Thursday, June 30, 2016

New Rome - Nowhere [Room40 478 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Australia's Room40-imprint on May 20th, 2016 is "Nowhere", a new release from the vaults of the Polish composer Tomasz Bednarczyk who is making a debut here under his new production moniker New Rome which is schooled by classic Ambient structures as well as blurry, yet beautiful harmonies of a calming nature, accompanied by little surface noise and crackles, little overall movements and a slightly autumnal feel that - for some reason - evokes both memories of Dawid Szczesny's 2005 Supralinear-released debut "Unheard Treats" which is another fellow composer from Poland as well as Boards Of Canada's legendary "Music Has The Right To Children" album minus the beats - two references we refer to as nothing but amazing albums in their own right. With "Beginning" we even see ever moving synth bits getting more lively without ever leaving Ambient territorities, "Turpentine" introduces a little turbulence and slightly disharmonic, glitchy or at least off-kilter arrangements to more advanced listeners ears,"Venus" brings in more of a more ruminant and early morning ritual-referencing approach for lovers of original Ambient sounds and the 142 seconds of "Dive" even bring on a light Electronica-related pulse for harmonic pre-dawn movements. But these are only a few tracks picked from an album that we do refer to as must hear for all those loving calm, electronic music and Chill Out these days. Check!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

James Batty - Sanctuary (Overtones And Deviations) [Frozen Lights 041 Promo]

Put out on the circuit in early May via the Russian imprint Frozen Light is "Sanctuary (Overtones And Deviations)", the debut album by London-based pianist and composer James Batty who, kinda bored out by the limitations of the western 12 tone scales, decided to enhance his natural instrument to explore and develop new scales and tonal structures which are - as the title suggests - influenced by overtones found in natural harmonies. Released as a limited edition of 300 copies worldwide the young composer covers a musical range from repetetive (Neo)Classical figures like the ones found in the opening tune "Fantasia" to short Ambient / Drone resembling passages in "Frontier" and even score'esque melancholia for rainy winter days served by the pretty much inward looking, minimalistic post-romanticism of "Reflexion" which has a kinda theatrical quality to it musically. In "Giants" we experience solemn late night vibes which meet experiments in modular synthesis soundwise, creating an atmosphere well suitable for late 60s black and white science-fiction or futurism-themed movies due to its tense, slightly brooding vibrato, "Microcosm" could well accompany educational slow motion recordings of cell division or viral replication, emphasizing on the fascination of as well as inherent danger lying within the process whilst "Below The Edge" comes across as fragile miniature dealing with nothing but the crystalline beauty of piano sound. The off-kilter tones of "Tree Rings" and their modulation in speed raise one's attention in a kind of alarming way, triggering instincts and announcing possible dangers, "Hexes" serves a more tentative exploration in sound which is, as most of the tracks featured on "Sanctuary (Overtones And Deviations)", not too far off from the natural piano although the slight alterations become more obvious in the tunes dramatic sequences, and "Monarchy" amalgamates buzzing Drone intensity and playful, elfish flute and violin harmonies fluttering through a deep and thick forest before "Deviations" sees a comeback of more theatrical composition and narrative techniques to conclude the album after roughly 40 minutes. As a bonus track owners of the CD version will find the additional "Balustrade" which starts off on a slightly percussive, alien ritual vibe before trailing off into knob twisting experimentalisms, theremin-resemblances and uneasy Deep Listening Music with a, again, score'esque and maybe even Radiophonic Workshop-influenced twist. Interesting stuff!

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Pierce Warnecke - Remnants Remembered (Official Music Video)

Remnants Remembered from Pierce Warnecke on Vimeo.

Electrical buzzing, low frequency Drone and mysterious objects flickering in high definition - this is the art of New Minimalism defined Pierce Warnecke in this video, taken from his newest album "Memory Fragments".

Monday, June 27, 2016

Ozmotic - Liquid Times (Official Music Video)

Liquid Times from OZmotic on Vimeo.

Sound and soundwaves perfectly visualized in the most science-referencing way one could ever think of. Welcome to "Liquid Times" !

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 045]

To be unleashed via his very own imprint Supersix Records Extra on June 30th, 2k16 is Sascha Müller's 45th untitled album in an ongoing series of releases which brings us another dozen tracks from his studio vaults catering what we'd refer to as quality electronic, dancefloor focused music. Starting into this album with a quite familiar sounding, yet seemingly alternative version of his originally 2003-released killer cut "Atomic Mack" we're entering straight up Electro realms here and are as pleased as all breakers will be doing their robots and body pops as soon as this tune is on. Following up is "Ghost Chaser", a classic, timeless piece of quality fastlane Techno that's working crowds for now and ever, the ironically titled "Hühnerficken" weighs in dry stomping technoid minimalisms, heavy claps, alarming synth motifs and 'troity qualities, "Inverse Control" mixes razor sharp hi-hats and infectious synth works to an absolute prime time suitable, slighty ravey effect and "Juice" is keeping energy levels high with a more percussive approach and pretty juicy 303 workouts for all real Acid headz out there. Furthermore we see "Kinetik Robots" dancing to more muscular Techno variations, "Kondensator" switches musical themes and takes on a direction that would've been labelled genrewise as HardHouse around ca. 1994/5 whilst taking over dancefloors by storm due to a simple, yet uplifting main motif and a frolicking Acid feel, "Less Motion" is not that static as the name might suggest and comes across with a raw, unprocessed vibe and "Loose" finally starts with a super phonky Breakbeat loop soon joined by a reverberating foundation of massive bass drums as well as funny sweeps and random harmonies scattered all over the place for great late night results. The "Magnetic Killer" kills braincells and heaving rave audiences with a spiralling Acid Trance overdose, "Mangaro" is another Phonk driven bass monster bringing us a lot of raw drum machine sounds and strange bassdrums from the deepest underground accompanied by Wildpitch referencing modulations before the final cut "Mark 4" goes back to a more minimalist level and rocks crowds with a simple two-tone bleep signal and a few additional layers of sound. Lovely stuff!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Francisco Meirino - Surrender, Render, End

A first and well intense glimpse on Francisco Meirino's new album "Surrender, Render, End" which has been released by The Helen Scarsdale Agency on June 24th, 2k16 - modular synthesis, Noize and Musique Concrete certainly not for the masses!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Protein - The Secret Garden [Schamoni Musik / Alien Transistor Promo]

Just put on the circuit as a collaborational joint between Schamoni Musik and Alien Transistor is Protein's new 12" EP "The Secret Garden", a four track piece which actually happens to be the soundtrack for Nana Dix' short film of the same title. This short film is also included here on a bonus DVD - which unfortunately didn't work with our laptop's drive - and so is an additional art booklet featuring stills of the movie and adding a visual layer to this release put on the circuit as a limited edition print run of 100 hand-numbered copies only. Referencing both legendary Krautrock outfit Harmonia and Electronica Dub pioneer Vladislav Delay on the hype sticker listening to the four tracks entitled "Black", "Blue", "Green" and "Purple" makes it pretty obvious where these references are coming from. Somewhat meandering in between organic, Dub-infused Electronica and warm Indietronics all four tracks provide a floating, yet lively vibe matching both highly advanced late night dancefloors as well as sophisticated Ambient / Chill Out floors in combining a steadily pulse and widespread, levitating harmonies provided by guitars and their echo modifications as well as by an all embracing sub foundation and the occasional additional found sound whilst avoiding pure repetition and sterile, loop-based production. Instead, we're witnessing a constant evolutionary flow that might be influenced by genres like PostRock or Instrumental Desert Blues in a tune like "Blue" whilst "Green" brings in a ruminant campfire feel with its syncopated, slightly off-kilter off beats and backward played elements before "Purple" even incorporates MicroHouse-infused balearisms for more club-orientated folks out there. Sweet one!

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project - I Sky And The Little Eyes

Wonderful tectonic, experimental Ambient textures taken from the recent Fossil Aerosol Mining Project album to be released on June 25th, 2k16 via Afterdays Media.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Samuel - Killr (prod. by Kwes & Okzharp)

Future Soul on Big Dada Recordings? Well, that's a new one. But defo a well interesting take on urban soul music. Nice.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

NO MORE - The Man Outside (Official Music Video)

The Kiel-based NO MORE are back with a new video for a track taken from their 2k15-released album "Silence & Revolt". Check!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Dr. NoiseM - The CDr A-B-C: L [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

To be released on June 23rd, 2k16 via Dr. NoiseM Tapes is "L" , the newest sequel to Dr. NoiseM's twenty-six episode album series "The CDr A-B-C" and it might be the darkest, most threatening instalment so far. Starting out with a heavy, highly defined and hardly modulating bass drone immediately inducing the feel of tension, fear and lurking evil accompanied by the series' trademark respiratory sounds which are slowed down for a even more haunting, phantasmal effect  the development of the 63 minutes track remains pretty static throughout its first quarter and only slowly evolves after that with background layers of apocalyptic choirs and slightly distorted waves of strings corresponding with the Death / Dark Ambient genre appearing, fading and reappearing like deadly sirens' silhouettes shimmering through thickest fog banks, guiding captains, crews and their ships into everlasting perdition. Over the further course of the longplay piece, especially around minute 30 ff. , the sonic threat and tension level slowly intensifies like severe weather looming in a few miles distance, keeping one's senses and primitive instincts highly alert, providing and keeping one away from the horrors that might found in places where those unearthly creatures of twilight reside. Intense to the max.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Oiseaux-Tempete - Unworks & Rarities [Sub Rosa 424 Promo]

After we've already announced the forthcoming arrival of Oiseaux-Tempete's album "Unworks & Rarities" in early May it's now about time to review the full longplay piece which has been put on the circuit via Sub Rosa lately. Compiling six formerly unreleased bits created by Frederic D. Oberland and Stephane Pigneul, the men behind the Oiseaux-Tempete project, the opener "Eclipse & Sirocco" caters ruminant Ambient romanticisms evoking memories of Modern Contemporary or even (Neo)Classical music whilst one is channeling unspoiled, virgin glades and fairies, "Quai de l'Exil" caters a heavily Blues-ridden instrumental take on Desert Rock pleasing all broken and desparate souls with its immanent raw beauty and smokey atmosphere whilst "No Go(l)d No Master" fuses possibly field recorded protest chants, Spoken Words taken from some kind of documentary and a thrillingly calm interpretation of Post-PostRock with additional bits of what seems to be a theremin. Furthermore "Black As Midnight On A Moonless Night" takes us back into the isolation of desert where it's only us, our disturbed thoughts and a bottle of bourbon, "The Strangest Creature On Earth" is defo one fond of nightly, heart-felt melancholia and poetry and the final cut "Nec Mergitur" brings in an atmosphere as dark as the name might suggest whilst incorporating elements of both FreeJazz and Heavy Rock as well Prog-driven, highly distorted guitar solos before, without any warning, leaving us puzzled and surprised in dead silence. Defo a great and well-diverse piece for followers of electronic as well as more guitar-infused music. Check!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Stefan Fraunberger - Quellgeister #2 'Wurmloch' [Interstellar Records 039 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Austrian imprint Interstellar Records is Stefan Fraunberger's new album entitled "Quellgeister #2 'Wurmloch'", a name referring to the origin of his recordings in the Transylvanian village of Valea Viilor which essentially translates to 'wormhole' - 'Wurmloch' in German. Within two tracks, each exceeding the 18 minutes mark, Fraunberger resurrects the sounds of century-old organs he found in abandoned churches of the region in a well experimental manner, exploring their sonic range in a way including both melancholia-inducing Dark Ambient sequences as well as intense, near screeching and highly dramatic passages of score'esque qualities, talking either oldskool body horror or classic lo-fi, black and white science fiction flics this is. Throughout "Zustandshorizont", the second tune on this album, we're even taken into the world of highly dissonant madness bordering the realms of pure Noize in some sections of the composition which, due to this, evokes a sense of danger and imminent manifestations of dark spirits or lurking entities populating an intersecting parallel universe, hunting for prey. Defo an interesting and very special take, not only on composition but also on the preservation of the sound of time-worn instruments that are bound to full on disintegration taking place in future times.   

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Lars From Mars - Persect [Clang 043 Promo]

Scheduled for release via Clang as the label's 043 on June 17th, 2k16 is "Persect", the latest four track EP outing created by Lars Graugaard under his casual production alias Lars From Mars, aiming to fuse Minimal Techno and mathematical functions - sic !!! - over the course of 33 minutes playtime. And although this combination of numbers science and dancefloor functional structures might sound a little odd at first things seem to be falling in place for some reason, even though tracks like the opening tune "Felipe" are constantly shifting and changing from bar to bar, proving that constant repetition and slow variation is not a necessity for club functional music - at least not when we're talking hyped late night crowds and an implied supply of special k. Interestingly, the opener also caused a weird feeling of motion sickness and light nausea when consumed on headphones, similar to some specific LFO filters. With "Conflated" we're getting closer to a straight Minimal Techno feel which, due to its level of abstraction and constant mutation, could also be pigeonholed as TechnoJazz and will surely be well appreciated by fans and followers of producers like Matthew  Herbert as well. "Next Junction" focuses on ever shifting low frequencies and a seemingly improvised synth melody jam accompanied by chirping, high frequency laser beams and the final cut "Quick Turn" comes across as a lovely and masterly crafted mutation of a dry'n'raw Minimal Techno vs. piano jam that's also well-relatable to lovers of deep and pumping House music.Techno not Techno, much?

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tiara Goonie - OfF ThEm PaKs

Original Chicago Footwork from a psychedelic dream world. Wicked!

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha - Tunnel Vision [Silo Rumor Promo]

After making some waves with the intense teaser video for his new album "Tunnel Vision" the new longplay album by Portoguese artist and producer Jonathan Uliel Saldanha has been finally put out on the circuit via Solo Rumor in late May 2k16. Originally deriving from the, now re-edited, score of the experimental science fiction movie of the same name "Tunnel Vision" creates a tense, heavily condensed atmosphere of darkness over the course of 40 minutes, using and abusing resonant underground spaces like tunnels and caverns, a steady stream of surface noise, experimental brass eruptions, drones and, of course, samples and recordings directly taken and extracted from the movies dialogue sequences itself. The amalgamation of these elements results in a feel of lurking evil and imminent danger, massive tension and fear-inducing, horror'esque echoes of unknown and alienating origin and an overall atmosphere similar to the Illbient-classic which is the intro tune of Patric Catani & Paul PM's "Discovering Steve Hive EP" released via the legendary NYC-based imprint Black Hoodz back in the year 2000. But that's just a little side note on what is defo one of the best Illbient-referencing releases of 2016 so far, a heavy take on eternal blackness and the existence of dark, disembodied entities unspoken of by the majority of folks on a daily basis. Defo a worthwhile addition to the archives of both soundtrack / score collectors as well as twisted Illbient or Dark Ambient headz alike. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Asher Levitas - Lit Harness [Planet µ 379 Promo]

Released today via the longterm active Planet µ-imprint is "Lit Harness", the first ever solo album by Asher Levitas which might be better known to some as part of the London-based project Old Apparatus. After the album teaser video has been around for some time the full longplay piece offers a bunch of eight tracks which, over the course of the full run time of approx. 33 minutes, unfold in a quite tense and nightmare'ish manner whilst exploring a musical field somewhat in between Industrial Electronica and Uneasy Listening. Providing a general feel of anxiety due to heavy, yet detailed Noize eruptions, bits of highly distorted female vocals and layers of Death Ambient drones "Lit Harness" is not an album for the faint hearted looking for something to put them at ease. Rather it reflects the state and condition of sleep paralysis Asher Levitas has been suffering from throughout the majority of his life, inducing and triggering subconscious fears buried deep within the human brain. Only tunes like "Waiting By An Open Door" or "Strongest Bonds" provide a little bit of hope with their off-kilter take on classical Ambient structures whilst bits like the closing tune "Anticipating Violence" trigger our overwhelmed braincells with heavy synth filter sweeps and an overall alarming atmosphere. Intense stuff.

Marc Fleury - Pe Warp [OD Ex Trip 003]

Released in late February via the Berlin-based OD Ex-imprint, a subdivision of Odrex Music, is the debut album of Atlanta, Georgia based artist Marc Fleury which provides quite a fascinating ride into the realms of Drone and Dark Ambient with this one. Entitled "Pe Warp" and being based on excursions and experiments in modular synthesis the longplay piece provides a run through eight original pieces, plus a 21+ minutes mix of all tunes created by label co-founder Moolsaasa, seemingly based on the same foundation of basic parameters at first - an assumption derived from a similar set of crackling patterns appearing on tunes over and over again - but soon developing and branching out into different directions including soft and calm droning, more angelic and ruminant bits as well as thunderous and threatening variations accompanied by scientific pulses and beautiful, slightly oscillating harmonies which sometimes, due to the mostly short nature of the tracks, end a little too soon and surprisingly at a point where the listener is just starting to immerge in the harmonic structure instead of developing the ideas and modulations over a larger timescale. This said, we could especially imagine a, yet non-existing, 12+ minutes version of "Pe Warp 10 + 11" being used as a soundtrack for an epic, but tense and danger-implying outer space scene in a classic black and white sci-fi flic as it perfectly depicts the absence of light in zero gravity. But despite the fact that we would've voted for longer versions of each track this defo is a recommended listen for all those loving their music dark, experimental and minimalistic. Therefore check!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 06/2016

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Various Artists - Disco 2.0: Fever's Risin' Again [Wewantsounds Promo]

Scheduled for release on June 10th, 2k16 via the Wewantsounds-imprint is "Disco 2.0: The Fever's Risin' Again", a new eleven track compilation featuring ten contemporary so-called Disco / NuDisco tunes as well as a 1976-released West End Records instrumental cut by Sounds Of The Inner City. And although one might wonder what exactly sparked the imprints interest in this specific genre only now as re-issues, compilations, edits and Disco-influenced productions have been on the rise for a minimum of five years or so, one cannot deny that "Disco 2.0" features quite a few interesting tunes for lovers of Disco old and contemporary alike. L'Imperatrice's "La Lune" pays homage to what also could be described as (Neo)Cosmic soundwise whilst the Bon Voyage Organisation explores retrofuturistic Space Disco on "Shenzhen V" and Juan MacLean delivers a tense re-edit of  Monika's "Secret In The Dark" that's about to please dancefloors of all kind due to its hypnotic, yet funky nature. Further highlights to be picked are No Zu's well-psychedelic "Ui Yia Uia" which meanders somewhat between late DC Recordings-releases and P-Funk stylewise, "Acid Disco" by LeonxLeon which - as one might guess - amalgamates classic Disco aesthetics and decent, yet functional 303 modulations or the super functional FunkDisco-vibe of Bufiman's "Running (The Chase)" which all together provide a nice sweet retrodelic overview of today's (Nu)Disco scene.

Stein Urheim - Strandebarm [Hubro Music Promo]

Scheduled for international release on July 1st, 2k16 via Hubro Music is Stein Urheim's third ever solo album named "Strandebarm" - named after a small rural village the Norwegian string specialist used to spend certain amounts of time in throughout recent years. Taking advantage of his extensive knowledge of the string instrument section he is going on a full on frenzy using well-known bits like guitar, banjo and mandolin as well es more obscure, rarely heard and uncommon bits like langeleik, turkish tanbur, fretless bouzuki as well as other - string and non-string - instruments alongside loops and percussion to create a rural, panoramic soundscape whilst producer Jørgen Træen provides additional layers of effects and modular synthesis on numerous pieces. Together, the pairing creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere which is truly resembling the overall feel of the title providing village Stein Urheim describes in the albums liner notes, partly in a more scenic, Ambient-related way, partly more influenced by classic Folk and kinda folksy guitar dabbling of mostly instrumental nature with the exception of the mysterious and medieval "Water - Part 2" and the more accessible "Oh So Nice" which isn't leaning towards mainstream shores at all but, due to its Pop related structure, might become the most popular or at least mostly recognized song of the album. With "Fjellbekken" loops seem to be slightly out of tune for a specific, yet very hypnotizing reason before the tune's getting lost in more droning spheres, "Dragene Over Tempelhof" even provides a Drone Ambient vibe paired with mechanical, clanging noises to a tense, slightly Industrial effect and the final "Berlin Blues" concludes the longplay outing in a truly oldskool'ish manner that might provide an ideal additional soundtrack for old and crackly silent movies of a certain era. Defo one album bit that follows the outlines of the Hubro Music outfit for sure despite being one of their less experimental bits so far.  

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Monday, June 06, 2016

Dam-Funk - DJ-Kicks [!K7 Promo]

If there's any compilation series out there in the world that is to be called a staple by definition it has to be !K7's DJ-Kicks without any doubt. Running for a solid two decades now one might not get a thrill out of each and every instalment or sequel but still might keep an eye out for every new one as one might learn some interesting bits and bops about artists one doesn't necessarily follow on a regular as their productions might not match one's personal taste for a reason. For us, this is what's happening with the latest, late-May released edition of DJ-Kicks which has been picked, curated and mixed by Dam-Funk. Called and defined by many as master of so-called Modern Funk his productions never really touched our sweet spot but still we cannot deny that it all makes sense now after listening to his nineteen tracks mix that incorporates quite a sweet selection of tunes meandering in between Funk, Boogie, Disco, Philly Soul and Electro, providing not only a nicely blended mix and classy flashback to the past but also quite a few killer tunes like Vertical Lines' "Theme From Beach Boy", Take Three's "Tonite's The Night (All Right)" or Uncle Jams Army's "Dial-A-Freak" which we can perfectly imagine to incorporate in our own DJ-sets of the future at some point. And this kind of educational aspect is defo a thing that's to like and appreciate about this compilation series for a reason. Therefore, check!

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Yannis Kyriakides / Silbersee & Slagwerk Den Haag - Lunch Music [Unsounds Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Amsterdam-based experimental imprint Unsounds is "Lunch Music", a collaborational album effort by label co-founder Yannis Kyriakides, the Dutch percussionists Slagwerk Den Haag and contemporary vocal specialists Silbersee. Influenced by the polyphony of voices present in William S. Burrough's "Naked Lunch" - hence the title - the artists provide quite a demanding stream of well-abstract cut-up vocalisms and multivoice layers, incorporating both singing in a classical choir manner repeating an array of most used words extracted from each chapter of the inspiring novel, snippets taken off original Boroughs's interviews, altered parts of 50s Pop songs, Field Recordings as well as a foundation of seemingly unformatted and chaotic, yet meta-structural percussions and looped surface noises which, all combined, aren't necessarily the ultima ratio or salvation of experimental music we've all been waiting for but surely cater a unique conceptual approach and therefore an interesting listening experience for quite a leftfield audience well familiar with male vocal harmonies and the meaning of the term Plunderphonics. If that's you - check this out.

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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Marsen Jules - Shadows In Time [Oktaf Promo]

Recently released via his very own Oktaf imprint is Marsen Jules' new conceptual album piece entitled "Shadows In Time", a piece of so-called generative music that has been in released as static CD pressing - which is actually the version we're dealing with today -, in numerous variations on limited vinyl pressings and in 300 unique USB stick formats which include different, self-generated alterations of the original composition. Which is, when coming down to the static CD format, an ongoing stream of Ambient and Deep Listening textures spanning over a total runtime of approx. 49 minutes, ever, yet slowly evolving and floating, creating an all embracing musical comfort zone that quickly dissolves any perception of time and submerges the listener in a sonic womb of pure spiritual zen in which one is becoming one with the flow and repeatedly hitting the repeat button over and over again to indulge further in a state of pure being. Ambient as Ambient can get. Nice.

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Friday, June 03, 2016

Beehoover - Primitive Powers [Unundeux]

Sitting in our P.O. box only recently was "Primitive Powers", the February released album of the Esslingen am Neckar-based band outfit Beehoover which was officially put in the circuit via the German label Unundeux. And after the band's 2007-released album "The Sun Behind The Dustbin" has been reviewed on these pages in late 2006 we're glad to see that the guys are still around a decade later and that their musical output is still as captivating and thrilling from the very first minute of their new longplay effort - which belongs to their song "Pissant Wings" - as it used to be. This said Beehoover  are still meandering somewhat in between Skatemetal - yes, we've referenced Mucky Pub in the past and this still might not be untrue for the actual album - with a dark'ish, glooming twist, raw powerful riffing, seductive vocals and a good portion of Stoner- and Desert Rock influences which especially come into play in the heavily life-weary ballad named "Millwheels Of Being" and in the tense, more ritualistic and doomy Rock cut "Light My Pyre" whilst the post-apocalyptic, droning and feedback-heavy industrial-campfire tale "Tickling The Dragon's Tail" tells a story of uncompromising internal darkness. But these are only a few outstanding tracks picked from a highly recommended album that should be on heavy rotation on everyone's headphones throughout 2k16.

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Thursday, June 02, 2016

baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2016

01. Various Artists - Artists In Action #1 [Artists In Action 001]
Bass heavy Techno, melodic TechHouse including balearic guitars as well as scampering, super fast paced Techno and epic Rave  - this is what we get from the likes of Crystal Distortion, Seve & Sleeping Water, Suburbass and Mat Weasel on this four track featuring 12" single, but to be honest it's Mat Weasel's massive anthem "Don't Leave 180 G" that makes this vinyl an ultimate must have. Incorporating bits of Hardcore and / or spiralling Tribe Tekno, cheesy Rave melodies and epic R'n'B vocal samples pitched to the max is why this tune is defo sticking out in a way that cannot be defeated by any means. Killer!

02. DJ Haus - Space Jamz Vol.2  [Unknown To The Unknown 047]
DJ Haus is a genious. A master of emulating the beloved past in present times, a wizzard of evoking the same kind of raw, untamed and overwhelming emotions with his recent productions that the vast majority of us felt when being first confronted with tracks like LFO's "LFO", Tricky Disco's "House Fly" or even Moby's "Go". Take elements of Rave, Bleeps'n'Clonks, Tekno and even early Trance as well as a bit of UK Funky, put them in the mix and squeeze the very essence of these genres out of decade old machines in a hidden studio basement - it's likely you'll get a record like this. Pure ecstasy!

03. Kein Zweiter - Teilstück Für Totalen Schwung [90% Wasser Archive Release 001 Promo]
See review for details...

04. Various Artists - An Anthology Of Turkish Experimental Music 1961 - 2014 [Sub Rosa 390 Promo]
See review for details... 

05. Various Artists - This Is Kologo Power: A Bolgatanga Ghana Compilation [Makkum Records Promo]
See review for details... 

06. The Jazzfakers - Hallucinations [Alrealon Musique 064 Promo]
See review for details... 

07. Peter Farrar - Avocado [Splitrec 026 Promo]

See review for details... 

08. Erlend Apneseth Trio - Det Andre Rommet [Hubro Music Promo]
See review for details... 

09. Mozarfucker - Saturaction EP [Controverse Rec 000]
Going back to the year 2005 with this release which kinda re-appeared on the circuit when the French label Controverse Records was revived digitally after a ten years period of silence following their first two vinyl releases. Musically meandering somewhat between Unformatted Breakcore sporting Industrial influences, complex DarkJungle and other hard, yet free floating structures this one is a blast from the past that's well able to cold floor crowds within seconds.

10. Ran Slavin - Bittersweet Melodies [Cronica Electronica 109 Promo]
See review for details...

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Vic Santoro - All The Way Up Freestyle

That's exactly the kind of Street HipHop we're into - freestyle skillz to the max and a dope ass oldskool beat. Props!