Thursday, April 30, 2020

Fuji||||||||||ta - Iki [Hallow Ground Promo]

Put on the circuit via Switzerland-based label Hallow Ground on April 3rd, 2k20 is "Iki", the new album outing by Japanese artist Fujita Yosuke a.k.a. Fuji||||||||||ta. Rolled out over the course of 36 minutes the unpronounceable and search engine defying artist dedicates the four tracks on this longplayer solely to the sonic realms created by his self-built eleven pipe organ driven and controlled by an emulation of a blacksmith's air pump instead of a keyboard with the opening piece "Keshiki" revealing the warm, organic and well comforting melancholia this unique instrument has to offer, providing ever progressing, all embracing melodies alongside the continuous mechanical clicks and movements of its motor. The subsequent "Nnami" caters a darker approach in pairing the organ melodies with an ever present, slightly brooding drone wave alongside steady, hypnotic tonal changes, "Osoi" follows on an intimate path of warm harmonic layerings whereas the concluding "Sukrima" presents a more playful compositional approach which seems to lean towards Classical / (Neo)Classical techniques and formal notation rather than focusing on ever progressing layers of sound and ambient'ish vibes.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Slut - For The Soul There Is No Hospital (Official Video)

So dream Indie vs. SynthPop vs. Drum'n'Bass fusion songs at breakneck speed are officially a thing now? We're in.

AKB - Marianergraven [Lamour Records 093]

Released via Swedish label Lamour Records on February 28th, 2k20 is "Marianergraven", the latest album release by Anna-Karin Berglund a.k.a. AKB who is and always has been - hence the title - fascinated by the ocean and the secrets buried within. Following this approach and thematic guideline we see AKB create a sonic offering comprised of eight tracks spanning roughly 53 minutes, with the slowly moving and somewhat melancholia-induced opener "Kustanopet" paving the way for things to come in terms of calm, comforting Ambient arrangements rarely facing or dealing with any disturbances or dissonant moments, building up to epic, droning and angelic proportions with the timeless masterpiece named "Subduction" which is followed by "Svallvagen", another true fest for all lovers of Deep Listening Music and classic Ambient structures alike. With these picks, alongside all other unmentioned tracks on "Marianergraven" AKB caters a highly recommended longplay piece which could be a candidate to be included amongst the essential ChillOut albums of the year so far and even comes with a surprise hidden track feature after a few minutes of silence in the concluding "Soluppgängen". Check.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Jinka - U Bit My ♡ (Official Audio)

Hypermodern Pop from Romania, surely influenced by Trap, UK-based bass music and echoes of echoes of Taylor Swift's "Reputation" album.

Die Angel - Utopien I [Karlrecords 077 Promo]

As announced earlier this year via a feature for the album track "Cargo Cult" featuring legendary producer Oren Ambarchi on overdub duties we see Die Angel, the duo comprised of ex-Pan Sonic's Ilpo Väisänen and Dirk Dresselhaus, possibly better know as Schneider TM, presenting their new album "Utopien I" on Karlrecords these days. Released on April 24th, 2k20 the four track longplay piece opens with with "Epikouros", a dark, brooding, futuristic piece of warped, ever shifting cold Sci-Fi Ambient / Scibient followed by the aformentioned "Cargo Cult". The subsequent "Coup D'Etat" weighs in an intense, alarming vibe combining crackly digital Noize eruptions with sirens, warning beeps and audible danger signals alongside heavily processed tones, filtered warps and blurred out chirps whereas the final "Khormanoupka" combines low end droning with spatial, dubbed out - and somewhat backwards sounding - Electronica beats of a swampy, probably sub-aquatic nature building up towards a Noize-infused climax for a closing and therefore saves our personal favorite for a last tune. Sweet.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Xposed 4Heads - New Wave Apocalypse (Official Video)

The end is nigh.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sascha Müller - The Beauty Of Silence [Kein Label In Sicht 002]

Recently released on the highly conceptual art imprint Kein Label In Sicht is Sascha Müller's new cassette album dubbed "The Beauty Of Silence". Limited to six - yes, 6 !!! - hand-numbered copies worldwide the 60 minutes spanning nine track piece featuring titles like "Silence On Silence" or "The Silence Of The World" is taking the term Non-Music seriously, bringing on exactly zero sounds over the entire course of the longplayer apart from a little bit of tape hiss if one cranks the volume up to an ultimate maximum. If one loves pieces like John Cage's "4.33" and feels the need to explore the boundaries of sonic non-stimulation to the extremes this is an interesting, yet rare, piece to start with.

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Friday, April 24, 2020

OUT NOW: baze.djunkiii & Donna Maya - Alien Swamp [Freebreakz.FWD 001]

As announced earlier this month today marks the launch of new Intrauterin Recordings sister label FREEBREAKZ.FWD which is about to break down stylistic barrierswith "Alien Swamp", the first collaborational 7" single created by the labels creative mastermind baze.djunkiii and Berlin-based artist Donna Maya.

The limited to 200 copies one sided can be ordered through nearly every record store and online mailorder worldwide as well as via

- Intrauterin Recordings Bandcamp

- Juno Records / UK
- Otaku Records / Hamburg 
- Oye Records / Berlin
- Redeye Records / UK

...and many more.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Clarice Jensen - The Experience Of Repetition As Death [130701 / Fat Cat Records]

Released on April 3rd, 2k20 is Clarice Jensen's "The Experience Of Repetition As Death" - the second ever album for the Brooklyn based artist and her first offering on Fat Cat Records offspring 130701. Coming from a background of (Neo)Classical composition and electronic music productions we see Jensen building her tunes, a total of five rolled out over the course of 43 minutes on this longplayer, from a foundation of loops, oftentimes even physical tape loops, to create a solemn, elegic sonic realm meandering in between brooding DarkAmbient in tunes like "Metastable" - our personal favorite, not only due its somewhat maritime, slow moving, melancholia inducing feel evoking memories of artists like Kallabris, Tarkatak or even Christoph De Babalon in his darkest, most inward looking moments even though this one presents a dim silver lining visible at a far off horizon - and more score'esque, dramatic and (Neo)Classical leaning pieces like the epic "Holy Mother" which is another highly recommended and truly parochial composition on this sophomore longplay release. Check.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Listen Again: BAZE.DJUNKIII Residency Show @ Radio Flouka, Paris - 16 April 2020

Enjoy this hour-long journey into classic TripHop territorities and beyond.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

It Dockumer Lokaeltsje - Alles Is Goed [Makkum Records 028]

Somewhat coincidentally with the untimely passing of DAF / Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft singer Gabi Delgado a little earlier this year the Frisian Punk / Rock heroes of It Dockumer Lokaeltsje have released their personal DAF tribute "Alles Is Goed" via Dutch imprint Makkum Records on February 14th, 2k20 in which they're taking ten songs of a band most influential to them and making them their own, not only in terms of using the Frisian language. This said we see classics like "Der Mussolini" make a well oil-soaked, heavy and down to earth Psychedelic Blues Rock return as "De Mussolini", the German New Wave favorite "Der Räuber Und Der Prinz" a.k.a. "De Röver En De Prins" turns into a dreamy PostPunk ballad with a krautsy Blues twist whilst "Ich Und Die Wirklichkeit / Ik Yn It Echt" is as tense, intense and nerve-wrecking as the original cut, presenting even more madness in totally off rhythm drum sequences stumbling in and all over the place throughout the last minute of It Dockumer Lokaeltsje's version. Furthermore the Punk / EBM classic "Alle Gegen Alle / De Iene Tsjin De Oare" weighs in a raw, anthemic, lo-fi Punk attitude whereas the title track "Alles Ist Goed /  Alles Ist Gut" caters a well tripping and dark'ish PsychoBlues vibe for those who can take it just to pick a few cuts from this highly unsual tribute / cover album. Intredasting.

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Xotox - Sorgenkind (Official Youtube Audio)

The surprisingly emotional title track taken off the latest Xotox single "Sorgenkind".

Monday, April 20, 2020

Endless Melancholy - A Perception Of Everything [Sound In Silence 072]

Coming in from Athens / Greece and the ever active Sound In Silence-imprint is "A Perception Of Everything", the latest  album outing by Kiew / Ukraine-based producer Oleksiy Sakevych a.k.a. Endless Melancholy. With his - according to the press info sheet - seventh full on studio album since the project launched in 2011 the Ukrainian artist caters a menu of nine tracks rolled out over the course of 40 minutes, presenting a 2k20 blueprint for what could be referred to as Crystal Ambient in the future with his stunning combination of blurred, washed out crackles and super soft harmonic pads in combination with simplistic, yet most beautiful, crystalline synth and piano motifs piercing through the sonic mist, hovering atop their musical background like the first ray of sunlight breaking through a wall of early morning clouds. 100%  recommended. 100% beautiful.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Lagowski - Offshore

A quite exquisite collection of Dark Electronics, complex Techno and Intelligent Dance Music pieces crafted by long standing electronic music mastermind Andrew Lagowski.

Xotox - Sorgenkind [Infacted Recordings Promo]

Recently released via Infacted Recordings is "Sorgenkind", the latest digital four track outing by German Industrial / HardTechno staple Xotox. Opening with the original version of the title track Xotox explores an uplifting, melodic and somewhat even happy and tender variation of Future Industrial which is quite astounding considering the producers usual take on highly compressed electronic ultraviolence whilst the follow up variation "Sorgenkind *Cinematic Version" brings forth an ethereal, panoramic Industrial Electronics bop which might even by tackled by highly adventurous Grime MCs due to its overall arrangement and well dancefloor suitable rhythm signature and tempo. Furthermore "Haunted *Dark Ambient Mix" introduces brooding, score'esque Dark Electronics for desolate, post-apocalyptic battlefields whereas the bonus cut "Sorgenkind *Reprise" solely focuses on the beauteous main motif of the title track which, presented like this, even seems to reference traditional Classical composition techniques. Recommended.

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Veiila - The Nation Of One [Wormhole World]

Put on the circuit as a limited edition CD edition via British imprint Wormhole World is "The Nation Of One", the first full on album outing by St. Petersburg / Russia-based electronic band project Veiila. Coming on strong with nine tracks rolled out over a playtime of 48 minutes the journey starts with "Dust", a tense, piano-led amalgamation of Dark Ambient textures and dramatic arrangements meandering in between Electronica and partly intense GothPop-references whereas the subsequent "Trust" is leaning  more towards Downbeat, Indietronica and Leftfield Lounge Pop - with both tracks, as well as the rest of the album, fused by innocent, yet emotional female vocals. The next shot, "Shadows", caters well surprising, and obviously Burial-influenced, echoes of blurred out PostGarage in combination with 4/4 driven Romantic House, "Re:Dive" embraces a little generic Balearic Sunset Pop before "Voice" is harking back to long gone, melancholic Lounge Pop days whilst introducing a heavy low end, obviously drawing influences form echoes of echoes of Dubstep movementwise before the "Reflection" is back on a UK Garage swing and therefore our favorite cut on the album, not only for being a sugar-coated dancefloor favorite as well. With "Battle" Veiila are bringing forth uplifting, cascading synths and captivating bass pulses for dreamy late night moments on advanced UK Bass dancefloors, "Exorcism" touches base with thrilling SpacePop based on a stumbling, masterly crafted Broken House meets Romantic House foundation before the concluding - and aptly named - "Farewell" - waves goodbye on a dreamy, slightly kitsch-driven 4/4 tip. Intredasting.

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Lisa Morgenstern - Journey To The End Of The Night (Official Video)

With her latest video outing Lisa Morgenstern fully embraces her roots in Classical / (Neo)Classical piano and focuses solely on the innate sonic beauty of the instrument in itself whilst the static yet somewhat touching visuals are a commentary and depictation of the state this world is in these days.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 04/2k20

16.04.2k20 baze.djunkiii In The Mix @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France (1600 GMT+1)

After a short series of guest mixes we're glad to announce that long standing radio veteran baze.djunkiii, Hamburg-based DJ and creative mastermind of the Intrauterin Recordings label group, is back on the radio circuit again with a monthly hour long show on Paris-based Radio Flouka, a station mainly aiming at an audience in the Arab and Mediterranean world as well as listeners located in North Africa.

On the first episode of his new show baze.djunkiii is going deep, providing some comforting spring vibes in these trouble times. All vinyl mixed this hour long freestyle session takes you way back into the era of classic TripHop / Downbeat and even weighs in some dubbed out influences before drifting off for an exploration of the darker, well psychedelic side of genre.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: TripHop / Downbeat

transmission time: 16oo - 17oo GMT+1

Radio Flouka

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Various Artists - Note Lithuania: Experimental / Electronic 2019 [Music Information Centre Lithuania]

Released in late 2019 via the ever active Music Information Centre Lithuania, the main hub for the countries Experimental Electronics, (Neo)Classical and Contemporary Classical scene is "Note Lithuania: Experimental / Electronic 2019", the next thirteen track compilation overview and update on news and developments within Lithuanian art music. Providing a mixture of  brand new, previously unreleased material and underrated gems licensed from  imprints like Temple, Electron Emitter or Elfa Records the journey starts with the solemn, fever'ish ritualistic Dark Ambient / Electronica crossover of Veliu Namai's "Veliniu Iauzai" which immediately became our favorite cut on this collection whereas the follow up that is Patris Zidelevicius' "Sonata Ianileve" fully embraces a score'esque dramatic scenery accompanied by unidentified scrapings, pouring rain and ethereal non-vocalisms. Skeldos' subsequent composition named "Tylos" indulges in melancholic movements and (Neo)Classical arrangements alongside whispered Spoken Word poetry arising from ancient times, "Iiutis Remias Siena J Verpanti Vandemi (Shortmix)" by Daina Dieva meanders between Drone and Ambient movements for connaisseurs of brooding Deep Listening Music, the "Fictive Line" drawn by Distorted Noise Architect introduces raw, yet harmonic Industrial Electronics to the albums sonic spectrum before Nulis:S:S:S' "Svinta" weighs in strcutured pulses of randomized electrical buzzing, well exciting rhythmic collage techniques and hypermelancholic, processed and filtered guitars for a change of focus. Furthermore "JM FM" by Tiese tectonically shifts humungous amounts of dark sonic matter, Unit 7's "Methods Of Coercion" are methods of EBM and dark dancefloor culture with a surprisingly uplifting twist whilst "Strata" by Fume comes straight at out braincells from ethereal Synth / (Neo)Cosmic heavens. Following up is Phil Von's "Capsized Poetry", a fusion of beautiful Ambient, dramatic electronics and Field Recordings of a pen, possibly writing poetry, Nortas' "Glimpses Of Dust" provide insights into most beautiful Ambient realms, Raguvos "Medzioklis" is telling tales of ancient mysticism and long gone heroes before the concluding Avidja / Devita live cut provides a thrilling, lively, yet melancholic closure for one of the best releases brought to us by Music Information Centre Lithuania so far. Highly recommended.

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Monday, April 13, 2020

Novotono - Wood(Winds) At Work [Aut Records 056]

Another fresh one on Berlin's Aut Records imprint is "Wood(Winds) At Work", the latest collaborational album created by family bound duo Novotono comprised of the pair of Italian brothers that are Andrea Ferrari and Adalberto Ferrari. Together, Novotono caters a menu of 12 tracks within roughly 51 minutes which can be seen - if one wants to put it like this - as a homage to family traditions as for generations most of the Ferrari ancestors have known to be artisan woodworkers of some kind as well as passionate musicians. Referring to this tradition in choice of their instruments, mostly coming from the woodwind family, we see Novotono present a classy take on Jazz and touching, emotional Jazz Noir with a playful, tender and frolicking twist whilst pieces like "Spigoloso Sweet Waltz" weigh in a bit of sweet melancholia for Jazz music connaisseurs whereas the brooding "Contratubax Sequioa" even gets funky on highly advanced dancefloors and so does the highly captivating, swinging cut "Poli" which is our personal favorite on this longplay outing. A sweet autumnal companion for inward looking, reflective listening session this album is. Check.

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Dr. NoiseM - Black Noise 03: Stunde 0/I [Dr. Noisem Tapes]

Put on the circuit in late March, 2k20 is part three of Dr. NoiseM's 'Black Noise' series, an irregular sequence of lathe cut releases on his very own imprint Dr. Noisem Tapes, each limited to 10 - sic... - hand-numbered copies worldwide. With "Black Noise 03: Stunde I/0" the prolific artist once again proves his love for excursions into vantablack sonic realms no-one else has explored before and only the headstrong are able to survive. Drilling, droning midrange madness meets grinding, threatening low end pulses, hefty, unexpected space sweeps and rapid, unannounced changes in the tunes dynamic range alongside hostile, ever brooding atmospheres sonically depicting the deadly environments of exoterrestrial acid swamps and desolate nuclear wastelands for those who know. Dark.

Cover detail on Instagram!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

John Chantler & Johannes Lund - Andersabo [Johs & John 001]

Released as the very first album issued via the new label Johs & John and therefore the imprints 001 is "Andersabo", the latest longplayer created by long time friends and collaborators John Chantler and Johannes Lund. The roughly 36 minutes spanning three track album opens with "Back Of The House", a noisy maelstrom of madness fusing radical, nervous and surely hyperactive sax improvisations with droning, apocalyptic modular pulses of klaxon'esque low end qualities which are followed by "Open Field & Forest" and its calm, yet intense angle on brooding UnAmbient, Dark Ambient and Deep Listening Music which defo is our favorite cut on "Andersabo". Finally, the concluding "Under Barn Floor" weighs in a slowly but continuously moving harmonic bass drone accompanied by background organ chords and possibly field recorded crackles resembling dry branches moving deep in the woods or burning up in an open fireplace for a closing. Check. 

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Saturday, April 11, 2020

2121 - Vol. 04 [2121-04]

Once again coming in from the secretive label that is 2121, obviously run by the artist of the same name,  is the imprints 004, another limited lathe cut 12" exclusively hand-manufactured for those who order it directly from their website. With the labels most recent release we're drawn straight to the heart of the dancefloor by classic, slightly oldskool leaning HardHouse vibes atop of raw, stomping and mostly unprocessed bassdrums as a foundation for highly seductive Acid modulations, a sweet jacking and well catchy main motif with a special swing as well as killer stabs which will lighten up hearts and souls of all those veterans who've been dancing their ass off throughout the first half of the 90s and never got tired of enjoying the steady pulse of the nightlife environment for a reason. Possibly the best 2121 release so far.

12" artwork on Instagram!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Pre-Order Now: baze.djunkiii & Donna Maya - Alien Swamp [Freebreakz.FWD 001]

Artist: baze.djunkiii & Donna Maya
Title: Alien Swamp

Label: Freebreakz.FWD
Cat.No.: FBFWD001

A1: Alien Swamp

Release Date:
April 24th, 2k20

Tribe'n'Bass? Tech'n'Bass? Drum'n'Tech? Whatever you might call it, the first ever vinyl release of the freshly launched imprint Freebreakz.FWD is a quite trip, a journey into the unknown and unexplored.

For their conjunctional studio effort that is „Alien Swamp“ we see Hamburg's baze.djunkiii and Berlin-based Donna Maya draw influences from spiralling TribeTekno and the freeform approach of the teknival scene, pay homage to their love for advanced, experimental Drum'n'Bass and fuse these elements with a stripped down high tech vibe somewhat reminiscent of early Minimal Techno coming out of Motor City Detroit. Imagine all these bits falling together at breakneck speed and with a well psychedelic notion and you'll be captivated by one of the most unique dancefloor cuts from a space-exploring future, the electroid soundtrack for illegal raves taking place under the two suns of life-bearing exoplanets in binary star systems far far away.

Limited edition of 200 copies on black vinyl, handstamped whitelabel with additional photo inlay.

B2B preorders for shops and distribution via Word And Sound / Hamburg.
B2C from Bandcamp.

Thursday, April 09, 2020

Ladyscraper - I Want A McDonald's

100% slayage. 100% Breakcore sickness.

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Various Artists - Jamie 3:26 Presents A Taste Of Chicago [BBE Music]

Another compilation album released via BBE Music on March 27th, 2k20 is "Jamie 3:26 Presents A Taste Of Chicago", a seven track and roughly 53 minutes spanning showcase in which Chicago-based DJ and producer Jamie 3:26 takes care of the classics, re-editing tunes by Chip E, Jungle Wonz, BSTC and more to make those a perfect fit for his highly acclaimed DJ sets. And what a journey this is one is - from percussive, chord and stab driven House in his rework of "Venus & Mars" which even features unusually heavy electric guitars for a tune of this genre to sexy stripped down AfroHouse grooves in Jamie 3:26's edit of Mighty Science's "The Lesson", a careful revamp of Jungle Wonz 1986-classic "The Jungle" only to weigh in straight up oldskool Chicago House vibes with Quest's powerful, stomping "Mind Games" for a next cut. Following up is a rework of Braxton Holmes' "Stomps N Shouts" bringing forth massive Funk / Disco fire on a uptempo House foundation, Jamie 3:26's remodel of Chip E's "It's House" is as dry and driving as ever with its captivating main motif bringing in pure energy whilst the distinct vocal sample is moving back and forth through the stereo field and the whole thing switching into full on reverse mode before we end up with a powerful DiscoEdit in Calendar's "Coming On Strong" for a closing. Talk about class you talk about this one.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Dr. NoiseM - The Shit Paper Crisis [Dr. Noisem Tapes]

What happens when an unknown virus hits the planet? People start to freak out and buy toilet paper in bulk. Obviously. We all could've seen this coming. Dealing with this situation long standing underground Noize artist Dr. Noisem developed his own survival strategy in terms of releasing a new, limited to 15 copies worldwide CD-r album that comes with an emergency bog roll and a well disgusting black-brown smear on the CD-r itself. Using the bog roll will make you lose the tracklist though but in a case of emergency you might rather want to shit than to memorize the titles of the doctors 'shit music' - a term he once claimed for himself and his anti-art a.k.a. non-music. Starting off with a short, seemingly reprocessed snippet taken and recorded from an American cable news outlet we're immediately drawn into a 43 minutes long journey featuring heavy distortion orgies turning into brutalist Noize and Digital HarshNoize partly accompanied by deadly Industrial rhythm signatures, fragmented Breakcore and full on Anarchcore alongside additional cut up snippets from - ...scripted? - reality TV shows and other sources of daily madness resulting in hit tunes like "We Have So Many Shit Paper" or the modular tongue-in-cheek BleepNoize anthem "Klopapier" just to pick two of our favorites from this highly recommended album. File under: One from the deepest depths of the diy underground. Pure punk for the headstrong.

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Monday, April 06, 2020

Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland - Summing [Makkum Records / Platenbakerij / Klanggalerie]

Released as a conjunctional effort between the three labels Makkum Records, Platenbakerij and Klanggalerie on March 6th, 2k20 is "Summing", the new collaborational album created by Dutch artists Oscar Jan Hoogland and Zea - a musical tour de force defined by nine brand new pieces catered over the course of roughly 31 minutes playtime. With the hypnotic opener "They Often Believe" paving the way for things to come with a well hypnotic and captivating DesertRock vs. PostPunk vs. Guitar Improv vibe things progress on a more intense, still hypnotically repetetive level with the alarming title piece "Summing" featuring heavy feedbacks and raw percussions paired with ear piercing electronic signals before "You're Dead" weighs in influences of PostRock and somewhat oriental PostPunk-vibes evoking memories of memories of projects like C Cat Trance for those in the know. The subsequent "We Lost Our Phone" pays homage to noisy lo-fi UK Punk on a Dada tip whereas "The Little Man Upon The Stair" lives his life well agitated and on a high energy level for highly advanced underground dancefloors whilst "Pniek" finally introduces the rooster featured on the album cover only to drift off into full on mechanical piano improv seconds later. Furthermore the groups "Atomic Heart" is surprisingly fueled by Freak Folk / Leftfield Folk and a trip in its own right, "I Never Threw A Stone" follows on an intimate and folksy Singer-Songwriter tip, introducing lyrics way out there whereas the concluding song "Trip The Light Fantastic" finally caters vintage'esque piano Blues etudes for a closing. A killer release for those loving the leftfield and obscure paths of certainly 100% non-mainstream underground music.

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Philippe Petit - Do Humans Dream Of Electronic Ships [Opa Loka Records]

Put on the circuit in 2CD album format via Opa Loka Records on February 10th, 2k20 is Philippe Petit's newest longplayer titled "Do Humans Dream Of Electronic Ships". Produced as an homage to the famous 'Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep' the first part of the album features five fully shaped compositions rolled out over the course of roughly 45 minutes whereas the second CD spans a little more than an hour, containing a total of two live pieces / one take recordings of which "Laika In Space" covers the vast majority of runtime clocking in at roughly 52 minutes. With pieces like "The Journey" or "Landing - Immersion", the two opening cuts for CD1, we see Philippe Petit paving the way for things to come, employing a wide range of electroacoustic and modular synthesis techniques to build up a somewhat retro-futuristic scorescape comprised of many references harking back to the early days of electronic music production in test labs, bringing forth wild sweeps, bleeps, swipes and swampy modulation with a grainy, slightly vintage aesthetic that builds the foundation for the entire album which also could've originated in the sacred halls of BBC's Radiophonic Workshop or other dedicated places of this era. Yet, despite being highly experimental in his music, Philippe Petit surely manages to tell somewhat of a sonic story, triggering one's imagination with tension and relief, the intricate interplay of various layers produced by the Buchla Easel V, Moogerfooger or an Electric Psalterion and many others, providing a score for a sci-fi movie flic that never came to be and even introduces sequences of Score Noir leaning piano-romanticism in "Return Is Tomorrow... Is This The End?". On the other hand, the two live pieces on CD2 are coming in at a more raw angle immanent to their 'no overdubs' approach and do present a fascinating, yet darker, brooding and partly slightly threatening facet of Philippe Petit's work in retrofuturist sci-fi music and UnAmbient with "Why Do Birds" even weighing in a good portion of humour in presenting a tripped out, chirping vibe. Go check.

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Sunday, April 05, 2020

9005 - Rusty Roses Dub

Are you well ready for proper tunage and a seductive little melody? This is your tune, then.

Saturday, April 04, 2020

P.T.B.S. & The D3VI7 - 303 EP [Psychocandies 086]

Forthcoming on German Acid / Techno-imprint Psychocandies in April 2k20 is the "303 EP", the first ever studio gathering of Uelsen's Ufuk Özbayar a.k.a. P.T.B.S. and upcoming producer The D3VI7. Together, the pair is catering "Another 303 Track" for an opener, a tune focusing on being pretty much exactly this with a well hypnotic groove, clunky bassdrums and somewhat greyscale'ish attitude which interestingly doesn't even change when the track reaches is most lively, AcidTrance-leaning peak whereas "Omnibus" picks up more of an uplifting, rave-oriented, fast-paced vibe for the most ecstatic of AcidTrance parties, adding fuel fire to your preferred dancefloor of choice even though a few of the percussive elements seem to be a little too distorted and overly compressed for our taste.

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 23 [SM Traxxx 46-2020]

Scheduled for release via SM Traxxx on April 16th, 2k20 is "Traxxx Vol. 23", the latest digital two track single catered by long standing German producer Sascha Müller. Opening with "Track 45", the Uelsen-based artist presents a metallic, driving take on high octane Club- and RaveTechno with an Acid-infused twist at its very best whereas "Track 46" provides more of tool'ish, full on hypnotic approach, fusing hounded, early The Advent-resembling Techno structures with an ever evolving 303 modulation in motion. Great stuff.

Friday, April 03, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2k20

01. Mega Mos Wanted [Dream Eater 010]
Serious instrumental Grime goodness in here. The four tracks produced and presented by Mega Mos Wanted defo do hark back to the early days of the genre in their stripped down, minimalist and raw production approach paired with catchy crimescene motifs and an undeniably driving dancefloor attitude. File under: stone cold killer riddims.

02. Fifth Era - Part 1 [Forbidden Planet 015]
The Forbidden Planet label comes back for 2020 with a massive special, a re-release of four tracks created between 1997 and 2004 by the legendary project that is known as Fifth Era. Deep, dark and somewhat atmospheric all of these tunes are bordering both Hardcore and Techno, not unlike productions by the Frankfurt's PCP crew or artists like Bazeman or Cherrymoon Trax did in the 90s, and are possibly best described as DarkRave to those in the know. Don't cancel the apocalypse.

03. Jupiter 6 - The Tracking System [A Colourful Storm 017]
Back to an exciting past with two out of the four Jupiter 6 tracks originally released via Greyboy Records back in 1990. Both "Section Two" as well as the title cut "The Tracking System" present a take on electronic dance music way ahead of its time in the amalgamation of classic Bleep Techno and emotional string arrangements alongside captivating melodic elements and the ability to elevate dancefloors to new levels of ecstasy within seconds. Essential.

04. The Mountain People - Mountain 015 [Mountain 015]
This 12" marks nothing less than the return of Minimal Funk. The long forgotten genre once pioneered and spearheaded by Steve Bug's Raw Element label as well as by Poker Flat Recordings throughout its initial years is now revived singlehandedly by the mysterious The Mountain People project, once again stripping House Music down to its very core and absolute essentials whilst adding depth through the careful use of spatiality, melancholy-oozing pads and masterly sculpted synth movements. Essential.

05. Various Artists - Bavarian Stallion Remix Series 2 [RFR 011]
Four tracks, four remixes and a Munich overdose on stamped 12" whitelabel vinyl. Featuring artists like DJ Hell, David Goldberg, Italo Brutalo, Hrdvision, Rydim and quite a few more whilst spanning a musical range from complex, Rave-oriented Techno to uplifting Breakbeat, deep and thrilling Electro / Bass Music crossovers and dark pounding subaquatic Techno for the wee hours on the dancefloor this release caters nothing but quality and therefore is a must have for every lover of electronic underground music out there.

06. Various Artists - Entity VA 002 [Entity London]
UK Garage will never get old. And even two decades after the genres heydays throughout which UKG has most been bubbling in the underground instead of making major waves there's still producers out there who are able to add new angles to the swinging sound of London, continously working on its evolution. With oldtime heroes like Dem 2 on board alongside fresh faces like DJ Gear Hoover, Ingi Visions, Ease Up George, Enrico Martini and others this eleven track compilation released via Entity London focuses on a deep and classy, mostly stripped down late 90s Garage vibe with a modern twist. If you've been following UKG since day dot think of producers like Carl H and tunes like "Kickback" or "Name Brand Girl" and you'll know what you're in for with this one.

07. Bass Junkie / Sons Of Technology - The Bass Academy Vol.5 [The Bass Academy 005]
One for all the breakdancers, b-boys and fly girls out there. Long-standing producer Bass Junkie takes on Man Parrish's uber-classic "Boogie Down (Bronx)" for an excellent overhaul / update remix whereas Sons Of Technology cater a razor sharp Electro cut with dramatic oldskool strings, captivating vocoder vocals and a classic 80s vibe.

08. Surgeon - The Golden Sea [Ilian Tape 043]
Another Anthony Child a.k.a. Tony Surgeon a.k.a. Surgeon masterpiece in terms of proper timeless dancefloor functionality. Especially the A-side spanning title track "The Golden Sea" is tool'ish Broken Techno killer for peaktime action in strobe-lit underground warehouse raves and no-nonsense club environments whereas "Hostages Of The Deep" provides a UK take on Detroit Techno from a basicly subaquatic, drexciyan perspective. Enter machine music.

09. Project Ghost - Fractal Disruption [Aura Expansion]
Project Ghost is a new musical offshoot by Andrew Lagowski a.k.a. Lagowski a.k.a. S.E.T.I. a.k.a. Clans Of The Alphane Moon which debuts with a five track EP release on the Sleepers Records sister- / sub-label known as Aura Expension, presenting a thrilling take on UK Techno and ElectroPhonk for advanced DJs and dancefloors longing for something special and unique in a world flooded with ever samey and boring Preset Techno / TechHouse. Check "The Iridologists Dream" or "Dead Calm" for a deep trip to the realms of retrofuturistic space raves.

10. Mint Huus - Mint Huus EP [Cheezy Crust Records 001]
See review for details...

04.04.2020 The Da-Dark Inside Not Outside And Online (Or Something) - Livestream at

We're glad to announce that this 2k20 edition of the The Dark Outside transmission, postponed and moved to the digital realm due to Corona virus madness, will feature the very first public appearance of baze.djunkiii's formerly secretive project named Naturist Space Jazz Society which will have the track "Sleep Deprivation" aired at some point throughout this 24 hrs broadcast.

Tune in via

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Giacomo Papetti / Small Choices - Awake [Aut Records 055]

Released via Berlin's Aut Records on February 10th, 2k20 is "Awake", the new album effort by Giacomo Papetti-lead project Small Choices. Consisting of Mr. Papetti alongside Gabriele Rubino and Emanuele Mansicalo the trio caters a menu of 14 tunes rolled out over a total playtime of roughly 56 minutes, approaching the sonic world of Jazz and Jazz Noir from what we'd describe as an easier, more light-hearted angle than most of the labels releases have done so far, presenting a tender beautiful and romantic vibe in free-floating pieces like "Berceuse Triste" or "Passacaglia" whereas "Ma Fine Est Mon Commencement" presents a more folksy, naturalistic, yet also formal vibe, "Leads" increases the tension with a few darker tones before settling into a classy late night vibe whereas cuts like "Rete Di Saccio" or "Piano B / Soft And Languid"  are travelling down a carefully stripped down, yet not minimalist avenue to find unquestioned beauty in sound. Deep.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Joyfultalk - A Separation Of Being [Constellation Records Promo]

Put on the circuit via the long-running label Constellation Records on March 13th, 2k20 is "A Separation Of Being", the third full on album effort created by Jay Crocker under the artistic guise of Joyfultalk.  Based on his special free floating compositional approach and additional string sections performed by Jesse Zubot the new Joyfultalk album opens with "Part I: I've Got That Transdimensional Feeling Again", a well uplifting, frolicking piece of what could be filed under the flag of SinoElectronica / Sinotronica, clearly drawing influences from the Asian, probably Japanese realm when it comes to melodic and harmonic aspects as well as the tunes innate rhythm signature. The subsequently following "Part II: Pixelated Skin" presents a lively and defo positive take on hyperchromatic Phonk for highly advanced dancefloors which might potentially even become a minor underground hit for those in the know whereas the final "Part III: Liquified Then Evaporated" weighs in a shimmering, scintillating approach to hovering crystalline melodies appealing to both lovers of Fatima Al Qadiri's "Asiatisch" album as well as Sign Libra's "Sea To Sea" and the Synth-heavy ProtoAmbient of Pauline Anna Strom. Excellent. Get.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Beatriz Ferreyra - Echos+ [Room40 Promo]

Put on the curcuit via the Australia-based imprint Room40 on March 27th, 2k20 is "Echos+, the latest longplay effort created by legendary Musique Concrete-producer Beatriz Ferreyra who has been an active part of this movement for about half a century now, working solo as well as with genre greats like Pierre Schaeffer, Bernard Baschet and many others over the course of her carrier. On this album Beatriz Ferreyra presents a total of three compositions, starting with the title piece "Echos", a 1978-produced tune completely sourced from recordings of her niece who died in a car accident with sound reassembled to create a captivating cut-up vocal collage of well outerworldly nature. Following up is 1987's "The Doube Or The Swamps", a solemn, ceremonial take on ecclesiastic Ambient which also brings forth sequences crossing over into a state of fever'ish, somewhat threatening, nervous, and nerve-wrcking, unrest whereas the 17+ minutes spanning "The Other Shore" from 2007 provides a cold, score'esque and ever changing sonic journey into the pure dystopian, sci-fi-driven darkness of a space-faring future, the sound of ever buzzing robobugs and other futuro-mechanical insects included.