Monday, September 29, 2014

Wiley - Flying *Remix Feat. J2K, Double-S, Maxsta & Chip

How the heck could we miss out on this one when it was released? Super massive and so is the original cut. #Grime for life.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Agusta Lecetta, 1926 [Voluntary Whores 016 Promo]

Another obscure and pretty rare - we're talking 34 hand-numbered copies only here - tape recording has been put on the circuit via the ever active Voluntary Whores-imprint just recently which, according to the information given on the sleeve, contains a duplication of a cassette of unknown origin that was found somewhere in the Toscana-area in 2013. Apart from the weird appearance of the tape with fake blood drenched absorbent gauze and an ampule with an unknown fluorescent yellow-green'ish substance that is defined as suicide potion on discogs it seems like this is one of the hardest-to-handle field recordings we've ever come across as most of it seems like a muffled real time recording of, well, torture. And we're not talking like fake film stuff here but a woman seesawing in between deadly terror, blackest despair and total fatigue on the A-side whilst only a few signs of life are to be found in the beginning of the B-side which is buzzing with grinding noises, breathing sounds - possibly pain-related , possibly panic-stricken - and indifferent rumbling able to light darkest thoughts about what the visual equivalent to these recordings might be, especially when things climax again towards the tapes very end. We don't want to know. This is disgusting. Period.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Astronomar - Gargoile *Massacooramaan Remix

The darkness is calling me. What a monster.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Boylan Teklife - All I Do 2014

#mademyday. Serious.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Future 3 - With And Without [Morr Music Promo]

After thirteen years of silence as a project "put on hold" according to its members Anders Remmer, Thomas Knak and Jesper Skaaning the Danish trio Future 3 is finally back on track with a new album in the first half of October 2014 which is about to see the light via the overall-appreciated Berlin-based Morr Music imprint. What they're catering in terms of music with the twelve tracks featured on their new longplayer named "With And Without" can be split in two halves - a concept that'll go along with the good old vinyl version of this one. The first five tracks represent the, well, more Pop-related side of Future 3 with five beautifully floating, slightly shoegazing Indietronica tunes with an innocent, possibly in a way campfire'esque twist for those who can imagine that within a context that's predominantly shaped by electronic instruments whilst the second part, starting from "Fair" onwards tends to head in the direction of playful Electronica and Ambient, informed by Dub-techniques and sweet'n'tiny grooves able to charm and wow every advanced or even avantgarde dancefloor through the simple presence of  their crystal clear sounds and flawless pulchritude alone as well as the stunning contrast between precisely shaped synth realms and hard-edged, raw basslines as they're to be found in "Trmbns" which is defo to be named as our favorite tune here although the heavenly ambience of its successor "Return" might be the bigger hit in ChillOut rooms for a reason. Anyway, we're in for the second part at this point in time but we're pretty sure chances are good that the more vocal-flavored tunes might grow on us as well.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

DJ Earl x DJ Taye - Kant You See

Pure XTC. Love the vocals and mesmerizing synth works. "Kant You See... It's Too Late" - bang.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sascha Müller [Sascha Müller Music 1000010]

Sascha Müller's endless journey through the realms of quality electronic music continues and once again he's serving another top notch long- or better midplay assault on one of his own labels. With "1000010" he's following up to the concept of his previous album release not to care about track names no more but to focus on musical content indeed which means, in this case, seven pieces of classic Techno partly melodic with a clear connection to the mighty motor city scene, partly - like in "No9" - bathing in bubbly Acid baths or serving tripping dry minimalisms with loads of percussive elements that could be filed under the flag of Future Tribal whilst reminiscing to legendary work like Plastikman's "Spastik" or "Spaz" and mixing these influences up with deepest DubTechno chords to a great, floating effect. Even heavily filter tweaking White Noise Techno with a raw bunker twist can be found here ("No12") providing the right soundtrack for illegal squat raves taking place in run down industrial estate areas whilst the final cut "No13" turns out to be a super stripped down, vocal FX  heavy piece for Techno purists only. Great work, again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Goldie & The Heritage Orchestra - “Timeless (Sine Tempore)" Live at the Royal Festival Hall, London, on Sat 14th June 2014

A tune that lasts forever. Loved the 12" of this tune from day dot. Discovered this version via Tanith.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big Brother On Acid - Big Brother On Acid [Al Real On Musique Promo]

File under: bass from the wild side. What's scheduled for release via Al Real On Musique on October 28th as the same-titled debut of the Big Brother On Acid project is a challenge for those dealing with heavy bass music as this eleven-track assault is setting out to destroy P.A.'s and braincells whilst mashing up all kind of musical influences and psychedelisms, creating a wild sonic patchwork drawing heavily from Dubstep / Brostep but also from psyched out Dope Beats / Big Beat-producers like Depth Charge, experimental cut ups, Mutant Instrumental HipHop and sampling weirdest things like Easy Listening, FreeJazz and Ethnic Music on acid but, like it says in "It Was All Very Good" samplewise, " had a bad trip". But a very colourful and trippy one indeed that even refers to classic Trance elements in "Vandalism (BBOA Mix)" and deepest Balearic Dub in the following tune "Sunday Today" before mixing things up with EDM-like melody breakdowns. Due to its kinda wild musical mixture possibly not everyones cup of tea, but defo not a bad one if you're looking for spaced-out leftfield bass music that's willing to take a lot of risks. But some criticism appears - Big Brother On Acid should invest some time in figuring out how to program proper outros for tracks instead of cutting things off what seems mid-track at some points.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Embracing .gif-Culture

#scrt_brln tilt .gif animation created by baze.djunkiii

Thursday, September 11, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 09/2014

01. The Bug - Angels & Devils [Ninja Tune]
See review for details...

02. Rutger Zuydervelt - Stay Tuned [Baskaru 031 Promo]
See review for details... 

03. Waze & Odyssey - Ride My Junk [W&O Street Tracks]
Released in mid-2013 it seemed like I missed out on Waze & Odyssey's "Ride My Junk" initially but thanks to what seems to be a repress this two massive recuts by Chamboche and Squarehead caught my attention just now. Pumping, stab-heavy House music with a bit of a Future Garage-twist - best used in the second half of the night played out to an ecstatic, well sensitive audience to a huge effect. Niceness.

04. Vince Watson - Rock-It E.P.[Poker Flat Recordings 151 Promo]
Vince Watson's second EP on Poker Flat Recordings and once again the Bio-head takes things to a spiralling, technoid level with a classic Motor City-twist. Ecstatic, climaxing chord-works on "Rock-It", a more uplifting, playful vibe as well as epic synth constructions on "Sonar" and finally a stripped-down, positive warm up jam named "Feel-It (Instrumental)" make this one a good one for a reason.

05. Marco Resmann - 05:27 [Upon.You Records 083 Promo]
What a killer piece served by Marco Resmann on his very own imprint. "Spider Web" on the A-side comes up as a thrilling, futuristic and yet melodic TechHouse workout with a pretty mesmerizing synth line and ever evolving leads whilst "Time Factor" on B1 provides primetime brockouts by sending out heavy, isolated signals to the very heart of the dancefloor on top of a pumping but diffident drum set before 'troity synth complexity takes over and sends whole crowds to off-kilter heavens. Finally the title track - sporting, for those who know, a very personal name indeed - serves a tense, crime scene athmosphere, dark'ish, gnarly synth stabs and a shady, direful overall vibe that announces the advent of something big and unexpected. Watch your space.

06. Pascal Hetzel - Feel That Beat [UYX 002 Promo]

Pascal Hetzel's debut on the Berlin-based Upon.You Records whitelabel series UYX and at the same his very first solo 12" ever serves three tracks for those who love their TechHouse stripped down, functional and hypnotic. Especially the B1 tune "The Brut 909" sticks out on this one due to serving raw, unprocessed and rhythmically advanced beat structures for heaving late night floors and dark underground night outs whilst "Something Happens" on B2 brings on proper ClubTechno stabs and slightly bubbling Acid references. Nice.

07. Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music: First Full Instrumental Version Performed Live By Zeitkratzer [Zeitkratzer Productions Promo]
See review for details...

08. Trentemøller - Lost Reworks [In My Room Promo]
Trentemøller did it again. After his recent album "Lost" and the follow up "Lost Instrumentals"  the "Lost Reworks" piece unveils a new perspective on his latest longplay assault, catering a bunch of seven new remixes by the likes of Toydrum, Jenny Wilson, Unkwon, T.O.M. And His Computer as well as three reworks crafted by the man himself who seems to be on a musical journey towards ultimate DarkWave and GothRock terrains these days. Thrilling for sure, but even for die-hard fans three full on vinyl versions of one album might a bit over the top when it comes to terms of commercial exploitation.

09. Özlem Schonskuttel / Justine Falschsaur - Split [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 003 Promo]
See review for details...

10. Littlebrutalravebastards Series Vol. 6 [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 002 Promo]

See review for details...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kalipo - Yaruto [Antime Promo]

Set for release on September 12th via the remarkable Antime-imprint is the debut longplay effort of Jakob Häglsperger a.k.a. Kalipo, a man of many synths - known not only for being part of the massive stage phenomenon they call Frittenbude and previous works under his Das Basslaster moniker but also for his highly praised contributions to Audiolith's Stiff Little Spinners-series where he started to shape his unique soundscapes somewhere in between Deep- and highly melodic Romantic House, super-thrilling Future Garage excursions with masterly chopped vocal works and massive anaologue killer basslines - see especially "Come" for this one - , chromatic TechHouse affairs like delivered in the albums title track as well as further excursions into lovely Ambient playgrounds that slowly evolve into epic spiralling uptempo dancefloor movements accompanied by angelic voices ("Get Rich") and pure ecstasy. Deepest joyful swing with a slightly melancholia driven twist is to be found in the sweet, late night Future Garage-workout "Take Care Of Your Paradise" whilst echoing PostJungle-elements and heavily chopped Breakbeats add a bit of extra flavour to the highly emotional, floating "Ganja" House and the playful, frolicking "Wilt" even features what seems like the steady rattle of an oldskool'ish computer keyboard in its intro sequence - a nice reference to the analogue nature of "Yaruto" which is defo one of the most recommendable albums released throughout the late summer / early fall of 2014. Nice one.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Mike Skinner - Not Cricket

#nextlevelgarage. ultimate #niceness.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Not A Playlist: baze.djunkiii experimental set 06.09.2014 @ LSB.TV #19

This list includes the records played in baze.djunkiii's Drone / Experimental / Noize set in  alphabetical order:

Anthony Child - Boys, School  Showers & Swimming Pools [Downwards 024]
Asmus Tietchens / Kouhei Matsunaga - Split [Important Records 334]
Crass - Reality Asylum / Shaved Women [Crass Records]
Diktat Der Maschine [Sozialistischer Plattenbau 003]
Flutwacht - Traumsplitter [The Tourette Tapes 008]
Gradient Communication [Lathe Cut 10"]
K.O.T. - Z [K.O.T.]
Peder Mannerfelt - Lines Describing Circles [Digitalis Industries 066]
Tarkatak [Drone Records 034]
TBC [Drone Records 037 Promo]
Wäldchengarten - Six Silver Bullets [KFI 004]
Ypasswdd Daemons - Traceroute_to_207.46.131.13 [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]

Saturday, September 06, 2014

06.09.2014 Liquid Sky Berlin presentz #lsb_TV #19


adsx [liquid sky berlin]
baze.djunkiii [intrauterin recordings / liquid sky berlin]
dr walker [liquid sky berlin / lsb_tv]
mokry [lsb_tv]
sheldon drake

start: 00.00 GMT+1

drone / noize / triphop / dope beatz / experimental fkkd up music & visuals


Thursday, September 04, 2014

Various Artists - Hyperdub 10.3 [Hyperdub Promo]

10 years of Hyperdub. Numerous releases. Countless tracks. Genre diversification. Echoes of bass and PostRave-ambience. And it's exactly the latter that the third part of the labels anniversary compilation series is all about - the beatless textures, the grainy non-silence and twisted but yet athmospheric synthesizer workouts that have have always been present in the labels catalogue but never really made their way into the sonic limelight although being loved and appreciated interludes and exciting creative offsprings emerging out of the artists studios complementing their heavy bass assaults. On "Hyperdub 10.3" we'll find 23 of these, new and exclusive material alongside tunes taken from the vast Hyperdub back catalogue with the majority of them providing short - like less than 3 minutes - excursions into thrilling, crackling, unfathomable dimensions, partly cold like outer space, partly floating or even - like Laurel Halo's "Melt" - touching Jazz-infused territories, sweet vocal bits and even epic (Neo)Cosmic-pieces like Ikonika's "Completion V.3" or Fhloston Paradigm's ten minutes synth jam journey named "Liloo's Seduction". Further tracks are provided by the likes of Dean Blunt, The Bug, Cooly G, Lee Gamble, Burial, DJ Earl, Fatima Al Qadiri whose melodious "Shanxi" is one of the main highlights featured on "Hyperdub 10.3" and many many more which unveil a completely new and formerly hidden variant of the Hyperdub universe. Nice.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Little Brutal Rave Bastards Series Vol. 6 [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 002 Promo]

It's been 14 years now since the initial volume of the Little Brutal Rave Bastards Series was launched as a split release between Dhyana Records / Augsburg and Intrauterin Recordings / Hamburg and it's a pleasure to see that the series is still going strong with it's sixth volume being unleashed via Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse these days. Switching formats from vinyl to C120 cassette - yes, 120 minutes of music on tape! - with this issue once again the lover of quirky Hard & Industrial Techno  and over the top, super dry Rhythm Industrial is confronted with weird track titles like "Du Hast Nicht Mal Die Ultraschallbilder Angeschaut", "Fötenkult Oktoberfest", "Bidol Ass", "Soufleefresse" and "Der Bauer In Kambodscha Hat Auch Kein Verlangen Nach Spotify", spot on attacks of humorless Distortion Noize, super-underground Techno assaults for steel armored bunker raves, MP Gabba and further sonic warfare made for the sick and headstrong. Kill KetamineHouse, these are the Rave Bastards from hell!