Tuesday, May 31, 2005

playlist: 30052005 die nachtschwestern minimal techno edition @ radio fsk / hamburg

[intrauterin recordings]

1. jullander - apres danse *jörg theurer remix [sunday service)
2. scratch massive - seeing is believing *says troneek remix [chateaurouge]
3. liebe ist cool - ok! [bruchstücke]
4. filippo naughty moscatello - disco volante [gigolo]
5. dj enrique - the talent e.p. [ladomat]
6. taylor dupree - print e.p. [audio.nl]
7. radboud mens - rub out the sound [vynalogica]
8. hometrainer - trained to be a dancer [doxa]
9. ladytron - playgirl *felix da housecat glitz clubhead mix [invicta]
10. apollo 440 - glam *rock'n'roll part III edit [sony uk]
11. the dance inc. - looking like that *saalschutz remix [audiolith]
12. client - rock and roll machine *sie medway-smith remix [toast hawaii]
13. phonique ft die elfen - the red dress [dessous 044 whitelabel]
14. glowing glisses - on the bridge [poker flat 028 whitelabel]
15. pub surgery [amp 007]
16. ars larson - the technical machine [shot tools]
17. e.o.x. - acid new york e.p. [hollis haus]

laurent garnier uptempo mix
[f com / paris]

1. mr. negative - better than you
2. laid back - white horse
3. adonis - you can't stop the house
4. alex kid - don't hide it
5. farley jack master funk - acid life
6. soul designer - dirty basics
7. sleep archive - track 3
8. 2000 and one - block roc
9. moroder - the chase
10. promo - unknown
11. krispy krantz bootleg
12. jammin - uptalking
13. sunship - almighty father
14. jammin - rolling with flava
15. west street mob
16. shakedown - lovegame
17 the faint
18. !!!
19. goran kan

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Playlist addition...

Just received an email from Whodini (Subworx / Hamburg) who joined me in the studio on Monday 23rd of May throughout my last radioshow containing quite detailed information on what he rinsed then...

4.whodini & chaos_prebirth_subworx_59
5.whodini_rennende stadt kinder_subworx_91
6.black lung_another moth-eaten happiness_ant zen_119
7.black lung_autocratic zeit shift_ant zen_164
8.black lung_the dawn of love_ant zen_119
9.synapscape_beilfriend (the gush rmx by somatic responses)_ant zen_117
10.black lung_the great automobile hunt_ant zen_184
11.black lung_the zone of percolating violence_ant zen_164
12.somatic responses_rwy eisiau dy gariad_hymen_39
13.axiome_berdelle_ant zen_139
14.somatic responses_nogging revenge_hymen_48
15.black lung_karmageddon_ant zen_184
16.black lung_the dilemma of the one alternative_ant zen_164
17.somatic responses_pounted mass_hymen_48
18.somatic responses_sincromath_praxis_41
19.xyramat_vorstoss (wildmix)_block 4_3
20.black lung_panic squad interruption_kk records_107
21.black lung_despotic heroic diversion_ant zen_164
22.torsion_subway sanatorium_hymen_17
23.black lung_grandeur and redemption_ant zen_164
24.whodini & chaos_freitag der 13._subworx_91

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Just another schedule update

Well, it's been a while since I've been spinning a proper clubset in my hometown of Hamburg/Germany due a quite busy work- and dj-schedule, but june sees my playing here twice. The first party...

...takes place on June 3rd in a small but nice venue underneath the Hotel Imperial @ the infamous Reeperbahn right in the centre of Hamburg's redlight district.


baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]
wright & wright
wolfgang klette

Venue: Sujet / Reeperbahn 5 downstairs / Hamburg - Germany

Door: open 10pm / admission 5EU

And I'm going back to play another gig @ Hotel Lux / Berlin in - guess what? - less than 2 weeks. BO!

09.06.2005 S.I.N.D. @ hotel lux / berlin

aufbau friedrichshain / radio lux proudly announce:

*S.*I.*N.*D. (siberia is not disgusting)

_electronica_ambient-, intelligent &armchair techno_deepest detroit_

turntables: baze.djunkiii [intrauterin recordings / hamburg ]

pettenkofer strasse 4c (open the wooden door)
f-hain near sbahn frankfurter allee /berlin
10oo p.m. / 2.oo EU donation

Some additional notes on music:

Atlantic just put out a double-A-side promo of Missy Elliott's new tracks. A-Side sees Missy, supported by Ciara & Fatman Scoop, rappin' on a baaaad electro/booty bass riddim which also uses samples of Juan Atkins'/Cybotron's legendary track "Clear" from the mid-80's. Is good to see an established HipHop artist like Missy representin' a fusion of what once belonged together - HipHop & Electro is what I'm talkin' 'bout - in the early days of rappin', b-boyin' and breakdancin'. On the flipside The Neptunes come up with a really bleepy kind of bassheavy crunk riddim which should do well within' a grime set. Remember the instrumental of Ashanti's "Only U" ? That kind of stuff if you subtract the strings and melodic stuff.

Garage veteran's Sunship are on point again, backin' up Warrior Queen's "Almighty Father" on Casual with a hybrid mixture of heavy Dancehall and Grime. Four mixes to be found on this recommended 12" , three of them grimey as f*ck and one for the ladies rollin' the vocals out on a straight SpeedGarage-tune that is on a very positive tip and a bit cheesy as well.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Parts not exactly in the post

Receiving promos and pre-release copies is great and one of the very appreciated benefits of being a DJ, press and networking person. Even more if you get records not only from the big promo pools but from small underground labels & artists which are often short of money and do not send out stuff into the blue.

One of these labels is the Hamburg-based imprint Sunday Service which is exploring the field of Leftfield Independent Pop, Postrock elements, Indietronica and some more dancefloor-wise remix works. Scheduled for august is the second coming of finn. entitled "The Eyes Will Have It". Seems like Patrick Zimmer - finn.'s real name - has been in a very warm and melancholic mood while writing this album. Eleven songs, carefully arranged, that might be a nice soundtrack for upcoming long autumn evenings and a glass of red wine. But before autumn falls again another Sunday Service record is to be released in july, Jullander's "Reworks & Continuations" 12" featuring five remixes of their 2003 album "Interior" by Lawrence, Thomas Leboeg of Iso 68 and Kante-fame, Jörg Theurer, The Montana Files and Julies Etienne. Thomas Leboeg wins on the dancefloor, revealing a deep & sparkling MinimalDisco-tune with nice vocoder effects - good for 5 a.m. crowds in tiny red hot clubs with brothel-like kitsch-interieur and this special hormone-driven athmosphere we all know from our nightlife experience. Also check out Jörg Theurer's remix of "Apres Danse" as a nice piece to baffle a raving mad MinimalTechno audience as it uses german vocal snippets and quite tricky breaks.

Aaron Spectre's label Moonbunny has put out it's first release a few weeks ago - "Aarktica/Aaron Spectre - Ocean E.P.". Very deep and athmospheric stuff that sometimes reminds me of early Boards Of Canada mixed up with a few pieces of Postrock and - this only for Aaron's remix of "Ocean" - a bit of Autechre.

Another new label coming from Hamburg/Germany is Boys Noize, run by newbreed ElectroHouse-superstar Kid Alex - once responsible for teh Uber-hit "Young love (Topless)". One of five test pressings in my hands now I must admit that there's really cool stuff on that record that will stick in my case for quite a long time. "Optic" reveals heavy broken beats with mad acid lines on top while "He-man" on the flip is a massive bleepy MinimalTechno-stomper able to drive people crazy. Forget about Alter Ego's "Rocker" or Roman Flügel's "Geht's Noch?", this one works as well with a massive breakdown and features a more subtle hook which is fine with me. Top score.

And another date in Berlin which is not be missed...

Fr. 27.05.: MAXIMUM DYNAMIX presents :
" DRUM & BASS meets FRENCH - TEK "

CORA S. - mental-ind./possible music
MOONRAKER - thee original !!! /Bass
TRICKY D - Tricky Tunes

supported by Public Noise
Supamolly, Jussnerstr 41, S+U Frankfurter Allee, F´fain
Einlass/Beginn ca. 23.00/23.30 Uhr

playlist: 23052005 die nachtschwestern experimental techno edition @ radio fsk / hamburg

Once again for all trainspotters out there - the playlist of last night's radioshow...

[intrauterin recordings]

1. notstandskomitee - eimerkette *rotorik axis bunker body mix [block 4]
2. michael forshaw - anti-skating [chan'n'mikes]
3. tok tok e.p. [djungle fever testpress]
4. lakriz 2 [djungle fever]
5. e-chauffement [absullety tekno 004]
6. jason leach - if anyone asks [ mercuro chrome]
7. jean the ripper - süchtig [highball music]
8. din-st - murdersomesound [tresor]
9. boys noise - he-man [boys noize 001 testpress]
10. neil landstrummm - bullet proof [tresor]
11. baby ford - normal *helston flora remix by AFX [rephlex]
12. gerald afx'd [secret mixes / fixes vol. 1]
13. cylob - rewind! * bonus bytes [rephlex]
14. erase - the plaque [electromechanix]
15. marco passarani - again [peacefrog]
16. pent-a-tonik - about this [kudos records 004]
17. ken ishii - pneuma [r&s records]
18. helden der revolution - live @ club camouflage [djungle fever testpress]

Monday, May 23, 2005

Post-Berlin thoughts

Well, finally back home after my trip to Berlin this weekend and first of all it's time for biggin' up Deutsche Bahn for cuttin' down transfer time from Hamburg to Berlin to only 90 minutes via ICE which is nothing if one remembers times when a train ride from A to B took like three hours or more which is crap for an exhausted artist after a fine and long night out.

Shoutouts as well to Bowman, Eleni and their son Leon, which is a funny and pretty intelligent little guy, and thx to Markus of Smoked Sausage for his flat over the last days.

Playing Hotel Lux on friday was fun although the audience was little due to the local promoter mixing up dates - normally the place is open on thursdays and saturdays only... But it is a nice place anyway, living room style and very loungy, a Vereinsheim kind of location - well, there must be an english expression for that but this time i prefer the german one just 'coze it sounds well - with a good PA compared to other venues with a semi-official character, nice & friendly staff plus open minded people.
There was a lot of Electronica stuff in my set as well as deep Detroit-influenced Techno and weird ElectroPhonk like Marco Passarani's "I House U " - tons of stuff that is a bit tricky to include in a normal club performance. Having places like this to play at is great just for doing eclectic selections and I guess I'll be back there soon - quite soon.
And by the way, they've got good beer at the bar - Rothaus Tannenzäpfle and Augustiner Edelstoff. BO!

The Psychedelic Avengers Space Experience at Insel Berlin was a good experience and a very well organized festival - the promoters did a great job and were keeping everyone informed of timetable changes, they kept close to schedules, had a secure backstage with drinks, a good bunch of lights & deco stuff - all those little things to keep artists happy were taken care of. Due to the massive line up i had no chance to see all artists, but had a chat with the guys from a band called Hypnos 69 which came from Belgium to attend the festival and liked my set after their show which again included trippy electronics from Modesty, Nommo Ogo, Carlito Verde and the likes of. Later I was to play upstairs after Monotekktoni which was the last live act performing that night. This girl describes herself as heavy listening electronic voice core which is a fine definition of what she does. Although her stuff is very rhythmic and includes a lot of distortion and noise it also refers to experimental spoken word / voice experiment kind of music which is more meant to be listened to. Mentioning Bjork as a reference point would be to easy just because Monotekktoni is another female doing weird things with her voice on top of abstract electronic beats but on the other hand it is ok to do for giving a clue what happened there. Mrs. Gudmundsdottir, forgive me for that kind of namedropping.
Anyway, people were willing to dance after her show and started moving slowly to some dub techno kind of stuff I dropped after opening with Stereotyp & St. Paul Hilaire's "Stand Up" on G Stone which once again proved that every quality track has a special place and time it should be played in a set. For me this is the one that's able to break the ice if a crowd like this consisting of electronic dance music headz and Stoner-/Psychedelic-Rock people needs a special command to move on the floor, just due to it's warmth and organic feel. Finally the whole set developed into a quite hypnotic selection of dubby minimal tracks, AcidGrunge and 'troity strings - early Ken Ishii tunes, Jammin Unit's "Alibey" on Djungle Fever, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Donnacha Costello and again Marco Passarani just to name a few - until Berlin based DJ Anais took over a moving crowd at about 3.30 a.m. .
Shoutouts to the pack of PsyTrance-headz accompanying me on my way to S-Bahn Plänterwald, all of us soaking wet from heavy rain but in a happy & positive mood - hope to see ya again once in while, although I forgot to ask for names...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Carl Craig's in town...

Yes, May 19th is a thursday and for Hamburg-citizens this ain't a usual day to hang out in clubs, but this special date should be handled as an exception from the norm. At the lovely little Tanzhalle in the centre of St.Pauli-area we'll find the legendary Detroit-based DJ & producer Carl Craig on the decks tonite. Doors open at 11 p.m. and the place is gonna be packed so showing up early is recommended.

Another fine party date for june came in via email today - this one more for the real industrial-headz and rhythm electronic-bangers out there, especially those located in Berlin.

Schlagstrom - Festival
Industrial - Noise - EBM - Electro

11.Juni 2005
Live @ RAW-Tempel:

- Morgenstern
- Mono No Aware
- Zelle40 ft. Carsten Klatte(Projekt Pitchfork) Myk Jung(the fair sex), n.u.unruh(Einstürzende Neubauten), Timothy Moldrey


Im Anschluss an den Maschinen: Schlagstrom

Im Hof: B-B-Q & Fire Dance Performance

Fee: 10€ Doors open: 20.00 Uhr

Im RAW-Tempel (Tor 2 in der Halle)
Revalerstraße 99 10249 Berlin S/U - Bhf Warschauer Str.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

playlist: 16052005 die nachtschwestern electrohouse edition @ radio fsk / hamburg

[intrauterin recordings]

1. tomcraft - sureshot [kosmo records]
2. rob acid - bring the funk [djungle fever]
3. luxury man [poker flat 021 whitelabel]
4. jeff benett [poker flat 019 whitelabel]
5. angel [super 8.4]
6. neongrau - hi level slacker *patrick pulsinger remix [lo fi stereo 033]
7. mitte karaoke - die discofibel *sascha funke's "der, drum ist es tanzen" remix [leaded]
8. layton & kaato - free your mind [zeitgeist]
9. sanomat - duck hunt [djf southcoast #1 testpress]
10. metafakt vs. dead or alive - you spin me 2003 [unrestricted]
11. etienne decrecy ft. byron stingily - fast car *devotion mix [bootleg]
12. jasper - forget [cytrax]
13. lil louis ft ursular rucker - french fly [bootleg]
14. beroshima - electronic discussion *the hacker remix [müller]
15. the hacker / millimetric / david caretta - moskow reise *blackstrobe remix [goodlife ]
16. vitalic - my friend dario *dima prefers newbeat mix [different]
17. fixmer / mccarthy - freefall *the hacker remix [planete rouge]
18. dirty princess - jugar al reves *roman flügel remix [mad dildo]
19. azzido da bass - knights of the living bassheadz [luscious sounds 02 whitelabel]
20. mr. oizo - flat beat [f communications]

Parts in the post, pt. 1

Two new albums out these days which I got as advanced copies last week.

Anticon.'s Yoni Wolf a.k.a. Why? recorded his "Sanddollars E.P." under the same moniker as head of a band of four, which leaves Experimental HipHop far behind and reminds me of a mixture of Folk-elements and weird 70's SurfRock combined with typical Anticon.-styled Rap. Interesting, but not exactly my cup of tea to be honest...

Straight from the heart of Berlin comes a compilation called "Piepshow Compilation #00" which represents the musical style of every sunday's afterhour @ the legendary - not only for his party hardy massive but also for it's sexually explicit attitude - KitKatClub. Runnin' for more than a decade now the Piepshow is afaik the longest running afterhour in the german capitol and features residents DJ Flash, Qualle and Sereno plus guests on the decks.
What kinda music is represented? Quite everything from pumping Progressive House to driving Techno and explicit Wet&Hard-tracks from the likes of Corvin Dalek or Eiven Major and the same sounds can be found on this compilation as well. Released on Hamburg's Highball Music it's a good thrill for all the techheadz out there, although the artwork looks a a bit ...errrm... gay.

Detailed reviews that I did on both records can be found at m-conspiracy.de

Monday, May 16, 2005

EBM reloaded

The Hamburg-based Techno-producer CS , well known for his project Rotorik , relaunched his early 90's EBM-project T-E-T / Travailleur En Trance and released his debut album "Ultima Ratio Intervention" on Kampfbeat! Manoeuvre a few days ago which features - apart from re-edited early tunes like "Arbeiter Der Stirne / Arbeiter Der Faust" - several new tracks plus remixes from the likes of Daniel B. Prothese of Front 242-fame, Mark Hawkins or Dave Tarrida. A true sonic force this is, recommended for those oldskool EBM-headz as well as people who do love the new skool of EBM-/Industrial-influenced techno stuff revealed by The Hacker, Vitalic, The Horrorist and such... And btw - it's a limited edition of 500 CD-albums which might be sold out even quicker than you can get hold of a copy. Of course, this is available at Hamburg's Otaku Records , so if you are interested in purchasing this item just get in touch and they'll help ya out even if your not from Germany as they also do international mailorder on request.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Trip to Berlin

Next weekend baze.djunkiii's going down to play a double weekender in Berlin, spreading what might be called Minimal, Intelligent or Ambient Techno as well as weird ElectroPhonk. This for sure means a selection ranged Rhythm&Sound to Terminal Antwerp, including artists as well as Plasticman, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Marco Passarani and the likes of. On Friday 20th he'll play at a small underground location called Hotel Lux, which has no official website or anything to refer to but can be found near U+S stop Frankfurter Allee at Pettenkoferstrasse 4c. All I heard about that place was quite positive so I bet it'll be a fun night out there.

Hope to see some of my berlin mates there or at least here

which is the place to be on Saturday May 21st. The Insel is known to quite everybody which has been partying in Berlin and is surely worth a trip that day - not only for the electronic music lovers but for everyone as The Psychedelic Avengers Space Experience is also featuring a good bunch of interesting bands from the field of Stoner-/Psychedelic-/SpaceRock.

The whole LineUp looks like this and includes more extra features like special SciFi-Slideshows, Space Cocktails etc.

Colour Haze
Hypnos 69
The Psychedelic Avengers
Niagara Gain vs. Ameisenautomat
The Stonedudes
Jens Kupillas

DJ’s / Performance:
Knarf Rellöm
DJ Baze.djunkiii (intrauterin rec.)
DJ Anaïs (Cliché)
H:rex (U-site)
Lord Becker (Mandra Gora Lightshow Society)

16.05.2005 Die Nachtschwestern ElectroHouse Edition

Monday night I'll be on air agian at Hamburg's independent radio station FSK alongside Sir Takis which is head of Imp Artists and takes care of my booking issues as well. Starting at 01oo a.m. on tuesday morning straight after Sunday Service we'll be coming up with a proper ElectroHouse mashup, running at least until 05oo a.m.. Tune in @ 93.0fm or 101.4 cablevision if you're hanging out in the area of Hamburg / Germany. Playlist can be found here a few days after the show.

As they got lost during the site-relaunch here are the playlists of the last two shows again.

02052005 die nachtschwestern breakz edition @ radio fsk / hamburg

[intrauterin recordings]

1. sound alliance - from home
2. torpedo boyz - gimme a bassline
3. dj tocadisco - nobody (likes the records that i play) *chris noise crazy record mix
4. jan delay - vergiftet *westbam & hardy hard mitgift mix
5. dj ill versed - takin it back ta tha old skool
6. anon - timing 025
7. galvani & circuit breaker - look like a girl
8. soto - pigsy
9. aquasky - passenger 005
10. aquasky vs master balster - passenger 006
11. i love charlie *c.n.m. remix
12. manik
13. mc 2000 - pyscho
14. r-kidz & noize - mullet
15. t. power & blade - dangerous *sunz of mecha vs. digital pimp rmx

25042005 die nachtschwestern grime meets freestyle edition @ radio fsk / hamburg

[intrauterin recordings]

1. gladiator - alias
2. search & destroy - desperate measures
3. subphonic - vega beach party
4. subphonic - vega beach party *tipper mix
5. r kidz & noize - mullet
6. the boy group - mathematically
7. leave yah rebel soul
8. capleton - everybody rmx
9. degree - wine up your body
10. vybz cartel - sweet to the belly rmx
11. caperucci - tune 02 *dub
12. plasticman - more 2 da floor 002
13. rossi b & luca - more 2 da floor 001
14. skeleton soul 002
15. 2nd II none - fuse
16. plasticman - printloop
17. dj eastwood - elastik
18. dj marsta - outback
19. garage breakz days
20. commander b ft. all in one - i won't love you girl
21. speedy ft. lumidee - sientelo
22. no doubt ft outcast & bounty killer - hey baby

The old nitestylez.de is dead...

Hey y'all folks
some of you people out there might be a bit confused due to the change of concept of this website. As an ongoing lack of time and - of course - a shitload of other projects did not allow to take hold of the old concept of nitestylez.de being a webzine featuring party pre- and reviews as well as a lot of record reviews this thing will now work as a newsboard and linkmachine.
As a message to all of my press-partners, agencies and such - baze.djunkiii is still doing record reviews for magazines as Raveline , m-conspiracy.de and future-music.net so please keep me posted with news and promos...
Throughout the next days I'm working on the complete relaunch of this site so please be patient as not everything might work or look properly at present