Saturday, September 30, 2006

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 16

File under: Acoustic Rap. UK-based Rapper Plan B relieves his flow to nothing more than a folky acoustic guitar on his new 7” “Sick 2 Def” which has been put out on promo circuit by Pet Cemetery Recordings / 679 these days. Not exactly dancefloor functional, but a good one for all ya leftfield headz. On the flip there’s the track “No Good” to be found which – as one might easily guess by its title – contains elements of the legendary “You’re No Good For Me” by James Edward Bratton & Kelly Charles which has been recognizably sampled by Rave-/Breakbeat-bastards The Prodigy and tons of other artists throughout the lst decades. Musicwise the tracks is based on quite organic beats with a heavy live feel, jam session-like, on which Plan B flows forever, hardly taking time to breathe. Proper stuff for an advanced crowd.

Massari, well appreciated for last years Reggaeton-influenced 12” “Be Easy”, comes up with his new single “Rush The Floor” on Capital Prophet Records these days. Crisp production when it comes to beats and solid DigiSoul vocals provided by the Radio Edit as well as the so-called, more pounding Club Remix so everything’s tight here, but defo forget about the bonus track “Inta Hayati” on B3 which is nuffink but a waste of time.

Snoop Dogg‘s new album “Tha Blue Carpet Treatment” is scheduled for release on Geffen Records and “Vato”, which is out on promo circuit now, is the first single taken out of that. Accompanied by B-Real on vocal duties Snoopy brings back the original, laid back, cool as ice G-Funk HipHop we all loved him for in the early days of his carreer. On the flip side there’s “Candy” featuring E-40, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc plus Daz & Kurupt on the mic – a minimalistic tune based on Miami Bass-like beats with fuckin‘ huge 808-booms and a tripped out feel.

Friday, September 29, 2006

01.10.2006 Astoria Frühclub @ SM Bar / Hamburg


baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings] + Astoria Frühclub Posse

file under: TechHouse / ElektroHouse / Progressive

SM Bar
Grosse Freiheit
Hamburg St. Pauli

Longplay love 31.0

Anticon.'s Dosh is about to release his third full length album on October 20th under the name of "The Lost Take" - not "...Takes" as one might expect as there is defo more than one take to be found on a whole album. Once again solo-producer who likes to pretend being a band deals with lose fit beats on mid tempo, taken from recorded improv-sessions or pre-programmed, adds live recorded self-played instruments on top and finishes the whole thing with even more layers of live instrumentation contributed by a bunch of 10+ guest musicians featured on the album. The result is quite organic as one might guess, jazzy and - at least at some point - a bit too frisky and inconsequential as some tracks seem to go nowhere, don't climax but just run for a few minutes and... well, I don't get the point why he goes Easy Listening here just for the sake of it, the whole thing and its process of production is too complex for that and due to this "The Lost Take" leaves me puzzled and - somehow - unslaked.

Loving the hard stuff? Then check out the 2nd long play album of I Defy , which is lined for October 13th on Toledo-based imprint Thorp Records, providing 14 songs of melodic but still energetic Hardcore which reveals a touch of oldskoolish' - meaning early 90's here - flava. Started in 1999 as a kind of side project of several members of bands like Miozän, Veil and United Mutations the whole thing turned serious shortly after due to a massive success and great response by both fans and bands they warmed up for throughout their tours as Kill Your Idols, Shutdown and others. Well, one should barely wonder about that as their sound is fresh and powerful and might be filed under the flag of SkateMetal by some of the older generations. Sure shot - check out!

October 27th sees the release of "Bad Signs" on Dead Serious, which is the new album of the Stuttgart-based Hardcore-outfit Teamkiller. Born in 2003 from the decaying Sidekick and Absidia the band comes up with 13 songs of agressive and classic Hardcore which well fits with fans of Agnostic Front and the likes of, for which they were warming up as well as for Madball, Terror, Hatebreed, Ignite and others. If u're into any kind off positive music don't even think of this CD or even looking at the cover artwork which is pure darkness, but if u love heavy moshpits to get rid of aggression and for a full body workout then this is exactly the stuff u've been looking for. Soundfiles are to be found on myspace

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

03.10. 2006 La Musica Obscura @ III & 70 - Ground Floor / Hamburg

file under: SynthPop , (No)Wave, ItaloDisco, Ingenious Dilettantes, NuBeat, EBM, Krautrock...

decks: baze.djunkiii (Intrauterin Recordings)

doors: 9 p.m.

entry: free

Not to be filed under the flag of a regular DJ-set but a one-off selection of some - popular and/or obscure - stuff that has been sitting on my shelves for ages without being available for the ears of a public audience. Drop by...

III & 70
Schulterblatt 73

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 13

Skull Disco 004 entitled “Soundbwoy’s Bones Get Buried In The Dirt Volume 1” arrived in german stores after the labels 005 which was mentioned here before but is still massive and once again proves the huge creative potential lying in MythStep & RitualGrime. Shackleton’s “Tin Fold Sky” is the most minimalistic MythStep-tune around these exploring the dangerous depths of ancient rituals with nothing more than a loose, hypnotic, stripped down beat, some spooky surface sounds and decent background bassline. Pure Voodoo power. On the flipside we’ve Gatekeeper, the first addition to Skull Disco's artist roster since its first release, coming up with serious bassheavy Dubstep, providing sharp metallic beats on half tempo plus ultra-digital echoes / delay effects on vox snippets that add extra darkness to his tune named “Tomb”. Must have.

Geeneus‘ recent 12” has been released as 009 of Soulja and comes up with three high quality riddims of heavyweight Electro- and Industrial-influenced Grime – “Darkboy”, “Parasite” and “Bad”. Exploring the darkest side of Grime it’s especially “Parasite” which sticks out the most due to it’s massive sampled and timestretched Rave-signal taken out of an early 90‘s Gabba/Hardcore-classic – file under: anthem. Also watch out for “Bad” on B2 which reminds stylewise of earlier Plasticman/Plastician-releases on the Road-imprint.

File under: Grime made in Germany. Hamburg-based producer Phokus comes up with his first release on MG 77 Recordings vocally backed up by Tinchy Strider & Dirty Danger. Both of them are featured on “Dem All Shot” which has been killing dancefloors from Hamburg to London on dubplate with its characteristic lo-fi hook and rolling beats that reveal a kind of jumpy attitude – been playing that instrumental version out on dub for quite a while now and it proved to be ultra-functional every time. On the flip there’s the Urban Angst-driven tune “Danger” featuring Dirty Danger serving quite humorous word trickery on top of darkest halftime beats and growling sci-fi beats – grimey as Grime can be and due to this a recommended sureshot

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 43

Kondencuotas Pienas' "Gylio Galios" is 018 Super 6 Records which features at least four tracks of stylistic difference but maximum quality, all meant to please lovers of straight 4-2-the-floor beats. No matter if Kondencuotas Pienas deals HardHouse, uptempo Rave-flavored Trance or Ambient / Intelligent Techno - the result is excellent and due to this highly recommended.

Sascha Müller serves his "Fischbecken E.P." as 014 of his own imprint Super 6 Goodies and comes up with four tracks of deep pumping Techno for - lets say - grown up dancefloor crowds able to appreciate decent arrangements and a touch of oldskool flava. Although none of the tracks is an obious hit tune they're all higly functional and able to work the party right when dropped at prime time level.

Hamburg-based project Bruno & Michel Are Smiling + Skipperrr are coming with their first 7”-attack on London’s experimental Ad Aad At-imprint which contains an ultra-energetic mixture of harsh, bleepy low-fi ElectroNoise, some Breakcore-influences, psyched-out Dada-Lyrics and 50‘s showgirl/revue-attitude. Defo weirdo stuff for lovers of bands like Lolita Storm and the likes of. Check their soundfiles on myspace

Friday, September 15, 2006

22.09.2006 NXT LVL @ Astrastube / Hamburg

NXT LVL - Dubstep/Grime/Garage/Experimental HipHop

BAZE.DJUNKIII [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records]
PHOKUS [MG 77 Rec.]
FRANKEE [30 Cycles]


Max Brauer Allee, unter der Sternbrücke

Friday, September 01, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 42

Berlin-based label No!Breaks Records are about to seriously tear up Drum’n’Bass-dancefloors with their 002, which has been released last week. The A-side sees a “Giant Warrior” built by Scary and Bad Matter redefining was once was known as TechStep - straight metallic beats, nervous strobe bassline and a bit of rave’ish attitude. “Mayday” on the flip sees Scary on a solo tip, exploring TechStep fields as well but putting a few epic, big room strings and a serious Rave hookline on top. Defo ask yr local dealer to hunt this one down for you.

Superstar JC is responsible for 022 of Pharmacom Records,which is entitled "The Soul Lounge". Musicwise there's four tracks of deep, jazzy TripHop/ Downbeat / Instrumental HipHop to expect which focuses on a style defining the heydays of the genre. Cool laidback drum programming and a lot of organic vibes around - very relaxing & enjoyable.

"I Don't Feel Like Dancin' " is the first single taken off Scissor Sisters' upcoming album "Ta -Dah". The track is on promo circuit now as a 6track CDM featuring remixes by the likes of Paper Faces, Linus Loves, Errol Alkan and others, all of them on a positive tip on the border of (Electro-)House and Pop, which is about to work well in more like commercial venues. Not essential.