Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reptile Youth - A Flash In The Forest (Official Music Video)

Reptile Youth - A flash in the Forest from Diana Kunst on Vimeo.
One of my favorite songs from the bands recent debut album - video directed by Diana Kunst.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bloodgroup - Tracing Echoes [AdP Records Promo]

It's only a few weeks to go until the Iceland-based band outfit named Bloodgroup is about to unleash its third longplay album via Kulmbachs finest AdP Records under the name of "Tracing Echoes" and although the deep athmospheric sounds, decent strings and nordic calmness remained it's quite obvious that something happened in the Bloodgroup universe that seems to be more fragile than ever. Built on complex drum structures clearly influenced by the faraway echoes of Post Dubstep or whatever to call those precise but skeletal beats that are found all over the place these days used by artists like James Blake as well as The XX to define their mental state and overall hipness. But still - the Bloodgroup is not hopping on a bandwagon of any kind - they're able to tear up advanced urban dancefloors with dark basslines featured in songs like "Cut Your Tongue" or the caressing slo jam named "The Water" that is nothing but a perfect amalgamation of darkness and heartfelt romanticism brought to you by lovely vocals and - of course - strings and violins. To my own surprise this one is followed up by a massive and well uplifting UK Bass assault that pays deep respect to 'troity melancholia but still is, without any doubt, a song that's 100 percent Bloodgroup. Play this one in a r-a-v-e and you'll see them lighters... Get & preorder this album before it's gone and watch out for a forthcoming tour about to happen in  April / May.

Monday, January 28, 2013

28.07.2013 Telepathic Bubblebath v1 / Berlin

Sticker Love & World Domination: Barracuda Bar / Cologne

Captured by Mr. Jens Kühnemann in good old Cologne... - big up.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blinder Mond: Ein Hörspiel Von Jens Rachut [Major Label 059 Promo]

Another new one released via Major Label as their 059 is the radio play "Blinder Mond" written and produced by Jens Rachut of Kommando Sonne-nmilch, Oma Hans, Dackelblut and Blumen Am Arsch Der Hölle-fame alongside keyboard and piano player Jonas Landerschier. Although this is part 2 of a trilogy and I've never came across its first part... but even if, I think it would help a lot. The whole thing is a pretty mind-boggling and totally confusing journey through various plays including time travel, drug-induced science fiction plus time and death on a undercover burn-out mission to the moon, trying to solve a case of ritual murder but they do find nothing less than a madhouse. Which is a proper subsumption for the 51.5 minutes I've been going through now. Try this on drugs. And do mix.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sascha Müller - Sun Moon Stars [Pharmacom Records]

Already on the circuit since December 21st is Sascha Müllers new trilogy named "Sun Moon Stars", an opus magnum limited to 25 copys which is - as one might already have guessed from the release date - dealing with the mayan prophecy of the apocalypse to come. Although proved wrong now this ancient science and knowledge is still worth being discussed musically, especially when done so by a jack and master of all trades like Mr. Müller. "Sun Moon Stars" all turn out to be one single track of approximately 60 minutes playtime each, starting out with "Sun" - a warm, embracing and well hypnotic Deep Listening piece in between Ambient and Drone, living by repeating church bell-like pulses and low frequency waves. Listening to this track one starts to lose track of time and space and is sucked in to what's to be called the most minimalistic Armchair Techno ever... subtracting the Techno aspects by any means. According to the second CDr the "Moon" is a more harsh and not that friendly environment as the "Sun" as the steady bass pulses sound quite decayed from scattered, unattenuated radiation that hits the surface unfiltered and with maximum effect. So does the "Moon" track here as its low frequency waves are fluttering around a certain note in a quite sickening way that makes a non-stop journey through these 60 minutes hardly bearable for obvious reasons. Talking the "Stars" - they seem to be on a more ritual tip here, including looped didgeridoo tones and a deep, ruminant, long lasting meditation about the inner and outer realms of the universe provided by a spooky, meandering and supernatural hue accompanying the unique and individual sonic story told by the aboriginal instrument. And a great story that is which needs three full hours of intense listening to be fully embraced... and understood. Take that time and try to pick up one of those rare copies if still available.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Jana Rush - Clap Ur Hands (Free Download)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

baze.djunkiii presents: Adventures In DeepHouse @ ByteFM [16.01.2008 / 01.00 - 02.00 GMT+1]

Just uploaded this to my mixcloud - recommended to all those who love their DeepHouse as well as their Chicago House classics.

Breakmastajam - Electro Oldskool Mix

Just stumbled upon this jam by chance and I really gotta say that I'm still diggin' these classic breakdance tunes. They're not growing old on me no matter if some of them have been produced more than 25 years ago.

Dear Alex Jukes of Jukebox PR...

... it's been more than two years now since I received your first promotional mailout announcing some kind of festival / event or whatever and as I'm not a friend of email newsletters - especially those I never ever requested to receive - I was looking for an opt-out possibility in your mail which I didn't find. So I sent out an "UNSUBSCRIBE" request - without any reaction. I was still getting your mailouts, no matter how hard I tried to get rid of them.

It was only until a few months ago since I got the first reply from you, apologizing for the inconvenience and promising to remove my adress from your mailing list. But still, nothing happened. I'm still getting your mailouts and whenever I'm getting back at you for being removed you tell me that you don't know what went wrong, again and again.

I know that life's a bitch and being a promoter is hard work today but if you don't know how to handle your email program right and how to remove an adress from your list I guess it's time for you to think about if you're the right guy for a job like this. What you do is not promotion but called spam and I'm not sure whether your clients would be too happy to read about your methods of operation which make sure that someone will not write about their events just because they're promoted via Jukebox PR.

Once again - please remove me from your mailing list. Thx.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stéphanie - Irresistible/Ouragan (Video)

For Kathi T. - biggin' up the tweetin' kru.

Dubvasion - From Afar [Major Label 061 Promo]

Recently released via the independent outfit Major Label is the first five track EP by Dubvasion, a side offshoot of the well-known progressive instrumental band Guts Pie Earshot that fused with the Breakcore-artist L.N/A under the name of Subvasion for the release of their "Lost At Funfair" album and renamed after a split to Dubvasion now, taking on with their journey into electronic playgrounds yet undefined. Their new EP "From Afar" amalgamates influences from classic DubHouse and contemporary Dubstep, keeps an eye on solemn cellos and distorted guitars that also play a key role in their main band project, takes beats and pieces from genres like EBM, Tribal and Psychedelic or Ritual Trance and form something unique, a new musical shape to function live and on the dancefloor due to its massive gravitational pull and heartfelt seductive approach. Dubvasion are serving music for the emotionally deep without being cliche, exploring unknown terrain that still has to be named yet. What about Vampire Bass or Dub Nocturne?

Friday, January 18, 2013

There Are Veins On Mars...

...but no blood is found yet. Anyway I'm still pretty amazed by the fact that there are high definition camera recordings floating in from another planet.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kasper Bjørke with Jacob Bellens - Sunrise [HFN Music 024 Promo]

Coming soon via the Hamburg-based HFN Music-imprint is "Sunrise", the latest and last single taken off Kasper Bjørke's recent album "Fool", once spreading warm and summerly vibes on a cold winters day, rolling out the ultra positive vocal attitude of Jacob Bellens of Murder- and I Got You On Tape-fame on top of a solid Kraut- vs. ItaloDisco foundation that clearly combines the best of worlds whilst Slow Hands are providing a stripped down, partly creepy but well contrasting mixture of piano-driven SloHouse / SnoreHouse even including chilled balearic guitars and heavily processed syrinx tones topped with raw and oddly processed vocals able to give me shivers due to their strange but seductive and defo previously unheard timbre. Furthermore we'll find Yuksek on remix (and dub) duties serving a slightly more powerful relick with large effective breakdowns and a proper slice of uplifting Italian cheese and an alternative version produced by Kasper Bjørke himself, emphasizing on a more moody, KrautDisco-driven feel and the spooky metallic snare drum work hitting hard like lashes, keeping the floor busy when lo-fi, minor tuned synths are taking over until the sun rises again. You need to like this. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bidol Cath / Rgyeue DF / Cosmo Woslowski [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 001 Testpress]

Sitting in my postbox just the other day was the test pressing of Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 001, the first longplay assault put on the circuit via the new label of the master of obscure which is the techterrorist Sascha Schierloh also known under monikers as Jean Bach, Littlebrutalravebastards, Jette or - as seen here - Bidol Cath and Rgyeue DF. Using these aliases Mr. Schierloh provides eleven variations on Hard Weird Industrial Techno and Raw Rave including titles as amazing as "Such Dir Erstmal Eine Tradition Du Affe", the TribeTekno vs. Weird Voices hit "Dirnenluchs" and the heavy "Guck Mal Ihre Beinchen An Wie Ein Schwein" remixed to tear up dancefloors by Industrial Noize-hero Xotox. To continue this journey into electronic weirdness the flip contains a long, sweet medley of Electronica snippets created by Michael Nowicki a.k.a. Panzerboy666 acting out as Cosmo Woslowski here whilst fusing strange field recordings, AFX-related vibes and seductive Future Garage grooves within less than 20 minutes of time.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Nogociella - Quando Comincai A Vomitare [Voluntary Whores 003]

In opposite to Mr. James Brown tape culture is still alive and the Voluntary Whores-imprint seems to be one of the most active and busy audio cassette labels these days, putting its third release on the circuit now - all of them released within a few weeks only. 003 is produced and recorded by the mysterious project Nogociella no-one seems to know a thing about and which is not traceable no matter how hard one might try to find any information on them. It's like they've vanished. But what stays is their music - 105 minutes of Deep Listening and hypnotic Minimal Ambient that partly reminds the experienced lover of Experimental Electronics of musical works provided by artists like Tarkatak and the likes of although being slightly darker and rougher in attitude especially when it comes to the aesthetics of sound design. But it's this roughness that sucks ones brain in to the event horizon of diabolic and supernatural powers like a dark star formed of strange matter, providing gravitational forces and deadly conditions in which evil lurks. We are the dead.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paper & Places - This Train

A live studio recording of a well-promising and relatively fresh Indie outift that played a sweet little showcase at Hamburgs Molotow Bar last night. Nice guys as well which haven't reached the magic 20 yet - watch out for their 2012-released debut single "To Berlin" which is still available via AdP Records.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Rampue - Love You (Free Download)

A sweet little longing piece of 4/4 driven SloSoul for lovers and lonely hearts - brought to you by the amazing Rampue who finally seems to be fallen in love with the deep things these days. Me likey.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sascha Müller & Keno Meescher - Acid Burns Christmas "Live" [Psychocandies]

That's a pretty Psychocandies launch into 2013 - although being released as promotional mp3 file only it cannot be wrong by any means to psych out and drift away to a floating 78 minutes long, live recorded Acid set that is based on the hypnotic sounds of three well known and beloved machines numbered 303, 808 and 101. Name it a fetish but there's nothing compared to the combined forces of these three, especially when their knobs are turned and twisted by the right hands. And as Mr. Müller is known for being a well trained, experienced Acid master one might expect nothing but the highest quality in here. Raw, stripped down to the fucking bone and expertly programmed - time flies by fast as fast can and one's very likely to press the repeat button after only a few seconds of silence. Not only due to the fantastic mid set AcidElectro parts that are to be found revolving around warm and embracing bassline modulations. This ain't a release, this is a drug. And we're all addicted. Bang. 

Krumble - Stansted Horses (Free Download)

Straight from France - a fresh and free Krumble serving that's amalgamating Breakcore Choppage, AFX-like deepness and a bit of HyperFunk. Need to wake up right? This is your tune.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New Stickers In Town

Waiting for arrival within the next few days - biggin' up Timo Weiner of Soundlook for taking care of the visual aspects.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Micky Napalm - Toxic Elemens [Hirntrust Grind Media 033]

Fresh from the pressing plant and to be released within shortest of time via the Austrian Hirntrust Grind Media imprint is Micky Napalms latest outing named "Toxic Elements" - a limited toxically green 7" containing the sickest Noize- / Mutant- / IndustrialHipHop cut released in 2013 so far, a tune made to frazzle and slash every single braincell out there, no matter if it's the original vocal or instrumental cut we're talking here. A climaxing monster piling layers and layers of Noize and intensity that will be referred to as blueprint for the Dark Rap genre it's carving out for itself.
You like the grind? Listen to this.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Peaking Lights - Beautiful Dub (Official Music Video)

Friday, January 04, 2013

Der Grentel - Theata, Theaterrr (Free Download)

An abstract and uber-compressed view on Unformatted Tekno and Abstract Acid - sick shit for those who know the score.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 01/2013

01. Sinkane - Runnin [Phonica Records Special Edition]
Taken from his album "Mars" which will surely featured in my next months charts Ahmed Abdullahi Gallab serves a perfect fusion of AfroBeat, Funk and a little slice of SynthPop with "Runnin" which is remixed by the likes of Daphni and Chandeliers on this 12", both adding individual flavors to this seductive tune - Chandeliers serving some Dub-references with loads of echoes and offbeat-strcutures whilst Daphni is coming up with a tripped out KrautDisco-version that will be loved by all Cosmic-headz as well.

02. Ossie - Ignore (Yes I Did) feat. Tilz / Find It [Hyperdub 067]
Ossie is, without any doubt, one of the most remarkable artists walking the line between Future Garage, UK Funky, Broken House and classic UK Garage these days. "Yes I Did" featuring Tilz on vocal duties is what's to be called a classic ladies tune and I'm sure all the girls out there will gladly agree as this track is sexy as fuck with it's sweet, syncopated rhythms and little funky stabs. "Find It" on the flip is on a housier tip instead including some balearic sounding guitars and sweet microvox cut-ups on top of lively bassline arrangements and hollow but trippy percussion works. Essential.

03. MPIA3 - Your Orders [R&S Records 1211]
See here for details and snippet video...

04. Artificial Intelligence & Command Strange - Mad One feat. Jamakabi / Broken Grounds [Metalheadz Platinum 013]
Two deep and dark rollers that easily prove why the Metalheadz camp is still relevant after all these years. Jamakabi's vocal work on "Mad One" is essential, subs on both tunes are deadly and the drum structures are as simple as timeless. Should perfectly mix with Loxy & Ink's "Twisted 3rd Mind EP" from back in 2002 which still is one of my favorite Drum'n'Bass releases ever.

05. Brume - 7 Trumpets [Voluntary Whores 002 Promo]
See review for details... 

06. Boris Dlugosch - Knalldrang [Poker Flat Recordings 134]
See review for details... 

07. [CLR 064 Whitelabel Promo]
Quite a mysterious one I reviewed for the German FAZE Magazine - a whitelabel surely associated with Chris Liebings CLR-imprint but  holding the press info for a release from back in 2011. Anyway, this one's an epic piece with Madchester-flavored vocals that's about to set floors on fire within seconds. The long A-side mix is recommended for primetime TechHouse moments whilst the two mixes on the flip are on a more dark'ish tip that's also well working on EBM and Goth floors due to a special tense seasoning.

08. [BLOOD Promo]
Sweet one. A 12" featuring two tracks of Acid-infused TechHouse without any given information on artist or track names, just "BLOOD" engraved as matrix number and appealing to fans of the recent Abe Duque or other artists keeping up with a raw, spiralling Acid vibe today. A more detailed review on this one can be found in January's print issue of FAZE Magazine.

09. Rampue - Sonne, Park & Sterni / Joney - Elbillharmonie [Audiolith 059 Promo]
See here for details, announcement and a free download... 

10. Langenberg - The Finisher [Dessous Recordings 112 Testpress]
See review for details...

The Axis Of Awesome - 4 Chord Song

Stumbled upon this video a minute ago and although the limited amount of chords used in contemporary Pop music is not a secret at all it's pretty astounding how many songs one can squeeze into less than 6 minutes of time. Amusing.