Friday, May 31, 2019

Danielle De Picciotto - Deliverance [Louder Than War Promo]

Released via Louder Than War on May 15th, 2k19 is "Deliverance", the latest album by US-born, Berlin-based underground music staple Danielle De Picciotto who's left a mark in the cities thriving music scene ever since arriving there back in 1987. Now, and as always, the world travelling Piciotto is exploring her recent state of mind - and life - with an array of ten brand new songs on this album, opening with a stripped down, yet slightly ritualistic and dreamliky take on Leftfield Pop named "Et Arripuerit", drifts off into eerie, distorted, Björk'esque SpokenWord territories with the epic, spine-tingling narrative that is "Hail" before the "Dark Butterfly" finds its way, accompanied by a flock of birds, into a piano driven realm of ballads, making a clear connection to highly experimental SynthPop here. Furthermore the albums the albums title track "Deliverance" dabbles in tender, Nordic Folk-infused mystery and - again De Picciotto's mesmerizing Spoken Words, "Dancing In The Rain" provides a surprising playfulness, positive naturalism and Dillon'esque innocence in the artists music whilst "My Secret Garden" combines scraping sounds and a (Neo)Classical string attitude and the albums main piece "Spring" provides approx. 13 minutes of panoramic Ambient melancholia in combination with distinct social and environmental criticism for a deep, thoughtful meditation on the subject. Furthermore "Sehnsucht" indeed transcribes full on longing and yearning into musical tenderness, "Die Wüste Meiner Seele" shifts De Picciotto's poetic vision into German language, musically referring to a certain desert vibe indeed, thinking of calm hot summer afternoons and evenings here, before "Survivors" gets down with the kitsch, the esoteric and the hippies which is the only letdown of this otherwise well recommended album which is about to resonate with folks following acts like Camila Fuchs / Camila Delaborde and the likes of for sure.

Shazad Ali Ismaily / Niels Van Heertum - Sea Legs / Hum Back [Aspen Edities 006]

Put on the circuit on May 10th, 2k19 via the Belgium-based Aspen Edities-imprint is the first ever split album collaboration by American musician Shazad Ali Ismaily and Aspen Edities-staple Niels Van Heertum. Opening with Ismaily's contribution to the album, the 20 minutes spanning cut "Sea Legs", we're entering a world of stripped down, melancholia-infused and Post-PostRock-informed banjo playing bringing forth a rarely experienced take on the instrument before taking a turn towards a minimalist shaker breakdown leading into a final crescendo of sorts. On the other hand, the four cuts subsumed under the name "Hum Back" on Niels Van Heertum's part of this release are following a different, yet still well melancholic path. Based on euphonium, euphonium organ and conch shells we see the Belgian composer go down a route of ultraminimalist Ambient beauty, providing an amalgamation of droning and pulsating sequences which are especially captivating in the intense, ancient powerhouse of a tune that is "Bowhead" which takes us way back into the subsconscious roots of humanity whereas the sequential work of "Fugu" evokes memories of various klaxon signals layered in a deep autumnal fog covering an unknown harbour before drifting of into a tender variation of minimal Jazz Noir. Deep.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

06.06.2019 WAX UNLIMITED @ Beat Boutique / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / El Caballo Semental]

file under: Minimal / Electro / NeoDetroit

doors open: 10 pm

Beat Boutique
Max-Brauer-Allee 219
22765 Hamburg

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Christian Meeas Svendsen - New Rituals [Nakama Records 016]

Put on the circuit via Norway's Nakama Records on May 24th, 2k19 as a 3xCD set plus additional booklet folder with extended liner notes is "New Rituals", the new extended album piece created by Christian Meeas Svendsen in collaboration with his band Nakama and a zen buddhist choir based in the Rinzai Zen Center Oslo. With all three parts being based on the same source material and a highly conceptual compositional approach we see the ten zen buddhist sutras performed by Nakama and the buddhist choir on the first CD1, creating hypnotic hypertension from the very first notes of the opener "Lotus Sutra" onwards, a piece in which intense chants and a crescendo of FreeJazz-resembling conceptual compositions fall together without allowing the listener one second to breathe - let alone over the course of the whole first CD's total runtime of 37 minutes. Part two sees Nakama performing the specific patterns assigned to each part of the chants solely instrumental and without vocal company which clarifies the compositional approach by far and, even though no specific time signature is assigned to the groups performance, allows for a certain rhythmic structure to come through in this slightly reduced and more restrained take on the subject which surely will be appreciated by both followers of Jazz (Noir) and Contemporaty Classical as well before Christian Meaas Svendsen's interpretation of the topic fully focuses on a (Neo)Classical vision, mainly on minimal bass playing providing enough room for silence and contemplation within the given parameters of his predetermined compositional interpretations of the buddhist sutras. A well demanding album for followers of highly conceptual music, this.

CD artwork on Instagram!

Chelique Sarabia - Revolucion 'Electronica' En Musica Venezolana [Pharaway Sounds Promo]

Fresh on the circuit via Pharaway Sounds is "Revolucion 'Electronica' En Musica Venezolana", an album originally crafted by Chelique Sarabia back in 1973 as a commissioned work for the petrol company Shell as a, successful, attempt to fuse traditional music from Venezuela with early electronic music production techniques like feedbacks, oscillators, tape delays etc.. The result is, due to the time of its original release, obviously closer to traditional Latin music and what is referred to as Exotica / Easy Listening nowadays than to highly advanced experimental electronics, yet it's pretty clear where Chelique Sarabia is headed with his instrumental approach. In tunes like "Cantos Mi Tierra" we see him employing traditional Dub techniques and echoes at times whereas score'esque uptempo cuts like "El Cumaco De San Juan" are meandering between retrofuturist dissonance, a raw spatial attitude and Morricone'esque aesthetics, "Polo Coriano" summons pure South American sunshine vibes, "Mare-Mare Por Comer Zoparo El Pajaro Guarandol" harks back to Dub fx in combination with collage again and "Barlovento" indulges in deep Psychedelia produced a mere 47 years ago just to name a few. A throwback for sure and defo a collectible piece for lovers of Exotica these days.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler - Rework [Karlrecords Promo]

A few weeks after posting Jasmine Guffond's "Remix Algorithm" as a first announcement for this release it's time for us to examine "Reworks", the first in a series of records on Karlrecords to celebrate the 85th anniversary of German minimalism pioneer Ernstalbrecht Stiebler who, to this day, is widely unknown to the general public. Presenting a collection of five remixes / reinterpretations of Stiebler's work over the course of 41 minutes the album opens with Frank Bretschneider's "Re-Mitteltoene", a carefully arranged offering of warm, dreamy Ambient minimalism somehow similar to Oval's "Systemisch" album in its overall atmospheric vibe whereas "Innocence (For And After Ernstalbrecht Stiebler)" by Berangere Maximin also is following the Ambient lane yet focuses on a development of strings, meandering somewhat between harmony and dissonance over the tunes runtime. Furthermore "Mit Der Zeit Im Atem Schwebend" by Phonosphere keeps true to the Contemporary Classical roots of Stiebler's approach to minimalist composition and finally Kammerflimmer Kollektief's "Morendo" goes full-on experimental, fusing hectic FreeJazz / Free Improv eruptions with sequences of calmness and tender, score'esque PostRock-vibes to a well interesting effect.

Monday, May 27, 2019

David Chalmin - La Terre Invisible [Ici D'Ailleurs 100]

Put on the circuit via the ever active Ici D'Ailleurs-label on May 24th, 2k19 and already announced on these pages through the video for the track "Matiere Noire" earlier this month is David Chalmin's first ever solo album work named "La Terre Invisible" on which the explores several stages of electronic music over the course of six tracks in total. Opening with "A L'Aube" we see David Chalmin unravel a beautiful sheet of looped, Clicks'n'Cuts infused Ambient with a dramatic piano twist before "Les Ames Perdues" brings forth a Phonk- and Electronica-informed take on slow motion Techno / RomanticHouse sporting a minimalist arrangement including a catchy littly melody and panoramic strings for the youth of today. Furthermore "Images Nocturnes" drifts far into spaced out (Neo)Cosmic territories, "Vertige" evolves from glitching, precisely cut Electronica into a dark'ish Techno workout for peak time sets before shifting gears for a surprisingly noisy UltraPhonk breakdown and the final cut "Lumiere Blanche" waves goodbye in a totally unexpected manner, presenting a mere 4 minutes of romantic piano (Neo)Classical as a tender conclusion which, obviously, doesn't fit it in well within the albums overall feel.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Gemma & The Travellers - True Love (Official Video)

Raw, dope and powerful Soul from the most recent Gemma & The Travellers album "True Love" which has been put out on the circuit via Hamburg's Legere Recordings on May 24th, 2k19.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Kevin Richard Martin - Sirens [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Australian Room40-imprint is "Sirens", the first ever album on which Kevin Richard Martin, better known as The Bug, Ice, Razor X Productions or 50% of Techno Animal to many, uses his full name as an artistic alias, possibly due to the fact that the 14 cuts featured on this hour-long outing deal with a most personal time and development of the artists life, the thrill and excitement and changes of parenthood and the quite difficult circumstances that came with it. The album is split into two suites, each comprised of seven individual compositions in which Martin focuses on the atmospheric gravitas and spatial aspects of his previous works, minus the beats and ultra-heavy bass brutalism that is, and instead brings forth a previously unheard of sense of minimalism in his musical work, allowing only a few restrained, calm bass pulses to add the occasional rhythmical element to the compositions which border Cold / Isolationist Ambient and desolate, post-apocalyptic Field Recordings at times before we see a first, slightly melodic element appear in "Alarm", more than 20 minutes into the album and yet contrasted by ever spiralling, unsettling siren sounds. Following up, "Too Much" reveals the first signs of Kevin Richard Martin's brooding trademark bass sounds which once again re-appear in "Mechanical Chatter In The I.C.U.", the opening track of the albums second suite. But despite these few throwbacks to and echoes of the artists previous works throughout the decades, also to be found in the nearly 8 minutes spanning "Necrosis", the overall feel of desolation, isolation and emptiness remains the dominating factor on this longplayer and is, especially under the circumstances leading up to this album project, defo what one might expect from an Ambient album produced by Kev Martin. Yet only time will tell if this fragile musical approach will resonate with his more bass- and dancefloor-oriented fanbase built over the past years.

DJ Nate - Come Back (Official Youtube Audio)

This is probably the biggest tune taken off of DJ Nate's latest album "Take Off Mode".

Erik M / Anthony Pateras - Albedo [CCAM Editions Promo]

Fresh on the CCAM Editions-label is "Albedo", the new collaborative two track album effort created by the artist pairing of Erik M and Anthony Pateras who joined forces on two different occasions in fall of 2017 and early 2018 respectively to record this one. With "Orbitale" the duo starts on a piercing, yet calm sinewave resembling Ambient note, introducing all kinds of modular glitches and disturbances over the course of the compositions approx. 18 minutes runtime, presenting a thrilling take on intense, captivating modular-influenced music going through different compositional phases, even embarking into Noize and total chaos at times before shifting further towards a well retro-futurist scifi approach and way beyond, even touching grounds on highly experimental Techno territories. Furthermore "Nyctalope", the second composition on "Albedo", brings forth a more digital, noisier touch within the duos work, at first relying on droning swells, seemingly field recorded water hitting a coast line, Max/MSP-reminiscent glitches and comforting chord drones alongside and accompanied by brooding, well unsettling frequency shifts and an immanent touch of looming darkness which holds this piece together even after the focus switches towards digital minimalism and chaotic eruptions and makes it stand out as our favorite cut of the two featured on this album.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

aniYo kore - New Seed (Official Video)

The first video taken off of aniYo kore's forthcoming album "432" is taking us back to the bands Portishead'esque roots, yet amalgamating their trademark styles with raw, distorted DesertBlues- / PostRock-resembling guitars and a hint of brooding darkness. Check!

Dark Star Safari - Dark Star Safari [Arjunamusic Records Promo]

Put on the circuit via Arjunamusic on May 10th, 2k19 is the same titled debut album by Dark Star Safari, the new musical collaborational project brought to life by Samuel Rohrer, Jan Bang, Erik Honore and Eivind Aarset. With ten songs derived from free floating improvisation later shaped and sculpted into a final form by Bang, who's bringing forth a spatial, spaced out and otherworldly quality within the projects Leftfield Pop approach. Whilst a song like "Labyrinthine" immediately evokes memories of David Bowie's more experimental and surely highly conceptual works we see the "Resilient Star" rely on a sparse arrangement of hollow TripHop-beats and (Neo)Cosmic-guitars for a well psychedelic, dreamlike effect, "Family Gospel" brings together a Björk'esque Ambient soundscape - ca. "Homogenic" era - and deep 70s ballad before "Child Of Folly" indulges into a Lynch'esque atmosphere infused by slo-mo Downbeat, early Portishead as well as elements of Shoegaze and highly inward looking PostRock to a great effect that musicians like Trentemøller would love for a reason. Dark Star Safari's "Thoughts And Prayers" are on a nocturnal slo-mo swing as well, "Mordechai (A Prophecy)" somehow harks back to more experimental, bleak polyphonic 80s SynthPop melancholia and "November's Child" goes even deeper down the downward spiral, presenting haunting vocals works over sparse, ghostly, score'esque textures and hyper-depressed minimal PostRock guitar works. Furthermore the "White Rose" is in full on romantic ballad mode, albeit sitting well in the Leftfield Pop context of this firstling, "Your Fathers' Names" correlate to the loneliness of a long, cold late autumns night in a far, fully artificial future before the final "Fault Line" embarks on a lighter, tender and possibly even hopeful journey partially reminiscent of Einstürzende Neubauten's "Silence Is Sexy" album for a moment... or two. Deep.

Friday, May 24, 2019

OUT NOW: baze.djunkiii - The Gangster Files [Intrauterin Tapes 009]

After a 14 years hiatus the 2001-founded Intrauterin Recordings offspring Intrauterin Tapes is back on the circuit with a new highly limited mixtape edition on exclusive neon c60 cassette tape. Live turntable mixed by Intrauterin Recordings- / Intrauterin Tapes-mastermind baze.djunkiii the labels' 009, "baze.djunkiii - The Gangster Files", brings forth a fine selection of classic and rare UK Garage and Sublow cuts on the A-side whilst the flip harks back to classic Drum'n'Bass and the darker side of Oldskool and Jungle.

The limited to 70 copies mixtape edition is already available at Otaku Records / Hamburg and can be ordered directly from the shops website. Check!

Dhum - Nuke Vol. 5 [Nuke The Planet]

Soon to come on the digital underground imprint Nuke The Planet is Dhum's new one track single "Nuke Vol. 5" in which the fresh, still widely unknown artist combines a sweet, beautiful horror score referencing melody loop with warped vocal utterings, twisted, modular Noize eruptions and real life high speed drumming to a quite disturbing, brainfucking effect that defo is about to induce nightmares for the weak-heartened folks out there. Sick shit!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

The 808 Hillbillys - Untitled 5 EP [Psychocandies 077]

The 808 Hillbillys are back with their fifth untitled digital EP release on the ever busy, Acid-focused Psychocandies imprint. With "Untitled 1" we see them go straight into raw Acid Techno / MonoAcid overdrive, evoking memories of classic compilations like Force Inc.'s "Rauschen 5" whereas "Untitled 2" digs deep into screaming Acid madness, dry unprocessed percussions and edgy, over the top modulations for the headstrong. Finally "Untitled 3" brings on a more jumpy, technoid vibe with heavy distortions and a little bit of an oldskool twist that, once again, will resonate well with fans of the early 90s Force Inc. sound. Proper good.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Exoterm - Exits Into A Corridor [Hubro Music]

Put on the circuit via the Hubro Music-imprint on May 10th, 2k19 is "Exits Into A Corridor", the first album outing by Norwegian / US American group Exoterm consisting of Kristoffer Berre Alberts, Nels Cline, Jim Black and Rune Nergaard, who's responsible both for taking care of the bass as well as all compositional work within the group. United by a love for Jazz, Improvisation and classic Rock Music the four musicians cater a serving of six tracks within roughly 34 minutes playtime on this album, opening with "First Light", a tune fusing ever floating electronic Ambient textures and a deep understanding of Jazz as well as Progressive Rock, whereas the follow up "Forest Mist - Night" brings forth a more uptempo, tribalistic and in parts well-muscular Krautrock-resembling attitude. With "...Back Towards The Car - Night" we see Exoterm picking up on the bassline grooves of its predecessor, working their way through a hounded crescendo, the interlude that is "Moves Away From The Door" indulges in Easy Listening and quality psychedelic BarJazz for about 90 seconds whereas "Two More Times" amalgamates slow, dope Rock drumming, a wall of feedback noise and hefty Desert Blues before an additional saxophone layer brings on an extra twist and the concluding composition "Manufacturing A Smile (Exits Into Corridor)" provides a dreamy, yet dramatic and progressively chaotic, thundering FreeJazz excess for those in the know. Good stuff.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 13 [SM Traxxx 36-2019]

Scheduled for release via the SM Traxxx-imprint on June 20th, 2k19 is Sascha Müller's new digital two-track single bringing us both "Track 25" and "Track 26" of this ongoing series. Whilst the first mentioned tune brings forth a storming, dark and ever spiralling AcidTrance-attitude working its way through mental crescendoes and noisy, braincell-wrecking passages we see the follow up bring on 155 seconds of raw, brutal, distorted and clap-heavy BrokenTechno meets AcidPhonk from the deepest underground vaults. Excellent.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The London Sound Survey - Thames [Persistence Of Sound 003 Promo]

Put on the circuit on May 20th, 2k19 via Persistence Of Sound as the labels 003 is the latest album by Ian Rawes' The London Sound Survey-project - a collection of Field Recordings that has begun back in 2008 and, at this point in time, holds an archive of over 2000 sound recordings from the London area, both contemporary and historical. With this album Rawes focuses on recordings made between 2010 and 2018 alongside the river Thames, highlighting captivating mechanical / industrial noises generated by the Tower Bridge as well as an unexpected abundance of wildlife, desolate, seemingly post-apocalyptic sonic scenarios, droning impressions from tidal wastelands and clanging metal ropes amongst other urban and suburban soundscapes. Interesting stuff for avid collectors of Field Recordings.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Alexandra Spence - Bodyscan (Official Video)

Beautiful tender Ambient textures taken from Alexandra Spence's most recent album "Waking, She Heard The Fluttering" which we've already reviewed on these pages earlier this year.

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess - One Place For The First Time [Jahmoni Music Promo]

Just released via Munich's Jahmoni Music imprint on May 17th, 2k19 is "One Place For The First Time", the new ten track album outing by Dutch DJ / producer DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess. Internationally known for her unique approach to the art of DJ'ing and production the tracks on the longplayer tie in exactly at a place her previous releases on the label left off - raw, tool'ish and often with a feel of mechanical repetition, bringing forth a distinct, dry FutureTribal attitude informed by both various bass music and Techno mixed up with multiple layers of vocal cut-ups and samples, most evident, functional and captivating in the hypnotic, roughly seven minutes spanning tune named "Respect My Snack Food" whereas the follow-up "Technicians And Their Smoke Machines" picks up on this vibe, yet transforming things into a chunky, clumsy take of minimalistic, dubbed out Industrial Electronics whilst tunes like "Dub (Dub)" dig deep into droning, dark'ish Illbient / SpunkJazz territories or explore a grinding, bassheavy take on UnAmbient Techno like "The Mother Of All Messes" does. Unique.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Xotox - Paleodisco *Club-Mix

Hard stomping MinimalHouse with an undeniable EBM-twist - taken from the forthcoming Xotox-single due for release in early June, 2k19.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Palais Ideal - Pressure Points [Cold Transmission Music 022]

It's roughly been about a year since Richard Van Kruysdijk and John Edwards presented the first album outing of their conjunctional band project Palais Ideal and now they're back with second shot, scheduled for release on May 25th, 2k19 via the German label Cold Transmission Music. Produced and mixed by studio legend John Fryer, known for his work for and with the likes of Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins and many more, the bands new outing "Pressure Points" caters a menu of twelve new songs including the dark'ish opener "Interference (Intro)" which leads straight into a world of warped, atmospheric (Neo)Cosmic sounds before "The Programme" fuses a stoical, yet driving drum machine rhythm section with fuzzed contemporary Indie / PostPunk guitars and vocals evoking memories of bands like Sisters Of Mercy in us whereas "Love As A Virus" speeds things up even more, bringing forth a twangy, upbeat UK SynthPop twist for the dancefloor before "Context Collapse" shifts gears once again whilst providing a floating, partly even krautsy vibe as if La Düsseldorf had turned their heads towards Indie after all these years. With "Louder Than Words" Palais Ideal are harking back to classic PostPunk-informed Alt.Pop territories, "Die Stadt" is an instrumental, (Neo)Cosmic-infused soundtrack for lucid, neon grey dreams, "Catharsis" leads to havoc on the dancefloor due to its catchy attitude and sing-a-long chorus before the "D-List" brings on quite a funky crossover between proper wall-of-sound Rock / Metal and well-positive SynthPop-vibes for primetime sets in underground Indie joints and basement parties. "Everything Will Be OK" picks up on a well-familiar main motif and drifts off into spaced out, instrumental, yet dancefloor-friendly (Neo)Cosmic realms once again, "A State Of Confusion" opens on a marching, military tip before giving way to more melodic elements, "Shot By Both Sides" is muscular IndieRock in its purest, most energetic form and the final cut "A Fractured Smile" looks inside your soul in an unsettling manner, touching on the dark secrets buried deep inside everyones minds. A highly recommended sophomore album that defo tops the bands firstling by far. Good stuff. Get.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ann - Orange

This beautiful warm and organic Electronica / Indietronica crossover piece with an early 2000s twist is the first preview for the forthcoming Ann album "Certain Colors" which will soon be released via Seasides On Postcards.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Robert Worby - Factitious Airs (Electronic Music) [Persistence Of Sound 002]

Scheduled for release via the relatively fresh label Persistence Of Sound is Robert Worby's first ever solo album throughout his 50+ years spanning career as an electronic music composer. Going by the title "Factitious Airs (Electronic Music)" the longplayer presents a selection of ten tracks harking back to the early days of electronic composition and musique concrete, a heritage well evident from the very first sonic events of the opener "Stumble Bum Junk Heap" which immediately brings to mind terms like Neue Musik and praised institutions like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop as well as other laboratory environments for pure sound research. This heritage and approach makes Robert Worby's music as advanced and unique as indescribable, employing both collage as well as modular and other techniques to create pieces as ghostly and otherwordly like "Cody's Receiver", retrofuturist bleep orgies like "To Come Speedy Upon Them", minimal warps as presented in "TekTone 1" or fascinating, computational sounds like those to be found in "Electronic Sound From Belarus" just to name a few cuts from this highly contemporary journey into the past of electronic music making. Fascinating.

Jasmine Guffond - Remix Algorithm

A claustrophobic, intense re-interpretation of the music of Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, soon to be released via Karlrecords.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 084]

Soon to come on the ever active Supersix Records-imprint is the new, untitled album by label head honcho Sascha Müller who's catering a menu of eleven previously unreleased tracks on this one. Opening with "Endlos" the Uelsen-based producer brings forth a quite unusual take on monotonous MinimalTechno tristesse, "Ergometer" takes us on a fast paced ride into territories dominated by hounded mid-range synths and clean, bleepy sci-fi sounds whereas "Ergon" provides more of a threatening, spatial and reverberating atmosphere paired with clean electronic bassdrum pulses and haunted vocals, all amalgamated into a unique piece of Pop Unambient before "Erosol" fuses deep Ambient vibes with a brutal, yet excellent Phonk attitude for highly advanced dancefloors. Next up is "Escape From Aboria (Original Mix)", a bouncy raw RaveTechno variation sporting a trancey twist and a cheeky little melody followed by the variation "Escape From Aboria (Tranced Out Mix)" which provides more of a gooey AcidTrance feel bassline whilst simultaneously sporting uplifting, ethereal main arrangements for an ultimate lift off whereas "Fahren" totally shifts gear with its well funky, lo-fi Downbeat / TripHop vibe which could've been well suitable for labels like Hotel Lotte or even Compost Records in their very early days. Furthermore "Fehlfarben" brings forth a stripped down, hounded and tool'ish variation on tribal'esque AcidTechno paying homage to late 90s' The Advent stylewise, "Fragen Über Fragen" comes to terms with abstract, clumsy and dubbed out MinimalHouse inna Cologne-style, the "Freak Show" is another highly functional and braincell wrecking MonoAcid / AcidTechno workout and the final cut "Free Four" caters a super dry MinimalTechno groove accompanied by soft pad modulations for all highly tool-focused DJs out there. Proper stuff.

Trond Kallevag Hansen - Flukt

Deep and twangy musical relaxation coming up from the Norwegian Hubro Music-camp.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Kedr Livanskiy - Your Need [2MR 043]

Put on the circuit via the 2MR-label on May 3rd, 2k19 is Kedr Livanskiy's most recent album "Your Need" in which the Moscow-based artist delivers her second longplay outing as well as a slight shift in musical focus influenced by her DJ-sets which reflect her personal take on 'ghetto music' from Dub to House to UK Garage and beyond. Laid down in a quite spontaneous ten day spanning writing session alongside St. Petersburg's Flaty we see Kedr Livanskiy present a selection of ten brand new tracks on her 32 minutes spanning sophomore album opening with the Synth- and Vaporwave-informed title track "Your Need" which is set to work on Electro-, House- and Techno-focused floors alike. Following up is "Sky Kisses" with a sweet, captivating and vocal-led ChicagoHouse- / DeepHouse-attitude, "Why Love" gets down with ethereal vocals as well as influences taken from SynthPop and (Neo)Cosmic whereas "Lugovoy *November Dub" dabbles in well thought out Dub crossover territories. With "Bounce 2" we see Kedr Livanskiy paying homage to raw, bouncy GhettoHouse inna Dance Mania-style, "Kiska" mixes up UK Funky with styles like Kuduro and a kind of mystique harking back to Fatima Al Qadiri's work as Ayshay before "Your Need *Deep Mix" brings in more uptempo, vocal-driven DeepHouse-beauty for DJ's who know. Furthermore "LED" is quite a surprise in terms of branching out into Russian high end R'n'B / Pop territories for daytime radio use, the "City Track" takes on a shuffled, uptempo Electro vs. Pop vibe stylewise and the final cut "Ivan Kupala *New Day" provides what maybe is the albums biggest dancefloor smasher with a massive, bass-heavy variation of 1992-esque UK Hardcore / Breakbeat with epic vocal breakdown sequences. Proper stuff. Check.

Album artwork on Instagram!

David Chalmin - Matiere Noire (Official Video)

A nine minutes journey from dark, droning Techno to crystalline Ambient structures. Great stuff.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Anders Vestergaard & Finn Loxbo - Saint Erme [Gikt Records 013]

Scheduled for release via Gikt Records on May 17th, 2k19 is the new album created by the 2014-formed Danish / Swedish duo Anders Vestergaard and Finn Loxbo. Commissioned by Copenhagen's Concertkirken venue and recorded in - hence the albums title - the French village of Saint Erme the two artists bring forth an interesting approach to minimalism in music manifesting in one single track of 46 minutes total runtime. Starting off with a skeletal, stripped down guitar motif providing quite a bit of space between single repetitions / variations we're drawn into a state of hypnosis and deep meditation as scarce percussive elements and subtle electronic modifications slowly fade and move in, out and around the compositions main, guitar-based theme, building a bridge between ultraminimalist Post-PostRock and organic, hand-played Ambient structures for those who know. Relaxing. And recommended.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Schnitt - Saum

Beautiful deep Jazz Noir-references in the first single taken of the forthcoming Schnitt album "Wand" which is due for release on July 7th, 2k19 via Alien Transistor.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

18.05.2019 baze.djunkiii @ Favorit Bar / Munich

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / El Caballo Semental]

file under: Electro / Intelligent Techno / TechHouse

Favorit Bar
Damenstiftstrasse 12
80331 Munich

Friday, May 10, 2019

17.05.2019 TAM TAM Sky Bar / Munich

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / El Caballo Semental]
Dusty [Jazz & Milk Recordings]

Manu Louis [Igloo / New Pangea]

doors: 21oo gmt+1

- secret off location -

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 05/2019

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Thomas William Hill - Grains Of Space [Village Green Recordings 041]

Scheduled for release on May 17th, 2k19 is Thomas William Hill's second album for the Village Green Recordings label entitled "Grains Of Space", a title harking back to the conceptual approach of the longplayer which sees the artist layering minimal loops recorded of the classic Renaissance / Baroque instrument viola da gamba with each new layer dictated and influenced by the silent parts within the previous layer and loop. Following this specific technique to build a foundation for his compositions we see Thomas William Hill providing a menu of nine tracks on this album, all bringing forth a more often light-hearted, yet sometimes also brooding and fever'ish but always naturalistic feel, fusing the ambient'ish background textures with a wide variety of additional elements like tribal drums, beauteous, crystal clear piano lines, large scale string arrangements and a distinct romanticism with score'esque organic qualities that makes this one a companon for either late autumn listening sessions in front of an open fire or alternatively a proper soundtrack for an epic sunset experienced on a balearic spa terrace for a reason. An album for Ambient / ChillOut heads, kitsch lovers and fans of (Neo)Classical arrangements alike.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Denis Frajerman - Wastelands / Lawrence Of Arabia [Klanggalerie]

Put on the circuit via the Klanggalerie-imprint in April, 2k19 is Denis Frajerman's new split two part album "Wastelands / Lawrence Of Arabia". Whereas the first four tracks, the "Wasteland" part, can be seen as Denis Frajerman's personal tribute to author T.S. Eliot with Susannah Rooke reading excerpts of his book "The Waste Land" atop a calm Jazz / Jazz Noir-infused backing of PostRock / Indietronica we see track five to fourteen, subsumed under "Lawrence Of Arabia", bring together a variety of the artists contributions to several compilation albums, all held together by a certain 'oriental' feel, at least according to the accompanying press sheet. With "Clock Bird" this selection opens with a hypnotically repetetive piano motif accompanied by matching low end vibrations and meandering guitars, the follow up "Las Delicias" opens on a formal, courtly dance vibe before bringing in fever'ish drums, vintage synth organs and a bit of oriental tonality, "Captain Nemo Death" goes for haunting, intense piano chords and thrilling, close to madness background bits of FreeJazz / (Neo)Classical, "Melancolia" brings forth raw, muffled drum machine vibes alongside Tribal drums, an overwhelming low end alongside more simple, yet highly captivating piano melodies and the German titled "Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse" combines a well brooding electronic intro sequence with a relaxed Balearic sunset chill attitude just to name a few tracks picked from this not so oriental longplayer. Check.

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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Spime.Im - Exaland [-Ous 019 Promo]

Set and scheduled for release via the -Ous label on May 24th, 2k19 is "Exaland", the latest seven track album outing by Turin-based media art collective Spime.Im. With all compositions on this longplayer named "Exaland" followed by non-subsequent Roman numerals we see the collective embarking on a journey into the lands of fascinating Glitch / IDM touched by neon pastel aesthetics of Vaporwave, floating ChillOut turning into distorted Industrial Noize / Illbient, bleepy Unambient, Max/MSP core, brooding (Neo)Cosmic / Synth as well as tripping, Phonk-informed Electronica for those in the know. Hypermodernism defined.

Monday, May 06, 2019

Zachary Paul - A Meditation On Discord [Touch]

Released only recently via the 1982-founded Touch label is Zachary Paul's latest album "A Meditation On Discord" which provides two live recorded compositions and an original score for a short film, stretched out over a combined playtime of approx. 54 minutes. Starting with the albums main piece, the 32 minutes "Premonition (3.30PM Lake Perris) I Rays II Clouds" we see Zachary Paul dive deep into the sonic realm of altered, reprocessed violin play sporting a droning, off-kilter yet still Ambient-related dissonant sharpness evolving into a minor crescendo of little buzzing, squealing spirits towards the end of the composition. The follow up "Slow Ascent (9:30PM Downtown)" brings forth a more melancholic approach towards an Ambient / (Neo)Classical fusion albeit still sticking to the slightly distorted, off-kilter tuning instead whereas the concluding original score "A Person With Feelings" turns out to be a contemplative arrangement of intertwined synths pads with a Cosmic perspective, paying homage to genre greats like Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream before giving way to a more experimental, unsettling and seemingly improvised second half of the composition. Defo a specialists release, this.

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Stazma The Junglechrist - Rave Anthem 55

Lo-fi IDM Rave madness to start your week right. Play on maximum volume!

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Basic Rhythm - On The Treshold [Planet Mu 413 Promo]

Scheduled for release on May 10th, 2k19 via Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu-label is the new album by Anthoney Hart a.k.a Basic Rhythm who has appeared on the imprint under his nom de guerre East Man not too long ago. Thriving from and influenced by various forms of British bass and dance music the album opener "St. Fabian Tower", a homage to the tower block hosting a former studio flat of the pirate station Rude FM on which Hart broadcasted back in the day, mixes up bleepy Electronica and dry, abstract Grime / Future Garage references whereas "Yeah, I Like It" goes deep into low end frequency wars related to the dark side of UK Hardcore, mixing these up with metallic Minimal Phonk and heartfelt Soul vocals before "Slice Neck" is on a lighter, ethereal yet also expertly sculpted, hard hitting Industrial beat vibe. With "I Want You" Basic Rhythm creates a feel of electronic tenderness based on glitched and bleeped out beats as well as warm synth pad layerings alongside more soulful female sample goodness, "A New Consciousness" brings forth a perfect early 90s IDM feel which suits the tracks title extremely well plus allows experienced electronic music listeners for a throwback into the early days of the Metalheadz-label samplewise before "The Edge Of Darkness" builds up a futuristic tension and dystopian atmosphere with slightly changing strings and growling, klaxon'esque bass eruptions whilst "Buss It" fuses a certain Phonk with a cheeky stop-and-go attitude and dystopian brutalism reminiscent of early Vex'd productions or the likes of for highly advanced dancefloors. Representing "The Kru" we're feeling abstract UK Garage / Future Garage / Sublow vibes going down, "Fi Di Gyal" rolls out on a similar, yet more melodic structure for all the Hardcore Garage headz and the final cut "The Light" rounds things off with a hint of dark Electro-infused Techno for primetime dancefloors.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

DJ Nate - Take Off Mode [Planet Mu 406 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the great Planet Mu-label on April 26th, 2k19 is the new DJ Nate album "Take Off Mode", the first longplay outing by the Chicago-based Footwork / Juke producer in nine years after his musical focus shifted and he took the route into HipHop and R'n'B production, only occasionally coming back to his musical roots with a track, oftentimes accompanied by underground Youtube videos. With a selection of seventeen tracks collected over the years this album serves an overview on DJ Nate's Juke / Footwork-related work of the past years, still seeing the genre pioneer sticking true to his game and unique, well recognizable style which is heavily relying on weird, quirkily pitch-shifted and multilayered sample arrangements, bringing forth sonic rapid fire atop of sparse, abstract and oftentimes heavily syncopated beat structures. This style is defo a throwback to times the genre emerged to gain worldwide attention, mostly through Planet Mu picking up and releasing genre-defining tracks on their "Bangs & Works" compilation series but might not necessarily be appealing to those who've been picked up on Juke / Footwork in recent years as the styles musical priorities seem to have shifted and moved away from the more melodic, sample-heavy approach DJ Nate is following here. Still, "Talk 2 Me", "Get Off Me (Betta Get Back)" and "Planet Mu" are reasonable anthems one shouldn't miss out on.

Friday, May 03, 2019

Iain Chambers - The Eccentric Press [Persistence Of Sound 001 Promo]

To be released via the new label Persistence Of Sound on May 10th, 2k19 is Iain Chambers forthcoming two track album outing "The Eccentric Press" which focuses exclusively on the layering and reprocessing of Field Recordings in a context of commissioned pieces - both created in the year 2016 for Westdeutscher Rundfunk / Germany ("The Eccentric Press / Die Exzenterpresse") and ABC Radio National / Australia ("Maudslay Engine"). Drawing inspiration and sound recordings from a past era of industrialization and huge, mostly non-automated machinery the listener is exposed to a cold, seemingly electroacoustic arrangement of scraping steel, working motors, mechanical settings, sirens, steam machines, squealing structures, ringing signal bells and beyond, bringing forth a haunted, abandoned feel and atmosphere, similar to the chills one might get when strolling through abandoned, decaying factory sites and manufacturing plants, sensing what might be and / or remain after humanity is long gone, falling victim to widespread disease, an apocalyptic nuclear weapons exchange or other fatal cataclysms although the occasional melodic interlude sequences provide a bit of hope at least. And, especially in "Maudslay Engine" a short tribute to lovers of Experimental Tango as well as more Ambient-leaning structures. Check.

Thursday, May 02, 2019

baze.djunkiii Charts 05/2019

01. Ariane Granda - Into U *Kaka Bootleg [Night Slugs]
What a rework. Hyperdub-related artist / DJ / producer Ikonika takes care of Ariana Grande's "Into You" acapella vocal and transfers the Pop-tune into a new context, bringing forth a stripped down yet sweet contemporary Future Soul / UK Urban vibe with loads of street credibility with enough raw bass power to turn every Grime and Dubstep event upside down as a surprise closing tune. Killer.

02. Istari Lasterfahrer - Live At The Boiler Room [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]
This limited to 20 hand-numbered, hand-cut 7" copies vinyl single was put out on the circuit as an unofficial, and therefore event mocking, release for Record Store Day 2019 and is not only an interesting marketing move but also an interesting production effort meant to be functional at both 33 and 45 rpm speed as well as Istari Lasterfahrer's best outing in years. Obviously not recorded "Live At The Boiler Room" both tracks on this highly limited release see the Hamburg-based producer going back to his very roots, presenting a raw, untamed and highly energetic take on rough DarkJungle / Breakcore which made the label so special in its infant years a.k.a. 20 years ago. Recommended.

03. Detroit In Effect featuring The Men You'll Never See - The Unseen [Clone West Coast Series]
This re-issue of the originally 1997-released "The Unseen" EP brings nothing but classic goodness for all lovers of all things Electro, ElectroFunk and GhettoBass out there. Especially the A2-cut "R U Married" is a must have with a seductive sex swing but this goes for the whole EP anyway. A blast from the past.

04. Painbringer - Dangerous Days [Rave Instinct 002]
Is this Hardcore? Is this Rave? Or a flashback / tribute to the 90s? All six tracks on Painbringers latest EP release on the relatively fresh Rave Instinct-imprint are meandering in between all these elements, fusing contemporary productions values with uptempo Hardcore vibes and an undeniably seductive melodic element which takes us back to the heyday of acts like Hardsequencer or RMB which used to send ravers into ecstatic heavens in large warehouse raves throughout the mid-90s. Get as a blind buy on limited orange vinyl or check "Everything Or Nothing", "Ghosttown" and "Inner War" for an upfront thrill.

05. Peshay - Angels & Demons [Infrared Records]
Peshay single-handedly revives classic Drum'n'Bass vibes with this massive EP and presents four excellent, bass-heavy rollers that could've ruled dancefloors around 2001 / 2002 with their large scale organic sinewave subs and complex, yet driving beats - a combination especially thrilling in the B1 track "Galaxy". If this hadn't be released via Infrared this could've found a home on the classic Metalheadz label as well and would've been calling for reloads in Blue Note sessions for more than one reason. One for the real heads out there.

06. Roberto & Jamie Anderson feat. Robert Owens - Warehouse EP [Fossil Archive 009]
"Warehouse EP" is probably the most fitting, most suitable title this 12" vinyl release could ever sport as it is a perfect contemporary blueprint emulation of original Chicago DeepHouse and Chicago Acid including all its wonky, spiralling, hypnotizing bassline works and longing, highly emotional vocals. Mix these ingredients up with a massive, marching bassdrum foundation and you'll end up with an amazing late night weapon which won't ever leave your flightcase again. High quality stuff, this.

07. Deep'a & Biri - Dominance *Remixes [Black Crow 011]
The Israel-based production team of Deep'a & Biri is back with a new 12" that sees four tracks of their most recent album "Dominance" reworked by Midnight Operator, Peter Van Hoesen, Z.I.P.P.O. and Deniro. Originally on a more floating, DubTechno-influenced vibe all tunes are taken in different directions here, spanning a musical range from dark, banging, tool'ish contemporary Techno via deep floating (Neo)Trance goodness to fast paced, dubbed out, yet Acid-infused realms with heaps of dancefloor potential for all vinyl-relying DJ's out there.

08. Jodey Kendrick - Electric Dance Music 1 [Clone Dub Recordings 039]
Quite an interesting album on the Dutch Clone Dub Recordings-label, bringing forth what the term IDM originally was coined for. (Neo)Cosmic-infused Armchair Techno, Electro, Ambient, Detroit influences and Electronica all fall together in a manner that could've also been released on the legendary Braindance-imprint named Rephlex if it were still around. Good stuff.

09. Techfunkers - Techfunkers The Album: Techfunk Is Where It's At Vol 1 Out Of 3 [Sex Mania]
News have it these days that a whole chunk of the entire Sex Mania catalogue will be repressed these days, meaning that we're about to see what might be the most beautiful and pleasing company artwork standard jackets finding their way back onto the shelves of recordstores worldwide. This aside, 12"es like this repressed, originally 1995 released EP bring back some killer Electro cuts with a Freestyle / LatinoHouse / Breakdance touch which still work nicely on todays dancefloors, even 24 years after they first touched down in clubs. Nothing wrong with this, so keep 'em coming.

10. Relapse - Your Mouth In My Hands / Multilingual Talk Channel [Minor Mora]
The Leipzig-based Minor Label continues its explorations in experimental Halftime Drum'n'Bass with this deep, excellent and limited to 150 copies 7" record pressed on pink'ish, translucent vinyl. Both tracks are defo made for the advanced Drum'n'Bass connaisseur digging both productions by the likes of Amit as well as releases from the wider Club Autonomica-circuit and will find their way into the selections of DJ's playing on the underground, intimate club circuit rather than in massive raves for a reason.