Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Thomas DeLio - Space / Image / Word / Sound: Surround Sound, Text And Video [Neuma Records]

This is an attempt on the impossible - a.k.a. the attempt to review a DVD release, one part of Neuma Records' initial attempt to bundle and publish the entire catalogue of long standing composer, performer, writer and music (as well as overall...) theorist Thomas DeLio who's been active on the circuit for the better part of 40 years now. With the format chosen to be able to represent the total of eight compositions in both stereo and surround sound variations as well as to incorporate video and collage art for the nearly 18 minutes spanning piece "Sam" the listening experience on headphones in front of a mostly black screen is quite an academic one, defined by sparse compositions, scattered, yet clearly sculpted sonic events divided by extended periods of near or total silence scurrying, whizzing and scampering through the stereo field whilst abstract, cut-up, oftentimes metallic pieces and layers of Spoken Word poetry provide additional context - or do they really? With drumrolls, large spatial reverbs and even a short ethereal soprano appearance in "Qu'un Espace / Separe" as well as taking advantage of three dimensional space as an additional instrument "Space / Image / Word /  Sound" is an album mostly catering to an audience schooled in and by experimental music and composition in an academia-leaning context, yet it seems that Thomas DeLio's music might be best experienced when performed live or played back as a sound installation taking place at high volume levels in vast and dimly lit warehouse, gallery or museum spaces.

Aniyo Kore - Unslaved (Official Youtube Audio)

Dortmund's finest Aniyo Kore have finally morphed into a fully fledged DesertRock band outfit.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Greg Fox - Contact [RVNG Intl. Promo]

Put out on the circuit via RVNG Intl. on May 29th, 2k20 is Greg Fox's "Contact" album which, once again, was realized by the NYC-based drummer in collaboration with producer Randall Dunn. Opening with "Vedana" the eight tracks and roughly 44 minutes spanning journey starts on a captivating, reverberating and well-metallic Drum Funk vibe taking us straight into a ritualistic space ruled by Future Tribal sounds followed by intense, complex drum rolls and a certain, thundering Metal (Not Metal) / Doom (Not Doom) feel imminent in the subsequent "Arising And Passing". With "Contact (Sukha & Somanassa)" Greg Fox provides a fever'ish level of somewhat Jazz-infused intensity whereas "Parasthesia" caters a surprisingly melodic, yet slightly twisted and off kilter, rootsy hot summer evening feel for a change before "Contact (Dukkha & Domanassa)" picks up on that large scale Drum Jazz vibe of its actual predecessor again. Furthermore the artists definition of "Ill Being" indulges in seductive, well cinematic arrangements and an all embracing amalgamation of Score works, PostRock and smokey, highly complex Bar Jazz / Future Jazz from a way more advanced parallel universe, "From The Cessation Of What" weighs in a cold and somewhat outerworldy, haunted vision of stripped down drum variations meeting spatial, swampy electronics of probably modular origin before taking an unexpected turn after a little more than 3 minutes whilst the concluding "Contact (Upekkhä)" once again fuses Future Tribal and percussive Phonk to a great effect. Unique, thrilling and therefore recommended.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

2121 - Vol. 06 [2121-06]

Fresh on the secluded lathe cut on demand imprint that is 2121 is the labels cat.no. 006, simply named "Vol. 06". Once again released as a one-sided 12" the single track on here aims straight at the heart of the Techno dancefloor with heavily pounding bassdrum power, a stripped down, yet not  minimalistic structure as well as a well psychedelic, tripping overall attitude that's both functional on TechTrance floors and even in the context of certain late PsyTrance and GoaTrance sets. Quite a universal piece of music, this.

Lathe cut artwork on Instagram!

Modern Melodies - Brainscan

Whoever is it that's behind the Modern Melodies alias is pretty much a melodic genius. This is pure fire and most likely one of the best Electro cuts we've come a cross in a while.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Aisha Orazbayeva - Music For Violin Alone [SN Variations 001 Promo]

Picked up by SN Variations for release on July 3rd, 2k20 only shortly after being put out by the artist on the digital circuit on her own is "Music For Violin Alone", the latest and fourth solo album by Kasakhstan-born, now London-based artist and composer Aisha Orazbayeva which she recorded throughout the first to weeks of the COVID-19 induced lockdown in France. The result are a total of seven pieces on a 38 minutes spanning longplayer, seeing Orazbayeva re-imagining works by other composers before closing out with her own "Ring" towards the end. Starting with her take on Angharad Davies' "Circular Bowing Study" Aisha Orazbayeva opens with a thrilling, slightly unnerving and intense take on hypermodernist Contemporary Classical before taking on Johann Sebastian Bach's "Largo From Sonata No. 3 In C Major" for a nearly 300 years backwards time leap as this well-romantic piece of Chamber Music was written in 1720 as was the subsequent "Alia Fantasia" by Nicola Matteis Jr. which sees expertly executed frolicking liveliness being present in Aisha Orazbayeva's violin skills, even after coming out of an extended period of maternity leave. Following up with Oliver Leith's "Blurry Wake Song" we're drawn into a world of slowly moving, slightly dissonant harmonic layers, "KOAN" by James Tenney caters alarming, seductive and siren'esque, ever spiralling sonic movements whereas John Cage's "Eight Whiskus" sees the experimental composer in a surprisingly tender, melodic, somewhat rural, mystical, nordic and truly Classical light before Orazbayeva's "Ring" provides more of an experimental, advanced and raw approach to slow violin micro-movements with probably the whole instrument being mic'd up to capture even the faintest sounds and vibrations not only off the bow but also the strings, neck and instruments body to make this composition sound like something leaking through from a parallel, yet vantablack and ghostly universe. Classical and Contemporary Classical music can be a thrill. This album provides proof. Go check.

THE D3VI7 - Waschlappen Techno [Sascha Müller Music]

The latest strike from that secretive upcoming producer known as THE D3VI7 has been unleashed via Sascha Müller Music recently as - yes, again... - limited to 10 copies hand-numbered floppy disk edition with each individual floppy being packaged in a washcloth (german: Waschlappen) as a gimmick. Whilst this does explain the tracks name the sound featured on this highly collectible underground item weighs in a well hypnotic, yet slightly muffled dancefloor vibe, meandering in between stripped down, Tribal-infused Techno and banging, progressive-leaning TechHouse with a captivating synth motif informed by the seemingly forgotten WildPitch attitude of endless, ever so slightly moving mid-90s House bangers coming straight outta Windy City Chicago and all that. Instant classic.

Floppy artwork on Instagram!

Friday, June 26, 2020

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 06/2k20

4ZZZ1 - Black Acid EP [Psychocandies 090 Promo]

Another fresh release on Psychocandies is 4ZZZ1's "Black Acid EP" which hit the digital circuit on June 25th, 2k20. Opening with "Black Acid 1" we're drawn straight into relentlessly marching big room Rave Techno territories garnished with screaming, psychotic Acid modulations before "Black Acid 2" employs a more hypnotic, somewhat subaquatic sci-fi alley and presents a shrieking, monotonous AcidTrance vision which surely explores the dark side of the genre for a reason. Track 2 is a winner.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Sascha Müller - Terra Medina EP [Psychocandies 089]

Released via the ever active and well Acid-friendly Psychocandies imprint is Sascha Müller's "Terra Medina EP", the latest digital outing created by the Uelsen-based underground producer. The opening track "Terra" weighs in quite a tense, claustrophobic atmosphere, presenting a hypnotic, yet unnerving alarm sequence and multiple layers of hyperdense electronics to provide and intense sonic depiction of a robo-regulated, dystopian future whereas the follow up "Medina" goes down a similarly beatless route musically whilst adding spiralling modulations, horror-inducing whispers and ethereally warped melodies to the mix. Quite a trip, this EP provides.

Ego Drums - Nuke Vol. 09 [Nuke The Planet]

Scheduled for release on June 30th, 2k20 is "Nuke Vol. 09", the Nuke The Planet label debut for Ego Drums. Coming at us as a digital one-track single the relatively fresh artist hits us with a good portion of hyper-twisted, distorted Lassigue Bendthaus-Phonk for the headstrong, bringing maximum motion to ultra advanced future dancefloors and loads of joy to all lovers of properly warped Industrial Electro for a reason. File under: hit!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Frode Gjerstad Trio +1 - Forgotten City [PNL Records 050]

Put on the circuit via  Paal Nilssen-Love's very own PNL Records imprint on June 12th, 2k20 is "Forgotten City" which sees the label founder and head honcho once again join in with Frode Gjerstad to form the Frode Gjerstad Trio which, as a surprise, features both double bass players who've served time in the group previously - Øyvind Storesund and Jon Rune Strøm - and hence resulting in a +1 a.k.a. more double bass action. Laying down four tracks within a total 51 minutes the four artists present their vision of FreeJazz / Improv in a relatively restricted manner with stripped down, somewhat constrained motion and temper throughout the opener "Dead Trees In The Park", weighs in a classy, well surprising take on minimalist FutureJazz in "Cracked Sidewalls" whilst "Cars Up On Blocks" reveals a somewhat playful, explorative, naturalistic and partly even frolicking, yet tender take on the extended trios musical pathway with before "Cheaply Built Bungalows" finally unleashes some of the raw, untamed Free Jazz power one would expect from a PNL Records release for a reason even without going all wild, loose and all in. Surprising, deep and quite captivating. Therefore recommended.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Bright Eyes - Mariana Trench (Official Video)

So Alt.Rock with an Americana heartland twist is obviously not dead. And we're surprisingly in for this finding.

User06448323114 - Gas EP [User Recordings 002 Promo]

The next release put out onto the digital circuit via the fresh imprint User Recordings is the "Gas EP", this time created by User064448323114 - whoever might be hidden behind this cryptic alias. Exploring a "Gas Planet" with the opening tune we're entering an outerworldy, kinda gaseous and misty atmopshere driven by ever morphing, spooky sonic curtains and high frequency click rhythms accompanied by rather dark and desolates drones whilst "Fire It Up" hits the gas pretty quickly with hard stomping, precisely sculpted RaveTechno vibes, hefty claps and captivating, Hardcore- / Gabba-leaning melodies for large scale warehouse raves of yore before breaking down in a super cliche, commercial yet sneaky and epicly uplifting way. This tune's a winner for sure.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tamam - Caney [La Bomba Recordings 003 Promo]

Released as cat.no 003 of the relatively fresh imprint La Bomba Recordings on May 1st, 2k20 is "Caney", the new digital two track single created by the secretive duo Tamam. Whilst the title track "Caney" weighs in fresh and well uplifting House grooves with innocent, frolicking  pads and an overall Balearic, spring-like attitude paired with ethereal, oriental vocals and a large-scale desert breakdown we see the follow up "Dandini" following on a similar path, yet providing more Funk and drive when it comes to large scale Balearic House, comforting our senses with huge, emotional string arrangements, lively background percussions and a well thought out arrangement contrasted by slightly off-kilter arabic lute plucking for those who know.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Modern Melodies - Ice Pirates

Excellent, highly captivating Electro stuff for advanced ravers. This is a bang0r!

Julius Aglinskas / Apartment House - Daydreamer [Music Information Centre Lithuania]

Put on the circuit only recently via the infamous Music Information Centre Lithuania label is "Daydreamer", the debut album of rising contemporary composer Julius Aglinskas who has is work performed by UK-based ensemble Apartment House. Aptly titled, the seamlessly floating 73+ minutes spanning album surely takes the listener into a deep dream state with its tender, soft and hyperharmonic take on Piano Ambient accompanied by blurred, slow moving electronic textures and an extra edge of time-dissolving sonic sugar-coating that will surely make "Daydreamer" a worthwhile addition to each and every Ambient collection. If you're an avid Ambient collector, this one's for you.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Bell Monks - The Sun Will Find You [Clang 068 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the ever active Clang label in late May, 2k20 is "The Sun Will Find You", the latest album by Wisconsin's Bell Monks, a core duo comprised of Jeff Herriott and Eric Sheffield with guest contributions by the likes of Sven Gonstead, Ben Willis and Heidi Johnson. Fleshed out in a long and winding process since the albums first sketches were laid down in 2014 the final result of this time consuming, careful production project is a 43 minutes spanning body of work, serving a total of 10 new tracks / songs further refining the projects tender, intimate and melancholic, inward-looking signature sound meandering in between echoes of PostRock, a hazy, autumnal singer-songwriter attitude, fragile DreamPop and echoes of echoes of Shoegaze, all falling into place to form a beautiful life soundtrack for, presumably young, Indie girls falling in love for the very first time. Check.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Listen Again: BAZE.DJUNKIII - Clashment @ Radio Flouka, Paris (19.06.2020)

Hilde - Hilde [Umland Records 033]

Fresh on Essen's ever active Umland Records imprint is "Hilde", the self-titled debut album by the all female quartet named - well... - Hilde which is comprised of Julia Brüssel, Marie Daniels, Maria Trautmann and Emily Wittbrodt. Based on a foundation of violin, voice, trombone and cello the four musicians cater an overall menu of 16 tracks spanning a total of 55 minutes with the opening piece "Rise" magically meandering in between playful mystique, Contemporary Classical and improv which is making way for the intimate, yet somewhat horrifying, unsettling and nightmarish vocal piece follow up "Stand Up" whereas "Fiction" somehow harks back to the era of large scale dramatic Broadway Pop, "Bartröckchen" evokes memoires of Nordic Folk tales and formal dances of yore, "1922" provides obvious resemblances to (Neo)Classical chamber music whilst "Kis Kece Lanyom" would perfectly accompany a medieval period movie piece scorewise just to pick a few favorites here. Best described as: Explorative and widely varied.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Friday, June 19, 2020

P.T.B.S & THE D3VI7 - Inner Voice EP [Bang Le Dex 034]

Released only recently via Bang Le Dex as the labels cat.no. 034 is the "Inner Voice EP", the latest collaboration between Uelsen-based producer Ufuk Özbayar a.k.a. P.T.B.S. and still mysterious production force THE D3VI7 which have been joining studio space to create some serious Techno shit with the title cut "Inner Voice" borrowing vibes from Future Industrial / EBM which they masterfully fuse with elements of deep Future Pop and Trance so this cut applies both to crowds on electronic as well as CyberGoth / Industrial dancefloors. The subsequent "Let There Be Light" presents more of a stripped down and rolling approach to lush, beauteous TechnoTrance with a dramatic attitude, "Colours" explores spatial, brooding and reverberating Bigroom Techno spheres before taking crowds by surprise with a rather kitsch-dripping cliche breakdown sequence whilst "Techno Become Human *Original Mix" speeds up things, fusing a cold, desolate sci-fi Techno feel with ever morphing multilayered low-end synths building up to alarming heights whereas the tunes variation "Techno Become Human *Tweak The Knobs Mix" presents a slightly more ecstatic, Wild Pitch-leaning take on the subject despite sticking close to the original blueprint.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Manual - So Seductive

Stripped down, brooding Drum'n'Bass presented in timeless style. Soon to be released via Onyx Recordings.

Madeleine Cocolas - Ithaca [Someone Good Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Australian label Someone Good on May 8th, 2k20 is "Ithaca", the latest album crafted and created by Madeleine Cocolas which is described in the accompanying press release as '... an audio diary of sorts...' which stretches over the course of roughly 43 minutes and mainly is influenced by her return to her hometown of Brisbane after years of living abroad. This said, the eight tunes on this album are somewhat melancholia-inducing from the very first piano notes of the intimate opener "Across The Ocean, But Not Yet" onwards, a tune living up to the promise of soft Ambient tones and intertwined layers of dreamy piano melodies whereas the subsequent "A Promise" replaces piano with an inward looking take on calm, carefully plucked guitar strings and "Let's Talk About You" offers a beautiful array of sparkling Cosmic / Synth arrangements for the most positive moments in life whilst even introducing a sweet dancefloor twist for highly advanced clubbers out there. The subsequent "Past The Floodline" harks back to ultimate autumnal melancholia, "Circular" indulges in a hazy, blurred out, outerworldly Ambient mist atop a foundation of slow, irregular rhythms and strange tonal warpings before "A Basic Understanding" reminisces about the simplistic joy of lively melodic variations oftentimes employed by early Synth composers albeit without the comforting haze this tune provides as a blanketing sonic drapery whilst "The Heart Doesn't Lie (Except When It Does)" borders minimalistic (Neo)Classical composition techniques and the concluding cut "Return Home" waves goodbye in a most peaceful, comforting and ever caressing manner. File under: total relaxation.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

S.E.T.I. - Only Dust

Beautiful, slow-moving Ambient soundspheres taken off the most recent S.E.T.I. album "The Sphere Of Density".

Sascha Müller - 8k Techno Vol. 4 [Sascha Müller Music]

Recently released via Sascha Müller's very own imprint Sascha Müller Music is the next installment in the "8k Techno"-series which, once again, is limited to an edition of ten - yes, 10 !!! - hand-numbered floppy disk singles. This time featuring the track "Beat N Patrol" we're drawn into the center of raving LoBit dancefloors proper by a seductive, hypnotic and uplifting fusion of bouncing, massively grooving AcidTechno with a trance-inducing twist which makes this one a definitive must have for all lovers of proper 90s rave magic and large scale, laser lit warehouse properties, illegaly occupied by brave promoters and their followership of ecstatic punters. The music was new black polished chrome and came over the summer like liquid night...

Floppy artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Quilz / Xposed 4Heads [Internal Combustion 0003]

Coming in straight from Milwaukee these days is the latest 33rpm 7" split EP released on Internal Combustion, a joint venture double feature in which both band outfits The Quilz and Xposed 4Heads are having a go at each others songs remixwise... and to a great effect. Opening with The Quilz' beautiful and dreamy SynthPop tune "Are You Still Out Tonight" we're drawn into nightly, neon-lit territories with acts like Kavinsky or Chromatics living right around the corner before the remix version crafted by Xposed 4Headz instantaneously doubles the tempo for a well hounded, super fast paced midnight ride on empty highways. On the flip we see Xposed 4Heads hovering off into the "Ultra Cloud" with their trademark, slightly Devo'esque musical approach which is accompanied by killer Miami Cosmic synths and sweet, over the top solos this time as well as pointy, tongue-in-cheek social - or better: cloud - criticism whilst The Quilz on rework duties do stick pretty close to the original vibe whilst providing a slightly more electronic NeonWave touch for late night dancefloors. And btw - this one's limited to 100 copies worldwide as well so get yours rather quick!

Monday, June 15, 2020

18.06.2k20 baze.djunkiii In The Mix @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France (1600 GMT+1)

And now there is bass! Opening with his own „Broken End 'When Time Decays There Is No Need For Architecture Remix''' for German Goth (Not Goth) / Rock (Not Rock) outfit The Crystal Apes Hamburg-based bass music pioneer and Radio Flouka station resident baze.djunkiii provides a ride through a 15+ years spanning timeline of bass music. 60 minutes brimming with low end joy - from sparse futuristic Dubstep classics to dangerous Grime riddims oozing nothing but a true crimescene atmosphere only to be found in the toughest of London neighbourhoods, from rare, sought after 12“ releases of the past to most contemporary manifestations of the ever evolving 'ardcore continuum.

Welcome to the urban void. Welcome to Clashment.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: Dubstep / Grime

transmission time: 16oo - 17oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Jacques Van Erven - Tunes & Scenery (Hard To Whistle) [Futura Resistenza]

Originally released back in 1984 as a C46 cassette tape via Eksakt Records and now unearthed for a first time on vinyl reissue via Rotterdam-based label Futura Resistenza is Jacques Van Erven's album debut "Tunes & Scenery (Hard To Whistle)". Spanning a total of 15 tracks and put on the circuit with an additional poster and extended information sheet / art print the album presents an unexpected explorative fusion of analogue synthesizers and 80s keyboards alongside drums, mouth harp as well as marimba and ukulele lines in which the producer, composer and painter from the greater Eindhoven area fuses both influences from Jazz Noir, PostPunk and experimental NoWave and also the German Ingenious Dilletantes movement, all amalgamated with a certain feel for Exotica as well as a dystopian, somewhat militant attitude which is prevalent in the brutal, hard hitting drum hits of the opener "Tango Cuoca" whereas the leaden Industrial Ambient soundscapes and fever'ish rhythm signatures of  "Paper Clip 1-2-3" are exploring a very special kind of madness. On the other hand a tune like "Pigeons On The Rock" is surprisingly laid back in its own, somewhat clunky and mechanical way, "It's Not Always May" surely will appeal to fans of band projects like C Cat Trance, "Krimi Mit C. Orff" is as tense and intense as stripped down, hyperexperimental PostPunk can get and "Whistling Jack Trivira" even seems to be flirting with the artists very own unique interpretation of postapocalyptic Waltz before switching gears and steering towards a way darker, grueling destination. Furthermore "Twelve Lines Of The First Chapter" present a twisted take on Spoken Word and Western vibes, "I Hear The Rhythm And The Others" could be filed as Tribal-infused ProtoIndustrial, "Down Down" aims straight at the heart of the advanced dancefloor with its lo-if PostPunk meets (No)Wave / Goth attitude whereas "Aux Couleur De France ('T Rode Bokje)" clearly harks back to subtle tape manipulation just to name a few our favorites here. An album unique and outstanding in its own right, yet also bearing witness of the greyscal'ish desolation and nuclear angst which played a big part in shaping overall society and the art scene of the 80s.

Lawrence English - Lassitude [Room40 Promo]

Released via the Australian Ambient staple Room40 on May 1st, 2k20 is "Lassitude", the latest album serving by renowned producer Lawrence English who's focusing on the influence of the organ as an instrument to his musical work in two extended compositions. Based on the sound of a special 19th century organ, now housed in a Brisbane museum, built by manufacturer William Anderson the very first piece "Saccade (For Eliane Radigue)" starts out on a beautifully soothing low frequency drone subtly meandering and - psychoacoustically? - exploring the frequency spectrum, employing carefully shifting movements and a steady background foundation of ultra low pulses whilst the subsequent title track "Lassitude" goes for a colder, intense, alarming and defo more sci-fi leaning take on buzzing, ever building up Drone music working its way towards a climax that never actually reveals the tension but somewhat blurs and fades away in misty layers of Ambient music gradually emerging from the tunes background to provide a softer, tranquil note before the 20+ minutes lasting tune comes to an end. Lovely.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Francesca Naibo - Namatoulee [Aut Records 065]

To be released via Berlin's Aut Records-label on June 15th, 2k20 is "Namatoulee", the new full length album outing brought to life by Francesca Naibo. With fourteen tracks created on a foundation of guitar, objects and multiple effects Naibo is going down a route of intimate, somewhat haunted and desolate Ambient / DarkAmbient from the very first minute of the opening piece "Mae Lougon" onwards, pairing cold, outerworldy atmospheres with her unique take on experimental manipulation of her instrument, provides a way of twisting and reprocessing sounds in "Toundaleda" reminiscent of very early electronic music production and sound research in dedicated, oftentimes tape reel-based, laboratories whilst other pieces like "Fadadada" or "Lameda Lemeda" dabble with most intimate, naturalist Desert Post-PostRock, "Foush" explores fever'ish, scraping and multi-layered eruptions bordering elements of Noize, "Teing Dol" gets deep into twangy off-kilter harmonic interplay and "Fron-Ne" presents both raw and brooding low frequency attacks as well as Contemporary Classical elements when the guitar strings are seemingly treated tenderly with a bow just to name a few. Beautifully varied, this. Check.

Dr. NoiseM - Live: Volksmusik Will Never Die [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Fresh from the vaults of the mysterious Dr. NoiseM is "Live: Volksmusik Will Never Die" which is maybe the most individual release ever put out by the artist so far as a limited to eight - 8 !!! - copies recycled cassette tape set which in its entirety represents a recording of a multiple hours spanning live jam session with each cassette representing one unique and individual part of the whole recording. Dealing with part 02/08 in this review we're hit hard from the very start with a screaming, nerve-wrecking take on cold, ever shifting and ear piercing high frequency Noize for the headstrong, a furious maelstrom of innate anger and braincell torture which defo is made to put even the most passionate fans of extreme experimental electronic music to a test but therefore provides a memorable, well cathartic experience as soon one manages to listen through the album in one sitting. Brutal.

Cassette artwork on Instagram!

Friday, June 12, 2020

My Dear Killer - Collectable Items [Boring Machines 099]

Released via the Italian label Boring Machines in March, 2k20 is "Collectable Items", the latest longplay outing created by My Dear Killer, a project that not only provided the starting point for the imprint with its 2006-released longplay piece named "Clinical Shyness" but harks back way further in its origins which lay buried back in the 90s. After the tender instrumental opener "Collectable Items" which fuses acoustic, kinda PostFolk-oriented guitars with dark'ish electronic atmospheres we're drawn into the sonic world of My Dear Killer, a place somewhat reminiscent of Apocalpytic Folk in its tense overall vibe of desolation, yearning and loneliness, yet also crossing over into realms of rich, cinematic singer-songerwriterdom, Indietronica and tender echoes of PostRock whilst presenting a touching, highly emotional, melancholia-inducing edge which defo might appeal to fans of Current 93's "Black Ship Ate The Sky" album or similar all time favorites. If this rings a bell for you, you defo need to listen to "Collectable Items" for a reason. Proper good, top scoring and beautiful. Recommended.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sascha Müller - Delicious [La Bomba Recordings 002]

Out on the circuit via the relatively fresh imprint La Bomba Recordings since April 3rd, 2k20 is Sascha Müller's "Delicious" - another digital single crafted by Uelsen's busiest producer. Going in with "Delicious *Original Mix" we see the German artist reminisce of early 90s ClubHouse with a lively bassline synth, swinging claps and repetetive, floating pads alongside various layers of sweet, delightful funkiness whereas the subsequent "Delicious *Midsummer Mix" presents a slightly edgier, defo more muscular approach with its signature bass motif, busy percussions, stompy drums and overall sped up attitude. If you're all in for classic sugarcoated US House of yore, this is for you.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Koenig - Messing [Ventil Records Promo]

Released via the Austrian Ventil Records-imprint on June 3rd, 2k20 is "Messing", the ten track solo debut album by acclaimed drummer Lukas Koenig a.k.a. Koenig who managed to base the entirety of the compositions on this longplayer on manipulation and recording of one single cymbal. An impressive feat and approach in its own right this leads to astounding results like the rhythmic, buzzing and well noisey, motor-like opener "Hot Springs" which could be described as a wonderful love child between a struggling lawn mower blown over from afar and a buzz saw whereas "Handrolls", featuring a highly expressive Spoken Word vocal performance by Elvin Brandhi, borders psychotic high speed madness whilst "Ceres" provides super raw Industrial rhythm signatures in a sense every early Einstürzende Neubauten-fans will surely approve of. Tunes like "Mr. Kiwi" which sees NYC legend and Mutant HipHop pioneer Sensational on microphone duties spitting razor sharp bars provide more darkness and threatening danger coming in from a post-apocalyptic, post-nuclear warzone, "Radce" provides 97 seconds of abstract, dense, detailed rhythm shifts before "Sesselleiste", the third collaboration on "Messing", weighs in a massive hit for late night Rhythm Industrial dancefloors lit by max speed strobe lights sporting fever'ish German Spoken Word eruptions. Furthermore "Makeshift" is a grinding fest for all followers of nightmare'ish Slowcore Illbient, "Eyeball" brings on a cold, metallic and undeniably sci-fi-leaning aspect of Koenig's solo work, "Chop ZD" once again harks back to early Neubauten with an electronic twist and the concluding "Figure 8" pays homage to Lukas Koenig's roots in Jazz and complex, fast paced, yet intrincate drum sequencing. Beyond excellent.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Dorf / Phill Niblock - Baobab [Umland Records 031]

Incoming from the head offices of the Umland Records-imprint only recently was "Baobab", a massive 2CD live album produced by the hub and label center piece project The Dorf. With the first, and title bearing, part of the longplayer The Dorf is taking on Phill Niblock's "Baobab", re-imagining the original composition in a quite intense way which finally results in a roughly 46+ minutes spanning Drone masterpiece solely created by acoustic instruments which in itself is an astounding thing, even more so if the large scale group taking this on is more at home in (Free) Jazz and Improv - styles usually buzzing with energy and movement rather than focusing on static, yet somewhat ever moving and evolving intensity. The second piece, dubbed "Echoes", sees The Dorf coming back to three of their own compositions, delivering a dramatic, almost Classical opening with the expressive, score'esque and somewhat surreal, outerworldly and trans-dimensional piece that is "Rich", followed by the hyperdensity of "F-Lan" which provides layers and layers atop of layers of a gazillion sonic events per second, Opera-resembling female non-vocalisms included, before "Split" presents a fever'ish, Trance-inducing, yet nightmare'ish groove for dancing dervishes and other dark, ancient rituals in which only the chosen few are allowed to participate. 100% recommended. Get.

THE D3VI7 - Der Bösewicht EP [Fresscode Records 006]

Scheduled for release via Fresscode Records 0n June 11th, 2k20 is the "Der Bösewicht EP", the latest musical outing presented to us by the still mysterious producer known as THE D3VI7. Opening with "Theorem" we're drawn straight to the heart of the dancefloor by a well hypnotic, gooey, Acid-infused Techno groove with a Trance-inducing twist whereas "Marauder" weighs in faster, cleaner and more brooding, sci-fi approach to highly efficient, technoid floor-functionality before the title track  "Der Bösewicht" harks back to the vibes given off by a well known Winx-classic and transfers the odd, psyched out vibe of yore into a precise, hard banging contempory Techno banger in its own right. Great.

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Erlend Apneseth - Fragmentarium [Hubro Music]

Another more recent release on the Norwegian Hubro Music imprint is "Fragmentarium", the new seven track album by composer / artist Erlend Apneseth who's appeared on the label numerous times over the course of the last few years. Opening with the dramatic, undeniably nordic and string / fiddle driven "Gangar" Erlend Apneseth paves the way for a journey to come, followed by the more intimate, tender, inward looking and melancholia-infused "Du Fallende Jord" whereas the title track "Fragmentarium" enters a multilayered, dreamlike, yet somewhat disturbing and psychedelic state with its amalgamation of Field Recordings, fiddles and even nordic dance rhythms of a rural, age old and folk'ish nature of course. Based on this foundation the ride continues with the formal dance resembling "Gruvene", "No, Etterpa" is a small, beautiful and acoustic interlude from a distant past, "Det Mørknar" weighs in an well interesting take on warped Ambient meets Future Jazz meets (Neo)Cosmic Psychedelia and therefore is our favorite piece on this album and the final cut "Omkved." sonically resembles ancient tales told over and over again, from generation to generation, since the beginning of time.

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Monday, June 08, 2020

Gard Nilssen's Supersonic Orchestra - If You Listen Carefully The Music Is Yours [Odin]

Recently released via the Odin-imprint, the 1981 established brainchild of the Norwegian Jazz Federation, is "If You Listen Carefully The Music Is Yours", the latest album by the Gard Nilssen-led group named Gard Nilssen's Supersonic Orchestra. Realized and recorded with a plethora of participating guest musicians at the Molde International Jazz Festival 2019 the hour long live album combines elements of FreeJazz and Improv with classic, hounded and tension-inducing Jazz for espionage flics and agents provocateurs from the very first seconds of the opening piece "Premium Processing Fee" and continues to captivate the listeners full attention over the full course of the album, including the hot, percussive "Botteknott / Elastic" and the somewhat bluesy late night leaning "The City Of Roses", due to the overwhelming richness and layering in sound only a large Jazz orchestra can provide.

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Kamila Govorcin - Anima [Clang 067 Promo]

Scheduled for release via Clang as the labels cat.no. 067 on June 13th, 2k20 is "Anima", the most recent album creation crafted by Chilenean producer Kamila Govorcin who's in for a five track ride stretched out over a total time of roughly an hour. Opening with "Ermitanismo" we're immediately drawn into a stripped down, minimalist Ambient world carried by a steady, hypnotic low end pulse, echoes of echoes of Clicks'n'Cuts, brooding, desolate atmospheres and haunted, somewhat percussive sequences blown over from faraway places whilst the following title track "Anima" dives deep into the sonic realm of all embracing, ritualistic DarkAmbient before the subsequent "Viento" presents even more droning, unsettling soundscapes and icy winds over barren extraterrestrial plains. Furthermore the 22+ minutes spanning main piece "Introversion" weighs in a lighter vibe, providing a silver lining at the Ambient horizon whereas the final cut "Rito De Muerte" pairs ethereal, yet ghostly harmonies with muffled, slow and somewhat irregular rhythmic elements, embracing the term Isolationist Ambient to the absolute fullest. Excellent. Get.

Sunday, June 07, 2020

User20684003752 - Aboria EP [User Recordings 001]

Incoming from the relatively freshly launched imprint User Recordings is the labels very first release, the digital two track single named "Aboria EP". Produced by User20684003752 we're taking off with "Escape From Aboria", a dark piece of psychotic Rave Techno carried by a sweet little melody which could be taken off of your favorite 80s horror flic of choice whilst the follow up "Euroman" harks back to the good old days of euphoric, uplifting full on mid-90s Rave craze with a slightly commercial twist only to hit Trance dancefloors with a bang and cause mass hysteria amongst hyped oldskool ravers. One for the laser crew.

Andrew Tuttle - Alexandra [Someone Good 022 Promo]

Released via the Room 40 sister imprint Someone Good on May 15th, 2k20 is "Alexandra", the latest musical outing created by Australian electronic music artist / composer Andrew Tuttle who's in for a nine tracks and 34 minutes spanning journey with this one. Opening with the soft and tender Ambient meets naturalistic PostFolk fusion piece "Sun At 5 In 4161" Mr. Tuttle paves the way for things to come, a beautiful amalgamation of harmonic electronic pads and textures with mostly acoustic, sometimes twangy guitar and banjo improvisations of quite innocent and somewhat Easy Listening-leaning nature, partly paired with Field Recordings of birds to create even more of a sonic bubble as a resemblance of an early summer / late spring day out in the untouched, undisturbed countryside.

Saturday, June 06, 2020

Kasma - Nuke Vol. 08 [Nuke The Planet]

Out on the circuit since May 25, 2k20 is Kasma's "Nuke Vol. 08", the next sonic warhead launched by the Hardcore / Breakcore experimentalism endorsing imprint that is Nuke The Planet. Clocking in at roughly eleven minutes total runtime Kasma surely is in to unleash sonic hell with this one, weighing in a proper maelstrom of eardrum quenching, braincell wrecking feedback Noize for the headstrong, clearing dancefloors and venues within seconds with its ever grinding attitude and putting soundsystems to a test with a truly relentless variation of vantablack Rhythm Industrial. If you can take listening to a Merzbow album right after waking up, you'll be in for this.

Oktal 3 - Word Up *Original Mix [Black Bouwie Records 037]

Put on the circuit only recently via Black Bouwie Records as their cat.no. 037 is "Word Up *Original Mix", a digital single by German underground project Oktal 3. Bringing on somewhat  of a classic, straightforward House Music vibe with uplifting, harmonic and ever moving pads, classic vocal samples, beauteous piano lines and loads of overall goodness this one will defo be appreciated both by House and DeepHouse lovers alike - for now and many years to come.

Friday, June 05, 2020

Josey Rebelle - Josey In Space [Beats In Space 045 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Beats In Space is Josey Rebelle's "Josey In Space", the latest mix CD outing by the prolific Rinse FM DJ who's been hosting her famed weekly Sunday shows for years on end. Presenting a pretty much fearless and eclectic tracklisting including cuts from a wide range of artists including DJ Marcelle, Uschi Classen with Robert Owens, Titonton Duvante, Nubian Mindz and even Rogue Unit remixed by Nookie the 20 tracks selection works its way from Electronica and Downtempo areas via Spoken Word-infused Bass Music to lush, melodic, complex DeepHouse, raw Acid modulations, big time Rave bangers, Broken Beat, 808-heavy Electro, havoc-inducing Breakbeat and beyond, all blended and amalgamated in a quite adventurous manner which makes this one an entertaining, well exciting listening experience true quality electronic music connaisseurs will come back to on a regular for a reason. Plus: in an ideal world this would be a 24 hours radio show, not only because Josey Rebelle is an acclaimed radio presenter in her own right.

Thursday, June 04, 2020

Eva Lindal / Anna Lindal - Bäver [Disorder 008]

Freshly released via the Disorder imprint is "Bäver", the first collaborational album piece recorded by Swedish violin players Eva Lindal and Anna Lindal after years spent together on the improvisational circuit of their home country. Based solely on string instruments like violin and viola all seven compositions on this longplayer are as intimate as a duo recorded can be, meandering in between (Neo)Classical and Contemporary Chamber Music whilst flirting with echoes of echoes of Scandinavian Folk and nordic melancholia, yet not without coming at us with a tongue-in-cheek twist at times, especially in the sweet and playful title track that is "Bäver" or the experimental, percussive and explorative "Hjul" which takes on string instruments from a different angle for sure.

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Kalle Moberg - The Tokyo Sessions Volume 1: Unheard-of [KAMO Records 001]

What a kickstart for Norwegian artist Kalle Moberg who's launching his very own label KAMO Records these days, encouraged and endorsed by no-one less than the legend that is Jim O'Rourke who, impressed by his approach to and handling of the accordion as an instrument, invited Moberg for a recording session to his Tokyo-based studio. The result, or at least the first released result, is a six tracks and roughly 33 minutes spanning album exploring the sonic spectrum of the instrument, from the more or less classical improvisations of the opener "Delphic Dance" with its somewhat twisted melancholia via the Ambient-leaning, inward-looking textures and yearning drones of "Wish Upon A Satellite" to the playful, slightly off kilter variations to be found in "Skinned Alive By A Blunt Spoon", a title probably inspired by the movie classic 'The Horribly Slow Murderer With The Extremely Ineffecient Weapon' just to name a few.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 25 [SM Traxxx 48-2020]

Scheduled for release on June 18th, 2k20 via the SM Traxxx label is "Traxxx Vol. 25", a new digital two track single crafted by the ever busy underground activist Sascha Müller. Whilst the short opening tune "Track 49" dabbles with raw, noisy and distortion-heavy oldskool Techno for the headstrong we see the subsequent "Track 50" weighs in more of an electroid, 808-driven approach to braincell twisting MonoAcid / AcidTechno for those who've been following the musings of the Force Inc. Music Works label in the first half of the 90s. A massive tune, this.

THE D3VI7 - Slap Your Face EP [Psychocandies 088]

Scheduled for release on the ever active Psychocandies label later this month is the "Slap Your Face EP", the newest digital four track single unleashed by the fresh and mysterious producer named THE D3VI7 who's coming at us straight with a brutal, technoid stomper of a title track sporting razor sharp hi-hats and a multiple, merciless arrangement of drum sequences and destructive MonoAcid modulations for a kickstart . The subsequent cut dubbed "Drop The Cat" weighs in a hounded, highly compressed and therefore slightly distorted and nerve-wrecking AcidTechno attitude, "Killing" means fully immersing in a cold, threatening sci-fi environment for nothing less than psychosonic warfare with an Acid-infused twist and the final statement about how "THE D3VI7 Wants Your Soul" makes pretty clear that there's no other rule to follow than marching forward to an ever relentless bassdrum with a mind driven by signals drilling deep down to the innermost core of your subconscious, exploring the deepest and darkest depths of your very desires.

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Angelina Yershova - Piano Mirage [AY Records]

Put on the circuit only recently via her very own AY Records label is "Piano Mirage", the latest full length album piece created by Angelina Yershova who's previously released her music through Italian labels like T-Bet Records or Twin Paradox. Catering a new body of work spanning roughly 46 minutes and a total of fourteen tracks Yershova is - once again - going down a full on Classical / (Neo)Classical route here, focusing solely on light-hearted, crystalline piano etudes which are in a few rare cases accompanied by additional violin performances by Manfred Croci. This combination, as ever so often with Modern Classical, in its ever cascading, frolicking form is somewhat leaning towards a certain level of kitsch and echoes of Easy Listening with the exception of the darker, dramatic take that is "Desert Mirage" and the highly emotional cut "Lost In Emotions" but will surely find an audience amongst fans of the genre due to its warm and playful nature.

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Monday, June 01, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2k20

01. 2121 - Vol.5 [2121]
See review for details...

02. Ruff Sqwad - Unreleased Gems [Prince Rapid]
Without any doubt Ruff Sqwad have always been one of my favorite Grime crews ever and therefore I'm beyond thrilled that these four previously unreleased riddims have been popping up on vinyl more recently, finally providing new fodder after what seems to be an extended period of silence. And yes, all those beats are classic Ruff Sqwad - raw, unprocessed and with a proper gangsta vibe even though catchy melodies and playful motifs do appear. Big one, this.

03. [PUSS20201]
The 2k20 outing of the mysterious PUSS label amalgamates dreamy string arrangements, a solid TechHouse foundation and highly seductive, uplifting and soulful female vocal bits with lively Acid modulations and provides quite a good bit of ecstatic peak time power for dancefloors around the globe. Go check.

04. Various Artists - Refraction Volume 5 [Residual Recordings 025]
The long standing Residual Recordings label is back with a new four track EP, combining the talents of Nachtbraker, Christopher Rau, Titonton Duvante and S-Max on this 12" release dubbed "Refraction Volume 5". The results are as deep, thrilling and organic as one might've wished for when it comes to such a line-up - from melodic, melancholia-inducing House music to warm, Motor City-leaning Techno this one is a fest for every lover of quality electronic music for a reason.

05. Deformer - Inner-Outcast [Redrum Recordz]
Riot sounds produce riots. Deformer fuses hard hitting, mental Breakcore with brutal Metal riffings and HipHop lyricism like no other on this blue'ish purple six track EP release, enters a sonic realm previously explored by artists like Drumcorps and even has the one and only Ice-T providing a classic Spoken Word intro for "Metal Breakdown". Are you sold on this yet? I am.

06. Frankel & Harper - Militant E.P. [Council Work 003]
The resurgence of UK Garage is in full effect these days and Frankel & Harper's "Militant E.P." is another proof of this development, further repopularizing both the bass heavy swing of UKG as well as the irresistible drive of 4x4 / SpeedGarage for a new generation. Recommended, slightly dubbed out tunes which are about to compliment classic UK Garage selections well. One for the headz.

07. Divus - Divus 2 [Boring Machines 098]
See review for details...

08. Fiesta Soundsytem - Inflorescence Pt. One [Warehouse Rave 007]
The Warehouse Rave imprint has defo become one label to watch out for with every single one of their releases. On their new single "Inflorescence Pt. One" we see the Fiesta Soundsystem pairing Future Jungle with the unprecedented darkness of producers like Source Direct or classic labels like Penny Black as well as taking Breakbeat Garage to a new, updated level for 2k20.

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Edikanfo - The Pace Setter [Glitterbeat Promo]

Soon to be out on the circuit via the ever active Glitterbeat label is Edikanfo's "The Pace Setters", a re-issue of the originally 1981 released six track album that's about to please all collectors and fans of African music and especially Afrobeat in particular. Arriving at our headoffices without additional press information sheets we're diving right into the music with "Nka Bom", a captivating, uplifting take on uptempo AfroJazz / AfroFunk causing instant dancefloor ecstasy with the theme of positivity continued by the great call-and-response chants in "Something Lefeh-O" before "Gbenta" brings on a hot variation of laid-back crimescene Funk for those in the know. Furthermore "Blinking Eyes" weigh in loads of seductive DiscoFunk vibes and a brass section on fleek, "Moonlight Africa" presents more of a deep, romantic attitude atop some super dope beats which are to be considered an excellent sample source for all the oldskool HipHop headz out there and the final cut "Daa Daa Edikanfo" provides more of a traditional, classic AfroBeat vision for a closure. Highly recommended.