Wednesday, November 29, 2006

07.12.2006 Le Widerstand @ Neue Heimat / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

sound: Experimental Electronics, Illbient, Electronica

doors: 8.30 pm

Neue Heimat
Neuer Kamp 19
20359 Hamburg

I discovered this tiny small bar / cafe like a week ago which seems to be a perfect place to run some events throughout weekdays, especially focusing on more experimental sounds I used to play at my radio show "Die Nachtschwestern" or in my former regular series "Die Gesellschaft Ist Krank" that took place at locations like Lunacy or Astrastube before. Drop by for a beer, coffee or even a piece of fancy cake, enjoy the music and have a look at the underground photo exhibitions of several artists which are shown there on a quite regular basis.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Club Promoters -> baze.djunkiii booking info update!!!

Booking requests for Germany, Spain and the rest of the world will be taken care of by Hamburg based agency

Alex Agenda - Events & Artists

from now on. Please send requests in german, english or spanish.

Imp Artists - Bookings & Promotions
is furthermore still in charge of Greece & other international bookings and handles things in greek or english language.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Longplay love 37.0

US-based project cyberCHUMP, consisting of Mark G.E. and Jim Skeel, are about to release their new longplayer "Tone Poems" on Internal Combustion in the nearest future, which is by far one of the best albums based in classical Ambient and Deep Listening music I've come across in the last months. Chilled string arrangements and warm droney sounds are accompanied by sparse, sparkling piano tones, unobtrusive guitars appearing from time to time and a few sounds that seem to be reprocessed, time-stretched wind instruments. A completely beatless journey through ten tracks of pure ambience which is highly recommended. Get yr local dealer to hunt this down for you although this album might be hard to get in Europe as it is not too sure yet if there's a european distributor taking care of it.

Cat.No. 025 of Pharmacom Records in collaboration with Emsland Films is the labels first ever CD + DVD-release under the name of "The Freak", which is a "Swamp Thing"-like B-Movie limited to 100 copies with a soundtrack composed by Manfred Reckers which we all know as eVADE. The Soundtrack featured on the CD consists of a whole of eight tracks, all but one of them to be file under the flag of Electronica / Ambient / Deep Listening music of the dark kind, melancholia-driven sounds in minor chords, epic pictorial soundscapes on minimalistic beat structures and a certain kind of tension that is essential for B-Movie soundtracks. Basicly these eight tracks are the most ambitious of eVADE's work released up to this day and definitely the essence of his musical course. Pick up blindfolded if you're able to get hold of a copy.

A longplayer that is not meant for official release but for the inner circle of the music business like A&R managers, press and DJ's is the "Definitive Recordings - 2006 Electro House Sampler" , a showreel of 10 tracks by the likes of Damon Gee & Olivier Giacomotto, DJ Fadul, Alan Bauer, Carlos Montes and others representing the labels full musical spectrum which covers - from a european point of view - rather TechHouse and darker Progressive with some electroid influences than pure ElectroHouse. But no matter what you call Definitive's sound - which is run in cooperation of John Acquaviva and Mark Quail - in detail, dancefloor functionality and raving crowds are granted. So keep yr eyes open and ask your local dealer about forthcoming Definitive 12"es.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 47

Tadox’s very own imprint Protect Records comes up with its release number 00two – Cannon Project’s “Panorama E.P.”, which has to be filed as a sure shot for all lovers of the so-called HardTechno-sound. “Panorama”, “M.O.T.O.” and “Reality Demonstration” are based on driving, straightforward beats running on a quite mid-tempo – playable to a normal Techno-audience that is - accompanied by dark but still melodic basslines that add a bit of doomy athmosphere to the tool’ish sound. Tadox’s rework of “Panorama” on A2 is a bit more hectic speedwise and all sounds seem to be in a hurry somehow, so this one is recommended for 100% HardTechno floors only.

Manfred Reckers a.k.a eVADE seems to be more productive than ever as he comes up with another release on Super Six Goodies entitled "Live @ The Hölting Hill Meppen 2006", the labels' 018. Apart from a DVD-video part the release features two live recorded tracks of nice Electronica heritage, both a bit oldskool'ish in a typical eVADE-style but cool for true lovers of the genre.

A true HardTechno stampede is Sascha Müller's "No Drugs" E.P. which has been released on Northbeatz Digital recently. Expect four banging stormers here, each of them functional as fuck and featuring elements of gnarling, highly aggressive Acid without the use of typical 303-sounds. Pure psycho music.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

21.11.2006 Electric Chill @ III & 70 - Ground Floor / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records]

file under: Ambient, Electronica, Deep Listening
doors: 9 pm - 1 am

free entry

III & 70 - Ground Floor
Schulterblatt 73

Parts in the post, pt. 46

Mark Ankh's four tracker "Flying Away" is 016 of Super Six Goodies serving proppa Techno-Rave-stompers with a good lot of prime time qualities. Looking back in Techno history they would've been perfect tools for a Steve Mason-set around - let's say - the time of 94 - 96 which defo does not mean that they're date like stylewise. That stuff, and we're talking hypnotic straightforward Techno here, has never been away and in its quite timeless quality will still work in the next decade as well.

The Rapture's new track "W.A.Y.U.H. (People Don't Dance No More)" on Mercury Records is now out on the DJ-circuit as one track CD promo and will see full release in the nearest future. Once again the band's on a NYC-(No)Wave-, PostPunk-, ElectroWhatever-tip accompanied by catchy and partly sing-a-long vocals and about to work electronic dancefloors as well as Indie-flavored discotheques. Quality.

"I Don't Remember" is the first single taken off Northern Lite's new album "Unisex" and to be put on promo circuit these days. Expect a proper more like ElectroPop-song to come taht sounds a bit lo-fi but is nothing but charming. Adam Sky on remix-duties adds some cheesy, uplifting piano-stabs that seem familar from the heydays of Acid-/ItaloHouse and brings in some real rave kraze through this move while the JAB Remix is to be filed under stomping StadiumTechno, a style that seems a bit dated in two-zero-zero-six but is functional as fuck and will set primetime crowds of E'd-up ravers on fire. Finally there's the track "What You Want" which is more on a Guitar vs. Electro vs. Indie-tip, featuring a funky bassline in the very beginning that is not too far away from a track of the german band Fehlfarben and finally transforming into a monster of a song - yes, talking real songs here - that you'd never expected from the first notes anyway. Gonna be a hit for sure.

Responsible for 017 of Super Six Goodies are Kondencuotas Pienas & SEL with their collaboration release "Myke Mante". The two of them together serve two tracks here, both on a well positive and slightly NeoTrance-influenced TechHouse-tip which is not exactly peak time sound for huge clubs but well-functional in smaller venues with a more intimate feel.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jens K. - Insertion Force [Intrauterin Recordings Digital 004] out on now

Jens K.'s minimal tool'ish and slightly Detroit-influenced Drum'n'Bass-tune "Insertion Force", which has been originallly released as limited to 300 copies, blue vinyl 7" edition as 004 of Intrauterin Recordings is available via now.

Prelisten & purchase this release here

Spherical - E.P. [Intrauterin Recordings Digital 002] new iTunes DL link

After a few weeks offline the digital download release of Spherical's classic , first ever 6 track E.P. is finally available again at iTunes .

Purchase here if you're a lover of live TripHop / Downbeat similar to the likes of Björk, Portishead etc. ...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Grime r_port vol. 14

The new imprint Earwax comes up with its very first release by S.N.O., which is the double-A-sided 12” “Disturbance / Back Yard Dub”. Both tunes are on the edge between classical Dub with offbeat-stabs and Dubstep on halfstep tempo. Recommended for warm-ups or propa home listening as those tunes are not made for primetime use, but musically top notch.

Mala of Digital Mystikz goes solo with his 12” “Left Leg Out / Blue Notez” on DMZ, which is the labels‘ first two-digit release – 010. “Left Leg Out” strictly hits the dancefloor massive with a dry oldskooly Techno-tone signal which adds a kind of hypnotic 4/4 feel to the ever-building track that is never based upon a straightforward 4x4 bassdrum although it perfectly matches with what once was called SpeedGarage-beats. Massive and probably the beginning of a new, interesting sub-style of Dubstep. “Blue Notez” on the flip is on a halfbeat tip instead and build around a cool, Jazz-like trumpet sample expressing urban loneliness and melancholia – one for the small hours, I guess.

American-imprint Offshore Recordings is known to and well appreciated by many for its excellent releases in the sector of more twisted, advanced and upfront Drum’n’Bass but will leave a footmark in Industrial-influenced Sci-Fi-Grime with the forthcoming 018. Sileni’s “Twisted Droid Leg Remixes Part 2” is a sure shot, a killer statement and defo a must have and there’s no discussion on that. The A-side comes up with a Martsman remix of the original tune, serving a new style that is to be called Morph’n’Bass or whatever – consisting of nothing more than ultra-warped, ever morphing beat structures and beat splicing FX we know from the likes of AFX, Funkstorung or Squarepusher, some weirdo, electroid sounds and not even, thinking clubwise this is, a proper bassline it’s still functional as fuck and surely meant to destroy dancefloors. Rrrrrewind, please ! On the flipside we’ve genius Vex’d on remix duties transphorming the “Twitchy Droid Legs” into a bassheavy halfstep monster for all real grimeists out there. Like an enormous slow-moving killer machine this tune simply deletes all organic lifeforms crossings its paths – precise, stone cold and no-one is to question that. If you’re looking for a perfect soundtrack for post-nuclear war scenarios on heroine without further supply there’s no need for further research: Darkness Has Come Upon You. Rate it eleven points out of ten.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

14.11. 2006 La Musica Obscura @ III & 70 - Ground Floor / Hamburg

file under: SynthPop , (No)Wave, ItaloDisco, Ingenious Dilettantes, NuBeat, EBM, ElectroPunk ...

decks: baze.djunkiii (Intrauterin Recordings)

doors: 9 p.m.

entry: free

III & 70 - Ground Floor
Schulterblatt 73

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

12.11.2006 Astoria Frühclub @ SM Bar / Hamburg


baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings] + Astoria Frühclub Posse

file under: TechHouse / ElektroHouse / Progressive

SM Bar
Grosse Freiheit 6
Hamburg St. Pauli

Astoria is moving to a new location in the nearest future - from 26th of November onwards all parties will take place in the former Tanzhalle @ Silbersackstrasse !

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sascha Müller - Travelbox [Intrauterin Recordings Digital 005] released on

Yes, it's true. At least one of the two tracks featured on Sascha Müller's first 7" that has been released on Intrauterin Recordings as 005 - which is e.g. still available at Otaku Records or if you're a vinyl addict - is now available in digital DL format at Beatport for all of you digital music junkies. A true force when it comes to an amalgamation of Electro and Acid...

Little Brutal Rave Bastards Vol. 1 [Intrauterin Recordings Digital 003] available via iTunes now!

After being available at Beatport for a while Various Artists - Little Brutal Rave Bastards Series Vol. 1 [Intrauterin Recordings Digital 003] is finally available via iTunes now. Check this one out if you are a true lover of harsh, weird, experimental Techno and Rhythm Industrial.

"Deepest Shades Of House Vol. 1 - compiled by baze.djunkiii" is available again

After being offline for a little while my first online compilation Deepest Shades Of House Vol. 1 - compiled by baze.djunkiii featuring tracks by the likes of Ame, JussiPekka, Worldless People and other highly appreciated artists is available at iTunes again, so check this out if you missed at the first date of release...

C-Flow - Brandstrasse > new iTunes DL link...

C-Flow - Brandstrasse [Rudel Records Digital Extra 001]

The digital DL of C-Flow's first ever album named "Brandstrasse" is now available at iTunes again after a few weeks of being taken off there. Like their music ? Leave 'em a message at their myspace-page...