Saturday, June 30, 2018

Shy Layers - No Road (Official Video)

When Space Funk meets Kraut... defo a great video cut for one of the remarkable tracks featured on the groups most recent album "Midnight Markers".

Friday, June 29, 2018

Yair Etzony - Microcosmos

A beautiful Ambient preview for Yair Etzony's forthcoming album "As Above So Below" which is about to hit the stores in late August, 2k18.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

05.07.2018 baze.djunkiii presents: OUR HOUSE @ Beat Boutique / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: DeepHouse / House / ChicagoHouse

doors open: 9 pm

Beat Boutique
Max-Brauer-Allee 219
22765 Hamburg

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Uruk - Mysterium Coniunctionis [Ici D'Ailleurs / Mind Travels]

Put on the circuit as a conjunctional effort between the labels Ici D'Ailleurs and Mind Travels on June 22nd, 2k18 is "Mysterium Coniunctionis", the latest album effort created by the group Uruk, a duo formed by long-time Coil collaborator Thighpaulsandra and Massimo Pupillo which are presenting two tracks on the longplay piece, both of them just about hitting the 20 minutes mark. Opening is "Spagyria", a brooding, apocalyptic and danger-heralding take on beautifully minimalist Dark Ambient characterized by a sequence of time-dissolving bass pulses as a foundation for quite an array of spatial, eerie sounds and ghostly warps announcing the presence of otherworldly entities in a spine-tingling, score'esque manner before "Solve Et Coagula" captivates our alerted senses with waves of spiralling distortion, a dark'ish, even noir'esque Post-PostRock attitude somehow evoking memories of the likes of John Carpenter whilst drifting off into humongous, vantablack underground vaults when exploring stripped down, futuristic Cold Ambient-realms before touching down in the lands of creeping, grinding twisted Rhythm Industrial on a slow motion tip towards the tracks' very end. Highly recommended, this!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Carl Stone - Electronic Music From The Eighties And Nineties [Unseen Worlds 020]

Scheduled for release via Unseen Worlds on July 13th, 2k18 is the second collection of previously unreleased Carl Stone works on the label, this time incorporating - as the title suggests - "Electronic Music From The Eighties And Nineties". Offering four compositions with a playtime between 14 and 24 minutes the album opens with "Banteay Srey", a dreamlike, repetetive yet ever evolving set of vintage Ambient composition and mysterious familiarity whereas the follow up "Sonali" walks up a positive, playful alley and finds itself frolicking through summer meadows whilst employing classically infused melodic structures alongside cut up vocal microsampling, distorted glitching and panoramic, widescreen synthesizer pads. With "Woo Lae Oak" we see Carl Stone weighing in a nervous, oscillating approach to string instruments layered with long soothing flute tones meandering through the stereo field before the concluding 23+ minutes of "Mae Yao" drift of into glitch-driven, Oval'esque territories whilst also referencing artists like Ekkehard Ehlers - think of "Betrieb" here - or long gone imprints like Orthlorng Musork musically. We like this.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Norman Westberg - After Vacation [Room40 Promo]

Another one to be released via the Australian Room40-imprint in July, 2k18 is Norman Westberg's most recent album "After Vacation" which sees the Swans-guitarist exploring the sonic worlds and possibilities of his outboard processed instrument over the course of six tracks spread over a playtime of roughly 38 minutes. With the opening tune "Soothe The String" we see Norman Westberg dive deep into the realms of scenic Ambient / Deep Listening Music, melancholia and a well-minimalist approach when it comes to the occasional plucked single string sequence for those following the Post-PostRock movement whereas the following "Drops In A Bucket" is more of a floating, droning affair and "Sliding Sledding" provides a classical, yet solemn and dreamlike take on Ambient music for genre connaisseurs. Furthermore "Norman Seen As An Infant" seems to be like a fragile echo from a darker past, "Levitation" floats and levitates endlessly and beautifully over its full course of 12 minutes playtime and the concluding title track one again brings on large scale panoramic efforts, this time alongside a playful, innocent and surely Country-referencing take on acoustic guitar works, providing nothing but a peaceful and collected attitude at the very end of a long hard day. Beautiful stuff.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Toshimaru Nakamura - Re-Verbed (No-Input Mixing Board 9) [Room 40 Promo]

To be released on July 6th, 2k18 via the ever active Australian imprint Room 40 is "Re-Verbed (No-Input Mixing Board 9)" by Tokyo-based artist Toshimaru Nakamura, a pioneer and advocate of the instrument named in the albums title. Serving a new eight track, approx. 38 minutes spanning approach to employing the mixing boards internal feedback for sound production and composition we see the Japanese artist meandering through an intersecting set of styles including Noize, Clicks'n'Cuts, Rhythm Industrial, Ambient and Electronica to create distinct, yet not beat bound rhythm signatures whilst using Dub-referencing techniques to emphasize on spatial, atmospheric qualities and overall deepness within single tracks, sculpting tonal events into a timeless, time-dissolving flow that's specifically evident in the beatless reverb efforts of the post-Pole'esque "nimb #53" whilst "nimb #54" weighs in more of a distrupted, grinding and repetetive take on atmospheric distortions whereas "nimb #55" evokes memories of an aesthetic pushed forward by the great, yet defunct Audio.NL label or partly even Raster Noton back in the day. Interesting stuff, this.

Friday, June 22, 2018

29.06.2018 WAX UNLIMITED @ Beat Boutique / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: TechHouse / DubTechno /Minimal

doors open: 10 pm

Beat Boutique
Max-Brauer-Allee 219
22765 Hamburg

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sascha Müller - 12345678 (2k18) [SMSM 020]

Scheduled for release on the digital circuit on July 11th, 2k18 is Sascha Müller's new two track single which caters an update on his original tune "12345678" for this year. With "12345678 (2k18)" the Meppen-based producer weighs in a gooey, raw and unprocessed take on bouncy HardHouse, sharp hi-hat shuffle and cut-up Jazz microsamples whereas the so-called 'Original Mix' employs a super fast-paced over the top Rave attitude for heavy strobelight, fog and laser attacks enthusiastically welcomed by the spikey hair and whistles crew.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Shy Layers - Midnight Marker [Beats In Space 034]

Put on the circuit via the ever busy Beats In Space-imprint on May 25th, 2k18 is "Midnight Marker", the sophomore album by JD Walsh using the artistic nom de guerre Shy Layers. Inspired by a move from NYC to Atlanta as well as modular synthesis as a production technique this albums sees Walsh employing a well open minded approach in terms of inviting vocalists he had never met in person before to perform on the album. The result is a ten track, 41 minutes spanning longplay piece opening with the title track "Midnight Marker", a friendly, playful take on floating Electronica that would've been filed under IDM or even Intelligent Techno in the early 90s, followed by "Gateway" which brings on a sweet, Exotica-infused and well erotic Bedroom Funk before "Test Pattern" provides a certain dope swing for Downtempo lovers and the "Lover's Code" reveals a deep love for Dub-influences, 80s vocoder FX and panoramic arrangements for a reason. "The Keeper" sees Shy Layers explore  more Easy Listening-vibes and outerworldy vocoder sequences alongside a sweet, hillbilly'esque banjo / guitar line and a well soulful vibe, "Tomorrow" sounds like the intro sequence for an 80s cop series taken to spaced out extremes whilst "No Road" digs further into Space Funk, trademark vocoders and a little krautsy YachtRock feel alongside cliche Asia- / Sino-vibe included. Furthermore the "Tropical Storm" follows on a very laid back, Dub-referencing level, "15 And 4" brings on a Country / slide guitar twang alongside cutting snares and easy vintage electronic grooves whereas the final cut "Draw The Shades" drifts off into 4/4-led slo-mo melancholia on a yearning lo-fi 80s tip again. This is great. In capital letters.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ben Rath - Anything Is Possible [Sound In Silence 051]

Put on the circuit via the Greek Sound In Silence-label only recently is "Anything Is Possible", the second album produced for the imprint by Manchester's prolific Ben Rath. Opening the 43 minutes journey with "It Was Always Inside" Ben Rath presents us with some of the deepest, most fragile Ambient pads ever arranged, his "Flow Of Creation" follows up on a similar path for lovers of genre classicisms whilst "Innate Value" provides a slow moving, yet distinct Piano motif and blurred string chords and "All Part Of One" weighs in a little more melancholia for rainy autumnal afternoons. Turning into "Sacred" things Ben Rath's music becomes solemn and maestoso for sure, expressing "Joy" sees him introduce a frolicking, multi-layered melodic approach, "Give Up Trying" gets into slightly off-kilter distortions without stepping away from the overall Ambient feel provided on the album and the final title track "Anything Is Possible" goes all in when it comes to beautiful sonic haze, near static movements and an overall feel of time extended, stretched to very max, emulating a warm, organic eternity that is comforting the listeners brain for now and ever. Recommended!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Hilde Marie Holsen - Lazuli [Hubro Music]

Scheduled for later this summer is "Lazuli", the fresh album effort by Norwegian trumpet-player Hilde Marie Holsen which she created for the highly acclaimed Hubro Music-imprint. With four tracks employing an amalgamation of trumpet and electronic soundscapes Holsen caters a menu of four compositions accumulating a total playtime of roughly 35 minutes, starting with the barely three minutes spanning "Orpiment", bringing forth an innocent, cineastic fusion of naturalistic trumpet scapes atop a brooding, slighty DarkAmbient reminiscing background whereas "Eskolaite" opens with a sudden, harsh eruption of noise and continues on a background foundation of scraping, crackling, swampy unrest over which the manipulated, echoing soft trumped floats like rays of sunlight over calm summer shores in the very early hours of the day, providing a dubbed out Future Jazz feel we all loved on records like "The Showroom Recording Series Vol. 1" a good two decades ago. With "Lapis", the third track on this longplay piece, we see the artist offering a pure, unaltered approach to her instrument, focusing on a simply, longing and beautiful melodic structure carefully morphed by a slight use of echoes and other sound FX before a dark'ish bass drone and several brooding modular works come into play whereas the albums final and main piece "Lazuli" stretches out over 16+ minutes, employing a darker, distorted feel bordering, yet not entering DarkAmbient realms while sending shivers down our spine with spontaneous warps and swamp glitches and a feel of an imminent, climaxing crescendo that actually never happens, leaving our senses on full alert over the tunes play time albeit drifting off into Ambient Trance-spheres around midway through, and full on melancholia and modular experimentation later. Great stuff.

Album artwork on Instagram!

RP Boo - I'll Tell You What! [Planet Mu Promo]

Scheduled for release on July 6th, 2k18 via Planet Mu is "I'll Tell You What!", the latest - and most contemporary - album effort by Chicago originator RP 'RecordPlayer' Boo who is one of the oftentimes overlooked figures in the creation of GhettoHouse, Juke and Footwork although he's been active for decades, literally. Presenting his new longplay piece he unleashes a dozen tracks on the scene, most of them created quite recently in comparison to tunes found on albums like "Legacy", starting with the brooding, warped, Soul-sampling, multi-layered halftime joint that is "No Body", progresses into "Back To The Future" which is a stripped down, yet complex GhettoHouse joint seemingly influenced by takes on UK Bass music whereas "At War" brings on a dystopian, sci-fi take on Juke whilst piercing ears with his trademark, super sharp hi-hats and snares and "Cloudy Back Yard" caters to those looking for a mixture of Jazz, spaced out atmospheres and a more mechanical take on the genre. "U-Don't No" surprises listeners with a romantic approach, sweet piano and Soul samples in contrast to RP Boo's slightly harsh vocals which are, like many of his samples as well, put too much in the forefront of the mix for our liking, "Earth's Battle Dance" is the first real anthem on this, bringing on a brutal, yet cool vibe to the circle, "Work The Flow!" follows the anthemic route and might be our favorite track on the album before "Bounty" fully takes us into space, sci-fi and video game mode with its distinct synth works as well as vocal HipHop references and "Flight 1235", a collaboration with DJ Phil & Crossfire, weighs in quite a raw and aggressive approach, crossing over between Juke and unprocessed GhettoHouse in a unprecedented way. Furthermore "U Belong 2 Me" kills GhettoTech / GhettoBass crowds with heavily distorted claps and well speed up vocal samples reminiscing of oldskool Jungle days, "Wicked' Bu" kills things with fascinating, Trance-inducing and surely spiralling synths and flute samples before the final cut "Deep Sole" employs some of our favorite Disco- and Soul-samples ever for a grande finale. One for the die-hard fans of the genre although surely not our most favorite Juke / Footwork release ever.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Okkyung Lee - Cheol-Kkot-Sae (Steel. Flower. Bird) [Tzadik]

Put on the circuit via Tzadik in its Spectrum Series in mid-May, 2k18 is "Cheol-Kkot-Sae (Steel. Flower. Bird.)", a new longplay piece created by Korean cellist and composer Okkyung Lee renowned for her radical approach towards fusing Classical Music of both Western and Korean origin with experimental electronic music. Aiming to explore more of her traditional roots on this outing whilst still heavily gravitating towards wideranged musical experimentalism we see her, alongside a line-up of musicians including Song-Hee Kwon, Jae-Hyo Chang, John Butcher, John Edwards, Ches Smith and Lasse Marhaug, deliver a one track album spread over the course of approx. 45 minutes which is hard to grasp in its entirety yet defo recommended to those following genres like Contemporary and Modern Classical, Modern Experimental Opera as well as Free Jazz or Improv / Free Improv and even Noize for a reason which all play a role here to a certain extent, accompanying the mostly non-vocal Pansori singing performed by Song-Hee Kwon. A lot, yet a fascinating lot to wrap your head around.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Julian Skar - Exhaust / Renew [Aurora]

Coming up with his debut  album "Exhaust / Renew" for the Aurora-label is the new young Norwegian composer Julian Skar who is teaming up with piano player Ingrid Andsnes, Ensemble Ernst and conductor Thomas Rimul for the musical realization of this four to six track composition piece, with the first three bits forming a unified body of work on their own whilst focusing on the possibilities of solo piano play with an emphasis on Julian Skar's approach to algorithm influenced composition which provides us with more of a formalistic, stripped down than flowing listening experience - except for part three partly evoking memories of fast paced finger exercises for those learning to master the instrument. With "Exhaust / Renew II - For Piano Trio" the amount of instruments involved is tripled, revealing new possibilities of intertwined melodic interpretations whilst still focusing on piano as main sound source, employing the involvement of further string instruments as more of a compositional side note whilst "Exhaust / Renew III - For Piano Septet" offers a more open sound palette, weighing in plucked strings amongst minimal percussion interference and abused brass / wind instruments to create a tender film noir-reminiscing, atmospheric overall score. Finally "Exhaust / Renew IV - For Piano Solo And Sinfonietta" weighs in the power of a full on ensemble to accompany the leading, yet oftentimes playful and frolicking piano through a full on 16 minutes effort changing pace every now and so often, offering both busy episodes as well as heavily stripped down, solemn or even brooding passages to those closely following the realms of music referred to as Contemporary Classical.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sascha Müller [Sascha Müller Music 1000029]

Coming up on July 5th, 2k18 is Sascha Müller's new digital two-track single on his very own Sascha Müller Music-imprint. Opening with the tune "Master" we see the master of his craft drift off into happy, positive and well oldskool-ridden HardHouse- / ProtoTrance-territories whilst putting a smile on all punters faces before he's going in for a harsh contrast with "Ready For It (Experimental Version)" which is exploring a weird anti-groove approach with a polylayered array of vary-tempo loops and acidic modulations on the border of both Illbient and Techno.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Ben Chatwin - Staccato Signals [Village Green Recordings]

In the pipe for July 6th, 2k18 is "Staccato Signals", the third album crafted by Scotsman Ben Chatwin which is is put on the circuit via the British independent label Village Green Recordings. Initially intended to be controlled by the unpredictability of analogue, modular sequencers and synthesizers throughout  the production process we see the artist adding another additional layer and approach here, bringing string sections and other more (Neo)Classical-referring organic sounds to the table which are turning the albums feel around, opening with the most beautiful and scenic "Divers In The Water" before the "Silver Pit" introduces brooding synth basslines and a dreaming, floating main motif atop a slow moving background beat structure, paying homage to early Synth pioneers whilst "Helix" provides a spiralling texture and more active, intertwined vibe and "Fossils" uncovers a lighter, playful and positive side of Ben Chatwin's work. "Knots" is following the friendly, light-hearted path paved by its predecessor, "Substrates" provides a calm, yet slightly distorted and surely melancholia-infused Score Ambient feel and "Claws" are not there to hurt but to soothe with more musical beauty. "Hound Point" goes down a similar musical route albeit introducing a tender beat foundation, pulsating vintage synths and plucked guitar strings as well as an intricate, steadily changing, cascading melodic figure to its audience, the "Bow Shock" fully indulges in Tribal-infused ChillOut layers and the final cut takes us to the "Black Castle", a place where heartfelt Ambient and (Neo)Classical vibes meet, fuse and can never be separated again for a reason. More of an autumnal affair than an album to be released in mid-summer yet deep and good regardless.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

New Tendencies - L5 [Forking Paths Records]

Coming up with a new album piece employing his artistic moniker that is New Tendencies is Canada-based producer and designer Matt Nish-Lapidus who's about to release his latest longplayer named "L5" as a cassette on Forking Paths Records in mid-July. Exploring abstraction and minimal textures as driving force of project the well-named opener "Start" provides cold, scientific sound, hefty bass warps and movements of humongous masses as an introduction to Nish-Lapidus' post-apocalyptic realm, "Trust" weighs in cold UltraPhonk for advanced Electronica dancefloors, "Practice" is based on piercing sinewave pulses and scraping, highly abstract rhythm signatures, "Ultralight" combines short digital signals and clean cut, superprocessed beats for futuristic robo raves whereas the follow up "Point" makes one with a more electroid, still very abstract attitude. Following sound for "Various Purposes" we see New Tendencies provide hefty, compressed clonks and slow-motion electronics for a dystopian future, "Barycenter" seems to draw influences from the deep melancholia and longing for faraway shores mostly found in those living in big harbour cities whilst mixing this attitude up with pristinely clean Electronica patterns from the future before "Wise" provides intense brooding, ever morphing distortions, the "Different Object" floats on a different timeline, bound to an outerworldy modulating midrange drone whilst "Stop", the final cut on this album, creates vary-speed tension with a slightly morphing melodic cycle that keeps the tension high over the course of its runtime although presenting a well repetetive approach to what might be a modular production in this track. One for the tape lovers for sure.

David Newlyn - Collected Fictions [Sound In Silence 050]

Coming back to Sound In Silence for his third album, and the labels fiftieth release overall, is the Durham / UK-based Ambient producer David Newlyn who is catering a menu of eight new tracks on this limited to 200 copies album. With "Introduction (Broken Cassette Mix)" we see Newlyn present a twisted approach towards broken and warped Piano Ambient introwise, "Ghost-Out" seems to reminisce of 80s Easy Listening Production Music or lovely lo-fi porn romanticism whereas his "Hymn To Bleachgreen" gets deep into hazy Ambient flows and "Travelling For A Living" includes messing around with playful, twisted, friendly, intricate, yet tongue-in-cheek melodic structures accompanied by carefully arranged, ultrasoft pads and Phonk-driven beats rolled out over approx. nine minutes as the longest as well as our favorite tune on "Collected Fictions". With "Ashes" David Newlyn explores the beauty of stripped down Piano Ambient, "Going Back" goes back to classic Ambient pads and seemingly field recorded sonic events in the very very background of the mix, "Close Again" branches out into beauteous Glitch / Electronica crossovers and "About Tomorrow (Live At The Piano Shop)" captures another Field Recording scene from the life of the artist in a snippet-like manner. Recommended, this!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Skadedyr - Musikk! [Hubro Music]

Coming from Norway's ever active Hubro Music label is "Musikk!" by Skadedyr, the projects new album released two years after their latest longplay piece named "Culturen". Once again pieced together by a massive 12 musician line-up which all have their individual saying in the compositional process the nature of their sound is hard to grasp, with the epic title track "Musikk!" gravitating somewhat into Psychedelic SpaceJazz with a hint of krautsiness before shifting into tongue-in-cheek, partly even comical territories only to land on a bluesy guitar twang and a heavy Improv approach later after whereas "Frampek" goes all in when it comes to FreeJazz madness and beyond, led by a thundering drum set, seductive rolling bass and a maelstrom of sonic events that seemingly includes animal noises alongside a horde of abused instruments whilst "Kallet" seems to step out into more naturalistic, Desert Tribal territories with its fever'ish, ritualistic atmosphere which, once again, shifts towards minimalist, yet experimental madness throughout the tunes course. With "Festen" Skadedyr explores a twisted variation of Cool Jazz, the 70 seconds skit that is "Fortrett" provides new insights into processed, plucked guitars and the final cut "Hage Om Kvelden" waves goodbye on a ruminant, repetetive Piano melancholia tip, bringing forth a more collected and structurally consistent aspect of the groups musical work. Demanding, yet one for those in the know.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wargirl - Arbolita [Clouds Hill]

Coming at us in late June, 2k18 with a new six track EP named "Arbolita" on the Hamburg-based Clouds Hill-label is Wargirl, the six piece band formed by and around California-producer Matt Wignall who has been working for and with acts like Cold War Kids amongst others. Influenced by a wide variety of musical genres the set up, consisting of Samantha Parks, Enya Preston, Tamara Raye, Jeff Suri and Erick Diego Nieto incorporates hard hitting P-Funk drums and raw Exotica as well as screaming guitar licks and female Funk vocals on the title track whilst bringing on excellent, offbeat-infused Space Disco in "Little Girl" before "Uptown Girl (Song For Domino)" goes deep down into dubbed out, laid back PostPunk / TripWave territories. With "People" we see Wargirl strive through the land of PostPunk, BigBeat and Psychedelia, riding hefty low ends and raw garage-y production values, "The Night Is On Our Side" employs Dub and Ska-elements on top of a tripping 4/4 Pop-savvy foundation for a well mixed smokers audience and the final cut "Don't Push Me Down" fully dubs out on a sweet, relaxed yet experimental level for all those loving Adrian Sherwood and his production efforts to the max. Great stuff!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tresque - Vai E Vem [Care Of 008 Promo]

Released via Care Of on June 1st, 2k18 is "Vai E Vem", the most recent album put on the circuit by Tresque, an artist also employing the moniker D'Incise for other projects. Bringing forth a four track vinyl / five track digital format we see the producer focus on reverb heavy Techno dancefloors with "Tre Cavalli", a well-darkish, monotonous cut for pitch black underground venues and epic k-holes before coming to a surprising halt whereas "Cikade" goes up a more experimental, minimalistic alley slightly reminiscent of early Fred Bigot- or Institut Für Feinmotorik-releases until a hard hitting drum brings on the ultimate bang whilst "Mwen Se Be" caters to a mechanical DubTechno audience with 10+ minutes of highly repetetive, yet slowly shifting sound drifting of into a sonic nirvana of sorts. Furthermore "Tendresse" is on a slow motion tip, combining decent Techno drums with scraping loops and reverberating atmospheres whilst the final, and digital bonus-, cut "Afoxc" provides all underground venues with approx. ten minutes of grinding, hollow Techno from the darkest industrial vaults ever imaginable. Good.

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 06/2018

Monday, June 11, 2018

P.T.B.S. - Out Of Control EP [Psychocandies 068]

Scheduled for release on June 28th, 2k18 is the "Out Of Control EP" by P.T.B.S., the second release on the label for the Uelsen-based underground producer. Opening with "Out Of Control (Instrumental Version)" we see P.T.B.S. provide a dark, spatial and surely Trance-inducing take on deep, slightly acidic Techno with a well hypnotic twist whilst the 'Sascha Müller Breakbeat Remix' of the same tune comes back to a ca. 1992 Rave / UK Hardcore feeling for the oldskool posse and whistle crew and therefore wins big time before "Up! (Kalkmis Mix)" explores a gooey, slow motion take on spiralling AcidTrance for those who've experienced the very very late hours in clubs like Omen or Dorian Gray in the heydays of rave culture. Lovely.

Tom Hall - Spectra [Elli Records 006]

Released via the French imprint Elli Records on June 5th, 2k18 is "Spectra", the newest album outing put on the circuit by Los Angeles-based audiovisual artist Tom Hall who is dealing with the concept of recontextualizing periphal spaces with this one. Starting his 44 minutes journey with a tune named "One Fell Swoop" Hall paves the way for things to come with an array of nervous, fast-paced synth tones accompanied by warm Ambient-related pads, an overall hazy feel and irregular glitches, followed by the cryptically named "Vail 1123581321" incorporating both wild, spiralling synth modulations as well as a main motif somehow reminiscent of ancient courtly dances whereas the  "Ebb" gravitates towards a mixture of re-arranged, field recorded clangs with a well futuristic twist, sci-fi Electronica and a warm, welcoming vintage low end before "Remains" provides more multilayered, glitched out (Un)Ambient for those who know. Going with the "Flow" we see Tom Hall travelling back in time, creating a retrofuturist Synth realm filled with pure nostalgia, "Esta Destin" brings forth screaming distortions in perfect harmony with a friendly, playful and curious melody before "Vast Limitations" turns out to be the darkest cut on this album with its overall brooding and chaotic maelstrom of seemingly freely improvised synth morphings. Furthermore "Intersect" weighs in a way more collected, intimate and inward looking production approach and the final tune named "Last Retreat" turns out to be a droning, klaxon'esque fest of pure Ambient harmonies, stretched out over a playtime of 9+ minutes. Defo our favorite Elli Records release so far.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 1 [SM Traxxx 24-2018]

Coming at  us with a relaunch of his hibernating SM Traxxx-label is Meppen's Sascha Müller, launching a new digital two track rocket on June 21st, 2k18. With "Track 01" we see him going deep into fast-paced double time Acid Trance and large scale Rave vibes whereas "Track 02" brings on more of a tool'ish, yet raw and highly effective as well as MonoAcid-infused Techno vibe for those who know. Proper.

Jana Rush / DJ Paypal - Intergalactic Battle

Mechanical Future Juke for life. Period.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Ana Dall'ara-Majek - Nano-Cosmos [Empreintes Digitales]

Put on the circuit via the long-time active Empreintes Digitales is "Nano-Cosmos" by Ana Dall'ara-Majek, a five track album joint which, according to the very sparse album info given, contains a selection of pieces composed between 2012 and 2017 all dedicated to insects, small arthropods and microorganisms conceptually. Which is quite an usual approach, kind of. Whilst we're letting this sink in we see the opener "Akheta's Blues", like all other tunes on here also following the concept of acousmatic music, amalgamating seemingly modular space bleeps, Glitches, elements taken from genres like Clicks'n'Cuts and Field Recording of steps, probably in the snow or on ash-covered terrain, with droning Ambient aspects whereas the following cut "Diaphonus Acarina" focuses on a darker, brooding and certainly swampy aspect of electronic composition whilst nervous glitches do intersect the scenic feel on a regular whereas the "Bacillus Chorus" caters a mixture of high frequency bleeps, rumbling sub modulations and outerworldy vocal illusions for the experimental minded out there. Walking down the "Pixel Springtail Promenade" Ana Dall'ara-Majek comes across more brooding deep space Ambient and crackling, highly digital surface noise, Industrial disturbances and more cut up Field Recordings which are also to be found in the final cut that is "Xylocopa Ransbecka", weighing in spatial droning, more nervous modular bleeps and an overall feel of brooding danger, once again interrupted sudden- and randomly at times and therefore slightly hard to keep track of for a reason. Defo catering to a super niche audience following series and compositions of seemingly random sequencing without any obvious logical structure. Not so much of our cup of tea, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tom Wu - All You Want [Echokammer]

Put on the circuit on May 25th, 2k18 via Munich's Echokammer is Tom Wu's most recent album "All You Want" which sees the drummer, composer, singer and multi-active jack of all trades deliver a fresh nine track frame of songs, opening with the dark'ish Wave ride that "Johnny Doe" fusing raw vintage synths with a punk'ish, lo-fi vocals and feel of greyscale despair mixed up with a surprising, complex musical plot twist whilst the follow up "Cocaine Champagne" speeds up things on a raw, more electronic level, serving captivating synth bleeps and ecstatic vintage synths to those brocking out to classic tunes like The Normal's "T.V.O.D." before "All You Want (Is Just A Little Something)" brings out a little more playful, yet surely 80s Wave-reminiscing feel which is quite uncommon for the Munich scene the mainstream recognizes, even more though as he manages to add a little bit of TexMex-vibes into the fast paced mix whereas "Memphis, Tennessee" seems to refer to both multiharmonic Beat, US College Rock and BritPop on a well-twisted level. Furthermore "Please, Baby, Smile" goes deep with a mix of melancholia, Wave and a cheap ass preset synth funfair joint on acid, the "Elephant Dance" is on a PostPunk-informed, Yello'esque slo-mo P-Funk tip whilst drifting into spaced out (Neo)Cosmic areas and "Wintermute" flexes a braincell wrecking Acid line atop a raw, intense ElectroClash foundation. With "Rumble Down At The Beverly Square" we see the artist explore thundering drum sequences and thrilling signals as well as minimal, repetetive lyrical efforts and the final cut "Erich Zahn In The Desert" sounds like a retrofuturist drug adventure of sorts, think Tarantino on vintage synths for a reason, and therefore is quite a bit of a quirky trip. A well interesting transmission from the active Munich underground this is. Check.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Lui Hill - Words Become Useless (Official Video)

Heartfelt 21st century Urban Soul music. Period.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Fauna - Infernum [Ventil Records 009 Promo]

Out on the circuit since May 24th, 2k18 on Ventil Records is "Infernum", the sophomore album created by Rana Farahani employing the artistic alias of Fauna within ten tracks stretched over a playtime of 35 minutes roughly. Opening with "Primus" the artist creates a mixture of pure Ambient beauty and a unsettling text-to-speech message followed by "Drive By (Gauna)" exploring a dark, cold, repetetive take on SciFi Hop / ElectroTrap whereas "Unbehagen" is a stripped down, hyperfuturistic, slightly Trance-infused dancefloor anthem for highly advanced Electro floors and "Death Fly" continues with quite an uplifting variation of captivating Ambient / IDM Trance that's gonna be described as nothing short of a banger. When it feels "Lonely At The Top" we see Fauna drift off into a colour popping realm of SynthWave Pop, "Hölle" goes up a more heartfelt, holoromantic SynthPop alley and "Went Home To Get Lost" is a well trancey Future Goth tune lifting Techno crowds into ecstatic states as well. Furthermore Fauna's "Ghosttrack" comes across as a sweet ethereal one soundwise albeit transmitting a darker anti-message, "Exit" caters more eerie text-to-speech that could be well suitable as an opening for your next favorite horror flic and the concluding "Ultimus" waves goodbye from a near earth orbit in a proper (Neo)Cosmic manner. We like. Much.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Natura Est - Natura Est [Ant-Zen]

Put on the circuit via the long time established Industrial / Experimental Electronic Music label Ant-Zen is the same titled debut album of Natura Est, the conjunctional project set up by Andreas Davids a.k.a. Xotox and Tony Young of Autoclav1.1 which is their first collaboration work effort after knowing each other for way more than a decade. Inspired by their shared love for Dark Ambient their five track album starts out with "The Root", a solemn, wonderfully droning affair perfectly matching the misty black and white album artwork whereas "The Soil" provides a darker and well brooding take on the genre, coming up with a score'esque intensity that might be comparable to early GAS releases - minus the beats of course. Looking at "Grey Skies" we're confronted with angelic background sequences in contrast to a spiralling, ever modulating bass backbone and several slighty distortion works cutting through, the "Black Town" is home to an unknown cult performing dark rituals not too far from the last borders of civilization and the final cut "Causatum" balances between classic Ambient and more of a Dark Ambient feel, accompanied by large shifting structures and teh occasional electrical buzz. Nice.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Various Artists - Pavilion: Listening Practices By Lithuanian Artists [Music Information Centre Lithuania]

Released only recently via the Music Information Centre Lithuania, seemingly the main hub for the countries experimental music scene, is "Pavilion: Listening Practices by Lithuanian Artists", an eight
track compilation curated by Arturas Bumsteinas showcasing the work of several artists not only muscially but also with extended linernotes, opening with Viktorija Damerell's "I Force Myself", a thrilling cut-up Spoken Word-piece exceeding the realms of reality and perception within its very first seconds, followed by Ramunas Motiekaitis and his "I Can't Get Through To You" exploring realms of ultraminimalist percussion signatures over the course of nine minutes whilst "Mother" by Kristina Inciuraite is fully based on a seemingly field recorded dialogue accompanied by scraping metal and motor sounds and Emilija Skarnulyte goes deep into naturalistic territories with her "Ablation Zone", capturing the howling sounds of dogs and wolves alongside other natural background noise without any additional commentary. Curator Arturas Bumsteinas and his "The Year Of The Catdog" furthers the explorations in Field Recordings and dialogue, this time alongside what seems like a crackling campfire accompanied by obscured whistle and flute sounds, "Some Of All That" by Gaile Griciute takes us on an acoustic journey into windy lands, providing what can be described as Isolationist Ambient stylewise, Julijonas Urbonas "Sounding Door" is a 20 second creaking Field Recording episode, or better: snippet, whilst the final cut, "Numbers" by Darius Ciuta, combines abstract, slow motion rhythm signatures, short string bits and a modular melody looped in the far background with various recordings of everyday sounds and an eerie layer of his, adding a somewhat haunting and spine-tingling feel to his piece. Interesting stuff for those digging deep into the realms of Minimal Music.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Laxenanchaos - It Has To Be You

This is epic. We're going back to the dubbed out Jungle!

Sascha Müller - Orchestral Movement [SMSM 021]

Coming up on June 14th, 2k18 is Sascha Müller's new digital single named "Orchestral Movement" which sees the title track of the same name providing a brutal Techno pump backed by a thrillingly cut-up take on raw string sections accompanied by unprocessed short beeps we haven't heard ever since the AcidHouse / early Rave era whilst "Express", the second cut on here, is providing a friendly, playful and all positive take on (Proto)Trance in its most floating and original sense. Great stuff.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Samba Toure - Wande [Glitterbeat Promo]

Released via Glitterbeat on May 25th, 2k18 is "Wande", the third album the Mali-based singer Samba Toure created for the label. Coming out totally different than originally planned we see the album, previously announced on these pages with the video for "Goy Boyro", provide an overall selection of nine tracks, fusing traditional music from his home country with more Western influences, creating a natural amalgamation of Blues-reminiscent qualities that goes way beyond what is broadly referred to as 'Desert Blues' as an overall generalization but seems to be more like an evolutionary step towards a new traditional music out of Mali, a new aspect and angle resulting in beautifully stripped down cuts like the inward looking "Hawah", the 70s Biker- / Psychedelic Rock-infused "Yerfara" or the ultra laid back cool romanticism of  "Hayame". Check!

Otomo Yoshihide & Paal Nilssen-Love - 19th Of May 2016 [PNL Records 039]

To be released in mid-June via Paal Nilssen-Love's very own label PNL Records is "19th Of May 2016", a collaborational album effort which sees the Norwegian drummer team up with Japanese experimental composer Otomo Yoshihide for a live joint at the DOM Cultural Center in Moscow at exact the date given in the albums title. Produced with the help of the Noize wizard Lasse Marhaug the outcome of this session are two long and uncompromising tracks spanning the whole album - "Cat" at nearly 17 minutes playtime and "Dog" exceeding the 28 minutes mark. On both recordings we see the two musicians taking things to the very extreme, pushing the boundaries of their individual instruments to the farthest with thundering drum outbursts and highly distorted guitar attacks, aiming towards both pure distortion and sonic violence whilst showcasing how to master the string instrument on a next to next level whilst occasionally breaking down into inward-looking, contemplative sequences of partly psychedelic qualities. Hard to take in, yet one for the die-hard fans of the more extreme edge of the musical spectrum.

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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Christopher Chaplin - Paradise Lost [Fabrique Records 063]

To be released via Fabrique Records on June 15th, 2k18 is "Paradise Lost", the sophomore album by Christopher Chaplin following up to his 2016 debut "Je Suis Le Tenebreux". Inspired by the poetic work of author John Milton and teaming up with Nathan Vale and Leslie Winer for vocal support we see the album on a path towards transferring experimental music into a chamber music setting within three long pieces, starting out with the 19 minutes spanning "I Dread" which combines brooding UnAmbient with elements of Modern Classical and Art Music, incorporating an array of short string tones, nervously plucked strings as well as intense vocals evoking memories of modern opera and epic choir sequences. Following up is "Dave The Shoe", weighing in 17 minutes of a well psychedelic Spoken Word vibe, partly reminiscent of Lydia Launch at her very darkest, meeting more string melancholia and a swampy Modular Ambient approach, before the final cut "Of This New World" closes on a more ethereal and ruminant note, whilst still being on a serious art music / new opera tip for all those looking for things well outside their usual realm of experimental electronics.

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The Young Mothers - Morose [Super Secret Records 023]

Put on the circuit via Super Secret Records on May 25, 2k18 is "Morose", the sophomore album released by The Young Mothers, an Austin /  Texas-based Improv outfit led by Norwegian bass player Ingebrigt Haker Flaten catering a sweet, Jazz-infused ten tracks journey spread over a 37 minutes playtime. Opening with "Attica Black"  the group paves the way for things to come on a hard Funk meets Advanced HipHop note for all breakers and fly girls culminating in a heavy FreeJazz climax, "Black Tar Caviar" brings on raw, heartfelt JazzNoir turning into distortion driven Mutant HipHop, Hardcore and DeathRap, "Bodiless Arms" weigh in a yearning, yet totally abandoned and lonely feel Jazz-wise combined with bits and bops of Balearic guitars whereas "Francisco" comes across in a surprisingly at ease mood, presenting us with a lively BarJazz meets Psychedelic Exotica vibe of sorts. Furthermore "Untitled #1", a 77 seconds skit, weighs in a noisey, brutal full on Improv attack, "Jazz Oppression" picks up on the hard-hitting tone and amalgamates the groups jazzy vibes with extreme Hardcore violence whilst the title track "Morose" adds a little more Funk to a yet aggressive undertone and "Osaka" provides deep vibing  melancholia for all true Jazz headz out there. With the second skit "Untitled #2" The Young Mothers are bringing forth more Free Improv violence before they're waving goodbye with "Shanghai", a surprisingly soulful and well epic closing tune catering a kind of cinematic drama and panorama scale production as a foundation for intense, yet distorted Rap-sequences and psychedelic guitar workouts. Interesting, this.

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Saturday, June 02, 2018

Andrew Tuttle - Andrew Tuttle [Someone Good Promo]

Coming in straight from Australia is Andrew Tuttle's third, and self-titled, album piece which has been put on the circuit via the Someone Good-imprint on May 2th, 2k18. Based in Brisbane, the Australian composer has teamed up with contributing artists like Charlie Parr, Dina Maccabee, Chris Rainier and Joel Saunders to create this eight track piece, fusing Ambient scapes and a highly abstract ritualistic, yet calm feel in the albums opener named "Sondermalm Syndrome" which even brings a bit of Country into the mix here and there whilst "Transmission Interruption" provides more of a meandering guitar twang, the "Boarding Zone" fully goes down the intimate Ambient Folk route and "Garden Development" follows, also on a slightly more lo-fi oriented tip. Listening to the "Meterological Warning" we're transcending into a state of ultimate calmness, "Reflections On The Twilight" turns out to be a sweet closing tune after a hot summers day, "A Winding River" goes full on fast paced Experimental Country and the final tune "The Coldest Night" comes forward as the only classical Ambient tune on this album, presenting an etheral flow of slowly moving pads, undisturbed like frozen time... or thick fog stuck deep within a mountains forrest and therefore turns out to be our pick of choice on this album outing.

Amute - Some Rest [Humpty Dumpty Records 034 Promo]

On the circuit since May 11th, 2k18 is Amute's most recent album named "Some Rest", released via Humpty Dumpty Records as the labels' 034, which sees Jerome Deuson, the main force behind the project, teaming up with Thecle Joussaud who is contributing additional cello sequences to the six tracks presented on this one. Going into this longplay piece with the title track, at 17+ minutes length defo the albums main track as well, we're confronted with a dangerous and brooding overall feel, fusing partly minimalist PostRock with more of a cinematic approach, providing a certain level of dampness and unsettlement whilst meandering through various stages, shifting, progressing without any obvious target, being more of a psychedelic journey into the unkown realms of mankinds darkest subconscious before "Lost In The Middle" dives deep into beautiful, ethereal Ambient territories for less than 3 minutes and "I've Seen It All" combines floating strings with a strident, nervous high frequency buzz from the future, introducing distorted bass alterations as well as decaying vocals and abstract percussions to the sonic palette of the longplayer. Following up things are getting "Dead Cold" with metallic sonic structures from an organic sci-fi Ambient future infused with echoes of PostRock, Freak Folk and Indietronics, "The Obsedian" weighs in a glitched out intro and thundering beats nicely contrasting the tunes more lighthearted, yet partially well distorted atmosphere before the final cut  "Maria" combines beautiful, melancholic (neo)classical strings with additional layers of a recorded conversation and touching vocals to sweet, touching effect. Defo a different take on the PostRock genre, this.

Friday, June 01, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2018

01. Taylor Swift - Reputation [Big Machine Records]
This might come as a surprise but Taylor Swift's "Reputation" is not only the first full on major league Pop album that made its way into my collection in decades, but defo is - by far and no matter what's to come later in 2k18 - my personal most favorite album of the year. Well amazed by "Look What You Made Me Do" at first sight, later on fully hooked by "Delicate" I took a chance and ordered the double picture vinyl as a shot into the blue and became addicted to TayTay's well interesting songwriting approach and thrilling song structures paired with a well thought out electronic production taking in influences from contemporary urban music as well as big scale, yet not cheesy EDM in terms of panorama breakdowns, resulting in a massive selection of bangers including "I Did Something Bad", the uberly soulful "Don't Blame Me", sing-a-long anthems like "Getaway Car", the surprisingly Drum'n'Bass-oriented "Dancing With Our Hands Tied" and many others which are on heavy rotation ever since I bought "Reputation" in early May. The old Taylor is dead and we're glad we've been heavily flirting with the new one for the past weeks. Instant classic!

02. Jana Rush - Pariah [Objects Ltd. 006]
Straight from Chicago we see Jana Rush coming at us with her first ever full on artist album despite being on the scene for more than two decades now. Presenting a stripped down, dry and well futuristic approach to Juke / Footwork and related bass heavy genres like abstract Electro or even straightforward GhettoHouse the windy city producer caters a timeless twelve track menu that's about to rock hard on advanced dancefloors for a reason. Check "Chill Mode" for an anthem!

03. Ceephax - Camelot Arcade [WeMe Records]
Andy Jenkins a.k.a. Ceephax Acid Crew a.k.a. Ceephax is back with an epos of an album, bringing on 13 tracks on 3xLP vinyl, astoundingly not focusing on quirky Acid excursions but more on a beautiful, oftentimes Pop-ridden ItaloDisco meets House tip, sporting exquisite melodies and warm vintage synth pads for lovers, especially in the lovely opening shot "Trusthouse Forte", the all-embracing SlowHouse cut "Life Started Tomorrow", the playful 80s Italo Electro-cut "Creon Happy", the uplifting retro killer that's "Path To The None" or the raw 8bit fanfare beauty presented in "Shadowphax Part II" just to name a few. Recommended.

04. DJ Call Me - Marry Me [Highlife 017]
Is this what one calls a novelty record? The most cheesy, kitsch-dripping Highlife love song one could ever think of, sporting an over the top remix not short of EDM- and commercial HardTrance-influences for sure. Madness.

05. Sascha Müller - Untitled [Psychocandies SMSM 1.02]
See review for details...

06. Andrew Soul / Dirtbox [KilleKill House Trax 010]
GhettoHouse / Chicago Basement anyone? This quite unexpected stamped 12" whitelabel on KilleKill House Trax caters exactly five variations of this. Raw, rugged and unpolished dance tracks for Hardcore House fanatics and oldskool jackers alike, accompanied by an additional b-boy / breakers Electro outing. Good stuff. Check! Especially for Dirtbox Ice-T.-sampling uberhit "SMMFD".

07. Bart & The Bedazzled - Blue Motel [Lovemonk / Legere Recordings]
Thrilled by the video to "The House That Built Itself" I directly picked this album up at the offices of my longtime mates of Legere Recordings in Hamburg, not necessarily knowing what else to expect from Bart & The Bedazzled other than this captivating Soft Rock dancefloor smash also suitable for an open minded Indie audience. Whilst the initially mentioned song remains my favorite tune on this longplayer by far the whole 70s Yacht Rock feel of these eleven songs is well charming and defo a good listen for a hot summers evening, especially topped with a classic longdrink - a Tequila Sunrise, maybe?

08. Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder - Reconstructed III [Sushitech Records]
DubTechno is a classic. On a more uptempo tip we see Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder being reworked by the likes of Soulphiction, Leonel Castillo and Mark & Matt Thibideru, all of them providing timeless, floating dancefloor fodder mixed up with deep Reggae-oriented lyrics for all those DJ's still knowing about the meaning and importance of  'deepness'. If you love labels like Mainstreet Records or Burial Mix for a reason, these tunes are made for you.

09. Andreas Davids - Die Erinnerungen Meines Vaters [self-released]
See review for details....

10. Mannik - Buy This Record To Become A Genius [Knite Force Records 073]
Is this the return of Happy Hardcore / Happy Breakbeat? Knite Force Records has made an obvious comeback to the Breakbeat scene and Mannik caters the 2018 essence of the genre with four tunes, sample heavy and on neck-breaking speed, providing a high octane journey for all those familiar with the dark side - especially with the "Anasthasia" and The Prodigy ripping Rave killer "Computers Are Taking Over The World" and the hoover-heavy bleep tune "Everything Is Getting Dark (Wanna E)" both to be found on the B-side. Proper!

Aquasky - Waterfalls

Aquasky are riding a lovely Liquid vibe with their latest  musical outing, taken off the most recent Technique Recordings summer compilation. This is how they roll....