Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Sol 1 - Free Fall EP [Fresscode Records 012 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via the elusive German underground imprint that is Fresscode Records on September 30th, 2k22 is the "Free Fall EP", the first ever outing by a new project named Sol 1. Opening with "The Truth" Sol 1 presents an aggressive take on raw, bubbly and distorted MonoAcid with an interesting stop-and-go attitude, the subsequent "Wild Thing" provides interestingly subdued dynamics holding down a quirky freestyle Acid x Phonk fusion evoking both memories of twisted Lassigue Bendthaus madness as well as trippy, untamed, yet highly functional Acid madness from the early 90s before the epicly titled closing cut "Merkwürdige Sachen" brings forth a pumping, hypnotic and ever spiralling Wild Pitch vibe for fog-filled and strobe-lit underground basement clubs only the chosen few really know about. Defo our favorite cut one this one, this.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Xotox - Erkenntnis [Infacted Recordings Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via Infacted Recordings on January 20th, 2k23 as the next prequel to the forthcoming new Xotox album is "Erkenntnis", the new single release by the long-standing producer x project who has been making waves on vantablack underground dancefloors for 25 years now. Opening with the original version of "Erkenntnis" Xotox enters a spine-tingling sonic universe comprised of building blocks of both masterfully sculpted Future Industrial and brooding sci-fi atmospheres once mostly associated with the micro-genre dubbed Agreppo whereas the subsequent "Erkenntnis *Nano Infect Remix" explores captivating Industrial Rave Techno realms garnished with catchy Bigroom Trance elements and bits of Future Pop / Neon Goth for laser-lit peaktime sessions. Subsequently the so-called "Erkenntnis *The Phantom String Remix" brings forth a deeper and more complex variation of braincell morphing Future Techno accompanied by a plethora of intricate sci-fi layers and emotional ProtoTrance-informed strings arrangements before Xotox harks back a mere 15 years with the final cut that is "Ewig *Rework", a repolished version of the initial 2008-released track which is providing a well muscular and pumping, yet somewhat stripped down, hypnotic and surely Industrial-leaning take on what could be described as minimalist Techno - not: Minmal Techno - for one reason or another. Play this one in a proper Techno context and the roof will catch fire.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

02.02.2023 baze.djunkiii presents Further Explorations In Sound Volume 1 @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France

And this time the title reveals it all. And it is all about exploration. Hamburg-based Radio Flouka-resident baze.djunkiii presents a curious journey through the leftfield fringes of his vast vinyl collection, drifting from dreamy slow motion Breakbeats to trippy, experimental Dub excursions, diving deep into seas of warm, organic all embracing bassline pleasures as well as washed out Downtempo vibes and touching base with many variations of Electronica and ChillOut sounds over the course of this 60 minutes mix before going off on a darker, edgier and well intense tangent for a closing. This is a trip.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / The Absence Of Light]

file under: Electronica / ChillOut / Leftfield / Illbient

transmission time: 22oo - 23oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Tomas Hallonsten - Monolog [Thanatosis Produktion 020]

Released via Thanatosis Produktion on January 27th, 2k23 is "Monolog", the solo debut album effort conceived by Swedish musician Tomas Hallonsten. With six new pieces rolled out over 41 minutes and some presumably Krautrock-infused titles like "Go Ashram Go", "Düsseldorf - Douala" or "Earth" the artist focuses on a combination of drum machines and synthesizers to create a sonic sphere informed as well as influenced by the pioneers of early electronic music, meticulously created via the process of overdubbing layers and layers over the course of the pandemic years. Starting with the aforementioned "Go Ashram Go" Tomas Hallonsten opens his debut with a slow, dubbed out and vintage harmonic amalgamation of Easy Listening, Space Jazz and cliche Asian fragments for Ambient x ChillOut dancefloors followed by the extended two-parter "In Clouds, Pt. I & Pt. II" which indulges in well kitsch-infused arrangements and echoes of 80s Library x Production Music for those who know. With "Düsseldorf - Douala" we're drawn into a krautsy, meandering and well romantic realm driven by stripped down percussions and touching emotional piano etudes, "Earth" provides feverish, dramatic Downbeat x EthnoDub vibes and therefore turns out to be our favorite cut on this album and the subsequent closing piece that is "Vals Antifon" drifts of into relatively peaceful, yet Psychedelia-infused Easy Listening vibes once again. A well unusual release for Thanatosis Produktion considering the labels darker and more minimalist back catalogue, this.

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Friday, January 27, 2023

Mohamad Zatari Trio - Istehlal [Zehra 007]

Released via the Berlin-based Zehra imprint on January 27th, 2k23 is "Istehlal", the very first full length longplay effort cooked up by the multi-national Mohamad Zatari Trio, comprised of musicians from Syria, Iran and India. Focused on the amalgamation of traditional Middle Eastern sound and contemporary - most likely, yet not obviously: Western - music the group caters a menu of eleven songs over the course of roughly 47 minutes total, opening with the well-fascinating Oriental Desert(Post)Rock vibe of "Desire" which evokes faint and distant memories of acts like C Cat Trance whereas pieces like "Black Tea" bring on a rural, ancient, innocent and even folksy feel, "Zarbi Mokhalef" deeply indulges in dramatic dynamics powered by muscular drums and strings and can be imagined to bring heat to specific dancefloors despite its relatively moderate tempo whilst "Quasi-Hora" and its complex, uplifting melodic oud arrangements and meandering once again aim at, this time pretty much late night, dancefloors and the twangy concluding "Longa Ferahfeza" comes full circle with what seems to be a Mediterranean x Middle Eastern Fusion Folk hybrid just to name a few. One for dedicated fans of instrumental orientalisms and other World Music, this.

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Zark - 2 [Zarkon Records 002 Promo]

The slightly mysterious and most likely artist-run imprint Zarkon Records is back with "2", the latest digital two track single cooked up by Zark. Put out on the circuit on October 10th, 2k22 the opening tune that is "2.1" provides a raw, grinding and monotonous take on strangely hypnotic, yet mostly uneventful Minimal Techno whereas the subsequent follow up "2.2" brings forth an outstandingly psychedelic take on retrofuturist, dubbed out Drexciyan sci-fi Ambient and therefore turns out to be our favorite cut on this one.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Lilly Joel Plays The Organ - Sybil Of The Rhine [Sub Rosa 537]

Released via the long standing label staple that is Sub Rosa on December 2nd, 2k22 is "Sybil Of The Rhine", the second full length album conceived and recorded by Lilly Joel Plays The Organ - a.k.a. the actual duo of Lynn Cassiers and Jozef Dumoulin which are tackling the music of Hildegard Von Bingen, plus two contemporary additions, within ten tracks rolled out over the course of 44 minutes in total. Approaching the 12th century compositions from an angle of pipe organ, voice and additional electronics Lilly Joel Plays The Organ bring forward a setting of comforting, low end-focused Dark Ambient drones and structures as a solemn foundation for a touching, ethereal vocal performance, a crystalline sphere of sound hovering beyond space and time, an enchanted relict of ancient mysticism and almost ecclesiastical beauty occupying a space right in the grey area between Ambient and (Neo)Classical music and therefore most likely resonating with fans of both genres - and well beyond - due to its well unique and captivating nature. Go check.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The D3VI7 - One World [Bang Le Dex 055 Promo]

Released on the digital circuit via Bang Le Dex as the labels cat.no. 055 on October 22nd, 2k22 is "One World", the latest full length album outing cooked up by German underground producer The D3VI7 who is coming at us with a total of ten brand new tracks with this one. Opening with "Time Consumer" we're drawn to the center of the dancefloor by some sparse, yet low end heavy UltraPhonk x PostDubstep hybrid vibes before "Briquette Machine" serves an uplifting, highly melodic overdose of precisely hitting Electro x Breakdance music, "Stinger" starts out with an ever swirling dubbed out motif before bringing on a pumping, well muscular HardHouse attitude backed by a heavyweight low end foundation and "One World" drifts off into trippy Ambient Techno x Ambient Trance territories sporting not only a plethora of warm pads and dreamy chords but also interestingly clumsy, somewhat wooden-sounding off kilter grooves which provide an unexpected layer of mind boggling rhythmic progression. Furthermore "Springbreak" serves an ever rolling, yet organic take on deep Techno garnished with shuffled hi-hats in overdrive mode, "Target" explores slightly distorted, BrokenBeat-driven Trance vibes for UK Bass-informed late night crowds whereas the "Earth View" provides a fast-paced and filter-heavy amalgamation of Future Tribal and spine-tingling Phonk for a change, garnished with deep and psychedelic vocal samples. Subsequently "The Last Morning" indulges in retrofuturist SciFi Ambient whilst "Children Of God" focuses on dry, yet spaced out The Hague-style Electro with a Drexciyan twist and the final cut that is "Vernon" closes on a meditative, yet ever floating Ambient Acid Trance tip tapping into the next level of human consciousness. Mostly excellent, this.

Monday, January 23, 2023

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 01/2k23

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Yannis Kyriakides - Amiandos [Unsounds 075]

Released via the two decades standing imprint that is Unsounds on January 15th, 2k23 is "Amiandos", the latest full length album effort by one of its founders - Yannis Kyriakides. Rolled out over the course of seven, partly well extended, pieces and a total runtime of almost 65 minutes the Amsterdam-based Greek composer sonically deals with the mining-related, political and colonial history of the island of Cyprus in a variety of ways, including the strangely comforting sound of reprocessed, synthesized Spoken Word fragments atop of vanishing electronic atmospheres in the opening "Side Of The Mountains" whereas crackly, vintage piano fragments and warped low frequency eruptions characterize the the subsequent "Thin Dust" and, in large contrast to those tender tones, "Cottonestone" brings forth an array of rhythmic, abrasive Digital Noize and cold, robotic somewhat Industrial-leaning Electronica layers. The 15 minutes spanning "A Ghost Of Spring" caters a tense arrangement of distant Field Recordings, looped flute microfragments and electronically generated Deep Listening Music further evolving into nervous, well unsettling and fast paced rhythm signatures accompanied by strange chirping bleeps of probably modular origin before the following "Empire Of An Empire" presents dramatic vintage news snippets as an introduction to complex, intricate layers of digital noises and tender atmospheric pads whereas "Enaerios" brings forth a most calming, almost angelic Ambient vision paired with eerie tape manipulation of choirs and what seem to be snippets of classical Greek music whilst the "A Secret Lake / One Million Voices" rounds things off with layers upon layers of otherworldly drones and a certain Dark Ambient x Cold Ambient attitude slightly reminiscent of works of the mysterious Dr. NoiseM for those in the know. Defo a well interesting journey for fans and followers of experimental electronic music, this album is.

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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Marta Mist - Eyes Like Pools [Sound In Silence 097]

The Greek Ambient staple Sound In Silence expands its artist roster effective of December 12th, 2k22 with "Eyes Like Pools" which marks the very first album release by the Bradford, UK-based collective known as Marta Mist on the label. With Gavin Miller a.k.a. Worriedaboutsatan and Sophie Green as core members the group caters a five track spanning sonic effort rolled out over the course of approx. 38 minutes, starting on a dreamy tip with the cascading harmonic piano sequences of "Godspeed, Little Doodle" which are surprisingly falling silent without any warning followed by "Always On", a well melancholic and yearning Ambient affair built upon a base of ominous bass drones nicely contrasted by sustained violins and ethereal pianos. With "Lie On Your Side" Marta Mist are catering a panoramic take on calm and comforting (Neo)Classical score arrangements for perfectly romantic moments before "I've Drawn You A May" amalgamates washed out pads, yearning background guitars and echoes of Clicks'n'Cuts-oriented rhythm signatures whilst the final cut "We've Business To Attend To" brings forth a slow moving stream of padded harmonies with a hint of rainy sunday afternoon melancholia for a closing. If both Ambient and (Neo)Classical arrangements are your thing this one is defo one to check out.

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Sascha Müller vs. LaiLaPool - Gut Für Mich [La Bomba Recordings 010]

Put out on the digital circuit via La Bomba Records as their cat.no. 010 on November 8th, 2k22 is "Gut Für Mich", the first ever collaborational single by long-standing producer Sascha Müller and LaiLaPool. Opening with "Gut Für Mich *Vocal Mix" the pair of artists caters a pumping, quite hard-hitting House groove paired with German lo-fi lyrics and a maximum amount of layered pads and harmonies somewhat reminiscent of late Ladomat 2000-releases as well as acts like Turner or Aroma whilst the so-called subsequent "Gut Für Mich *Main Mix", a purely instrumental cut, focuses on enchanting, ever cascading Balearic guitars and a proper melodic House vibe for extended dancefloor pleasure and therefore turns out to be our favorite version on offer here.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Mads Emil Nielsen - Black Box 3 [Arbitrary 014]

Once again put out on the circuit via his very own imprint that is Arbitrary is "Black Box 3", the latest, December 9th, 2k22-released album by Danish composer Mads Emil Nielsen. Spanning a total of six compositions rolled out over a total of 40 minutes, the original sound sources for the creation of this album were tracks created for both exhibit installations as well as contemporary dance performances, now reworked and re-edited to make up a coherent album piece as a singular work of art. Starting from a place of minimalist Dark Ambient paired with what seem to be atmospheric loops of Field Recordings and scattered Tribal drums to be found in "Installation - 2" we see Nielsen further progress into frosty gusts of icy winds alongside stripped down harmonic vintage synth progressions found in the ethereal off-world Ambient of "Untitled (Wind)" whereas "Climbing Plants" amalgamates captured cricket sounds, soft filtered sweeps and occasional tectonic rumbles in a well nocturnal, highly focused manner. The subsequent "Installation - 1" continues on a path of subdued, yet speaker-shaking drum pulses as a backbone for more sonic hyperminimalism which are followed by the naturalistic bliss of "Untitled (Branches)" taking you straight into your favorite grove of choice before "Vibrations" provides a closure built from tender low end movements, more crickets and what seems to be Field Recordings of subsurface waters, probably located in some humungous cave somewhere. If minimalist Deep Listening Music is your jam, this one is well worth your time and money.

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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Diminished Men - Damage Mecanique [2182 Recordings Company Promo]

Released via 2182 Recording Company on December 2nd, 2k22 is "Damage Mecanique", the latest full length album by the now trio that is Diminished Men who've been releasing their longplay debut all the way back in 2005. Now back with a new ten tracks and 47 minutes spanning album the Seattle-based trio, which gets a little additional percussion support by Gregg Keplinger on the closing cut "Spy", provides a complex and well muscular ride through trippy and unique instrumental cuts from the get go with especially "Wet Moon" sticking out due to its slightly stripped down and well dubbed out Psychedelia-approach slightly reminiscent of Vivien Goldman whereas the subsequent "Industry Standards" seem to be taken off the chiming (Neo)Cosmic score to some highly trippy retrofuturist and over the top space flic from the 70s, "Panopticon" fuses buzzing alarm signals with dystopian PostRock brutalisms and edgy Psychedelic Surf Rock energy, "Axial Tremors" comes down to an epic electric guitar solo accompanied by thundering beats before "The Five Agents" tap into noir'esque Dope Beat x Chemical Beats action and "A.E.", probably our favorite cut on this longplayer, presents a quasi-Tarantino'esque take on spine-tingling, hounded Desert Rock just to name a few. Good stuff.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Brad E. Rose - Annular Silhouettes [Room40 Promo]

Released via Australia's Room40-imprint on November 18th, 2k22 is "Annular Silhouettes", the new, roughly 43 minutes spanning one-track album piece cooked up by the ever busy producer x composer Brad E. Rose whose work has been released over the course of the past two decades under his own name as well as a literal gazillion of side projects and group offshoots. Now, Brad E. Rose dedicates an entire album to the process of continuous flow and ever progressing Ambient soundscapes, serving a tender, comforting and time-defying stream of misty harmonies, washed out pads and an overall feel of width and endlessness probably directly connected to Rose's home state of rural Oklahoma as he and his partner moved back to his original childhood quarters a good two decades ago and he refers to the theme of the album as '... a bit of a love letter to the place I grew up...' in the accompanying press sheet. This being said, "Annular Silhouettes" is a well valuable addition for every lover and collector of widescreen panoramic, yet rural Ambient out there. Go check.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

In Situ Ens. - Same Place [Cubus Records 377]

Released via the Bern-based avantgarde imprint Cubus Records on November 5th, 2k22 is "Same Place", the five compositions and 59 minutes spanning album release by the multinational six piece ensemble that is In Situ Ens.. Focusing on an electro-acoustic approach towards sonic exploration and impromptu creation of sonic landscapes the group presents a selection of highly detailed, buzzing, yet tender and multilayered textural arrangements of seemingly random, yet randomly structured sounds which evoke the feeling of the listener being somewhat of a passerby, only getting a quick auditory glimpse of a way bigger, somehow unfathomable scenario which includes sprinkles of jazzy piano ("9:18") as well as microtonal brass instruments, undefined sweeps and yearning, isolated tones whilst moving forward towards brittle drones and clanging metal pieces in "9:50" and even touching base with echoes of Post-PostRock and spine-tingling, yet comforting nocturnal ambience almost fading away to near-silence in the albums extended 20+ minutes main piece that is "24:33" before the concluding "8:02" erupts into semi Industrial-leaning Improv madness just to provide a very rough layout of what is to expect when entering the "Same Place" as In Situ Ens..

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Monday, January 16, 2023

The Green Kingdom - Voyager [Sound In Silence 096]

Released via the Greek Ambient x Deep Listening Music staple that is Sound In Silence Records on December 12th, 2k22 is "Voyager", the latest album outing by Michigan's Michael Cottone a.k.a. The Green Kingdom which in total is his third album recorded for the imprint. Venturing between soundscape and structure as the accompanying press sheet puts it Mr. Cottone caters a roughly 43 minutes spanning menu of twelve tracks in total which perfectly fall into the realm Sound In Silence occupies from the very first opening moments of "Geomancy" onwards which provides a landscape of lush, elegic strings and atmospheres alongside beautifully plucked guitars and subtle rhythms, followed by the calm and organic Indietronica x PostRock x ChillOut vibes of the "Uncanny Valley" which makes up for a perfect soundtrack for balearic sunset sessions. With "Gong's Lament" we're entering a slightly more ritualistic and meditative territory soundwise, the "Astral Companion" turns out to be the most friendly and caring Ambient being ever around whereas "Voyager" dabbles in calm, nocturnal minimimalism for a second before progressing into warm, romantic and admittedly slighty kitsch-y PianoAmbient for lovers, the "Sleepy Star" is as tender and nocturnal as its title might suggest whereas "Invinsible Oceans" ventures off into a certain instrumental song quality one might rather associate with the 80s than a contemporary release. Furthermore "Floating Islands" might give off the deepest, most classical Ambient vibe with its soft and tender pad pulses, "Perpetua" brings forth intimate, inward-looking and somewhat twangy guitar etudes and the closing "Glacierscape" once again drifts off into comforting Piano Ambient melancholia just to name a few. Defo a well suitable Sound In Silence Records release, this, even though it might be a little too sweet and sugary around the edges to enter the top tier of the labels catalogue.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

16.01.2023 baze.djunkiii presents Beyond TechHouse Vol. 14 @ CuttersChoiceRadio / London, UK (2300 GMT+1)

It's the year 2k23. Entering his fourth year of irregular broadcast transmissions aired via London-based station CuttersChoiceRadio baze.djunkiii makes a return to the British pirate radio x webradio circuit - once again on a super short note, yet armed with a shitload of heavy and seductive grooves in the mix. Get ready for a muscial ark spanning from classic MinimalFunk to pumping, muscular, yet well sexy House Music, enchanted (Neo)Trance and even occasional ecstatic Trance classics for all them oldschool ravers. Get locked.

Transmission will start at 2200 London time which makes it 2300 GMT+1 for the rest of continental Europe and whatever time it is in your specific area. Get locked!

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Carsharing Tapes]

file under: Minimal Funk / TechHouse / House / (Neo)Trance

transmission starts: 2300 GMT+1

get locked via CuttersChoiceRadio

UK + the global internet

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Black Ox Orkestar - Everything Returns [Constellation Records 169 Promo]

"Everything Returns". A well suitable title for the first full length album by Black Ox Orkestar in 16 - !!! - years. Making a return to their homebase that is the Canadian label Constellation Records on December 2nd, 2k22 with a total of nine cuts rolled out over the course of roughly 45 minutes the band, still featuring all its core and founding member after its re-formation in late 2k21, presents a new, yet still familiar take on traditional European Jewish Folk and Klezmer instrumentals as well as newly written songs, as usual sung in Yiddish as the initial starting point for the B.O.O. in the noughties was the urge of all band members to explore their Jewish heritage from a musical point of view. This being said and despite the album being held together by what can be described as an innate melancholia and touching beauty we're rather split on this album, gravitating towards the deep, more folksy and intimate cuts like "Tish Nign", "Perpetual Peace" or the slightly jazzy "Viderkol (Echo)" whilst other, rather obviously Klezmer-leaning cuts do not speak to us on a deeper level but might rather resonate with a target audience that has been brought up on a diet of traditional Jewish music - a phenomenon that seems to be rather common for any form of traditional music typical for a very specific group of ethnic or religious heritage that's not that widespread or widely listened to beyond the cultural confinements of this specific group of people. Yet, if deeply melancholic acoustic music is a thing you'd love to indulge in there's surely something to be found on this album.

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Friday, January 13, 2023

BJM Mario Bajardi - Vortex [self-released]

That's an approach we do approve of: artists taking their faith into their own hands, pulling their shit together and releasing their music on their own terms both physically and independently. This is exactly what BJM Mario Bajardi has done with "Vortex", basically the soundtrack to the artists 'SEE THE MUSIC - SEE THE MUSIC' project which, as an interdisciplinatory effort, involves both audio works and prints of formerly digital only art pieces. Focusing on the audio side of things the December 16th, 2k22-released album caters a total of twelve tracks rolled out over the course of 43 minutes, all based on the combination of electric violin and a various set of electronics, opening with the deep and bass heavy Electronica x ChillOut cut that is "Arp", a well floating affair presenting a curious, lovely synth melody alongside yearning, sustained tones whilst "Viper Drops" seems to dabble with being a twisted Skweee x Bass Music hybrid monster and "Varjant" - an early favorite, btw - brings in the most thrilling, ever morphing high tension bass sequence in what can be roughly described as a Goth Breaks bangor we've heard in a long time. Furthermore "Drunk" enters hypercompressed bass territories reminiscent of Neil Landstrumm's dabblings in Bass Music or even early works by the likes of Eprom, the subsequent "Bridge" fuses this approach with elements of Future Tribal, even heavier bass and a beauteous take on melancholia before the spatial, rather cosmic "Ballon" tackles the vastness of the universe vibewise and "Demode" fuses cascading (Neo)Cosmic synths with a widescreen cinematic SynthPop x Leftfield Pop attitude built upon an airy Downbeat foundation for a change. With "Transistor" we see BJM Mario Bajardi following a path of deep, chiming and mostly meditative Electronica x ChillOut , "K7" presents itself as a lively, yet enchanted and theatrical cut sporting a certain vintage aesthetic soundwise whereas "Scraping" fully enters the realm of Synth x (Neo)Cosmic and the concluding "Elogio Alla Folia" fuses thrilling Bass Music and multilayered Leftfield Pop for a spine-tingling closing. Proper space music, this. Get.

Album artwork on Instagram!

User22200148741 - Partial EP [User Recordings 043 Promo]

Incoming from the mysterious and well cryptic imprint User Recordings is the labels cat.no. 043, the September 13th, 2k22-released digital two track single crafted by User22200148741. Opening with "Partial Distrophy" we're taken into a hell'ish vortex of super distorted, hyper-compressed lo-fi AcidNoize on maximum overdrive settings riding irregular rhythm signatures immediately whilst the subsequent cut named "The Heart Of Africa" aims at dancefloors with a lo-fi variation of rolling Tribal x Progressive enriched with signature African chants, yet lacks a proper muscular punch to really set things off on a peak time dancefloor.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Kiki Bohemia & Sicker Man - Waiting For Wood [Blankrecords 035 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via Blankrecords on November 11th, 2k22 is "Waiting For Wood", the roughly 23 minutes spanning four track debut EP conceived by Kiki Bohemia and Sicker Man. Having crossed paths on a regular since 2006 when they first started to work on various live- or installation-focused joint ventures the duo opens the first official release with "Unfold", a dramatic take on washed out, amorphous, slightly off-kilter Ambient backed by fever'ish ritualistic drums buried deep within the mix and garnished with echoes of a Shoegaze x Drone Metal sensibility whereas the subsequent "Rumpy Riser" provides panoramic, emotional soundscapes and a certain Morricone'esque Giallo-feel paired with a more contemporary (Neo)Cosmic x Synth approach expertly crafted as a touching soundtrack for psychedelia-induced journeys into one's inner core. Furthermore "I Saw You Kiss The Lion's Ass" picks up on a similar note, yet drifts into a scenic fusion of enchanted Ambient and (Neo)Classical-leaning sequences before the closing cut named "Hissy Fit" is a rather yearning, deeply longing affair, sonically depicting the innate loneliness of a giant primordial space creature, drifting through dense galactic nebulae for aeons, always in search of companionship despite being the very last - and lost - of its kind. This is a trip.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Knarz Maschine - Ost Deutschland [Dancefloor Socialism 015 Promo]

Put out on the digital cicrcuit via the secretive Dancefloor Socialism-imprint as their cat.no. 015 on September 18th, 2k22 is "Ost Deutschland", a well recent and somewhat provocative single outing by the also well secretive and undercover project Knarz Maschine. Whilst the original version sees the intense, threatening and ever climaxing chorus of what seem to be East German soccer hooligans representing - or claiming? - their grounds in a stadium embedded in a well relentless, braincell-crushing Hardcore meets HardTechno fusion accompanied by a hyperagressive Acid line and a playful, curious 8bit melody the "Ost Deutschland *Cement Tea Remix" cooked up by Brazilian underground producer Cement Tea provides next level madness by turning the original tune into an ecstatic Crossbreed monster, opening on a most brutal Drum'n'Bass / Neurofunk tip before switching into full on 4/4 rapid fire mode. It's a war out there.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents Pure Garage & Silk Volume 2 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (29.12.2022)

Monday, January 09, 2023

Society Of Putting Things On Top Of Other Things - Game Changers [Umland Records 052]

Put out via the ever busy Essen-based imprint that is Umland Records on October 20th, 2k22 is "Game Changers", the first ever album by the Society Of Putting Things On Top Of Other Things which in fact is a multi-artist conglomerate comprised of Julia Brüssel, Florian Walter, Jan Klare, Maria Trautmann, Oliver Siegel and Achim Zepezauer. Following a multi-disciplinatory approach which combines the theoretical x scientific x academic aspect of musicology and an array of commissioned compositions exchanged within the multi-faceted group the ensembles firstling results in a total of ten - game changing ? - pieces rolled out over the course of roughly 48 minutes which are providing a wide ranging musical ark including a highly dynamic arrangement of multi-layered Jazz pulses in "Umland ECM" whereas the tender, yearning and carefully arranged, seemingly tempo changing textures of "Siedler" showcase a certain innate melancholia as well as an interesting take on retro-futurism when it comes to additional electronic, probably electro-acoustic or modular blips and bloops buried deep within the tunes background whereas "Paraletto" brings forth a playful, friendly and well curious Jazz attitude slowly drifting off into almost Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical realms, "Hoch 6" starts out on a climaxing brass drone tip before fully turning towards buzzing, hyper detailed Modern Classical meets Jazz aesthetics and back whilst the final, and well extended, cut interestingly named "Umdorfung" opens on a short Spoken Word excursion before exploring spine-tingling, nocturnal Jazz Noir realms and minimalist soundscapes garnished with more vocal cut ups and abstractions which, especially for the final sequence, turns out to be our favorite piece on this album. Interesting.

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Sunday, January 08, 2023

Tuleje - Ciche Miejsca [Gusstaff Records]

Released via Gusstaff Records on November 18th, 2k22 is "Ciche Miejsca", the very first album outing by Polish trio Tuleje which sets out to conserve and interprete a set of eight traditional Folk songs from villages like Babiak, Osiek Wielki and Kramsk for a new - and probably previously unaware - audience in a well traditional manner based on vocals, double bass and drums only and therefore presenting a new aspect tackled by the label. Presenting a sonic ark ranging from raw and acoustic to dramatic, muscular and highly captivating in cuts like "Dziczka" to even heavily (Blues)Rock-leaning structures in "Witulka" whilst "Paproc" enters nebulous, mystical trails of shoegazing, Ritual Ambient-leaning enchantement and the second to last cut "Wisnia" serves a backing of fast-paced, yet surprisingly subdued and fever'ish drums and minimal guitars for a dynamic, touching vocal performance just to name a few. One for the explorative and well curious listern, this one is.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, January 07, 2023

ErikM & Hanatsumiroir - Echoplasme [Bisou Records 017]

New on Bisou Records is "Echoplasme", the November 2k22-released album collaboration created by ErikM and the Hanatsumiroir ensemble which are rolling out their shared sonic narrative over the course of roughly 40 minutes and a total of 13 pieces on this longplayer which is basically comprised of a minimalist interplay of contrabass, flute, electronics, percussions, fragmented Field Recordings and occasional vocal bits falling together in a dark'ish, haunted and eerie manner, providing a feel of unease whilst shifting the listeners senses into high alert mode with warped and warbled voices - check especially "Kurai - Sombre - Loop", "Yamauba" and "Kowaikoto - Chose Effrayante" for spine tingling examples here - , undefined scrapings, clangings and danger heralding atmospheres, partially touching base with DarkAmbient whilst cuts like "Yama-uba" provide more of a fever'ish, primordial melange of the highest intensity and the final cut that is "Arikoda" rounds things up on a calmer, Ambient-informed, yet not necessarily fully comforting sonic tip. Defo one well suitable sonic backdrop for spooky campfire ghost stories or hours spent reading blood-curdling books of ancient origin. Recommended.

Friday, January 06, 2023

Filippo Orefice - Kalaima [Aut Records 087]

Released via the ever busy Aut Records label as their cat.no. 87 on November 22nd, 2k22 is "Kalaima", the actual album debut by a new Jazz trio led by Filippo Orefice who, in conjunction with his fellow contributors Fabrizio Puglisi and Marco D'Orlando, serves a total of 12 new cuts rolled out over roughly 46 minutes on this longplay piece. Combining piano and drums with tenor sax and clarinet whilst forgoing the omnipresent bass entirely the trio creates a playful, yet astoundingly deep and explorative take on top tier Jazz which isn't shying away from busy, complex solo excursions alongside echoes of what could be described as film noir-informed influences - and possibly Ragtime... - in pieces like "Triogramma" whereas bits like "Gurken" see the three artists at their liveliest, and probably most seductive, before "Transitions" takes us a down a deeper, late night Jazz-leaning alley followed by the highly romantic attitude of "Theme for Bebe", the more muscular and beefy "Uzio" whereas the concluding "La Bestia" caters a well interesting interplay of dramatic eruptions and lively well intertwined harmonies for a grand finale just to name a few.

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Thursday, January 05, 2023

New Kultur Am Fliessband Mixtape: Pure Garage & Silk Volume 3 presented by baze.djunkiii

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Colin Stetson - Chimaera I [Room40 Promo]

Another fresh one released via the ever active Australian imprint Room40 is Colin Stetson's "Chimaera I" which hit the shelves on November 11th, 2k22. Comprised of two extended pieces, "Orthrus" and "Cerberus" alongside their respective so-called 'Reduction' variants, Stetson's new album tackles the droning possibilities, and extremes, of the saxophone as his instrument of choice, resulting in a glacial, reverberating and low end-focused stream of sound, paired with eerie, outerworldy ghost choirs and a buzzing, flickering deadness given of by halfway functional neon lights shining over the hostile atmosphere of some long time abandoned deep space outpost, a place where emaciated metal space spiders creep, unfathomable voids lurk and icey geysirs cover entire planetary regions in swaths of methane mist, providing a shimmering, yet deadly atmosphere only dimly lit by the rays of a twin star system at the center of a galaxy far far away. This being said, if you need the score for a dystopian space epos in your Ambient x DarkAmbient vinyl collection this one is an album to add for a reason. Excellent stuff.

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Spill - Mycelium [Corvo Records 022]

Released via the Berlin-based avantgarde imprint Corvo Records on October 9th, 2k22 is "Mycelium", the latest full length album release by Magda Mayas and Tony Buck under their shared musical alias that is Spill. Having developed their joined artistic approach over the course of two decades the duo caters a roughly 43 minutes spanning journey, presenting a total of four new compositions which further explore their musical angle on piano and drums whilst branching out towards other instruments as well. The result is a stripped down, deeply nocturnal, somewhat minimal DarkJazz leaning atmosphere in the albums main opening cut "Aerate" which slightly exceeds the 23+ minutes mark, catering an array of sparse and floating piano threads of growing intensity rolled out over a complex, brooding rhythmic fundation whilst the subsequent "Pure", even though employing a similar approach, seems to lend itself more to the taste of Dark Ambient than DarkJazz lovers. Furthermore "Patina" brings forth a calming, comforting and certainly more melodic take on Minimal FutureJazz whereas the concluding "Residue" loses itself in well romantic piano etudes, perfectly rounding off this journey on a peaceful and dreamy tip.

Monday, January 02, 2023

Erik Grisworld - Sunshowers [Room40 Promo]

Released via the Australian Room40 imprint on October 7th, 2k22 is "Sunshowers", the latest album release by piano player x composer Erik Grisworld who sets out to explore the depths of his instrument within three extended pieces - and one additional edit. Opening with "Out Of The Heart Of Light" Grisworld provides a fascinating, meandering and somewhat even krautsy take on rapidly hammered midrange keys which kinda dissolve into a glistening, ever shifting drone of roughly 15 minutes length whereas "Ghosts" focuses on what could be described as the exact opposite approach with a series of insular piano chords fading away and decaying into near silence, only accompanied by the pianos amplified mechanical movements. Furthermore we see the title track "Sunshowers" hark back to the initial idea of fast-paced piano playing techniques, this time taking on a well enchanted angle and mysticism before the "Sunshowers *Edit" boils the essence of this extended piece down to a chiming, condensed 04:30 minutes version for advanced late night radio shows and similar occasions. Brittle and beautiful.

Sunday, January 01, 2023

baze.djunkiii Charts 01/2k23

01. Various Artists - Boy Records: Timeless Technology 1988 - 1991 [Mecanica 036]
What a massive flashback this 4xLP compilation set provides. The Polish label Mecanica takes on the back catalogue of the seminal Bad Kreuznach-based imprint Boy Records - probably one of the most influential labels in terms of early German Techno, NuBeat, Agreppo, Proto-Rave and everything in between - and condenses it down into a 24 track strong best of x all star setting, covering the labels formative years from 1988 to 1991 and therefore making this one a must have for everyone interested in the history and development of electronic club music in Germany featuring essential cuts like Hypnopedia "Hypnopedia *The Hypnotic Mix", Cybex Factor "Die Schöpfung", Deep Thought "Jugendklang", Intact "Acts Of Sensation", Time Modem "Werkzeug Eines Fernen Willens", New Scene "Tonight" and many more which rocked both Industrial- / EBM-leaning as well as emerging Techno-dancefloors at the time of their initial release and inception and are still able to send shivers down our spine more than 30 years later. A killer trip down memory lane.

02. We Smile - Remixes [Couldn't Care More]
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03. Cucina Povera - Tuhka [Infinite Greyscale 015]
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04. Various Artists - Mischpoke #1: Remix 12" [Hauch Records 023]
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1000 - Spielt OCJ [Umland Records 058]

Released via Essen's ever active Umland Records label as their cat.no. 058 on September 23rd, 2k22 is "1000 Spielt OCJ", the latest album outing put together by the 2004-formed group 1000 which here operates as a quartet setting comprised of Jan Klare, Bart Maris, Wilbert De Joode and Michael Vatcher. Presenting a total of 12 brand new cuts rolled out over the course of roughly 53 minutes, one portion of those recorded live at Peitz Jazzfestival in September of 2k21 whilst the other portion being studio recordings captured in Gent later the same year, the quartet provides a playful, intricate and deeply intertwined, yet well buzzing perspective on Jazz, with layered reed / brass melodies chasing eachother on top of complex rhythm signatures whilst tunes like "Towering Rock Melody Secluded Orchid" enters a state of deep, yearning melancholia, "Hna Lone Tha" tackles a traditional composition from Myanmar, "Start Flow" serves a short burst of subdued melodies and hypercomplex drums whereas both "Untranscendable" and "Humming Bee" even transcend into what could be described as a jazzed out take of Delta Blues just to pick a few. One for dedicated Jazz afficionados, this.

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