Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Nicolo Francesco Faraglia - Kissos [Aut Records 084]

Released as one of the latest pieces in the ever expanding and growing Aut Records catalogue is "Kissos", the labels 084 and the second full length album by Italian composer Nicolo Francesco Faraglia, realized in cooperation with Gabriele Evangelista and Nicholas Remondino. Spread out over roughly 40 minutes and a total of nine brand new pieces the trio explores an instrumental setting of electric guitar, double bass and drums, starting out on a tender, stripped down and caressing late night Jazz tip with the opening piece that is "Dithyrambos" which basically sets the tone for all things to come like the stripped down, melancholia-inducing beauty, bowed background strings and twangy, slowly cascading guitar melodies of "Echidnai", the similarly seductive minimalism of the subsequent "Epiphaneia" or the slightly more muscular and well defined rhythmic approach of "Oinops" which might be defined and pinpointed as the albums climax by some whereas others might probably pick the trippy, Future Jazz-leaning vibe of "Trieteris" as their personal highlight on this well recommended album. File under: beautiful late night listening.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Atol Atol Atol - Koniec Sosu Tysiaca Wysp [Gusstaff Records]

'Island PostPunk from the south of Poland' - this is how the accompanying promo sheet describes this new release on the ever active and well buzzing Polish label Gusstaff Records. Released on October 21st, 2k22 the four piece band grouped around vocalist Agata Horwat provides a ten song and roughly 35 minutes strong body of work which seems to be mostly at home in what could be described as a drawer of hounded and hectic, heavily Punk-leaning PostPunk and (No)Wave of a high octane, albeit garage'esque lo-fi quality, catering to the wildest, most underground and moshpit hosting dancefloors of subsurface squat clubs, attended by a well initiated and knowledgeable local crowd of uber-goths and hardcore punks alike which are set to go absolutely berzerk to fast lane peaktime cuts like "Gdyby Swiat", the greyscale'ish hypertension brought forward by "Historie O Tobie" as well as the krautsy, well seductive instrumental grooves of "Atol Map Ref. 17°03'E 51°07'N" and the fast paced funkiness of the tracks like "Koniec Sosu Tysiaca Wysp" or "Napisy Koncowe" which both evoke distant memories of alltime favorite bands like Bitch Band No I just to name a few. Good stuff on Gusstaff , this!

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Monday, November 28, 2022

01.12.2022 baze.djunkiii presents Beyond TechHouse Volume 13 @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France

It's all about that hypnotic groove. Officially entering winter season Hamburg-based Radio Flouka-resident baze.djunkiii is ready to bring on some proper dancefloor heat. Digging up a plethora of partially lost gems from his literally more than a metric ton deep vinyl archive we see baze.djunkiii exploring a realm of classic MinimalHouse, MinimalTechno and TechHouse, oftentimes of German origin, which takes us on a trip from more recent contemporary productions all the way back to the mid 90s, bringing back what once was described by noone less than Steve Bug as 'Minimal Funk' alongside an undeniably seductive ElectroPop-attitude as well as an echo of deep and floating DubTechno. Are you ready for this?

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Car Sharing Tapes]

file under: Minimal House / TechHouse / Minimal Funk / DubTechno

transmission time: 22oo - 23oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Senyawa & Lawrence English / Aviva Endean / Peter Knight / Helen Svoboda / Joe Talia - The Prey And The Ruler [Room40 Promo]

Put out via the Australian imprint Room40 on October 28th, 2k22 is "The Prey And The Ruler", a new multi-artist album effort brought to life by the labels head honcho Lawrence English, the Indonesian duo Senyawa and others over a long distance collaboration bridging the gap between countries and continents over the course of the pandemic. The result, a four track longplay piece rolled out over the course of 39 minutes, is nothing short of a tectonic force conceived with the help of newly forged and thought up instruments, a solemn, yet somewhat unsettling take on misty, spiritual Ambient for high altitudes and mythical mountain ranges, graced with yearning, melancholia inducing strings and hovering non-vocalisms, clanging, dreamlike and tribal'esque polyrhythms, washed out atmospheres as well as crackly harmonic minimalisms especially prevalent in the timeless and time-defying beauty of the concluding cut that is "Memangsa Penguasa (The Prey And The Rulers)". This is a trip - and one well worth taking.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Gabriel Prokofiev - Strange Blooms & HOWL! [Oscillations 004 Promo]

Scheduled for release on December 2nd, 2k22 via the Oscillations label as its 004 is "Strange Blooms & HOWL!", a quasi double A-side CD album effort which combines two separate compositions by Gabriel Prokofiev which are united by the fact that they have been originally commissoned for contemporary dance projects. With the four movements of "Strange Blooms" being performed by Jane Chapman on a 17th century baroque harpsichord followed by the Louis Couperins "La Complaingante" which functioned as a main inspiration for the original piece we're entering the sonic journey from a point of harsh, compressed and soul sucking Digital Noize to be found in "Strange Blooms I - The Resilience Of Roots", progress into shape shifting otherworldly Ambient Classical in "Strange Blooms II - Pods Swell (And Open)" whilst sonically working our way further towards an unprocessed, dreamy and naturalistic harpsichord perfomance only partially accompanied by grand unsettling electronic UnAmbient sweeps and swoops over the further course of this piece. Furthermore "HOWL!", tonally based on the sound of the ARP Odyssey synth from the early 70s, brings forth a feeling of dry, brittle, abstract yet well fascinating HyperPhonk for all the Glitch and Electronica headz crowding highly advanced dancefloors with "Howl! I - Agitprop", takes on tense Clicks'n'Cuts alongside hovering, ethereal sinewave-based Ambient melancholia in the time defying "Howl! II - Separation" before "Howl! III - Swarm ft. Linus YS Fung" provides Industrial HyperPhonk as buzzing as a dense swarm of invasive metallic insects from an alien world whereas the concluding "Howl! - Afterlude" caters quite a bit of a seductive groove for a dry, yet complex Electronica x ChillOut piece graced by intricate, ever intesifying and almost 'troity melodic sci-fi sequences just to name a few. One to check out for a reason.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Robert Rich & Luca Formentini - For Sundays When It Rains [Soundscape Productions 040]

Put out on the circuit via California-based Soundscape Productions on September 30th, 2k22 is "For Sundays When It Rains", the new collaborational album effort cooked up by the labels head honcho Robert Rich in collaboration with prolific Italian guitarist Luca Formentini. With the albums roots having sprouted in Carmel, CA and final touches put on the twelve tracks and 57 minutes spanning body of work both in California and near Lake Garda in Italy respectively the longplay format fully lives up to its highly melancholia-inducing title, touches base with tender, organic and slightly Post-PostRock-driven PopAmbient, floating, naturalist ChillOut and warm, highly comforting Ambient sounds and provides a deeply beautiful and touching listening experience that's as scenic and texturally rich as a balearic sunset. A listening experience to share with a loved one. Nice.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Amidea Clotet - Trasluz [Relative Pitch Records]

Put out on the circuit via the NYC-based avantgarde imprint Relative Pitch Records on August 12th, 2k22 is "Trasluz", the latest longplay effort created by Barcelona's self-described improviser and noise maker Amidea Clotet. Setting out to explore the sonic possibilities of electric guitar and various objects over the course of seven pieces rolled out over a total playtime of 43 minutes Amidea Clotet treats - and sometimes torments... - her instrument of choice to achieve a raw, highly improvised and yet extremely detailed sound aesthetic which covers a range from aggressive and partially Noize-related scrapings to clusters of sonic micro-events of unresolved provenance, a few rather naturally plucked and treated strings as well as sequences of creaking and squealing under applied tension and pressure and probably culminates in the anti-climactic ultraminimalism of "El Que No Es Diu", a piece which in parts surely operates at the fringes of audibility but also incorporates an ever present spatial ambient sound and atmosphere which provides a feel of warmth and comfort despite the main sequence of sonic events within this tune gravitates to granular hyperabstraction whereas a piece like "Insula" provokes an unsettling feeling of vantablack darkness and impending doom just to pick two specific cuts for a closer examination. One album for the headstrong, this.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Stefan Römer - ReCoder Sound [Corvo Records 022]

Released via Berlin's Corvo Records label on October 1st, 2k22 is "Recorder Sound", the latest album outing by sound researcher and conceptualist Stefan Römer, a soundtrack for one of his experimental films as well as a new addition to his meta project 'Deconceptualize'. Spread out over twelve tracks and a total of 30 minutes with contributions by famed figures such as Daniel Door, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and others Römer constructs his compositions from both samples taken from the original experimental short film and its main protagonist Reco, her supposed thoughts and thought processes, minimalist electronic additions as well as from precisely chosen and evaluated #irl Field Recordings, for the most part arranged in a dry, cut-up and almost documentary fashion from what seems to be an outsider perspective with the exception of the highly seductive lo-fi SynthPop bang0r "Reco Song", the Clicks'n'Cuts-infused mechanical Post-Industrial Electronica abstractions of "Noise ReCoder" as well as the Fraktus-inspired ElectroPop cut "Sex Practice Is Text Practice" which might move some proper ass on lo-fi friendly underground dancefloors. Probably more accessible for a wider audience in its original visual context, yet an interesting release nontheless.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Gaia Mattiuzzi - Inner Core [Aut Records 085]

Another fresh one released via Aut Records on November 11th, 2k22 is "Inner Core", the latest album conceived by Italian vocalist Gaia Matiuzzi with the support of an international set of artists, most famously - at least for an electronic audience - Grischa Lichtenberger who contributed electronic sounds as well as production on "Winds Of May (0517_05_re0417_03)". Over the course of seven pieces and a total playtime of roughly 39 minutes Gaia Mattiuzzi opens with the touching, emotional and tender piano meets vocal amalgamation that is "Calyx", a beautiful contemporary tribute to the sepia sound of crackly vintage days with the subsequent piece "The Way Of Memories" entering a livelier, more dramatic widescreen Jazz realm before "About The End" presents beautiful, meandering, ever intensifying piano lines with a proper late night aesthetic and the ethereal, enchanting "From Dewy Dreams" sees Gaia Mattiuzi making full use of her chiming and bell-like vocal register in a way that would be well suitable for future Film Noir experiments. Furthermore "The Last Flower In My Hair" incorporates captivating Electronica rhythms in a calm and jazzy, albeit almost Björk'esque fashion, "Riding A Photon" comes across way more tempered and restrained than one would expect travelling at the actual speed of light and the concluding aforementioned "Winds Of May (0517_05_re0417_03)" seems to aim for an almost solo'esque vocal approach atop hyperminimalist fragmented electronics for the first half of the cut before a few stripped down tenor sax and piano fragments provide an additional human, and naturally Jazz-flavored, touch. File under: high quality Jazz sounds which should make their way into every contemporary genre collection for a reason.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Monica Nica Agosti / Shapex - Ornettiana [Aut Records 082]

Put out on the circuit via Davide Lorenzon's Aut Records imprint on September 12th, 2k22 is "Ornettiana", the first ever album release by the Monica Nica Agosti-led Shapex quintet. Vaguely inspired and infused by Ornette Coleman's take on improvised, yet harmonic music the ensemble caters a menu of eleven pieces over the course of roughly 46 minutes total runtime, with three of those even being originally written by Coleman himself and therefore probably well familiar to dedicated Jazz afficionados for a reason. Musically the journey starts from a point of a playful, experimental yet well vintage sounding FreeJazz / March fusion that's as grainy and granular as old black-and-white films from the 30's, stays close to this somewhat old timey sound aesthetic in the first Coleman-interpretation "Law Years" which is graced by Nica Agosti's improvised, highly expressive and high register vocal performance whereas the Tobia Bondesan-written "Brittle White" brings forth the vibe of a high class late night Jazz standard to be before "Kathelin Gray" presents as deep of a love song as can be, following the tradition of classic emotional and well touching broadway pieces. With these tunes paving the way for all things to come further highlights include the similarly touching ballad that is "Echoes From Fort Worth, Texas", the killer late night Jazz vibes of "Cooper's Game" as well as the uplifting Dancefloor Jazz provided by "Rollin'" and the heartfelt, rhythmically complex Jazz melancholia induced by "At The Funeral The Band Is Sad And Drunk" which might well be our favorite cut on this longplayer. One album highly recommended to all dedicated Jazz headz out there for a reason and probably also a well suitable gateway drug for all those who are curious about the genre in general and in need of a contemporary starting point for further explorations into high quality Jazz and beyond. A perfect winter album, this.

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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Yellow6 - A Change In The Weather [Sound In Silence 094]

Coming in from the Greek Sound In Silence camp is "A Change In The Weather", the latest, September 26th, 2k22 released nine tracks and 64+ minutes spanning album outing by Leicestershire's Jon Attwood a.k.a. Yellow6 who's been recording these tunes in the first half of 2k22 whilst coping with a new reality of both post-pandemia and probably -brexit as well. The result is a calm, obviously inward-looking and peaceful collection of solo guitar pieces which partially exceed the artists usual field of work within a PostRock-leaning sonic space, especially in the minimalist opener "Clouds Gather" which brings forward a new, probably Blues-infused facet of Yellow6's work whereas pieces like the dreamy, naturalist and slightly twangy "All Lies" drift and meander beautifully, the tender "All At Sea" amalgamates floating Ambient atmospheres and caressing, most romantic acoustic guitar melodies for late night candlelight conversations which finds its continuation in the even more ruminant PopAmbient vibes of "And Around Again" whilst the concluding, slowly cascading "Silverware" provides a warm, relaxing calmness like a hot summers sunday afternoon for a closing just to name a few. A well comforting journey for a cold winter evening, this.

Philippe Petit - A Reassuring Elsewhere, Chapter 1 [Oscillations 002]

Put out on the circuit via the relatively fresh Oscillations label is Philippe Petit's "A Reassuring Elsewhere, Chapter 1", the first part of a triple album trilogy thought up and conceived by the long standing French producer, composer, DJ and radio host who's been active in various roles since the early 80s. Presenting a take on prepared piano and theremin in conjunction with a Buchla 200 synth and an EMS Synthi A over the course of six pieces and a total playtime of approx. 43 minutes Mr. Petit explores a spatial, free-floating and therefore timing-less sonic universe of a highly experimental, oftentimes even collage'esque and sometimes well cheeky nature, pairing curious, playful retrofuturist vintage synth blips, sweeps and swirls with well unsettling metallic rumblings from the very inside of a grand piano, the obvious use and abuse of the instruments strings, non-defined creaks and scrapings as well as short, well fever'ish rhythmic outbreaks and slightly jazzed out hyperabstractions in those rare moments in which the piano is recognizable in its initial form whereas the final cut even provides a feel of wandering through an enchanted, fantastical miniature wonderworld trapped and encased inside a gargantuan metal drum and therefore might be our favorite cut on this longplayer. If the general concept of Plunderphonics is one well familiar to you this one might be an album within your musical wheelhouse.

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Friday, November 18, 2022

OUT TODAY! baze​.​djunkiii & THE D3VI7 present DIURNAL TIDES: First Wave [Carsharing Tapes 001]

Welcome to Carsharing Tapes. Welcome to the future.

With „DIURNAL TIDES: First Wave“ we're proud to present not only the first release of our new imprint for classic electronic music mixtape culture but also the first ever official gathering of two long standing figures which both have been relentlessly and continuously contributing to the German underground scene for more than two decades now.

And these two are: baze.djunkiii and THE D3VI7.

baze.djunkiii, Hamburg-born and based, officially entered the electronic music scene as a DJ back in 1997 from an angle of being an enthusiastic raver, launched his very own label Intrauterin Recordings in 1999 and - apart from becoming an 24/7 networker, knowledge hub, music blogger etc. - evolved into one of the most versatile underground DJs and purveyor of original DJ culture around whose journey on the decks has taken him all over Germany as well as to Greece and the United States and to countless hours of air time on a plethora of underground radio stations as well.

THE D3VI7, on the other hand, remains an elusive figure. Deeply rooted in electronic music production and the hell'ish jungle of circuit board wiring as well as DAW madness THE D3VI7 is a moniker created by one of the most active, yet probably most underrated figures on the release circuit, a nom de guerre which serves the sole purpose of being able to operate anonymously without any confirmation bias being attached to other musical guises which might, or might have not, been used previously and in earlier stages of a long lasting involvement in music. And btw - this is the first time ever THE D3VI7 agreed to provide an official DJ mix for a mixtape release.

With baze.djunkiii's mix opening the roughly hour long journey of „DIURNAL TIDES: First Wave“ on the A-side we're getting a prime example of what original DJ culture is all about as he's taking us on a fascinating journey from deepest underground Electro to screaming, spiralling Acid madness and beyond, digging up most underground vinyl cuts and making proper use of his extensive collection of rare 7“ releases - a format that has been criminally overlooked by many DJs but provides a treasure trove of goodness as this mix easily proves.

Turning the tape THE D3VI7 does what THE D3VI7 does best on the flip: Being a force. A dark one. Forging a pounding, most relentless stream of hammering Techno tunes to take out unsuspecting punters on heaving dancefloors one by one THE D3VI7 provides a high octane selection of peak time excess that either thrills or kills – an ode to the power of raw and unpolished Techno madness in its purest form. A power that cannot be contested. Ever.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

The D3VI7 - Fast Pace EP [Pulsewave Records 109 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via Tokyo's Pulsewave Records label as their 109 on July 16th, 2k22 is The D3VI7's "Fast Pace EP." Opening with the "Fast Pace *Main Mix" the German underground producer brings on brooding, pumping and muscular underground Techno with an ever oscillating midrange synth built from liquid metal whereas the subsequent "Fast Pace *Acid Mix" adds even more of a punch before introducing some ever spiralling, hyperchromatic and well psychoactive Acid modulations to the mix, providing fuel for a trip into new realities beyond space and time.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents After Hours: Superstrobe Volume 2 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (03.11.2202)

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Roland Schappert - Route 2 [R-ecords]

Coming in from the Cologne-based and artist run R-ecords imprint these days is "Route 2", the latest 2LP vinyl set cooked up by Roland Schappert. Mastered by Bob Humid and released as a limited edition of 250 copies Schappert presents a ten track journey into his very personal sonic universe, traversing from timeless crystalline Ambeint minimalisms presented in the opening cut "Darwin" to cold, frosty (Field?) recordings of exoplanetary atmospheres whereas "I Love You, Ich" is a well groovy, yet stripped down exercise in trippy hypnotic lo-fi Electronica garnished with crumbling, decaying vocal snippets, the subsequent "I Love You, Coda" dives deep into experimental low-end Techno abstractions whereas "Victor" brings forth an amalgamation of deep Electronica x ChillOut vibes paired with subtle Clicks'n'Cuts influences. Furthermore "Fällst Mir Leicht" indulges in ancient, fever'ish Tribal ryhthm signatures and gnarly analogue vintage synth basslines, "Barbate" and its modified string pluckings evoke memories of Contemporary Classical composition techniques as well as medieval harps and, despite being instrumental, minnesong whilst "Cadiz" caters a spatial and sub-aquatic, almost Drexciyan take on calm, organic and polyphonic ChillOut vibes and the strangely named closing cut that "Campari-Sekt" seemingly pairs the looped signature sound of drinking through a straw with icy, glistening repetitions of Minimal Music layers for those who do appreciate the works of early pioneers like Steve Reich alongside more recent purveyors of electro-acoustic music like Aube or, in parts, Asmus Tietchens and others. If you are a dedicated collector of minimalist electronic music in general this album is one to check out for sure.

Monday, November 14, 2022

18.11.2022 WE DANCE ELECTRIC! @ Schaubude / Kiel

file under: Electroclash / NuDisco / IndieElectro / BootlegHouse

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / BETA-ZERFALL / Carsharing Tapes]

doors: 11 P.M.

Wir schreiben das Jahr 2023. Electroclash ist der heisseste Shit und in allen DJ-Sets dieser Welt finden sich lustige, oftmals nur semilegale Remixe und Bootlegs in Dauerration.

Bitte, was? Rewind. Noch mal.

Wir schreiben das Jahr 2023. Electroclash ist für viele nur noch eine Erinnerung. Noch. Denn für den aufmerksamen und kundigen Betrachter stehen die Zeichen auf Sturm - a.k.a. Revival.

Während NuDisco in den letzten Jahren erfolgreich die erneute Vermählung von Songstruktur und elektronischer Clubtanzfläche feierte und sich Genres wie ItaloDisco und sogar Latin Freestyle in alten und neuen Inkarnationen langsam wieder aus der Deckung wagen, braut sich am Horizont der Rückkehr des Wahnsinns zusammen, der in den Nullerjahren für kurze Zeit Indiekids, elektronische Clubkultur, Popmusik, Mode und Kunst in einem nicht enden wollenden Hyperrausch vereinte – und mit einem mächtigen Kater endete sowie mit vielen verbrannten Musikindustriemillionen.

Doch die Musikwelt verläuft in Zyklen, der Rausch ist ausgeschlafen und auch der mächtigste Kater besiegt. Die alten Helden des Genres erfahren erneut Aufmerksamkeit in den Plattenläden dieser Welt, neue Helden sind geboren und nach fast zwei Jahren Zwangspause stehen alle Regler auf Hedonismus und die grosse Abfahrt mit grossen Gesten. Bei Allen.

Zeit für den Hamburger DJ baze.djunkiii, seines Zeichens Mastermind der Intrauterin Recordings Label Group, BETA-ZERFALL Resident und vieles mehr, tief in seinem nahezu unendlichen Archiv zu graben, Klassiker des Genres mit kontemporären Tunes abzuschmecken, zweimal kräftig zu rühren und dem kommenden Revival hier in Kiel schon jetzt einen Schritt voraus zu sein. Natürlich zu 100% von Vinyl, ganz im Sinne der original DJ culture.

Be there! Don't Miss!

Legienstrasse 40
24103 Kiel

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Slina Trzaska - Slina Trzaska [Gusstaff Records Promo]

The ever active imprint that is Poland's Gusstaff Records seemingly never sleeps and therefore brings us the new self-titled album by Slina Trzaska, a four track and 57 minutes spanning collaborational effort by Wroclaw-based band Slina and saxophone x clarinet player Mikolaj Trzaska. With four subsequently numbered pieces, all named and defined by their individual playtime only, the October 28th, 2k22 released album provides a journey opening from a point of deeply enchanted, Ambient- x score-leaning electronic textures garnished with playful and explorative, jazzed-out duo sax meanderings slowly drifting towards what could be described as screaming hot oriental desert vibes gradually turning into a crescendo of multilayered madness within the first piece which is followed by buzzing, electric and scurrying improvisations accompanied by rumbling, thunderous drum lines buried deep within the background of a highly melancholia inducing nocturnal mixdown. Furthermore the second extended piece crossing the 20+ minutes mark on this album provides most beautiful and unexpectedly tender late night Jazz before making a turn towards nervous and unsettling agitation which could provide a suitable soundtrack for fever dreams and disturbing nightmares before the album is finally coming full circle with a closing harking back to the peaceful, enchanted and wondrous intro sequence of the opening tune. This one's a deep one.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Bekah Simms - Bestiaries [Centrediscs]

Another fresh one released via the Canadian Centrediscs label on October 28th, 2k22 is Bekah Simms' "Bestiaries", a three pieces and 34 minutes spanning album which sees the currently Glasgow-based composer exploring contemporary music and composition from a very unique personal angle, fusing a classical chamber orchestra x ensemble performance approach with explorative live electronics and a surprisingly dark, hyperdramatic attitude which, at some occasions, evokes faint and distant memories of score music used in cinematic milestones like 'Star Wars' in the opening piece "Foreverdark", a piece moving from dense, agitated full orchestration to enchanted, playful minimalisms and back whereas "From Void" is as spatial and brooding as its name suggests, catering a menu of spine-tingling reverberating tones, eerie creaks and squeaks as well as powerful, fever'ish and most of all a combination of irregularly erupting drums and abused, spiralling strings which abruptly switch the listeners nervous system into high alert and high awareness mode without ever providing full on relief. Furthermore the closing piece that is "Bestiary I & II" provides an amalgamation of dramatic emotional, Opera-leaning soprano vocals and a musical ark spanning from hovering naturalistic minimalism to highly expressionistic climaxing orchestral swells and eruptions, basically telling a story of sonic war and peace within a little less than 12 minutes. Defo an album that is beyond any words and description other than it being a thrilling avantgarde journey for fans of Contemporary Classical as well as score music alike.

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Friday, November 11, 2022

Jan Martin Smørdal / Øystein Wyller Odden - Kraftbalanse [Sofa Music]

Put out on the circuit via Norway's ever active Sofa Music label on October 1st, 2k22 is "Kraftbalanse", the 72 minutes spanning two track - !!! - collaborational album created by composer Jan Martin Smørdal in association with artist Øystein Wyller Odden. With the two extended pieces being composed for a setting of piano, strings and alternating currents, based around the 50 Hz hum of the electrical grid and executed in conjunction with an eight piece strong string ensemble on June 1st, 2k19 in the Oslo City Hall the sound of "Kraftbalanse" is composed of direct reactions to even most minute frequency changes within the power grid, resulting in a slow moving, yet ever meandering and forward progressing stream of unfathomable Deep Listening Music, comprised of a droning low frequency backdrop and a multi-layered arrangement of sustained, eerie, yearning and otherworldy off-kilter string tones reminiscent of lone, ancient siren songs as well as an overall feel of timelessness and eternity which makes this one a worthy edition to every Ambient and Avantgarde collection out there.

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Ben Glas - Superpositional Melodies [Room40 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the long standing Australian staple that is Room40 on September 30th, 2k22 is "Superpositional Melodies", the latest album by Portland, OR based composer Ben Glas. With a total of eight tracks subsequently numbered "Superpositional Melodies I-VIII" rolled out over the course of roughly 43 minutes total playtime Glas explores the realm of psycho-acoustics and intertwined, sine-wave based drone minimalisms to an effect of real - or imagined ? - polyrhythmicity and multi-angledness, garnished with retrofuturist computational bleeps and a purist, somewhat outerworldly attitude which sees each and every composition hovering beyond and above our regular perception of space and time, beatless, monolithic and impenetrable in its singular, self-contained existence, yet reflective and shimmering like a holographic mirror and a canvas for each listeners individual imagination and interpretation. Is this just a contemporary take on Minimal Music or unlocking an entirely new layer of electronic music to be classified as MetaAmbient by future generations? Or is "Superpositional Melodies" as an album even beyond that? Go and find out.

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 11/2k22

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Monica Pearce - Textile Fantasies [Centrediscs]

Released via the four+ decades standing Canadian imprint Centrediscs on October 14th, 2k22 is "Textile Fantasies" which is the latest - and first ever - album by Brownsville, Texas-based composer Monica Pearce. Being drawn to both Opera and Chamber Music as well as musical executions by (toy) piano Pearce presents a total of eight new pieces rolled out over a playtime of roughly 69 minutes on her newly laid down longplay effort, brought to life by a plethora of contributing musicians and ensemble members in various, yet mostly non-repeating casts and solo settings with its compository content being entirely inspired by the particular texture of one specific type of fabric or pattern as stated in the accompanying press info. This being said - and with individual pieces dubbed "Leather", "Chain Maille", "Velvet", "Denim" amongst others - the music to be found on "Textile Fantasies" brings forth a certain feel of repetition combined with ever evolving varying textures from the very start of the dramatic harpsichord opener "Toile De Joy" onwards which immediately grabs the listeners attention due to the instruments most unusual sonic characteristics which are rarely experienced by modern day listeners in their full extent, subsequently followed my the more percussive, yet similarly dramatic and spine-tingling "Leather" and its ever so hounded movements whereas "Chain Maille" presents a chiming and surprisingly tender crystalline attitude. Furthermore both "Houndstooth" and "Silks" provide exercises in shimmering solo piano performance, "Velvet" fully indulges in actual, yet brooding and somewhat Reich'ian Minimal Music before "Damask" goes down a chiming and even more stripped down alley in combining tabla and piano sequences whilst the final cut that is "Denim" evokes memories of the strict and perfectly timed precision oftentimes displayed by military drum orchestras in their showcase performances for a reason. Defo one to check out for fans of Contemporary Classical composition, this.

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Laibach - The Future (Official Video)

Monday, November 07, 2022

Jessica Moss - Galaxy Heart [Constellation Records 168]

Following up to the release of her 2021 album "Phosphenes" Jessica Moss recently returned to Constellation Records with another longplayer, the ten tracks and 45 minutes spanning "Galaxy Heart". Put out on the circuit on October 7th, 2k22 the Montreal-based composer x violin player once again explores and expands her sonic spectrum driven by the pandemic-imposed isolation of past years opening with yearning, distorted and isolationist electric guitars before touching base with slightly off-kilter and folksy - or better: ancient rural - Contemporary Classical arrangements in "Uncanny Being (Violin Study #2)" which are paired with somewhat militant snare rolls buried in the very background of the compositions mix. Furthermore the subsequent cut "This Continuous Spectrum" seems to lean into the Ambient-savvy side of deep and trippy Psychedelic Rock, "Is There Room For All Of It" sees Jessica Moss even utilizinging her voice to bring forward a well hovering variation of hyperminimal Leftfield Folk, the title track "Galaxy Heart" is tapping into spiritual forces channeled by primordial ritualisms before "Light Falls On Every Door" and its successors are falling back to Modern x Contemporary Classical and Avantgarde composition techniques for violin as well as more ritual Folk vibes in "Uncanny Body (Violin Study #1)" and a dramatic vocal performance in "Enduring Oceans" to come full cycle. Recommended.

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The D3VI7 - Lifeforms EP [Pure Dope Digital 225 Promo]

Another fresh release cooked up by no-one less than The D3VI7 himself is the "Lifeforms EP", released by Pure Dope Digital as their 225 on August 5th, 2k22. Whereas "Lifeforms (Wir Schicken Dich Ins All) *Original Mix" sees The D3VI7 on a mythical, floating, ever cascading, yet muscular and pumping Melodic Trance tip the subsequent "Lifeforms (Wir Schicken Dich Ins All) *DJ Nightnoise Remix" by long standing Flensburg-based activist DJ Nightnoise focuses on a darker, more psychedelic approach with slightly slower tempo and a newly added swampy and well sticky low end section for all sub bass loving (Progressive) Trance heads out there.

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Jairus Sharif - Water & Tools [Telephone Explosion Records 093]

Put out on the circuit via the Toronto-based imprint Telephone Explosion Records on October 21st, 2k22 is "Water & Tools", the latest longplay outing by Calgary's Jarius Sharif who, prior to ending up with buying an alto saxophone shortly before the pandemic hit, has been touching base with various musical approaches on explorative stints including HipHop x DJ'ing, Punk as well as Spiritual Jazz throughout his life. Now invested in the art of Free Jazz and Improvisation and recording in his makeshift home studio without undergoing any formal sax lessons Sharif laid down his nine tracks and 42 minutes spanning album throughout a period of reflection and increased self-awareness, guiding the listener through an intense listening experience starting from a point of spine-tingling, almost klaxon'esque electronic signals paired with quasi-oriental melodic meanderings bringing forth a brooding desert feel before drifting into hopeful, expanding FutureJazz territories, incorporating elements of fever'ish, primeval DopeBeats and hefty, bass-heavy, dancefloor stirring beats for Illbient crowds as well slugg'ish, grinding FreeJazz x Electronics fusions for highly advanced dancefloors and screaming sax eruptions on the brink of madness and before even adding some muscular DarkJazz to the mix just to provide a rough layout of what is to be found on this highly interesting and recommended album. Nothing but excellence in this one. Get.

Saturday, November 05, 2022

Wako - Ut Av Det Nye [Øro Fonogram 195]

Coming in from Norway and once again put out on the circuit via Øra Fonogram is "Ut Av Det Nye", the October 28th, 2k22 released album by Wako and the follow up to their self-titled 2020 longplay effort. Over the course of nine new pieces and roughly 41 minutes of playtime the band, still consisting of Kjetil Mulelid, Martin Myhre Olsen, Bardur Reinert Paulsen and Simon Olderskog Albertsen, celebrates its tenth anniversary by a return to its roots as a purely acoustic quartet, once again exploring the tender, soft and intricate side of the Jazz genre driven by oftentimes meandering, highly expressive piano lines provided by Kjetil Mulelid whilst drifting away into slightly Bossa x Brazil-infused, top tier Easy Listening territories garnished with playful sax expressions in cuts like "Pleb Yalu", going down a lane of late night ballads in "Alice" or the tender miniature that is "Løgmannabreyt" whereas "Alt Det Vi Tapte" taps into the more dramatic side of Wako's musical work before closing things out with the soft, stripped down melancholia of "Vi Sendte Dem Alle Bort" just to name a few. If tender, most beautiful Jazz music for late night listening is your jam, this one shouldn't go unnoticed for a reason.

Friday, November 04, 2022

Ingar Zach - Musica Liquida [Sofa Music]

Released via the Norwegian staple that is Sofa Music on October 14th, 2k22 is "Musica Liquida", the latest album outing by long-standing percussionist, composer and sonic researcher Ingar Zach who, well suitably, describes this three tracks and and roughly 36 minutes spanning release as the first audio document of an ongoing research project at Oslo's Academy Of Music dubbed 'The Vibrating Drum'. Opening with "Mercurio" Ingar Zach explores the effect of vibrating speakers in direct contact with a drumskin, the main focus of the research project, to the result of what seems to be an intense electrical buzz soon transforming into the Ambient sound of an running tractor engine blown over from afar, paired with additional scrapings and microtonal signals, all falling together in a well textured, Dark Ambient-leaning matter before building up to an intense, spine-tingling climax whilst the subsequent "Increspature Su Un Lago" provides an aural inside into spatial subsurface cavities sparsely inhabited by lone creatures yearning for faint reflections of daylight whereas the concluding piece "Vapore" pairs subtle and calming repetetive Ambient melodies with screaming otherworldly signals and ghostly sweeps for a deep, yet not undisturbed closing. Defo a recommended one, this.

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Thursday, November 03, 2022

Perpetual Bridge - Astral Departures [Everest Records Promo]

Released via the Swiss label Everest Records on October 28th, 2k22 is "Astra Departures", the sophomore album release for Nadia Peter's solo project dubbed Perpetual Bridge. Over the course of six tracks and roughly 41 minutes total runtime the Swiss-Italian composer presents a very distinct and oftentimes stripped down sonic aesthetic remininiscent of both space-themed Ambient x ChillOut sound as well as the harmonic, yet experimental and at the time groundbreaking Cosmic Synth compositions laid down by the likes of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and other like-minded pioneers, pairs this vibe with sparse, expertly sculpted Electronica grooves at times whereas tunes like "Paradoxical Propeller" gravitate towards a warm, organic and all embracing Downtempo approach, "Flying Stones" even dabbles with a Trance-like floatiness suitable for late night dancefloors and "Abstract Possibilities" focuses on deep space harmonies in combination with complex, skeletal rhythms and therefore provides one of the best - and classic - Electronica tunes we've heard in a while. Highly recommended. Go check.

Afflicted - Afflicted In Dub [Afflicted in Techno Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit on June 22nd, 2k22 via the artist run label Afflicted In Techno is "Afflicted In Dub", the latest 50+ minutes spanning five track outing by the famed duo that is Afflicted, comprised of Ufuk Özbayar a.k.a. P.T.B.S. and Sascha Müller. Opening with "Amazonas" the pair of artists caters a ChillOut-leaning, ever floating piece of hypercalm DubTechno goodness whilst "At The Airport" presents a most beautiful take on deep, melodic, slightly dubbed out and ever spiralling, well trancey Intelligent Techno and "Killing Fields" provides more of a dancefloor punch in its combination of uplifting basslines, dubbed out elements and a well dreamy Trance vibe for early morning x late night ravers. Furthermore the 23+ minutes spanning main piece of this extended release, "Speech", takes us on a journey into the deepest depths of our artificial mind, a trip fueled by intense, ever rolling bassdrums and basslines of a technoid kind whilst the intricate, minimalist layers do lean towards a genre once referred to as Intelligent Techno before "The Goose" rounds things off on a highly bassline-focused, dubbed out tip which probably would've turned out even more fascinating and on point without the slightly hollow sounding 4/4 bassdrum providing an additional rhythmic foundation in the tunes background.

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2k22

01. Mad Voice - Drogen / Ohne Liebe Leben [Wiener Brut 004]
This is a bang0r. Originally put out on the circuit via Tyrolis Music back in 1982 the long time forgotten sole 7" release by Mad Voice has now been revived and re-issued, putting a well deserved spotlight on this double a-sided Austrian New Wave gem which perfectly depicts the well depressing and drug-infused life hidden behind the glitzy curtain walls of Vienna's high - and not so high - society of the 80s. Excellent, simplistic and featuring Austro-German lyrics, too.

02. Geir Sundstøl - The Studio Intim Sessions Vol. 1 [Hubro Music]
See review for details...

03. Desolat - Elegance Is An Attitude... To Shit On. [Bloodshed666 Records 022 / Santa Diabla 016]
See review for details...

04. Metal Master - Spectrum *Bart Skils & Weska Reinterpretation [Cocoon Recordings]
Without any doubt we are in the middle of a 90s Rave x Trance revival and therefore there should be no surprise in the fact that one of the eras most distinct, beloved, unique and emotionally touching tracks gets a new treatment in 2k22. Pressed on 180g one-sided clear x splatter vinyl Bart Skils & Weska take on Metal Master's "Spectrum" and its outstanding weeping electric guitar motif for an update and present a respectfully executed deep Progressive x TechTrance refix that keeps the tunes orignal spirit for the oldskool ravers whilst still being compatible with modern Business Techno workouts for a reason.

05. DJ Pirna - Prehistoric Passion [Former City Records 013]
Germany has never been a hotbed for all things GhettoBass x GhettoTech x ElectroFunk and therefore this eight track album by DJ Pirna is quite a surprise, bringing all the sleazy, well sexy and seductive goodness associated with the genre, aiming for uptempo stripclub dancefloors with cuts like "Hold Me *Instrumental" and even managing to get German - and Russian! - vocalists x MC's into the mix in some tracks. Defo one to check out, this, and don't overlook the banging HipHop instrumentals on this album as well.

06. White Pain - Paroles Absurdes [Camisole Records 024]
And here we go with another re-issued classic, the only album ever released by the French group White Pain and the only release of the long time defunct label Productions Du Tigre. Originally released in 1986 and now unearthed in a limited quantity of 500 copies via Camisole Records the current, remastered version of "Paroles Absurdes" does not only bring back the original seven tracks of the original release but also adds two even rarer cuts taken from the bands self-released 1985 cassette tape single, presenting a complete overview on their work for all the collectors of dreamy SynthPop and - sometimes even Rock x Pop-leaning - New Wave music out there. One to check is the darki'sh, well minimalist Proto-EBM cut "Vienna" for sure.

07. Your Planet Is Next / Jotel California - WAR2201 [Warning]
Novelty Music, anyone? Whilst Your Planet Is Next presents a super lo-fi take on the Eurodance classic that is "Rhythm Is A Dancer" by Snap! we see Jotel California pushing Grauzone's "Eisbaer" to new electroid heights that might even resonate with a variety of GhettoBass x GhettoTech DJ's out there.

08. Rove Ranger - Millenial Millenium EP [LT Records 099]
Quite an unusual release coming from the Lobster Theremin camp with four tracks balancing the thin line between uptempo Techno goodness and an undeniably (Tech)Trance-leaning attitude for strobe-lit peak time floors.

09. 2econd Class Citizen - Unlearn [Equinox Records 051]
Sometimes being a DJ and music writer in combination with being an avid vinyl collector is a strange thing because there comes a point when certain records start to show up, not necessarily as a dedicated press or DJ promo or sth. you buy from which source it might be - they just appear in some form. This album by 2econd Class Citizen on the Equinox Records imprint is a perfect example of such a record I never looked out for, never knew it existed in the first place but perfectly satisfied the need for a proper Downtempo x TripHop x Beatmaker album I had felt for quite a while even though proper good releases within this genre are quite rare these days. This is good stuff.

10. -

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

03.11.2022 baze.djunkiii presents After Hours: Superstrobe Volume 2 @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France

Get the party started! With this one Hamburg-based Radio Flouka-resident baze.djunkiii is in for a well uplifting vibe to brighten your dark and stormy nights. Starting from a perspective of a properly reworked AcidHouse classic baze.djunkiii works his way through another 100% vinyl selection, providing a musical ark that touches base with various iterations of contemporary House and NuDisco, ItaloDisco and even classic Disco x Edit business to provide the ideal soundtrack for your personal after hours session. Enjoy.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Car Sharing Tapes]

file under: House / Disco / NuDisco / Freestyle

transmission time: 22oo - 23oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka

The D3VI7 - Bloodline [Psychocandies 100]

The D3VI7 is the master of the unthinkable. And so he pushes things to the limits on a regular, like he does with his latest release on the long standing Psychocandies label which finally celebrates its 100th outing in the darkest fashion ever. With "Bloodline" the label releases a hyperlimited - we're talking a total of 5 copies worldwide here - 12" which is supposedly filled with, albeit sterilized and preserved, human blood and therefore presents a new step up the ladder of what is possible in terms of, probably questionable, art vinyl production. On the A-side The D3VI7 provides us with "The Only Way" which turns out to be a super deep, slowly evolving, yet heavily pumping (Progressive) Trance cut stretched out over the course of 11+ minutes throughout which it evolves into proper spiralling AcidTrance madness whereas "Rave Like In The Old Days" on the flip takes us way back to the mid-90s when pounding, fast-paced and hyper ecstatic HardTrance ruled laser lit dancefloors for a reason, caters a pitch perfect emulation of the original rave sound in those days, snare rolls and pizzicato breakdowns included, and therefore turns out to be our main favorite on this one. Get one if you can.