Thursday, November 30, 2023

User46558880234 - Yoga EP [User Recordings 052 Promo]

Released via the cryptic User Recordings label as their 052 on September 26th, 2k23 is the "Yoga EP", the first ever digtal outing by User46558880234. Opening with the almost 11 minutes spanning title track the quasi anonymous producer caters a trippy, hard hitting take on psychoactive and braincell-melting Techno sporting twisted, meandering and surely non-linear synth beeps alongside slowly evolving Trance melodies and emerging Acid brutalism whereas the subsequent cut named "The Gate" brings on raw and bubbly, slightly 90s-infused underground Acid goodness that would've been well suitable for a release on short-lived labels like Molecular Funk Guerilla or similar imprints.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Sascha Müller - Eskalieren EP [Groundzero Teknocamp 006 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the ever active Groundzero Teknocamp posse on September 10th, 2k23 is the "Eskalieren EP", a four track digital dancefloor workout cooked up by Uelsen-based producer Sascha Müller. Over the course of roughly 24 minutes Mr. Müller provides a sonic commentary on the ongoing Rave-infused Business Techno / HardTechno craze and its most uptempo excrescences, flawless in form, function and efficiency, expertly produced and delivering all the expected shenanigans such as heavy breakdowns, drumrolls, atmospheric risers, Acid modulations as well as oldskool Rave and StadiumHouse samples chopped, twisted and used and abused to the max for increased dancefloor impact. Yet, and despite all the expertise he collected over the course of decades spent in the studio, we feel that Mr. Müller was just taking the piss of the zeitgeist here and took on the task of producing tracks like this simply for the lulz. And rightly so as especially "Sympathikus Stimulation" is a major bang0r.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

2020 - 10 [2020 Records 010 Promo]

Here it is. The tenth full length studio album put out on the digital circuit by the still mysterious and probably artist run label that is 2020 Records. With "Racine", the sole, yet massively extended track on the August 22nd, 2k23 released album spanning an astounding 66 minutes in total we see 2020, the quasi anonymous force and head honcho behind the label, embarking on a journey into glistening glacial Ambient territories, bringing forth a time dissolving sonic whiteout slowly transforming and moving towards classic, more organic Ambient territories backed by angelic non-vocalisms and icey harmonies before further evolving into bleak, hypnotic and slightly washed out drone layers for dedicated die-hard fans of the genre. Probably an acoustic equivalent to hours spent in an isolation tank. Go check.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Afflicted & Hanzzo - Du Weib EP [Dancefloor Socialism 022 Promo]

Another fresh release on the Dancefloor Socialism label is the October 3rd, 2k23 released digital two track single named "Du Weib", a collaboration between the joint venture studio force known as Afflicted and German producer Hanzzo. With the original cut of "Du Weib" we see the triumvirate on a fast and thrilling Rave x dark HardTrance crossover tip based on a foundation of expertly sculpted bass drums, pumping bass and shattered, psyched out and braincell tingling vocal fragments whereas the subsequent version "Du Weib *DJ Nightnoise Deep Atmosphere Remix" once again sees the Flensburg-based producer DJ Nightnoise indulge deeply in psy-infused sound structures backed by swirling atmospheres and large scale reverberating basslines.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Opa Erzählt Vom Rave S05E10 - Musik Medien Wahnsinn: baze.djunkiii

Yes, this is what's happening. The first official podcast appearance by baze.djunkiii - a two hours deep talk about everything but Drum'n'Bass, given that Opa Erzählt Vom Rave usually is a Drum'n'Bass / Bass Music centered affair.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Sascha Müller - Back To The Funk [Proper Cuts Recordings 003]

Scheduled for release via Proper Cuts Recordings as a highly limited lathe cut vinyl on December 22nd, 2k23 is "Back To The Funk", probably the final release of the year for the ever active underground production force that is Uelsen's finest Sascha Müller. "Back To Funk", the sole track on this one-sided 12" release, caters a fast-paced, hounded and functional take on highly percussive ToolTechno which will most likely resonate with the seasoned and experienced DJ's out there due to its main focus on pure efficiency and loop-oriented nature.

Lathe cut artwork on Instagram!

Friday, November 24, 2023

Genera - Active Observation [Aut Records 098]

Put out on the circuit via the ever active Aut Records label which is rapidly approaching the three digit realm of catalogue numbers these days is "Active Observation", the October 19th, 2k23 released album by Luca Venitucci, Dario Miranda and Ermanno Baron under their conjunctional musical alias that is Genera. Over the course of eight tracks and a total playtime of 51 minutes Genera are consciously trying to avoid predetermined structures and ideas for the most part to allow a free improvisational flow throughout the recording process which results in the floating, yet brittle and ever changing piano lines of "Trial And Error" which are ever meandering over an unusual mixdown of subdued drums and stripped down, yet very present and voluminous bass playing whereas "No Instructions" captures a certainly nocturnal, highly intimate variation of what could be described as Jazz Noir working its way towards ever intensifying percussive pulses, "Attempts" brings forth more busy and fast paced pianos and an overall hounded, well hectic vibe whereas "Iterate" presents a sparkling, yet intimate and stripped down glow whilst building up to climactic heights and the final "It's All Part Of The Learning Curve" waves goodbye on a caressing and minimalist, slightly dark'ish Jazz tip for a closing. Defo an album for multiple deep listening sessions, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Nitrogene - No Anger EP [Psychocandies 106 Promo]

Released via the ever active and long-standing Psychocandies label on August 10th, 2k23 as their 106 on the digital circuit is the "No Anger EP", the latest release cooked up by Nitrogene. Opening with the title track Nitrogene takes us straight to the heart of the dancefloor with a hefty oldskool'ish Chicago Acid vibe and the most classic piano stabs we've heard in a while whereas the subsequent cut aptly named "Temple Of Doom" indulges in a hypnotic, albeit slightly generic and monotonous AcidTrance x Rave fusion which is indeed functional on the dancefloor yet evokes memories of tracks oftentimes sprinkled in between big time bangers on electronic music oriented CD compilation albums of the 90s.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Zark - 7 [Zarkon Records 007 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via the presumably artist run label Zarkon Records on August 3rd, 2k23 is "7", the seventh consecutive release on the imprint by Zark. Following a strict implemented naming system the opening cut "7.1" brings forth an amalgamation of elastic Minimal Techno arrangements, ethereal, floating and fragile atmospheric string arrangements and modified House stabs which are followed by the pumping, well seductive grooves as well as the playful and curious sci-fi bleeps of "7.2" although this tune could've done and probably would've been improved without its very present hi-hat line for sure.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Materical - Materical [Aut Records 096]

Another fresh album released via the Berlin-based Aut Records imprint on October 5th, 2k23 is "Materical", the self-titled longplay debut by the quartet of the same name which is formed by Enrico Faredi, Luca Serrapiglio, Luca Bernard and Giacomo Pisani. Starting from a point of uplifting, positive Jazz vibes sporting intertwined, ever corresponding melodies backed by a well interesting and oftentimes highly syncopated drum foundation the group touches on desert-informed Jazz melancholia with a certain swing in pieces like "Dry Sand", embarks on a dope and uplifting journey with "Due Coltelli Per Santiago" - defo our favorite cut on the album and one we'd love to hear being tackled by praised rappers like Guru, MC Solaar or the likes of in a live session freestyle context -, brings forth carefully layered late night Jazz minimalisms with "The Seasons whilst "Menshiki's Blues" seems to incorporate influences from the Balkan regions at times just to name a few. One to add to the collection for the dedicated genre aficionado, this one.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Extensa - Extensa [Gusstaff Records]

Scheduled for release via the Polish label Gusstaff Records on November 24th, 2k23 is "Extensa", the latest full length album cooked up by Mariusz Wroblewski, Andrzej Radniecki and Pawel Wieloch under their shared musical nom de guerre that is Extensa. Over the course of eight pieces and a total running time of roughly 49 minutes the band uses and abuses their classic set up of drums, guitar and bass to create a solely instrumental, yet highly intense and wall of sound oriented approach to a sleazy, thundering fusion of DoomRock, droning Sludge, apocalyptic Metal-infusions and fever'ish PostRock for nightmare rituals, catering highly dramatic riffing and exceptionally powerful drums in pieces like "Extransa" whilst "No. ∞" starts on a slightly funky tip before developing into a large scale cinematic, ever whirling and spiralling maelstrom taking both moshpits and battle fields by storm before the subsequent "Mr. Hyde" provides dreamy, psychedelic guitars and certainly nocturnal phrases embedded in Extensa's trademark SludgeRock sound and "Imperfection Perfection" even employs dub FX and a foundation of highly seductive dope beats to bring on the right amount of a funky groove to make this one our favorite tune on the album just to name a few. Not for the faint hearted, yet an excellent journey and probably a band one should witness on stage at least once in a lifetime. Go check!

Sunday, November 19, 2023

User08945538961 - Active EP [User Recordings 051]

Put out on the circuit via User Recordings as the labels 051 is the "Active EP", the August 29th, 2k23 released digital two track single by User08945538961. Opening with "Active" quasi-anonymous producer caters a slow pumping, dark'ish and ever spiralling Techno x Trance crossover featuring reverse stabs and hypnotic synth beeps for rolling late night sets before following up with "One World" which can be described as a deep take on classic Ambient House sporting an uplifting, well majestic main chord motif, ever washed out and meandering pads as well as abstract, seemingly somewhat UK Garage-infused percussive patterns placed at the very front of the mix which provide a slightly offset contrast to the tunes overall atmosphere and structure for the more experimental Ambient / DubTechno jocks out there.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Filippo Sala - Rifugi [Aut Records 097]

Put out on the circuit via the rapidly growing Aut Records label on October 12th, 2k23 is "Rifugi", the very first album cooked up by Italian musician x composer Filippo Sala in collaboration with contributing artists Enrico Terragnoli and Danilo Gallo. In this trio setting the musicians invlvd explore an evocative and wide-ranged approach to solely instrumental music over the course of roughly 49 minutes, starting from a point of fusing somewhat brooding and off-kilter synth distortions with sparse and swinging rhythms as well as dreamy PostRock guitar tones in the opening piece that is "Lampi", progressing further into a stream of krautsy, tender, ever meandering Desert(Post)Rock variations with the albums title track "Rifugi" and entering proper driving, sleazy and psychedelia-infused Rock territories with the fever'ish drums of "Danzar Senza Pretese" whereas "Keef" is touching base with, obviously twisted, Latin influences which are incorporated into the piece alongside obviously Jazz leaning guitar leads, "Un Fascino Retro" is weighing in beautifully executed slow-paced vintage melancholia and "Encore" is bringing forth quite an uplifting and positive, partially even ecstatic PostRock touch for a closing and final relief just to name a few. Should be a soundtrack of sorts, this. Preferrably to a vintage, slow-paced love story or a majestic documentary featuring heaploads of widescreen panorama shots.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

16.11.2023 baze.djunkiii presents JDB. Vol. 14 @ CuttersChoiceRadio / London, UK (2100 GMT+1)

It's been a little while since baze.djunkiii last contributed to the program of London's infamous broadcasting hub that is CuttersChoiceRadio but now he's back with another striking transmission. Digging deep into his endless archives of classic Drum'n'Bass whitelabels, promos and regular releases of the past 25 years he surely pulled up some long lost gems, essential rollers, ravey anthems and personal favorites for an hours ride dedicated to all die-hard fans of the genre which of course is exclusive to CuttersChoiceRadio. Get locked.

Transmission will start at 2000 London time which makes it 2100 GMT+1 for the rest of continental Europe and whatever time it is in your specific area. Get locked!

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Combat Dubs]

file under: Drum'n'Bass

transmission starts: 2100 GMT+1

get locked via CuttersChoiceRadio

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 11/2k23

Monday, November 13, 2023

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents Technovision Volume 20 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (02.11.2023)

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Florian Walter / Tamayurahitode / Tamayurakurage - Will-O'-The Wisp [Umland Records 063]

Released via Essen's ever active Umland Records label on October 13th, 2k23 is "Will-O'-The Whisp", the first full on cooperational album conceived by one of the imprints core members, Florian Walter, alongside the Japanese artists Tamayurahitode and Tamayurakurage. Recorded in a cabin in the woods located in Japan's Saitama prefecture each of the eight compositions on this roughly 43 minutes spanning longplayer is named after a ghost of a passed human being from the rich Japanese mythology, opening with the calm and tender "Chochin-bi" which presents a combination of minimalist clanging percussion and high pitched tones resembling a flute at times whereas the subsequent "Konsenjo-bi" brings forth a whirlwind of mechanical scraping and rasping, improvised percussion as well as screaming hyper-intense non-vocalisms and spiralling sax lines in the back of the tunes mix. Furthermore "Hitodama" serves whirling pulses of dynamic noise transmissions once again accompanied by eerie high frequency layers and therefore presenting an aesthetic not unlike early Industrial-influenced electro-acoustic music paired with dramatic, highly expressive vocal articulations whilst "Kaika" is getting as close to Avantgarde HarshNoize improvisations as it gets on this album just to name a few. Defo an interesting and in parts nerve-wrecking listening journey, yet one that might only speak to a small and highly experienced audience due to its undeniably abstract nature.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, November 11, 2023

mACHT - 1 [Crocodile Tears Records Promo]

Put out on the circuit on June 23rd, 2k23 via Berlin's Crocodile Tears Records is "1", the very first album outing by the trio affair that is mACHT. Born from the ashes of a gloriously failed and shipwrecked mission to revive the famed and infamous German band S.Y.P.H. as a six piece band in 2011 the trio of Christian Schulte, Uwe Jahnke and Georg Zangle continued on a musical mission with in parts self-built and self-invented instruments, fleshed out their sonic vision over the course of a decade and finally cooked up and conceived their debut, a seven tracks and rougly 43 minutes spanning affair opening with the droney, krautsy, nocturnal and somewhat PostRock-infused vibe of "Löffelvolle Groschen" which kinda reminds us of early 2000s Einstürzende Neubauten in some ways subsequently followed by "Wo Morgen", a bleak and sparse, yet still energetic and ever meandering Indie x Shoegaze crossover affair. In comparison "Zwischen Den Steinen" seems to be indulging even deeper in tender IndiePop vibes backed up by a foundation of expertly crafted electronic beats, "Morgen Doktor" allows a quick glimpse at the band members roots in raw Punk whilst also evoking memories of the unique lyrical approach presented by German Punk and beyond songwriter legend Jens Rachut whereas "Passt Nicht", probably our favorite cut on this album, brings forth a driving take on PostPunk-infused Desert Blues for dusty country roads and movies written by David Lynch. "Aus Dem Fenster" continues on a similar, yet more fever'ish and (post)apocalyptic path and the final cut that is "Brache" rounds things off with hypnotic, stripped down slightly tongue-in-cheek PostPunk vibes for late night dancefloors. If that sound appealing to you this might be an album to check out for a reason.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Friday, November 10, 2023

Valle Doering - And Other Strange Songs From The Remote Planets [Umland Records 082]

Put out on the circuit via the Essen-based Umland Records label as their 082 on October 27th, 2k23 is "And Other Strange Songs From The Remote Planets", the latest, six tracks and 39 minutes spanning album release conceived by Leipzig's Valle Doering. Recorded and composed on a uniquely electrified and more than a century old harmonium which has been enhanced with a set of 25+ microphones to fully suit the artists needs Doering embarks on a journey into the outer fringes of the audible spectrum with the slow tectonic textural shifts of the heavily Dark Ambient-infused opener "Physical Truth" and its almost physical presence before bringing forth minimalist, later densely layered, somewhat maritime Synth Ambient pads and experimental, early electronic music resembling, slightly retrofuturist sci-fi bleeps as well as sinewave transmissions with "Equal Wages" followed by the floating, enchanted etherealisms of "Balancing Burden" which later evolve into solemn, yet dramatic Synth x (Neo)Cosmic landscapes of epicly cinematic qualities. The subsequent "Cracks In Circles" caters 133 seconds of ever shifting digital Noize transmissions and technical, almost robotic signals whilst the 11+ minutes long main piece "Fading Heritage" brings forth a stream of calm, majestic and peaceful Ambient harmonies accompanied by a whirling maelstrom of greyscale'ish, outerdimensional signals seeping through from the upside down whereas "Breathing The Same Air" provides full closure and relief with an euphoric, almost ecclesiastical compositions that might even speak to fans and followers of Classical and x or Church Music. Great stuff, this.

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Leonardo Barbadoro - Musica Automata [Helical 001]

Put out on the circuit via the freshly launched Helical imprint on November 3rd, 2k23 is "Musica Automata", the first full length solo album effort conceived by Italian composer Leonardo Baradoro under his very own name. With a total of twelve brand new pieces rolled out over the course of 39 minutes Barbadoro employed the fully automated robotic instrument ensemble of the Ghent-based Logos Foundation to compose and fine-tune his artistic and compositional vision, only to record the actual performance of the album within the physical vicinity of the robot ensemble itself, including all the mechanical and technical noise that come with this approach. The sonic result of this conceptual venture provides a somewhat rhythm-focused fusion of Contemporary Classical music and what could be described as a variation of Avantgarde Jazz, opening with the highly dramatic and well seductive title track that is "Musica Automata", progressing into uptempo - and probably Aphex Twin-inspired - quasi IDM with the subsequent "Hybr Spiro", catering chiming, yet brooding. fever'ish and Bass Music-informed minimalisms in "Bel_exp II", going into uplifting, and probably danceable, groove territories with "Ob Asa ST5+7" before finally serving a dramatic climax with "Mumb" and going full on Avantgarde Jazz drumming for apocalyptic battle fields with "Terzo" just to name a few. Quite a fascinating album that's not as nearly as robotic as its mechanical performers are.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, November 05, 2023

Uruk - The Great Central Sun [Ici D'Ailleurs / Mind Travel Series 017]

Released via the Ici D'Ailleurs sub- x sister-series that is Mind Travel Series on October 13th, 2k23 is "The Great Central Sun", the latest album effort cooked up by Thighpaulsandra and Massimo Pupillo under their joint musical nom de guerre that is Uruk. Presenting two extended compositions - "Per Speculum In Aenigmate" and "Radiating Rainbows" - over the course of roughly 42 minutes the duo opens from an angel of majestic, large scale panoramic Ambient x Score fusion which presents a Contemporary Classical-leaning depth and gravitas that seems to be older than eternity, or at least the cosmos, itself, presenting a slow, yet steady ebb and flow of time defying harmonic pulses later accompanied by chiming, crystalline space synth tones and echoes of (Neo)Cosmic as well as fluttering, choir'esque non-vocalisms and brittle strings, haunted and frosty sound cascades and spacious and solemn, almost cavernous Ambient sequences for the advanced genre connaisseur as well as the experienced collector of scenic fantasy movie scores. Beautifully arranged and absolutely timeless.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, November 04, 2023

Reinhold Friedl & Kasper T. Toeplitz - La Fin Des Terres [Zeitkratzer Productions]

Scheduled for released via the highly acclaimed imprint that is Zeitkratzer Productions on November 11th, 2k23 is "La Fin Du Terres", a nearly two hours spanning double CD set by Reinhold Friedl and Kasper T. Toeplitz, combining their instruments of choice - piano and electric bass - to elaborate on their vision of what is described as '...architecture of time...' in the accompanying press release. Offering one extended composition per CD the first disc of the set holds "La Fin De Terres_Z", a piece which starts from an angle of buzzing electrical dronings of increasing intensity paired with thundering, brutalist singular piano chords before further progressing into minimalist Cold Ambient, highly intimidating piano sequences and eerie nocturnal soundscapes of outerworldly qualities as well as electro-acoustic Noize transmissions. Furthermore "La Fin De Terres_Ω" opens with ominous, vantablack and low end-focused, almost tectonic DarkAmbient movements accompanied by what could be described as Dark Jazz-informed piano works, atmospheric crackles, yearning, oftentimes eerie string works and gnarly, intense accumulations of Industrial Noize as well as emerging vortices of fuming DeathAmbient and the cold, general hostility of lost proto-planets flung out into interstellar space. Heavy, somewhat desolate and surely threatening Deep Listening Music for those not afraid of staring into their innermost abyss.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Friday, November 03, 2023

Natura Est - The Folly Of Mars [Cyclic Law 227]

Natura Est are back. And they're back with their fourth album. Named "The Folly Of Mars" the latest collaborational outing cooked up by Andreas Davids and Tony Young has been released via the Cyclic Law imprint on October 6th, 2k23 as a limited to 300 copies CD edition, bringing forth a six track menu of Dark Ambient cuts conceptually dealing with the necessity and sustainability of space exploration in relation to unresolved crises on our planet, opening with the scenic, yet solemn and melancholic vastness of "Extinction Concept" before progressing into the deeply nocturnal ebb-and-flow of "With One Eye On The Heavens" and going on a deep dive into vantablack Drone territories with the title track "The Folly Of Mars". Furthermore "We Will End Time" probably presents the, albeit extremely low-end heavy, most Cosmic x classic Ambient leaning take on this album with its cold, yet shimmering atmospheres and ethereal non-vocalisms whereas "The Fallen Empire Of Man" offers a slowly evolving, ever meandering stream of comforting, billowing darkness and the subsequent "Sum Et Pulvis" closes the cycle with another dose of rumbling, athmospheric Dark Ambient pulses. A worthwhile addition to the collection for dedicated fans, followers and collectors of the named genre. Check.

Thursday, November 02, 2023

Off World - 3 [Constellation Records 175]

Scheduled for release via Montreal's ever active Constellation Records imprint on November 3rd, 2k23 is "3", the third and final album of Sandro Perri's Off World trilogy series. With a total of five new compositions rolled out over the course of roughly 34 minutes Perri, alongside a plethora of contributing collaborators, derives the foundation of his compositions from semi-improvised ensemble recordings which are later processed, re-arranged and retrofitted with additional layers and instruments, resulting in a sonic landscape both dreamy and comforting, touching base with genres like (Future)Jazz, Score and Modern Classical music without fitting into each of these drawers, adding expertly sculpted Downtempo x Future Tribal elements to the mix at times, flirting with an organic Indietronica vision, providing a soft billowing back drop for introspective, slightly psychedelic electric guitar solo works in pieces like "Ludic Loop" or even referencing slightly twisted (Neo)Cosmic x Synth x Chamber Music influences in the fever'ish, well nocturnal closing cut that is "Emposse". Defo an interesting and musically unique album affair, this one. Go check.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2k23

01. Javier Hernando - Domina Estelectrica [Geometrik Records / Munster Records]
See review for details...

02. Lagowski - Teratology: Rarities 1989 - 1992 [Fill-Lex Records 006]
Andrew Lagowski is somewhat of an unsung hero and pioneer of the UK electronic music scene despite being active on the circuit for more than 40 years. Producer of many genres and employer of many musical monikers the Italian label Fill-Lex focuses on his works as Lagowski with this limited to 200 copies twelve track compilation, unearthing hard to find gems he produced and released in the three years period between 1989 and 1992, including the massive and highly thought after bang0r that is "Vermillion", and therefore catering nothing short of an essential audio fest for all fans and followers of NuBeat, ProtoTechno, Industrial, (Electro)Phonk, EBM, early Rave and many related things beyond. This stuff is peak and defo still relevant as of today.

03. Scheich In China - NeverCrack Generation 2 [Hafenschlamm Records 030]
This is heavy. The Hamburg-based project Scheich In China serves the most unhinged and anarchic six track EP we've heard in a while. Meandering back and forth through the grey area between Speedcore, FreeTekno, Anarchcore and acid-fueled Teknival dancefloors whilst also pleasing sophisticated Hardcore x Gabber headz "NeverCrack Generation 2" is a suitable soundtrack for vantablack nightmares and slasher movies whilst defo being on par with classic releases on labels like Explore Toi, Sans Pitie and the likes of.

04. Dusty Kid - 1992/1993 Revived [Systematic Recordings]
Italian producer Dusty Kid takes a deep dive into Trance x HardTrance history and updates four of the genres anthems of the early 90s - for us most importantly Komakino's "Outface" and Microwave Prince's "Trancemitter Online" - in a contemporary manner, making them compatible with the ElectroBreaks x NuSkoolBreaks scene of today and therefore indeed revives these classics for a new audience. Good stuff, this.

05. Doc Scott / Rufige Kru - 25 Years Of Metalheadz: The Series Part 9 [Metalheadz]
Goldie's seminal Metalheadz imprint brings back two of the biggest Drum'n'Bass anthems of all times with "The Unofficial Ghost" and "V.I.P. Riders Ghost" plus a thoughtful and hard hitting variation of the first mentioned tune named "Ghost 25" produced by Doc Scott which transfers the original vibe into a straight forward, slightly sped-up and stripped down stepper and makes this one an essential addition for any reasonable collection even though Rufige Kru's "Ghost Of My Life" on B2 might not necessarily appeal to each and every Drum'n'Bass fan due to its reduced tempo and somewhat off center vibe.

06. Beltram - Volume 2 [R&S Records]
As an avid fan, follower and archivist of electronic music history I'm always happy to come across contemporary re-issues of records I missed out on in the early 90s, mostly due to my young age at the time. With "Volume 2" we see the resurrection of Joey Beltram's second 12" single for Renaat Vandepapeliere's seminal R&S Records label which originally hit the stores all the way back in 1991. The four tracks on here, including the Reggae soundsystem sampling A1 cut "My Sound", provide a glimpse into the darker side of Techno and Rave at the time and could be even regarded as a kind of ProtoHardcore vision from todays point of view even though the tempo of those tracks is relatively moderate and not even close to the highspeed madness that Gabba / Hardcore would provide in the years to come.

07. -

08. -

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