Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thomas Manegold featuring Lisa Morgenstern - Vorgespräch Mit Goth [Edition Subkultur]

As clearly stated before I - musically, that is - fell in love with the amazing on stage talent of  Lisa Morgenstern and I'm thrilled to announce that three of her songs are available now for a wider audience via Edition Subkultur which recently released a conjunctional work of hers with Thomas Manegold. Named "Vorgespräche Mit Goth" this 64 pages book plus CD was released on the occasion of this years WGT festival and features three stunning piano-based, previously unreleased songs by this shining female lyricist alongside new short stories written by the author. Besides "Kannibalische Gourmet" and "Lieber Tod" which have already been introduced videowise to the readers of these pages in April the new piece "Eskalation" perfectly complements the depths, sorrow, melancholia and deep despair mixed up with a little bit of frenzy unveiled by her unique amalgamation of theatrical chanson and dark sonnet that ultimately touches my heart whenever it's on.

Plus - rumours have it that there's more to come soon as Lisa Morgenstern seems to be working on her debut album these days which is highly anticipated and already lined up as one of the most important and thrilling albums of the year.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sticker Love & World Domination: Indonesia

These pictures just came flying in the other day from a dear friend who is travelling & working  in Indonesia these days. Sending shouts to M. - big up!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flutwacht - Leichenlandschaft [Voluntary Whores 008 Promo]

Freshly released via the Mettmann-based cassette imprint Voluntary Whores is the latest release of the Noise / Drone project Flutwacht which caters a bunch of eleven untitled tracks here, stretching out over the full length of 100 minutes on their album "Leichenlandschaft" which might be roughly translated as "Corpsescape" / "Landscape Of Dead Bodies".  And what sounds like a dark title is one indeed - but a well fitting one for the 'marish, overly oppressive sonic scenario that's surely made to dispunge any positive feelings within a miles radius. With a obvious lack of high frequencies and a focus on rhythmically monotonous pulses within the low mid to sub frequent spectrum the overall athmosphere presented on "Leichenlandschaft" can be described a grinding, hypnotic and defo post-apocalyptic with the screaming silence of Stalingrad's WW2 killing fields or the striking tranquility covering the dusted fragments of Nagasaki or Hiroshima only seconds after the nuclear wipe-out. This sounds depress- and disturbing but that's how it is when despair has gone and one lives its life based on greyscales. And if you like this you're well likely to do so. I do.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jesse Jakob - Time Resistance EP [Traut Muzik 013]

Wenn es ein treffendes Wort für diese 12“ gibt dann heisst es Effizienz. Ohne Umschweife geht es mit stampfenden Bassdrums und extrem klar, fast schon kristallin produzierten Signalen zur Sache und der Technofloor der Wahl gerät konsequent und erbarmungslos unter Bewegungsdruck, ausgelöst von den Originaltracks „Shape 1“ und „Shape 2“. Auch die remixenden Produzenten Kevin Gorman und Jonas Kopp halten sich an die eingeschlagene Marschrichtung, wobei vor allem ersterer durch ein völlig abstruses BrokenTechno-Intermezzo auf halber Zählzeit beim Rezensenten punkten kann. Nice one.

Another lost review from the archives, originally written for the German print issue of FAZE Magazine.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hot News - Forthcoming on BLIM Records / Paris

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dr. NoiseM / Duality Micro [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Yes, tapes are alive and the cassette scene seems to be in a good state referring to the fact that there are occasional cassette promos flying in on a quite regular basis these days. And so was this, a short two track split-piece by Dr. NoiseM and Duality Micro which was sitting in our P.O. box without a proper tray but wrapped in - not: barbed - wire. Musically we see the mysterious Dr. NoiseM catering a stone cold accumulation of chittering sci-fi tones that sound like a computer tilting in a futuristic 1970's flic whilst Duality Micro comes up with a melodic, ever modulating but completely beatless piece of 8bit / Micromusic that might stem directly from an original SID chip unit which, in fact, emitted a kind of underground hit here. And btw - this approx. 5 minutes overall tape is limited to only 15 pieces world wide so it's a true collectors gem for sure.

Kerbside Collection - Mind The Curb [Legere Recordings Promo]

Recently put on the circuit via Hamburg's Legere Recordings and well appealing to all fans of the more Funk-related side of things is "Mind The Curb" - the first longplay effort of the labels thrillingly powerful Instrumental Funk signing Kerbside Collection. With their extraordinary and slightly Psychedelia-infused musical vision they take you directly into the soundtrack wizzardry of classic 70s spy flics where cocktail parties and straight Martinis were all at rage and style was still a state of mind instead of trying to catch up with what's regarded as latest blog hype. Fusing psychedelic Easy Listening-flavored guitars with some Reggae'isms adds a bit of extra finish and so does the laid back, summerly vibe of "Red Stripe", not mentioning the additional remixes crafted by Paprika and Renegades Of Jazz. If you want a proper and totally in style soundtrack for your next serious late night drink right beside your Miami- or Nizza-based pool this is the album you should ask your local record dealer for. Soon'ish.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shlomi Aber - Live From Sankeys Ibiza [Be As One Imprint Promo]

Rolling along the running balearic season Be As One head honcho and founder Shomi Aber unleashes his new mix CD named "Live From Sankeys Ibiza" in mid-July - a live mixed 14 track piece that does not only reflect Mr. Aber's recent musical whereabouts but also does serve only exclusive and previously unreleased tunage straight from the studio of some of his favorite artists of the moment. With names like Francisco Allendes, Marco Faraone, Gel Abril and Marcomism popping up alongside the so-called "Blackout Version" of his very own "Foolish Games" it's pretty clear where this journey heads at: the dancefloor that is. Fanning out his favorite sound consisting of stripped down, minimalistic grooves meandering in between the functional TechHouse and ever pumping but never so hard Techno he's getting each electronic music head straight by the balls, setting a first climax with the previously mentioned track of his own, unfolding a great Nicolette'esque vocal vision all of a sudden and walking down the path further into pumping, slightly proggy territories, finding those places where the sweat covered bodies are at bouncing back and forth whilst obeying the mandatory dictum of a powerful bassdrum in command. If that's what a night at the Sankey is like you'd better not miss one.

Friday, June 21, 2013

NRFB - Trüffelbürste [Major Label / Staatsakt Promo]

Nearly two years after the release of its self-titled debut the Jens Rachut- and Mense Reents-lead band / project NRFB is back with a second strike, this time released as collaborational joint of Major Label and Staatakt. What's obvious in comparison to their first longplay outing is the fact that the bands musical approach has changed rapidly from the raw, aggressive ElectroPunk of "Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb" to a more introvert, grey-scaled and melancholia-infused attitude served by "Trüffelbürste" as their recent album is named. Calling songs like "Schatten Aus Gold" or "Hälfte Des Gehirns" tender and romantic would be too much for a reason but at least their feel is more intimate, close up and possibly comparable to Fehlfarben's 2002-released "Knietief Im Dispo" when it comes to an overall athmosphere of resignation and despair that even touches the Krautrock-referring intrumental cut "Zoo Im Krieg" which makes me think of "Trüffelbürste" as an essential re-listening piece when fall and fog immerse the country in fuzzy flares again.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Daniel Dexter - Focus On Remixes [Poker Flat Recordings 140 Promo]

Fresh from the pressing plant and ready for release via Poker Flat Recordings is the labels 140 which is focusing on four remixes crafted for Daniel Dexter's heavy duty debut album released earlier this year. Coming up with remixes for tracks that are smoking hot in their original version is hard to do and surely a tough task so none of the remixes provided by the likes of Uner, David Keno, Ian Pooley or Kollektiv Turmstrasse are really able to beat the magic of  killer tracks like "Why So Serious?", "Storm" and "Night Away" featuring the seductive vocals of Geraldine Roth with it's sparkling high voltage energy. And it seems like the remixers do know that so at least three out of for take the chance to serve decent alternative cuts that easily groove along throughout deeper post climax sessions or vibrating open air sets so this 12" might appeal to a slightly different audience than Daniel Dexter's usually more dark'ish and moody releases. The ones who don't get the point at all are the totally overrated guys named Kollektiv Turmstrasse who drift along a muffled bass figure, uninspired drum, wannabe Chitown claps and even some preset sirens, creating a song of their own without caring much about the original tune. Do not try this remix first - stick to the rest for a better impression. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 005]

Once again Sascha Müller comes up with a new and untitled album that's released via his very own Supersix-imprint and with his massive output - quality- and numberwise - it has been a logical step for him to deal with the immense amount of tracks on self-run platforms only as there seems to be no label out there that is able to handle so many tracks with a broad style range properly. With the first tracks on this one Mr. Müller seems to focus on more Downtempo-related realms of acidic ElectroPhonk - with "Shibu" as most excellent example that could be imagined to be included on legendary compilations like the first issues of "Future Sounds Of Jazz" - or deep and pure Electro workouts that are skeletal but still serving the very essence of what Electro is about like dry 808 beats, dreamy melodies and a sterile but heartwarming feel for advanced dancefloors. As the album progresses we'll also find deep, 'troity Acid pieces and more pushy 303 workouts for late night affairs as well as trademark primetime fillers and - a bit of a surprise that is - perfectly crafted ElectroJungle affairs that are nothing but well thrilling. Another musical masterpiece - no fillers in here.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

SUICIDE COMMANDO (v.32.x) - 2013 ReRecording by NO MORE

Friday, June 14, 2013

On The Streets Now...

Watch out.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Francesco [Francesco Series 001]

Weitgehend anonym gehaltene 12“ mit drei Tracks, die sich nicht nur in ihrem Artwork an den Vorgaben des Minimalismus und einer extrem klaren Formensprache orientiert. Vor allem „DX 8“ ist in akustische Signale gegossene Funktionalität, bestehend aus gnadenlos hämmernden Drums, im Raum stehenden Bässen und wenigen, aber dafür um so effektiveren Verschiebungen im restlichen reduzierten Klangwerk. Melodien? Töne? Fehlanzeige. Hier geht es um Schub durchs Schlagwerk. Auf der Flipside findet sich dann eine wunderschöne Variation von PopAmbient mit verhallt-melancholischem Piano sowie eine athmosphärisch extrem dichte Fingerübung in Sachen Elektrominimalismus, die trotz zurückgenommer Geschwindigkeit und skelettierter Beats fast schon elegische Qualitäten aufweist. Top.

Another lost and yet unpublished review from the archives. Although these might only appeal to our German readership I think it is important to get these out there - not only because the labels made the efforts to send out physical promos but also for the reason that there's quite a lot of underground music out there that isn't dealt with by blogs or magazines but ppl should better know about.

Marusha @ Mayday The Raving Society (We are different) 26.11.1994

Oh, how I fucking loved this set back in my Rave days. Played the recorded tape like a hundred thousand times. Sweet nostalgia, I'm shedding a tear right now. Two decades have nearly passed since then and I still feel the power.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dandi & Ugo [Kol Mojito Records 027]

Mit bekanntem Vocalsample und einer durchaus verführerischen, an gute Trancezeiten angelehnten Melodieführung starten Dandi & Ugo mit „Everything Or Nothing“ Erwartungen weckend in ihre aktuelle EP auf Kol Mojito Records, scheitern aber in ebenjenem Track daran die melodiefreien Räume interessant zu gestalten. So entsteht der Eindruck eines Stückwerks mit sehr guten Ansätzen, das aber im Endeffekt noch einer längeren Ausarbeitung bedurft hätte um vollends zu zünden. Ähnliches gilt auch für den Rest dieser 12“, die zwar dem DJ zur Primetime als gutes Tool dient, schlussendlich jedoch etwas mit angezogener Handbremse zwischen TechHouse und Abfahrt rangiert. Schade.

This one's another lost review originally written for FAZE Magazine that did not make it into the print issue.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Martian Mystery Solved?

Monday, June 10, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2013

01. Rolf Maier Bode - Twenty Thirteen [Rolf Maier Bode]
This one's not a blast. It's a megablast! Totally surprised that Rolf Maier Bode, half of the uber-legendary Rave act RMB, is still around and doing things. I never denied that I'm a huge fan of his 1993-1995 years with anthems like "Heaven And Hell", "Experience", "Universe Of Love" and way more that made crowds going bonkers on each and every dancefloor in that era. So I was really thrilled when this one was sitting in my P.O. box more recently and it was yet the first tune that was giving me the goosebumps again as it's all back for me after all these years. Sure, the tempo isn't on high speed no more as it used to be but it seems like Rolf Maier Bode never lost his feel for huge tunes and big emotions at all. No matter if it's the sweet, innocent vocals or the epic string arrangements, the massive breakdowns, nice pianos or his thing for seductive, Pop-touching melodies... this one is R-A-V-E quantum leaped into 2013 and I don't give a fuck about anyone complaining that this ain't or can't be credible in the so-called underground. Fuck MNML, fuck the New Wave Techno scene big time - this guy on a huge stage with fog, lasers and strobelights is able to set dancefloors on fire and kill ketamine ravers with only one sound. Killer!

02. Frittenbude - Abschaffen [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details...

03. Xxxy - Progression / Thinking Bout [Ten Thousand Yen]
Ten Thousand Yen is one of my favorite Future Garage imprints for a reason since I discovered their early 10"es back in 2010. Whilst "Progression" rides on a 4/4-driven, kinda technoid scifi vibe with deep 'troity strings and a cold, ever evolving motif that is not that spectacular but surely remarkable as it seems to be stuck in your brain after the initial contact, triggering your reward centre like the bell does with pavlovian dogs. The flipside serves a more electroid vibe with sub-heavy basslines and a very special kind of future swing that makes this one one of the most seductive Future Garage tunes these days. Killer.

04. Rampue - Mama Was A Progrocker [Audiolith Promo]
See here for details...

05. Napalm Def - Tigers [Hirntrust Grind Media Promo]
See review for details...

06. Joney - Illowhead [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details... 

07. Julien Bracht / Martyne / Bodin  [TRAFFIC001 Whitelabel]
This one's deep. Two very skeletal and kinda mystical, fever'ish Dubstep variations on this whitelabel 12" which provides rarely any info on where the new TRAFFIC label comes from or what their basic natural surroundings are all about. But one thing's for sure - they've been listening to the 2007/08 sound of Bristols' Peverelist very closely and bring that long missed vibe back for 2013, mixed with a few Sublow / Dark Garage references on the B-side. Totally good.

08. Stiff Little Spinners Volume 3 [Audiolith Promo]
See here for details... 

09. Foremost Poets - Reasons To Be Dismal? [Poker Flat Recordings 139 Promo]
See review for details... 

10. Saalschutz - Nichtsnutz [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details... 

Friday, June 07, 2013

Trennlinie Zwischen Gesten - Das neue Verbrauchermagazin für Kunst, Kultur und Frischkäse

Great diy underground magazine. Ultra limited print run. Out now.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Joney - Illowhead [Audiolith Promo]

Audiolith goes heavy bass with the release of Joney's "Illowhead" EP which is - obviously - the first bass induced 12" release on the label which tends to open up towards proper electronic club music these days. And high octane bass assaults for advanced dancefloors is what you get here. Embracing influences from ultra low end Dubstep, Trap, UK Funky, Juke and HipHop Joney distills a unique, musical language that - if blasted through a P.A. capable of depicting all sorts of b-a-s-s properly - transforms crowds into dangerously heaving accumulations of human bodies levitating one or two feet above the ground. Totally forget all stories about the horns of Jericho - if you wanna break down walls just crank up the volume on your home stereo when "Illowhead" is on... and I bet all Car Audio Bass producers out there have to rethink their future production techniques after listening to tunes like "Fuck Em Up" or "Love Is Like An Ocean". Good one.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Mysterious Youtube Transmission

file under: #wtf ?

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Antime v2 [Antime 001]

New labels are launched everyday. Especially in Berlin and everywhere else. But this one named Antime - speak: "anti me" - caught our attention not only for its great trippy artwork and for being launched by Martin Steer, founding member of Midimum and our long time ElectroPunk friends Frittenbude but also for carving out a sweet little musical niche of its own with the first release which is available as six track vinyl 12" with a bonus digital download code for fourteen more tracks. Referring to styles like the most beautiful (Neo)Cosmic, Slow- and AmbientHouse with glitches into the realms of Electronica and Future Garage we see a proper six pack of artists doing their thing here including the mentioned Midimum, Abigail, Sebastian Dali, Owlet, Andreas Buchner and Frittenbude-member Jakob Häglsperger as Kalipo, all of them serving great - and partly epic - tracks for the advanced dancefloor. Especially "Junk Beach" with its huge bell motif and raw bassline power is to be regarded as massive (Neo)Trance reminiscing late night hit whilst the deep, melancholia driven BrokenBeat of "Elevator" is nothing short of that for the Future Garage posse. "Lady Marian" plays around with jazzy piano licks and a proper fat ass Crime Scene Funk feel before "DA 14" takes us on a positive Marimba'esque LowStep ride that has something of a Steve Reich-related vibe and athmosphere to me. The "Lightning" brings in a kind of audio sunrise with stuttering beats and an ever embracing bassline before the final cut "The Tribute" takes us to the land of blooming analogue synthesizers and slowly but steadily evolving motifs on of deep, 808 driven structures that do appeal to Dubstep lovers as well as to friends of Armchair Listening and other Advanced Electronics. With all this varying styles under one roof it seems like the future's bright for the relatively fresh Antime label and there's huge things to come when the first of its artists are coming up with their first solo records. Recommended for a reason.

Kalipo - Fraktal (Official Video)

Pure beauty and a simple but stunning video - this one's a pot of gold.

Monday, June 03, 2013

A Musical Emergency Kit

News have it that Sascha Müller is ceasing his longtime running "Krankenhaus"-series with his massive musical "Emergency Kit" - a highly limited and special packaged SD Card release that includes all 43 tracks that have been released in this series since 2010. A surgical mask and and a pair of surgical gloves are included in this package, too, so with this one you'll be properly prepared for any kind of emergency... and for your local r-a-v-e party as well. For detailed reviews of any specific tracks please enter "Krankenhaus" in the site search form field to be found on top of these pages. 

Saturday, June 01, 2013

NO MORE - The Return Of The German Angst (Snippets)

NO MORE's "The Return Of The German Angst Mixtape" has been mentioned on these pages before - if you still haven't heard it yet here's a set of snippets to give you a clue plus a fresh full length video for one of the remixes. Enjoy.