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baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2k24

01. Chihuahua On Acid - Chihuahua On Acid [Intrauterin Recordings 010]
See announcement post for details...

02. Disintegrator - Lock On Target [Industrial Strength 007]
Originally released in 1992 this four track EP by Oliver Chesler a.k.a. The Horrorist and John Selway under their shared musical moniker Disintegrator presents a relentless fusion of straightforward and hard stomping bass drums, brain-melting Acid modulation sequences and an uncompromising ProtoHardcore x DarkRave x Early Hardcore attitude as well a portentous sci-fi feel when it comes to one of our favorite cuts on this one named "Dark Black Ominous Clouds" which still rocks places best records like this were intended for - shady underground warehouse raves and strobe-lit basements of long time abandoned industrial estates. Proper Techno for those who still know. Reissued for a new audience because its message and vibe still holds up today.

03. Members Of Mayday - Mayday Anthem [Electric Ballroom 033]
The 1992-released "Mayday Anthem" is probably the mother of all rave anthems and most infamous amongst all of them due to its epic intro and iconic vocal sample which made it an instant staple and a statement within the German Techno x Rave scene. And whilst the seminal original cut is featured on the b-side of this picture disc 12" and provides a proper clean double copy for all the dedicated ravers who might still own an original vinyl copy we see Electric Ballroom head honcho Thomas Schumacher at the controls for a contemporary Techno update which provides more speed, more urgency and a pumping, more muscular vibe for todays dancefloors, still featuring the original vocals and classic stab sequence, all accompanied by an ever meandering and driving synth line which evokes distant memories of the short lived Hiver & Hammer's Hand On Divine project of the early 2000 which aimed for a dancefloor revival of the early 80s drag anthem "Step By Step".

04. Rico Puestel - I Don't Get Techno Anymore [Exhibition]
I do get it. Mr. Puestel doesn't get Techno anymore and deals with the situation by... producing more Techno. Four tracks of raw and tool'ish, mostly loop-oriented Techno goodness, in parts infused and influenced by motor city Detroit when it comes to deep and minimalist synth works, in parts dedicated to relentless mechanical movements on strobe-lit underground dancefloors and, in terms of the B2 cut "It Used To Have Soul", even exploring dreamy, yet captivating Breakbeat Techno backed by a washed out, almost romantic and surely vintage sounding piano motif. Perfect tools for never ending nights - in the most literal sense possible as each of the four tunes is unending and spirals off into an expertly cut and highly functional locked groove which opens a lot of options for the well experienced DJ. Marbled oxblood vinyl is a bonus.

05. Hellfish - Allstar Hardcore Wankers EP [PRSPCT Recordings 307]
Long standing Hardcore producer Hellfish is back with a bang and with what could be considered to be his most - and most obviously... - offensive record so far. Banging in-your-face beats, offensive language, samples taken from an infamous drug documentary featuring a long time British event promoter and substance aficionado these four tracks have it all to beat the shit out of every dancefloor and punter dedicated to uptempo beat business. A lovely combination of an uncompromising no-nonsense attitude from a sonic perspective and a lot of tongue-in-cheek nonsense samplewise which I assume will cause major havoc at forthcoming Bangface events for many various reasons.

06. Mona Mur - Delinquent [Cheezy Crust Records 007]
See review for details...

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Saturday, January 27, 2024

01.02.2024 baze.djunkiii presents Further Explorations In Sound Volume 3 @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France

Welcome to another deep dive. Hamburg-based Radio Flouka-resident baze.djunkiii leaves clubland behind for this months 60 minutes all vinyl journey and enters a realm of oftentimes rare and rarely heard Deep Listening Music, trippy Ambient soundscapes and cosmic ChillOut spheres, garnished with excursions into haunted DarkAmbient, warped FoundSound x collage works, curious Leftfield Indietronica and even hints of proper Postrock. This is a trip you should not miss out on!

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / The Absence Of Light]

file under: Deep Listening Music / Dark Ambient / Experimental / Ambient / Indietronica

transmission time: 22oo - 23oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka

Friday, January 26, 2024

OUT TODAY: Chihuahua On Acid - Chihuahua On Acid [Intrauterin Recordings 010]

A1: Chihuahua On Acid

File under: AcidHouse / Acid / Chicago

This ain't from Chicago. But it could well be. The mysterious production duo operating under the sonic nom de guerre CHIHUAHUA ON ACID works the box like jack never left the dancefloor, fully indulging in a classic, ever so positive and ecstatic AcidHouse vibe that makes us feel like it still is 1988. An absolutely banging - or better: jacking - vinyl debut for the project, proudly presented by Intrauterin Recordings as a hand-stamped, limited to 300 copies one-sided yellow vinyl 7“ edition.

Vinyl Distribution Worldwide:
- Word And Sound / Hamburg

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

RU Dead 42 - Acid To Acid EP [Psychocandies 108 Promo]

Released via the long standing Psychocandies imprint as their 108 on November 30th, 2k23 is the "Acid To Acid EP", the latest digital two track single by RU Dead 42. Whilst the opening title cut "Acid To Acid" explores psyched out, raw Acid territories backed by cold, strangely alienating synth atmospheres, eerie vocal samples and heavy kickdrum grooves we see "Acid Jackson" on a rather spiralling, cascading Acid tip in combination with a raw synth beeps, dreamy piano chords and various layers of somewhat mechanical movements, opening a new, or at least rarely heard, sonic perspective on a classic genre. Intredasting.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Tiefenrausch - Magelan EP [Fischfresse 004 Promo]

Released on the digital circuit via the obscure underground imprint named Fischfresse on September 5th, 2k23 is the "Magelan EP", the second appearance on the label for the Tiefenrausch project. Opening with the title track that is "Magelan" we see Tiefenrausch on a gooey, elastic AcidTrance tip backed by heavy reverberating bassdrums and enchanted uplifting melodies whereas the subsequent "Blade Gunner" brings forth a feel of polished chrome induced by Acid modulations reminiscent of classic Emmanuel Top production garnished with sharp distinctive hi-hats and trippy female vocals for strobe-lit warehouse dancefloors.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Tine Mariane Krogh Madsen - Compounds [Block4]

Released via the long-standing, ever active and currently Aalborg-based Block4 label on September 13th, 2k23 is "Compounds", the latest full length album effort conceived by Danish artist, composer and researcher Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen. Over the course of six extended compositions and a total playtime of rough 60 minutes Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen presents her pieces in the chronological of their creation throughout a period spanning from 2015 to 2023, starting from the highly conceptual "Stone-Score" with its minimalist, spatial approach of in situ recorded stone clangings followed by the piercing midrange sawtooth dronings and fluttering noisy swells of "Little-Fists" which evoke a threatening feel of impending doom and apocalypse. Furthermore the albums longest piece named "In-The Rupture" presents grinding cavernous subsurface Noize signals of thundering, reverberating qualities garnished with what could be described as a metallic, almost sci-fi-leaning edge, "Water-Fire-Stone-Metal" brings forth more spacious scrapings, intense Noize movements, violent percussive outbursts and occasionally leaking gaseous fumes most likely to be appreciated by the headstrong and innately unafraid before the concluding "Kivimeditaatio" indulges in dynamic electrostatic ground signals and an overall frosty exoplanentary vibe for a closing. We're in for that. Go check.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen - 02 [Ghostfloppy Recordings 010]

Put out on the circuit via the exclusively floppy disk based label Ghostfloppy Recordings on November 14th, 2k23 is "02", the first appearance on the label by long-standing Finnish producer - and master of many aliases... - Jukka-Pekka Kervinen. With "02", the sole singular track on this release, Kervinen explores a world of raw, hyperbubbly Acid modulations reminiscent of the dreamy, oftentimes explorative vibe of Rephlex's early Braindance music which are rolled out over a complex polyrhythmic foundation of seemingly non-linear LoBit Electro x Electronica X Broken Techno for an experienced late night audience.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 01/2k24

Thursday, January 18, 2024

OPandolfo - Patterns [Sound In Silence 108]

Another fresh album put out on the circuit via the Greek Sound In Silence camp on November 13th, 2k23 is "Patterns", the ten pieces and 36 minutes spanning project album debut by OPandolfo a.k.a. Olafur Josephsson of Stafraenn Hakon. Focusing mainly on the sound and beauty of the acoustic guitar alongside other live instrumentation, occasional vocal performance and contributions by several guest musicians the music of OPandolfo provides a soothing, rural and comforting, in parts even folksy vibe from the very start of the beatless opener "Random Patterns" onwards which is followed by the lo-fi Indie x singer-songwriter crossover that is "In My Way". With these two songs providing the main layout for the entire sonic course of the album pieces like "Hidden Patterns" indulge deeply in krautsy meanderings and shimmering, ever slightly shifting variations of its motif, "Not So" introduces a take on friendly, playful and somewhat breezy romantic minimalism reminiscent of a most beautiful summer day, a sonic path further continued by the following "Meant To Be" and "Logical Patterns" just to name a few. Quite a surprising musical turn for the Sound In Silence label to release a basically fully acoustic IndiePop x Folk x Leftfield Pop album yet one that holds up to its quality standards with a timeless overall vibe and a clear focus on the beauty that lies within the simplicity of songwriting.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

User45682211145 - Maschine EP [User Recordings 055 Promo]

Released as 055 of the long-standing, still quasi anonymous label User Recordings on November 28th, 2k23 is the "Maschine EP", the first ever digital two-track single outing by User45682211145. Opening with "Maschine" User45682211145 presents a super dry and mechanical approach to slightly cold and robotic MinimalTechno backed by distinct hi-hat sequences, raw claps and droning bass movements before filtered sawtooth synth modulations provide drive for spaced out underground dancefloor crowds whereas the subsequent "Untitled 11-1" provides a washed out, fast paced and hyperpsychedelic Acid trip experience recommended only for the most brave and adventurous psychonauts out there. Nice one.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Great Panoptique Winter - This Time Alone [Sound In Silence 107]

Put out on the circuit via the Athens-based Sound In Silence label on November 13th, 2k23 is "This Time Alone", the second ever album outing of Great Panoptique Winter which is described in the accompanying press sheet as a once in decade collaborational effort by Jason Sweeney of Panoptique Electrical and Richard Adams of The Declining Winter - a description pretty much suitable considering that their firstling came out on the label all the way back in 2k15. Now back with a new six tracks and roughly 27 minutes spanning mini-album inspired by the darker parts of the respective artists existence Great Panoptique Winter embark on a journey into ethereal Leftfield Ambient Dream Pop backed by shimmering, uplifting background synth melodies and subdued muscular drums with the albums opener "You Were There" whereas the washed out "Range Signa" brings forth a slightly calmer, almost subaquatic feel driven by occasional, almost overwhelming sinewave bass pulses whilst the almost beatless, time-dissolving "Light The Burial Ground" enters everlasting dreamtime spheres from the very beginning. Furthermore "Wrapped In Grey" seems to reflect on echoes of echoes of echoes of Post-Dubstep and releated Bass Music in a certain way, the title track "This Time Alone" probably is the most song out of the six tunes with its Indietronica backings and almost folksy feel before "Soft Hands" finally provides a beautifully tender and intimate closing tune for your favorite late night dancefloor of choice and therefore might be our favorite cut on this release. Go check.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Atheist - If Jesus Was A Raver EP [Dancefloor Socialism 023 Promo]

Released on the digital circuit as 023 of the Dancefloor Socialism imprint on November 10th, 2k23 is the "If Jesus Was A Raver EP", the first ever outing by the new electronic music project named Atheist. Opening with the title track Atheist caters an expertly sculpted, straight forward Techno excess for high speed chases and hyperstrobe dancefloors based on a variety of twisted, mutated and slightly unnerving synth tone layers as well as a pretty spooky breakdown sequence whereas "The Horns Of Jericho", the subsequent follow up on this two track single, weighs in a shiny uptempo homage to the polished chrome synth tones shaped by legendary producers like Emmanuel Top, pairing this signature aesthetic feat with beautifully uplifting, enchanted and airy Trance melodies for the most enthusiastic PLUR laser crowd ever imaginable. Vibes!

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Mona Mur - Delinquent [Cheezy Crust Records 007]

Finally put out on vinyl these days via the Hamburg-based imprint Cheezy Crust Records is "Delinquent" by Mona Mur, originally a CD-only album which saw the light of day on Freibank Recordings in 2019. Now available for avid collectors as a limited to 300 copies edition pressed on dark oxblood black marbled vinyl and featuring guest appearances by En Esch as well as Anja Huwe of X-Mal Deutschland amongst others the twelve tracks spanning album opens on a hard hitting and muscular Tribal Industrial x PostPunk tip with the fever'ish, yet highly seductive "Motorboy", the subsequent, stripped down and bass heavy "Sandsturm" takes Alternative, IndieElectro and Goth dancefloors by storm and evokes faint memories of Jens Rachut's N.R.F.B. project from a sonic perspective whereas the title track "Delinquent" brings forth a longing, powerful and almost theatrical, somewhat even Desert Rock-informed angle. Furthermore cuts like "Radikal" function as a driving robo-mechanical force to reckon with on Industrial dancefloors and will most likely also resonate with fans and followers of D.A.F. for this very reason whilst "Schmerz" pairs highly atmospheric and experimental Desolation Goth meets PostPunk minimalisms with a Spoken Word attitude and "Bäng Bäng" even dabbles with washed out, hormone- and sex-driven Leftfield Industrial Desert Pop just to name a few favorites here. Defo a worthwhile first time on vinyl reissue and therefore highly recommended!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Boris Blank - Resonance (Official Video)

One of the most classic variations of esoteric Space Ambient Music we've heard in a quite while. Epic.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Zark - 9 [Zarkon Records 009 Promo]

Released on November 24th, 2k23 via Zarkon Records is "9", the - obviously - ninth consecutive digital single on the imprint cooked up by Zark. Once again following the strict numerical approach of the label the opening cut "9.1" provides a quite classic take on stripped down mid-2000s Minimal Techno driven by a pumping bass groove and occasional ghostly harmonies randomly meandering through the stereo field whereas "9.2", the subsequent closing tune, explores a gooey, elastic and certainly fast-paced variation of minimalist Techno informed by both Cologne-style experimentalisms within the field, driving hi-hats and dreamy, vaguely Asiatic melodic sequences for haunted dancefloors.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Duffhues - Warlock Enemy [Zwarte Vleugels]

Coming in from the headquarters of Dutch multidisciplinary artist Niels Duffhues a.k.a. Duffhues recently is "Warlock Enemy" the latest, ten songs, two additional bonus cuts and roughly 40 minutes strong album effort conceived by the long standing artist. With his tenth longplayer scheduled for release on February 1st, 2k24 via the Zwarte Vleugels-imprint Duffhues once again embarks on a journey of oftentimes dark'ish storytelling, also rooted within his works as author and filmographer, with especially the stripped down, earthy atmosphere of "Heathland" evoking memories of the vulnerability of undisputed Country x Blues greats throughout the very late days of their careers whereas the subsequent, more agitated "Warlock" feels like a slightly hazy confession of sorts and "Letter" brings forth a sense of intense self-reflection in one's vanishing years not only due to its striking sonic climax just to name a few favorites here. That's a lot of depth and dimly lit melancholia to cope with for connaisseurs of what could be described as a classic Americana album to be - despite it being recorded, written and cooked up in the Netherlands. Recommended. Go check.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Piergiorgio Pirro - Fold / Unfold / Refold [Aut Records 101]

Released via the Berlin-based Aut Records imprint on December 11th, 2k23 is "Fold / Unfold / Refold", the latest twelve track album outing conceived by the quartet led by Piergiorgio Pirro and completed by Sam Comerford, Cyrille Obermüller and Luis Mora Matus. Over the course of 12 pieces a total running time of a little under 46 minutes the ensemble follows the concept of so-called spectral music from a Jazz perspective which results in shimmering abstract grooves with a smoky, glamorous late night touch as to be found in the albums opener "Landero", captivating compositions for monochromatic vintage spy movies like "Stretch" and the subsequent "More Stretch" whereas "Piotr" presents a take on electronically enhanced Jazz minimalism, "Battimenti" is built from single piano tones and stripped down melodies and droning low frequency swells whilst "Sam And Me" fully indulges into Ambient Future Jazz for midnight sessions and therefore turns out to be our favorite cut on this longplayer just to name a few.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, January 09, 2024

2020 - 11 [2020 Records 011 Promo]

Put out on the circuit on November 11th, 2k23 via the artist run 2020 Records imprint is "11", the eleventh consecutive digital album effort on the imprint produced by 2020. Presenting one single, albeit 56+ minutes spanning, track named "Can't" which covers the entirety of the longplayer 2020 explores a lush, glacial and washed out Ambient realm based on gradually decaying outerworldy harmonies slowly fading in and out of each other over time, moving calmly and peacefully like an unscathed, natural and entirely unregulated body of water, providing a brittle, yet beauteous and time-dissolving backdrop and tapestry for the lives of all dedicated Ambient connaisseurs out there. Absolutely timeless.

Monday, January 08, 2024

Loop Dome - Live Wire [Ghostfloppy Recordings 009]

Released via the Floppy Disk-focused Ghostfloppy Recordings imprint on October 17th, 2k23 is "Live Wire", the first ever muscial outing by the new project named Loop Dome. Following the overall LoBit-leaning approach of the imprint Loop Dome presents a raw, obviously muffled variation of 8bit House sporting an undeniable, yet highly seductive demo-scene aesthetic, heavy, unprocessed military snare rolls and a sweet little uplifting tongue-in-cheek bleep motif that's gonna be stuck in ones ears for days after listening to this one once. Super lovely. Go check.

Sunday, January 07, 2024

Dan Peter Sundland's Home Stretch - Before The Fall [Aut Records 100]

Aut Records has reached the three digit realm. Finally. For the 100th release, put out on the circuit on November 23rd, 2k23, the ever active Berlin-based label collaborates with Norwegian bass player Dan Peter Sundland for the sophomore release of his Improv-leaning quartet named Home Stretch which sees Sundland teaming up with Philipp Gropper, Antonis Anissegos and Steve Heather for a roughly 61 minutes lasting journey of pairing a traditional instrumental setting with electronic backings. Opening with the lush and comforting instrumental HipHop x late night TripHop beats of the title track which lead into a swirling Improv breakdown sequence Home Stretch are exploring a nocturnal realm of ever spiralling, yet somewhat uplifting Jazz motifs in the subsequent cut that is "I Insist" before bringing forth dramatic movements, most dynamic shifts and a piercing sax solo in "Stepladder Technique". Furthermore the "Squared Circle" presents more of a classic, ever cascading approach to deeply emotional Jazz, "Still Stream" weighs in a bit of vintage melancholia, "The Moon Is Tidy" follows up on a laid back, almost Vienna Future Jazz-leaning tip and therefore might be our favorite cut on this longplayer whereas the super tender slow jam "An Old Familiar Tune" seems well appropriate to be used in a vintage Film Noir sequence just to name a few. Quite a suitable choice for a 100th release, this.

Saturday, January 06, 2024

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents Nacht Aus Beton Volume 3 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (04.01.2024)

Friday, January 05, 2024

MUSICtalk ROOTS of: Dubstep with baze.djunkiii + docTheJones (German)

A few months ago baze.djunkiii and docTheJones of The Crystal Apes sat down for a few drinks, listened to quite a bunch of records and talked about music in a spontaneous and quite improvised podcast setting. This is the conversation in full - a 150+ minutes journey into music and more for our German speaking audience.

Thursday, January 04, 2024

X.D.D. - Vol. 07 [X-Static Dance Department 007 Promo]

Released via the artist run imprint X-Static Dance Department on September 12th, 2k23 is "Vol. 07", the seventh subsequent digital two track single on the label produced by X.D.D.. Opening with "Secret Drop" we see X.D.D. on a gooey, elastic and super hypnotic Techno tip catering a single two-tone synth motif, lively percussion movements and relentless claps over the course of 8+ minutes whilst "Sub Zero", the second cut on this release, presents a hefty, muscular and warped take on braincell-crushing HardTechno with a wonky edge surely able to cause war and havoc on strobe-lit underground basement floors for a reason. One for the most uncompromising DJs out there.

Wednesday, January 03, 2024

User22067782234 - Hood EP [User Recordings 054 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via User Recordings on November 21st, 2k23 is the "Hood EP", the latest digital two track single outing cooked up by User22067782234. Opening with "Fluff Boyz In The Hood" User22067782234 caters a functional take on contemporary Business Techno based on reverberating drums, a claustrophic bassline and a crackly, distorted loop figure whereas the subsequent cut named "The A-Master" provides a more hypnotic classic Techno vibe for tool-loving DJs with its raw, slightly shuffled hi-hat figure and short, ever changing and varying synth loop which are accompanied by a surprisingly emotional arrangement of string layers somewhat reminiscent of Metal Masters Trance evergreen that is "Spectrum".

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Jim Denley And The Eternally Orchestrating Sonoverse - With Weather Volume 2: Gadigal Country [Splitrec. 032]

Coming in from Australia only recently is "With Weather Volume 2: Gadigal Country", the latest, September 8th, 2k23 released album effort on the ever active Splitrec. label and the second full length take on the practice of musickin which might be best described as a variation of ecological x environmental music combining on location improvised musical performance with FoundSound x Field Recording in specific, oftentimes sacred places with the respect for the land and its original aboriginal x native inhabitants in mind, directly recorded and put out on the circuit as is, without additional treatments or overdubs. This being said "With Weather Volume 2: Gadigal Country" sees Jim Denley following this practice in Sydney's sandstone basin, employing his own voice, flute and gumnut for his music whilst carefully listening to and recording the sounds of his environment at the time. The result is, not unlike the first volume of this series, a 100+ minutes lasting take on GeoMusic and deeply spiritual, 100% acoustic EsoAmbient especially valuable for fans and followers of Deep Listening Music in its purest form, featuring bird chatter and barking dogs as well as droning, oftentimes slightly off-kilter flute sequences, ominous low frequency rumbles of unclear origin, mechanical air flows and hypnotic, ever repeating fragments of melodies, static crackles and everlasting eternal calmness, rural water flows, colliding sticks, rocks and partially indecipherable voices deeply embedded in the mix - an amalgamation which is probably the closest a modern day listener can come to what could be described as a recreation of 'early ancient music' experienced by our ancestors thousands or more years ago. This is a time-dissolving trip.

Monday, January 01, 2024

Lingua Cosmica - Sterntaler [Dizzy Tunes Promo]

Released on the digital circuit via the ever active Dizzy Tunes label on September 15th, 2k23 is "Sterntaler", the latest album effort cooked up by Lingua Cosmica. With twelve tracks, each of them named after a specific zodiac sign, Lingua Cosmica starts the musical journey from an angle of deep cosmic Trance presented in the albums opening cut "Aries" before diving into washed out Ambient seas with the subsequent "Taurus" whilst "Gemini" brings forth a stripped down, yet muscular take on DubTechno for interplanetary journeys. Furthermore "Cancer" fuses overwhelming low-end movements with spaced out, slightly off-kilter Cosmic vibes backed by a foundation of slowly pumping Ambient Techno, "Leo" explores cavernous depths of the audible spectrum in a most hypnotic manner whereas "Virgo" once again harks back to DubTechno-informed Space Ambient Techno and bubbling Acid modulations. With "Libra" the project presents a contemporary blueprint for slightly kitsch-y, yet beautiful Ambient Trance, "Scorpio" introduces classic spiralling Synth goodness for fans of Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and the likes of before "Sagittarius" caters more of a brooding and twisted take on outerdimensional Techno for spacefaring entities. Finally we see "Capricorn" on a stripped down, yet ever developing DubTechno tip followed by the slightly amorphous sonic background flows of "Aquarius" which provide a time-dissolving backdrop for the tunes hovering stabs, pumping drums and frolicking percussion figures and the uplifting and playful dubbed out synth stabs of the concluding cut that is "Pisces". Good stuff, this.