Friday, May 31, 2024

Desolat - Get Sick And Let Me Watch Yo Die [Reptilian Records 168]

They are back. The Austrian Sludge x Doom Metal x Hardcore staple that is Desolat is at it again, firing straight at worldwide moshpits with their new album to be released via the US-based Reptilian Records imprint. Scheduled for June 14th, 2k24 the new vinyl serving cooked up by the 2018 founded band outfit caters not only a well excellent title choice being named "Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die" but also an eight track showcase of Desolat's grim musical power. Opening with the gritty, relatively slow, almost earthy and DesertRock-leaning powerhouse of "Doomsday Clock" the trio paves the way for heavy things to come, like the 80s-infused despair and vintage Punk aggression innate to the subsequent "Time For Darkness" which finds its continuation in "Pregnant Meth Addict With Cancer", a tune we could easily see used and abused in contemporary skateboarding videos due to its raw energy, whilst "Two Elderly Brothers Killed A Young Mother" pairs the bands raw Sludge rollercoaster with a certain, probably even Psychedelia-infused grittyness, turning the tune into a whirling maelstrom taking everything and everyone down into a mental abyss, turning every single colour blood red. Furthermore the flipside opens with the cheekily named "Great White Northern Shitlicker" which brings forth the darkest, most doomed and most apocalyptic vibe on this album with its intense riffing, muscular drums and unusual Spoken Word-resembling vocals, "This Band Is Your Yoga" turns festival crowds - and guru-led gyms! - into high octane moshpits within seconds before "Central European Nihilist Arrogance" steps down tempowise, yet destroys headbanging crowds with heavy riffs as well as a surprisingly melodic guitar solo part emerging from a wall of sound right before the tunes breakdown whilst the so-called "(Gin) Tonic Youth" seems to be the track gravitating most towards classic Rock x Metal territories for a closing. Quite a glorious longplay piece, this album is. And probably quite a force to experience live on stage as well.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Zark - 10 [Zarkon Records 010 Promo]

Another fresh single put out on the circuit via the seemingly artist run Zarkon Records label on March 5th, 2k24 is "10", obviously the tenth subsequent digital two tracker released by Zark. Following a stringent naming policy the opening tune that is "10.1" brings forth a quite unusual, yet fascinating Romantic House / Electro fusion sporting tender floating, ever evolving synth melancholia for lovers and those to be dancing their days away in early summer open air settings whilst "10.2", the second cut on here, caters more of an opposite vibe with its raw, hypnotic and ever pumping HardHouse / WildPitch attitude, slightly shuffled grooves, dark male vocal samples and driving claps which make this tune our favorite cut on this one by a mile or two.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Pinkcourtesyphone - Arise In Sinking Feelings [Room40]

Put out on the circuit via the Australian staple that is the Room40 label on April 12th, 2k24 is "Arise In Sinking Feelings", the latest, roughly 63 minutes spanning album by Richard Chartier a.k.a. Pinkcourtesyphone. With the accompanying press sheet stating the album has been '...formed from places, plastics & partciulars during 2022-2023...' the interested and dedicated listener finds him- or herself surrounded by and embbeded in a large scale collage of Ambient- x Deep Listening Music-leaning electronic textures, bits of Field Recordings and fragmented, yet only occasional vocal samples over the course of eight brand new compositions, wildly varying in duration from a little more than a minute to exceeding the ten minutes mark by a big stretch - or two, with especially pieces like "Foregone Inconclusion" sticking out due its glacial, yet glistening waves of shimmering hopefulness whilst cuts like "A Stunning Blandness" bring forth a notion of all embracing and ever so comforting atmospheric dronings and "Gesturing At A Thing Until It's Gone" might not only provide a cheeky take on wizardry namewise put also presents an amalgamation of outerworldy, scintillating beauty, minimalist atmospheric crackles and an intro sequence reminiscing of slowly decaying, slightly off-harmonic tape loop structures as well as earth shaking low end pulses towards its end, all falling together in an enthralling and truly time dissolving manner which makes this one our personal favorite on this longplayer just to name a few. Go check.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Nova Pon / Turning Point Ensemble - Symphonies Of Mother and Child [Redshift Records]

Released via the Canadian Redshift Records label on March 29th, 2k24 is "Symphonies Of Mother And Child", the latest collaborational album conceived and written by composer Nova Pon and brought to life by the more than two decades standing Turning Point Ensemble. Split in two pieces, the opener "Worlds Within" as well as the title piece "Symphonies Of Mother And Child" and its five subsets, the approx. 51 minutes spanning album does not only shine through its well excellent artwork but, in the first cut, through large scale dramatic, beautiful and score'esque Contemporary Classical arrangements which, in the most positive and shining way, might not only appeal to its genre loving core audience but also be able to enthrall the most avid collectors of Library x Production Music due to its large scale panoramic and score'esque qualities whereas the 40+ minutes main piece Nova Pon tackles the topic of motherhood and the idea, derived from the Greek meaning of 'symphonies' as pieces 'sounding together' of adjustment, resonance and mutual connection within that bond between mother and child, reflected by both tender, romantic and deeply intimate passages as well as playful, chiming and almost frolicking sequences, joyfully cascading melodies, elegic string beauty and, especially prevalent in "III - Explore And Implore", imaginative references to German and x or Austrian Classical greats which probably provide a docking point for those gravitating towards the established genre standards instead of continuously exploring the realm of Contemporary x Modern Classical music for new favorites whereas the unitiated novice might enjoy the overall lightheartedness and intricate, yet not overly complex and complicated harmonic schemes employed by Nova Pon for her long form debut.

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Monday, May 27, 2024

Xenopraxis - In A Sedimental Mood [Halocline Trance 037]

Put out on the circuit on February 9th, 2k24 via the Egyptrixx' lead and founded label Halocline Trance is "In A Sedimental Mood", the latest longform outing cooked up by Toronto-based producer Marc Couroux employing his sonic nom de guerre that is Xenopraxis. Bringing forth a set of 84 individual sections split evenly spread over four meta-sets, each of them representing one side of the 2LP vinyl release version of "In A Sedimental Mood" and bringing forth a little more than 18 minutes of sonic material, Xenopraxis embarks on a musical journey highly influenced by the concept and devices of Muzak as a genre, presenting a quasi-gazillion of iterations of the piano as an instrument as well as its likenesses which are seemingly following a series of endlessly repeating, yet evenmoreso endlessly varying and endlessly decomposing off-harmonic structures x main motifs of a certainly unsettling, for some even unnerving nature, returning to a starting point with every new cycle without actually going somewhere or showcasing any form of intentional progression, just presenting another take of not exactly the same one has heard before. Play this album on repeat to convicts in solitary confinement or prisoners of war and they will be broken or at best lunatic within a couple of hours due to the frustrating lack of a climax, structure and x or resolution this album presents over its 70+minutes total runtime. Do not play to the mentally unstable, children or other even slightly damaged souls at any time. It might do some damage.

Sascha Müller - Hells Bells [Ghostfloppy Recordings 014]

Put out on the circuit via Ghostfloppy Recordings as a limited Floppy Disk edition on March 15th, 2k24 is "Hells Bells", the latest LoBit outing cooked up by Uelsen-based label head Sascha Müller. With "Hells Bells" we see the long standing electronic music producer embark on a journey driven by expertly sculpted, tightly compressed Techno bass drums accompanied by an intricately layered - guess what! - bell motif, ecstatic filtered synth madness as well as hounded percussions perfectly suited for today's Hardgroove youth. Peaktime music for peaktime crowds.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Alien Wars - Alien Wars EP [Psychocandies 114 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via the ever expanding Psychocandies label on March 14th, 2k24 is the "Alien Wars EP", the label debut and first ever musical outing of the Alien Wars project. Opening with "Alien Wars" we see Alien Wars on a dry, raw and unhinged Acid tip based on unusual snare signatures and rhythms as well as a gooey maelstrom of distorted and highly experimental mid-range modulations of probably even modular origin whereas the subsequent "Return Of The Cyborg" weighs in a similarly dry and explorative take on swinging Electro programming and braincell tweaking high frequency attacks for a well advanced niche audience.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Sandrine Nicoletta x Massimo Carozzi - Interplay [Kohlhaas 028 Promo]

Released via the Italian Kohlhaas label on May 10th, 2k24 is "Interplay", a new conceptual mini album following a musical idea laid out by Sandrine Nicoletta and recorded by Massimo Carozzi which brings together the voices of five singers x performers of a different tonal spectrum and ability, each performing solo and in a non-vocal manner, solely following the conceptual guidance and descriptions of Nicoletta whithout ever getting to hear previously recorded performances by other participants beforehand. Layering and cutting up these five different tracks of vocal recordings in a later post-production process finally results in a seven tracks and approximately 22 minutes spanning mini album which might be best described as a selection of avantgarde-leaning vocal collage works, showcasing the intertwined, interlacing and overlapping wideranged possibilities of the human voice, from accentuated hums to ethereal overtones, quasi-syllables and fragments of vintage-coated song, indecipherable whispers and far beyond, all falling together in a certainly interesting fashion, albeit one that might spark the interest of a very limited audience only due to its niche concept and probably required experience in the field of Contemporary Avantgarde Music to fully embrace this album as whole.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Temporal Waves - Temporal Waves [People Places Records / Linear Fade Records]

Released as a conjunctional effort between People Places Records and Linear Fade Records on April 12th, 2k24 is "Temporal Waves", the debut album of Shawn Mativetsky's project of the same name which sees the Canadian tabla player, composer and generalist of many trades embarking on a new musical journey. Over the course of fifteen pieces and a total playtime of 63 minutes the Temporal Waves firstling presents a probably long overdue take on electronic music, fusing several layers and sonic variations of Mativetsky's tabla performance with (Neo)Cosmic leaning synthesizer movements and mystical atmospheres, in pieces like "I Remember" backed by heavy, yet electronically programmed Rock rhythms which certainly are able to set so-called ChillOut floors in motion whereas intricately arranged tracks like "Sprawl Twilight" bring forth a scenic, widescreen panoramic variation of Ambient probably set to evolve into a staple in sets played by genre masters like Mixmaster Morris. Furthermore pieces like "Eclipse Of An Urban Dystopia" seem to draw influences from both 80s Synth greats like Jean-Michel Jarre or Tangerine Dream and contemporary Bass Music in its most epic and scintillating form, "Cyclotron" turns out to be surprisingly innocent and would probably make a great theme for an anime series yet to be made due to its slightly 8bit leaning main motif whilst "Luminous Objects" offers more of a deeply enchanted atmosphere unfolding over tabla polyrhythms and "Data Cassette Sunrise" even brings forth an uptempo amalgamation of driving tablas and a certainly Waporwave-informed aesthetic just to name a few. Defo one of the most intriguing ChillOut albums we've come across in a while. Highly recommended!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Esstisch MUSICtalk: The Danger Zone - Docs Jugendplatten der 1980er (German)

Are you ready for another extended podcast journey? This time docTheJones of The Crystal Apes and baze.djunkiii are exploring quite a bit of cheesy - and oftentimes commerically successful - 80s vinyl in a makeshift setting.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Kaluza Quartett - Jack [Aut Records 107]

Put out on the circuit via the ever active Jazz x Free Improv and all things beyond imprint that is Aut Records on March 27th, 2k24 is "Jack", the debut album by the Anna Kaluza-led micro ensemble named the Kaluza Quartett. Over the course of four pieces and a total duration of roughly 49 minutes with more of half of that taken up by the hyperextended, 27+ minutes spanning opener "Unterseiten" the group tentatively explores a realm of late night leaning improvisation primarily based on an intricately layered intertwined dialogue between Anna Kaluza on alto-sax and Christof Tewes on trombone, backed by careful double bass interventions by Jan Roder as well as a thought out, oftentimes subdued and carefully built drum foundation laid down by Kay Lübke, all falling together in a surprisingly tender and accessible fashion, especially considering the fact that all cuts on "Jack" are based on improvisational efforts which makes this album a potential gateway drug for all those probably generally interested in Jazz who have been shying away from Improv / Free Improv albums for various reasons until now.

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Monday, May 20, 2024

Polski Piach - Anomalia [Gusstaff Records]

Set for release on May 24th, 2k24 via the ever expanding Gusstaff Records label is "Anomalia", the third full length album by the Polish trio operating under the guise of Polski Piach. Over the course of 13 brand new pieces and a total runtime of roughly 45 minutes we see Piotr Melech, Piotr Domagalski and Patryk Zakrocki embarking on an entirely acoustic journey with this one, offering their take on instrumental and slightly Jazz-informed, yet certainly inward looking Blues variations from the very beginning of the albums opener "Third Hand" onwards whilst once again drifting into captivating Desert Blues territories with cuts like "Sun Attack" whereas tunes like "Smoking Cat" bring forth tender late night vibes, "Different Rains" dabbles with playful, twangy, slightly oriental-sounding melancholia and the final cut that is "Modern Fog" even aims at the goal to become a beautiful dreamy late night Jazz standard for future generations just to name a few. This is deep.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents Electroid Rhythms Vol. 1 @ CuttersChoiceRadio / London, UK (15.05.2024)

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Kee Avil - Spine [Constellation 178]

Released via the long-standing Montreal-based imprint that is Constellation on May 3rd, 2k24 is "Spine", the sophomore longplayer conceived and cooked up by Kee Avil who, after her acclaimed first album in 2k22, caters a fresh menu of 10 brand new songs over the course of 40 minutes total playtime, redefining and reshaping her musical vision in a manner she describes as Folk which might be true in a sense of tender vulnerability as the intimate portrait featured on the album cover might already suggest, yet even more in the deliberately sparse instrumentation and not so much stylistically. This defo goes for the albums opener "Felt" which even provides a certain PostPunk sensibility atop of thundering rhythm signatures whereas "The Iris Dry" dabbles with slightly processed Spoken Words and minimalist experimental electronic textures and "Remember Me" even touches base with intense, yet stripped down and twangy DesertRock able to stir up quite a set of clandestine emotions and so does "Do This Again", despite from a different, more rhythmic and defo unsettling musical angle. Furthermore the rather innocent and dreamlike "Fading" operates on a foundation of minimalist clicks and subdued electronics , the subsequent "Gelatin" pairs Kee Avil's almost whispered vocals with echoes of Illbient and Industrial Electronics whilst "Showed You" might be the one cut on the album most fitting into the drawer that could be described Post-PostRock for a reason or two. With "At His Hands" Kee Avil explores almost child-like innocence and unscathed rural beauty, the brooding backdrop of "Under" might resonate with those head over heels in love with a genre once described as Apocalyptic Folk whereas "Croak" triggers the listeners senses with alarming feedbacks, electronic pulses from exoterrestrial alien swamps and dancefloor friendly rhythms for avantgarde-informed audiences for a closing. Defo an interesting musical journey, this, and therefore recommended.

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Friday, May 17, 2024

{scope} - Nightcap [Kohlhaas 030 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Italian Kohlhaas imprint on May 24th, 2k24 is "Nightcap", the sophomore album release by {scope}, a trio comprised of Laura Agnusdei, Matteo Pennesi and Luca Sguera which basically spawned due to a shared artist in residency experience back in 2k20 and also recorded their recent longplayer in a similar setting. Over the course of ten brand new compositions and a total duration of approx. 31 minutes the triplet employs classical instruments as well as kazoo, granular synthesis, processing, panic attacks - sic! - and further musical madness to arrive at a point of creative freedom which allows them to set free of all musical conventions and yet move somewhere along the lines of Free Improv and Avantgarde Jazz with a will to experiment which allows for an amalgamation of classic sax melodies and raw, somewhat primordial or in parts highly detailed percussions, bleepy remnants of electronic synthesis, in parts even harking back to earliest experiments in this field - see "No Flips In My Gin Fizz" for that which might our personal favorite due to its playful explorative attitude - whereas bits like "Coffee Break" provide beautiful, almost Post-PostRock-infused minimalisms and enchanted atmospheres, "Agar Agar" even seems to dabble with Future Tribal influences in parts whereas the final skit "Gently Swimming In Your Natumo" introduces some epic Synth stabs for a closing. Quite an interesting and diverse album, this.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Asher Tuil - Opus [Room 40 Promo]

Released via the long-standing Australian Room40 label on April 19th, 2k24 is "Opus", the new, almost 76 minutes spanning long form album conceived by Wanskuck, Rhode Island-based producer x composer Asher Thal-Nir under his moniker Asher Thuil. Based upon previous loop research "Opus" is basically comprised of layered and looped elements including a set of urban Field Recordings, all falling together in a spatial, almost enchanted way with brittle hovering synth atmospherics floating in time and space, in parts only backed by tectonic low end movements at the outer fringes of the audible spectrum, in parts accompanied by rhythmic sequences probably generated from the hypnotic sound of rattling train tracks recorded from a distance on the occasion of extended neighbourhood walks whereas other sweeps and swooshes seem to be reminiscent of the, albeit reprocessed, sound of fast cars passing by in closer proximity, leading into scenic SynthAmbient x (Neo)Cosmic sequences as well as raw UnAmbient pulses resembling early attempts and experiments in electronic music production, spaceous iterations of widescreen SpaceAmbient featuring clicks and pulses alongside slightly warped off-harmonics, swampy modulations and further sonic goodness which make "Opus" a well interesting journey for the Ambient-informed listener, yet still seem like a collection of single tracks rather than a fully fledged, fully consistent one track album or an opus magnum of sorts which Asher Tuil probably was aiming at with this one.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 05/2k24

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Sync - Catacryptico [Aut Records 110]

Released via the ever expanding Aut Records label on May 8th, 2k24 is "Catacryptico", the latest musical output by the Sync quartet. Comprised of Sebastian Strinning, Natalie Peters, Yara Li Mennel and Jacek Chmiel the small ensemble caters a four pieces and roughly 48 minutes spanning sonic journey which in its entirety was recorded in Locarno in the summer of 2k22, fusing each members individual artistic approach in an improvisation-based sonic melting pot. With "L'Amore Di Una Pvera Creatura" the group starts from a point of warm, solemn and somewhat brooding Ambient Future Jazz paired with twangy plucked zither strings and electronic atmospheres, working its way up to unnerving, intense and dada'esque vocal utterings and heavily defragmented Spoken Word as well as decaying syllables alongside busy off-harmonic movements before moving on to more harmonic, probably even romantic, territories whereas "Laughing With A Poet" offers a more playful take on highly detailed, high frequency focused Jazz mixed with what seem to be interesting singular sounds one might, sometimes involuntarily, summon in ones very own kitchen - and a quite surprising ending. Furthermore "People Like Me" brings forth longing, sustained notes which provide a certain undeniable tension and more irritating vocal quasi-cutups whilst the final main piece named "Ashes Of A Diva" indeed seems to re-imagine a slow progression from a calm and collected state of Jazz towards more agitated mindsets and dramatic outbursts and even evokes memories of vintage gramophone recordings as well as grainy movie reels unearthed from age old archives before providing a peaceful closing with Field Recordings of chiming church bells. Quite an interesting trip, this.

Monday, May 13, 2024

P.T.B.S. & Sascha Müller - Mentally Glitch [Proper Cuts Recordings]

Scheduled for release via Proper Cuts Recordings on June 21st, 2k4 is "Mentally Glitch", the first ever off-center limited lathe cut edition released by the imprint which has been cooked up by label head Sascha Müller and Ufuk Özbayar a.k.a. P.T.B.S.. With only a little more than a handful of hand cut copies to be made available the pair of producers brings forth a highly dancefloor functional take on proper banging Techno slightly reminiscent of the 'troity minimalism provided by pioneers like Robert Hood as well as being comparable to the driving ClubTechno vibe championed by DJs like Steve Mason in his 90s prime days and therefore caters a few minutes of technoid timelessness likely to make its way into the sets of well-informed underground Techno purists for years on end. Quality.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Califano Tino Marzano - What's New? [Aut Records 106]

Released via the Italian Jazz x Improv and way beyond staple that is Aut Records on March 13th, 2k24 is "What's New?", the latest album conceived by a trio of musicians consisting of Federico Califano, Francesco Tino and Alessandro Marzano on alto sax, bass and drums respectively. Over the course of six pieces and a total duration of approx. 35 minutes the trio presents its take on five so-called Jazz standards by Haggart, Coltrane and other greats most likely well familiar to initiated genre aficonados alongside one original composition by Federico Califano named "Dear Fonzo" for a closing tune, providing a highly detailed, yet energetic and in parts even furious musical approach for an opening whilst drifting into lovely night romanticisms with J. Kern's "The Folks Who Live On The Hill" before Coltrane's "Naima" pairs longing, sustained melodies with rumbling, thundering drums, "If I Should Lose You" gets advanced dancefloors going with its uptempo energy, complex sax parts and muscular drums whereas Federico Califano's original cut waves goodbye on a dreamy, almost romantic and melancholia-inducing Jazz tip for those in the know. If this sounds like an album well balancing tradition and contemporary interpretation in Jazz this one might be up your alley for a reason.

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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Phill Niblock / Anna Clementi / Thomas Stern - Zound Delta 2 [Karlrecords 115]

Newly released via Karlrecords on April 12th, 2k24 is "Zound Delta 2", the first quasi posthumous album release featuring works by recently passed composer Phill Niblock he had written for Italian-Swedish vocalist Anna Clementi who performs these two long-form pieces alongside Thomas Stern on slide guitar, bass and further electronics. Basically completed at the time of Niblock's untimely passing - hence: quasi-posthumous - Clementi and Stern present a roughly 22 minutes spanning iteration of "Zound Delta 2" which seemingly combines a backdrop of subtle Field Recordings, running water and unsettling scrapings of unclear origin included, with vast and spatial Dark Ambient structures and slowly emerging off-harmonic waves and build-ups seemingly including in parts heavily processed, constantly layered and re-layerd vibrating non-vocalisms performed by Anna Clementi. This first take is followed by the slightly shorter "Zound Delta 2 (Version)", interestingly taking its additional suffix from Dub x sound system culture and indeed presenting an initially more minimalist, stripped down approach to Niblock's composition before making way for short, yet intense and ever building uncanny accumulations of Noize as well as eerie, alarming atmospheric movements able to induce nightmares and internal terror in the souls of the faint-hearted listener. Highly fascinating and a recommended, yet unplanned final, nod to a long standing staple within the experimental music scene.

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Friday, May 10, 2024

Stefan Goldmann - Expanse [Edition Kymata 001]

Five hours. To the minute and second. This is the total runtime of Stefan Goldmann's latest album release, an extended box set which marks the very first release of a new label going by the name of Edition Kymata. Released on March 22nd, 2k24 the 5CD box is comprised of five long-form pieces subsequently named "Sector 1-5" and, as an album set, provides conceptual studies in what is described in the accompanying press sheet as infinite reverb responses which manifest in the form of all and ever embracing droning atmospheric low end hums seemingly sonically representing the innate fabric of space, time and everything beyond as well as further explorations at the fringes of sonic perception and the vast expanse of sensorarily numbing Drone Ambient X Deep Listening Music, deafening streams of non-progression resulting in internal whiteouts and a total loss of temporal orientation, echoes of echoes of electrical ground buzzes and subdued Noize as well as washed out micro-movements on the planes of Ambient nothingness over the course of its total duration. Quite a bleak and - at least if experienced in one continuos sitting - probably also challenging, demoralizing and mentally destabilizing album for the uninitiated listener, yet quite an intense experience for those in the know.

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Thursday, May 09, 2024

15.05.2024 baze.djunkiii presents Electroid Rhythms Vol. 1 @ CuttersChoiceRadio / London, UK (2230 GMT+1)

And here we go again. After an unplanned hiatus of roughly six months baze.djunkiii is back on air with another contribution to the program of London's infamous broadcasting hub that is CuttersChoiceRadio, once again digging deep into known and lesser known corners of his vast vinyl collection. From Breakdance Electro vibes to 80s Detroit classics to deep, atmospheric and rarely recognized cuts from the deepest Electro underground as well as incorporating lively and playful contemporary Acid x Electro fusion tracks this 60 minutes mix is quite a trip - and an overall introduction to the scintillating spectrum Electro as a genre presents in itself. Get locked.

Transmission will start at 2130 London time which makes it 2230 GMT+1 for the rest of continental Europe and whatever time it is in your specific area. Get locked!

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Freebreakz.FWD]

file under: Electro

transmission starts: 2230 GMT+1

get locked via CuttersChoiceRadio

UK + the global internet

Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Low Frequency - Organ Sequencing EP [Dancefloor Socialism 025 Promo]

Released via Dancefloor Socialism on February 6th, 2k24 is the "Organ Sequencing EP", the sophomore digital single on the label produced by Low Frequency. Opening with "Organ Sequencing 1" Low Frequency brings forth a stripped down, slightly mechanical take on hard, pumping, expertly layered midwest MinimalTechno in its most original form, backed by razor sharp hi-hats and super heavy claps whereas the subsequently named "Organ Sequencing 2" caters screaming, fast-paced and highly tool-oriented Techno alongside bubbly Acid background modulations for ecstatic peak-time crowds performing rapid movements in strobe-lit underground basement raves.

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents Technovision Volume 21 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (02.05.2024)

Monday, May 06, 2024

Sascha Müller - Escape EP [Echoes Of The Future 002 Promo]

Released on February 3rd, 2k24 via the relatively fresh imprint that is Echoes Of The Future is the "Escape EP", a digital three track single cooked up by no-one less than Mr. Sascha Müller in his Uelsen-based studio vaults. Whilst the opening title track "Escape" serves an expertly sculpted, ever spiralling take on highly functional Techno infused with trippy Acid modulations, ghostly vocal processings and raw sawtooth bass pulses we see the follow up named "Segment Shuffler" on a similar, yet more percussive and uptempo Techno tip before "Reformhaus" rounds thing off with a pumping, slightly Acid-infused variation of fast-paced, tool-oriented HardHouse driven by distinct cut through hi-hat sequences and an ever rolling, Tribal-informed low end.

Sunday, May 05, 2024

Allison Burik - Realm [self-released]

Out on the album circuit since February 2nd, 2k24 is "Realm", the full-length solo album debut by Canadian composer x musician Allison Burik. Over the course of nine pieces and a total of 32 minutes playtime the Montreal-based artist draws inspiration from female and non-binary characters featured in lore, folklore and being or having been part of what is mentioned in the accompanying press sheet as 'real-world history'. With titles pointing to specific figures, events or archeological sites even we see Allison Burik opening on a surprisingly harsh, dissonant and slightly aggressive note with "Be The Dragon", working the way up to spiralling Jazz intonations whilst referencing supposedly Folk-infused rhythm signatures at the same time whereas the rural, dreamy and romantic "As The Norms Weave" combines folksy guitars, airy non-vocalisms and beautifully floating melodies, presenting quite a stark contrast and counterpoint to the albums dramatic entrance. Balancing the albums sound between these opposites pieces like "Seal Folk" bring forth an amalgamation of Field Recordings, droning, almost threatening low end oscillations and Burik's raw unprocessed voice making way and providing a backdrop for longing, sustained late night Jazz motifs climaxing in a whirling, multi-layered and certainly outerworldly manner whereas "Birka 581" seems to be flirting with nocturnal DarkJazz and eerie, seemingly tape-processed, distorted and slowed down vocals to a solemn, yet spine-tingling effect before moving and transmutating into a dramatic, yet controlled Jazz climax whilst "Solstice III (The Promise)" caters the most song-like, structured, yet still enchanted short interlude on this album just to name a few.

>Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, May 04, 2024

Hexagon Industries - Con Hexal EP [Psychocandies 113 Promo]

Released as 113 of the long-standing Psychocandies imprint on March 7th, 2k24 is the "Con Hexal EP" by Hexagon Industries which marks the first digital lifesign of the project in decade. With "Die Matrix" Hexagon Industries provides a relatively slow, yet surely braincell-drenching take of bleak, hyper-hypnotic MonoAcid backed by earth shaking bass chords creeping up from the deepest underground and surprisingly uplifting, quasi-Trance melodies followed by the hollow, muffled subaquatic tech-approach catered by "On The Move" which might appeal to more adventurous DJs which still remember the feeling and vibe of already hearing unrestricted P.A. systems hammering the living shit out of punters in illegal warehouse raves whilst still standing outside the facility taken over for one night only.

Friday, May 03, 2024

Matteo Paggi - Words [Aut Records 104]

Put out on the circuit via the ever growing and active Aut Records imprint on February 15th, 2k24 is "Words", the first ever album outing conceived by the Matteo Paggi-led sextet of the same name which follows the path of what is described as 'inspired improvisation' over a total of six pieces and an overall playtime of 43 minutes. Inspired by and named after a compositional technique laid out by Matteo Paggi the ensemble explores a musical ark spanning from enchanted, almost theatrical and stageplay suitable atmospheres infused by Jazz and raw, intense polyrhythms in the opening piece named "La Gente In Discoteca Nel Futura" to the carefully spiralling dynamic pulsings of "Dreaming Of Fossaverde", the dreamy and most beautiful Contemporary Classical meets longing Jazz arrangements of "Fossaverde" whereas the concluding, 14 minutes extending "Mountain" provides an entire, highly adventurous journey of its own including agitated chase and action scenes, carefully arranged minimalistic sequences as well as a dreamy, expertly layered melodic episodes just to name a few. And don't miss out on taking a closer look at the albums most intriguing artwork as well.

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Thursday, May 02, 2024

Combat Killer - Natural Desaster EP [Fresscode Records 016 Promo]

Released as 016 of Fresscode Records on January 4th, 2k24 is the "Natural Desaster EP", the latest digital single outing cooked up by Combat Killer. Opening with the title track "Natural Desaster" we're drawn to the dancefloor by raw and relentlessly marching Techno drums accompanied by a simple, yet highly effective and slightly metallic main motif as well as elastic and ever shifting sawtooth bass movements before the subsequent "Defluxcompensator" caters a more muffled and spatial approach to drum programming backed by a variety of Tribal percussion layers, lively low end synths and ever mounting tension whereas the final cut "Kevlar" brings forth fast-paced, almost hounded energy for hyper-ecstatic crowds in its amalgamation of punchy, slightly off-beat drum attacks, the undisputed urgency of Robert Hoods MinimalTechno vision and further highly functional Detroit references which makes this one a favorite tune featured on this single.

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

baze.djunkiii Charts 05/2k24

01. C'hantal - The Realm [Groovin Recordings]
"Something for your mind, your body and your soul. It's the power to arouse curiousity...". No matter how long you've been invlved in electronic music, you will have heard these lyrics at some point in time and they'll most likely have given you major goosebumps - an effect they're known to have had since 1990, since this record has been around on the club scene. A major force ever since and sampled and re-sampled a gazillion times ever since here is the original once again, the iconic acapella version as well as the extended, even Proto-Breakbeat sporting 'Love In D Minor' mix included, this time re-issued via the Italian label Groovin Recordings which has done a quite amazing job in terms of bringing back a set of major classics over the past years.

02. The Overlords - Sundown [Mecanica 082]
And here we go with another classic. Originally released in 1991 "Sundown" might be one of those tracks which finally marked the arrival of (Proto)Trance in electronic clubland even before the term was actually coined and despite influences of EBM X NuBeat x Agreppo still being obvious - not only due to the use of full vocals but a more or less overall present sound aesthetic. This being said, especially the epic elegic string arrangements and harmonies are what made this tune stick out from day one and this reissue cooked up by the Polish Mecanica label proves that the magic of "Sundown" still holds up today a.k.a. more than three decades after its initial release.

03. Various Artists - GmbH: An Anthology Of Music For Fashion Shows 2016-2023 Vol.1 [Studio Labour 002]
"An Anthology Of Music For Fashion Shows 2016-2023 Vol.1". Take this as a title for an elaborate electronic music compilation album featuring music by the likes of Fatima Al Qadiri, Nene H, Labour, Gabber Modus Operandi and others. Presenting a highly eclectic selection of contemporary electronic sounds this eleven track album features excursions into conceptual polyrhythmic bass music of non-linear nature infused with traditional Arab x Oriental elements, indulges in tense, somewhat apocalyptic atmospheres, futuristic Broken Beats and driving Techno rhythms, even brings forth references to Contemporary Classical arrangements and Opera Moderne, enchanted Ambient x Electronica vibes, captivating Dubstep x Bass Music x SinoGrime clad in shimmering neon melodies as well as hyperdramatic quasi-Hardcore and many things well beyond. Lovely.

04. Various Artists - Mischpoke #2 [Hauch Records 038]
See review for details....

05. Jaycee In Da Mix - Ginzu Edits #1 [GINZU001]
A little bit of a sketchy release this one which, due to its likely unofficial nature, isn't even to be found on Discogs at this point in time. Four decent, vocal-driven and surely DeepHouse leaning edits of probably well known R'n'B / Soul tunes with the A2 cut track "Sweet Summertime Livin" even subtly weaving in elements of a beloved, yet underrated Radiohead classic which makes this one one not to miss for a reason from our perspective.

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