Monday, April 30, 2018

Axel Dörner / Torben Snekkestad / Flavio Zanuttini / Florian Walter - Bruit 4 [Umland Records 014]

Coming in with a letter from the Essen / Germany-based label that is Umland Records was "Bruit 4", the most recent, 2017-released album created by a crew of musicians consisting of Axel Dörner, Torben Snekkestad, Flavio Zanuttini and Florian Walter. With all  of them being dedicated and internationally acclaimed trumpet players the quartet came together with the intention to present and fuse four different variations of the trumpet - firebird trumpet, trumpet, reed trumpet and hechtyphone - as well as different approaches towards tonal executions on the instrument within eight untitled tracks. What sounds like a very niche approach accessible only for specialists and highly, as well as theoretically, trained listeners results in longing, minimalist and almost modular sounding experimentalisms in the opening cut which seemingly comes up with a little bit of a tongue-in-cheek twist halfway through which is followed by a klaxon'esque, deeply melancholic cut of late night Future Jazz whereas cut three presents an ultraminimalist feel well relatable to for followers of ElectroAcoustics or Clicks'n'Cuts and similar genres. Part four of this eight tracker sees the four musicians exploring a multilayered, more tonal take on regular sonic emissions from their instruments, following a certain rhythm throughout the tracks approx. 9 minutes runtime, part five leads into territories of highly experimental Free Jazz and Improv whilst bringing on most fascinating bass wobbles and part six takes us towards more aggressive Free Jazz eruptions throughout its total runtime of 134 seconds. Furthermore we see part seven gravitate towards more melancholia embedded in Future Jazz experimentalisms before the closing part eight gets back into a mixture of total improvisation and hefty, harsh and noisy attacks for those in the know. Demanding stuff.

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 065]

With his next album on his very own Super Six Records-imprint we see Meppen's Sascha Müller serving another menu of quality electronic music consisting of twelve tracks. He is opening with "Dirty Harry Spoke To Hell", a sweet and hypnotic take on AcidTrance for those who know before serving to more minutes of solemn Gong Ambient with "Gong 02", followed by a bubbly, dry and uplifting uptempo ElectroAcidTech affair named "Pure Analog Part 06" and "Tiefenrausch" is giving us a grinding string of slightly distorted low end pulses whilst referring to genres like Illbient and Rhythm Industrial at the same time, evolving into more of a experimental take on noisy DubTechno over time. With "Ambient 1" we see Sascha Müller explore an ultra calm, spatial and stripped down take on the genre, "Down To Earth And Back" weighs in playful, Plaid'esque IDM for advanced dancefloors, "Follow Me Into The Twilight Zone" gets back into Ambient territories although this danger-inducing, approx. 12 minutes work out causes more inner unrest than providing calm relaxation which is later on served by the following Gong Ambient vision of "Gong 03" before "Tantra" brings on dry, stripped down Minimal Techno in its original, 'troity sense and therefore is a stunning club tool for all DJ's out there. Furthermore "Gong 04" proceeds on the path beaten by its predecessors, "Temple TROB" kills braincells with a hard hitting, merciless Techno attitude and the final "Timeshift" explores glitchy, filtered Electronica / Phonk abstractions for a minimalist, yet fascinating and well melodic closure. An excellent selection, this.

Krumble - Ultrash Talking *Re-Edit 2018 (Free Download)

The remake of a classic - Drum'n'Bass and DarkJungle violence for total dancefloor destruction. Get!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Dead Cat In A Bag - Sad Dolls And Furious Flowers [Gustaff Records Promo]

Scheduled for release on the Polish label Gustaff Records on May 18th, 2k18 is "Sad Dolls And Furious Flowers", the fresh album brought to us by Dead Cat In A Bag, the multi-membered band / ensemble which features not less than 21 musicians on the bill for this longplayer. Opening with the brooding PostPunk meets Wave meets Spoken Word effort "Sad Tolls" Dead Cat In A Bag set the bars high for things to come, continues greatly with "Promises In The Evening Breeze", a dramatic Tango-esque DesertRock Noir effort, followed by the dark Americana bit that is "Thirsty" which brings on even more drama before "Not A Promise" is more on an inward looking tip, led by beautiful piano lines, soft acoustic guitars and longing TexMex-infused brass parts for a dusty western flic and "Muneca" caters one minute of pure guitar beauty. With "The Voice" things get intense, raw male vocals mix up with heavy distortions and seemingly electronic beats for a dark, Metal (Not Metal) feel, "The Place You Shouldn't Go" presents more of a bluesy vibe, "Waste" is based on a foundation of (Neo)Classial violins and deep atmospheres before breaking out into a Hillbilly Country attack in tilt mode and "Le Vent" is more of a longing, Film Noir'esque affair. Covering Lou Reed's legendary "Venus In Furs" we see Dead Cat In A Bag deliver their most Pop-focused, yet far from mainstream take on this longplayer, the Shakespeare-inspired "The Clouds" gets deeper into heart-felt melancholia, "Mexican Skeletons" are dancing a slow dance whilst '...riding horses in the sand' and "Furious Flowers" weighs in the cutest childs voice intro we've heard in quite a while before providing a sweet musical theme for the end of a hot summers day, somewhere... in the desert.

Empirion - Ciao Remix (Official Video)

Raw, high energy Rave music. Empirion is back.

Locust Fudge - Oscillation [Play Loud! Productions Promo]

Longevity is a thing. For a band to be around for roughly 25 years is a big thing. To come back with a new album after a two decades gap without having ever fully disbanded in a sense that the musicians involved stopped talking or working with eachother on other projects is an effort. But still: this is what Locust Fudge have achieved with "Oscillation", their latest outing put on the circuit via Play Loud! Productions on April 13th, 2k18. Bringing forth a uptempo, lively Indie meets Grunge attitude that's big in the 11+ minutes opener the duo turned live trio provides a ten track body of work that'll surely align with their old fans as introduces them to a whole new generation with melancholia-infused, introvert tunes like the deep "Come On In", easier vibes on "Hormones" or the roadtrip adventure anthem on tilt mode that is "No Defense" we see the band cater quite a solid, yet a little dusted album comeback that has derived from unfinished studio sessions, occasional meetings and songwriting efforts all put into one, creating tunes like the rhythmically complex "Relativity Check" or indulge in romantic love songs like the classic "Mine Be Thy Love". With "Something's Wrong" Locust Fudge are bringing back teen angst and distorted Grunge guitars, "We Shall Be Released" is another lovely uptempo jam for underground venues familiar with the occasional Wave or Punk show on the bill as well whilst "Do Not Go Gentle" comes up with an Americana-esque, folksy feel and the title song "Oscillation" gravitates more towards a straight up daytime radio Rock vibe for a reason. Not a bad thing though, although nothing new, unheard of or musically super thrilling is happening around here. Solid.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

05.05.2018 Maschine Brennt @ Fabrique - Gängeviertel / Hamburg

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Liquid Sky Berlin
Niik [Maschine Brennt]
Vik Whatever [Moloch / Gay In Die Gänge]

file under: Techno

doors: 11pm - 08 am

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Shuttle358 - Field [12k Promo]

Put on the circuit via 12k on February 2nd, 2k18 is the latest lomgplay effort by Dan Abrams a.k.a. Shuttle358 who's been emitting acclaimed Ambient albums ever since the year 2000. With his newest longplay piece we see Abrams harking back to his early explorations and sound aesthetics, opening the album with the clicking sci-fi experimentalism of "Star" before digging deep into abstract IDM rhythms on "Caudex", catering a 46 second spanning playful, yet melancholic Ambient soundscape skit with "Rossii" and reminiscing of hazy, Oval'esque Clicks'n'Cuts classics on "Edule". Crossing the "Field" Shuttle358 finds more crackling Ambient classicisms, his sonic depiction of the "Sea" is as beautiful as the ocean in itself, "Dilate" is mostly comprised of mechanical and highly digital warps, shifts, shivers and clicks underneath a misty layer of warm pads whereas the "Waves" follow a similar, vibration-led path down unexplored shores, partly disrupted by unexpected, yet well-placed glitches. Examining the big "Divide" we find more highly defined crackles on a pad-ridden surface, "Blue" is a thundering storm, touching hostile DeathAmbient lands amidst alien swamps before taking the route towards glitchy Deep Listening Electronics and the final cut "Farming" goes into solemn glitch melancholia for a grand finale. Recommended!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 064]

Sascha Müller is back with another untitled album, number 064 in this ongoing series of longplay efforts on Super Six Records, sporting another set of 14 tracks from his studio vaults. Starting into this album on the "Intergalactic Highway" we're flying on streets build from electroid influences and proper raw ClubTechno, "AKS Imagination" weighs in swampy, clicking Ambient emitted by alien swamps, "Modern Primitive Evil (Part 3)" presents less than two minutes of Melodic Noize and heavy distortion attacks before the "Needle Drama" unfolds in a way that redefines the term MicroHouse for 2k18 whilst adding a little dubby twist to its highly defined and masterly crafted structures. With "Pure Analog Part 03" the Meppen-based producer explores hollow, polyrhythmic percussion Techno reminiscent of Plastikman's 'Spastik'-phase soundwise whilst adding an additional layer of strangely warped and filtered midrange synths, "Zebrabeat III" weighs in gooey Acid modulations atop a stripped down TechFunk foundation, the "Beat Manager" dances to floating, acidic ProtoTrance fusion sounds, "Pure Analog Part 04" deals with slo-mo Electro abstractions and raw, organic, heartwarming basslines created by vintage synths whereas "The AKS Dimensions" take us on a journey with beatless, yet Trance-inducing, spiralling modulations and fluttering noise gates. Furthermore "Zebrabeat IV" caters high class AcidTrance for lovers of the genre, "707 + 101 = MS20" makes up an interesting raw equation for stripped down, yet ravey Techno whilst "Drop Out" produces a proper seductive MinimalHouse bounce for very late night dancefloors. Finally we see "Gong Part 01" catering, well, Gong Ambient-vibes for solemn mediation before the concluding cut "Pure Analog Part 05" goes up the ElectroAcid on hyperspeed alley for dancefloors - and DJ's !!! - in full tilt mode. File under: Error Music.

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 26 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Coming straight from the studios of Meppen's mysterious Dr. NoiseM is "Studio Works 26", the latest album effort of the highly productive Noize and DeathAmbient artist which is catering a new selection of nine previously unreleased tunes on this one. Starting into the album with the 26 seconds Digital HarshNoize / Breakcore eruption that is "Black Hawk" things progress with "Clip", a desolate Cold Ambient piece bringing on desparate, yet beautiful string drones alongside the Dr.'s trademark respiratory sounds whereas "Dead In Space" follows a way more minimalistic path, exclusively consisting of spatial recordings of static atmospheres alongside highly fragile echoes of strings whilst the "Emergency Setup" is built upon a foundation of a lonely alien two-tone signal, sci-fi laboratory recordings and an overall feel of a postapocalyptic wasteland. Progressing into "High Resolution" we're presented a solemn fusion of Cold Ambient and Deep Listening Music, "Jolly Rancher" serves approx. two minutes of spaced out, filtered Digital Noize and "Monster" caters 4+ minutes of pure silence. The albums main piece "Planet Gong" which is spread out over a total runtime of 31 - sic! - minutes weighs in a continuous flow of wobbly, slightly off-kilter Ambient modulations reminiscent of  Dr. NoiseM's 'The CDr A-B-C'-series before the final "Planetensolimuster" waves goodbye with a calm, isolationist take on brooding Dark Ambient. Proper good!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rito - Rito [Gustaff Records Promo]

Soon to be released via the Polish imprint Gustaff Records is Rito's self-titled album "Rito in which the collective's four core members Piotr Pawlak, Michal Gos, Jacek Stromski and Kuba Staruszkiewicz present a bunch of five brand new tunes spanning a playtime of roughly 45 minutes. Relying on and referring to trance-inducing structures we see the band creating their unique sound with an array of three drum kits plus prepared guitar, samples and computational devices, starting with "Ni Ne Scias" , a fascinating tune opening with a short intro sequence reminiscing of late 90s releases on the legendary Heimelektro Ulm Tonquellen-label, before evolving into a full on, guitar-led Latin swinger with a bit of a Cocktail / Easy Listening / Tropicalia-infused approach and bringing forth a surprising, plot-twisting and heavily dubbed out breakdown after roughly 4 minutes in whereas the follow up "Gos" seemingly aims at an audience well familiar with bleepy Ambient and Post-PostRock structures whilst "Urbo" caters more of a brooding, isolationist DesertRock-attitude and therefore can be referred to as the most outstanding tune on this album. Furthermore "Blua" caters a menu of carefully layered Ambient-/ Deep Listening-strings and solemn, yet tribalistic percussion bits and several Field Recordings and found sounds to a calming effect before the final cut "Fino" not only comes close to the 15 minutes mark but continues on an unsettling, ever culminating DesertRock tip, announcing the arrival of evil forces and subsurface hordes of unseen powers, ready to rampage and devastate earth until the only remains of a former civilized world are turned to dust. Powerful, this!

03.05.2018 baze.djunkiii presents: OUR HOUSE @ Beat Boutique / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Liquid Sky Berlin]

file under: DeepHouse / House /

doors open: 9 pm

Beat Boutique
Max-Brauer-Allee 219
22765 Hamburg

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Oliver Coates - Charlev (Official Video)

8+ minutes of hypnotic, crystalline music accompanied by tripping video art created by director Leah Walker.

Lucrecia Dalt - Anticlines [RVNG Intl.]

In the pipe for release on May 4th, 2k18 via the great RVNG Intl.-imprint is "Anticlines", the latest longplay offering from Berlin-based former geotechnical engineer Lucrecia Dalt which has been announced on these pages in mid-February as we featured the video for the Spoken Word- / Future Tribal-fusion that is "Tar". With an overall body of work that spans 14 tracks over the course of roughly 36 minutes we see Lucrecia Dalt follow this unique and individual path, carving out her own niche of Spoken Word-ridden electronics, delivering her calm, yet unsettling poetry atop of skeletal, slowly shifting structures to be found in the goosebump-inducing opener "Edge", weighing in dark, alarming and bass-heavy skits like "Altra", digging into fragile amalgamations of tender Ambient structures and abstract re-interpretations of courtly dances with "Atmospheres Touch" before delivering repetetive, machine-like rhythm signatures and clanging metal sounds throughout the course of "Errors Of Skin". Climbing "Analogue Mountains" we see her creating an intense, bleepy sci-fi soundtrack for alien rituals and dances,  "Axis Excess" brings solemn Ambient abstractions to the table whilst the "Indifferent Universe" is a playful, positive arrangement of bubbly, slightly  swampy experimentations with a tongue-in-cheek twist, sort of, and "Concentric Nothings" deal with broken, semi-tonal poetry of the deepest kind, bringing forth the most outstanding vibe on the whole "Anticlines" album for a reason."Helio Tanz" rides a similar wave, relying on more Deep Listening Music-structures and Future Sound Of London-resembling, metallic rhythms, the "Glass Brain" emits droning buzzes and more minimalistic, metallo-electroid beat abstractions for advanced dancefloors before "Liminalidad" explores (Neo)Cosmic territories, the "Eclipsed Object" caters space vocoders and super soft synth pads as a background and the final "Antiform" once again brings forth swampy minimalisms, this time accompanied by an ebb-and-flow of click clusters, evoking memories of Ambient goodness brought to us by Berlin's great Interference Records which was an Ambient staple for all the oldskoolers amongst us in the 90s. Check.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Driftmachine - Shift IV

A new bass-heavy transmission from the Umor Rex-camp.

Splashgirl - Sixth Sense [Hubro Music]

Making a return to the Hubro Music circuit are Splashgirl, the trio consisting of Andreas Stensland Lowe, Jo Berger Myhre and Andreas Lonmo Knudsrod which was responsible for the first ever release on the label back in 2009. With their sixth album, engineered by Seattle's Randall Dunn, the group presents a seven title spanning body of work which opens with "Carrier", an intense, brooding PostRock meets PostPunk meets Synth arrangement presenting a few ProgRock influences as well whilst the follow up "Broken" comes across as a loose, Jazz-infused arrangement of highly calm and tender nature evolving into a 4/4-driven storm before "Sixth Sense", the albums title track, presents a thundering drum foundation accompanied by a captivating Synth and string arrangement of cineastic quality and "Monsoon" reveals a noisier, grinding and slightly dissonant and Obscure Americana-infused element in Splashgirls work. Furthermore we see "Half Self" going up the mystical, folksy and naturalistic Ambient alley, "Taal Caldera" wanders plateaus once explored by classic Synth masters like Tangerine Dream and / or Klaus Schulze whilst serving a wonderful menu of piano melancholia and the final cut named "Sedna" caters more sparse piano beauty and a nervous buzz coming from multiple layers of bass-heavy synthesizers alongside loose and abstract drum arrangements for those who love their Deep Listening Music to the max.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Sascha Müller - Schräge Träume [SMSM 018]

Released only recently is "Schräge Träume", the latest digital single outing by Meppen's most productive producer - Sascha Müller. With the title we see the artist explore a very unique take on Electro- /TechHouse sporting off kilter synths, distorted stabs reminiscent of DJ Enrique's works on the long gone Ladomat 2000 imprint and a bouncy melody that would've set floors on fire in the early 2000s whilst his "Bubblebath" is a pounding, raw, uptempoTechno banger built around a thrilling Disco bassline, killing crowds with razor sharp hi-hats, busy Rave signals and magnificent functionality. Tune.

Mark Hand - Lessons

A great first glimpse on what's to come for a debut on the freshly launched Innate imprint. Intelligent Techno at its very best!

TechnoBotts - TechnoBrett EP [Fresscode Records 002]

For its sophomore release the recently launched imprint that is Fresscode Records comes up with the "TechnoBrett EP" by a new project named TechnoBotts which is opening this three-track single with "Dampframme", a cold and sci-fi sounding, deadly Techno weapon of a kind able to send pounding underground crowds to heaven with its repetetive, precise and machine-like attitude whilst "In Motion" revives the long missed groove of a beloved style we all used to know under the name of HardHouse / Hardbag House in the 90s to a great effect and "Solism" provides a great  example of what ultra-compressed HardTek should sound like in 2k18.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ayuune Sule - We Have One Destiny [Makkum Records / Rebel Up Records]

Put on the circuit as a collaborational effort between Makkum Records and the freshly founded Rebel Up Records is "We Have One Destiny", the first officially signed album by Kologo artist Ayuune Sule which, amongst a whole of eleven tracks, includes a new and updated, fully studio produced version of his first significant hit "What A Man Can Do A Woman Can Do More Better". Opening with the conscious and surprisingly calm "Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right" we see Ayuune Sule pave a unique path, fusing classic Kologo vibes with soulful call-and-response chorus sequences and clear HipHop / Rap influences whilst "Eye Vim" brings forth a broader, electronically infused AfroPop / Worldmusic vibe in which one might also recognize hints of so-called Shangaan Electro, "Say Yime Ma" marks a return to the intense, raw and grassroots variation of the genre, focusing only on a man and his instrument as well as reponding choirs before "Asibi" featuring Atimbila and Chikicheke leans towards a summery, laid back 4/4 approach for a WorldPop audience and "How To Get There" switches back to classic Kologo once again and therefore is one of our favorite tracks on this album, besides adressing actual educational problems in Ghana in a simple, yet direct way. "Keleke" featuring Linda Yinimi on vocal duties defines a modern, complex take on this Ghanaian style, bringing mid-tempo havoc to highly advanced dancefloors whilst "Pongse" gets into more soulful, yet stripped down territories, "Parimame" seems to reflect some echoes of Americana in a way whilst being another classic Kologo bomb, "Senyaane" weighs in a slightly grinding, deep and campfire'esque aspect and the concluding tune "Beele Yere" waves goodbye on a tender tip, revealing the most beautiful and loving side of the Kologo genre. Good stuff.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Pakistan Techno Force - Fergus EP [Fresscode Records 001]

Launched on March 15, 2k18 is a new label named Fresscode Records which makes its debut with a single produced by the mysterious Pakistan Techno Force. Providing a digital three-tracker for an introduction the PTF opens with "Creed", a raw and solid Techno tool for fast mixing DJ's, wanders the thin line between banging HardTek and Hardcore with the minimalist, yet super effective Rave shot named "DropBall" before the final cut "Katakombs" provides grinding, Zhark'esque Techno brutality for subterranean zombie raves. Hard!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sascha Müller [Sascha Müller Music 1000026]

Fresh on his very own imprint Sascha Müller Music is this digital two-track single by Meppen's Sascha Müller. Whilst the opening track "Controlling_5" is on a 11+ minutes trip into quirky, unprocessed slow motion Techno accompanied by screaming lo-fi synth modulations we see "Controlling_6" provide pure experimentalism in terms of beatless knob-twisting and synth torture. For specialists and die-hard fans.

Mary Lattimore - Hundreds Of Days [Ghostly International Promo]

Scheduled for release on May 18th, 2k18 via Ghostly International is "Hundreds Of Days", the new and forthcoming album outing by harpist Mary Lattimore which is her second one to be released by this specific label. Influenced by a two months summer artist residency at the Headlands Center For The Arts in Sausalito, California where she lived with 15 fellow artist of various fields Mary Lattimore creates a dreamy, tender, intimate and most beautiful journey of 44 minutes length, mixing innocent, enchanting and slightly folksy melodies played on her 47-string harp with warm Ambient structures to a great effect. With the opener "It Feels Like Floating" not only being the main piece of this album in terms of playtime hitting the 11 minutes mark but also a perfect introduction for things to come musically whilst being self-descriptive in its title itself we see the Los Angeles-based artist create a longplay piece which will surely strike a chord not only with her fans but also provide a perfect soundtrack for lazy hot summer afternoons for many others who are about to discover her harp / electronics fusions for the first time when stumbling upon "Hundreds Of Days".

Friday, April 20, 2018

Skydive Trio - Sun Sparkle [Hubro Music]

Freshly released via the Norwegian Hubro Music-imprint is "Sun Sparkle", the sophomore album of the Skydive Trio which is comprised of its leader Thomas T Dahl on guitar as well as Mats Eilertsen on bass and Olavi Louhivouri on drums. Meandering through a variety of mostly Rock-infused styles the trio opens with the aptly named "Launch", a restrained fusion of Clash'esque elements and Progressive SoftRock, progresses into the tender and carefully arranged PostRock affair that is "Convoy" which provides a beloved soundtrack for sunsets after a hot summers day, followed on a similar path by the slightly more spaced out, 4/4-based "Apollo" sporting some epic solo guitar workouts before "Engine Rest" provides some super calm, all-embracing textures and nearly three minutes of total relaxation. Furthermore "Descending" adds up a little more complexity to the groups intricate instrumental structures, working towards a muscular musical thrill and a peaking, yet well structured crescendo, "Surface Stride"  can be described as a take on super slow DubRock if one wants to open a yet unexplored musical drawer whilst "Spruce" provides more of an supernaturalist, innocent feel for quiet hours strolling through endless meadows and "Ascending" brings back the straight forward SpaceRock aspect of the Skydive Trio's work. Towards the end we see the title track "Sun Sparkle" providing more of a slow, floating and relaxed PostRock vibe and the final cut "Wish I Was Who? (Camera Off)" is closing out with an Americana-infused twang. Defo one for all guitar-lovers out there.

Album artwork on Instagram!

4ZZZ1 - Pilldriver EP [Psychocandies 067]

In the pipe for release on May 24th, 2k18 via the ever active Acid-heavy Psychocandies imprint is the "Pilldriver EP", the latest musical outing by the mysterious producer that is 4ZZZ1. With the title track we see 4ZZZ1 explore a fascinating take on slighty Detroit-infused, abstract acidic ClubTechno we can easily imagine to be featured in oldskool sets by the likes of Steve Mason or Daz Sound, "Global Chaos" relies on a Trance-inducing midrange synth motif and screaming background modulations whilst the final cut "Untitled A1" digs deeper into braincell crushing MonoAcid territories for those who know.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Territoire - Alix [Humo 010]

Put on the circuit via the fully independent Humo label is "Alix", the latest album effort created by Olivier Arson under his artistic moniker that is Territoire. Teaming up with Techno don Oscar Mulero and collaborating with contributors like David Sergeant, David Herrington and Greg Gobel the Frenchman carves out a seven track longplay piece which was announced via the video "Chant (Voice)" on these pages in early March. Released on April 13th, 2k18 the album follows the conceptual path of a slave named "Alix" from his birth to a grand finale, starting out with the beautiful Synth driven Ambient / Deep Listening Music of "Sourd" which is only disturbed by ghostly and indecipherable vocal echoes, a trademark technique that's pretty uncanny and - for the most part - might not necesssarily sit well with those who are mostly in it for the music and not the conceptual side of things. With "Esclvvv" we're going into angelic heavens musically for a start although once again the echoing vocals interrupt, leading the tune into a darker, Industrial-focused direction, creating an eerie tension due to its meandering, partly Dubstep-reminiscing bassline and screamingly intense atmospheric backgrounds, "Soumission" is more on a grinding, devil'ish Slo-Mo Techno tip, "Chant" caters deepest Ambient melancholia whilst indicating lurking danger and "Exil" brings on more dark and threating Industrial Techno with intensely oscillating midrange bass frequencies and a slightly ritualistic attitude. As second to last tune there's "Mata / Xim", a solemn, yet thundering Dark Ambient cut for worshipping the dark side before "Quatre Siecles De Privileges" concludes the album on a more peaceful tip introwise, working its way up to a thrilling climax towards the end, ending on a cliffhanger that keeps one asking how the story of "Alix" might continue in future times.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Jemh Circs - (Untitled) Kingdom [Cellule 75]

To be released on April 20th, 2k18 via Cellule 75 is "(Untitled) Kingdom", the sophomore album outing by multimedia producer Marc Richter a.k.a. Jemh Circs who's building his specific sound on a foundation of found sounds and samples taken off modern Pop music as well as other sources he stumbles upon on Youtube and other digital platforms. Working along the lines of this approach we see Jemh Circs deliver a one hours stream of blurred sonic events, split into a whole of 24 fractions a.k.a. tracks and short skits which are well cryptically named sporting titles like "PG/YY/A", "(AA)", "Lac Dali", "CRISP/Cas9" - the biggest and most recognizable hit on this album btw -, "Animals.....Animals" etc., meandering in between Ambient, (Un)Ambient, Illbient, IDM, Glitch and Plunderphonics to create a dreamlike, unique world of reprocessed information overdose that even crosses over into Breakcore-infused territories at rare occasions, hits melancholia-ridden Future Jazz, CutUp or echoes of Clicks'n'Cuts like the Oval'esque "Milch" for those in the know. Proper stuff, although not as remarkable as Jemh Circs self-titled debut album release put on the circuit back in 2016.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Empirion - Drug Music (Official Video)

These are big news. Rave-heroes Empirion are about to make a return with a new album in 2k18. This made our day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Alex Attias presents Lillygood Party! - A Selection Of Really Really Good Grooves [BBE Music Promo]

To be released via BBE Music on May 4th, 2k18 is "Alex Attias presents Lillygood Party! - A Selection Of Really Really Good Grooves", the latest compilation album selected and curated by Swissman Alex Attias which has earned a lot of credits in the past three decades due to his dedicated work on the decks, as a radio host, label head, event promoter and for being involved in the evolution and development of West London's Broken Beat-scene as well as for an endless string of releases and remixes put on the circuit via labels like Neroli, Compost Records, Ubiquity, Archive and Planet E Communications. With this album we see Alex Attias paying homage to and reflecting upon the sound of his radio show turned event series named 'Lillygood Party!', handpicking a total bunch of thirteen tracks as a representation of what a 'Lillygood Party!' in his hometown Lausanne is all about. And what a selection this is, ranging from uptempo DiscoFunk brought to us by Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks' uptempo smash "Cascade", Jazz-infused DiscoHouse by Cotonete found in the 'Hugo LX Remix' variation of "Earth Overshoot Day", rare anthemic vocal workouts of outerworldly beauty presented by Freeze's "Stay" as well as some hard to find Japanese cuts alongside raw AcidHouse catered by Grooveman Spot and his "Do The Dance" and great, soulful and synth heavy Electro-infused Boogie vibes coming from Nicole Willis and her "Curiosity (Zanzibar Remix)" alongside many other great tunes. Sweet stuff for sure.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Miman - Ulme [Motvind Records 001]

Just coming in from Norway only recently is Miman's "Ulme", the very first release of the fresh Motvind Records-label which was just set up as a sister company to the Motvind Festival, being another sustainable outlet for alternative, leftfield music not-relying on any sponsorship policies. With the initial outing by Miman, comprised of Hans P. Kjorstad, Andreas Hoem Røysum and Egil Kalman, the label builds a solid foundation for things to come, amalgamating an improvisational approach with an overall Folk-feel and elements of Jazz Noir which are especially evident in the deep, yet stripped down "Vägen Ut" whereas the albums main piece, the nearly 12 minutes spanning "De Vises Club", incorporates both nervous, buzzing background noises as well as modular devices and Post-PostRock reminiscing guitar minimalisms alongside intense midrange droning and the follow up "Torre" presents a more off-kilter, distorted take on atmospheric surface noise meets plucked guitar strings for those who like to go up the experimental route a little further. Furthermore we see "Skärvor" following the beaten path, adding up more electronic background sounds and scraping bows to create a great crescendo climax as a contrast to the tunes soft guitar play, "Walden" turns the pages and gravitates towards a folksy, calm and ruminant, melodic approach before "Kartan Som Konstverk" provides nice Post-PostRock minimalisms and the final cut "Plaums Draum" caters seemingly acoustic beauty for a tender, well-romantic and pretty naturalistic finale. Nice.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trou - Nebelsturm [Depressive Illusions Records]

Going back to the year 2013 with this review, taking a closer look at Trou's "Nebelsturm" album which has been released as limited to 33 copies CD-r back in April 2013 via Depressive Illusions Records in a special DVD tray housing with full colour artwork. Having reviewed quite a few releases by this French underground Noize artist we're pretty aware of the direction this four track, 41 minutes album effort might go, starting with the astounding and well hypnotic rhythmic pulses of "Was Einmal War" - a track that evokes fond memories of earliest Fred Bigot releases which by the time were monolithic masterpieces in their own right. Following up is the title track "Nebelsturm", an alarming, well-grinding 10 minutes journey into the realms of Industrial and Unformatted Techno catered before "Schattenfestung", the longest and therefore main piece on the album, explores beautifully droning Dark Ambient structures accompanied by layers of electrical buzz whilst the final cut "Nihil" caters a thrilling take on ever spiralling, yet abruptly ending, Death Ambient transmitted from a far, exoterrestrial future. Defo the best Trou longplay outing we've come across so far. Get!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Aaron Spectre - Hey Natty Dreadlocks

This one aims at all oldskool junglist soldiers - and so it aims straight at our dark hearts.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Gabriele Poso - Awakening [BBE Records]

Put on the circuit via BBE Records on March 30th, 2k18 is "Awakening", the latest album by producer and multi-instrumentalist Gabriele Poso who made his longplay debut on the scene via Osunlade's Yoruba Records a full decade ago. Inspired by the birth of his eldest son Viktor and the following reflections upon his own life the Italian studio wizzard creates a powerful, organic and yet dancefloor friendly album meandering in between House riddims and African-infused vocoder ballads like the albums title track which is drifting somewhat into BrokenHouse territories whilst catering sweet, carefully played Jazz pianos, providing a mixture of Afro and Carribean elements in the uplifting groove monster "Cumbanchero" before "Adorando" gets deep into chill Downtempo / BarJazz territories and "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" opens with a most epic, funky and captivating bassline, introducing a sweet and easy SlowHouse tune sporting loads of jazzy lines and a classy, vibrant vocal hook atop a quality electronic groove. With "Words Never Work" we see Gabriele Poso present a complex, yet dope take on head bopping Funk bringing forth a surprisingly discoid breakdown sequence evoking far away memories of a well known Pink Floy lick, "The Night Falls" brings on percussive Tribal heat to the fullest, "Mi Amigo" rides on a similar vibe whilst introducing african chants and vocals, kalimba melodies and hot House beats before "Repulse Bay" presents us with a peaceful, super calm vibe for less than two minutes and "Sotto Il Campanile" sees a DeepHouse signature joined by polyrhythmic percussions and melancholia-driven guitars, coming together on a well-balearic tip with a heart for a romantic sunset attitude. Furthermore "Otro Barrio" weighs in a lovely take on House-based AfroFunk, "6 In 4" infuses some AfroBeat greatness into a 4/4 driven foundation before the 'Extended Version' of "Words Never Work" extends the original vibe to a grand finale of 8+ minutes length. Good stuff, this!

Friday, April 13, 2018

µ-Ziq - Challenge Me Foolish [Planet Mu 400 Promo]

What a jubilee release. Hitting the 400 releases mark we see the exceptional Planet Mu-imprint coming up with a special treat which is Mike Paradinas' - a.k.a. µ-Ziq - new album "Challenge Me Foolish", an assorted selection of 14 tracks taken from the artists archives. Crafted in the very late 90s, partly accompanied by Japanese vocalist Kazumi we see µ-Ziq open with the epic "Inclement" before exploring a unique amalgamation of jazzy, organic breakbeat structures and beautiful melodies in "Undone" and getting deep into floating Ambient Pop with the first vocal tune of this album which also happens to be the title track, a musical outing seemingly influenced by Paradinas' touring effort with the Icelandic queen of everything that is Björk around the time these tunes were originally produced. Getting into the "Bassbins" µ-Ziq dissects one of the most recognizable vocal samples in breakbeat related music as an intro just to cater a massive IDM-/ UK Hardcore-crossover for all highly advanced ravers out there, the "Robin Hood Gate" is defined by large classical string sections and an overall orchestral approach beyond epic whilst "Perhaps" weighs in more of a twisted Easy Listening-infused melancholia and "Durian" brings on another load of etheral Pop (Not Pop)-vibe for audiences in the know before a look at the "Ceiling" reveals a masterly crafted, anthemic fusion of IDM, Drill'n'Bass and Breakcore which should be on  heavy rotation on daytime radio for a reason. "Lexicon" provides more of a junglistic vibe, once again accompanied by playful synth arrangements, "Perfame" is on an orchestral, slightly (Neo)Classical tip whilst introducing some slightly asiatic vibes kind of before the "Playbox" redefines the term Dope Beatz for 2k18, two decades after its initial production. Stumbling across a "Sad Inlay" Kazumi on vocals delivers more tongue-in-cheek greatness atop an angelic, uplifting Drill'n'Bass foundation with a Pop-related twist, "Peek Freans" serves a sweet swing and loads of cute pianos whilst reflecting long gone echoes of BigBeat in a way whereas the concluding  "DoDaDu", the final collab with Kazumi, fuses multilayered vocal scats and deep electronic arrangements to form a tender goodbye to the listeners. IDM defined. At its best.  

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sankt Otten - Einmal Grosse Ernüchterung Bitte

A massive ElectroSynth anthem from the Denovali-camp. This needs to to rock every club floor from its release in late May, 2k18 onwards. Excellent.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Kutin / Kindlinger - Decomposition IV: Variations On Bulletproof Glass [Ventil Records 008]

Soon to be released via the experimental electronic music focused Ventil Records-imprint as their 008 is "Decomposition IV: Variations On Bulletproof Glass", created by the creative conjunctional force known as Kutin / Kindlinger. Based on samples recorded from a bulletproof glass pane exposed to physical impacts of different kinds the pair composed a highly fascinating array of eight tracks, starting with the desolate, isolationist rhythm signatures of "X26" which later progresses into harsh and grinding Rhythm Industrial before "H.A.A.R.P." mixes up a droning bassline, Ambient spheres and highly abstract electronic structures to a mind-boggling effect, resembling the fall of a whole future society in a way whilst the opening sequence of "T.I.A." seems to be taken straight off an experimental early 70s sci-fi flic due to its great, retrofuturist sound which is later accompanied by creeping Electronica / Illbient for an extra bit of darkness. In "I Throne" we see Kutin / Kindlinger provide a huge anthem in terms of crossing over between Industrial and PostPunk with intense vocals performed by Elvin Brandhi, "P.A.N.E. #1" caters a spine-tingling take on what's best to be described as Dark Tribal whereas the follow-up "P.A.N.E. #2" gravitates more towards a Tribal-infused take on grinding Electronica, accompanied by buzzing electrical oscillations, a thrilling breakdown as well as a meandering, psyched out melodic component from outer space. With "L.I.W. the pair of producers is digging deep into slighty distorted, fluttering Cold Ambient structures and the final cut "Hypnagogum" weighs in approx. 10 minutes of masterly crafted Ambient / ChillOut for advanced crowds, schooled by the IDM-/Intelligent Techno-scene of the early 90s and therefore is one of the most accessible tunes on this album, which - overall - is a highly recommended one for any fan of quality electronic music for sure. Get!

The Ex - 27 Passports [Ex Records]

Put on the circuit via their own Ex Records label is The Ex' most recent album "27 Passports", a ten track excursion that sees the band dive into another adventure with the opener "Soon All Cities" sporting both influences from tribal, african drumming, wall-of-sound production and Ska - a red ribbon that is to be found in several of the albums tracks although the band is well referring to their raw Punk roots in songs like "The Heart Conductor" or the well-hysterical "The Car Is My Guest" whilst providing extended, intense underground (No)Wave-references with the 7+ minutes spanning "New Blank Document" and interesting rhythm signatures in the short, yet complex female-fronted "Silent Waste" which caters a new angle on what  Funk can be for sure. With "Piecemeal" The Ex is serving a Spoken Word-infused soundtrack for an adventurous road movie, sporting a massive sing-a-long chorus, "Birth" weighs in a heavy, hypnotic, hippie era-reminiscing folksy vibe of sorts, "Footfall" is quite a dancefloor-smashing, thundering powerhouse of an instrumental (and slighty Psychedelic...) Rock tune. With "The Sitting Chins" we see the Dutch four piece get into what might be seen as Clash'esque territories before the final song "Four Billion Tulip Bulbs" is on a hard, but well playful and uplifting vibe, providing a proper ending for what is defo a well varied, entertaining album for sure. Not exclusively recommended to The Ex's hardcore fanbase only.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 04/2018

Monday, April 09, 2018

µ-Ziq - Inclement

Previously unreleased, late-90s material from the legendary µ-Ziq? We're fully in for this. Lovely!

Serph - Aerialist [Noble Label Promo]

To be released via the Noble Label on April 21st, 2k18 is "Aerialist", the latest longplay effort by the Tokyo-based Serph, also known under the artistic moniker that is Reliq. Following the conceptual idea of creating 'a soundtrack for an aerial road movie' as the promo sheet is revealing we see the mysterious, and still anonymous, producer create a 13 track spanning album. Opening with "First Train Home" we see Serph leading us into previously unexplored terrain when it comes to his musical output, resembling a take on Drill'n'Bass / Intelligent Drum'n'Bass structures beatwise whilst adding up heaploads of atmospheric layers and melancholia infused piano bits, somehow evoking memories of certain Aphex Twin explorations before ending on a relatively aprubt note, walking further down the drawn line with the sugary Electronica piece that is "Coil" whilst attempting to cut into highspeed Jungle / Drum'n'Bass with full orchestration on "Sparkle", sampling a well known Technova motif from the mid-90s as well as seemingly Japanese vocals to an interesting effect whilst bringing some interesting Funk-attitude to the table in "Airflow". With "Nightfall" we see Serph going deep into Ambient-infused territories whilst providing an array of organic breakbeats and female choirs of urban quality put way in the background of the mix before the trademark pianos provide an extra level of, well..., kitsch. "Folky" is fully over the top when it comes to intertwined melodies, "Ignition" is more of an Easy Listening / Ambient crossover with a little Balearic twist before soft D'n'B structures come into play and "Artifakt" combines melodic piano lines with cut up-techniques, backward sampling, HipHop / Dope Beatz, golden era Soul-samples and surely Vaporwave- - and Skweee- - -reminiscing aesthetics, being the most fascinating track on this album that is kinda so-so, produced with rather good intentions yet being quite too much at many a points. Furthermore the "Traveller" is more on a Balearic / Downbeat tip, the "Weather" provides both epic melodies as well as an interesting anti-groove attitude alongside reprocessed Field Recordings whilst "Popp" enters a light-hearted, playful, positive Electronica realm on a foundation of deep ass subs and sparse, junglistic beats that make us think of early Plaid or late 90s The Irresistible Force productions for a reason. Watching the "Sunset" our soundtrack of choice consists of  the sweetest TripHop meets double time beat ever, once again accompanied by well-layered, panorama strings and the final cut "Phosphorus" brings us another take of quite sugar-coated Drum'n'Bass-resemblance in combination with uplifting production music sounds and quirky vintage synth bass bits. A little over the top at times, yet interesting for followers of Aphex Twin, Mike Paradinas or Bogdan Racynski for a reason.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Peter Kernel - The Size Of The Night [On The Camper Promo]

Put on the circuit via their own imprint On The Camper Records on March 9th, 2k18 is "The Size Of The Night", the latest album outing by the duo that is Peter Kernel. Announced on these pages through their video for "Men Of The Women", a post-apocalyptic Desert Rock affair, we see singer Barbara Lehnhoff and Aris Bassetti cater a proper ten track album, opening with the experimental, yet cinematic PostPunk-infused cut "There's Nothing Like You" which, at least throughout its intro sequence, evokes memories of bands like Prinzhorn Dance School before introducing more broadband electronic elements whereas "Pretty Perfect" adds a litte dramatic attitude reminscent of the very first generation of rrriot girl bands in the PostPunk era and "The Secret Of Happiness" weighs in a small hint of romanticism alongside a poetic, widescreen Americana feel for Spoken Word connaisseurs. "Terrible Lluucck" digs deeper into Americana and dope beat structures which are moving into a seductive sing-a-long chorus later on, the "Drift To Death" offers a spine-tingling intro sequence of various instruments in reverse motion atop which Barbara Lehnhoff's vocals unfold in a well-hypnotizing matter, morphing from Indietronics to more of a krautsy feel whilst "The Revenge Of Teeth" is a deep, Blues-infused take on down to earth Desert Rock for dusty sunsets experienced in sketchy motels along endlessly stretching roads and "The Shape Of Your Face In Space" tends to experiment with weird echo FX and multilayered, twisted and probably modular created string arrangements atop a very oriental, yet PostPunk-infused drive to a great, dancefloor captivating effect. Finally "The Storm Will Last" drifts off into more Americana-infused territories accompanied by ritualistic drumming before turning into a female Indie powerhouse of a tune and the concluding song "The Fatigue Of Passing The Night" waves goodbye on a tender, ballad'esque tip, revealing another beautiful and masterly executed side of Peter Kernel's artistic work. Sweet, yet widely varied and a little off the beaten path for sure.

Zoë Mc Pherson - Inouï and free (Official Video)

Zoë Mc Pherson - vi. Inouï (and free) from Alessandra Leone on Vimeo.

Super intense videography meets hyperdetailed variations on scientific Future Tribal.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Raven / Trou / Kune De Lisch [Ciel Bleu Et Petits Oiseaux Records]

Another one incoming from the French tape imprint Ciel Bleu Et Petits Oiseaux Records is this untitled, limited to 24 - sic !!! - copies triple split tape shared between Raven, label owner Trou and Kune De Lisch which, as one might already guess, are once again focusing on a musical genre referred to as Noize and HarshNoize on this one. Starting out with a approx. 25 minutes mid-frequency HarshNoize excess including heavy construction sounds, a violent sonic maelstrom, suffering elephants, warped screams and ear-piercing feedbacks there's no doubt that this album is out to destroy and vaporize braincells by the second we see the labels head honcho focus on a more scraping, grinding variation of Noize in his three (non)musical workouts before Kune De Lisch finally explores a storming, yet muffled and lo-fi focused variation of the genre to provide a different angle for Noize lovers and underground tape collectors. File under: sonic violence.

Tape artwork on Instagram!

Slagr - Dirr [Hubro Music]

Scheduled for release via the Norwegian Hubro Music label on April 13th, 2k18 is "Dirr", the latest album outing by the trio named Slagr, consisting of Anna Hytta, Amund Sjølie Sveen and Katrine Schiøtt. Based on an instrument set of classic Hardanger fiddle, vibraphone, tuned glasses and cello the group creates a crystalline take on naturalistic, fragile Ambient introduced by the opening tune "Aur" which is followed by the dreamy, folk'ish, yet enchanted (Neo)Classical-referring "Strimesong" whereas the ever repeating, nervous sequences of "Flimmer" evoke echoes of memories of avantgarde composers like Karlheinz Stockhausen or Steve Reich before "Hel" once again unfolds in an intense, yet mystical and naturalistic way, providing a perfect soundtrack for hours spent wandering through deep, misty forests and along forgotten shores. With "Varle" Slagr's focus shifts towards a soft'n'sweet main motif performed by the vibraphone, slowly embraced by various romantic cello layers, "Eir" re-introduces a seemingly innocent, yet tense Ambient feel like a medieval Field Recording whilst "September" indulges in deep, slightly over the top romanticism and the concluding "Øyr" caters more of a looped, experimental rhythmic foundation for sparse layers of cello play for all fans of the Hubro Music label sound. Not an essential surprise, this, but defo a well suitable addition to the imprints catalogue for sure.

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Friday, April 06, 2018

Kjetil Mulelid Trio - Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House [Rune Grammofon Promo]

Incoming from Norway only recently despite being released on the classic Rune Grammofon label in late October, 2k17 is "Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House", the latest album outing by the Kjetil Muletid Trio which bases its work around and on the compositions of the groups leader, piano player Kjetil Andre Mulelid. Opening things with the aptly named "Entrance" the group leads us into a world of deep, fascinating, late rainy afternoon Jazz for lovers, weighing in tender, yet complex and beautiful workouts like the seven minutes spanning "Fly, Fly" which is suitable for both smoky, quality bar environments as well as highly advanced late night dancefloors with a sense for dramatic arrangements or the sweet Jazz Noir of "You Stood There In Silence, Having No Words" which contains a whole cinematographic black and white scene in its title alone that's perfectly depicted by its musical tone before "C & R" drifts off into tense piano minimalisms for less than two minutes and continues on this path with the stripped down experimentalism of "Time / Breath" which brings on one of the most emotional piano motifs we've come across in a while. If Deep Jazz and / or Jazz Noir is your thing, this album will be up your alley for sure.

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Joana Gama + Luís Fernandes - Through The Vibrant Air (Official Video)

Joana Gama + Luís Fernandes - Through The Vibrant Air from ROOM40 on Vimeo.

One of the most intense and fright-inducing videos for experimental electronic music we've come across in a long while.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Kink Gong - Soundscape China Pt.1

A quite fascinating 20 minutes preview for Kink Gong's new album "Soundscape China / Destruction of Chinese Pop Songs" which is meant to document his special releationship with the worlds third super power.

Sascha Müller - Acid Acapella Vol. 1 [Psychocandies 066]

Scheduled for release via the ever active Psychocandies-imprint on April 26th, 2k18 is Sascha Müller's latest seven track album effort named "Acid Acapella Vol. 1" which provides quite a different approach towards quality Acid music than the labels previous releases. Instead of catering full on tracks as a whole we see Sascha Müller focus on beatless, raw Acid modulations that can be used as additional, psyched out tools for advanced DJ-sets like the harsh MonoAcid modulation that is "Acid Acapella_2", the Trance-inducing "Acid Acapella_3" or the minimalist, yet screaming "Acid Acapella_5". Interesting stuff, this!

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2018

01. Superorganism - Superorganism [Domino Recording Co. Ltd.]
Is this the best album of 2018 yet? No matter if so or not, it's one we've been waiting for since we've seen Superorganism live on stage at last  years Reeperbahnfestival in Hamburg. Bored out Indie, dreamy Electronics, innocent web aesthetics and singalong anthems like "Everybody Wants Do Be Famous" or the still epic "Something For Your M.I.N.D." is all we need to call this one one album everybody should own for a reason.

02. DJ Taye - Still Trippin' [Hyperdub Records]
See review for details...

03. Slimzee vs. As.If Kid - Judgement Day [Slimzos Recordings 011]
The legendary DJ Slimzee reactivates his massive Grime-imprint these days and brings one of the most heavyweight riddims to the table we've come across in a while. Stripped down, threatening and dark as fuck this one is a true crimescene weapon for sure and so is the remix by DJ Garna whilst As.If Kid's "Shooter D'n'B Mix" kills every crowd with an oldskool No U-Turn Jungle vibe. Massive!

04. Drowning Dog & Malatesta - Sick Of This Shit [Entartete Kunst]
See review for details...

05. DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess - Psalm Tree EP [Jahmoni Music]
See review for details...

06. Various Artists - Compilation 150.4 [Katermukke]
Sometimes even labels one doesn't follow on a regular cater some pleasant surprises. In this specific case it's the Berlin-based Katermukke-imprint that features Pilocka Krach & The Lost Amigos' "Ay Caramba" on the fourth part of their recent compilation, a sweet, playful and surely over the top take on BigBeat vs. ElectroClash with a tongue-in-cheek sidenote that's surely worth buying a whole 12" for one track only. The other tracks on this one, catered by Sam Shure, Schleppgeist and Lady M are defo okay as well when one plays more of a melodic TechHouse sound but doesn't necessarily cater to my personal needs here.

07. Palmbomen II - Memories Of Cindy [Beats In Space]
See review for details...

08. Nadir - Nulla Cambia [Entartete Kunst]
See review for details...

09. -

10. -

Ayuune Sule - What A Man Can Do A Woman Can Do More Better (Official Video)

When Kologo meets a more Reggae-infused take on 80s flavored Sunshine Pop and a reasonable gender equality vibe we're ending up with a veritable hit for sure. Props!

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Evelien Van Den Broek - False Memories [EVDB001]

Recently incoming via a letter from the artist herself is "False Memories", the latest full on album effort created by the Dutch producer and songwriter Evelien Van Den Broek who is dealing with the concept of the human brains' oftentime untrustworthy recollections of events that never happened. Inspired by The False Memories Archive created by A.R. Hopwood she creates an eleven track serving of Electronica-infused Avantgarde Pop opening with the multilayered, intense and dancefloor smashing "Pop Out" which seems to transfer the experimentalism of the legendary Bitch Band No I into a modern day and age whereas "Creatures" mixes up GlitchHop-structures with more of a Björk'esque feel and "Twin" provides a kind of digital romanticism, fusing vocals and a digital backbone with zithere'esque  pluckings to make up a 2018 blueprint for quality Indietronica that will surely appeal to a wider scale of listeners far beyond pure electronic circles. This said, and with these three track / song fusions paving the way for things to come, including the most captivating "Breathe" and its melancholia-infusing, slightly DarkJazz influenced movements as well as tongue-in-cheek humour-driven, yet heavily compressed instrumental backbone of "Mouth", it's pretty obvious that "False Memories" can already be placed amongst the most unique and groundbreaking album releases of this year, one that provides an essential core of both individualism and conceptualism that makes it stick out, hardly comparable as well as genre defying, carving out a distinct niche of its own whilst leaving an essential mark on the electronic music circuit for a reason. Check!

Monday, April 02, 2018

Trou - To The Death [Hallucination Tapes 006]

Back to the depths of the French HarshNoize Underground with a review of Trou's cassette tape album "To The Death" which has been released via Hallucination Tapes in 2016 as a limited print run of 16 copies worldwide. With the A-side containing the full, uninterrupted title track starting off with dark, atmospheric vocals samples of cinematic quality before drifting off into slightly meandering, yet always grinding HarshNoize realms of surprisingly calming qualities we see Trou provide quite a recommendable bit of (non)musical work which is continued on the flipside with the uberly brutal "Oracle Of All Knowledge" whilst "The Grave Of The Infidel (Descent)" focuses on hypnotic, slowly vanishing low frequency pulses which are truly able to alter one's perception of space and time for however long the second track on the B-side runs. Good stuff.

Cassette artwork on Instagram!

Skydive Trio - Decending

Beautiful instrumental SoftRock catered by the Norwegian SkyDive Trio which is about to present its sophomore album via Hubro Music later this month.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Rutger Zuydervelt with Ilia Belorukov and Rene Aquarius - The Red Soul [Sofa Music]

Released via the Norwegian imprint Sofa Music is "The Red Soul", the most recent album by the prolific Rutger Zuydervelt, also known for his work under the name Machinefabrik, who has been teaming up with Ilia Belorukov and Rene Aquarius to create a soundtrack for Jessica Gorter's documentary of the same name, dealing with the Russian relationship with and towards the Stalin-regime. Based on and upon samples taken from an old Stalin speech and some other Soviet relicts on vinyl as a basic sample source source the three artists create a soundscape deep, yet calm and far from being overly dramatic in their 14 tracks spanning score, touching borders of decomposed, decaying (Neo)Classical elements, Clicks'n'Cuts, crackling surface noise and of course Ambient music which works well on its own for collectors and die-hard fans of the genre but might even turn out to be better when rolling along the visual material it was initially made for.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Young Fathers - Cocoa Sugar [Ninja Tune]

Put on the circuit via Ninja Tune in early March, 2k18 is "Cocoa Sugar" , the latest twelve track album effort created by the Mercury Prize-winning trio we all know and love as Young Fathers. Still based in, yet bending, widening and expanding the musical view of what HipHop culture can provide musically the triumvirate caters a twelve track menu incorporating loads of Soul and dusty vintage vibes like in "Fee Fi" or the thrilling "In My View" whilst still referring to tribal'esque structures that we all loved in their classic Anticon.-release "Tape One" back in late 2012, weighing in a good portion of Gospel in the likely and spiritually entitled "Lord", reigning the streets with a sweet, minimalistic and crime scene-schoold "Tremolo" and provide a tense, slightly psyched out banger for dancefloors way beyond HipHop with the speedy, alternate reality cut that is "Wow" just to name a few. If you've been riding the Young Fathers train for long you'll defo love this for a reason. If this is the first time you've come across their music you shall be enchanted as well. Good!