Tuesday, April 30, 2024

02.05.2024 baze.djunkiii presents Technovision Volume 21 @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France

Time for Techno. Trueskool Techno. Radio Flouka-resident baze.djunkiii takes on this mindset for this months show and takes all dedicated fans and followers of the genre on a 60 minutes all vinyl deep dive including driving, motor city-infused cuts, raw, screaming and almost forgotten underground tunes, dark and stripped down minimalism, percussive DJ-tools as well as hypnotic Acid modulations creeping into your brain - all carefully picked, selected and curated from almost thirty years of Techno history.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Carsharing Tapes]

file under: Techno / Minimal Techno

transmission time: 22oo - 23oo GMT+1

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Monday, April 29, 2024

Stefan Goldman - Alluvium [Macro 077]

Released as cat.no. 077 of his very own Macro imprint is "Alluvium", the latest almost 71 minutes spanning album outing by long standing experimental x conceptual composer x producer Stefan Goldmann. Exploring the concept of multiples of interlocking, non-binary rhythm and sound patterns occupying the same temporal space to create new forms of polyrhythmicity the opening tune "Axios" leads the way into this field providing a vast spatial amalgamation of Electronica and subdued Future Tribal sporting almost cosmic gravitas with the subsequent "Helicon" touching base with PostDubstep and Broken Techno for those who perceive productions by Deadbeat in a similar way whereas "Yantra" brings forward futuristic, sci-fi leaning tension and urgency despite its rather skeletal and stripped down nature. With these tunes providing a rough framework for things to come we see cuts like "Drilon" shifting gears into galopping peaktime heat mode for hyper advanced Broken Techno x Industrial informed dancefloors whereas "Arda" even indulges in shimmering Cold Ambient x Deep Listening Music whilst "Ropotamo" basically brings forth filtered, metallic and futuristic rhythm signatures and the concluding cut "Scamander" serves minimalist and bleepy sci-fi Ambient structures derived and conceived in the depths of interplanetary space just to name a few. Probably one of the most exciting albums released by Mr. Goldmann in recent years. Go check.

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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Nicolas Hurt - Serenade, I Miss You [Oak Recordings]

Released via Oak Recordings on March 15th, 2k24 is "Serenade, I Miss You", the latest mini album conceived by Texas music staple Nicolas Hurt who presents an a little more than 24 minutes spanning take on solo guitar with this one. Presenting four pieces written and commissioned by Zeke Jarmon, Justice Philips, Claire Pucket and himself Nicolas Hurt dives deep into a sonic realm of oftentimes dreamy, rural, tender and inward looking modern composition and performance with especially the title cut "Serenade, I Miss You" bringing forth certain scenic x cinematic qualities alongside a romantic touch whereas the three part piece "The Springs" presents tender, shimmering guitar tone cascades and raw, unprocessed live percussions and other goodness before "Lantern" provides the a suitable, yet minimalist soundtrack for slowly strolling across springtime meadows for a closing. An album for lovers, maybe?

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Tiefenrausch - LSD Land EP [Fischfresse 005 Promo]

Released via the quite offensively named imprint Fischfresse on December 21st, 2k23 is the "LSD Land EP", a more recent digital two track single cooked up by the Tiefenrausch project. Opening with the title track "LSD Land" Tiefenrausch caters a slightly trippy and most likely PsyTrance-infused variation of AcidTechno for cybergoth ravers clad in bright neon colours whereas the subsequent cut "Las Mejores Disturbio" brings forth a quite distorted, multi-layered take on polyrhythmic underground Techno for the lo-fi crew.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Musebots & Arne Eigenfeldt - A Walk To Meryton [Redshift Records]

AI-based and generative music are a bit of a hot topic these days. Not for Arne Eigenfeldt though, who started working on early - and probably rather primitive - generative music systems in the 80s and has employed his own complex multi-agent operation systems dubbed Musebots as a means of autonomous and generative creation, composition and collaboration for more than a decade now. Now, at the dawn of accessible AI technology and the surrounding discussion of what the advent of AI might mean for creatives and musicians, Eigenfeldt once again works with his Musebots in their latest album "A Walk To Meryton", a ten pieces and 70 minutes spanning body of work released via the Canadian label Redshift Records on March 1st, 2k24 in which a small ensemble uses Musebot generated pieces as a backbone for their work, adding a genuine human performance layer on top of computer x machine conceived pieces. The result of this somewhat collaborative effort are quite intriguing with the opening piece "Room For A Moment" evoking memories of both various aspects of Fatima Al Qadiri's conceptual, yet oftentimes neon bright and scintillating work in electronic x bass music as well as dreamy, in parts krautsy Ambient x ChillOut structures whereas the subsequent "For As You Are", as well as other pieces sprinkled with a SpokenWord narrative, gravitates towards deep and longing Jazz spread out over lush Electronica x Future Tribal structures, "A Tolerably Detached Tone" could, albeit in a way calmer and not dancefloor-focused manner, well resonate with fans of Deena Abdelwaheed's non-linear approach to polyrhythmic bass music and spine-tingling ChillOut whereas "Readiness Of Four" pairs distinct nocturnal Future Jazz melancholia with the urgency and tension of a narrating voice in a dark, futuristic feature film set in a dystopian society and "Of Threadbare Morality To Listen" even touches base with a fusion of late night big city Jazz and echoes of chiming, comforting (Eso)Ambient x Easy Listening just to name a few. Quite a warm, soothing and relaxing album for sth. involving so-called machine intelligence. Go check.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

David Newlyn - Encouraged To Lose [Sound In Silence 110]

Another fresh album released via the Greek Ambient x Post-PostRock imprint that is Sound In Silence as their cat.no. 110 on February 9th, 2k24 is "Encouraged To Lose", the latest full length album effort conceived by Durham, UK-based Ambient producer David Newlyn. Presenting a total of five brand new tracks rolled out over 33 minutes Mr. Newlyn presents a menu of deeply melancholia inducing sonic tapestry with quite a bit of a vintage edge, literally sending tender and romantic piano melodies onto slightly wobbly and decaying tape throughout the recording process to arrive at a slightly grainy and granular aesthetic edge, progresses into slowly moving and solemn harmonic structures paired with occasional surface noise in "Under The Lifeboat Pier" before introducing carefully plucked guitar strings in "A Secluded Scene" whereas "A Strange Kind Of Confusion" indulges in longing, somewhat maritime and slightly off-kilter harmonies and "17th out of 19" pairs most beautiful pad romanticisms with minimalist electric buzzes and atmospheric crackles for a most tender closing. Defo an album to share and listen to alongside a loved one or at least a close and likeminded soul. Lovely.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Max Arsava - Nowhere Dense [Aut Records]

Released via the ever expanding Aut Records label on November 29th, 2k23 is "Nowhere Dense", the latest album outing conceived by the Max Arsava-led quintet which, beyond its leader, consists of Max Hirth, Ignaz Schick, Alex Bayer and Flo Fischer. Employing a set of instruments including turntables, voltage controlled sampler and further electronics alongside a more standard acoustic instrumentation the group is, roughly speaking, influenced by a mathematical and topological concept of infinite porosity described as a "Nowhere Dense" over the course of the 50 minutes and a total of eight tracks spanning album, embarking on a highly advanced musical journey with the playful and curious Glitch x Electronica opener named "Digital Monads" followed by the sparkling, shimmering pianos melodies of "Utility Dust" which are accompanied by distinct crackles and tectonic low end shifts as well a late light leaning Avantgarde Jazz attitude. Furthermore the subsequent "Interior Motives" combines lively FreeJazz improvisations with additional, yet subtle scratching, the 10+ minutes spanning "Mager / Choral" brings forth dramatic, yet stripped down piano chords and tense, unsettling scraping of unknown origin alongside ghostly mechanical movements surely able to induce nightmares and intense paranoia in weak-heartened souls before drifting off into more peaceful and calming Jazz teritories whereas "Adherent Terrain" serves a gazillion expertly executed sonic details per second and yet manages to remain highly structured and tempered despite supposedly being an improvisational piece. With the follow up that is "Gif Ooze" the ensemble explores a field of swampy, bleepy and somewhat retrofuturist electronic sound generation, the "Inchoate Decline" presents a somewhat funky, swinging and surely seductive underlying groove for all real Jazz aficionadios whilst the final "Bit Debris" serves quite a bit of decaying sonic information in the form of digital crackles and electronic processing for a closing. Interesting stuff, this.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Bertrand Gauguet - Encerclements [In Girum Records 001]

Put out on the circuit as the very first release and cat.no. 001 of the fresh In Girum Records label on February 12th, 2k24 is "Encerclements", the latest album outing by Paris-based composer, producer and saxophone player Bertrand Gauguet. Over the course of eight tracks - "Cercle 1-7" followed by "En Route!" - and a total playtime of roughly 47 minutes Bertrand Gauguet explores a realm of experimental electronic - and probably electro-acoustic - music reminiscent of free flowing and dripping water as well as a gazillion of tiny metallic insects trapped in subterranean hollows in the albums opener which also serves a few relatively calm, solemn and somewhat even scientific sequences whereas subsequent tracks are bringing forth intense electrical buzzes, highly digital noises and unsettling tectonic shifts making way for cascading Space Ambient and cold, spaced out layers of exoterrestrial atmospheric phenomena and interplanetary ghost communications which in parts evoke memories of Andrew Lagowski's work as S.E.T.I., in parts drift into Minimal Ambient x Deep Listening Music territories as well as scraping pulses of Clicks'n'Cuts transmissions before the final cut "En Route!" even throws modified and heavily processed Field Recordings into the mix just to present a rough layout of the highly diverse, yet well coherent soundscapes conceived by Mr. Gauguet on this longplay piece. Go check!

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Monday, April 22, 2024

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 04/2k24

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Andreas Davids - 5 Stunden [Drama Rekorder Promo]

Five hours are an eternity. In real life. For a full length album. And even more so if you're waiting for a loved one suffering from terminal illness to pass away after receiving a final distress call from the hospice that's meant to ease them into and take care of them in the most difficult time before their final journey. Andreas Davids spent and went through those five hours on June 22nd, 2k17 when his mother passed after a long time of suffering, had to deal with the matter of fact as well as the immediate and long term damage and aftermath of this loss. The - or better: one - result of this process are five hours of music now released via the Spanish label Drama Rekorder. Five hours of greyscale'ish explorations in the Venn diagram showcasing the overlap of Dark Ambient, Noize and Desolation Ambient, five hours of emotional drudgery, screaming, mind-numbing distortion paired with strangely warm, even comforting electric low frequency dronings and shimmering, somewhat even hopeful atmospheres, in parts backed by primordial metallic minimalist rhythm signatures, partly gravitating towards slightly krautsy, yet more conventional and nocturnal Ambient x ChillOut structures, at times even evoking memories of early ProtoAmbient x Synth x Cosmic and extraterrestrial swampscapes. Furthermore we see Andreas Davids entering extended stretches of washed out sonic whiteouts accompanied by futuristic sci-fi synth movements and dramatic quasi-chord explorations, bleak Dark Ambient melancholia and amplified electric currents which might take experienced long-time fans of the genre back to memories of the seminal "Restgeraeusch Vol. II" album on Mille Plateaux, taking a deep dive into slowly evolving glacial dronings with occasional tender electric buzzes cutting through structureless and truly time-dissolving sonic nebulae as well as eternal cosmic Ambient floatations hovering in a space beyond our four-dimensional universe. Quite a lot to take in here from both a conceptual and overall play time perspective but also a worthwhile addition to the collection of every fan of Ambient x Deep Listening Music for a reason.

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Saturday, April 20, 2024

User73150042863 - Body EP [User Recordings 060 Promo]

Released on the digital circuit via the mysterious User Recordings imprint on February 29th, 2k24 is the "Body EP", the first ever outing by the quasi-anonymous User73150042863. With "Body Language" User73150042863 presents a slightly wonky, hollow and lo-fi-oriented take on subtly Breakbeat-backed screaming underground AcidTechno for fogged out squat raves of the 90s followed by "100 Acid Tracks 007" which takes loop-focused Acid to a new level of braincell-devastating desolation, leading MonoAcid-loving crowds into an unending death spiral of sweat and mechanical dancefloor movements for now and ever.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Jim Denley And The Eternally Orchestrating Sonoverse - As Weather Volume 3: Budawang Mountains [Splitrec. 033]

Released via the ever active Australian Eco Music imprint that is Splitrec. on April 19th, 2k24 is "As Weather Volume 3: Budawang Mountains", the latest installment in Jim Denley's "As Weather"-series which focuses on the practice of musicking - a mixture of Field Recording, being present in and with nature as well careful musical interventions, oftentimes of a tender and subtle nature, partly reduced to minimalist, quasi-ancient rhythms created with what's available at the specific moment or even the use of the human voice as a sole instrument of choice. This being said "As Weather Volume 3", a three piece album covering roughly 41 minutes of total playtime, sees Denley create tender, almost mythical flute tone sequences, both melodic and close-up mechanical in nature with recordings of air passing through the instruments body, in parts yearning, reminiscent of primitive primordial call and response techniques which become more intense and ecstatic against a naturalist atmospheric backdrop whilst leaning towards the upper end of the tonal spectrum in "Diffraction Study 2" whereas the closing that is "Volcanic Body" evokes more of an unsettling and outerworldly feeling and leads the listeners instinct into high alert mode within seconds. Once again a piece for the avantgarde informed collector of both Field Recordings and Deep Listening Music.

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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Sascha Müller - Song For Roberta EP [Psychocandies 112 Promo]

Put out on the circuit as cat.no. 112 of the Psychocandies label on February 22nd, 2k24 is the "Song For Roberta EP", a fresh digital two track single cooked up by Uelsen's finest Sascha Müller. Opening with "Song For Roberta" Mr. Müller brings on a deep, ever morphing AcidTrance / Ambient Trance piece backed by subtle Breakbeat infusions for early morning x sunrise crowds whereas the second tune on this release, "Born Trippi", provides a similarly deep, yet slightly darker and more hypnotic Acid variation back by occasional scenic pad sequences that would've been well suitable for a release on legendary labels like DJungle Fever throughout the early 2000s and therefore turns out to be our favorite cut on here.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Various Artists - Mischpoke #2 [Hauch Records 038]

Released via Hauch Records as a limited to 333 copies vinyl edition on February 23rd, 2k24 is "Mischpoke #2", the - obviously - second sequel of the labels various artists 12" remix series. Opening with a remix crafted by Markus Popp a.k.a. Oval for Pondskater's "Reverse Interlock" the listener is drawn into a scintillating, ever spiralling Ambient Synth realm backed by muscular driving claps and intricate Electronica structures before Clark takes on Tidy Kid's "I Lost My Mind", seemingly drawing influences from playful uptempo IDM, cheeky gameboy music and echoes and echoes of Classical composition techniques for ecstatic Braindance-driven dancefloors. Furthermore the flipside sees Electric Indigo at the controls for a remix of Ai's "Aruki Ikura", serving a deep and tender Electronica intro reminiscent of stripped down Boards Of Canada or mid-90s Autechre before adding a foundation of subtle 4-2-the-floor Armchair Techno drums to her interpretation whilst The Visitor "Installation I *Gudrun Gut Extended Mix" closes on a calm, slightly shuffled and highly atmospheric DubTechno tip and might be a well suitable opener for ever drifting and meandering early morning sets in certain open air situations.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Various Artists - AmenTec Presents Off Ya Box Part One

Monday, April 15, 2024

Sascha Müller - 606 + 303 = 909 [Analog Records USA Promo]

And so it happened. Uelsen's finest Sascha Müller finally teamed up with Analog Records USA, run by the man Freddy Fresh himself, and released his first digital four track EP named "606 + 303 = 909" on the label on February 16th, 2k24. With track titles following a subsequent order from "606 + 303 = 901" to "606 + 303 = 904" the ever busy underground producer caters a set of raw, ultrapurist Acid tracks mainly based on dry drums, barely processed snares and hi-hat sequences as well as a variety of bubbly Acid modulations and - when it comes to "606 + 303 = 903" - driving and gallopping drum programming which qualifies this specific track as our favorite cut on this release.

Xotox - Xotoxikologe [Infacted Recordings Promo]

Put out on the circuit via Infacted Recordings on April 5th, 2k24 is "Xotoxikologie", the latest digital four track single cooked up by the long-standing project that is Xotox. Opening with the title track named "Xotoxikologie" Xotox caters a seductive take on peaktime-focused Rhythm Industrial sporting heavy mid-tempo beats, intense, repetetive vocal loops and elastic, highly futuristic midrange synth movements as well as echoes of apocalyptic Future Pop whereas the subsequent cut named "Elektromagnetische Parallelweltinduktion *Oldschool-Version" brings forth a dark, grinding and somewhat desolate variation of wonky Industrial Techno for oldskool headz and tripped out basement ravers lost in a fogged out continuum exclusively comprised of vantablack darkness and flashing lights. Furthermore we see "Du Gibst Dem Ganzen Ein Gesicht" coming forward with elegic string melancholia, dreamy vocal samples and beautiful melodies backed by shuffled midtempo drums before <1979> provide an additional remix for "Elektromagnetische Parallelweltinduktion" which transforms the tune into a distorted fuckfest causing nothing but carnage and bloodshed on peaktime Rhythm Industrial x Noize floors. We dig this.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sinerider - Perennial [Sound In Silence Records 109]

Released via the longtime standing Greece Ambient x Post-PostRock and beyond imprint that is Sound In Silence on February 9th, 2k24 is "Perennial", the latest full length album conceived by Norwood, Massachussetts-based composer Devin Power a.k.a. Sinerider. Over the course of twelve brand new pieces and a total playtime of 48 minutes Sinerider spans a musical ark starting from the chiming, chill and slightly washed out Ambient opener that is the title track "Perennial", progresses into the calm and peaceful low end pulses of "Roadmap" as well as the echoes of echoes of Post-PostRock shimmering through in "Whiteout" whereas "Waving Goodbye" caters a scenic menu of late night Ambient melancholia, "Form" follows in a lush and beautiful fashion whilst the second to last cut that is "Soft Pastel" as well as the closing piece "Extol" even focus on dreamy Piano Ambient etudes for lovers just to name a few. Defo a worthwhile addition to the collection of all the die-hard Ambient lovers out there.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Hügelmann / Copper Beach - Splitter #1 [Hauch Records 033]

Another relatively fresh release put out on the circuit via the German underground imprint Hauch Records on November 24th, 2k23 is "Splitter #1" - a new split vinyl release between two artists named Hügelmann and Copper Beach. Whilst Hügelmann covers the entire A-side with his track "Erdmolch", an expertly crafted take on glacial, slowly evolving Ambient x Deep Listening Music working its way up to an ethereal, yet washed out harmonic climax Copper Beach comes up with two servings on the flip: the B1 located "Crystal Dub" which pairs Ambient atmospheres with a somewhat (Neo)Cosmic leaning feel and a strangely fluttering, midrange synth-driven attempt on DubTechno which from our perspective doesn't fully gel before the subsequent "Affengeist" makes up for that with its highly interesting Electronica / IDM vibe which could even find its way into late night sets of advanced and adventurous Post-PostGarage DJs due its stripped down, yet lively swing and misty urban post-rave feel. One to check out, this one.

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Friday, April 12, 2024

P.T.B.S. - Retrokid [Ghostfloppy Recordings 013]

Another fresh Floppy Disk release put out on the circuit via Ghostfloppy Recordings as the labels cat.no. 013 on February 13th, 2k24 is "Retrokid", the first ever appearance on the imprint by Ufuk Özbayar a.k.a. P.T.B.S. who delivers a banging fusion of mechanically grinding peaktime Techno and gooey, ever spiralling looped Acid madness for squat parties in Hackney or other AcidTechno hot spots around the globe with this one.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

India Gailey - Problematica [People Places Records]

Released via the Canadian imprint that is People Places Records on February 23rd, 2k24 is "Problematica", the latest album effort conceived by composer, violin player and vocalist India Gailey who, over the course of roughly 52 minutes, takes on and interpretes a menu of seven pieces written by the likes of Sarah Rossy, Nicole Lizee, Julia Mermelstein, Joseph Glaser, Andrew Noseworthy, Fjola Evans and Thanya Iyer on this longplayer, adding her own unique style and touch to each of them. With "Grotesquerie" Gailey seems to enter a world of abstract, yet rhythm driven and dance-focused ancient house music - a.k.a. music made by people in their homes, not Chicago-rooted 4/4 dance music - which soon is diffused by gazillions of dubbed out layers and other forms of supposedly electronic post-processing whereas the cryptically named


to which each and every composer x artist x musician can relate in some form introduces a spatial, time-dissolving amalgamation of slow moving Post-PostRock, ethereal electroacoustic sound generation and what could be described as nocturnal, surely Ambient-infused Contemporary Classical of doom whilst the final cut "Where I Can Be As Big As The Sun" brings closure following a path of folksy, tender, stripped down Leftfield Pop for lovers of Modern Classical music which might evoke echoes of faint memories of Dillon's seminal 2011 debut "This Silence Kills" for some and some reason.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

User88462995613 - Cola EP [User Recordings 059 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the mysterious digital imprint that is User Recordings on February 20th, 2k24 is the "Cola EP", the first ever release on the label for User88462995613. Opening with "Pepsi Cola" we see User88462995613 provide a lovely and super playful approach to positive MinimalTechno for vibing dancefloors whereas the subsequent cut that is "100 Acid Tracks 005" brings forth a dark and borderline evil Techno Rave vibe which takes us straight back to the untamed scene and wildly experimental release politics of the early 90s for a reason or two. We dig this.

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents Booty. Volume 5 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (04.04.2024)

Monday, April 08, 2024

Various Artists - Experiences De Vol #15/16/17 [In-Possible Records]

Released only recently via the French label In-Possible Records is "Experiences De Vol #15/16/17", their latest instalment in a series of compilations focusing on new music and experimental composition set up and realized alongside Art Zoyd Studios. With their new triple CD set spanning more than 180 minutes in total the newest addition and sequel to the ongoing series features a total of twelve works conceived by a set of twelve different artists, opening with the tense electroacoustic futurisms and unsettling, probably processed Field Recording samples of Christian Zanesi's "Before The Blast" whereas Yerri-Gaspar Hummel's "Bees & Drones" provides a haunting combination of atmospheric crackles, surface noise and real time bee buzzes buried in the mix, yet still able to trigger major trauma in insectophobes before evolving into chiming, floating and space-time dissolving Minimal Music. On CD2 Nadia Ratsimandresy's' "Pinte De Cafe" offers an 18+ minutes journey into swirling, grating and ever pulsating Noize territories climaxing in high frequency sweep terrorism, Antoine Chessex' "Avalanche" explores the potential of electrical buzzes whilst Barbara Dang falls into "Hypostasis" providing quasi-static midrange frequency drones accompanied by floating singular piano tones. Furthermore CD3 holds gems like "The Low Of The Refraction And An Orange Glow Illuminates The Sky Of The City" by Gerard Lebik, presenting a slightly wobbly take on ever evolving Drone Ambient whilst "La Sierpe Alada Del Sueno" by Mirtru Escalona-Mijares brings forth more haunted atmospheres, faded echoes of vocal recordings and intense non-vocalisms reminiscent of or at least inspired by classical Opera for Dark x DeathAmbient lovers just to name a few. Quite an exciting album set for fans and followers of highly experimental electronic music. Go check.

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Sunday, April 07, 2024

Muddersten - Triple Music [Sofa Music]

Released via the Norwegian Sofa Music imprint on March 1st, 2k24 is "Triple Music", the third musical outing on the label for the trio that is Muddersten. Comprised of Havard Volden, Henrik Olsson and Martin Taxt the musical triumvirate caters a total of three pieces subsequently named "Triple Music I - III" which are rolled out over the course of roughly 47 minutes of total playtime, all of them conceived as a score for a triple set of videos crafted by Japanese painter Akiko Nakayama as a quasi-replacement for a sacked f2f collaboration which did not happen due to the pandemic situation of early 2k20. Employing a vast array of experimental composition and playing techniques and an instrumental setting including microtonal tuba, friction and piezo microphones, tape machines, objects and others Muddersten opens on a organic, yet stripped down tip with a combination of spatial electroacoustics, slow, in parts crackly Electronica beats and echoes of minimalist Post-PostRock with a bit of comforting late 90s / early 2000s touch for the experienced fans and followers of the genre only to progress towards a perfect amalgamation of Ambient x Deep Listening Music slightly reminiscent of musical works once crafted by Ekkehard Ehlers or Robin Rimbaud a.k.a. Scanner whilst the last chapter of the album even touches base with nocturnal DarkAmbient and brooding low frequency dronings accompanied by shimmering atmospheric movements for a closing. Excellent. Highly recommended.

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Saturday, April 06, 2024

Rotwax Radio - Episode 153 - BAZE.DJUNKIII

Friday, April 05, 2024

Looty Trio - Boxer Rebellion [Aut Records 102]

Released via Aut Records as the labels cat.no. 102 on January 11th, 2k24 is "Boxer Rebellion", the first full length vinyl album cooked up by the aptly named trio that is Looty Trio comprised of Sebastian Strinning, Marc Unternährer and Valeria Zangger on tenor sax, tuba and drums respectively. Over the course of nine pieces featured on this longplayer the three piece is drawing inspiration from a wide range of styles including Jazz, Punk and beyond to carefully sculpt and specify the bands distinct musical vision which includes dope and muscular Jazz groovers like the opening title track whereas pieces like "White Lotus" explore more of a tender, nocturnal and almost romantic take on stripped down FutureJazz whilst "Gun Dogs" is as explosive and high-octane driven of a tune as its title implies. Furthermore cuts like "Einerline" provide a continuation of this fast-paced, raw and slightly anarchic attitude, the "Yellow Lotus" caters more killer grooves which would seamlessly blend in to a quality Dope Beat x TripHop selection despite being 100% organic and live played and the cheekily titled "Mass Individualism" brings forth a heartfelt vibe of deep late night melancholia for a closing and therefore might be our favorite cut on the album just to name a few.

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Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Low Frequency - Online Mode [Ghostfloppy Recordings 012]

Another fresh release on the Floppy Disk-focused imprint that is Ghostfloppy Recordings is "Online Mode", the first ever sonic outing for the label produced by a new project named Low Frequency. Over the course of pretty much exactly six minutes Low Frequency pairs a gooey and elastic, certainly hypnotic and trance-inducing midrange synth bass with a playful lo-fi melodic motif, lively signals and a slightly over the top ItaloTrance attitude to create a fascinating bit of LoBit-informed dancefloor music which would've hit hard on Trance / Progressive floors of the 90s and probably might still have a similar effect on retro crowds of today. Lovely.

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Verwesung - Rehearsal 02/03/24 [Dangerous Diskettes 011 Promo]

Released on the underground diy-imprint that is Dangerous Diskettes as a limited run of 11 copies on March 17th, 2k24 is "Rehearsal 02/03/24" which apparently marks the first new sonic outing of Paha Henki's a.k.a. Pavel's project named Verwesung since 2017. As usual released in Floppy Disk format the informed listener faces a 161 seconds lasting crossover outburst of hounded Punk energy and a whirling nihilistic maelstrom of hyper-desolate Black Metal accompanied by indecipherable, snarling and apparently German lyrics which are able to summon inner demons and intense nightmares within weak heartened listeners for a reason or two. Keep away from minors at all cost.

Monday, April 01, 2024

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2k24

01. Xmal Deutschland - Early Singles 1981 - 1982 [Sacred Bones Records]
This is essential. A collection of eight rare cuts from the early days of Hamburg's famed Goth x PostPunk pioneers Xmal Deutschland, assembled from their first singles, live recordings and overlooked compilation tracks. Still powerful and captiviating as they've been in the days of their inception songs like "Schwarze Welt", the Minimal PostPunk affair "Die Wolken", their haunting infamous hit "Incubus Succubus" as well as the whirlwind of a dancefloor filler that is "Allein - Live" are, amongst all others, important staples in not only German Goth history and therefore well deserve a space in the collection of every dark-clad creature of the night.

02. Qbass - Hardcore Will Never Die *The Remixes [Suburban Base Records 100]
"Hardcore Will Never Die" with its larger than life '...you're inside the biggest rave on earth...' vocal sample is a most beloved anthem amongst all fans and followers of Breakbeat x UK Hardcore culture and the Suburban Base camp caters a massive homage to this seminal 1991 classic as they're entering the three digit realm in terms of catalogue numbers. Put out on the circuit as a triple 12" set with one of them coming as a picture disc special this quasi-abum caters not only an unreleased mix cooked up by the man Qbass himself but also a plethora of remixes provided by legends like Adamski, Billy Daniel Bunter, Leroy Thornhill of The Prodigy fame, Bizzy B, The Freestyler's Aston and many others, providing their individual angle and take on this major classic which are about to be embraced by DJs and punters from all tribes of the Breakbeat Hardcore spectrum and way beyond.

03. Nitro Deluxe - This Brutal House [Toolroom Records]
The return of a major 1988 AcidHouse / Bleep classic which once again is made available again for a new audience via the Toolroom Records camp, this time coming at us on die-cut sawtooth vinyl (!!!) and backed by a percussive, rollin' and somewhat Latin-infused House Music rework pieced together by Mark Knight for contemporary crowds and pumping late night ecstasy. Lovely.

04. Mella Dee - Rug Cutters [Warehouse Music 022]
Mella Dee is back on his very own Warehouse Music imprint and once again he serves nothing but quality. Whilst the two Speedgarage X Bassline bang0rz on the A-side provide heat for heaving peaktime floors with their driving beats and distinct vocal cut-ups especially the B1 cut "Cutters (The Don't Get It)" indulges in dark, muffled and slightly distorted Broken Beat x Dark Garage x Sublow fusion swing beats for advanced DJs and late night crowds. Good stuff.

05. Sound Synthesis - Electrical Synapses EP [Amentec 006]
Sound Synthesis caters nothing but goodness on the trusted Amentec label. With two original tunes on the A-side the project brings forth masterfully crafted playful Electro x IDM x Braindance vibes with added Breakbeat-infusions for dancefloors deep in late night trance whereas the remixes on the flip, produced by Cridge & Powder as well as Tone Def respectively, bring forth a captivating, well uplifting Jungle x Happy Breakbeat fusion as well as a rolling Breakbeat workout garnished with epic fluttering synths and large scale panorama pads. Lovely.

06. Felix Karl Raeithel - Dance With Uncertainty [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]
Felix Karl Raithel, also known as Istari Lasterfahrer to many a fan of DarkJungle and Breakcore, explores the sphere of modular synthesis and so-called Buchla bongos over the course of an entire, a total of sixteen tracks spanning album. The result of these extensive studies is a journey into oftentimes playful, frolicking and uplifting Electronica structures as well as traces of spaced out Library x Production Music with absolutely no restriction on the course of its sonic experimentation. This is a trip for the advanced connaisseur of electronic music.

07. Computer Station - Froggystyle EP [Studio Barnhus 095]
Sometimes I feel the Studio Barnhus label is at its best when it's also at its weirdest and most experimental x out there. Computer Station presents a selection of cuts probably best described as Novelty TribeTekno, spiked with with quirky vintage computer game samples, 8-bit melodies, tinny Breakbeat-infusions and an overall muffled lo-fi aesthetic reminiscent of late 90s / early 2000s productions cooked up in makeshift home studios by the likes of Ixindamix and other producers related to the travelling underground teknival scene at the time. I don't know what the target audience for this record might be in 2k24 but it is an incredibly fun and amusing one. Wonky!

08. Bernard Badie - Talkin' Bout [Mojuba 033]
The Mojuba label brings forth a new four track serving of pumping quality House and DeepHouse cuts, this time arranged and produced by Chicago's Bernard Badie who sort of pays homage to the cities HipHouse history with the subdued stab sequence featured in "Talkin' 'Bout" whilst "Open Up (Remastered)" even touches base with late night Beatdown x SlowHouse for a change.

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