Saturday, April 29, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 33

Hollywood-based imprint Dim Mak is about to release the upcoming "Mini LP" of half-New York/half Netherlands Punk group Das Oath on may 26th, which is - at least when it comes to running time issues - to be regarded as E.P. rather than LP as the nine tracks featured cover a timespan of approx. 20 minutes only. But these 20 minutes, or at least half of this time as the last track "Mouldering" contains abut 9 minutes of silence, are fueled to the max with anger and energy. Rumoured to be one of the favorite bands of Napalm Death-member Barney Das Oath reveal a massive explosion of noisy Punk-attitude and fucked up Hardcore destruction that'll make weak-heartened ears bleed for sure. If this is too strong for your neighbours, it's time to move flats soon.

Infadels' upcoming 12" named "Love Like Semtex", which is about to be released via Wall Of Sound / PIAS UK on may 12th, is on promo circuit these days. Two thrilling mixes by Headman - remix & dub mix - to be found on the A-side which easily transfer the Infadels' Rock'ish attitude into a club context without losing much of the original feel. The London Deep Xploding Dub Mix on B1 is on a more kind of minimalistic tip and fits well into a Minimal Techno-set while the B2 Metronomy Remix clearly aims towards the Indie dancefloors of this world.

The new 12" on german label Zeitgeist / Universal is Paris Avenue feat. Robin One's "In My Mind" - a slightly commercial tune inna early 90's Eurodance meets House-stylee with kinda Seal'ish vocals on top. Retro flavored. "Basix" on the flip wins here as the tune is instrumental and by far more up to date while mixing up big room Electro-/TechHouse-influences and sounds showing mass appeal. Not the best tune ever made, but a solid tool anyway.

Friday, April 28, 2006

C-Flow - Brandstrasse [Rudel Records Digital Extra 001] out now

"Brandstrasse", the first ever album of Struth-based HipHop-/R'n'B-group C-Flow which was originally released in 2003 is now available via iTunes as the first release of Rudel Records' sub-branch Rudel Records Digital Extra which will be a platform for exclusive mp3-only releases in the future.

Download here

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Love Parade 2006 - HardTechno Roll Call

Online voting procedure for float participation at this years Love Parade has started now and runs until may 7th. If you want to see me performing alongside the Highball Music-crew cruising on a float through the streets of Berlin, just register at the Love Parade website and vote for us.

Complete Highball Music Germany-float lineup will include following artists:

- baze.djunkiii
- Bullskull
- Daiki Nakashima
- Der Totmacher
- DJ Minupren
- Felix Kröcher
- Frank Kvitta
- Jean the Ripper
- Kenned Pool
- Morla
- Tadox
- Tom Trevor
- Torsten Kanzler

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 10

Related Distributions is a relatively fresh outlet on the Grime circuit which has two releases out so far.
Cat.No. 001 is a same titled 12" by Trim'n'Scratch which introduce theirselves with a dark bassheavy Halfstep-tune on this label. The instrumental cut is featured on the A-side while the vocal cut sits on the flip, revealing loads of energy, setting the roof on fire within less than the first 16 bars. Get it quick!
Cat.No.002 sees Trim & Roachee's "Pen & Paper" rolling on quite relaxed and dubby beat structures perfectly fusing pure underground Grime-attitude and chorus aiming towards major stations when it comes to airplay success without losing focus or even selling out. Although this tune might not be the one to play out during primetime hours it starts to grow and grow when listened to regularly. U & I's "Quality Control" is more banging on a classic Oldskool HipHop tempo - a musical roll call for all b-boys / breakers out there to enter the floor and start cirlce business again.

Footsie's new double A-side 12" is out on Dirtee Stank Recordings and features his tunes "Scars (RMX)" and "Dirtee Skankin". While "Scars (RMX)" is a slow, dark'ish Halfstep tune accompanied by ringtone-quality psycho basslines (how do they get all those sounds out of fruity btw???), "Dirtee Skankin" is more kind of a mover featuring funny processed vocal samples on top of hectic beats, dark anthemic signals, bleepy noises and a massive bassline hook. I bet Slimzee loves this one...

Longplay love 20.0

Chica Discos goes ChillOut. After three successful dancefloor-focused compilations DJ Sin Plomo enters the decks again, mixing and compiling the new longplay outlet named "Chica Discos present Tranquilo - The Winter Island Lounge Mix" , which is - as the name suggests - on a balearic chill tip, a journey covering the whole spectrum from smooth Downbeat via DeepHouse to progressive sounds featuring artists like DJ Fex, Nalin & Kane, The Ministers Of Music, Spare Time and others. Although "Tranquilo - The Winter Island Lounge Mix" is a live turntable mix compilation one shouldn't expect a straight set here climaxing in the end as Sin Plomo's work on the decks is to be described as a selector, a guide through relaxing music which is pleasing ears and not necessarily dancefloors longing for forward pushing beats all the time.

Berlin-based Klas Lindblad a.k.a. Mr.Negative a.k.a. Freestyle Man is about to release his new album "Made Within The Upper Stairs Of Heaven" under his Sasse-moniker via his very own imprint Mood Music on May 22nd. Eleven tracks to be found here including Sasse's recent hit "Loosing Touch feat. Kiki" - all of them serving decent 80's & ItaloDisco influenced House sounds, slightly touched by minimalism and big grooves to please the crowd in tiny clubs on sophisticated dancefloors which are open for instrumental cuts as well as for vocal tunes as there's , apart from Kiki, guest vocalists like Losoul's Malte of Playhouse-fame, Jani Lehto and the infamous Bernadette La Hengst to be found on "Made Within The Upper Stairs Of Heaven". Nice for home listening, too.

German ElectroPunk-band Egotronic released their latest album entitled "...Die Richtige Entscheidung" ("...The Right Decision") on Audiolith Records recently containing a whole of 12 tracks providing political content german lyrics - sic!!!) accompanied by bleepy 8bit-sounds and LoFi electroid beats. Imagine a mixture of Mediengruppe Telekommander'esque attitude and Micromusic aesthetics to get a clue of what to expect here. Up for it?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 32

Anders Trentemoller's new 12" named "Nam Nam E.P." is 071 of Steve Bug's imprint Poker Flat Recordings featuring three tracks that'll be loved by all fans of his previous PFR-releases "Polar Shift" and "Sunstroke". "Nam Nam" and "Vamp (Vinyl Edit)" are on a quite slow and at least a bit funky tip, functional for late night sets or open air abuse while "Killer Kat" is build for primetime dancefloor bashing. Starting with a pure minimalist attitude more and more Electro'esque elements are layered until a massive breakdown follows which is fusing elements that seem to be the essence of "Dooms Night" and "Rocker" - high energy stuff. If you love Trentemoller's sound anyway just go for it and buy blindfolded.

Rootmaster's tune "Do It" on Rise / Universal Domestic is on promo circuit these days. Four versions to be found here, the Extended Original, two mixes delivered by J Reverse and last not least another rework by Dirty Monkey whoever that may be. All mixes are aiming towards more commercial dancefloors as they use whole lot of standard filters, hectic raps and familiar elements that appeared in bunches of House tunes before and still work properly in that specific context. Hard to say if the world really needed another records like this but as there's a shitload of DJ's playing out commercial House to willing audiences one can't deny that this style seems to work. Rate: Average.

A conjunction release between Hamburg based Audiolith Records and Munich's P.O.R.N. / Play Out right Now Recordings is the recent 10 track CD "The Psychedelic Avengers present Raumschiffkommandant Remixed" which features at least five reworks of the main theme by Colour Haze taken off the "The Psychedelic Avengers ...and the curse of the universe" CD. Remixes are served by the likes of Der Tante Renate, Heiko Klingler, Egotronic and others, "Atomic Dreamboat" by Plemo which is inspired by the original "Raumschiffkommandant" tune plus new tracks by ClickClickDecker, Colour Haze & The Psychedelic Avengers as well as Carsten Vollmer. Musicwise there's influences of Psychedelic Rock to be found as well as more lo-fi ElectroPunk / ElectroClash and dancefloor-fitting minimalism which is a large spectrum and defo interesting for an open minded audience. Check out!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Longplay love 19.0

Miki Mikron's new album named "Irgendwo Nur Nicht Hier" has been released on Audiolith recently. If Kompakt-producer and -DJ Justus Köhncke is right and the term SchlagerTechno exists Miki Mikron's music is what might be called SchlagerElektro meets LoFi-Pop, melancholia-driven, sometimes really sad and most of the times dealing love as main theme, the neverending story that has always been the reason for songs being written, this time not fitting neither for mainstream success nor mass media airplay but as there's a target group out there diggin' this kind of weirdo Pop - those being into groups / projects like Mediengruppe Telekommander, Queens Of Japan, Christian Harder and the likes of.

Alongside the next issue of Persona Non Grata magazine comes a Various Artists compilation entitled "Where Destined Mindblowers Have Their Way" which is as well 023 of the Hamburg based label Audiolith. 17 tracks to be found here taken from the Audiolith-roster containing artists like Juri Gargarin, Der Tante Renate, Aosuke, Räuberhöhle and other covering the full musical spectrum of the label which releases weird ElektroPop or -Clash if you're willing to name things like that, electronic PostPunk and instrumental projects as well. A bit of everything is featured here, too, so this is a nice overview of what Audiolith provides. Recommended not only to fans but to those able and willing to discover the deeper shades of Underground Pop Music.

All fans of kinda punky, dancefloor bashing HipHop - remember early Beastie Boys years ? - should check out the new album of Oakland-based Vice Cooler's project Hawney Troof which is to be released via Southern Records on may 15th. Big time influenced by the Beasties there's 34 tracks to be found here, split on CD's under the name of "Dollar & Deed" featuring infamous Brezel Göring on two tunes plus a few others Europe hasn't heard of so far. You need some openmindedness on the dancefloor to play this out anyway, but if you're about to get this on at 4 a.m. in front of a bunch of drunk party animals take for granted that they'll be jumping around big time to most of them tunes so do not be afraid to take a risk. Although it seems strange there's even some tracks that provide a kinda slamming anthemic sing-a-long chorus which doubles or maybe even quadruples Hawney Troof's hit factor. File under: Skate Hooligan Street Style HipHop!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 11

Yes, we all know that Nelly Furtado ain't HipHop at all, but as her new 12" "No Hay Igual" on Geffen Records is floating on a kinda Reggaeton-vibe which is to be dealt as Urban Music anyway it fits right into this column. Beatmaster Timbaland on production duties delivers a sparse, percussive and tribal-influenced beat here which is about to keep dancefloors hot.

Christina Milian teams up with rapper Young Jeezy for her new single "Say I" on Island Records these days which is on promo circuit now. Expect an epic piece of R'n'B/Digisoul with a bit of drama inside - won't be surprised if this is gonna be picked up for soundtrack use soon. Nice one.

Redman's new 12" named "Rush Da Security" is to be released on Def Jam Recordings these days. Once again he proves that he still knows how to rock dancefloors - beats are bouncy and anthemic featuring a massive hookline accompanied by sing-a-long lyrics that stick in the consumers ears like an earwig. File under: hit!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 9

The first single to be taken off Mike Skinner's a.k.a. The Streets' forthcoming album is "When You Wasn't Famous" which basicly tells that things not necessarily do change when one becomes famous - well, they do but same problems appear again on a different level. Anyway, this tune needs a bit of time to sneak in the ear as it is quite weird to hear Skinner's trademark beats backed up by straight 4/4 bassdrums on about 105-110 bpm. But f*ck that - "When You Wasn't Famous" is catchy as catchy can be, expect to find this listed top 50 soon.

Still hot for all 4x4-/SpeedGarage-afficionados is the double-A-sided MASK 018. "Hey DJ *Agent X Remix" fools around with familiar vocal samples taken from the 1988 AcidHouse-classic "The Party" by Kraze on top of serious beat- & bassline-business and sets dancefloors on fire immediately. "Monster" on the flip is slightly darker as the name suggests but also quite functional and a proper tool, too.

DJ Charmzy of Black Ops comes up with a massive Sublow 12" on the L.D.Cats imprint, carrying 045. A-side "Anthem" is named correct as minimalistic beats accompanied by hypnotic bassline bleeps and great string arrangements being put in a melting pot to create a tune that is not only anthemic but meant to be a hymn. "Banger", to be found on the flip, is even more minimalistic and tool'ish, introducing ultra-phat, heavyweight bassdrums to the scene which are usually only used by Hardcore producers like Hellfish, The Producer, Micropoint or The Speed Freak. This is pure evil. Watch your back, soundbwoy!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 31

Revealing no information on artists and/or track titles seems to be hip these days referring to at least two strange 7"es I received from a good friend of mine these days.

First one is a clear vinyl cut of a label Trashwax Records, which I never came across before, which seems to be dedicated to extreme music anyway. Musicwise there's pure HateNoize to be found on the info side, based on harsh guitar feedbacks and extremely distorted human voices shrieking. Intense Madness. Only in the very end athmosphere changes into ambient'ish drones as the feedbacks are only trailing away slowly and, due to this, revealing their true origin. The artwork featured on the logo side makes clear that those responsible for this record are defo dedicated to the dark side as it deals with symbols that can be easily put in a kind of satanistic context while the music is on an unbelievably slow and creeping instrumental Expanded Doom Metal tip. Keep away from children!

The other one is a white label 7" on excellent white vinyl and reveals nothing but its matrix number which is IDEAL 26. Two tracks to be found on side A - number one is based on grinding Rhythm Industrial or Noize pulses which don't change much while number two is starting out with a delicate athmospheric drone slightly pulsing which is overlapped by harsh metallic noises soon. On the flipside there's another Noize workout to be found which sounds like a retreated field recording of industrial manufacturing machines, sci-fi conveyor belts and/or printing units. Music for the headstrong.

Back on the dancefloor we see italian producers Diego Capri & Andrea Gentile launching their own imprint Double Drop with their four track E.P. "Tricks & Tracks" which is to be released on April 10th. As on their debut "Minimal Configuration" which came out on Elettronica Romana earlier this year they deliver four pieces of high quality MinimalTechno for an advanced audience. Unlike many of tracks that are referred to being "minimal" these days this bunch of two obviously knows what the term minimalism intends when it comes to music - all tracks are really stripped down to the bone, allow their sounds to unfold and have a lot of space in between without getting boring or too repetitive. Micro-textures are constantly changing on top of slow pumping beats and basslines that keep dancefloors moving in a state of hypnosis when the early morning hours arrive. Apart from B2 track "Tuning2" their music is not necessarily peaktime stuff for most of the DJ's around but those who are willing to take the risk of including what might be called Intelligent Techno in their sets will be pleased to put this nice 12" into their box.