Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brazilian Girls - Good Time [Verve]

US-based ElectroPop-outfit Brazilian Girls are back with a new single these days that'll be appreciated by PostPunk-lads, Pop-fans and beer fueled pub goers the same as it comes with a massive hook and some nice singalong chorus. Clubbers and Baltimore headz will for sure prefer Diplo's beat tricky re-lick featured on this single that is about to work crowds all over the place.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playlist: 29.01.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: The Darkest Night @ Byte.FM


29.01.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: The Darkest Night @ Byte.FM

transmission started: 28.01.2009 / 23.59 GMT+1

transmission ended: 29.01.2009 / 03.00 GMT+1

00.00 - 01.00

1. Skatesuckers
2. Team Wasted - Sic Road Trip [Team Wasted 013]
3. Sara Bernett - The Rhythm Impulse [Propulsion 285 / 004]
4. CMU Overdose [Accu Records 000]
5. Madonna 303 & Gizz TV [Mass-Turbator 001]
6. VDD-Energise [HD 002]
7. Bogus & Popof [Toolbox Killerz 007]
8. [Sensory Overload Records 012]
9. Cyclo - New World Order [Harkom Records]
10.Ixi - Skatekat E.P.

01.00 - 02.00

1. Dubmanouche - Welkom Nina [Gangst.HZ 002]
2. Lou Chano & Anti HiFi - Focus [Teknomobilsquad 009]
3. Melly - Fight The Power [Tekiteazy 001]
4. DJ Ultramars [Mars Picture Deuxieme]
5. Ortie - 2 Dents [Ptit Gris Records]
6. Rave Creator - A New Mind *Mix-A [Dance Ecstasy 2029]
7. The Prophet - The Point [Mokum Records 001]
8. Lenny Dee - Fuckin Hostile [Industrial Strength]
9. Omar Santana - Step The Fuck Back *The Fuc’d Up Mix [H2OH Recordings]
10.Recharge - When I Grow Up [Waxweazle 023 Whitelabel]
11.Party Animals - Have You Ever Been Mellow [Whitelabel]
12.[Mokum 004 Whitelabel]

02.00 - 03.00

1. Lenny Dee & Gizmo - Muthafuckin Drum Machine [Ruff Beats 009]
2. Cyanide vs. Maniac Of Noize - Heartbreak [Mokum 038]
3. Short Circuit - Megahouse [Rotterdam Records 028]
4. [Napalm Records 005 Whitelabel]
5. Deacon Boombastardizer - Not For Tha Ladies *Bastardized Old Stylin’ V3.0 [Irritant Records]
6. The Beast Fuckers - Veni [Beast Records 008]
7. Detest - Sucker DJ [Strike Records]
8. Radium - Twilight Zone [Psychik Genocide 035]
9. Hellfish & Producer - Deck Fuel *Adventures For The Sonically Deprivated [Planet µ]
10.Hellfish & Producer - Compressor Warrior [Planet µ]
11.Anarchi3 - Necrosociety [Necrosociety 004]
12.Goetia & Venom [Neurotoxic 027]
13.FC Kobenhavn
14.Travon - Procession *Act II [Shit And Noize Art 009]

03.02.2009 Plastik Phonk @ Meine Kleinraumdisko / Hamburg

file under: Downbeat / Headz / Freestyle / Vintage

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte FM ]

doors: 9 PM

Meine Kleinraumdisko
Neuer Kamp 17
20357 Hamburg

Monday, January 26, 2009

02.02.2009 Eclectic Groovez @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: Minimal- / Intelligent- / ArmchairTechno

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 P.M.

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Saturday, January 24, 2009

30.01.2009 Adventures In DeepHouse @ Meine Kleinraumdisko / Hamburg

file under: DeepHouse / (Neo)Disco / DubTechno

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte FM ]

doors: 9 PM

Meine Kleinraumdisko
Neuer Kamp 17
20357 Hamburg

Friday, January 23, 2009

Maybe D?? - Let Me Be Your Fantarsey [FANTASY 001]

Well, honestly I'm not the biggest fan of these days movement to create loads and loads of bootlegs in Dubstep but this one sided whitelabel 12" is the first one to change my mind on this issue as it takes care of one of my - and I bet everyone else would agree on this - favorite Oldskool anthems, which is Baby D's "Let Me Be Your Fantasy". All vocals and piano chords are fully featured and accompanied by a decent Dubstep beat and bass adding a nice, smooth and warm flavour. Well done though, as a massive wobble banger attempt could've only done massive damage to this classic. Check out.

+++ Plutonium Pogo +++ Win Free Tickets +++

We're giving out 20 free tickets for our Plutonium Pogo-event taking place @ Hamburg's Molotow on january 29th...

Just check our website and drop a mail with your name - we'll get back to you in time if you'll be on our guest list.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dälek - Gutter Tactics [Ipecac Records]

Dälek are back on Mike Patton's Ipecac Records to unveal their fourth studio album since 2002 which is named "Gutter Tactics" in the end of january. Once again their vision of HipHop is dark, apocalyptic and induced by the sonic terror of layers and layers of Noise, dramatic string arrangements and other sound wizzardry seemingly taken from the very depths of urban angst. This is the sound of decay, of gutter, accompanying the ongoing dereliction of now taking places in todays society and due to that way more relevant than the most of these days HipHop in general, only dealing with fake bling and bitches. Mutant HipHop for those who know. Get it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

29.01.2009 Plutonium Pogo feat. Sonnenbrandt @ Molotow / Hamburg

live on stage:

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]
Das Audiolith [ Audiolith]

press info:

Beim Plutonium Pogo wird das Beste der elektronischen Musik vereint, sowohl am DJ-Pult, als auch auf der Bühne. Nach erfolgreichen Clubnächten in verschiedenen Hamburger Locations gilt es diesmal, die Besucher im Molotow in Ekstase zu versetzen.

Das sollte dem Hamburger Trio Sonnenbrandt nicht schwer fallen. Mit ihrer Mischung aus Elektro, New Wave und NDW haben sie ihre eigene Nische in der deutschen Poplandschaft geschaffen und bezeichnen diese selbst halb-scherzhaft als "Elektronische Volksmusik". Kurzum: Man kann es mitsingen, man kann dazu tanzen, man kann nicht genug davon kriegen. Und das funktioniert nicht nur in Deutschland, sondern auch in Belgien, Frankreich und sogar den USA. 2008 erschien endlich ihr Debütalbum "Gestern". Darauf zu hören sind Gitarren, Synths, Drums und deutscher, englischer und französischer Gesang.

Vor und nach der Show gibt es DJ-Sets der Extraklasse: Baze.Djunkiii, bekannt von Byte.FM und Molotow-Stammgästen auch als Meanie-Bar-DJ ein Begriff, und Das Audiolith vom Hamburger Indie-Electro-Label Audiolith Records, garantieren "elektronischen Indiepunk für Clubgänger". Da dürfen gerne auch schon mal vor offiziellem Wochenendbeginn die Tanzschuhe entstaubt werden!

doors: 8 P.M.
door fee: 5 EU


Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

28.01.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: The Darkest Night @ Byte.FM

file under: Tribe Tekno / Gabba / Hartcore

Acid-induzierter holländischer TribeTekno, klassischer Gabba und gnadenloser Hardcore bilden die Eckpunkte dieses dreistündigen DJ-Mixes, der es sich zur Aufgabe macht, die vom Normalkonsumenten als durchaus extrem empfundenen Nischen der elektronischen Tanzmusik auszuloten. Musik, die sonst in der Schattenwelt des sogenannten Underground und seiner in sich geschlossenen Netzwerke verborgen bleibt.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

transmission starts: 23.59 [GMT+1]

transmission runs up to: 03.00 [GMT +1]

tune in @ Byte.FM

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sven Zalac - Weekender [Shito Records 001]

Shito Records recently put their 001 on the promo circuit which is Sven Zalac's double A-side 12" "Weekender" - one to be well appreciated by all friends of pumping Minimal Techno, a functional peak time tool that keeps the crowd moving and punters hands up high in the air. Defo one that I'll keep in the box for a while so check this one out if your local dealer stocks it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

[Echo:Mirage] - Border Of Cycles [Super 6 Records 038.5]

The newest release on Super 6 Records is [Echo:Mirage]'s eight tracker "Border Of Cycles" containing an interesting mixture of weird, slightly Industrial-flavored Electro and quirky Chemical Beats accompanied by nice, hypnotic and trancey athmospheres for the advanced dancefloors. Those who've been diggin' tunes like Rob Acid's legendary "Schokodreck" or Genlog's longplayer "Rosa Lauschen" of 1998 will defo love this one as well as this is totally timeless and way better than many so-called Electronica released today. Check out.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

26.01.2009 Dereliction Of Now @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: Experimental Electronics / Ambient / Electronica

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 P.M.

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Friday, January 16, 2009

Naughty But Niche

Check out issue February 2009 of ATM Mag for a nice and interesting feature on Sheffield's Niche club and scene...

24.01.2009 Platinum Garage @ Minidisco / Hamburg

file under: UK Garage / Speed Garage

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 10 PM

Bartelsstrasse 30
20357 Hamburg

Thursday, January 15, 2009

baze.djunkiii @

follow me, folks.

baze.djunkiii @ now.

Simon Flower - Phosphenes [Poker Flat Recordings 101 Promo]

Poker Flat Recordings are back for 2009 after reaching the three digit realm in late 2008 and they're coming on strong with Simon Flowers "Phosphenes" accompanied by an Efdemin relick plus the additional track "Late Night". Musicwise this 12" has to be filed under the flag of dark, sci-fi-flavored minimalism with loads of metallic sounds and heavyweight Techno-influences that go straight back to the late 80s / early 90s, a time when everything in Techno was about future, space and some raw darkness as well. Tracks like Enemies Of Carlotta F.O.C. II's "Der Feind" or Force Legato's "Sytem" come to mind for a reason and somehow "Phosphenes" manages to transfer their moody athmosphere into 2009 without sounding old fashioned or retro. Defo a good one although this sound is a bit unusual for a Poker Flat-delivery.

Phonique - The Pump E.P. [Dessous Recordings 085 Promo]

Phonique is back on Dessous Recordings with his new three tracker "The Pump E.P." which unveals the tool-orientated side of his studio work as all tracks are pumping, functional and keep the crowd busy on the floor but on the other side do not stick out that much as his previous productions did. Not an obvious hit and not his best work either, but still good if you love House music with attitude and groove.

Playlist: 15.01.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: JDB @ Byte.FM


15.01.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: JDB @ Byte.FM

transmission started: 14.01.2009 / 23.59 GMT+1

transmission ended: 15.01.2009 / 03.00 GMT+1

00.00 - 01.00

1. Shut Up And Dance - Save It Till The Morning After *Club Mix [Pulse 8 Records]
2. Skyosis [Infrasonic 014 Whitelabel]
3. 4Hero - Mr Kirks Nightmare *Original Instrumental Mix [Sm:)e[
4. 4Hero - Mr Kirks Nightmare *Energize ‘96 [Sm:)e]
5. 2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down [Moving Shadow 014]
6. Altern8 - Move My Body *Hard Hardcore Mix [Network Records]
7. Outlander - Vamp [R&S Records]
8. Praga Khan - Phantasia Forever *Joey Beltram Mix [S12]
9. Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia *Original Remix [Ars Productions]
10.DJ Pumphead - Fucking Famous *Breakbeat Version [Acid Tracks 02]
11.[FRIEND 001 Whitelabel]
12.Criminal Minds - Re-Baptized By Dub [Whitehouse Classics]
13.Cosmo & Dibbs - Oh So Nice [Moving Shadow]

01.00 - 02.00

1. Skyosis [Infrasonic 014]
2. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out *DJ Nex & Mark One Altern8 Revival Mix [Liquid Asset / Subbase Audio]
3. Smart E’s - Sesame’s Street *12” Version [ZYX Records]
4. N.R.G. - Unity [R&S Records]
5. DJ Seduction - Hardcore Heaven *Hardcore Mix [OLD SKOOL 002 Whitelabel]
6. Modular - Living In A Basement [J-Tek Records 001]
7. Dave Tarrida & Lars Sandberg - Supa Hammer [Missile 051]
8. Luna C - DisDance [KFA 032]
9. Orca - 4 a.m. [Whitelabel]
10.Bill & Ted - Seasons [Club In International 001]
11.Jens K - Xpression [Dubplate]
12.Whizzkick [Dubplate]

02.00 - 03.00

1. Room 1 [T.C. 001 Whitelabel]
2. Space Cube - Live Is Picnic [Edge Records 005]
3. Akasa - Lovs Is.... [Universal Prime Breaks 002 Whitelabel]
4. Benny Beatz - The Show *DJ Cut [IZM 002]
5. Skool Of Hard Knocks - Can Ya Feel It *Remix [Grand Larcency 007]
6. Leviticus - Burial *Chronic 1 [FFRR]
7. [GIMME 001 Whitelabel]
8. Lemon D - Urban Style Music [Metalheadz 014]
9. Dangerous Liasonz - Hazardous Happenings [Safari Sounds 001]
10.Limo Posse feat. Maxine & Bingo - Feeling Is Right [Money Records 006]
11.Lenney - Baby Don’t Cry *Swing In Da Jungle Mix [Bootin Records 001]
12.Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style [TJ 001]

20.01.2009 Nacht Aus Beton @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: SynthPop / (No)Wave / PostPunk / Indie / ElectroPunk / Ingenious Dilletantes

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 PM

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

19.01.2009 In 2 Headz @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: Downbeat / Headz / Dope Beats

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM ]

doors: 9 P.M.

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Friday, January 09, 2009

Stefanowitz - Laterr [Strøm Recordings 005]

Our favorite Amsterdam-based MinimalTechno-imprint Strøm Recordings is back for 2009 with a nice lil' four tracker provided by Stefanowitz, who delivers a glitzy and nicely pumping interpretation of electronic club music named "Laterr" that will work well with all the crowd who are saying to be into "Electro" without knowing about the original meaning of this term. A lil' help remixwise is provided by Berlin's glitz specialists Dirt Crew who are taking care of the title track and transform it in their very own signature way without losing track of the original. "Wachttoren" and "Ontwaakt" are the ones to be found on the flip, serving a darker, moodier vibe for late night crowds that appreciate a bit of technoid hypnosis while bubbling through the night. Another top one to watch out for.

16.01.2009 Grüner Jäger / Hamburg

main floor:

"Musikexpress Klub"

Glowing Elephant
Super 700

+ DJ Xtoph [Musikexpress Magazin]



file under: DeepHouse / Intelligent Techno / Minimal

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 8 PM
door fee: 8 EU

Grüner Jäger
Neuer Pferdemarkt 23
20357 Hamburg

Thursday, January 08, 2009

MemoPlay - Raum E.P. [Super 6 Records 038]

Fresh on Super 6 Records is MemoPlay's "Raum E.P." and its stunning opener "Zeit Und Raum *3030303 Mix" alone is more than convincing as it serves hypnotic AcidTrance-flavas like we were in 1994 and will be loved by all dedicated oldskool ravers as well the more pounding "Please Trance Me Mix" of the same title. "Die Sonde" is totally different instead as this track fuses electroid sounds and basslines with Drum'n'Bass beat programming and reminds me somehow of early Kerosene-tunes like "Catweazles Suicide" released on Chrome Records, know better known as Position Chrome to the Drum'n'Bass-heads of today, whilst Das KNO turns and twists the whole tune into another Acid Trance-banger in his remix featured here.

14.01.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: JDB @ Byte.FM

file under: UK Hardcore / JungleTekno / Jungle

Innerhalb von drei Stunden arbeitet sich baze.djunkiii in dieser Sendung von frühem UK Hardcore über Oldskool Breakbeat und JungleTekno bis hin zu Jungle / Drum’n’Bass der Mittneunziger Jahre vor und garniert seinen Mix mit Produktionen neueren Datums, die sich dem Spirit der „early days“ voll und ganz verpflichtet fühlen. Enjoy.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

transmission starts: 23.59 [GMT+1]

transmission runs up to: 03.00 [GMT +1]

tune in @ Byte.FM

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hiroshi Yamaoka - Electrified Souls / Quiet Dance [Chillzone Records 009]

Hiroshi Yamaoka is the the first one to lay down a release on the Ambient-flavored Chillzone Records in 2009 and it is - well - chill... Not in the way one might expect, like without beats and all that, but in a very late 70's Copa Cabana, cocktail-sipping way with all those steaming hot bikini dreams and catsuit mistresses in mind one can even dream of. Easy Listening would've been a correct term in the late 90's when compilations like "Sushi 4004" were still floating around and hip advanced clubbers were shaking their hips to sounds of this kind.

14.01.2009 Plastik Phonk @ Meine Kleinraumdisko / Hamburg

file under: Downbeat / Headz / Freestyle / Vintage

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte FM ]

doors: 9 PM

Meine Kleinraumdisko
Neuer Kamp 17
20357 Hamburg

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

12.01.2009 Urban!zm @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: Dubstep / Grime / Urban

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 PM

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

12.01.2009 2 B On The Beat @ webradio [19.00 GMT+1]

file under: Dubstep / Drum'n'Bass

Right before crashing of to Meaniebar for that weeks "Urban!zm" show baze.djunkiii will play a 60 minutes Dubstep guest slot at DJ Beeside's "2 B On The Beat" radio show transmitted via webradio. Expect some hard hitting bassline terror blasting through your speakers.

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]
DJ Beeside [2 B On The Beat]

transmission starts: 19.00 [GMT+1]

transmission runs up to: 21.00 [GMT +1]

tune in @ webradio

Monday, January 05, 2009

10.01.2009 In-Store Showcase @ American Apparel Community Store / Hamburg

file under: UK Garage / Speed Garage

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

showcase starts: 2 PM

American Apparel Community Store Jungfernstieg
Jungfernstieg 51
20354 Hamburg

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Kaderschmiede R.I.P.

It's always sad to see nice and creative places closing down, especially in the city one is living in. In the beginning of 2009 the bar / cafe Kaderschmiede Ottensen, which regularly hosted photo exhibitions by artists like Ruedi Beckmann and others, has shut its doors forever and will be missed for sure, although I haven't been a regular guest.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Playlist: 01.01.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: Platinum Garage @ Byte.FM


01.01.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: Platinum Garage @ Byte.FM

transmission started: 31.12.2008 / 23.59 GMT+1

transmission ended: 01.01.2009 / 03.00 GMT+1

00.00 - 01.00

1. Groove Chronicles - Monologue [Kinky Fox 001]
2. Tell Me - Jessie’s Song *Tsunami Vocal Mix
3. Inner City - Big Fun *Lingo Vopcal Remix [PIAS]
4. Basement Jaxx - Jus 1 Kiss *Sunship Instrumental [XL Recordings]
5. Code Blue - Give Him Love *Vocal Mix [CODEB 002]
6. Doc In The Box - The King *Doc’s Majestic Mix [EastWest]
7. Trick Or Treat featuring Paradise - 2Step Flavas [FTL 005]
8. T2 feat. Jodie Aysha - Heartbroken *Wideboys London Mix [All Around The World / MNB]
9. DJ Wizkid, 4Mid & Kurrupt MC - I Can’t Stand It [FX Recordings 011]
10.[Big Ben Records 004 Whitelabel]
11.Da Bomb *DND Vocal [DND Vol. 4]
12.[KIRK 01 Whitelabel]
13.[OT 001 Whitelabel]

01.00 - 02.00

1. October - Dub Junglism *Vex’d Remix [Z 001]
2. The Hackney Soldiers - Ultimate Bully [New Deal Recordings 010]
3. Breakneck - Spinoff [Londonbreakz 001]
4. So Good [Hardcore Beats Vol. 2]
5. Trick Or Treat - You’re On Fire [DANCE 001 Whitelabel]
6. Zed Bias - Neighbourhood *Zed Bias 2K Vocal Mix [Locked On]
7. Peekay - Can’t Stop [High Rollers Recordings Whitelabel]
8. M17 - Rockin Down The House *The 4/4 Rinse [AWOL 001]
9. DJ Shorty & DJ Brown - Friction [Locked On]
10.Tiny Tempa - Tears *Burgaboy Remix [DL 001]
11.Kano - Nobody Don’t Dance No More *Remix [679]
12.Sunship ft. Warrior Queen - Almighty Father *Chunky Mix [Casual]

02.00 - 03.00

1. Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome - Dance Wiv Me *Agent X Remix [Dirtee Stank Recordings 002]
2. Iron Soul vs Ashanti - Rain On Me [Southside Legacy 013]
3. Wiley - Wearing My Rolex *Agent X Remix [Asylum / Warner]
4. Hey DJ! *Agent X Remix [MASK 018]
5. [Clean Cut Recordings Whitelabel]
6. TaintedDre [Whitelabel]
7. M.R.J. - Different Story [4 Real 002]
8. Shade Sheist feat. Nate Dogg & Kurupt - Where I Wanna Be *Dub-A-Holics R&B Explicit Switch Mix [Public Demand]
9. Goodfellas vs Mr. Vegas - Pull Up [666 007]
10.Move It [Whitelabel]
11.The Undertaker - 6 Million Ways [ID 6 Whitelabel]
12.The Bill *Original Mix [RHR 001]
13.Dogmatic vs Royboy - Barage [Spreadlove 004]
14.Tech One - Memories [UUK 002]