Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Parts in the post. pt. 45

Istvan Raki a.k.a. Inzan Mood is musically responsible for cat.no. 023 of german label Pharmacom Records, a two track E.P. of dreamy & balearic Electronica which should fit with all of you lovers of chilled and relaxed sounds. Absolutely no uneasyness to be felt here, just 100% pure harmony.

Steve Reich, one of the most influential experimental & avantgarde minimalist musicians alive, is celebrating his 70th birthday these days, an incident due to which his label Nonesuch comes up with a new 12” containing three remixes of Reich-tracks by contemporary electronic artists. Alex Smoke transfers “Proverb” into a deep, hypnotic tune of ten minutes length for advanced dancefloors fully dedicated to Intelligent Techno grooves while Four Tet’s rework of “Drumming” is slowly pounding and , although on an abstract level, not too far away from what is called NeoTrance these days – minus string arrangements. Finally Ruoho Ruotsi takes care of “Music For 18 Musicians” and delivers a fragile, clearly structured and ever building work of art that is clearly to be filed under the flag of DubTechno and, played by experienced DJ’s, able to add exactly that bit of extra thrill to a good night out that sets dancefloors on fire.

Sascha Müller comes up with his "Alienated E.P." on Butterfly Effect Records which contains three tool'ish, ultra-functional Techno tunes for primetime abuse - all of them influenced by a definition of Detroit in a sense of what Mr. Jeff Mills defined over the last decade. Especially "Republic" with its floating, kinda nebulous string arrangements is driven by a special kind of Motor City melancholia which is rarely found in european releases anyway.

04.11.2006 Adventures In Electronic Music Pt. 2 @ III & 70 / Hamburg


baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records]
Dub Spenca & Terence Ill [Gumbo frisst Schmidt]

file under:

Deep House / Chicago / Minimalism

doors open: 11 pm
fee: free before midnight / 4 EU

III & 70
Schulterblatt 73

Friday, October 27, 2006

Longplay love 36.0

Up for some proppa Punkrock workout? Then check out the forthcoming album of Darkbuster, which is piped for November 17th on I Scream Records under the name of "A Weakness For Spirits". And true that is - 18 powerful songs with funny titles like "Grandma Was A Nazi", "Whiskey Will" or "Gurley's Cell Phone Number" prove that them guys are not only witty but also lovers of highly percentaged liquids, which might be fitting for more Punkrock bands as well but by far not all of them are that streetwise in mixing up straightforward StreetPunk and other influences like Ska and some banging SkateMetal like e.g. in "Rise Up". Clinch yr fist in the air and dive into that fuckin' moshpit, punk! And btw - them guys are also addicted to myspace...

I Scream Records steps back into history these days and comes up with a re-release of Wrecking Crew's 1989-released album "Balance Of Terror", which was originally put out on Roadrunner-offshot Hawker Records, plus two bonus tracks in their original back in the days versions. The Boston-based band is to be filed under what was called SkateMetal back then - see Suicidal Tendencies, Mucky Pub and the likes of - and to be handled as pioneers of that special style in the Boston-area, powerful, thrilling and agressive, but they - maybe due to their recording techniques and studio options in that era - sound a bit tinny compared to recent bands of today... . Important to collectors and fans of the genre from a historical point of view but not a sureshot for a younger audience which is used to more highend productions these days.

Dirt Crew Recordings are celebrating their 2nd birthday these days alongside their sister label Players Paradise with the release of their first ever 2CD-compilation named "Collection 01" , a selected retrospective of each labels release history plus a fair bunch of seven exclusive tracks to be featured which were written and produced by highly appreciated artists like Adultnapper, Sasse, James Flavour and others. A whole of 20 tracks - unmixed! - is to be found here, all of them sparkling and influenced by the aesthetics of Disco and - yes - 80's Italo sound while musically walking on the edge of being slightly techy and at the same time dedicated to minimalistic House. This special flava is what made dancefloors move since Dirt Crew's cat.no. zero zero one and will for sure have the same effect in the future, so grab this one if you haven't been collecting all of the labels from day one.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Longplay love 35.0

Zürich-based band Saalschutz are about to release their new album "...Macht's Möglich" on Hamburg's ZickZack / What's So Funny About - a furious & funny twelve track journey through trash-flavored ElectroPunk/-Clash, some ItaloDisco- and - especially talkin' "Defendin' Disco Dancin'" here - even EuroDance-influences, funny skits, german lyrics and dada'esque humor, an amalgamation of weirdness resulting in heavy party music, anthemic hooklines and pure energy. Maybe a bit too strange for pure homelistening but perfect for alcohol-fueled dancefloors predestined for a live show experience. Watch out for tour dates if you're a fan of Mediengruppe Telekommander and the likes of.

Things they are all changin'. A perfect quote to describe the sound of the new and upcoming "Poker Flat Volume 5 - Bets'n'Bluffs" double CD on Steve Bug's very own imprint which perfectly proves the development within the labels' sound throughout the last year and a bit which grew from ultra-functional, mostly Chicago-influenced track style into a more fragmented, complex and deeper style that, at least at some points, even includes a string arrangements that might be considered close to what's named as NeoTrance these days - see Märtini Brös.' "Spoonful Of Lovin" as example here . While CD1 compiled by Mr. Brügesch himself retrospects the last like 16 singles and features, apart from exclusives of Guido Schneider ft. Florian Schirmacher and Paris-based fresh face Phillipe Autuori, great tunes like Martin Landsky's "Back (Go For The)" - one of Poker Flats best releases in the past year which never left my case since its first day of release - as full unmixed versions it's Martin Landsky's excellent 13-track DJ-mix served on CD2 which adds that bit of extra spice to a good compilation that transforms it into an extraordinary one. Featuring 4 exclusives that are, amongst the 2 delivered on CD 1, to be featured on the forthcoming 2x12" pack his selection of tracks is one of the most thrilling around these days, perfectly reflecting the sound of a proppa night out - deep, dark, hypnotic and trippy. Especially the exclusive collaboration of Steve Bug & Cle entitled "Onehundredandthree Eggs" stands out as the top track of the mix and is more than a good reason to purchase the vinyl edition alongside the CD album. 100% recommended and no bluffs to be found.

Manfred Reckers a.k.a. eVADE is responsible for cat.no. 024 of Pharmacom Records, which has been released recently under the name of "The Razorback E.P." and serves seven tunes, that can be filed under the flag of nice, chilled Electronica accompanied by a few harsh rhythm structures that keep all tracks away from being too mellow and moody. As it is eVADE's style a bit of like oldskool'ish, retro flavor is to be found here too but isn't it this for what we like him for?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 17

G Unit associated rapper Young Buck has a new 12” out on promo circuit now entitled “Do It Myself” as a teaser for his forthcoming album “Buck The World” that is – guess what – to be released on G Unit / Interscope this year. Solid anthemic headnod stuff this is, not the big innovation thing but still a proper track that keeps floors buzzin‘.

Yes – Fergie is on myspace... . And she’s got a new single on promo circuit named “Fergalicious” which is based on massive – that means HUGE!, really HUGE! – booming 808-beats with an oldskool breakdance attitude, thrilling sounds tributing to long gone days as well that are meant to rock every fuckin‘ dancefloor from HipHop to Ghetto Bass to House to whatever. Although it took a few re-checks on my stereo system to discover the whole potential of the track it is defo one to check out. Talkin‘ oldskool here – somehow “Fergalicious” kinda reminds me of Cameo’s altime classic “Word Up” as the whole drum structures are ultra-minimalistic but still sexy and fired up with dirty, seductive attitude. Not only for the ladies.

Eminem comes up with a new single on his very own Shady Records – which, btw also went myspace - these days which is about to tease for his upcoming album “Eminem presents The Re-Up”. The track named “You Don’t Know” is a slow, simple and solid banger and features 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and fresh faced Cashis on vox apart from Mr. Slim Shady himself who ain’t on his best tip here but still delivers kinda quality. On the flip there’s Stat Quo’s “Billion Bucks”, which is as well produced by Eminem and more anthemic due to its catchy lo-fi, ringtone-like hook and will be remembered for a longer time than the main track on this 12”.

DJ Shadow’s been a weirdo from day one, but one that produced at least cool yet not always accessible music. But when it comes to his latest release entitled “3 Freaks” which embraces influences from Crunk, Grime – soundwise that is – and digital Ragga/Dancehall it becomes even clearer that his best days are gone by far or, what might as well be, that he tries to get access to a wider audience to earn more bucks. What seemed to make sense on headphones at the time of the first check is kinda senseless on my stereo system and totally fails to convince. Any idea why A & M Records considered to put this on promo circuit?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Longplay love 34.0

Legendary Rock-outfit The Melvins are about to release their recent longplayer named "A Senile Animal" via Ipecac Recordings on october 20th, which is to be followed by a full European tour in 2007. The album might be called the most complex the band has ever done as they doubled, tripled or even quadrupled every single instrument, voice or track per song which leads not only to a lot of knob-twiddling wizzardry when it comes to studio techniques but also has a massive impact soundwise as the whole thing is more than uber-phat on a good stereo system and even more on heavy audiophile equipment. Apart from all that technical details their music is as great as ever - earthbound, anthemic, classy and thrilling. If you're about to purchase just one like Rock-album this month you'd better check this one before anything else as this is a sure shot.

Hardcore anyone? Then check out Endwell's debut album "Homeland Insecurity" which is to be released via the well-appreciated imprintVictory Records these days. Based in Queens / NYC the bunch of five youngsters - only of them has yet reached the US-legal age of 21 - are walking the path between straightforward Hardcore aggression and catchy choruses with mass appeal - if you want to name it like that - without going Pop for the reason of going Pop due to commercial reasons. This mixture is fresh and explosive and will have a massive impact on both markets - underground stores & college radio stations as well as the more mainstream- and music television-lead audiences. One of the most aspiring upcoming bands to watch out for during the next 12 months - there's a light at the end of the tunnel....

Another one to watch out for is the forthcoming split-album of Mercy Killers / Enemy Rose entitled "...And To Become One" which is piped for November 17th on I Scream Records. Each band serves four tracks here - Mercy Killers are on a more anthemic (No) Wave / Post Punk tip here and provide the better half of this longplayer, whilst Enemy Rose come up with classic Rock-influenced structures which are solid and functional, but yet heard a million times throughout the last decades and due to this not that interesting anymore. But at least 50% of really cool music is a good thing and if the other half is proper music as well - which is the case here - nothing is wrong. Check out.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 44

Sono’s massive single “Keep Control”, originally released in 2000 and said to be one of the most successful dancetracks in that specific year, has been relicked for 2006 and is to be out on PIAS quite soon as a teaser for the forthcoming double album “Sono RMXD”. The A-side sees a great rework of the artists themselves which keeps close to the original vibe but transfers the track into slightly more ElectroHouse’ish areas, whilst Tocadisco comes up with a kind of like jackin‘ vibe using dry bassdrums and even cowbells, which are rarely heard these days, in his intro and combines these elements with decent string arrangements and a small uplifting melody. On the flipside there’s two remixes – one Vocal plus one Instrumental mix – of “Blame” by the well-known and well-appreciated team of Bodzin / Huntemann which provide ruff, bassline-driven Stadium ElectroHouse from the dark side – 100% primetime use only, coze otherwise the tracks is about to blow people off the dancefloor.

Current Value’s new 12” “The Edge Of The Cliff / Dark Rain” is cat.no. 008 of Drum’n’Bass-imprint Intransigent Recordings and out now. Not that outstanding from his other releases these days Mr. Tim Eliot takes care of what might be called Hardcore Choppage or sth. like that with precision and stone cold attitude. Made to destroy dancefloors both tunes are heavyweights for sure but still, even after a few times of listening them on a good system, they – like more than a few other tracks these days - seem to be hard just for the reason of being hard without displaying sth. special and characteristic, a specific sound or break that’s to be remembered even years after the first release. Tools.

Sascha Müller's "Bunker E.P." is to be released on Secret Weapon Records very soon and as the name suggest's it seems to be straightforward banging Techno for war and other primetime incidents - a true technoid force that takes dancefloors by storm, meant to be played out by real DJ's in front of bunker-hard crowds. Forget minimalism - this is brutal.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

21.10.2006 Adventures In Electronic Music Pt. 1 @ III & 70 - Backroom / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records]

file under:

Deep House / Disco / Intelligent Techno / Freestyle Minimalism

doors open: 10 pm

III & 70 - Backroom
Schulterblatt 73

Sunday, October 15, 2006

18.10.2006 "Electric Chill" @ III & 70 - Ground Floor

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records]

file under: Ambient, Electronica, Downtempo, Advanced Listening

doors: 9 pm - 1 am

free entry

III & 70 - Ground Floor
Schulterblatt 73

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Monsters Of Rave Vol. 1 - compiled by baze.djunkiii [Laka-Tosh-Music] out now...

Monsters Of Rave Vol. 1 - compiled by baze.djunkiii


Toni Rios - Variable Percussion
Chip Tronic - Pill Thriller
Strike - Strike 2
Sascha Müller - Indio
Carlos Rios - Pegame
Fortress - An Angel Saved My Life
Mijk van Dijk & Thomas Schumacher - Delivery
Oliver Kapp - Small Circle
Bidol Cath - Bidol Kaas
Manone - Beat Riddle Box
Lightman - Calzedon
Carlos Rios - 21dec2012
Sascha Müller - Peng

13 straightforward tracks with a ravey attitude, compiled for all lovers of true Techno sounds. Get it on iTunes

Orderly Chaos - Limited Forever [Intrauterin Recordings Digital Extra 004] available via iTunes now

Licensed from Hamburg-based Otaku Records the 1998-released album of japanese artist Suzuki Naoto is now and first time ever available in the world of iTunes - a must have for lovers of IDM / Electronica


1 Powdery Snow (7:52)
2 Melt Away Love (5:29)
3 Chinpo (4:53)
4 Pa (4:25)
5 Tulip (5:48)
6 Ej1 (4:06)
7 Gummi (2:59)
8 Yokozen (4:09)
9 Chocolate (5:40)
10 Pine (5:23)
11 Etr (5:18)
12 Kintama (5:33)
13 Shiori (5:31)
14 For Elise (6:51)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Longplay love 33.0

Quelle darkness - quelle tension. Talking 'bout "Altar", the first ever collaboration album of well-known and appreciated Drone / Exerimental groups sunn O))) & Boris, which is scheduled on Southern Lord for october 20th. Six tracks spread over approx. 54 minutes of running time are to be found here, all of slow grinding intensity, drone-filled, epic and - at least at some points - soundscapish and ritual or even, talking "Fried Eagle Mind" here, apocalyptic Post-Folk. Defo one of the the best and most ambitious albums to be released this autumn, a dark lunatic trip through the whorls of a comatose mind. Not recommended to those suffering from depressions of the mind due to the risk of becoming suicidal. Keep away from children as well to prevent nightmares.

Forthcoming on Ferret Music is "Midwest Pandemic", the new album of the Dayton/Ohio-based Metal-/Hardcore-outfit Twelve Tribes, which provide their second longplayer released on Ferret. Eleven tracks of raw, powerful but still melodic Metal/Hardcore for true lovers of the genre, stage tested and proved while touring alongside bands like Killswitch Engine, Soulfly, Machine Head and others in the US as well as Europe, where the band will be playing a massive tour throughout the next two - sic !!! - years. Find upcoming dates on their space @ myspace...

November 3rd sees the release of cat.no. 002 on Puresteel Records, which is Fatal Embrace's new album named "Dark Pounding Steel" - a ten track orgy of on-point, straight-in-yer-face Speed-/Trash-/Deathmetal which does far better than the labels cat.no. 001 has done. Known as one of the most extreme live bands in this musical sector Fatal Embrace serve nothing less than a brutal, hammering tour de force of supersonic speed guitar wizzardry which will be loved by true followers but by each and every Metal-head around. Massive.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Longplay love 32.0

Slow, melodic, seismic, dark - these few words are fairly enough to describe the new album "In The Absence Of Truth" of Isis, which is piped for November 3rd on Mike Patton's very own Ipecac Recordings. Filed under the flag of PostMetal all of the nine songs are that intense as the excellent artwork proclaims, which kinda reminds me of an abstract, medieval xylograph - a journey into rarely explored dephts of the human soul, an abyss where grief, sorrow and melancholia melt into something new, where overwhelming and still dangerous emotions are nearby and one is likely to lose oneself in a maze of darkest thoughts.

Greek Metal-band Crystal Tears are about to release their first official album named "Choirs Of Immortal" on the new born label Pure Steel Records which fails to convince soundwise as the whole album seems to run on midrange frequencies only and even the drumkit sounds thin and tinny. Although Natasa Pandreia's voice is brute, rough, fueled and ideal for like Heavy Metal sound this doesn't help a lot as the complete backing is nothing but crap.

Upcoming on Revelation Records is "Facetious Folly Feat", the new album of Punk/Alternative outfit Shook Ones. Although the album does not add anything new to the scene musicwise, it's still proper down-to-earth stuff which is about to rock appropriate dancefloors and crowds with its higly energetic attitude. Feels like they seem to be good live performers, too, so check 'em out on tour after purchasing their fresh longplayer.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

12.10.2006: >73 dB @ III&70 / Hamburg

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records]
DJ Da Cut [Rudel Records]
Svolanski [ >73 dB]
O.cram [Audio Tympanum / >73dB]

doors: 23oo
fee: 4 EU

III & 70
Schulterblatt 73

file under: drum'n'bass / jungle