Thursday, October 31, 2019

Matthew Collings - Digital Ruins, Forgotten Future

Thrilling (Neo)Cosmic soundwaves taken from Matthew Collings forthcoming album album "Uzonia".

Olo Walicki / Jacek Proscinski - Llovage [Gusstaff Records]

Released via the Polish specialist label Gusstaff Records on October 25th, 2k19 is "Llovage", the first full on collaborative album release created by composers and musicians Olo Walicki and Jacek Proscinski. With both having a background in Avantgarde, Improv and Jazz they're setting out for a slightly different journey here, heading towards more electro-acoustic territories in combination with their instruments of choice, double bass and drums, on this 43 minutes long seven track album which, at least this goes for the CD version, is accompanied by a dried, unique single leaf of lovage as an additional extra for each album - a sweet idea which we haven't seen employed before in any other release ever. Together, their organic musical approach seems to be informed by a stripped down variation of Free Jazz and Future Jazz with electro-acoustic patterns and background sounds adding a tense and intense athmosphere for the most part, functioning as harmonic, sometimes spatial layers for a new dimension of sound with cuts like "Katorga" presenting a thrilling, dramatic variation of dramatic Jazz Noir with a vintage crime scene feel that could've been dug out from an archive of the quirkiest, most obscure Library Music / Production Music ever whereas "Pyza" brings on a dense midrange atmosphere in its Electronica meets (Neo)Cosmic resembling composition as well as glitched out, microcut vocal samples whilst "Jino" presents a more dreamy, romantic and laid back overall vibe for deep listening sessions and "NWW (Najmniejsza Wspolna Wielokrotnosc)" caters a dusty, slightly vintage vibe in terms of spaced out, intimate late night jam sessions before the concluding "Dziecko A Rossmanna" deals with purest Synth greatness and thrilling structures harking back to medieval formal dances just to pick a few favorite tracks from the album here. Check.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Wu-Tang Clan Demo Tape 1992

The WU family has unearthed an epic piece of early, formerly unreleased music and there's no way we're not sharing this remarkable moment in HipHop and Rap history. It doesn't get any better than this.

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 091]

Incoming via Supersix Records is the recently released, 91st untitled twelve track album put on the circuit by Uelsen's long-time electronic music production staple Sascha Müller. Opening with "Platform 1" we see Mr. Müller embracing a reverberating take on minimalistic, hypnotic, trance-inducing outer space Acid, "Rubbers Go Home" presents an uplifting, yet minimalistic variation of Deep Rave and "Sally Rides The Horse" evokes distant memories of CJ Bolland's happy, frolicking House anthem of yore known as "Camargue" in terms of its sparkling natural happiness. "Schallwellen" brings back the unfiltered 90s positivity of Happy Trance bordering melodic HardTrance whilst "Scharade" weirdly fuses classic, TV Victor'esque Ambient / ChillOut vibes with double time Electro beats and flangered synth motifs  before "Schreitfunktionen" caters a glitched out fusion of hammering, raw, marching Techno beats and percussive backward loops for the most underground bunker parties around. With "Schubumkehr" Sascha Müller presents another raw variation of unprocessed, yet highly funky and functional Techno garnished with remnants of echoes of TechnoJazz,  "Schwingende Elektronen" harks back to ultra-monotonous, highly functional Dark Rave excess and "Sextoys" employs an ear-piercing, stomping and hypermetallic sound aesthetic that makes this tune stick out amongst many other similarly minded Techno tools. Following up is "Shellsea" which fuses Sascha Müller's love for DubTechno with uptempo HardHouse-resembling beats and all embracing melodic pad motifs for those who know, "Shuffle Faktor" weighs in the ultimate bounce in terms of fast-paced, unprocessed Oldskool Techno with a slightly off-kilter, Trance-reminiscent melody whereas the final cut "Sinus Rhythmus" is meandering in between dark'ish AcidTrance and gooey, spiralling Space Acid on a hounded, uptempo path with a tribal'esque twist for a well ecstatic closing.

Monday, October 28, 2019

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 10/2019

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Pip - Possible Worlds [Sofa Music]

Released via the Norwegian label Sofa Music on September 27th, 2k19 is "Possible Worlds", the new album by musical duo Pip which is consisting of Torstein Lavik Larsen and Fredrik Rasten who joined forces to create a roughly 66 minutes long one piece album, recorded in one take without additional edits or overdubs. Influenced by Indian Dhrupad as well as deeply spiritual Raga and other temple / ceremonial music the two musicians and their multiple instruments create a deeply organic, warm, comforting and all embracing flow of ever lasting timelessness on this longplayer, bordering both PostPostRock, Post-Folk as well as Ambient / PopAmbient and echoes of echoes of free-floating Jazz with their ever so slightly shifting music that takes us, and every future listener, into a friendly, unifying dream world filled with nothing but peace and heartfelt harmony. Lovely, and a highly recommended addition to every Ambient collector collection out there.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Blanco White - Papillon (Official Video)

Sometimes all it needs to create something timeless is a guitar, heartfelt melancholy and a beautiful voice.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Meemo Comma - Sleepmoss [Planet Mu Promo]

Just released via the ever busy Planet Mu-imprint on October 25th, 2k19 is "Sleepmoss", the sophomore longplay outing by Brighton-based producer Lara Rix-Martin a.k.a. Meemo Comma who, according to the accompanying promo sheet, was inspired by the shift from British autumn to winter and long walks with her dog throughout this time of the year. This said, the twelve tracks on the approx. 44 minutes spanning album come across as deep and listening oriented as one might guess from the intent state in the description, from the score'esque, melancholia-infused panorama Ambient of the opener "Reaping" to the haunting, ghostly follow up "Night Rain" and the naturalistic, Field Recording-influenced, yet droning "Murmur". With "Tanglewood" we see Meemo Comma starting on a klaxon'esque note only to drift along a calm and peaceful Ambient vibe, the "Winter Sun" is as beauteous as (Neo)Classical referencing score works can get and defo needs to be used in a feature film at some point whereas the "Amethyst Deceiver" is on a darker, scraping and more experimental IDM / Electronica tip and could well fit in a glitchy Illbient set of sorts for a reason. Furthermore "Windross" weighs in a solemn, ritualistic feel for summoning long forgotten hollow earth demons, "Lichen" harks back to frolicking, crystalline (Neo)Cosmic / Synth structures whereas "Meadhead" sticks out as the darkest, most brooding take on the album, sonicalizing the continental plates slowly shifting over aeons whilst adding dramatic snare rolls and undefined, yet haunting DarkJazz bits to the equation later on before finally shifting into soothing, balearic guitar driven minimalisms. The subsequent "Firm" caters a nice contrast between a thundering low end and hovering harmonic pads, the title track "Sleepmoss" enters the world of nervous, stressed and anxious string instruments announcing a nervous breakdown of sorts before the final cut "Psithur" harks back to an innocent, yet crackling naturalistic vibe. Check.

Friday, October 25, 2019

HXXS - Learner (Official Video)

Hypermodernistic UltraPhonk meets a classic, exaggerated 80s Funk attitude in a well fascinating manner. Taken from the recently released album "Year Of The Witch".

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 17 [SM Traxxx 40-2019]

Put on the circuit via the ever active SM Traxxx-imprint is Sascha Müller's new digital two track single "Traxxx Vol. 17" which caters the subsequently named tunes "Track 33" and "Track 34" to all digital DJ's out there. Whilst the first of the two cuts is a bouncy, Acid-infused ClubTechno affair which would've most likely moved peaktime crowds and listeners of the legendary Steve Mason Experience back in 1994 we see the second musical outing on this single pull off a more tool-oriented variation of Techno meets Acid presented with distinctly sculpted midrange bass drums and a hypnotic repetition of unprocessed lo-fi tones for a main element. Intriguing.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Sky Burial - The Forcing Season: Further Acts Of Severance [Opa Loka Records]

Released via Opa Loka Records on September 14th, 2k19 is "The Forcing Season: Further Acts Of Severance" - the sixteenth full length album created by Michael Page under the artistic nom de guerre of Sky Burial which he introduced to the world back in 2006 with the projects self-titled debut album on the Housepig label. With his most recent album we see Sky Burial, who has borrowed its name from a Tibetan ritual, present an array of ten tracks subsequently named by Roman numerals, all stretched out over roughly 70 minutes total with the last track, "X", clocking in at 27+ minutes runtime alone. But it is the opener "I" which presents a progression from soft, organic Ambient tones to alarming, threatening and dystopian sirens and buzzing electric pulses of Industrial Ambient within less than 5 minutes time, paving the way for things to come with the swampy, fever'ish and primordial ritualistic vibe of "II", the yearning, thundering and desolate war music of "III" as well as the Psychedelia-infused Synth / (Neo)Cosmic of "IV". With "V" we see Sky Burial present more intense, danger heralding tribalisms for dark rituals, "VI" returns to a more classic, naturalistic, yet spaced out and score'esque take on Ambient / (Neo)Cosmic somewhat reminiscent of both Jean-Michel Jarre ca. "Zoolook" and Tangerine Dream / Klaus Schulze at their most experimental whereas "VII" provides various layers of deep percussion structures as a foundation for slightly uneasy droning and a general feel of deeply rooted unrest. Furthermore "VIII" weighs in a certain yearning and desolation despite being as beautiful as the rising sun on a crisp early spring morning, "IX" is on a cold sci-fi space vibe in terms of Ambient production and in the albums main piece "X" everything heard on the album so far culminates and the ever shifting composition defo could function as a score for an entire short film in its own right, meandering through several phases and moods, all somehow related to space, sci-fi and echoes of dystopia, yet with a distinct Sky Burial touch and variation. One of our favorite Opa Loka Records releases, this is.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Alexandra Savior - Saving Grace (Official Video)

What if down to earth Desert Blues and PostPunk had a Psychedelia-infused love child?

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Chihei Hatakeyama - Forgotten Hill [Room 40 Promo]

Released via Australia's ever active Room40-imprint on September 20th, 2k19 is "Forgotten Hill", the new album by Japanese Ambient composer Chihei Hatakeyama who was inspired to create this nine track piece by a visit to his home countries Asuka region - a region once highly populated and important but now seemingly forgotten and of agricultural use only although it is home to a vast array of burial mounds, most importantly the one known as Ishibutai Kofun. Still under the impression of what the area, especially the named burial mound and also the Asuka Temple and its large Buddha statue, felt like Chihei Hatakeyama created a soft spoken, misty and all over organic journey into the lands of classic, calming Ambient music, hovering, floating and ever evolving, garnished with slightly blurred crystalline motifs, nebulous, time dissolving layers of harmonic atmospheres and even soft guitar playing in tunes like "Staring At The Mountain" or "Fugitive From Wisteria Field". And although this album doesn't add anything new or unheard of to the Ambient realm it might be another welcome addition to the collections of die-hard Ambient headz and avid collectors of Japanese electronic music anyway.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Riptide Movement - Something Special (Official Lyric Video)

There's something undeniably catchy about this song which brings forth a sweet take on modernistic IndiePop whilst, at the same time, harking back to straightforward 80s Rock drumming.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Acre - Different Constellation [Aut Records 049]

Scheduled for release via Berlin's Aut Records imprint on November 18th, 2k19 is "Different Constellation" - the third album by the trio known as Acre which have collaborated with singer / songwriter Ludovica Manzo on this longplayer, who is adding her personal note to the groups language which plays in a... see title for this. Opening with "Formula" we see the four musicians introduce a tender, intimate take on songwriting based on both smoky late night PostJazz, naturalistic Folk-infused etherealisms and variations of a distinct piano / guitar motif whilst "Nebula Nitida" evokes memories of artists like Gilli Smyth or Bitch Band No 1 in its more free floating, performative and out of this world FreeJazz infused attitude. "Human's Dilemma" brings forth an inward looking tenderness infused by a dramatic, partly even theatrical experimental Soul vibe and heartfelt emotions, "Tomorrow" indulges in whispered, atmospheric Spoken Words, minimal sonic textures and free experimental percussion arrangements, "Implantable Memories" are based on scraping structures and intense non-vocalisms on the brink of madness and the final composition named "Simula" even introduces a highly experimental, slightly brooding variation of Jazz Noir for a closing of what is maybe the most outstanding, unique Aut Records release so far.

Album artwork on Instagram!

LAXENANCHAOS - Depth Psychology EP

Absolute six track madness released on cassette tape via Tripalium Corp in mid-October 2k19.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Afflicted - Dr. Who EP [Psychocandies 081]

Put on the circuit via the ever active Psychocandies-imprint is the new "Dr. Who EP" by the production duo that is Afflicted, comprised of Sascha Müller and Ufuk Özbayar who is also using the alias P.T.B.S. for his solo works. Together, the two producers are bringing forth a gallopping, stripped down and fast paced Techno vibe with the hollow sounding, tool-oriented opener "Dr. Who 1" whereas the subsequently named "Dr. Who 2" weighs in a little more of a Tribal vibe alongside ever moving, 'troity mid-range synths lines whilst "Dr. Who 3" even gravitates towards what Thomas P. Heckmann once described as 'Knarz' in terms of a Techno subgenre back in the days.

Ale Hop - Apophenia [Buh Records Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Peruvian imprint Buh Records on September 20th, 2k19 is "Apohenia", the latest album effort created by Berlin-based Peruvian artist and composer Ale Hop who is catering an eight tracks, 34 minutes spanning musical serving with this one. Starting her second album on Buh Records with "Augury" Ale Hop fuses atmospheric Ambient structures generated from what is described in the accompanying promo sheet as atomized Field Recordings with randomized, yet vanishing rhythmic metallic clangs whilst the follow up "Side Effects" presents a brooding, spine-tingling sci-fi vibe in conjunction with reprocessed SpokenWork layers. Furthermore "El Beso" introduces a spatial variation of clicking Electronica reminiscent of the warm, playful minimalism of long gone labels like Heimelektro Ulm Tonquellen, "Lima" is a Field Recordings meets score'esque Space Ambient ode to the capital of the artists home country and "Onomatopoeia" brings on more of a swampy, fever'ish vibe as well as a distinct ritualistic aspect prone to be used in exoterrestrial voodoo summonings or other quirky, out of of this world religious ceremonies. With "Punales" we see Ale Hop apply a twangy, unexpected FreakBlues angle to her musical work, the title track "Apophenia (Cielo Azul)" weighs in distortion and feedback heavy Noize elegies for those in the know and the final cut "Marches" combines the intensity of electronic feedback buzzing with masterly crafted Electronica meets Future Tribal beats for the darkest hours on hyperadvanced dancefloors. Good stuff. 

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Dean Ramsay - Countess Alftruda in Velvet Gowns

Ambient as clear, crystalline and innocent as Ambient can get. Beautiful sounds for inner contemplation.

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Decayed! - PDX PUNX [Grüße Aus Der Mülltonne 004]

Put on the circuit via the German underground imprint Grüße Aus Der Mülltonne in March 2019 is "PDX PUNX", the first ever eight track vinyl album release by Portland-based Punk outfit The Decayed!. Pressed as a limited vinyl edition of 115 yellow and 100 black vinyl copies and therefore a collectors item from the very start this copy was given to us in Portland directly and therefore holds some special memories - apart from its musical content. Soundwise The Decayed! are coming at us with a raw, defo UK-infused take on the Punk / SkatePunk genre with the anthemic, scream-a-long banger of a title track that is "PDX PUNX" whilst "Stop!" takes moshpits like a hurricane and even might appeal to an audience more drawn towards Metal due to its heavy riffing and elaborate guitar solos. "Days!" weighs in a more uplifting vibe with an undeniable crossover attitude towards high octane IndieRock of a British heritage, "Don't Wanna Be" brings forth thundering drums and a greyscale, no future 80s attitude whilst "Sounds Of Laughter" fuses experimental Dub FX, a lo-fi, garage'esque production value and overall teenage anger in attitude and makes no fuzz about the bands clear gravitational arch towards and original roots in PunkRock. With tunes like "No Hope Just Survival" they even take a shot at more of a melodic SurfPunk vibe despite its heavy lyrics, "Decayed" causes full on oldskool havoc on the dancefloor and "Oi! Destroy!" sets both Indie as well as Punk venues on fire in less than a minutes time. A short but intense trip this album is and defo a recommended one to get you hyped immediately.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Birdworld - After Rain

Beautiful organic melancholia. Dedicated fall music.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Sofie Winterson - Moral (Official Video)

Sometimes, it is just the right time for a simple - and simply beautiful - innocent love song.

Fly Pan Am - C'est Ca [Constellation Records 147 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Constellation Records on September 20th, 2k19 is "C'est Ca", the first album by Montreal's Avantgarde meets PostRock outfit Fly Pan Am in fifteen - 15!!! - years. A long hiatus this is but it seems the band outfit is coming back stronger than ever with this release. After a highly experimental opening with "Avant-Gardez Vous" we see the quartet taking over avantgarde dancefloors with the storming, yet dreamy and totally blurred out "Distance Dealer" before "Bleeding Decay" takes things to a similarly thrilling, even more intense and slightly Dub- / KrautDisco-infused level. The 111 seconds of "Dizzy Delusions" dabble in experimental, beatless Ambient / Indietronica fusion, "Each Ether" weighs in echoes of echoes of energetic IndieRock performed with a nebulous Shoegaze attitude before the tune holds some hell'ish suprises and "Alien Syntropy" sees Fly Pan Am explore untamed metallic percussions and an overall droning attitude, providing several layers of both beautiful as well as alarming atmospheres cut against eachother to raise and alert the listeners attention. The band's "One Hit Wonder" might surpisingly even resonate with fans of DubTechno / Intelligent Techno for a reason before triggering more hell'ish nightmares, "Discreet Channeling" could even become a minor hit on experimental underground dancefloors due to its highly seductive groove foundation and epic climax whilst "Interface Your Shattered Dreams" even brings forth a stylewise vocal hommage to deepest Wave, Alternative and PostPunk for a closing - and leaves enough space for a seductive hidden track as well. A massive return, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

DJ Spinn - U Ain't Really Bout Dat Life

DJ Spinn returns to Hyperdub with a new EP release and pays homage to his crew and homebase with this big time anthem.

Sound Of The Mountain With Tetuzi Akiyama And Toshimaru Nakamura - Amplified Clarinet And Trumpet, Guitars, Nimb [Mystery & Wonder 008]

Put on the circuit via Mystery & Wonder on October 3rd, 2k19 is "Amplified Clarinet And Trumpet, Guitars, Nimb" - the new two track album joint venture effort created by the duo that is known as Sound Of The Mountain in conjunction with Tetuzi Akiyama and no-input mixing board specialist Toshimara Nakamura. Spread over a total of roughly 36 minutes we see the four artists provide two extended compositions which combine their individual strengths to create an experimental, slightly distorted take on what might be called off-kilter Post-PostRock intermingling with Electroacoustics of different intensity levels, partly accompanying the tender guitar play delivered in the first  part of the album, partly disturbing and disrupting the tunes flow to a great effect. Part two on the other hand starts out in a deeper, darker, more atmospheric ambience fashion somewhat reminiscent of Village Of Savoonga's legendary PostRock classic "Score" released on Hausmusik back in 1997 whilst weighing in a little more of a subdued FreeJazz attitude towards the last third of the compositions runtime which adds a dark, yet strangely dystopian liveliness and melancholia to the tunes attitude and makes it a clear favorite out of the two pieces featured on this longplayer.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Pet Shop Boys feat. Years & Years - Dreamland (Official Lyric Video)

The longtime standing purveyors of SynthPop are still on it. And they're still the masters of catchy hooklines with their trademark uptempo dancefloor sound.

HXXS - Year Of The Witch [Captured Tracks Promo]

Scheduled for release via Captured Tracks on October 18th, 2k19 is "Year Of The Witch", the debut album created by Jeannie Colleene and Gavin Neves a.k.a. HXXS. Initially created in a camper van throughout a six months lasting tour effort the duos longplay firstling caters a menu of twelve tracks which later had to be re-recorded from memory due to a harddrive theft, starting with the harsh, unsettling, polyrhythmic cut "Last Days Of Magic" sporting intense, haunting and poly-layered vocal tracks for dark nightmares whilst the follow up "Double Down" weighs in elements of Future Tribal and PostPunk whilst "Hail Mary" even introduces an otherworldy take on harsh Industrial Funk of sorts. "Learner" takes us back to the Leftfield / Alternative Electronic Pop movement of the early 90s, "Up South" caters an amalgamation of fever'ish Industrial (Rock) madness and an echo of what once was known as Ingenious Dilletantes genrewise whereas "No Price On That Power" pairs innocent, child-like vocals with a rhythm section somewhat reminiscent of Germany's Einstürzende Neubauten ca. "Kollaps" but on a computer processed level. "This Loss Of Blood Has Me Feeling Some Type Of Way" gets into aggressive riot girl territories whilst staying in true HXXS fashion, "Their Satanic Majesty's 3rd Request", a collaboration with Kyp Malone of TV On The Radio-fame, could be described as a love child of Leftfield Pop, Freak Funk and Industrial Desert Blues before "Hard To Tell" tears advanced dancefloors apart with a raw and untamed uptempo attitude. Introducing the "Year Of The Knife" could easily become an underground dancefloor hit of sorts due to its unique, repetetive nature and distinct heavy, distorted riffing whilst "Full Health" is on a full on psychotic downward spiral and the final cut "Build A Fire" sees HXXS at their most playful, yet defo not user friendly, tip on this album. Let's hope in a parallel universe they do play HXXS on daytime radio - and let's all move there!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Proc Fiskal - Prop O Deed (Official Video)

This is why Proc Fiskal is the ruling master of Future Grime. Period.

Monday, October 07, 2019

Distribution Update: Intrauterin Recordings And Related Labels Go Word And Sound

Yes, it is true - about a year after the Intrauterin Recordings label group came back from a long release hiatus is about time to go global in terms of expanding our distribution network. Therefore we've teamed up with our friends at Hamburg-based vinyl distribution company Word And Sound to make our releases available to vinyl and cassette tape lovers and record stores worldwide.

And the best thing - before we're unleashing a new and exciting 7" vinyl piece later in 2019 the three releases we've put out since late 2018 are available via Word And Sound right now - so if you wanna grab a copy, let your local recordstore of choice know about these news.

Check these links to (pre)order:

- Combat Dubs [Intrauterin Recordings 006]
- baze.djunkiii - The Gangster Files [Intrauterin Tapes 009]
- No More - 123456789 *baze.djunkiii & Herr Brandt Dream A NuDream Remix [El Caballo Semental 001]

Sunday, October 06, 2019

12.10.2019 Sound Sculpture by Masary Studio presented by Mutek @ Wunderbar Together Pop Up Tour / Portland, USA

light installation sculpture:
Craig Dorety

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

playing a special vinyl selection of curated experimental electronic music from Germany

Event starts at 1830 PST

Wunderbar Together Pop Up Tour
Pioneer Courthouse Square
701 SW 6th Ave
OR 97205

Various Artists - Interactions: A Guide To Swiss Underground Experimental Music [Buh Records Promo]

What a combination it is when an experimental electronic music imprint based in Lima / Peru goes on a journey to explore the experimental underground scence of a small European country like Switzerland. A thing one wouldn't even imagine to happen in one's wildest dreams but this exactly what went down with "Interactions: A Guide To Swiss Underground Experimental Music" which was released via Buh Records on September 13th, 2k19, presenting a whole of 27 tracks - and a massive range in terms of variety of what experimentalism in electronic music can be. From the intense, alerting, electroacoustic sci-fi droning mixed with Field Recordings of flowing water that's to be found in Rudolf's "Tod Am Bach" to the lush Ambient score of Martina Lussi's "Pool" via esoteric, yet brooding naturalisms in Therminal C's "Sputnik Crash" as well as extreme guitar manipulation performed by Flo Stoffner in "Carmensac (For Anna)" and beyond the story goes on the first part of this double album. The second CD provides Jazz-infused turntablism and historical voice audio in Joke Lanz' "Dutschke", twisted SpaceFunk in Tout Bleu's ethereal leftfield Leftfield Pop outing named "Souviens-toi" whilst Dave Phillips' philosophical title musings in "Categorical Thinking Doesn't Do Justice To The Complexity Of Life" bring forth intense sonic eruptions, cut-up madness and a threatening kind of Industrial brutalism of sorts and Francisco Meirino's "Hear After: Introduction To Matters Of Auditory Paranoia" waves goodbye in a truly harsh and devastating fashion just to pick a few out of many great cuts on this unprecedented, highly recommended collection and documentation of Switzerlands's underground music scene.

09.10.2019 Vernissage Photo Exhibit “Hommage A Feininger" By Karl Lagerfeld - Curated By Gerhard Steidl @ Wunderbar Together Pop Up Tour / Portland, USA

Everyone knows of Bauhaus legend Lyonel Feininger and his famous paintings of ships and cathedrals. Far less known are his paintings inspired from his earlier caricature works. In this photo exhibition, Karl Lagerfeld pays homage to Feininger, an artist Lagerfeld considered an inspiration. Rather unlike the typical staid one-dimensional retrospectives, this exhibition seeks to interpret Feininger’s works through different and modern techniques and forms of expression.

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

playing a special vinyl selection of curated electronic music from Germany

Vernissage starts at 17oo PST

Wunderbar Together Pop Up Tour
Pioneer Courthouse Square
701 SW 6th Ave
OR 97205

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Syer B - Dippy

A killer take on highly stripped down Instrumental Grime. We do approve of this.

Friday, October 04, 2019

Ayler's Mood - Combat Joy [Aut Records 051]

Set for release via Berlin's Aut Records label on November 8th, 2k19 is "Combat Joy", a live recorded concert album performed by the trio that is Albert's Mood at the Jazzincantina in Rome. With this album we see Pasqualle Innarella, Danilo Gallo and Ermanno Baron focusing on what they see as the very essence of Jazz musically, a vision inspired by no-one less than the genre great that is Albert Ayler. Opening on a classy, smokey and vintage laid back Jazz tip the trio is soon carried away by what they describe as a pure organic flow, keeping up with a classy vibe but giving way to more and more layers of improvisation only to be falling back into a stripped down, intimate approach perfectly suitable for contemplating over a classic cocktail or two whilst dancing to thundering re-interpretations of oldtime rhythms becomes a thing only minutes later before these are, once again, stripped down, deconstructed and turned into the next, exciting variation of what Jazz can be - both from a modernistic, contemporary standpoint as well as from a Jazz standard perspective. What an arc this album provides.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Felix Lee ft. Ecco2k + Whitearmor - KOH (Official Video)

The future of hyperchromatic Urban Bass Music is now. Check our album review here!

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Love Fame Tragedy - I Don't Want To Play The Victim, But I'm Really Good At It [Good Soldier Records Promo]

Fresh on the circuit and released via Good Soldier Records on September 27th, 2k19 is "I Don't Want To Play The Victim, But I'm Really Good At It", the first ever outing by Love Fame Tragedy - the new solo outing created by Matthew 'Murph' Murphy who is better known to a wide audience of Indie fans as the lead singer of The Wombats. With his new project he's not necessarily dancing to Joy Division but employs a straighter, slightly more dancefloor-focused Pop meets Indie approach with extremely catchy chorus lines like the one showcased in "My Cheating Heart" which we've already featured on these pages earlier this year. "Backflip" on the other hand pulls off more of a bluesy late night vibe that one defo could see being aired on FM radio whilst the "Pills" don't work anymore but surely do work on the dancefloor with their muscular beats, touching emotional string arrangements and overall uber-Funk before the "Brand New Brain" relies on solemn minor chord pianos and swinging snaps as an intro for a captivating crossover between R'n'b'-ish vibes and large scale romanticism in IndiePop crafted for intimate moments with a loved one. Good stuff.

Havington - Places Where

What's sweeter than a neat, simple and yet catchy Folk love song with a unique twist? Nothing.

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

1naud1bl3 - Weltformel [Farmersmanual Generate And Test 013]

Released recently via the Farmersmanual Generate And Test-imprint is the "Weltformel" created by 1naud1bl3, a world- and universe-explaining formula which surely is coming from a dark and twisted place. Build on a somehow collage'esque frame of mind we're exposed to a set of thirteen sketch-like tracks / pieces /compositions which mostly incorporate some Field Recording bits or samples of sorts which are embedded in everything from distorted Punk meets Electronic crossover tunes, quirky, highly exaggerated Songwriter UltraPop, echoes of Industrial and PostPunk, lo-fi German ArtSchool Easy Listening sounds and way beyond in terms of even touching base with dark'ish, psychedelic Metal riffing at some point, all mixed and mingled to create an obviously puzzling, confusing and irritating effect. This is more like a collection of raw, obscure, unmastered - and unstructured - home studio demos than a fully fledged album. And a truly challenging one for sure.

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Dog Dimension – Area Of Outstanding Beauty (EP Teaser Video)

As we've already reviewed this release in late September we defo want you to take a look at the teaser video for this one as well. Enjoy!

Kablehead / Letters [split tape]

The third in a series of incoming, slightly mysterious split releases on cassette tapes of unknown origin contains music by Kablehead and Letters with each of the artists / producers seemingly covering one side of the release. First we see Kablehead's "Cavonism" bringing forth a stripped down and slightly electroid take on MinimalTechno with a bit of a live-jam twist whereas Letters' "Nice Habit" on the flipside introduces more of a dry take on Broken Techno meets Electronica and Phonk, slightly reminiscent of early releases on labels like Skam or Marco Passarani's efforts in terms of balancing Electro and Electronica for highly advanced dancefloors before drifting off into more technoid, yet still super dry, musical realms and beyond in what seem to be short, live recorded jam bits. Defo an interesting format choice for a club music focused release, this.

Tape artwork on Instagram!