Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dr. NoiseM - The CDr A-B-C: E [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Dr. NoiseM is back with the "E" episode of his epic 26 piece series "The CDr A-B-C" and once again he's taking us to the lands of intense, threatening Dark and Death Ambient with a single piece album that spans an epic runtime of approx. 79 minutes , the absolute maximum to fit on a CDr these days. Whilst the first 10 minutes of this journey take us into Darth Vader's darkest dreams of the living dead whilst we hear his slow, mechanical breathing we're attacked by an enormous swarm of metallic, alien mosquitos swinging back and forth after that, cold and relentless winds wander and mold the surface of deserted planets before a distant sun rises around minute 25 and tranquil, angelic choirs appear. Throughout the daytime period the winds calm down to a point of total peace, we hear waves of frozen methane oceans breaking on cliffy coasts no man has ever seen. These elements, combined and fused over an extended time, fall together as a hypnotic, yet relaxing and solemn result that is over way too soon, unless one hits the ply button for another round. Excellent.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Chemz & Jokez - Destruction (Prod. By Cassar & Risko)

This riddim is a killer. Original Grime on fleek!

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 039]

Whilst the year 2k15 comes to an end the man Sascha Müller is not even thinking about cutting down his output a bit and comes up with another untitled twelve track album on his very own Super Six Records imprint which starts with a proper and well seductive club hit named "Pattern Buffer" walking the line between energetic, pumping House and more technoid signals - a great tune for all lovers of 1996'ish dancefloor fillers. Following up is "Dave", featuring HAL9000 surely on some proper amount of speed and representing fast-paced, banging Techno sporting loads of low frequency synth movements and - yes! - snare roll attacks for ravey moments on your favorite dancefloor. With "Data Pop" we're staying on the technoid side of things  and see sawtooth synths, high frequency bleeps and killer basslines do their thing, "Computer Sickness" is a blueprint for lo-fi, braincell bending MonoAcid once introduced by Steve Stoll under his Datacloud-moniker and the huge, warm and organic bassdrums and floating Proto-Trance / TechTrance strings and structures to be found in "Circle" are a fest for all those still loving the late Superstition Recordings-releases in their collection to bits. When the 'troity "Bug System II" hits all warehouse Techno floors start to lift off, "Black Is Black" can be seen as a proper homage to chromatic Rave bangers once brough to the scene by producers like Emmanuel Top and the likes of without copycatting their approach one on one whilst the "Audio DNA" seems to sound pretty thin and unmastered in direct comparison to its predecessor although focusing on a more tool'ish aspect of analogue Techno. With "Assassin" Mr. Müller serves a proper peak time tool and takes contemporary Techno to a reasonable tempo level , "Airwave Drill" caters the darker needs of illegal party crowds gathered in concrete underground shelters with filtered stabs and morphing signals before "Spocks Brain" communicates with punters in a language widely recognized as gummy AcidTrance and we're finally entering "Deep Space" - a galaxy built on a sweet Electro foundation and populated by friendly, bubbly entities distributing a warm, vary coloured neon glow whenever they leave their homes built beneath the surface of distant planets to have a dance.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer - Twine [12K 084]

Released in late fall via his very own imprint 12k is Taylor Deupree's latest collaborational album effort "Twine" which he created alongside Marcus Fischer - again. For their second full length collaborational effort - the first, "In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes", being released in 2011 - the artists focused on a full on conceptual approach to this 43 minutes 43 seconds piece, stripping things down to the use of two mono tape loops of different lengths as well as four acoustic instruments played live on top of these and recording the whole thing directly with a room microphone to a digital recording device without any additional editing. Using this set up which even seems to capture their individual movements on creaking chairs the pairing of artists creates an atmosphere of warm, organic and contemplative ambience, partly reminiscing of Oval's legendary "Systemisch" album speaking both of overall feel and glitchiness and partly serving sheer Ambient beauty like in tunes like "Telegraph", "Sailmaker" or "Kern" which is perfectly suitable for listening on repeat whilst the year slowly comes to an end. We like this. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Grimos - Spitfest

Grimos on microphone duties, Lewi B on production. Stone cold combo. Tunage detected.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Lilly Joel - What Lies In The Sea [Sub Rosa 416 Promo]

Fresh on the circuit via the long-time standing Sub Rosa imprint is "What Lies In The Sea", the debut album of Lilly Joel which is the collaborational effort of singer Lynn Cassiers and pianist Jozef Dumoulin who've been working together for a full decade before their first longplay piece saw the day of light only recently. Together they're catering a body of work consisting of eleven songs covering a spectrum of deep piano elegies accompanied by distant, mourning and distorted vocals,  warm, experimental soundscapes created from an amalgamation of processed piano tones, strings and sonic events generated by randomly found objects as well as floating, flickering Ambient Pop / Spoken Word-fusions like in the reality bending anthem "A Wheel In The Palm Of Your Hand". Furthermore tunes like "Thaw" introduce new genres like piano-driven Drone Folk, "Ruben's Tree" fuses this with rather improvised, yet interesting bass movements and glitches to create a new variation within the slightly vanished Indietronica-genre, "Wij De Wolken" serves scenic, uberly calm and well beauteous Ambient and "The Cage Of The Yellow Bird" can be seen as a rather chaotic, unsettling but highly emotional and fascinating combination of Modern Classical and Electronica that will be appreciated by lovers of the legendary Aphex Twin for a reason. "Zondag" is a two minutes journey into the world of cut-ups and pure experimentalism, "I Can See Yor From Afar" brings in a solemn and ceremonial vibe interfered by more vocal glitches, "Today A Small Bird Die Due To Sadness (He Was 6 Years Old)" is pure melancholia met by plucked strings and quirky, random noises in a way that once again reminds us of releases on the former Berlin-based Digital Kranky-label and the final "Dew" rounds things off with a sweet Drone Folk variation for all lovers of crystal clear vocals accompanied by beatless, floating electronics. We appreciate. This.

Column One - Plastic Train

Dada is everywhere and we love Dada. This is one of the weirdest, yet most fascinating music videos we've seen in 2k15.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 12/2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Various Artists - House Of Ages: Classic, Rare & Unreleased Dance Music selected by Jeremy Newall [BBE Records]

Put on the circuit via BBE Records in late November 2k15 is the "House Of Ages", a massive twelve track selection of rare mid 90s House cuts or unreleased versions of underground House hits which have been hand-picked and selected by Jeremy Newall, DJ and obviously one of the key figures in the London scene of these flourishing days. Generally leaning towards the vocal and also Disco-flavored side of things we're coming across anthems like Mark Rogers a.k.a. Hollywood Beyond's "I Promise (More Beats For Passion Mix)" which represents a more stripped-down yet enthralling take on hormone driven House music, going in deep and organic with "Take Me Higher" created by the US transplant Jimi Polo whilst the previously unreleased dub of UBQ Project's "We Can Make It"  represents the ultimate and intrinsic sexiness of classic House. The hot stabs and raw unpolished sound of Susan Clark's "Deeper (Benji Candelario's Deeper Than Deep Unreleased Mix)" evoke fond memories of euphoric warehouse raves within seconds, the 'Roger S Ego Trip Mix' of Tribal House's "Main Line" weighs in deep organ chords, African chants and yearning vocals, "When I See You (Tight Vocals)" by Frank Youngwerth feat: Ernie lives up to the Soul tradition of House and Soul Dhamma's "Don't Run Away" is a fast-paced, well sexy cut walking the thin line between deep, jazzy and slightly cheesy when it comes to the vocal parts of this tune. Furthermore the 'Tony Humphries Instrumental Mix' of Johanna's "Freak It!" is a classic, driving and well-functional force that keeps dancefloor crowds in motion throughout late night sessions and finally "Yo Razor" by Arts And Crafts feat. Razor Cain fuses pumping killer House and contemporary Rap, building a massive, highly effective dancefloor weapon that  is our personal favorite out of these twelve tunes on a compilation album that's defo a sweet gem to check out if you're a real House head. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Takashi Hattori - Moon [Noble 215 Promo]

Recently put on the circuit via the Tokyo-based experimental music label Noble is "Moon", the first full length album piece of Osaka's Takashi Hattori - his second release ever after his 2013 six-track debut "Unborn" which came out years after he first studio experience in his teenage years when he was permitted to use the recording studio of a Japanese major label for his experiments. Influenced by his work on the soundtrack of the Franco-Japanese film "Technology" which is about to be screened in 2016 as well as an extended trip to India Hattori fuses these experiences with elements of PsychRock on tracks like "Old & New", incorporates highly sophisticated, nervous and clearly Jazz-oriented finger picking techniques in many pieces, builds instrumental layers created of both traditional and electronic instruments on odd, syncopated drum machine loops until they fall together unveiling a spaced out, partly even Kubin'esque quality ("The Sand Effects") and provides extraterrestrial EthnoJazz for highly drugged out space bars with the well-fascinating polyrhythmic effort named "Rickshaw" which, in all its glorious quirkyness, is a smash hit of its own kind. Following up is "Borderline", an Ambient / ChillOut piece of tranquil beauty seamlessly leading into the melodramatic multilayered flow of "Gravity" and its tilting lo-fi bleeps heavily contrasting the solemn string foundation whilst more spaced out, multidimensional sonic thrill is served by "Pink", which'd perfectly fit in in the score of Carpenter's "Dark Star" or futuristic sci-fi flics of the same era due to its tripping sound aesthetics and theremin abuse. "Soma" fuses filtered Noise, reprocessed piano outbursts, off-kilter strings and brass instruments to a well cacophonic, yet fascinating result, "Partition" incorporates elements of highly dramatic opera as well as ritualistic drumming accompanied by scientific sounds resembling computer operations and the final piece "Forgive Me" once again comes in a jazzy vein, touches borders of Easy Listening structurewise but presents way too twisted sound aesthetics to serve as background music for fancy cocktails and a cheerful dance - but will in a better future for sure. A highly complex and defo demanding twelve tracks within 38 minutes album piece that defo should be checked out by all those loving their music touching the leftfield and unique side of spectrum.  

Monday, December 21, 2015

Lucrecia Dalt - Ou [Care Of Editions 5/6 Promo]

Well, what a concept. It's not that we haven't heard talk about the idea of a limited digital download release before but it's Lucrecia Dalt's "Ou" that - as far as we know - really sticks to this and is indeed limited to 45 download copies including a .pdf file with high resolution artwork. Released on December 8th, 2k15 the whole run of DL's might be gone already but still we're into delivering our verdict on what's to be found on this piece. The opener "Over Unity" fuses sawtooth romanticism, deep listening electronics and experimental, yet melodic feedback works before the second part of the tune introduces a more lively, bleeping and slightly dada'esque approach - think R2D2 having a party here. "IOT" starts with lovely warm and organic electronics, introduces intense organs layered on top of a kind of film noir-like atmosphere, makes a cut to move into scenic and playful ambience accompanied by multilayered vocal experiments covering various spaces in the stereo field and later evolves into more cute electronics evoking fond memories of the sound brought to us by the former Berlin-based label Digital Kranky. "Floto" weighs in retrofuturistic sounds of science with a dubbed out, psychedelic twist as well as dark soundscapes telling tales of loneliness and lurking menace and the final cut "Eleanore" delivers all the drama with elements borrowed from classical and neoclassical music, transferred into an experimental electronic context and fused with what might be referred to as a reference to great scores like Tangerine Dream's "Sorcerer". Thrilling!  

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Thomas Köner - The Futurist Manifesto [Von 022 Promo]

Released earlier this year on the Italian Von-imprint is Thomas Köner's take on Filippo Tommaso Marinetti's century old publication "The Futurist Manifesto", an audiovisual DVD interpretation and treatment that is described as 'mini-opera for noise orchestra, female singer, prepared piano and erratic video' of which we received the 37 minutes long audio only version on promo CD a week or two ago. And although it's hard to come up with a verdict without the full visualization it becomes pretty clear after only a few minutes that Mr. Köner, long-time contributor to the experimental music scene, has shaped an amazing muscial score, an evolving mass of beautiful drones, dark'ish strings, reverberating piano tones, sparse, super-slow and decent underwater Electronica beats and - most importantly - whispering male vocals reciting what might be lines taken from "The Futurist Manifesto" itself in an intense, yet sometimes even horrifyingly unemotional way whilst random noises possibly created from processed field recordings interfere and a dismal, superincumbent post war, if not even post civilization melancholia builds up, leads us through dust and urban decay, takes us on a slow motion journey under grey to charcoal skies and finally and grievingly buries the sarcophagi of all leaders that once have been without knowing if the future will bring any good or if there will be a future at all. Music for all that are way beyond black despair, sunk into the well fascinating world of monochromatic greys, running on their autopilot of instincts, having lost all including the idea of what hope might be. This for sure is one of the most intense and touching scores we've come across in years and therefore this piece of work is highly recommended, no matter what the visual part of it might look like.  

Jens K - Cosa Nostra

Back to the sound of 1996 with this hard pumpin' banger. We approve of this!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fufanu - Few More Days To Go [One Little Indian Promo]

Recently released on the ever active One Little Indian label on December 11th, 2k15 was "Few More Days To Go" which is the debut album of the Icelandic outfit Fufanu, formerly known as Captain Fufanu amongst the followers of nordic Techno and House musings. Now, after making the decision to slighty readjust their name and acting as a band their sound has changed drastically, going down the PostPunk / Wave alley rather than losing it on the dancefloor. Marking their spot with the feedback-driven, fuzz guitar-heavy opener "Now" that'll even resonate with disenchanted Grunge kids for a reason they're proudly presenting their new sound and the follow-up "Northern Gannet" fully puts them into an era of cold war depression, concrete walls dividing cities and dark smack moments. With "Wire Skulls" they're fusing PostPunk and subaquatic, Iggy Pop-reminiscing PostWave for self-destructive night creatures, the "Circus Life" is a seductive seven minutes journey best heard whilst driving on the road to nowhere when the sun sets, "Blinking" brings in the fuzz to the Indie and "In The Light Of The Night" spells thoughtful melancholia like Bauhaus in their deepest moments. The "Ballerina In The Rain" performs her dance to the more dreamy, dubbed out side of fuzz-loaden PostPunk, "Plastic People" dance the robot to twanged guitars on patchouly smoked New Wave-floors and "Your Collection" actually contains a good bunch of Goth Rock for the big hair worshipping people of the night. Finally "Goodbye" waves farewell to the listener in a nice'n'dark, yet ballad'esque style and concludes a well diverting album take that's a sweet companion for grey winter days - plus: a refreshingly different approach to what has emerged musically from the volcanic rock named Iceland througout the past years.

Friday, December 18, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Crystal Apes - No Confidence

After a short period of silence the Hamburg-based band The Crystal Apes finally unveils new material with a killer video for "No Confidence". This video, in which baze.djunkiii makes a cameo appearance, is a first prequel to their forthcoming album "Transition" that is due for release later in 2k16. Check!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Duality Micro - The Blue Tape []

Duality Micro is back on track with a new, self-released cassette tape single these days and once again it's great to see how the return of this medium inspires more and more underground producers to focus on the aesthetics of DIY, very limited editions and physical formats to push their music through instead of relying on digital files only that are, and we all know that, condemned to going under and being recognized by no-one due to the sheer mass of releases to be found on bulk platforms like Beatport, iTunes and the likes of as well as being mostly unheard on any digital streaming services. On the A-side of this C20 tape we're experiencing an ever morphing journey into the hypnotic lo-fi tribalisms of (Neo)Cosmic / Synth music, a ritualistic approach that also might be well-appreciated on Psychedelic Trance-driven beaches of the Indian subcontinent, as well as an additional spiralling take on the more nerve-wrecking side of Acid Trance catering the needs of the genres deepest underground. Flipping the tape we're entering the world of raw and jacking, Chicago-reminiscing Acid that's, well, escalating quickly and keeps punters busy throughout the entire side of the thing. Nice one.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fabio Crivellaro - A-B-Normal 01 [Kaspar House Studio]

Coming in from the Italian cassette tape underground is "A-B-Normal 01", the latest and limited to 50 copies release by the ever active producer Fabio Crivellaro who is attacking our eardrums with two radical cuts on this piece. Whilst "Gioia Di Vivere" serves highly distorted digital feedback modulations and squealing, hardly bearable, off kilter synth rape sequences in combination with short Italian vocal outbursts we see "Pink Bunnies" on the flip dancing and headbanging along to a heavy, merciless and dead functional Industrial Techno / Rhythm Industrial turning into Hardcore effort in the vein of the legendary Little Brutal Rave Bastards Series, early releases on labels like Zhark or highly appreciated projects like Hypnoskull and the likes of. If there's any party out there playing tunes like this one we defo wanna go!

Monday, December 14, 2015

BELP - Elephants [Schamoni Musik Promo]

Released only a few days ago is the latest output of Munich-based artist and Schamoni Musik founder Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer a.k.a. BELP who's about to conquer the world of advanced electronic dancefloors and chill out areas with a bunch of six tracks here. Starting the AA-side with the stumbling, bass heavy Space Jazz vs. Future Skweee effort with the search engine-unfriendly name "*~++*++~**++**+++~~~~ (tidal wave)" it becomes pretty clear that this EP takes us on a journey into widely unexplored terrain, "6ghz | Elephants" could be easily referred to as result of the famous BBC Radiophonic Workshop due to its haunting 'reel-to-reel played backwards' aesthetics and "Elephants (ending)" stimulates brainwaves with a 250 seconds transmission of Space Ambient vs. a well unsettling foundation of abstract, heavily filtered Illbient / Electronica beats which are triggering fond memories of Pierrot Premier's 1995-released "Pain-Killer Pilot Plant" here and there. On the flip we see "Dialing 2328628" please all Dubstep / UK Bass headz as well as fans of artists like Deadbeat or Monolake with its on-point, dancefloor friendly yet abstract and broken approach, "Forever New Frontiers (Continued ...)" balances the fine line between Electronic Dub and Dubstep derivatives as well whilst the final "Grillen" is somewhat of a hybrid between IDM and Lo-Fi Hardcore well suitable for raves like Bangface and the likes of. Nice one!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Markus Oehlen - Wanne 4 [Infinite Greyscale 008]

Recently released via the Berlin-based imprint Infinite Greyscale is Markus Oehlen's new 10" release "Wanne 4" which apparently seems to be the artists first full-on solo release under his real name in thirty years. The artist, brother to painter Albert Oehlen as well as painter in his own right as well as German Punk / PostPunk pioneer and member of former groups like Deutschland Terzett, Flying Klassenfeind, Van Oehlen and more, explores the possibilities of experimental, percussive and rhythmic guitar on top of a surprisingly dancefloor suitable electronic 4-2-the-floor structure, creating a fascinating and well-hypnotic flow for advanced late night sessions on this one-sided vinyl which, also due to its lack of hi-hats, slowly bends the boundaries of space and time, riding along on meandering, irregular patterns which are shortly interrupted by two clunky, robotic drum breaks and finally lead into layers of more recognizable, reverberating, semi-acoustic guitar works and a short moment of concluding clarinet experimentalism. A fascinating release both for lovers of the eclectic side of leftfield Techno & House only played out by DJs to well-educated, advanced audiences that really understand the true depth and history of the genre but also a recommended and hand-numbered gem for lovers of non-conformist, unique sonic journeys. Get.

Ivar Grydeland - Stop Freeze Wait Eat [Hubro Music]

Recently released via the Norwegian Jazz- and Improv-label Hubro Music is "Stop Freeze Wait Eat", the latest album work by Ivar Grydeland, known for his solo works as well as for his participation in bands like Huntsville or Finland amongst others. With this seven track release he approaches the concept of cyclical, self-sampling Post-PostRock and Indietronica also introduced to a wider audience by performers like F.S. Blumm or Harald Sack Ziegler. This contemplative, ruminant technique of the performer recording short loops of himself, playing on top of these loops again, twisting, re-recording and manipulating these through various FX results in slowly building organic layers of sound, a steady flow of polyrhythmic events, their echoes and predecessors, sometimes disturbed by additional, hyperelectronic sounds and well as a few minimal, reprocessed breakdowns or soundbending sections at the very end of a track. For those following the musical developments of the Indietronica / Post-PostRock scene since the mid to late 90s this album might not necessarily provide a specific epiphany as these techniques have been used before on numerous occasions but, and this is a very special thing that sets the cyclical approach apart from many other musical techniques, are never tiring or seem to be worn out as they usually provide a warm and comfy feel and always new things, tiny details and structures to explore, both experienced on headphones or in a live environment. This said, "Stop Freeze Wait Eat" is a highly recommended album piece for a reason. Get.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sascha Müller - Brazil Acid Cash EP [Psychocandies 038 Promo]

To be released today on the Acid-focused label Psychocandies is Sascha Müller's new "Brazil Acid Cash EP" which contains three variations on the title track, all about to please lovers of underground Acid to the max. "Brazil Acid Cash 1" is riding the fast lane, combining highly functional modulations and scampering Techno whilst "Brazil Acid Cash 2" is a production in the vein of Pure Plastic-releases ca. 2001 mashed up with floating, spiralling, hyped AcidTrance-reminiscing 303's and the final, 6:06 minutes spanning "Brazil Acid Cash 3" is on a truly fast-paced Rave tip, bringing on screeching soundbursts and slightly evolving sawtooth lines for maximum effect. We approve of this.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2015

01. baze.djunkiii vs. Dr. NoiseM - Untitled [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]
See here for details and video...

02. Dralms - Shook [Full Time Hobby Promo]
See review for details...

03. DJ Taye - Break It Down [Hyperdub 096]
More Juke / Footwork from the Teklife-camp on Hyperdub these days and DJ Taye is representing big time with this four track 12". Whilst the A-side is on a deeper, more Soul and vocal driven tip it's especially "XTCC", a collaborational effort with DJ Earl, that caught my attention due to it's lovely, super seductive vocal sample that has been heard in Jungle / Hardcore times before and has a huge effect on me still. "There's a void... where should be ecstasy."

04. The Schwarzenbach - Nicht Sterben. Aufpassen. [Staubgold 142]
See review for details...

05. Wen ft. Riko Dan - Remixes [Keysound Recordings 056]
Two remixes of "Play Your Corner" on this one with Walton's rework serving a proper crimescene Grime vibe sporting epic breakdowns as well as a banging 4/4 part in the second half of the tune on the A-side whilst Kahn & Neek are going deeper on a riddim that both features tender Electronica-resembling passages as well as darker, oldskool'ish parts that would've been well fitting on early Grime labels like Slimzos Recordings.

06. Wyoming - Moon Jaunt [AdP Records Promo]
See review for details...

07. Sierra Sam - Remember Me [UYX 005 Whitelabel]
Built around two dark and threatening vocal samples - "Somewhere You Can Go" and "Remember Me" - these three tracks to be found on the fifth incarnation of the Upon.You Records whitelabel offspring UYX represent highly functional, technoid dancefloor fodder for all jocks out there preferrably playing concrete, fog-filled underground venues and illegal, strobe heavy basement raves in front of dedicated, sweat covered punters and on huge, pounding rigs. Good stuff.

08. Mytrip - Empty [Amek 004]
Angel Simitchiev a.k.a Mytrip takes us on a trip to the frosty winter nights of his homeland Bulgaria with these two cold Dark Ambient / Drone tracks walking the thin line towards angelic Death Ambient - especially in the second half of "Wherever You Are" - and more haunting, unsettling tonalities ("Wait For Me").

09. [BSSMSSG 001 Whitelabel]
Six track whitelabel 12" of unknown heritage featuring tunes bei The Duke Of Juke, Ill_K, Disrupt and a few others exploring the world of bass music and it's several subbranches like Juke / Footwork, Skweee, 4/4-based dubbisms and epic Roots Dub as well deep Dubstep tunage for advanced floors. Nice one.

10. Luca Agnelli - Solaris [Upon.You Records 097 Promo]
The Italian producer Luca Agnelli comes up with a high quality release on Upon.You Records , fusing a technoid foundation, Acid references and beautiful, crystalline synth improvisations on the title track "Solaris", presenting deep slightly melancholia infusing melodic structures on "Over The Sky" and finally going into deep, well-pumping ends with the closing tune "Level 1" that can be best described as 'troity late-night Techno for those who know. Nice.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Poèmes Électroniques Trailer - Immersive Electronic Live Performance

Poemes Electroniques took place at the Museum Of Contemporary Arts of Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia / USA in March 2k15.

Trailer created by Jeff Shipman.

The Schwarzenbach - Nicht Sterben. Aufpassen. [Staubgold 142]

So that's a deep one - the mighty Kammerflimmer Kollektief is crossing over with author and writer Dietmar Dath for the second time and out comes their new album "Nicht Sterben. Aufpassen." (translate in the vein of: 'Don't die. Be careful.') which has been released via Staubgold on October 30th, 2015.  And as deep as the title's message seems to be is the music - the 10+ minutes opening song "Zarte Blüte Hass" already fuses heavy, distorted and well-buzzing Desert Rock guitars with a desparate bluesy feel, emphasized by lonely harmonicas and Dath's lyrics somehow resembling emotions also evoked by Einstürzende Neubauten's "Silence Is Sexy" album back in the days, the follow-up "Freihändig" is on a funky, reconciliatory tip influenced by playful Electronica and "Toleranz Heucheln" slightly touches dubby territories whilst - kinda ironically - postulating tolerance for each and every perverted and religious extreme. With the vernacularized "Mänkmol Mein I" things get introspect and introvert with folksy, melancholia-inducing twist, "Stark Genug" is a seductive ode to love based on an amalgamation of Vocal PostRock and Post Indie whilst "Lass Das Bleiben" provides a laid-back, Beck'esque attitude fused with fake rasta vibe and a straight, anti-mainstream and anti-capitalist message. "Leider Bin Ich Tot" is a sweet tongue-in-cheek ballad, a playful take on the advantages of death and the afterlife not happening, "Kontersong" is not only anthemic as fuck but also the return of deep, dark'n'dirty, down-to-earth 23rd Century Blues and the concluding "Gegen Ende" is a hypnotizing, pulsing flow of consciousness aiming to alter your mindset and ego forever. Recommended for a reason!

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Vigliensoni - Jaguar [Clang 029 Promo]

Released earlier this fall via the ever active Clang-imprint is "Jaguar", the new digital five track EP written and produced by Montreal-based Gabriel Vigliensoni who is exploring the world of krauty synth workouts and spaced out (Neo)Cosmic within an approximate runtime of 23 minutes. Imagine rhythmic vocal chants, organic, analogue melodies, hypnotizingly pulsing patterns and IDM- / Intelligent Techno-influences falling perfectly into place in the Space Tribalisms of "Personal" that somehow evokes memories of the early 90s Techno supergroup The Shamen - minus the rapping parts, of course -, sets Ambient / Balearic floors in flowmotion with the floating vibe of the title track "Jaguar", provides magical beauty within 218 seconds of "Metal" and even caters a fascinating, quite muscular take on ItaloDisco /  SynthPop in the closing tune "Terminal". Defo recommended to all those preferring the more melodious side of electronic music.