Sunday, December 25, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 20

Sascha Müller's "Bubbles E.P." is now out on Pharmacom Records. As the title suggests everythings floating around a bit - three tracks of deep organic Ambient / Electronica to be found here in the sense of the '94/95 era. A nice piece for lovers of the oldskool.

Jussi-Pekka's new 12" "The Snake Re-Poisoned" has been released on his own label Frozen North Recordings recently featuring two remixes of his tune "The Snake", originally released on Worldless Records. A-Side features a great acidic rework by F-Communications' Jori Hulkkonen able to set any clubs roof on fire immediately due to its high energy and massive breakdown, while JP himself comes up with a deep hypnotic tune featuring sparkling and slightly trancey elements which work well in the early morning ours when everyone's floating along that special groove we all know from years and years and years of clubbing experience... Do not miss this record.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 7

Massari's new single "Be Easy" is out on promo circuit now. Released on Capital prophet Records this ain't exactly HipHop but a hot fusion of DigiSoul and Reggaeton-/DigiDancehall-influences which is able to gain some commercial success if promoted properly. Vocals are nice 'n easy but as one can guess I'm preferring both instrumental versions included here. Especially the Belly Remix instrumental delivers some cool dry beats for the dancefloor.

Robin Thicke joins forces with Pharell on Star Trak / Interscope for the 12" release of "Wanna Love You Girl" which is a sunny piece of DigiSoul / Urban Music that will have some airplay as well as video rotation if they make up one. Produced by The Neptunes there's quality and tight beats and I think it's better to use the instrumental due to the fact that lyrics are cheese.

One to be really huge is the new Busta Rhymes single "Touch It" on Aftermath / Interscope that'll tear up any club. Swizz Beats on production duty delivers a minimal structure of the heaviest, lowest 808 bassdrum booming on a commercial production plus some sparse but militant beats and monotonous nerve-grinding raps... This is fucking serious business about to blast some bassbins. Heavy.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Grime r_port vol. 7

Macabre Unit's "Everyday Life / Cherry Pop" 12" on Slimzos Recordings - 008 - has been out for a while yet but is still massive. "Everyday Life" is based on kinda nervous and slightly hectic beats, stylewise not too far away from what's special about Dexplicit's beats, and relies on nothing more but a simple ringtone-like hook which sticks in the ear for ages before replaced by another tune. "Cherry Pop" is playing around with the cowbell and slightly oriental feel and is a gift to the advanced Dubstep massive which matches perfectly with DJ Eastwood's "Elastik" on Black Majik.

Touchdown Records came up with their first release recently, a 5 track E.P. produced by D.Dark named "The Mission E.P.". Massive riddims are to be found here - especially title track "Mission Riddim" is great not only due to the Star Wars-like intro but also due to the use of a great violin-based hookline which makes me almost shed a tear. A true symbiosis of state of the art urban music and classic. BO! The other tracks found on this 12" are on a dark, melancholic trip as well and also use classical instruments here and there which makes the whole E.P. a very special one. Guess it's gonna be referred to as a classic in the future so it's recommended to hunt this one down from your local record shop quickly before it's sold out.

Cat.No. 002 of Hyperdub records brings us Pressure ft. Warrior Queen's "Money Honey", which is a excellent fusion of Ragga-flavored spitting, Detroit Techno-influenced melancholia and experimental Grime/Dubstep switching from deep, spaced out beats to maximum brockout overdrive within a tenth of a second and flipping back that suddenly as well. Sounds like year 2050 music warped back to now - is this the beginning of a new era? Remix on the flipside represents a crossover between Ritual Dubstep and heavy banging Sublow which well goes along older releases on Tempa or Bison Recordings. Nice one.

Rossi B & Luca just released a new whitelabel alongside N.A.S.T.Y. Crew - check out for RL 001 as matrix number. Two tracks featured as full on vocal version as well as instrumental riddim. "Run 4 Cover" samples this years uber-tune "Welcome To Jamrock" and is by far the best out of many remixes of "WTJ" I've been coming across throughout the last months. This is the one that's gonna tear up every dancefloor, no matter if there's a Grime- or Reggae/Dancehall-massive out there representin'. "In The Place" is the tune on the flip, coming up with a kind of thrilling danger zone athmosphere musicwise - rudebwoys watch ya back.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 19

German producer Tadox, well appreciated for his releases on Highball and other HardTechno-related imprints, is about to release his "Straight Forward E.P." on the french label Tech Away Records in the first week of 2006. As the title suggests there's nothing found but three straightforward, hard banging, floor-orientated tracks in here, a steaming kettle of firing machinegun-like drums. If you look for something to chill out to or floating melodies just leave this one alone, but if you want a dancefloor on fire this is exactly what you're up for. Especially B1 "Be Your Own Hero" is great due to its subtle sampling of what might be called the biggest ever hit of the mid-nineties rave generation. Anyone who missed "Trainspotting" in here?

Pripuzzi, the new sublabel of Berlin's Vinyl On Demand, recently released 001 named "Exil-System Remixed". I never came across Exil-System before, but, knowing a bit about Vinyl On Demand's release politics and philosophy, I guess it must be a project/band related to the ProtoWave-, Industrial- or even Ingenious Dilletantes-movement taking place in WestBerlin from the late 70's to the mid 80's. Five reworks are provided by the likes of Dr. Walker & Wulfmanson, Electric Indigo, Kotai, JussiPekka/Monoder and Weltklang, all likely to be filed under the AcidGrunge-, DarkAcid- and/or Minimal MonoAcid-flag [...ten years ago recordshops were likely to file this kind of 12" in a section named Intelligent Techno - where has this term gone btw ???]. Slow nerve grinding workouts for the headstrong sometimes mixed up with some mad, wave-influenced drug infested German lyrics - no happiness allowed in here, or at least not much. To be honest I'm not sure if this is gonna be played out or recognized by many DJ's out there although it should be. Problems to get this? Contact me at Hamburg's Otaku Records and I'm gonna help ya out.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Longplay love 10.0

Whoa. 2005 is not yet gone but there's already promos floating around of albums that are to be released in the first weeks of two-zero-zero-six.

Bigga Bush, who has been 50% of the infamous NeoDub-project Rockers Hi-Fi in the nineties, comes up with his CD "Sound Sensation" on Stereo Deluxe, which functions as Mix-CD as well as a showcase of Bigga's remix works and personal taste of music as it features a whole bunch of exclusive re-works, re-edits, additional dub FX that are only to be found on this album. Coming from a Dub & soundsystem background Bigga Bush is more a selecta than beatmatching DJ but still rulin' tings and rockin' da house. Starting the mix with a massive overdub version of Kode 9 & The Spaceape's "Sine Of The Dub" which is proper bassheavy Dubstep, swinging into eclectic afro-influenced Funk, later into thrilling DigiDancehall with DJ Rupture ft. Sister Nancy, some latin-influenced beats as well plus a fine blend of Urban Music that might be called somewhat in between BrokenBeats/Phusion/Freestyle and Reggaeton-like beat structures. And Reggae. Anyone willing to come up with a name for that? No? I don't mind at all 'coze the mix is fat. Get it.

The trio named Twinset hails from New Zealand and is about to release its fifth studio album on Fante Records under the name of "Lifestyle" on january 27th. What they provide is approx. 46 minutes of handmade Jazz and Bossa-stuff for music connaisseurs and headz that do love diggin' the crates for something special and different.

Another nice and chilled album is to be out on Audiopharm in early february which is the first internationally released compilation of the Warsaw- and Berlin-based bar/cafe Miedzi Name Cafe. Mixed / selected by DJ. Respecta there's 15 tracks of Headz/Downbeat to be found here produced by well-known acts like Thievery Corporation, Tosca, Herbaliser, Stina Nordenstam, Handsome Boy Modelling School and many more belonging to the elite of the mentioned genre. 76 minutes of advanced but still relaxing music are to be taken for granted - lounge beats meets Jazz meets freestyle. Excellent artwork, too.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Intrauterin Recordings 001 & 003 - Legal Downloads available now

Yes, it's true. Intrauterin Recordings enters the world of digital distribution, or better digital re-issues as I decided to make out of print / out of stock releases available on the digital market again. This doesn't necessarily mean I've fallen out of love with the good old vinyl disc as it's still my beloved and preferred format apart from dubplates/acetates but as all Intrauterin Recordings releases are limited to a small number of pressings and - although they've been distributed worldwide - haven't been available in each and every recordstore there might be headz out there that either have been looking after those long gone tunes for ages or simply never got the chance to listen to or purchase the original vinyl releases for any reason.

So if you're about to like some chilly intelligent Electro watch out for Motec Registered [Intrauterin Recordings 001] which has been originally released in 1999, if you're more looking for weird Techno, Rhythm Industrial and Noise-orientated music check Various Artists - Little Brutal Rave Bastards Series Vol. 1 [Intrauterin Recordings 003] which has been released back in 2000.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 18

Not box fresh anymore but a nice record anyway is 001 of the The Hague-based label Phonocult, which is named "Karusseli E.P." and produced by Kalle M - another upcoming producer from Finland which has put out a bunch of quality releases on various labels throughout the last months. Title track "Karusseli" is deep TechHouse minimalism for late night sessions, touched by 'troity melancholy as well as by a few trancey influences, which - once more - makes me think about the possibility of a Trance revival, not talking the appreggio-overdosed 96/97 stuff here but the deep hypnotizing structures of 92-94. Maybe it's too early for that now but I'm sure that this sound is coming back within the next 24 months. Back to Kalle - Harrison Fnord's Remix of "Karusseli" is more pumpin' but still very close to the Original version, while B-side tracks "Plapala" and "Sapling" provide a more clubby attitude using similar ingredients.

Productionwise Kalle M is also joining forces with DJ Shuffle and together they are responsible for the latest release on Worldless Records named "Kepardi" - a massive, slightly trancey TechHouse monster featuring a fuckin' huge bassline, big string arrangements plus cool'n'jazzy trumpet sounds providing a very special improv-flava to the whole tune. Pure primetime stuff for big rooms and mega raves - the good ones who'll feature people like Oliver Ho and Gary Martin as headliners. On the flip there's a remix by M.Diekmann to be found which adds bigger bassdrums, makes a few changes within the mixdown and due to this is a bit more anthemic but still close to the basic intention of the track. Cool stuff and a must have for jocks who love to play a more advanced selection than the norm.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

04.12.2005 baze.djunkiii Grime Session @

Once again it's time for me to enter the realm of realtime online broadcasting for a dark & bassheavy Grime & Dubstep transmission.

Catch me on upcoming sunday @ and tune in from 19oo cet onwards for a fine freestylin' blend of riddims from the past, present and future of the genre.