Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Steve Dalachinsky & RG Rough - The Lunatic Fridge [Bam Balam Records 078 Promo]

So what to do if one artist passes throughout the creation of a collaborative album effort? Leave it alone and abandon the project for good? Release unfinished or complete as intended as sort of a posthumous tribute? These and many other question might've popped up in the mind of RG Rough when New York-based poet Steve Dalchinsky died in September 2019, deep into the production process of his - now latest and last - album "The Lunatic Fridge" which is about to be released via Bam Balam Records in October, 2k20. And as tragic the circumstances surrounding this album are as great as a legacy it will be, with RG Rough getting the balance right between vintage Jazz elements evoking hazy memories of smoke-filled, long standing hidden late night bars attended by and known only to an exclusive local audience and intense, sometimes alarming, sometimes crimescene'esque, sometimes noir electronic textures whilst Dalachinsky's Spoken Word, partially eccentric, poetry comes at us in a non-stop stakkato like a massive information overload, spitting out a conscious, yet loose stream of stories told, repetetions, listings of Rock bands, free associations, thoughts, memories and word chains, all presented in a very specific tone that seems to have fallen out - or: never been part of... - this modern, highly digital world whilst feeling intensely urban, specifically new york'esque at times, bringing artists like Bukowski or Irene Lavina to mind, projects pictures of old street lights and dirty back alleys into ones most inner mind and reveals the nature of the city, man, mankind, humanity and entire societies all hidden and stored away behind glass panels, flashy lights and fancy facades these days. Timelessness and art defined in 50 minutes. Essential.

Lagowski - All Night Long Into The Cold Light Of Day

Long standing producer Lagowski comes at us with a heavy, yet still atmospheric Broken Industrial Techno treatment.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Sascha Müller - Too Hot To Handle [Sascha Müller Music]

Soon to be released via Sascha Müller Music as a limited to 10 copies - sic! - hand-numbered floppydisk edition in a heat protective glove for a cover is Sascha Müller's latest take on vintage technology storage formats named "Too Hot To Handle". Yet, instead being hot and fever'ish the Uelsen-based artists presents a single, one-minute long take on extremely haunting and spooky, surely otherworldly Cold Ambient /  Death Ambient most probably generated through a process of extreme downpitch manipulations of a certain single-shot sound which provides a nightmare'ish score for a short, yet most horrifying psychic experience. Sounds not meant to be heard by trauma patients and otherwise faint hearted creatures.

Floppy artwork and cover on Instagram!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Marianne Baudouin Lie - Atlantis, Utopia & Ulvedrømmer [Particular Recordings 032]

Released as a 2CD set via Particular Recordings these days is Marianne Baudouin Lie's new album named "Atlantis, Utopia & Ulvedrømmer", a project of slightly (Neo)Classical / Contemporary Classical nature in which the Norwegian composer explores the realm of commissioned works for solo cello and vocals, more specifically her own voice, which is a rather unusual approach for a solo performer. CD1 features a showcase of pieces by Ellen Lindquist, Eirik Hegdal, Stine Sørlie and Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratke brought to life by Marianne Baudouin Lie in a tender, most touching manner even though compositions like "Many Thousands Gone" are incorporating highly abstract sequences alongside ancient, rural and naturalistic parts, emotionally harking back to the simpler days of yore whereas the four parts of "Concertine Per Violoncello Et Voice" go for a full on classical, slightly ethereal approach, the "Atlantis Lamento" weighs in a minimalist, tense overall feel created by strings, multi-layered female whispers and plucked strings alongside respiratory noises and an otherworldly, shiver-inducing atmosphere before "To F" rounds things off on a droning, ever spiralling and later dramatically cascading level for a highly dynamic closing. Furthermore CD2 is fully occupied by Lene Grager's "Ulvedrømmer" and aptly subtitled 'A One Woman Musical' as we see Marianne Baudouin Lie provide everything a musical needs within the short time span of approx. 28 minutes - starting with an uplifting, dance-oriented instrumental take, drifting into dreamlike sequences, (Neo)Classical elegies accompanied by somewhat TripHop'esque beat structures, nocturnal drama and madness, inner monologues paired with what seem to be echoes of Field Recordings of cabaret shows, inward looking melancholia and sadness and finally, most finally, a silver lining at the horizon. Interesting and touching, even though we don't speak Norwegian at all and therefore cannot full grasp or connect with the story told, ofc.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Takuma Watanabe / Akira Rabelais / Felicia Atkinson - Mada Kokoni Iru: Original Soundtrack Recomposed [Inpartmaint Inc. Promo]

Put on the circuit via Inpartmaint Inc. on September 4th, 2k20 is "Mada Kokoni Iru: Original Soundtrack Recomposed", a collaborative effort by Japanese composer Takuma Watanabe, Akira Rabelais and Felicia Atkinson to rework, recreate and reconstruct the Watanabe-composed soundtrack for the Japanese short film "Mada Kokoni Iru" based on original sound material and elements created for the cinematic piece in the first place. The result is beautiful and intriguing, even for those not familiar with the original score like us: a tender, intimate array of Ambient harmonies and multi-layered piano melodies oozing with melancholia, whispered female voices, plucked string instruments, more piano minimalism and an overall feel of love and romanticism surely to be appreciated by many a score lover out there.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Various Artists - Too Much Future: Punkrock GDR 1980 - 1989 [Edition Iron Curtain Radio 001]

What a major task, this. Edition Iron Curtain Radio in conjunction with Major Label have taken on the documentation of the lost, mostly unheard of, suppressed and mostly considered illegal PunkRock scene of the GDR in the 80s - a.k.a. East Germany in the decade before the wall came finally down. Mostly acting and operating in a conspirative manner, with secret concerts if concerts at all there seems to have been a thriving, yet constantly endangered underground of youth against established structures which, in those times, referred to the established networks and manners of the socialist party in power. Unearthing and recovering songs of a total of 38 bands like Die Fanatische Frisöre, DDR Terrorstaat, Virus X, Betonromantik, Küchenspione and many more, many of which never got a permission to perform live and therefore only existed in the grey area of their own rehearsal rooms, most likely some dusty rotten basement of sorts, and known only to those in the know, this compilation documents a seldom told story of subversion and internal noncompliance as well as the thought process of an entire and somewhat lost generation which was thrown into a new world order shortly after, swept away, forgotten and overlooked in the tumultous years after Germany's reunification. But still - PunkRock in East Germany was a real, fever'ish and angry phenomenon which can be heard especially in songs like the ecstatic, violent and delirious opener "Die Sterne Sind Schwanger" by Konstruktives Liebeskommando, the captivating, female-led and rather PostPunk / (No)Wave-leaning "Fenster" by Namenlos, the alarming, intense, Spoken Word-driven "Töten Und Fressen" by Grabnoct as well as Wutanfall's high octane outing "Messestadtpunk", the touching, sad storytelling of Betonromantik's "Hässlich", the most desolate Greyscale (No)Wave of Kein Talent's "Die Zeit", the ultra lo-fi NoisePunk / Grind of "3 Jahre" by The Leistungsleichen, the over the top theatric drama presented by Hortel in "Ahoo Ahoo", the paranoid "Angst" by Band Ohne Namen, the clearly 'Hotel California'-influenced "Spiesser" by Küchenspione and many many more great tunes plus an additional 23 minutes live mashup concert recording on this interesting compilation. Recommended, not only for historical or documentary reasons.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sascha Müller - Summerwave [La Bomba Recordings 004 Promo]

Recently released via La Bomba Recordings is "Summerwave", the second re-interpretation of the Vaporwave-genre by Uelsen-based producer Sascha Müller. With "Summertime *Vaporwave Edit" we're facing a splintered and somewhat creepy 4/4 variation for Romantic House daytime festival dancefloors going through an episode of acute Psychedelia overdose on hyper-hot summer days whilst "Low End *Vaporwave Edit" trips out on a drifting Slo-Mo Trance level, yet keeps the tempo up in an at least danceable bpm-region... for stoners and middle aged, flower-chain sporting hippie women on ChillOut floors, that is.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Jan Klare - B.C. [Umland Records 036]

Soon to be released via Essen's ever active Umland Records label is "B.C.", presumably read: Before Corona, the latest eleven track album effort by alto sax player and composer Jan Klare. Recorded in November 2019 and somewhat re-evaluated by the artist throughout the first months of the COVID-19 shutdown and therefore branded with a beautiful artistic rendering of the virus cell not exactly blending in to an otherwise rural and peaceful naturalistic artwork / painting it seems like all of the solo sax executions featured on this longplay outing somewhat foreshadow the isolation and loneliness of the weeks and months yet to come at the time of recording, especially as they manage to make the specific acoustics of the empty rooms and basements they were captured in pretty much tangible, bringing up pictures of blank cellar walls and probably cheap, green'ish linoleum flooring, cold neon lights as well as uncovered conduits and tubing in one's mind. Cuts to check out for a first impression: the ever spiralling, highly dynamic "Key To Error" with its surprisingly violent percussive bursts, the super detailed and playful "Shaking Alianthus" as well as the hypermelancholia of the concluding "Then Forgetting". File under: isolation studies in sax.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Twinkle³ - Minor Planets [Marionette 014]

Put on the circuit via Marionette on September 18th, 2k20 is "Minor Planets", the latest in a trilogy of spaced themed albums released by Twinkle³ - a, well..., trio comprised of Richard Scott, David Ross and Clive Bell - since 2009. Taking on the subject with an array of rather leftfield instruments not many even deeply entrenched in electronic music might have heard of including shakuhachi, pi saw, drosscillator and cosmic bow alongside others Twinkle³ cater a well friendly, playful and curious vibe from the get go, touching on Electronica and beautiful ChillOut as well as on Synth / (Neo)Cosmic paired with various layers of traditional acoustic instruments which provide an additional level of pure, untouched naturalism in deep, touching cuts like "Soma 2815" or even resemble the work of classic Synth pioneers - think: Walter / Wendy Carlos - in the intro of "Abnoba 456" before taking a swampy path of somewhat Jazz-infused, free-floating, yet twisted Electronica improvisations whilst going on full on naturalism / mystical vs. short whitenoise bursts and ever morphing low-end modulations on "Kalliope 22" just to name a few. Good stuff, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Various Artists - El Diez Remixes [Dancefloor Socialism 005]

Put out on the digital circuit via Dancefloor Socialism on August 22nd, 2k20 as the labels 005 is a two track collection of remixes crafted by upcoming producer El Diez for established artists within the labels roster. The musical journey starts with Sascha Müller's "Cannonball *El Diez Remix" which is a deep, lush and dubbed out take on ever floating Intelligent Trance for spiralling late night sessions whereas the second cut by P.T.B.S. & Sascha Müller named "What I Mean *El Diez Remix" presents a slightly more muscular attitude when it comes to its drum foundation whilst coming for ravers hearts and souls with a friendly, warm organic and all embracing Trance vibe which timewarps straight back to the peak of 1994 soundwise. Excellent.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Andreas Davids - Zehn [AD | D.I.Y. 001]

Fresh on the circuit as a highly limited physical edition spread only by the artist himself to a selected circle of people is Andreas David's "Zehn", a double CDr compilation rounding off a series of ten - hence the title - digital Bandcamp-only releases issued over the course of an entire year as a conceptually driven series. Opening with the deep, well hazy Ambient meets dubbed out Electronica / ChillOut structures of "Awakening" we see the German producer paving the way for nearly 120 minutes of electronic beauty defined by time-dissolving, yet advanced dancefloor friendly after-after-after-party cuts like "Architect Of Dreams", glacial, droning synth movements first to be found in the aptly named "Ice", percussive, yet somewhat sino-ritualistic uptempo IDM / Braindance tunes like "Am Abend", surprisingly dreamy and romantic Piano vs. Electronica compositions like "Gipfel" as well as Contemporary Classical elegies in "Sehnsucht", intriguing and curious reverse structures in "Traumlos" and more examples of quality, timeless, spatial and masterly sculpted Electronica that should be a part of many a well maintained music collection for a reason. Quite an emotional and tender outing for the man known to employ the darkest, most brutal techniques when manufacturing highly efficient Industrial / EBM / HardTechno weaponry under the name of Xotox. Ace.

Album artwork on Instagram!

THE D3VI7 & DiZE7 - Battle Of The Modular Grid EP [Field Effect Records]

Recently unleashed via Finland-based digital imprint Field Effect Records is the four tracker named "Battle Of The Modular Grid EP" which sees THE D3VI7 and DiZE7 both contributing two of their very own productions to this conjunctional EP release. Opening with DiZE7's "Goat Beard Optimal Parenthesis" we're drawn into a raw, heavy and well noisy maelstrom of grinding, psyched out MonoAcid for horrifying nightmares before THE D3VI7 caters untamed, vary-speed Phonk power with his tune "Electrodreck". Furthermore DiZE7 weighs in the "Third Degree Acetone Malfunction" which is on a metallic, widely unprocessed, somewhat modular double-speed Techno tip whilst "Electroschreck" by THE D3VI7 rounds things off with another heavy load of twisted, warped Industrial Phonk.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Miki Yui - Aperio! [Hallow Ground Promo]

Scheduled for release on September 25th, 2k20 via Switzerland-based label Hallow Ground is "Aperio!", the new seven tracks and 35 minutes spanning album outing by now Düsseldorf / Germany-based Japanese artist Miki Yui. With a title derived from the Latin word 'aperire' which translates to 'to open' or 'to reveal' and quite cryptic titles we see the minimalist-leaning composer leading us into a sonic world comprised of ever morphing, droning Ambient pulses paired with somewhat outerworldly, dreamlike and well psychedelic atmospheres, electroacoustic bleeps, tender Clicks'n'Cuts and carefully sculpted, slightly dubbed out rhythm signatures, brittle Cold Ambient / Isolationist Ambient transmissions as well as intimate, stripped down Electronica alongside what seem to be re-processed Field Recordings and beyond, presenting a fascinating glimpse into a rich and thrilling universe of sound that surely has way more to offer than what the tracks on this beautifully varied and well recommended longplay outing can ever cover within this relatively short timeframe. We're up for a sequel in quick succession.

Chief Dance - Tetris Spesh *Wiley Interview VIP

This is the most amazing interpretation of Leftfield 'ardcore we've heard in ages. No man can test this one inna di dance. Big bwoy tunage, this.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Eivør - Segl [Absolute: / Sony / Universal]

Released on September 18th, 2k20 via Absolute: / Sony / Universal is "Segl", the sophomore album by Faroe-born, Copenhagen-based singer Eivør which we've already announced earlier this month with the video post for her well-dramatic Electronic Pop single "Let It Come". Known to a wider audience due to her contributions to the score of movies by no-one less than acclaimed director Scorcese as well as musical features in streaming hits like 'Homeland' and even 'Game Of Thromes' we see Eivør catering a total of twelve new songs on her latest album with two of them featuring guest artists like Einar Selvik and Icelandic singer Asgeir, providing a powerful take on touching, highly modernist and dramatic SynthPop-derivatives like the opening cut "Manasegl" which introduces her original Faroese mothertongue to a global audience with a bang whereas the subsequent cut "Sleep On It" aims straight at highly advanced dancefloors with echoes of echoes of hints of bass music, ethereal vocals and raw, mechanical and somewhat Industrial-sounding beat structures with a well special swing. Furthermore tunes like "Nothing To Fear" weigh in proper daytime radio potential with its somewhat 80s-leaning, yet unique and catchy vocal performance and highly emotional, hyperdense arrangements only broken up by masterly sculpted piano / voice sequences, "Skyscraper" reveals Eivør's abilities to carry a longing, intimate, vulnerable and outpouring ballad, "This City" harks back to highly seductive, slightly Future Pop-infused dancefloor power whilst "Stirdur Saknur" - our favorite just for the phonetic sound of the title alone, anyone willing to translate? - is as mystical, atmospheric and nordic as Eivør gets on this longplayer before the final cut "Gullspunnin" waves goodbye on a tender, more naturalistic, surely beautiful and somewhat melancholia inducing level just to name a few. Recommended for a reason. Get.

User04378886994 - Planets EP [User Recordings 007 Promo]

Another new one in the weekly stream of releases unleashed by the digital imprint User Recordings is the "Planets EP" brought to us by User04378886994. Whilst the opening cut dubbed "Planet E487" caters a proper take on warm, slow moving and somewhat brooding Dark- / Desolation Ambient the subsequent, only four seconds spanning "Motherfuckin House Dancer (Sample)" is a well familiar one for those who've been following the works of Uelsen-based producer Sascha Müller throughout the past years as he's been using and abusing this short vocal burst quite a few times in his more House-related cuts.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Afflicted vs. THE D3VI7 - The Sound Of The New Season EP [Afflicted In Techno 001-12]

Put out on the circuit as a highly limited, original hand-manufactured lathe cut 12" via the relatively new label Afflicted In Techno is the so-called "The Sound Of The New Season EP" - a double A-side joint venture crafted and created by Afflicted and THE D3VI7. Whilst Afflicted on the A-side present "Red Heart", an ever floating, yet heavy, muscular and Techno-infused Trance stomper for hypnotic moments in ultra large scale warehouse raves, we see THE D3VI7 coming at us with "The Fallen Angel" which takes us on an even deeper and more uptempo ride into Trance-land and surely brings back epic memories for every original 90s raver with its rolling basslines, ethereal synth figures, heavy rolls, mysterious vocal snippets and beautiful tender, delightful breakdown sequences. Check.

Legowelt - Unconditional Contours [-Ous 023 / SMEM No. 01 Promo]

So what happens if one offers a longtime established and highly acclaimed Electro producer a residency at a museum for electronic music instruments which is home to a collection of more than 5000 synthesizers and other music production devices? One ends up with an album, ofc. Released via the experimental electronics music outfit -Ous in collaboration with named Swiss Museum For Electronic Music Instruments / SMEM is "Unconditional Contours" by Dutch producer Danny Wolfers a.k.a. Legowelt which was not only the first artist resident at SMEM but picked an array of most unusual and - in his own words - shittiest devices ever made from the archive to create an epic 33+ minutes journey which puts even the original Synth pioneers of the late 70s and early 80s to shame sonically. Opening with the title track "Unconditional Contours Memory Moog" Legowelt immediately pulls us in to a highly emotional, ever morphing Ambient Synth realm of extraordinary beauty, weighs in retrofuturist, slightly Kraftwerk'esque Electro morphing into banging analogue Techno greatness with "Chateaux Dans Le Ciel Farfisa Synthorchestra 2" whilst "Swiss Fairytales" take on a short, ever spiralling Synth approach somewhat reminiscent of Tangerine Dream in their darkest score moments. Furthermore "Little Music With A Big Synth" sees small electronic devices and processor circuits frolicking in artifcial meadows, "Evolution EVS-1 Promars And Prophet 5" seems to go Space Age vs. 80s Production Music in a way, the "Prophet Vector Synth Dazzling In The Sun" brings out the most magical side of sparkly, positive oldskool Electro with its classic arrangement and dreamlike vocal layers whereas "These Phenomena Are Not Well Understood" weighs in raw, yet warm and all embracing sawtooth bass layers alongside cascading, slightly off kilter modulation loops as well as simple, touching melodic improvisations. The subsequent "SMEM23 Digital Clap Trap Promars Prophet" provides a take on banging, dubbed out and well subaquatic Drexciyan Hardcore Rave Techno, "Roxannes Magic Watch" emits sparkly, bleepy calls for pixies, fairies, ponies and other wonderful friendly beings and the concluding "FBT Synther 2000" finally goes down a highly tripped out, psychedelic route with its array of vintage Space Synth transmissions. High recommended. Epic.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Alasdair Robert - Fretted And Indebted [Infinite Greyscale 014]

And they are back! After an extended break of approximately 18 months the Berlin-based imprint Infinite Greyscale makes a big return to the release circuit with a full on 21 minute ten track album and a different format - still one-sided and with a beautiful silk-screen print on the flipside of the vinyl but now scaled up to 12" for a reason, providing enough space for Alasdair Robert to take on a wide variety of what seem to be classic traditional Scottish Folk Songs of which some are harking back to as far as the early 1700s. Amongst them are beautiful, mesmerizing acoustic instrumentals like "The Braes Of Tulliemet" or frolicking pieces like "The Smith's A Gallant Fireman" alongside touching raw, intimate acapellas like the ode to "The Seasons" and "False, False" which, due to their specific tone, feel and intonation alone, speak volumes about the state of the minds and souls of those who originally wrote these ancient, historic pieces in the days of yore and most probably never thought much about who or if those tunes might be enjoyed by people a few hundred years in the future. An album as rare and pure as an untouched meadow.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Sascha Müller feat. Nora W - World Of Life [Electrolux Real Musiq 013 Promo]

Released on the digital circuit via South African imprint Electrolux Real Musiq on August 21st, 2k20 as the labels 013 is "World Of Life", the latest collaborational effort of producer Sascha Müller and vocalist Nora W which seemingly attempt to take on Vaporwave on this one, at least according to the track / edit names. With "Feel My Love *Vaporwave Edit" the duo caters warm, all and ever embracing analog  bass waves alongside classic, yet time-stretched slow motion breakbeats for a dreamlike, washed out DrugBient / AbsinthHop experience before "Get Into My Life *Vaporwave Edit" presents a spooked out, fever'ish hyperslow 4/4 foundation paired with dubby basslines, beautifully tripping pads and outerworldy whispers for peak time abuse in ketamine heavy WitchHouse raves. This one is special.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Speedball Trio - Speedball Trio [Gustaff Records Promo]

Scheduled for release via Gusstaff Records straight outta Poland on October 17th, 2k20 is the self-titled album by Speedball Trio which is described in the accompanying press release as a part of the 'new wave of Russian heavy Jazz'. Comprised of Anton Ponomarev, Sergey Bolotin and Roman Mustafin - all of which active in other local FreeJazz / Experimental Jazz outfits - the triplet caters a selection of seven cuts rolled out over the course of approx. 33 minutes, combining sax, electronics, drums / percussion and bass guitar to create a powerful tour de force which exceeds the confinements of even FreeJazz by far. From the first seconds of the opening tune aptly named "Butchershop In The Sky" the whole experience feels more like an attempt to recreate the raw untamed power and fierceness of classic NYC Hardcore with a Jazz ensemble whilst the bass guitar sticks true to the gritty, hypnotic and well funky tone we all loved in bands like Rage Against The Machine back in the early 1990s. Put those guys out on a stage amidst a line up of bands from the named genre and you're gonna see some amazingly violent moshpit action for sure.

Techno Botts - Bretter Techno EP [Fresscode Records 008 Promo]

Scheduled for digital release via Fresscode Records on September 29th, 2k20 is the so-called "Bretter Techno EP", the second appearance on the label for the project named Techno Botts after their spring 2018 debut. Opening with "I V  Reaction" the Botts employ a surprisingly deep, midtempo-focused and somewhat Trance-inducing take on distorted, Detroit-influenced Techno whereas their "Self-Propelled Gun" is on a complex, psychotic, yet more muscular and still slighty distorted tip for the closing hours of a long underground night out  and the "Boy From Ipanema" weighs in pounding metallic drums and sharp, raw, unprocessed hi-hats as well as gnarly bass signals for a heavy, highly functional closing.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Lee - Kindred *Mause's Breakbeat Bonanza Remix

That's quite a beautiful, warm and playful Electro / Breakbeat fusion there. Lovely.

Faction - The End Of Tel Aviv Redux [False Industries 030 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via False Industries on September 11th, 2k20 is "The End Of Tel Aviv Redux", a re-imagined, remastered and reworked version of the 2004 Neo Ouija-released album "The End Of Tel Aviv" crafted and created by Faction, a duo comprised by now False Industries mastermind Yair Etziony and his production partner Rani. Revisiting their seminal album which sparked the rise of an experimental, yet kinda short-lived Electronica micro-scene in Israel after its initial release, carefully tweaking the aesthetics and revamping the albums tracklist with the addition of previously unreleased versions and tracks as well the total removal of songs previously featured on the initial version Faction are taking us back to the warm and welcoming IDM / Electronica sound of the early 2000s from the very first cut "Inside Out" onwards, providing a well familiar, cozy and comforting feel with their soft, ever morphing pads and melodies as well as masterly shaped and sculpted digital beat structures which personally evoke memories of our long-defunct, yet long running radio show "Die Nachtschwestern" on FSK / Hamburg as well as loads of musically wonderful nights spent at the former local hotspot for experimental electronic music named Astrastube around the time this album was originally released. Further recommendations: the deep, somewhat dubbed out minimalism of "Cutter's Way", the touching, emotional melancholia of "An Old Outland" as well as the soft, crystalline yet advanced dancefloor-focused swing of "Heavy Clouds" and the haunting, spatial (Dark)Ambient exercise of the concluding cut that is "Empty Beacon" just to name a few. Essential goodness.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Ronnie Herel presents Neo Soul Sessions Vol. 1 [BBE Music]

Scheduled for release via BBE Music on October 9th, 2k20 is Ronnie Herel's very first compilation for the label in which the long standing DJ, radio presenter and industry professional whose career harks back into the 80s presents a selection of thirteen fusion cuts dubbed as and subsumed under the flag of what he defines as HipHop Soul. Think mostly boom-bap beats, a raw, slightly vintage-infused feel, killer samples and oldskool references catered by the likes of Omar featuring Leon Ware, Children Of Zeus, Moods feat. Damon Trueitt with their most swinging "Slow Down", Terri Walker feat. Floacist who deliver the most classic Soul / R'n'B cut on this compilation, production staple DJ Jazzy Jeff who is bringing on two dancefloor fillers with "For Da Love Of Da Game" and "My Soul Ain't For Same" alongside massive modernist surprises like Etta Bond's "Come Over" which is built upon a combination of beats in rewind and sparse, ethereal, highly futuristic synth tones alongside intense, emotional FutureSoul storytelling or Foreign Exchange's hyperchromatic "Shelter" which is a synth driven fest for those enjoying the polished production aesthetics of acts like Throwing Shade or Darq E Freaker and quite a few more high class acts to discover. One to enjoy with a loved one for a reason. Or two.

User11508366478 - Night EP [User Recordings 006 Promo]

The next one released on the buzzing User Recordings label is the "Night EP" which is the label debut for User11508366478. With the opening cut "Nightcrawler" the anonymous producer explores a sonic realm of ever remodulated, raw and well oldskool flavored ToolTechno with a tripped out twist whilst "No10_A18" takes on super dry, hounded and stripped down Techno from an angle including filtered, slightly psychotic Tribal-infused percussions for a second cut.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

JStar - Maneater

This is the bootleg version / re-fix you didn't know you'd need in your life. Jstar is on a mad ting with this tune.

Jubatus - What's This EP [Oriente B2B Medellin Promo]

Fresh on the circuit via Colombia's Oriente B2B Medellin label is Jubatus' digital single dubbed the "What's This EP". Whilst the original cut comes in as a dry, banging and psyched out Techno mover sporting mechanical background percussions and a well distinct vocal sample alongside large scale bassline action and epic, somewhat HardTrance-reminiscing peak time modulations the subsequent 'El Atalaya Style Remix' is focusing on a rapid fire full on rave attitude for laserdomes whereas the concluding 'Sascha Müller Hard Remix' presents an overly distorted, heavily grinding HardTechno / HardTek take on the original tune which is about resonate with both Schranz lovers, HardAcid headz and even Hardcore addicts.

Monday, September 14, 2020

18.09.2020 baze.djunkiii guest set @ 90s Rave Radio / Ems-Vechte-Welle 99.3FM

This years special guest set for 90s Rave Radio focuses on the slightly twisted, oftentime less explored side of 90s Drum'n'Bass for those who've been in it for a long time. Expect some classics and rare overlooked gems to be unearthed in this hour.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Freebreakz.FWD]

file under: Drum'n'Bass
Transmission starts @ 11 pm GMT+1

Terrestrial transmission on frequency 99.3FM in and around the Emsland-region of Germany.

Click here for internet stream!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Lucrecia Dalt - No Era Solida [RVNG Intl. 065 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the experimental music staple RVNG Intl. on September 11th, 2k20 is "No Era Solida", the latest ten track album outing ( one bonus track...) crafted for the label by Lucrecia Dalt who, over the course of approximately 40 minutes, is dealing with the concept of an imaginery entity from another realm - dubbed Lia - going through different states and phases throughout the process of becoming a conscious and self-aware being. Visualized, or better: sonically sculpted, by a vast variety of ever morphing, viscous sound masses and reprocessed vocals as well as intense, eerie and sci-fi leaning Cold Electronica rhythms - see especially our absolute favorite "Coatlicue S." for this - whilst deep, multilayered and somewhat tribal'esque pieces like "Ser Boca" seem to cater more to fans of the long gone Berlin-based imprint Digital Kranky and connaisseurs of twisted, fever'ish Leftfield / Avantgarde / Art Pop. Furthermore cuts like "Espesa" cater inward looking drama atop a swampy electronic foundation, "Suprema" is about to send chills down every ASMR lovers spine for some reason and the most tender title track "No Era Solida" presents multi-layered, heavenly non-vocalisms alongside twangy guitar tones and most intimate whispered Spoken Words for a spine-tingling, goosebump evoking closing just to pick a few. Defo an interesting and truly unique longplay experience.

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii In The Mix @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France (10.09.2k20)

A tribute to the long defunct BETA-ZERFALL party series baze.djunkiii used to run with his partner Herr Brandt years ago.

Pitch! - Hit It *Afflicted Here We Are Remix [Afflicted In Techno 002F Promo]

Another new player on the digital circuit is the label Afflicted In Techno which recently released "Pitch! - Hit It *Afflicted Here We Are Remix" as a fresh one track single. The rework crafted by Uelsen-based duo Afflicted, comprised of Sascha Müller and Ufuk Özbayar a.k.a. P.T.B.S, is on a well hard hitting, psyched out Techno tip based on hefty, reverb-heavy bassdrums and a variety of shrieking, braincell quenching signals alongside a pumping midrange synth line and hypnotic, repetetive vocal samples for peak time Business Techno floors before shifting gears for an exploration of more Hardcore leaning realms.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Eivør - Let It Come (Official Video)

Coming from the Faroe Islands and living in Copenhagen right now Eivør unleashes an epicly dramatic take on electronic-driven Pop Music with this outtake from her forthcoming album "Segl". We're in.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Rabbits On Speed - Nuke Vol. 12 [Nuke The Planet 012 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the dark force that is the label named Nuke The Planet is "Nuke Vol. 12", the digital one track single debut for the project called Rabbits On Speed which bring nothing but utter chaos and destruction throughout the course of their nearly eight minutes excursion into the sonic realms of hyperbrutalist Digital Harshnoize, Rhythm Industrial and glitched out Breakcore whilst destroying eardrums, speakers and entire venues with their take on harsh, uber-compressed sonic barrage fire. More like 'Psychotic Rabbits On PCP', this.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 28 [SM Traxxx 51-2020]

Scheduled for release via SM Traxxx on September 17th, 2k20 is Sascha Müller's next digital two track single for the label which is "Traxxx Vol. 28". Opening with "Track 55" the Uelsen-based artist explores a realm of hypergroove induced peaktime Techno with a well rave-oriented twist and excellent oldskool stab sequences whilst the subsequent "Track 56" is more of a Tech-infused variation on stripped down, yet rave-informed HighSpeed House sporting multilayered vocal samples and a Tribal twist for those who know.

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

10.09.2k20 baze.djunkiii In The Mix @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France (2100 GMT+1)

BETA-ZERFALL – this is the name of the seminal event series baze.djunkiii and his partner in crime Herr Brandt of The Convent-, In2TheSound- and Sonnenbrandt-fame used to run in several locations in the North German city of Kiel as well as in their hometown of Hamburg about a decade ago, pioneering an amalgamation of PostPunk, (No)Wave, Indie, SynthPop, ElectroPunk, NuBeat, Industrial and beyond. With this first tribute mix for Radio Flouka our station resident baze.djunkiii presents a 60 minutes vinyl selection to represent and reminisce about the sound of these events, unearthing both BETA-ZERFALL classics, rare and obscure gems as well as more recent cuts that would've made it into the box if the party series was still ongoing today.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / El Caballo Semental]

file under: PostPunk / (No)Wave / Indie / SynthPop / ElectroPunk

transmission time: 21oo - 22oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Lemur + Reinhold Friedl - Alloy [Sofa Music]

Just released on September 4th, 2k20 via the Norwegian staple that is Sofa Music is "Alloy", the first result of a collaboration of the Norwegian quartet Lemur and piano player / composer Reinhold Friedl who's known and praised both for his solo works as well as his ever active Zeitkratzer ensemble. With the seven pieces of  "Component I - VII" spread out over the course of 47 minutes we see the combined forces of these artists exceed any known formal and technical restrictions of their instruments in favor of an explorative journey into a usually multi-layered, oftentimes shrieking and partly cacophonic sonic realm that can only roughly be described as Ultra FreeJazz occasionally paired with what seem to be electronic textures and atmospheres alongside Reinhold Friedl's specific take on deeply felt piano melancholia which is especially prevalent in the more solemn, inward-looking "Component III" whilst "Component V" seems to go for a deeper, droning and atmospheric approach with a well unsettling, somewhat UnAmbient-leaning twist steering towards and building up to a highly dramatic climax just to pick two cuts off of this really intense and somewhat unusual release for the imprint.

Album artwork on Instagram!

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 09/2k20

Monday, September 07, 2020

B. Bone - The Shadow [Sound Kleckse Records 281 Promo]

Recently released on the digital circuit via Sound Kleckse Records as the labels 281 is B. Bone's "The Shadow" which comes at us in three variations of the original cut with two additional remixes on this single. Opening with the so-called 'Intro Mix' B. Bone caters a well interesting and highly dramatic take on Techno including large scale choirs, epic string sequences and huge, reverberating drums for peak time abuse whereas the 'Original Mix' focuses on banging big room dancefloor functionality whilst holding on to the dramatic elements of its predecessor, especially in terms of its extended breakdown sequence,  and the subsequent 'Cinematic Mix' throws out the classic 4/4 foundation and brings out the, well..., cinematic qualities of this cut in a take that might even appeal to movie score collectors for a reason . Furthermore "The Shadow *Jens Mueller Remix" comes in with a straighter, powerful and more muscular vibe and razor sharp hi-hat sequences whilst the final 'Afflicted Remix' caters a grinding, proper relentless Industrial Hardcore re-lick for a closing that's about to cause massive havoc and bloodshed on dancefloors fro a reason.

Modern Melodies - Ice Pirates / Brainscan (Remixes)

That's a massively beautiful set of remixes there. Quality electronic music at its very best.

Sunday, September 06, 2020

THE D3VI7 - Temple EP [Dancefloor Socialism 004 Promo]

Next up on Dancefloor Socialism as the labels 004 is a release by THE D3VI7 which repurposes the digital realm to be the home and building site for his "Temple E.P.". Opening with "Temple *Original Mix" the still mysterious artist offers a precise take on dry, fast-paced peak time Techno with a gooey, Trance-infused midrange synth motif and super sharp hi-hats whereas the subsequent rework by Uelsen-based producer P.T.B.S. weighs in a stomping, brutalist and highly compressed angle on the tunes bassdrum foundation, adds a distinct vocal sample and gravitates towards a psyched out, relentless peak time vibe for dancefloors covered in blood before the final remix by Hanzzo caters a proper brooding and distorted HardTechno / Hardcore excess for illegal strobe lit bunker raves and therefore turns out to be our favorite cut on this one.

Saturday, September 05, 2020

Autoclav1.1 - Nothing Outside [Audiophob 033]

Put out on the circuit via German label Audiophob these days is "Nothing Outside", the latest full on album outing by Tony Young - better known to fans and followers of experimental electronic music under his artistic guise that is Autoclav1.1 which he has employed ever since the release of his 2005 longplay debut "You Are All Mine And More". Now, influenced by the ongoing lockdown and all its side and after effects, going into a reflective state, self-analysis and -exploration the ten tracks journey presented on "Nothing Outside" opens with the beautifully floating piano meets synth Electronica take of "C17h19n3" which might be easily filed under the flag of IDM for a reason whilst the subsequent "Floor To Ceiling" takes this vibe to the dancefloor and puts echoes and influences of contemporary bass music into the mix as a masterly crafted foundation for the tunes cinematic, yet melancholia driven strings and harmonies, once again paired with pianos and ever evolving synth lines. These two tracks are paving the way for the musical narrative to follow which weighs in complex Breakbeat / BigBeat / Chemical Breaks influences in cuts like "Stare" or "Locked Down" whereas "Waving Paw" or the title track "Nothing Outside" are more on the advanced Downbeat side of the spectrum in terms of an overall vibe and production whilst "Hiraeth" is, once again, harking back to a 90s IDM vibe without aiming for a full on vintage feel and "A Bed In Each Window" might even find a well received niche in so-called Romantic House DJ sets being based on a soft pumping 4-2-the-floor foundation. With all cuts connected in their warm, all embracing, partly solemn, surely comforting and emotional harmonic arrangements it is pretty certain that "Nothing Outside" is not an album made for pure home- / headphone listening alone but defo is about to resonate with crowds on highly advanced dance- and chillout floors as well as soon as the current pandemic situation is resolved. Good stuff. Check.

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents Ethereal Dope Vol. 1 @ CuttersChoiceRadio / London, UK (30.08.2020)

Friday, September 04, 2020

Sheriffs Of Nothingness - An Autumn Night At The Crooked Forest, Four Fireplaces (In Reality Only One) [Sofa Music]

Released via Norway's ever active Sofa Music label is the absurdly titled "An Autumn Night At The Crooked Forest, Four Fireplaces (In Reality Only One)", the new, nearly 70 minutes spanning four track album outing created by the duo known as the Sheriffs Of Nothingness - better known as Kari Rønnekleiv and Ole-Henrik Moe to their friends and respective families. With their fourth album for the imprint the string duo once again indulges in the sounds and possibilities of violin and viola as their instruments of choice to sonically deal with the meta-connectedness of humans and fireplaces, even dedicating two of the four cuts on this longplayer to a certain kind of wood to feed the fire and recording alongside a crackling fireplace for another layer of atmosphere. This said, the Sheriffs Of Nothingness are opening the ride on a well intense, droning, nervously quivering tip with the 17 minutes spanning "Hearth, Red Gloom, With Lot Of Near-IR" which is a somewhat unsettling and outerworldly affair indeed whilst "Muted Birch-Logs" provide fast, and still nervous, bow movements of ever changing intensity comparable to a swarm of small insects starting to buzz only to settly down a bit later until the cycle starts over again. Furthermore the "Great Spruce-Log" follows a similar, yet more processed and off kilter route with an emphasis on distinct, shrieking polyrhythms and icy chiming before "Under-Ash-Embers, With Hints Of Green Light In Spectrum" are fusing the sounds of buzzing swarms of deadly miniature metal drones blown over from afar with actual fireplace crackles and frosty ColdAmbient atmospheres for an excellent finish and our personal favorite on this one.

Album artwork on Instagram!

User34253476854 - Reseted EP [User Recordings 005 Promo]

Next up on the cryptic User Recordings imprint is the "Reseted EP", a digital two track creation brought to us by User34253476854. Opening with "JC Reseted" we're facing experimental, somewhat glitched out Tribal rhythms which probably might appeal most to fans of acts like DJ Marcelle and the likes of whilst  "Mr. Davis", the second cut on this single, offers an excellent, nearly 10 minutes spanning take on raw, pumping and slightly acidic oldskool TechHouse ca. 1994 as a massive, hypnotic and clap heavy fest for fans of classic DJ Enrique or E.O.X. productions if these names still mean shit to y'all youngsters out there. The second cut is a winner.

Thursday, September 03, 2020

John Frusciante - Amethblowl

A massive take on defragmented, decaying Jungle and IDM melodies taken off of John Frusciante's very first electronic solo-album under his own name which is due to be released in late October, 2k20.

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

User99033645636 - Radio EP [User Recordings 004 Promo]

New on the mysterious digital imprint that is User Recordings is the "Radio EP" produced by User99033645636 for the label. Opening with "Laffy Taffy" we see User99033645636 go down a screaming, 85 seconds long alley of pure digital eardrum destruction and bleeping modular Noize brutalism whilst the "Little Radio Melody" weighs in warm, crackly and most beautifully droning Vintage Ambient for sci-fi-loving genre connaisseurs and fans of well comforting oldskool retrofuturism in general. Think Oval without clicks, cuts and glitches for this one.

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Sascha Müller - Full On Hysteria EP [Dancefloor Socialism 003]

Put on the circuit only recently via the relatively young label named Dancefloor Socialism is Sascha Müller's digital two track single named "Full On Hysteria EP". Opening with the title track we see the Uelsen-based artist on a raw ElectroTechno meets IndustrialRave tip whereas "The Man Behind The Curtain" offers more of a warped, subaquatic take on stripped down, surely Motor City-infused Techno with twisted dynamics, a strange kind of stop-and-go aesthetic for highly advanced late night sessions and a surprisingly uplifting HardHouse / Happy House main motif added to the mix.