Corps, Hors Du Temps" whereas "Partie IV - Lueurs En Voix", despite expressive in its own right, comes full circle in a rather subdued, in parts even tender manner. One for fans and followers of Contemporary Classical and Modern Classical composition, this.

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Monday, June 10, 2024

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 06/2k24

Sunday, June 09, 2024

Laurent Saiet & Guests - The Last Man Before Dawn [Trace Label 060]

Set for release on June 19th, 2k24 via the Paris-based Trace Label is "The Last Man Before Dawn", the latest album conceived by long standing French composer and musician Laurent Saiet who is collaborating with a wide ranged set of vocalists as well as other artists of which Quentin Rollet of Nurse With Wound might be one of the most renowned to create this twelve tracks and roughly 63 minutes spanning longform piece. Coming in a quite epic triple fold 7" vinyl sized collage art cover the CD album caters a musical arc spanning from atmospheric, Dark Ambient-infused scores evolving into intense, musically astounding Electronic x Jazz fusion pieces to deep, highly nocturnal DarkWave x Goth vibes to be found in the absolutely essential late night bang0r that is "As Yelly Canny Eyes" whereas "Far From The Sun" caters laid back, yet slightly dark'ish Downtempo Pop x TripHop, "Judy" drifts off into almost David Lynch'esque territories, "Gloomy And Sunday" serves a perfect winter x late autumn vibe with its elegic, yet highly dramatic strings and an overall ballad'esque and bluesy feel backed by heavy, muscular drums, the intro sequence of "Far Away" is as dark and brooding as it gets before the tune evolves into some kind of a scenic JazzRock instrumental and the closing cut "Descientize Me" even weighs in a kinda PostPunk x (No)Wave-informed attitude with its combination of intense primal drums, twangy guitars and almost whispered vocals just to name a few. Defo a well varied and well diverse album which, despite its dedicated non-mainstream attitude, has the potential to reach a widespread audience, from fans of the deeper realms of Pop Music, Leftfield Pop and Avantgarde to even a Goth- x PostPunk-leaning clientele. Therefore: go check!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, June 08, 2024

Laurent Pernice - Antigone [ADN Records]

Released via ADN Records on April 19th, 2k24 is "Antigone", Laurent Pernice's soundtrack to the antique Greek play by Sophocles as it was directed by Emma Gustafson and Laurent Hatat. With Pernice taking on a whole plethora of instruments including bass, double bass, zither and harp as well as what is described as 'electronic treatments' alongside Violaine Sultan's major contributions on viola the entire album caters a menu of twenty pieces rolled out over a total playtime of 53 minutes, sitting somewhere in between the sole functionality of a score and the creative approach of an artist album with ethereal, reverberating Deep Listening Music-leaning cuts like "Antigone Et Ismene (Prologue)" followed by the Classical-informed elegic nocturnal beauty of "Theme d'Antigone + Son Reflet Dans L'Ombre" whereas pieces like "La Colere De Creon" explore slow moving droning string harmonics, "Ismena A Thebes" even touches base with what was once defined as PopAmbient by the crew of Cologne's Kompakt record store, despite being presented here in a fashion which naturally gravitates more towards the Classical / (Neo)Classical side of the musical spectrum. Furthermore "La Lutte" takes on a more dramatic, brooding and somewhat Industrial inspired form, "Stasimon 1" even introduces Spoken Word atop brittle and icey electronic textures whereas the earth-shaking tonality of "La Decision d'Un Homme" seems to directly emerge from humungous subsurface vaults and so do the DarkAmbient-informed soundwaves of "A Bord De L'Acheron + L'Arrive Du Garde" whereas "Une Fine Poussiere Le Recouvrait", as well as the cascading closing cut "Antigone Au Tombeau", even seems to dabble with rural and folksy atmospheres just to name a few. Quite an interesting and diverse journey, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Friday, June 07, 2024

Sam Wilson - Wintertides [self-released]

Put out on the circuit as a self-released album affair on April 5th, 2k24 is Sam Wilson's "Wintertides", the roughly 38 minutes and ten tracks spanning result of an artist residency on Galliano Island in British Columbia which, in many ways, laid the foundation and sparked ideas for this longplayer and also informed her choice of collaborators - Jen Yakamovich on drums and Geordie Hart on bass - which played a role in finally bringing this album to life in the studio. Musically, we see the Wilson-led trio embark on a beautiful, in parts even airy and frolicking fusion of what could be described as Folk-infused and ever meandering Postrock from the very beginning of the opening cut "Light Through The Bend" onwards, weigh in deep and tender hot summer evening sunset vibes with the subsequent "Sandlines" whilst touching on jazzy romanticisms with "Elm Tree", focusing on stripped down and fragile guitar movements in "Water Source" before drifting into lands of slightly funky freestyle variations of a specific twangy guitar motif with "Dance Of The Fungi" whereas "Waterside" is as dreamy as it gets with a fully acoustic trio setting just to name a few. An album to share with a loved one, probably best consumed in front of an open fire with a bottle of fine wine and an additional set of candles at hand.

Thursday, June 06, 2024

The D3VI7 - Width [Ghostfloppy Recordings 015]

Released via the Floppy Disk focused imprint Ghostfloppy Recordings as their 015 on April 23rd, 2k24 is "Width", the second appearance on the label by noone less than The D3VI7 himself. With "Width" the underground studio force brings on an eardrum-shattering, hard stomping variation of hypercompressed LoBit Techno with a mechanical, almost machine-like Industrial attitude which surely will, despite its obvious lack of tempo in comparison to named genres, surely resonate with fans of raw Hardcore and Gabber for a reason. This is not a track. This an audio assault.

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Tuleje - Puste Ulice [Gusstaff Records]

Released locally in Poland on April 26th, 2k24 and internationally on May 24th, 2k24 via the ever expanding Gusstaff Records imprint is "Puste Ulice", the latest musical outing by the musical triumvirate operating under the name of Tuleje. Following up to their 2k23 debut "Ciche Miejsca" the trio once again presents a set of nine songs, all inspired by and drawn from original Folk songs of the Konin area, over the course of roughly 33 minutes of total playtime, paired with new lyrics written by the groups singer - and additionally: poet - Gosia Zagajewska. Starting on a relatively raw and partially even PostPunk x (No)Wave inspired tip the opening piece "Warzachew" comes in as quite a surprise, especially with its interesting stop-and-go sequences whereas the subsequent "Zaluzja" seems to be on a deeper and probably nocturnal storytelling tip, directly connecting with one's innermost senses with its quite unsettling and primordial minimalism. With the rather tender, yet still slightly dark'ish campfire feel of "Liszaj" Tuleje truly are touching base with Folk as a genre as it is widely understood for the first time on their sophomore longplayer and so does the short instrumental cut that is "Strzecha" which even adds fascinatingly raw and slightly off-harmonic rural fiddles to the trios sonic mix and therefore might be our favorite piece on this album whilst "Drzazga" enchants its listeners with a slightly dancey twist, dark droning strings and captivating vocals melodies whereas "Kurz" even weighs in quasi-acapella vibes directly drifting into ecstatic madness just to name a few. Defo an interesting approach to original and probably ancient Polish music. Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, June 04, 2024

06.06.2024 baze.djunkiii presents Further Explorations In Sound Volume 4 @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France

Further explorations in sound. Further explorations within the realm of Leftfield Electronics, Ambient, Deep Listening Music and way beyond. For this months 60 minutes all vinyl mix transmission we see Hamburg-based Radio Flouka-resident baze.djunkiii embark on a journey into a realm that's hardly covered in todays club culture as so-called ChillOut floors and areas have, for the most part, vanished and aren't even considered a viable option by promoters, festivals and venues anymore to provide rest alongside a sonically stimulating tapestry to come down or strike up any form of deep conversation within a nightlife environment. This is your soundtrack and introduction to a part of the culture that seemingly doesn't exist anymore, yet is desperately missed by first and second generations punters of which many would love to see ChillOut making a comeback for a reason. Sit back and relax!

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / The Absence Of Light]

file under: Ambient / Chill Out / Deep Listening Music

transmission time: 22oo - 23oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka

Monday, June 03, 2024

Dead Robots - Machine Rave EP [Analog Records USA Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via the legendary Analog Records USA imprint is the debut release by Dead Robots, the "Machine Rave EP". Originally meant to be released as a multi-track single but, due to unforeseen circumstances, boiled down to a one-tracker the Dead Robots and their title track "Machine Rave" cater a deeper, nocturnal variation of Electro as a genre with an intricately constructed, ever evolving beat foundation, complex layers of gooey mid-range synth works and ethereal string risers, all falling together in a rather hypnotic manner, providing a lovely soundtrack for extended space (night) explorations. Go check.

Sunday, June 02, 2024

Ben Chatwin - Verdigris [Dis-nter 001]

Launching his very own imprint named Dis-nter with a new album composer and modular synthesist Ben Chatwin returned to the long form circuit on March 22nd, 2k24 with "Verdigris", a body of work spanning a total of eight brand new pieces and an overall duration of a little more than 37 minutes. For a start the epic and surely Bass Music- and Dubstep-informed opener "Collapsing In Feedback" paves the way for utter shimmering joy and cascading ecstasis on Electronica-, Industrial- and PostGarage-floors worldwide, ready to kick Burial off his throne for a reason, whereas the subsequent "Sawtooth" pairs large scale urban early morning synths and frantic drumming with a rather restrained 4-2-the-floor base to a rather post-apocalyptic effect. With "Dolmen" Mr. Chatwin enters scintillating electronic territories well familiar to fans of Vaporwave as well as of certain works by the likes of Eprom, Ikonika or Fatima Al Qadiri, "Pig Iron" provides a similarly chromatic take on hyperfuturistic Bass Music whereas "Petroglyphs" hints at an everlasting, Trance-inducing ride into hypnotic dancefloor eternity despite being a rather slow, spiralling synth driven affair than a full on dance track. Furthermore the "Ecology Of Fear" unravels a deep state of melancholia on top of decaying, defragmenting Electronica beats, "Chorale" follows down a similarly decomposing lane in terms of beat aesthetics despite rolling on a late night 4/4 Armchair Techno vibe and panoramic synth goodness before the final "Elegy For All We Lost" embarks on a quite emotionally touching Ambient journey for a closing. Well commended, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, June 01, 2024

baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2k24

01. Various Artists - Horizons Lost E.P. [Karma Recordings 014]
And here we go with some (Neo)Jungle and Drum'n'Bass on beautiful what is described as lemon and lime marble vinyl. But mostly it's all about DJ Kos' "Horizons Lost" which, remixed by both Dope Ammo as well as Sync Dynamix, due to its use of dreamy killer pianos and that uberclassic female ''s hypnotizing...' sample triggers major early 90s rave nostalgia for an old geezer like me and therefore had to find its way into my collection, accompanied by further cuts cooked up by DJ Ande and Dertie Bassett which bring on contemporary Hardstep ("Psycho Boy") and intense atmospheric Darkside Jungle ("Afraid Of The Dark") which once again proves why the description of the '...long dark tunnel...' is still well valid for this kind of music.

02. Bad Kingdom E.P. [Vibez '93 021]
The Fokuz Recordings sublabel Vibez '93 caters its 21st overall offering, this time brought to the Jungle x Drum'n'Bass massive on neon glow orange 12" viny with four tracks spanning a sonic arc from deep atmospheric Jungle x Intelligent Drum'n'Bass rollers to dark and bass-heavy cuts which surely summon memories of early No U-Turn days for the longtime Drum'n'Bass afficionado. Therefore recommended.

03. Desolat - Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die [Reptilian Records 168]
See review for details...

04. P.T.B.S. & Sascha Müller - Mentally Glitch [Proper Cuts Recordings]
See review for details...

05. Dead Robots - Brave Machines [Lathecut Dubplate]
One for the Electro heads out there this unreleased dubplate cut by the mysterious duo operating under the guise of Dead Robots is, in its original form, quite a deep and tool'ish affair for late night sessions, yet evolves into a well functional crossover working perfectly fine in ElectroBreaks focused DJ sets as soon as the pitch fader crosses the +5% mark and this is exactly the context one will find us playing "Brave Machines" in for a reason. Nice.

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