Saturday, August 31, 2019

Daniel Menche - Melting Gravity [Sige Records 066 Promo]

To be released via the US-based experimental music imprint Sige Records on September 13th, 2k19 is "Melting Gravity", the forthcoming album outing by Drone and Static Ambient master Daniel Menche who's been carving out a unique sonic niche of his own over the course of roughly a quarter of a century now. Split into two parts - "Melting Gravity I" and "Melting Gravity II" - the album opens with a very Ambient focused, repetetive chiming metallic melody which soon is drowned by thick, evolving layers of harmonic, solemn, yet slightly distorted and off kilter Ambient textures telling tales of heartfelt sadness and emotional isolation reminiscent of acts like Kostnice or Kallabris in terms of deep melancholia whilst "Melting Gravity II" starts from a similar point of sound, yet maintains an even deeper, festive and slightly more naturalistic approach musically which makes it a perfect soundtrack for epic, beautiful sunrises or predetermines this one to be used as an excellent musical backdrop for planetariums or other space focused documentations. Recommended.

Friday, August 30, 2019

The Big Yes! - The Big Yes! [Nakama Records 017]

Released via the ever busy Nakama Records imprint on August 23rd, 2k19 is the same titled one track debut album by what the press release describes as the new Scandinavian supergroup named The Big Yes!. Over the course of 31 minutes we see the quartets members Anna Högberg, Maria Bertel, Christian Meaas Svendsen and Ole Mofjell reveal a thundering, energetic and partly even chaotic approach towards the FreeJazz / Experimental Jazz genre only to surprisingly hit the breaks hard for a stint in brooding minimalist music for longtime abandoned dungeons and spine-tingling urban exploration soundtracks before slowly building layer upon layer of highly skilled FreeJazz expressions again, this time on a more funky, cool and partially bass dominated vibe whilst the four musicians are working their way up to a chaotic, intense climax. All recorded within one live session in early 2018 and it surely was an intense one.

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Dzykin - Noisetape #1 [Harsh Noise London Recycled Tape Series #19]

Another fresh, limited to 30 numbered copies release on the underground tape imprint that is Harsh Noise London is Dzykin's "Noise Tape #1" which was sitting in our postbox only quite recently. Put on the circuit on a recycled C60 cassette we see the artist provide quite a hefty lot of 22 tracks over the course of the whole album, mostly comprised of a grinding, gritty maelstrom of slowly evolving, in parts even static lo-fi Noize of raw, rudimentary nature, partly reminiscent of unprocessed electric crackles and buzzes whilst the flipside even introduces screeching feedbacks, morphed high frequency bleeps and other forms of extreme sound art to penetrate your skull and torture your braincells. A release surely most appealing to die-hard fans and collectors of everything Noize they can find. 

Afflicted - Klingklong (Original Mix) [Subcore Traxx 035]

Just put out on the digital circuit via Subcore Traxx as the labels 035 is "Klingklong (Original Mix)" by Afflicted which is a new conjunctional moniker used by the Uelsen-based artists Sascha Müller and Ufuk Özbayar for their more technoid studio efforts. Spread over about 6 minutes and a bit the two artists are following a stomping, dry and quite tool-focused path in terms of Techno here, employing only small changes and decent filter tweaks to keep crowds moving and provide less of a standalone standout anthem but more of a hyperfunctional tool for all uncompromising Techno DJ's out there.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Simbad - Collections [BBE Music]

To be released as a full length album via BBE Music on October 04th, 2k19 is "Collections", the latest longplay outing by London-based Simbad a.k.a. DJ Simbad a.k.a. SMBD, successful DJ, remixer, producer and now BBE Music-collaborator who is coming at us with his specific musical vision, pairing his studio skillz with a series of high class vocalists and other guest artists to present an array of thirteen assorted cuts for musical connaisseurs. Aiming at the center of our loving hearts with the blurred, deep and heartfelt Future Soul of "Day By Day" featuring the great Lulu James on vocal duties whereas "Elevate" with LaAerial on vocals provides an amalgamation of classic, slightly Goldie'esque Drum'n'Bass string pads and a complex foundation of West London Phusion / Broken Beat and the conjunctional effort with Byron The Aquarius named "1010" sees Simbad exploring a shimmering vision of the deepest Space Funk ever. "Royal" featuring Entek on microphone duties walks the line between more Broken Beat and echoes of NuJazz and UK Garage for highly advanced dancefloors, "Get Your Sh Together" - once again produced with Byron The Aquarius - presents next level deepness in DeepHouse, "If U" brings forth a well seductive interplay between Tribal-infused Future Bass beats and friendly, playful melodic elements whilst "Innit Dub" fuses a beautiful 808 low end with sparse, spaced out arrangements on slow motion Downbeats for major subsonic underground dances just to name a few of our favorite cuts on this one. Check.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Kikiriki - Perceivers [Harsh Noise London Recycled Tape Series #18]

Coming in only recently from the London-based underground cassette imprint specialized in recycling old tapes that is Harsh Noise London is Kikiriki's "Perceivers", a limited to 30 numbered-copies, five track DIY album effort from the deepest vaults of the musical underground. Self-recorded by Nina F a.k.a. Kikiriki we're experiencing a wide variety of lo-fi Noize with tracks developing from twisted bleeps into slightly rhythmic variations, from bass heavy drones into aggressive midrange attacks featuring brutal feedback sweeps and filters, yet also bringing forth seemingly harmonic drones as an overlay for heavily morphing distortions and a dark, ever grinding maelstrom representing echoes of a long gone exoplanetary storm recorded and amplified by a magnitude of 9000. This one's for the true fan and collector of highly experimental (non)music.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Kjetil Mulelid Trio - What You Thought Was Home [Rune Grammofon Promo]

Coming in directly from ensemble leader Kjetil Mulelid himself is "What You Thought Was Home",  the follow up to late 2017's "Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House" which was the highly acclaimed album debut by the Kjetil Mulelid Trio, consisting of Mr. Mulelid alongside Bjørn Marius Hegge and Andreas Skar Winther - both established figures in the Danish Jazz scene in their own right. Once again in for a nine track journey the trio opens with the albums title track, a beautiful take on late night BarJazz piano for smokey high class joints frozen in time, accompanied by unusually nervous background percussion whereas the "Folk Song" is coming in with a proper swing instead of reminiscing about days of yore before "Bruremarsj (Wedding March)" raises questions about appropriate pronounciation of 'rsj' as a word ending whilst indeed catering a more ceremonial, slow but yet joyful and celebratory take on piano-led music backed by a highly complex, heavily syncopated drum foundation as well as a cheeky, intentionally off kilter bass vibe. Telling "Tales" the Kjetil Mulelid Trio once again embarks on a deep, melancholic BarJazz journey, this time catering a surprisingly improvisational mid-track twist and an aura and timbre of overall wisdom and life experience, "Far  Away" goes even deeper down the intimate, tender and sometimes even romantic alley before "A Cautionary Tale Against A Repetetive Life" provides what could be a well thought out title score for a classy, dramatic broadway play. Furthermore "Waltz For Ima" is in for dramatic pianos and more swinging late night syncopation, "When Winter Turns Into Spring" even gets dancefloors moving with a lively, frolicking attitude and - although being fully organic - would've blended in well with tunes featured on the legendary very first sequel of the "Future Sound Of Jazz"- series issued by Compost Records back in the days before "Homecoming" slowly waves goodbye in a a lush and peaceful manner. We're defo seeing where the Kjetil Mulelid Trio is going with this one in terms of musical evolution and we're totally digging the direction they're headed towards. Check.

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In2TheSound - Commotion & Style [Sireena Records]

Released via Sireena Records in late July, 2k19 is In2The Sound's first, and also live recorded, album - a project initiated by original drummer Mike Dudley as a tribute to his 80s PostPunk band outfit The Sound, and as a homage to the bands original singer Adrian Borland who passed away in 1999. Realized with the help of front singer Carlo Van Putten of Dead Guitars and The Convent, Jojo Brandt of Sonnenbrandt / The Convent-fame and more band members of The Convent stepping in for contributions on many levels the project soon evolved way beyond a mere tribute and took on a life of its own, with recent shows taking place in Portugal, the Netherlands, the world famous WGT fest in Leipzig - and in places like the KUZ in the small German village of Osterholz-Scharmbeck where this album actually was recorded on April 28th, 2k18. A live album which sounds, apart from short audience interactions and well obvious crowd appreciation in between the tracks, similarly proper and well balanced as a studio recording could ever sound, bridging the musical gap between PostPunk, Wave and echoes of Alternative Rock in its broadest  sense, providing dark grey dancefloor smashers like the epic "New Dark Age" or the slightly more uplifting, yearning "Total Recall". Other favorites include the high octane B1 opener "Heartland" as well as the more laid back, offbeat-infused late night cut that is "Barria Alta" just to name a few.

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

H - H (Stencil Edition) [Echokammer 085]

Set for release via Munich's infamous Echokammer-label is "H", the self-titled debut album by the artistic triumvirate that is H, comprised of label head Albert Pöschl, Tom Simonetti a.k.a. Mycrotom and Leo Hopfinger a.k.a. LeRoy, with the latter two mentioned also collaborating under the name of Rhytm Police. Originally derived from an inspirational moment throughout a Rhytm Police recording session and soon evolving into a project in its own right, resulting in a nine track vinyl firstling which, in this form, only and most likely could've come from the Munich / Augsburg underground axis - not only because the artists made an effort to split the already limited vinyl print run even further with an extra special batch of only 50 hand-numbered copies coming with a limited stencil paint cover for all the die-hard collectors and street art enthusiasts out there. The M / A connection is also musically obvious for those who know, seeing the trio embracing a DIY-influenced, professional lo-fi grassroots attitude regularly found in both cities and surrounding areas as a connecting element in the underground sound of Bavaria whilst working on an amalgamation of PostRock, Dub and, of course, meandering, session'esque KrautRock which would structurally allow every single cut to go on beyond forever in a live context, no matter what the original intended track length on this firstling is. Despite not being an obvious hit album, neither aiming to be one, we see tunes like "Alpensee" evolve into beloved underground art scene favorites whilst "Am Zug" even provides some kind of Oriental Dub vibes and therefore a potential to cross over into the so-called World Music scene. "So Kommt Man Weiter (Vitamin B / Reprise)" might even sit well with fans of Ennio Morricone due to its overall score'esque vibe, "w = f mal s" takes (Math) PostRock vs. Dub crossovers to an advanced, dancefloor-friendly level, "Nebenan Zieht's" brings forth the most obvious Dub homage on this album although influences by PostPunk and echo-heavy mixdowns occasionally catered by iconic past bands like Bauhaus can be spotted as well and "Alle 11 Minuten" turns out to be a secret, tender and melodic hit for all young, cute, introvert, artsy and intelligent PostRock-loving girls out there just to name a few. Check.

Resolution 88 - Out Of Sync (Official Video)

Is this the most unexpected Jazz Funk video ever? Is a meme just a meme just a meme? Is memeception for real for real? We do have questions. Many questions.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Mara - Here Behold Your Own [Sige Records Promo]

Scheduled for release via Sige Records on September 13th, 2k19 is "Here Behold Your Own", the forthcoming longplay outing by Faith Coloccia's solo project Mara. With both the accompanied press info as well as the cover of the promotional CD  announcing the albums side A as "A New Young Birth" and side B as "Sangre De Cristo" whilst the actual promo CD is showing indices of fourteen tracks we're a little confused about what is going on here, yet we're sure that we're actually listening to the described transformation of Mara throughout the process of becoming a mother, deriving melodies from self-created lullabies she would sing to her son to be. With the results presenting both instrumental and vocal-led approaches coated by heavy layers of vintage dust or multiple blurred out, dusty tape delays we're exposed to a whole range of musical variety on this album - a spectrum ranging from crackly, mystical vocal outings, beautiful fragments of old time piano romanticism, worn out, slightly warped score pieces for movies long forgotten, peaceful, reverberating Folk songs reminiscent of a vocal approach partly brought forward and popularized by artists like Sinead  O'Connor in the early 90s, electroacoustic minimalism, rhythmic Noize movements, organ-inspired harmonic layers and way more. Yet this broad variety, but also the overall atmosphere, vibe and tonality to be experienced on "Here Behold Your Own" somehow makes it seem like we are not actually listening to a selection of cassette recordings from the years 2015 to 2018 but rather to the unearthed body of work of an early electronic music pioneer for a reason. Intredasting.

Paul Birken / Laura Grabb / Freddy Fresh - Nifty Midwest Whippersappers

File under: proper hard banging Acid Techno from a triplet of underground originators. Raw good.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Remo Seeland - Hollow Body [Hallow Ground Promo]

Forthcoming via Hallow Ground on September 13th, 2k19 is "Hollow Body", the debut album release by Swiss artist and composer Remo Seeland in terms of using his real name as a platform for an artistic outing, an outing which started to fall into place and form after an intense psychosonic experience in the NYC subway which sparked the producers interest in the interaction of ones very own psyche and its surrounding environment. Recorded in New York, Zurich and Reykjavik with additional contributions by Norman Westberg, Reinier Van Houdt and Steve Fors we see Seeland explore a sonic realm of slightly blurred, melancholia driven Ambient and floating Indietronica sounds, even beautifully dubbed out Post Dubstep in "Second Coming" which deserved to become a massive hit if this was a better, and indeed music- and not algorithm-driven, world whilst elaborating further on Tribal mystique and ethereal Synth influences over the course of the albums runtime of 35 minutes which are sending one far off into the land of psychedelic dreams. This is a good one there.

Thomas Bodenständig - Avidshecore *Terre A Terre Edit

Raw, super massive Acid Breakbeat for large scale underground warehouse raves. Killer.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Todor Todoroff - Univers Paralleles [Empreintes Digitales]

Released only recently via the art related Empreintes Digitales label is Todor Todoroff's latest longplay outing "Univers Paralleles" which features a musical selection of six tracks from the artists archives, all produced in between 1991 and 2017 and therefore spanning a 26 year period from Todoroff's early beginnings to most recent outings as well recognized sound artist and computer music specialist. Interestingly the musical universe and sonic realm inhabited by the artist has been pretty consistent over all these years in terms of gravitating towards Dark Ambient and Industrial Electronics with a quite cold and isolationist feel, accompanied by ghostly rhythm signatures and field recorded metallic clangs, bangs and scrapings, oftentimes reminiscent of pioneering figures in isolationist electroacoustic composition and intense, vantablack scores in dark sci-fi horror flics. Due to this overall feel of outerworldly, universal secludedness and, for the most part, lack of any emotional linkage to whatever context or emotional state there might be the icy musical content featured on"Univers Paralleles" will most likely, as the name seemingly suggests, remain widely unrecognized and will be discovered, and appreciated, by musically versed genre specialists only.

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Blue Gene Tyranny & Peter Gordon - Trust In Rock [Unseen Worlds 018 Promo]

Released via the Unseen Worlds label on June 14th, 2k19 is "Trust In Rock", a double CD album and triple vinyl LP affair featuring both concerts held consecutively by Blue Gene Tyranny and Peter Gordon with a shared band ensemble on in early November 1976 as a part of the so-called 'Trust In Rock' concert-series which was held with the distinct purpose to explore a 'new music for rock bands' a.k.a. wanted to step away from the same old line up and structure that Rock'n'Roll in its many varieties had provided for years. With CD1 providing the 57 minutes long recording of Blue Gene Tyranny's four track spanning live show including the two epicly stretched out pieces "Without Warning" and "On The Other Hand" which both pass a little beyond the 20 minutes mark we're witnessing a musical journey including 70s Country Rock turning into epic, meandering instrumental jams ending up with a jazzy twist as well as full-on sax driven JazzRock turning Country love song and other goodness. On CD2 Peter Gordon's hour set includes a total of five cuts overall, immediately going all in with a Jazz-based wall of sound which surely was pretty overwhelming for concert goers at the time, providing an amalgamation of raw, dirty down to earth BluesRock with somewhat of a Proto-PostPunk attitude in "God's A Man" and even elaborating musically on big time period drama throughout the course of the show; an effort which, if a little more streamlined, would've even been suitable for daytime radio broadcasts at the time even though the musicians attitude was more headed towards an avantgarde approach seemingly. In hindsight it's a lot easier to tell that not too much 'new' was found in these two shows which, despite living up to a high quality standard, can feel a bit lengthy and outdated at times, even for musically curious and well versed listeners.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Kasma - Nuke Vol. 6 [Nuke The Planet]

Fresh on the digital circuit via the relatively fresh imprint Nuke The Plant is the very first single release by Kasma who's coming straight at us with the track "Nuke Vol. 6", a brutal, distorted and structurally challenged collage of distorted guitars, fucked up rave signals, digital scrapings, psychotic, breakcore'esque synth melodies, drumroll eruptions as well as a short, ever repeating male vocal sample stating "lo-fi", well quirky dynamics and a general anti-dancefloor attitude. Whoever programmed this has problems. Many of them. File under: Rave kaput.

The Murder Capital - When I Have Fears [Human Season Records]

Put on the circuit via Human Season Records on August 16th, 2k19 is "When I Have Fears", the captivating ten track debut album by the upcoming Irish PostPunk heroes known as The Murder Capital. Already announced on these pages earlier with the video for "Don't Kling To Life" which well reminded us of genre greats like The Cure the band opens up with the muscular, tribal'esque, aggression-driven "For Everything", a song that is already a massive statement of darkness in its own right before "More Is Less" indulges in powerful greyscale Punk with a well recognizable, raw oldskool UK attitude and "Green & Blue" brings forth a seductive, Blues-reminiscing uptempo bassline in combination with more tribal war drums and the overall vibe of a stripped down NoWave-ballad. With the subsequent cuts "Slowdance I" and "Slowdance II" The Murder Capital are exploring dark places hidden deep inside our souls before "On Twisted Ground" provides the most intimate, inward-looking musical perspective to be found on this longplayer in terms of songwriting and instrumentation. Furthermore "Feeling Fades" harks back to a raw, untamed Punk attitude and sets dancefloors on fire within seconds, "How The Streets Adore Me Now" introduces an unexpected variation with poetic, yet dramatic piano-led darkness and a distinct, slightly nasal vocal performance suitable for lonely cold winter nights and open fire listening sessions whereas the concluding "Love, Love, Love" indulges in complex, syncopated rhythm signatures, heavy guitar feedbacks and an overall feel of greyscale isolation and despair which is surely to be celebrated on each and every dancefloor inhabited by goth-like creatures of the night. Recommended!

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Ophir Ilzetzki - Symphony No. 1 [False Industries 026 Promo]

Scheduled for release via False Industries as the labels 026 on August 30th, 2k19 is "Symphony No. 1", a four track album composed by Ophir Ilzetzki, influenced - at least according to the albums press sheet - by both Gustav Mahler and pioneering electronic composers of the 60s and 70s. Spread over the a runtime of 56 minutes total the four pieces, to be seen as parts of a complete story that is the album, have been indepently composed over the course of more than a year, opening with the dark, threatening electrical low end buzz of "God Sent" which somehow evokes memories of disconnected cables producing occasional sparks, and short circuits, in a long abandoned post-apocalyptic vault within the 'Alien' universe whereas "Emma Carmel" is of a more sterile, scientific overall nature, introducing both piercing sinewave pitches as well as big reverberating metallic clangs and scrapes and indecipherable alien communication attempts to the sonic aspects of this symphony. Furthermore "To Heal A Blood Town" comes closer to an attempt in total extermination as this tune opens with a hefty wall of brutal midrange Noize before a part melodic, ever repeating signal is heavily warped, twisted and mutilated, provoking a deafening maelstrom of overwhelming power to break lose before "Of No Input", the albums main piece stretched over the course of 22 minutes, starts out as a sequence of irregular, yet rhythmic dark electronic pulses, before those are later accompanied by sharp, noisy high frequency noise layers and various cold, slightly Electronica reminiscing structures. Proper.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sweeney - Human, Insignificant [Sound In Silence 067]

Another fresh one just released on the Greek Ambient label Sound In Silence is the sophomore album by Jason Sweeney a.k.a. Sweeney for the imprint. At least under his real name, this is, as he also has put out longplay outings on Sound In Silence under the artistic disguise of Panoptique Electrical. With "Human, Insignificant" the South Australian-based artist reveals a totally unexpected side of the usually Ambient-focused label catalogue with the eight songs - yes, songs! - featured on "Human, Insignificant", all of them fragile, tender and highly emotional, built on a foundation of slightly processed piano accompanied by sparse electronic textures, telling tales of melancholia, brokenness and intimacy, hurt, recovery and romanticism, sometimes even touching on the recitational side of the goth spectrum in songs like "We All Seeing" whilst the albums title track brings forth more of a dramatic, dark'ish post-crooning attitude and "Desire, Decayed" could even be well fitting with those loving the most poetic, ballad'esque moments of infamous SynthPop-bands like Depeche Mode for a reason, not forgetting "Manifest" which turns out to be the most intense, yet most beautiful piece of songwriting we've come across in ages. A pleasant, emotional surprise and quite a bold statement for Sound In Silence to release an entire vocal-focused Leftfield- / PianoPop album amongst a catalogue of mostly soothing instrumental Ambient music. Check!

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Sascha Müller - End Game Player One [Klinik Room Recordings]

Lined up for release via the Croatian Label Klinik Room Recordings on October 8th, 2k19 is Sascha Müller's forthcoming digital two track single "End Game Player One". Opening with "End Game (Original Mix)" the Uelsen-based producer employs a dark'ish, well monotonous approach in terms of modernistic, reverberating Techno with a dark, threatening sci-fi attitude which builds tension big time just by bringing forth a spatial unsettling atmosphere and an ever repeating, stripped down synth motif alongside well thought out breakdowns and droning bass pads and piercing, gooey Acid modulations whereas the subsequent "Player One (Original Mix)" weighs in brute Industrial Techno force in its well epic intro sequence only to evolve into a cold, acidic and deadly primetime banger that would be well up to par in temples of modern Techno culture like Berghain, Tresor or beyond.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Todd Anderson-Kunert - Conjectures [Room40 Promo]

To be released via the Australian label Room40 on August 23rd, 2k19 is Todd Anderson-Kunert's two track album named "Conjectures" in which the artist exclusively works on the rare Moog System 55 for his minimal and droning compositions. With the opening tune "I See What You Mean" we see the composer putting a main focus on providing an organic, mostly sinewave-based low end as a foundation for a most beautiful take on the Ambient genre introducing slowly evolving modulations and tender midrange pads as well as layers of single note pulses whereas "It Feels Right", the second tune on this 31 minute album, brings forth brooding, klaxon'esque sawtooth bass pulses coming at us from subsurface levels like signals from another, possibly primeval world as a sonic, time deteriorating Ambient agent created to alter our perception of the world for now and ever. Lovely.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Shura - Forevher [Secretly Canadian]

Put on the circuit via Secretly Canadian on August 16th, 2k19 and already announced on these pages with the video for "Religion (U Can Lay Your Hands On Me)" in mid-July is "Forevher", the sophomore album outing by Shura which, and hence the title spelling which is not an error, is dealing with the highs and lows of the artists long distance, two continents spanning relationship. This said, we see Shura focusing on the uplifting side of love musically, engraining songs like the autotune-ridden soulful swing of songs like "Side Effects" deep into our collective musical memory, paying homage to hours and hours spent on airports with the intimate late night Future Soul cut that is "BKLYNLDN" whilst "Princess Leia" provides a perfect, longing ballad'esque take on multi-harmonic vocal performance and "Skyline, Be Mine" caters expertly crafted Dope- / Downbeats in combination with ethereal harmonies, grungy, 90s referencing Leftfield Pop guitars and a hyperseductive bassline all falling together to create an instant classic and our favorite out of the eleven tracks on this album of which we covered just a few in detail. File under: Timeless Pop music.

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23.08.2019 baze.djunkiii guest set @ 90s Rave Radio / Ems-Vechte-Welle 99.3FM

Transmission starts @ 11 p.m. GMT+1

Terrestrial transmission on frequency 99.3FM in and around the Emsland-region of Germany.

Click here for internet stream!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Blue Gene Tyranny - Out Of The Blue [Unseen Worlds 024 Promo]

Re-released via Unseen Worlds on June 14th, 2k19 is "Out Of The Blue", the longplay debut by Blue Gene Tyranny which was originally put onthe circuit via the Lovely Music label in 1978. Sporting a whole of 4 songs over the course of 49 minutes we see the opener "Next Time Might Be Your Time" provide a sweet, slightly twangy and somewhat Country-infused approach to daytime radio compatible Pop before taking an unexpected turn towards Ska-influences throughout the songs fourth quarter whereas the subsequent "For David K" dives deep into the realms of heavy Funk garnished with echoes of Psychedelia and thick layers of vintage sexyness. "Leading A Double Life" has Blue Gene Tyranny going for a piano-driven, inward looking yet expressive melancholia accompanied by spaced out falsetto harmonies before the albums main piece "A Letter From Home" encapsulates the psychedelic feel of the era over a nearly 26 minutes stretch, featuring storytelling SpokenWord passages, dreamy guitars and even references to singers like Joan Baez vibewise - at least in parts of the composition. A spine-tingling journey and defo a gem within the Avantgarde Pop niche for a reason.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 08/2019

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sascha Müller - 40 Years Of Walkman [SM Tapes 004]

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the legendary, culture-defining device known and loved as the Sony Walkman we see Uelsen's creative overlord Sascha Müller coming up with something very special - a fifteen track C90 cassette tape release, limited to 20 hand-numbered copies with each copy being housed in a defunct - guess what? - Sony Walkman. Put on the circuit via SM Tapes the versatile producer seems to be sticking to a well thought out Electro- / Breakdance- / 80s-informed theme, opening with the melodic Technolectro cut "Mission To Mars" whilst "Dance Like Robots" covers a more stripped down approach towards vocoder-infused Phonk before "I Am A Computer" delivers a thin, dry, electroid anti-groove accompanied by beauteous Detroit strings. The subsequent ode to "Machines" once again harks back to the late 90s genre that was once known as razor sharp Technolectro, "Termalsonde" brings forth nearly 9 minutes of dreamy electroid Downbeat / ChillOut for SpaceNight purposes whereas the classic "Mr. Robot" brings back a lot of positive vibes for a reason and the "Weltraumprogramm" indulges in a deep, floating sonic realm of spaced out AcidElectro with a trancey twist. Looking into "The Sun" reveals a fusion of super positive ElectroClash and uptempo ItaloDisco, "Only Need You" is following up on a similar path whereas "Pokemoon Power" causes wild havoc on every advanced Electro floor for a reason and "Sundown" comes as a surprise in terms of oldskool'ish TechStep / Drum'n'Bass with clear Photek-influences. "19" is one of Sascha Müller's beloved classics once put out on the vinyl circuit via Intrauterin Recordings, attending the "Filmfestspiele" we experience a collage of classic movie samples, epic strings and a deep, rhythmically complex take on Phonk, the "Beat Junkie" comes at us as agressive and phonky as ever and the final cut "The First Step" once again goes back to a raw, hounded and slightly oldskool flavored variation of 90s Drum'n'Bass for a closing. Good stuff, this.

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3cloneB - B-Sides EP [Psychocandies 079]

Released only recently via the buzzing Psychocandies-imprint is the "B-Sides EP", a new outing by the mysterious 3cloneB who's been associated with the label from early. Opening with "Mr. Spanky" 3cloneB provides a massive banger for all those loving their bubbly, fast-paced Acid to the max whilst "Normalize The System" employs a spiralling, hypnotic dark AcidTrance approach evoking memories of the long forgotten 1994 "Sunrize EP" on the Think Green-imprint and "Püppy Love" provides more dry, stripped down HypnoAcid for maximum dancefloor madness in tiny, totally fogged out underground venues. Great stuff.

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Quilz - Fishing For Ketchup [Prickly Records]

Put on the circuit via Prickly Records these days is the first fully fledged vinyl longplay outing by Milwaukee-based local heroes The Quilz which is available as regular black vinyl pressing and as a limited to 100 hand-numbered copies burgundy vinyl edition for die-hard fans and collectors of the bands work. Opening with "Delete Delete" the band immediately revisits one of their biggest tunes for a captivating start only to dive deeper into a thrilling amalgamation of spaced out ItaloDisco and halftime Dubstep with "Robot Love" before "Take Me To Your Leader" transforms dedicated IndieElectro punters into a raving, glowstick-swinging crowd driven by pure mass hysteria and "Are You Still Out" is providing dreamy romance for all spaced out SynthPop lovers out there. When The Quilz do "Drown In Your Love" they're truly drowning in muscular, bass heavy ElectroBreaks, cute melodies and vintage vocal lines, to "Fade Away" means to lose oneself on the dancefloor grooving to cascading synth melodies and super seductive Indie guitars whilst the group is listening to twangy, (Neo)Cosmic "Until The End Of Time" and we're gladly tagging along. Furthermore "Fan The Flame" provides a cute, yet dramatic variation of the sweetest, most candy-coated synth-driven SpacePop around, "Say Anything" weighs in the right amount of steaming hot sexyness and highly seductive low end works for the wee hours, "Hip Hip Hooray" comes at every dancefloor with an advanced, somewhat Reggae-reminiscent swing in combination with more sparkling, spine-tingling SpacePop and the concluding "Hung Up On You" waves farewell in a sweet, slightly dusty vintage manner. What's not to love about this?

Sandro Perri - Soft Landing [Constellation Records 148 Promo]

In the pipeline for release via Constellation Records on September 6th, 2k19 is Sandro Perri's forthcoming six track album "Soft Landing". Spread over the course of a total playtime of 41 minutes the opener "Time (You Got Me)" brings forth a tender, ever caressing variation of SoftRock rolled out over 16+ minutes whilst turning into a soothing stream of krautsy quality whereas the following "Floriana" is indulging in calm and peaceful folksyness garnished with a little twang and a feel for dreamy Jazz influences whilst "God Blessed The Fool" brings forth more of a California feeling in terms of dedicated SoftPop for those who know. With being "Back On Love" we see Sandro Perri provide another variation of super dreamy Krautrock meets inward-looking, romantic Pop, "Wrong About The Rain" drifts into lush 70s YachtRock territories and the concluding title song is as soft and comforting on an instrumental tip as its name promises. A beautiful vintage transmission from seemingly better times, this is.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Erkki Veltheim - Ganzfeld Experiment [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release on AUgust 16th, 2k19 via the Australian label Room40 is Erkki Veltheim's "Ganzfeld Experiment" which is the producers first full-on solo recording published on the imprint. With the title referring to a method of para-psychology we see Veltheim cater a one-track composition with this one, a 44 minutes long stream of sonic events comprised of a steady, rhythmic transmission of hissing static noize as a foundation for altered, warped and modulated impulses from the artists electric violin which for the most part are not recognizable as violin by any means. Instead the Finland-born composer creates a cold, well alienating athmosphere through these emissions, an intense, yet unsettling thrill remiscent of borderline transdimensional experimentation in a frosty sci-fi lab of the future, channeling evil forces and unspoken of powers that exist beyond our field of perception and knowledge, and this for a good reason or two. Imagine picking up daytime radio transmissions from the Upside-Down and being paralysed by the otherworldly tones of a vantablack lovecraftian fog and ever growing evil copse covering a realm unseen whilst the tonal shifts and musical evolution of these transmissions work their way towards cataclysmic madness and (Neo)Classical insanity before a final stretch of total desolation takes over. A soundtrack for a world too dark.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Phase Duo - s/t [Aut Records 048]

Put on the circuit via Berlin's Aut Records label on June 25th, 2k19 is the debut album by Phase Duo, a group comprised of Eloisa Manera and Stefano Greco who are combining their musical arsenal of violin, monochord and further electronics to combine a musical menu of nine tracks described to be influenced by Minimal Music masters like Reich and Riley as well as Indian Raga patterns alike. Stretched over the course of 38 minutes the result of this effort in amalgamation doesn't sound so minimal at all but unveils a rich, saturated and panoramic approach to sound somewhat meandering  in between early Synth masters, retrofuturist Vaporwave and hyperscore'esque Ambient in the opener "Prometheus Journey" whereas the follow up presents a calm and solemn, yet rhythmical flow towards our "Inner Cliff" before the "Space Flow" enters realms of lively (Neo)Cosmic infused synth movements and elegic string arrangements for those loving their sugary kitsch to the max. Following up is "Tangram", stepping slightly into formal medieval Folk territories backed by electronic percussion and low end, "Wanderlust" is as dramatic and excited as the originally German term deserves to be, telling tales of adventure and celebration for highly advanced IDM dancefloors within less than 5 minutes before "Scarabeo" presents more of a jam-like approach towards feedback driven, lo-fi experimentation, friendly computational tones and a certain edge of Phonk. Furthermore "Hermes" introduces a darker, brooding and well twisted tone to the music of Phase Duo, once again providing proof of their score'esque qualities, "Elo's Arp" is following on a dramatic, yet more nervous and somewhat uneasy path before the final cut that is "Ethereal" waves goodbye in a beatless, solemn and inward looking manner, providing moments of late evening reflection and contemplation best experienced in front of an open fire on a winter evening for a reason.

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 15 [SM Traxxx 38-2019]

Scheduled for release on August 22nd, 2k19 is Sascha Müller's new digital two track single named "Traxxx Vol. 15". Opening with "Track 29" the Uelsen-based producer caters a well hypnotic take on minimalist Techno percussions whilst paying homage to early genre classics like Plastikman's "Spastik" and other productions of this polyrhythmic era before "Track 30" sheds blood on the dancefloor employing  a deadly mixture of hypercompressed Broken Hardcore and screaming MonoAcid for the headstrong to kill every living soul in front of underground teknival rigs within seconds. Pure evil.

Friday, August 09, 2019

16.08.2019 BETA-ZERFALL meets Lost Places @ MS Stubnitz / Hamburg

file under: PostPunk / ElectroPunk /(No)Wave / Industrial / IndieElectro + more

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / El Caballo Semental]
Herr Brandt [Sonnenbrandt / Damaged Goods]
Herr Defekt [Lost Places]
Junge Obscur [Lost Places]

doors: 10pm
admission: 6€ 

MS Stubnitz
Kirchenpauerkai 26
20457 Hamburg

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Thursday, August 08, 2019

Wil Bolton - Surface Reflections [Sound In Silence 066]

Put on the circuit via the Greek Ambient staple Sound In Silence on July 15th, 2k19 is Wil Bolton's new album "Surface Reflections", the artists second longplay outing on the label after his 2014-released "Whorl". Making a return with five new tracks and a limited print run of 200 hand-numbered copies we see the long time-established artist bringing forth quite an unusual musical approach compared to the releases within the Sound In Silence-catalogue over the past year or so as he pairs up a darker, droning and more experimental sonic backdrop with Field Recordings captured in Hong Kong and soft Post-PostRock textures in the album opener "Shrouded" whereas "In The Air Of The Morning" evokes memories of the late 90s and early 2000s with its beautiful polylayered and all embracing, yet slightly glitched out Ambient / Indietronica sound. The follow up named "Shallows" brings forth full on floating Ambient romanticism at its best, "Crossing" offers more tender guitar-textures alongside a distinct peaceful and intimate balearic sunset vibe bordering the popular PopAmbient genre in parts whereas the concluding title track "Surface Reflections" amalgamates slowly meandering pads and a minimalist, carefully performed ever repeating guitar motif to create a most calm and comforting sonic pillow able to turn everyone into a die-hard Ambient / ChillOut head within a few minutes only. Great stuff. Get.

The Quilz - Vol. II [TQ 003]

Released back in 2018 is "Vol. II", the second mini-album / EP by The Quilz which provide a sweet nine track menu straight outta their Milwaukee / USA-based studio with this one. Opening with the highly seductive and spaced out SynthPop vs Psychedelia cut "Are You Still Out Tonight" The Quilz are paving the way for things to come like the subsequent "Organ Blues" which brings forth raw, muscular Dope Beats in combination with a take on well dubbed out retrofuturism whilst "Fade Away" is getting deep in terms of hard stomping ItaloDisco / ElectroClash hittage with a sweet tongue-in-kitsch twist. Furthermore "Blind You" turns out to be a lo-fi, yet large scale SynthRave / Vaporwave banger for those who know, the bands variation of Debbie Harry's "Heart Of Glass" is a nothing short of a fest for all 80s lovers and "Hip Hip Hooray" provides sparkling, cascading, piano-driven drama bordering ballad'esque territories and an undeniable low-end drive for the wee hours on the dancefloor. The follow up that is "Guilded Cage" reveals an unexpected turn towards acoustic guitars and more of a folksy attitude, "Ghost Town" causes havoc on dancefloors worldwide with a massive, and well unique, rework of The Specials' hit of the same name including a few slightly Dubstep-infused bass bursts before "Delete Delete" brings down the house with a muscular take on Electronic Breakbeat Funk and a super thrilling vocal performance that's about to stick in everyone's eardrums for months for a reason. Big tune. 

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

The Cray Twins - In The Company Of Architects [Fang Bomb 029]

Put on the circuit via the Fang Bomb-imprint on August 1st, 2k19 is "In The Company Of Architects", the sophomore album by the group known as The Cray Twins. In this album we see the core duo behind the lose collaborative group arrange and sculpt a menu of three tracks in total which were created by main members Paul Baran and Gordon Kennedy alongside a whole bunch of contributing artists and musicians adding everything from chimes to microtonal saxophones to spoken word and modular synthesizer to the mix. Opening with the albums main piece, the 38 minutes spanning title track, we see The Cray Twins provide a deep dive into stripped down Ambient and Deep Listening Music of well score'esque quality incorporating altered, slightly warped background vocals as well as calming Ambient movements, a variety of hard to identify clangs as well as electroacoustic composition techniques, all layered and interweaving to tell a unique sonic story of its own. Furthermore the subsequent "The Absence Of Architects" combines dreamy Spoken Word with more of a romantic, cinematic and naturalistic Ambient backdrop somewhat reminiscent of early Synth masters like Tangerine Dream or Jean-Michel Jarre whereas the concluding "Anarchitects" brings forward another variation of dream state like, super calm and comforting Ambient Chill Out music for die-hard fans of the genre. Good stuff, there.

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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Intrauterin Recordings @ Bandcamp

Celebrating 20 years in the business this year baze.djunkiii's 1999-founded imprint Intrauterin Recordings, alongside its sister labels Intrauterin Tapes and El Caballo Semental, has now touched down on Bandcamp to sell highly limited vinyl and tape release directly to fans and followers worldwide. Go check!

Monday, August 05, 2019

Aniyo Kore - In Your Light (Official Video)

Our Dortmund-based friends of Aniyo Kore on a deep meandering tip, touching down on both PostRock and experimental Desert Blues.

Sunday, August 04, 2019

The Quilz - With A Boy Like You [TQ 001]

Going back to the year 2016 with the review of the first ever release by Milwaukee-based band outfit The Quilz who've set out to cover the 60s mega hit "With A Boy Like You" on a limited to 500 copies, hand-numbered square white flexi disc edition for a start, transforming the well known cut originally written by Reg Presley and both performed by The Troggs as well as Sandy Edmonds into a floating piece of slightly Psychedelia-infused Pop music with a dreamlike twist which defo suits the tune very well and provides a sweet, highly recommended alternative for dedicated collectors and lovers of all things Pop alike. Good stuff.

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Saturday, August 03, 2019

baze.djunkiii Charts 08/2019

01. Fixate v Double 99 - Ripgroove [Ice Cream Records 045]
What a banger! One of the biggest anthems of the UK Garage-scene reworked by one of the hottest Drum'n'Bass producers on earth right now inna proper, ever rolling Future Jungle stylee - a combination that could only turn out big and man, it did. Even before it was pressed on one-sided 12" vinyl this one was already making waves and defo for a reason. Instant classic.

02. Traxman - Tekvision Volume 2 [Teklife Records 009]
Teklife is quality and quality is Teklife. After we already announced this album with the massive preview tune that is "4 Da Lyfe" we see the Juke / Footwork legend Traxman provide a seminal seven track album that draws influences both from the classic Miami Bass sound of the late 80s / early 90s in cuts like "It's Lasting Bass", pays homage to classic Chicago Basement with "Work Dat Mutha Fucka *Footwork Remix", gets deep into massive GhettoHouse and brings super abstract Footwork greatness alongside Jana Rush in "Wildcard" amongst others. If you love bass you need this one album in your life.

03. Skeptical [MUSKET 001]
Skeptical is another force to reckon with in todays Drum'n'Bass scene and this one-sided, stamped 10" whitelabel proves why this is. Clean, dark'ish and super precise beats meet threatening, intense sci-fi vibes and a stripped down, slighty distorted synth motif to create a deadly weapons of choice for heaving late night dancefloors. Tune!

04. Ellis Dee - Big Up Your Chest [JUN002]
One of our alltime favourites re-released after 25 years. Back in early 1994 or even late 1993 baze.djunkiii found this classic included in one of the first ever Jungle tapes he got his hands on and this tune has been stuck in his head ever since. So seeing this one re-issued to celebrate Ellis Dee's 30 year anniversary is a big one and maybe one of the most meaningful additions to the ever growing vinyl arsenal this month.

05. Silicon Scally - Skoda Banger [Cultivated Electronics 031]
Four massive Electro cuts from genre don Carl A. Finlow employing his Silicon Scally moniker and delivering maybe his best work in years overall. The beats got the dry Phonk for real, everything is nicely stripped down and minimalistic whilst the basslines are coming straight from the dark side of the Electro genre. Perfection.

06. Clouds - Sharp Like A Razor [Headstrong Records 003]
Rave is making a large scale comeback and Clouds is defo in for it. Four tracks meandering in between humungous, strobe-lit warehouse raves, hammering Techno, classic, and classy..., oldskool sample madness and well thought out Hardcore- / Gabba-references cause nothing but pure havoc on dancefloors worldwide when blasted through big ass rigs in illegal dance gatherings at peaktime levels. Vibes.

07. Tyrone - Lunar City EP [Metalheadz Platinum 031]
A release on Metalheadz or one of the mainstays offshots is always like a seal of approval and high quality and Tyrone proves that he's worth all praise with the title track alone which fuses super precise, hard stepping beats reminiscent of the 1996 / 1997 era with large scale basslines and melodic atmospheres to create a future classic in its own right. But despite this, the other three cuts on this 12" EP are gold as well, especially when it comes to the more junglistic "Warriors" on B1.

08. FFF - 24/7 Soundkiller [PRSPCT RVLT]
For the past two decades or so the Dutch Breakcore / DarkJungle producer FFF has provided an endless stream of trackwise goodness to the scene and mashed up many a dance with his expertly cut and crafted amen terror cuts. His latest outing on PRSPCT RVLT is meandering somewhat in between trademark DarkJungle madness and ultrablack, oldskool GangstaJungle paying homage to the early, mid-90s heydays of the genre. Proper stuff.

09. Psy Def X - Psy Def X EP [Klasse Wrecks 024]
Trance is back. The mysterious duo that is Psy Def X provides massive oldskool Trance greatness with the A-side track "Lunar" which mysteriously turns into a balearic Downbeat / Breaks affair towards the very end whilst the flipside caters two more uplifting, fast-paced takes on TechTrance for all the ravers out there.

10. Chris Inperspective - Dragons In The World [Inperspective Records 027]
It's been a while since we've seen a new release by Drum'n'Bass / Choppage legend Chris Inperspective who's delivering four new cuty on limited, multi-layered marble grey vinyl here. Whilst the title track is as complex and atmospheric as slow Intelligent Drum'n'Bass / Choppage can get the other tracks on this EP are surprisingly straight, yet also well deep and perfect fodders for more intimate and advanced club settings within the D'n'B scene.

Friday, August 02, 2019

180° - Submental [Splitrec. 029]

Coming in from the Australian imprint Splitrec. as the labels' 029 only recently was "Submental", the first ever album by the new trio named 180° which is comprised of Jim Denley, Nick Ashwood and Amanda Stewart. With Denley and Stewart sharing a musical history since the late 80s and Ashwood and Denley connecting over the course of three years before forming the group, 180° utilize their long standing connection as musicians to cook up an intense and most experimental menu of eight tunes which possibly make up the most leftfield, unique, outstanding and threatening release on Splitrec. so far, with prepared guitar and pitched down bass flute providing a vantablack DarkAmbient meets Tribal backdrop for Amanda Stewart's hypnotic Spoken Word sequences and further rhythmic non-vocalisms which, in their rhythmicity, seem to hark back to the chants of Australia's aboriginal people at times whilst at others, especially in the deep, minimalist and partly PostRock-reminiscing outing that is "Oblique" even touch one's innermost soul at a very seductive, intimate note with a velvety tone and quasi-singing approach. Furthermore, cuts like the subsequent "Isosceles" introduce a kind of wistful melancholia alongside a certain form of tender musical romanticism and thrilling, slightly varied rhythmic repetition, "Acute" somewhat seems to describe a mental state on the brink to madness whilst "Degenerate" seems to capture outerdimensional hissings from the deepest, lightless vaults of the ultraworld just to name a few. Recommended, this!

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Thursday, August 01, 2019

Love Fame Tragedy - My Cheating Heart (Official Video)

A massive Indie hit garnished with down-to-earth Blues guitars anyone? Take this song taken from Love Fame Tragedy's forthcoming album "I Don't Want To Play The Victim, But I'm Really Good At It" for a start.

Super Jazz Sandwich - Plays The Enneagram Vol. 1 [Umland Records 024]

Conceptualism for the win. Based on the slightly esoteric concept of the enneagram, a schematic idea to describe one's personality and personal development the trio named Super Jazz Sandwich, comprised of Flavia Zanuttini, Florian Walter and Umland Records mastermind Simon Camatta, got together to cook up a nine track album resembling the nine steps of the leading concept of the enneagram with each one named after one of the distinct level descriptions of the program. Recorded in a straight one-day session in February, 2k19 the artists combine their musical armoury of trumpet, sax and drums in widely varied ways on this longplayer, starting with the thrilling, driving and slightly BigBeat'ish high speed Jazz of "The Challenger" whereas "The Investigator" engages in a more sparse, minimalistic framework and "The Fearful" acts on a more heralding, theatric and intense note, employing screaming and other non-vocalism techniques alongside a barrage of drum rolls and other technical finesse for the followers of FreeJazz and more expressive, muscular embodiments of the genre. On the other hand "The Individualist" brings forth a multilayered, multi-rhythmic and well complex attitude over its 9+ minutes playtime, "The Lazy" dabbles with a distinct slack going hand in hand with a certain Cool Jazz meets Jazz Noir vibe and "The Enthusiast" indulges in what could be roughly described as Stop Motion FreeJazz with a high dynamic range and a proper sense for experimentalism. Furthermore "The Helper" has got the groove for sure and even reveals a distinct, dancefloor-friendly EthioJazz vibe which makes this our favorite tune on the longplayer whilst "The Reformer" deals with friendly, low-key Ambient Jazz minimalisms and the final cut "The Vain" gets darn hot on the dancefloor again with a classic uptempo swing and highly complex breakdown sequences for the advanced Jazz lover. Check.

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