Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Phutyle - Rave 91-92

Closing the year with probably one of the best Rave / Oldskool mixes I've come across in a while. Biggin up the man Phutyle for this one!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Poèmes Electroniques feat. Monsieur Fleury & Christof (Trailer v2.3)

Full movie due in Spring 2015. Watch out.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sascha Müller - 40 Tracks for 40 Days [Super 6 Records]

Well, this one has been out on the circuit for quite a while - Sascha Müller's birthday present to himself when he turned 40 earlier this year and a free download gift to 200 of his fans which is now available via all good download shops. As the title suggests we see a large fourty track strong bundle of music here that accumulates approximately five full hours of sound, fresh and previously unreleased from the jam-packed archives of Mr. Müller. Opening with a deep, dubby and pretty hypnotic MinimalTechno piece named "Die Geschichte Wird Sich Wiederholen" and going further into this field with "Das Spiel" we see a matured artist exploring and championing new challenges before he's hitting our eardrums with some jacking AcidHouse in "Platicine" - a tune that pays homage to the early Chitown scene for a reason. In "Sumpomat" we see some experimental, repetetive and well robotic Noize and machine loops providing a quite claustrophobic experience stretched out over nearly nine minutes whilst the thirteen minutes of "Atmospheric Science" draw us deeply into the realms of subaquatic Deep Listening and Ambient. More classic Chicago Acid is to be found in "Work That Line" before we skip a few - high quality - tracks only to see unprocessed percussions and seductive chords send punters to heaven in the oldskool'ish and raw ClonkHouse workout called "Finally Bass". "Bambi" offers quite a thrilling combination of strange classical loops layered on top of deep, tense, crime scene minimalism, before "GO GO" exemplifies the existence of a genre named PsychoAcid perfectly. "Hard Shaking" goes back to the sweet seduction of multilayered 303s in AcidHouse, "Atrauma" turns out to be the first real Techno banger with bassdrums as hard as solid steel and well reminiscent to the specific dark Rave experience once provided by classic anthems like "The House Of House" or "Can You Feel The Baze?" and "Insektenfalle" is speeding things up to the max, causing dancefloor mayhem amongst all those loving their Acid psyched out and shrieking. With  "White Noise Drop Out" we see a dark, dry and well-twisted Experimental Breakbeat excess going down which is best played out in a decayed and run down industrial environment, the "Nagano Alien" sends Intelligent Armchair Electro transmissions to outer space and  "Ach Nee" combines Intelligent Techno minimalism with robotic noise sweeps, short synth stabs, clicking surface noises and a tripping tongue-in-cheek attitude when it comes to the abuse of twisted vocal samples. Intense, cinematic Ambient is the theme of "Take A Ride", "The Alien In The Pocket" serves more cold and abstract extraterrestrial communication signals, "Schiebend Fahren" is on a rolling Minimal House tip again and with the high-octane "Sonic Fiction" we see a super sweet DiscoHouse groove ruling primetime sets for a reason. Those appreciating their Techno fast and ravey will be pleased by the sonic assault named "Fussel" that's about to set bodies in motion with some killer stabs and breakdowns and so will "Turn That Up", a positive, bubbling and car horn-sporting AcidHouse anthem for all jackers out there. The thrilling "Das SETI Projekt" combines floating synth melodies  with futuristic Electro beats to great result whilst "Undead" stretches out over approx. 21 minutes for a journey into Drone and haunting Dark Ambient realms and "Save The Music" brings back the Tribal in Techno although it seems like the proper bass got lost somehow along the way as this tune clearly shows a lack of punch. Fans of hard bangin' Techno will see shivers running down their spine when listening to the massive "Break Your Mind", "A Night In Bangkok" lifts the underground Trance crowd to new heavens and "Feed Jack" amalgamates sharp hi-hat works, bubbling Acid, tender chords and intense bass Phonk for the late night House crew. More freeflowing musical vibes are to be found in the AcidTrance tribute "Physical War" and the final, hyperdigital "Trikkles" perfectly emulates what was once filed under the flag of Clicks'n'Cuts, restructuring the sound of the digital communication age to build something (advanced) dancefloor friendly. A huge compilation of tunes for sure that's highly recommended not only due to its excellent execution but also due to its stylistic variety. Well done.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Johann Johannson - The Theory Of Everything Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Back Lot Music Promo]

Just on screen in German cinemas for a few days only is "The Theory Of Everything", the movie and love story based upon the life of the great scientist we all now as Mr. Stephen Hawking. And although we haven't been to the movies yet to see this flic the original motion picture soundtrack has been sitting in our P.O. box just recently, a score written by the Icelandic composer Johann Johannson who's also been on score duties for the film "Prisoners" in 2013 and furthermore released on highly respected label like 4AD, Touch and Ash International amongst others throughout the past twelve years. As the movie plot seems to be dealing with love, affection, romance and tenderness instead of focusing on the scientific side of Stephen Hawking's well-documented life it's not much of a surprise that Johann Johannson's approach to the score is focusing on classical elements like the use of simple piano melodies and large, yet softened string arrangements played by an orchestra setup minus the whole drum and brass section to a sweet, sugar coated effect that leaves not much room for drama and surprising changes - apart from the use of acoustic guitar in "Forces Of Attraction" - which is intended. With this choice and approach Johannson works in the tradition of many score writers from the very early days of cinema onwards, no matter if their work was crafted for real movies or animated ideal world movies where everything ends up in a happy-go-lucky finale, which will be well appreciated by soundtrack collectors and the largest part of the movies target audience longing for this specific kind of musical  beauty, especially throughout the quiet, calm and love-filled time at the the end of the year. But still, as a stand alone album "The Theory Of Everything" might be seen as a little too kitsch-loaden and Easy Listening even sometimes touching the borders of so-called elevator music in our verdict.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mike Skinner Ltd - The Car That Drives Itself

No matter if Mike Skinner stopped rappin' and telling tales under his The Streets alias. He still remains a great story teller and even dealing with a more technical topic like self-driving cars he's got that specific flow, wit and certain rhythm to his voice all his fans loved for a reason in his game changing project. Looking forward to the next episode for sure.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Etienne De Crecy presents Super Discount 3 [Pixadelic Promo]

Well, even if one's not necessarily digging the so-called FrenchTouch in House music there's no doubt about the fact that Etienne De Crecy and his Super Discount-project have been somewhat of a game changer in the past, introducing the filtered frenchie sound to the world in 1997 and then turning things into a more uptempo madness with the second volume in 2004. A decade has passed since then but now is the time for "Super Discount 3" - a much discussed  album these days and, when it comes to our verdict, the best Super Discount ever. Starting out with the polished 80s melody featured in the super slick club cut "Night (Cut The Crap)" before serving an innocent, yet impeccable piece of Plastic Pop sporting a hookline that's about to be stuck in your brain for ages ("You feat. Madeline Follin") is quite a clever move to set things straight within less than nine minutes, introducing the stylistic landmarks this album is about to present. The following "WTF with Pos & Dave" can be seen as Miami Vice-referencing 2k14 update on HipHouse whilst the hyper-ironic "Hashtag My Ass" brings large amounts of glitz and discoid vibes for a pheromone driven late night crowd and the "Smile"-named collaboration with long time companion Alex Gopher  lives up to its name, spreading nothing but cosy, positive energy - one to be loved by each and every punter but also a tune that might get a bit annoying after a while as every DJ and their mother is about to play this one on heavy rotation. Pop makes a big return when Mr. Crecy teams up with Tom Burke in "Sunset", a tune that serves raw, clap-heavy beats and super epic vocals with a slightly psychedelic and well-acidic twist. Mad filter works are included as well. Speeding things up on the dancefloor is "Amazing", a conjunctional effort with Julien Delfaud that's about to please all lovers of cowbell-emulating, percussive stabs and a surprising melancholia nicely contrasting the tracks uptempo foundation before tender Electronic Funk takes over in "Follow with Kilo Kish". All those appreciating a proper dose of kitsch in electronic music will love their "Love" right although this tune's are a little too candy-coated for us and so is "Family with Baxter Dury", a final trip to Discoland catering some proper guitar licks and a fair bit of Funk alongside sugary strings and super softened female vocals. Leaving alone the last two tracks it seems like this one is a good and highly recommendable one. Check!

Extasis - Zechenloe Mastermixes 06/90

This is a tape mystery that has been sitting in our postbox most recently. Obviously a promotional mixtape from back in days revived or a clever fake for a reason as the tape cover refers to an ominous DJ Wolfi Bernreuther no-one has ever heard of before, living in an even more dubious city named Drübnitz (Kelm) that is not to be found on any map. But no matter what, these so-called mastermixes are good fun for all lovers of  AcidHouse, Hip- and EuroHouse, ItaloDisco and early NuBeat-influenced Frankfurt Techno. Bringing in all the hits of that era alongside quite a bunch of lesser known but still fascinating tunes in a nostalgia-evoking sound quality of a slightly worn out cassette the "Zechenloe Mastermixes 06/90" perfectly reflect on the sound of mixtape culture flourishing in the wild and exploding dance & DJ scene of the very late 80s and early 90s, an era of raw sound and endless euphoria that is the foundation of all what we we call electronic dance music today. Lovely!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dr. NoiseM - Harsh X-Ray (Official Video)

Heavy cut-up Industrial Breakcore Noize released as a limited to 23 copies edition on floppy disk via the mysterious imprint Dr NoiseM Tapes. Do not watch this video if you're suffering from epilepsy as it might trigger attacks.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Impressions from #lsb_TV #34

These three screencaps might give a brief idea of the impressive set up we had at the Alex Berlin TV studio while broadcasting the 34th #lsb_TV show. A nice 6 hours ride with all the musical fam and a few new membes of the crew. Extra props go out to Mr. Uli Sigg for the most amazing visual work!

For all the trainspotters out there here is an alphabetical list of all records used throughout baze.djunkiii's exploration of Ambient and Illbient realms.

Andrew Thomas - Hushhh [Kompakt 105]
Audiokollektiv - Musik Für Dein Erstes Rendezvous [TAD 003]
Cass. - Loops & Farewell Sketches [Shhhh... Records]
K.O.T. - 1991 - 1998 [K.O.T.]
Leandro Fresco  - Amor Internacional [Kompakt 069]
Loops Of Your Heart - And Never Ending Nights [Magazine 005]
Masayoshia Fujita & Jan Jelinek - Bird, Lake, Objects [Faitiche 003]
Nuel - Trance Mutation [Further Records]
ø - Syväys [Sähkö Records]
Slope - Slope [Interference Records  Whitelabel]
Tangerine Dream - Sorcerer O.S.T. [MCA Records]
Tattva - Rhythms Of Jala [Interference Records Berlin Whitelabel]
Wolfgang Voigt - Rückverzauberung 6 [Magazine 007]

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dr. NoiseM - Reset My Pain [T.R.U.P. Rec 037]

A late arrival from the Russia-based, CDr-focused diy-imprint T.R.U.P. Rec is this April 2014-released two track piece crafted by the still mysterious Dr. NoiseM operating sonic assaults under his remarkable "Fuck melody I want shit music!" slogan. With the first, 37-minute spanning track "Pain Disordered Reality" the unknown doctor starts things with fragile, atmospheric drones and a few, not melodic yet harmonic tones which are heavily interrupted by bass-focused distorsion signals, digital clicks and strange glitches consisting of seemingly timestretched scratch moves. As the track continues these early elements are heavily vandalized by elements consisting of clipping filters and feedback loops, wooden clonks, corrupted voice echoes as well as harsh Rhythm Industrial, quirky lo-fi bleeps, sliced bassdrums and other non-musical elements providing a physically demanding but still well-hypnotic evolution in unpleasant and irritating sound that finally finds it's short climax in a short Noize eruption and perturbing sirens taking over. The second, only 8 minutes long, piece on this one is the title track "Reset My Pain" is quite the opposite of chaos, a highly defined, hyperdigital Phonk for augmented realities, Borg-raves, twisted scratch machines and breakdance robots fallen for Clicks'n'Cuts and other musical output built from unheard, hidden sounds of the digital age. Recommended.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Geko ft. Mubzy & Spenriko - It's Real

Street shit? Street shit. We're locked on UK HipHop.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sascha Müller pres. The Flow (Soundtrack)

And now to something completely different. The man Sascha Müller, known for his prolific, high quality work in the field of mostly Acid and Techno as well as for curiously branching out in his explorations of other musical realms has turned his headz towards stage art, providing the soundtrack for a theatrical play named "The Flow" that was staged in the German city of Münster recently. Although we haven't seen the play yet the 47 minutes of soundtrack  / stage music comprises of elements like Tango, BigBeat, Computer Game Sound in conjunction with Asian elements, classic Electro, Breakdance music, Deep Listening Ambient and - of course - sparse abstract, robotic Techno that's surprisingly sporting heavy EDM / Brostep basslines providing an intense contrast of full-on energy and a skeletal structure. Especially the electroid masterpiece named "Basketball" is a tune that is well remarkable, featuring all the right ingredients to be featured in a future sequel to Dave Clarkes seminal "X-Mix: Electro Boogie" if there's one to be some day and possibly one of the best, emotionally complex tunes in Sascha Müller's back catalogue of thousands of tunes released and produced throughout his career. That guy is still exploring new paths and we gotta give him thumbs up for that - great work!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mus.hiba - White Girl [Noble Label Promo]

Just released via the Tokyo-based Noble Label is "White Girl", the debut album of the Japanese producer mus.hiba who's been able to gather some attention due to his use of artificial voices singing on top of his cloudy, intimate and melodic Electronica pieces  since his first Soundcloud uploads in 2011. Generated from a free vocal library the crystalline, super fragile lyrics bring in a special kind of hyper synthetic melancholia that could well stem from one of the countless Japanese manga series telling tales of white knights, lost love and romanticism in a universe far far away whilst the electronic foundation is swinging back and forth between Skweee, Beatmaker electronics, intimate Downtempo- as well as even Leftfield Pop moments and - in parts - a deep, more abstract and slightly fragmented Juke-reminiscing feel that takes the genre to unknown yet soft-spoken territories. With "Doll" we find the most fascinating tune on "White Girl", an abstract, Piano-featuring piece of Space Ambient / Intelligent Electronics with sparse, skeletal beats and a robotic sci-fi twist whilst the follow up "Moonlight" is one of the most caressing pieces in electronic music we've come across throughout the past months. Finally fans of slow jams will be well fond of the closing "Hitori" waving farewell as a glockenspiel-sporting, heartfelt ballad for lovers of Manga Pop Futurisms. Otaku's will love it. For sure.

Monday, December 15, 2014

20.12.2014 #lsb_TV 34 broadcasted via Alex.TV / Berlin

6 hours experimental electronic music & visuals.

midnight to sunday morning 6 am
central european time

broadcasted on Alex Berlin TV / Berlin terrestrial radio & webstream

full show lineup:

monsieur fleury feat. christof

uli sigg 
jammin unit

daniel katzenstab 
dr walker

hendrik mokry

datis 5 L

webstream here...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Whitehouse Performed By Zeitkratzer [Zeitkratzer Records 0017 Promo]

The ever busy Zeitkratzer collective, originally founded by Reinold Friedl in 1997, set sails for a new musical adventure, a new recording, which took place at the festival Music Action in Nancy / France where the nine piece group performed their interpretation of music originally created by the legendary Industrial group Whitehouse, led by William Bennett who is joining Zeitkratzer on vocals in the opener "Daddo" here. And although the use of  instruments like violin, violoncello, piano, clarinet, french horn and others might suggest the sound of a proper orchestra we're still talking about the music of Whitehouse here, a name and band being synonymous for unrest and unsettledness, for discomfort and unpleasuring intensity, both in musical performance and with regards to content and political message, that still remains shocking to a majority of people and even with a good amount of experience in intense, experimental music some of the darkness and evil unveiled might be hard to bear - especially the last two minutes of the opener are a good example for this lyrical phenomenon. With the second track "White Whip" hypnotic, Didgeridoo-like dronings meet nervous, super high frequency swirls, explosions and Noize eruptions all over the stereo field whilst soft strings try to pave their way through the vast chaos. In the slurping "Foreplay" sirens meet dark, drooling, highly degenerated creatures ready for actions one is not recommended to think about and the screamingly intense, strident tones of "Incest" in combination with classical, near-Ambient strings and utterly mad male vocal emissions can surely be seen as depiction in sound when it comes to the act of forced incest with minors, speaking child rape - the tortured souls fleeing from pain and abuse of any kind. Finally the fevering, ritual interpretation of "Fanatics" seems to evoke ancient fears of mankind, bringing in slow drum pulses, demonic hissing and spiralling insect-like noises that leave no doubt about the fact that something huge and well-ominous is lurking somewhere in the dark corners of the usually tutelary cave. Do not play this to minors! They might  be harmed.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rasmus Fisker - Hydra [Clang 021 Promo]

Just released on 24th of November via Clang is "Hydra", the debut album of the Denmark-rooted artist / producer Rasmus Fisker and a ten track longplay piece pleasing those being into - slighty organic - Ambient structures, deep listening electronics and Clicks'n'Cuts based aesthetics alike.  From the deep, introvert, pure and possibly Jazz-infused Piano Ambient "Interlude" to the surely Clicks'n'Cuts schooled, dulcimer (?) featuring and partially distorted Indietronics piece "Hemis" via the albums title track that fuses calm, foggy and slowly floating structures with quirky, hyperdigital distortions heavily disrupting the original flow the musical journey goes, including fragile crystal Drones shoegazing on top of dubby, digital structures like in "Enter" or the contemplative yet buzzing contrast to be found in the nice, classy Electronica work of "Sleep Patterns" which is to be picked as our personal favorite here. Based on the impression of these few tracks alone, followed by more of a similar kind of class, one can easily tell that Rasmus Fisker is one of the producers to watch out for if one's missing the timeless, tender yet experimental approach that seemed to be common sense in the Electronica scene of the late 90s and early 00's but for some reason faded whilst making way for what's now called Beatmaker or GlitchHop music. We like.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Damian Marley - Make It Bun Dem X Double Trouble (Blessed Coast)

Heavy mashup. Kills a soundbwoy. Rewind!

Monday, December 08, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2014

01. Various Artists - Acid Trax [Trax Records]
Killer album and an appreciated reunion with many beloved classics that were on heavy rotation all throughout my early rave years, now remastered and re-issued. Although being hooked on electronic music and especially AcidHouse from a primary school age onwards naturally I learned about the very early underground days of the whole movement a little later and especially the "Best Of Acid" box set put out by Mahesh Bajaj's former UK-based Low Price Music in 1994 introduced quite a lot of dry, uncompromising Chicago Acid Trax to my younger self. It was this box which included - apart from many others - all eight tunes originally featured on Trax Records' "Acid Trax" compilation from 1987 like Phuture Pfantasy Club's "Got The Bug", Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks' "Two The Max" and more - all tracks essential and formative in my musical history so this 2014 reissue is nothing but a must have to me. 110 % recommended.  

02. Push / Pull - Bang The Drums [Rush Hour]
Re-releases and represses of classic electronic music albums are ruling things these days and this one is no exception. Originally released via the US-based House label Gertie Records back in 1990 and resurrected via Rush Hour we see Ben Cenac a.k.a. Cozmo D, also member of projects like Newcleus and Dream 2 Science, on a proper House tip, surfing the organic wave whilst using a load of real instruments alongside samples of so-called ethnic heritage and tribalistic chants in these six tracks. Also it's well interesting to see how HipHouse influenced the music of "Push/ Pull" still is although only the title track "Bang The Drums" is featuring the voice of an MC spitting rhymes, as this musical phenomenom was not that present as it used to be in the years prior to 1990. For collectors like myself this one is a nice snapshot of an era for sure, although the use of sounds and samples is clearly old fashioned and not necessarily still relevant today nor is the album a clear must have. Still good,though.

03. Eau Rouge - Eau Rouge  [AdP Records Promo]
Check interview for details... 

04. F.T.G. N'Friends [Skylax Records 138]
House Music at its very best - dark, brooding, high octane-fueled, raw as fuck and the first track is sporting one of the best vocal samples ever, taken from the movie "Carlito's Way". There's no doubt that these tunes are about to stand the test of time.

05. Fagottmädchen - Albu. [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 006 Promo]
Check review for details...

06. Tlic - The Inaccessible EP [Minor Label 030]
Another fresh one on the ever active Leipzig-based Minor Label which is home to the well-mysterious producer Tlic, serving five tracks of Unformatted Techno and other experimental electronics on the smoke marbled, limited to 222 copies 12". With cryptic track names written in Telugu and Kannada script language little information is given about the tracks real intentions but the ancient tribal-references and post apocalyptic photos of architecture can be seen as signposts undeniably leading into very dark and feverish realms. Recommended for fans of Autechre or Monolake as well as to those loving their electronic music being served pretty cold and sterile.

07. Various Artists - Four Jacks Vol. 2 [Poker Flat Recordings 154 Promo]
Celebrating their 15th anniversary with a series of 12" releases, both resurrecting classics from the back catalogue in new remix versions as well as adding new tunes from fresh artists to the labels roster this is the second of four singles from that series released on Poker Flat Recordings these days. Including a stripped down Sebo K remix of John Tejada's seminal "Sweat (On The Wall)" and a deep, dubbed out rework of Daniel Dexter's "No House For Old Men" the A-side is about to please all lovers of the more classic Poker Flat Recordings signature sound whilst Josh Wink is riding the Acid wave again with his "Groove" featuring a well special kind of humour when it comes to one-off sample use and Anaxander's "A Place To Go" brings in a bit of 'troity late night melancholia.

08. Various Artists - Four Jacks Vol. 3 [Poker Flat Recordings 155 Promo]
More Poker Flat Recordings anniversary sounds are to be found on Part 3 of the labels' "Four Jacks"-series with Audiofly's stripped down relick of Argy's "Love Dose" slightly distorting the well-known melody on top of a groovy, skeletal foundation for deeply hypnotized audiences whilst the second repolished classic is Martin Landsky's uber-hit "Reject" which is dubbed by Joeski with a crowd of fired up TechHouse lovers in mind. On the flip we see Mark Henning, a new addition to the labels artist roster, exploring warm, organic and ever embracing bass waves with a seductive twist in his "Mad Half Hour" before Dario D'Attis "96000" fuses raw, minimal House with tripping Acid modulations to a nice spiralling effect.

09. Various Artists - Four Jacks Vol. 4 [Poker Flat Recordings 156 Promo]
The final chapter of Poker Flat's "Four Jacks"-series brings back one of the labels biggest hits in a new version - Trentemøller's "Always Something Better" remixed by DJ Tennis & Mind Against. And although I'm not the biggest fan of the original as I only started to embrace Trentemøller's music when he turned towards the more guitar side of things this new, atmospheric and slightly straightened version will work pretty well for very deep late night sessions or balearic terrace sets. Speeding things up into more technoid territories Ejeca is taking care of Chardronnet vs. Afrilounge's "Shake It", bringing in a spiralling hook and sharp, galopping well demanding hi-hats that are about to be greeted with loads of love when hammered into a hyped crowd - nothing but a primetime banger this is. Flipping the disc to side B1 will unveil John Tejada & Justin Maxwell on a twisted, well stripped down Acid trip named "All We Know" - and seemingly they know a lot about how certain chemicals might warp time and space, at least they know how to morph a 303 line right whilst Kindimmer's "Tremor" turns out to be a deep, melodic and kind romantic vision of TechHouse, a perfect closing track after a long night out.

10. Killawatt - Convoys EP [Run Out Run 005]
This is what I call a solid 12 for tool loving jocks. Four tracks with A1 and B1 being straightforward Techno for primetime abuse, A2's "Ball And Socket" serving twisted Broken Techno bringing in a massive, uberly cold, electroid sci-fi bassline and the final "Sinkhole" on B2 fusing dark, monotonous Techno with killer basslines heavily influenced by Speed- and Breakbeat Garage. Blam!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Hainbach - Song Of The Sea (Official Video)

What a cute and lovely animation video for Hainbach's "Song Of The Sea", taken from his latest album "The Heat". Watch!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

What The Hell Are You Doing ? [Full Time Hobby Promo]

Reaching a two-digit anniversary is quite an achievement for a label these days, in times of digital / streaming takeovers and still decreasing sales per release, especially when this specific label is not focusing on like hit music only but going into niche territories and allowing artists to evolve and unfold free of commercially lead restrictions. Such a label is the London-based imprint Full Time Hobby which is celebrating its tenth anniversary with the release of "What The Hell Are You Doing?" a 2CD album chronologically reflecting upon the labels history throughout the past decade. Going from the labels early days with Viva Voce's raw Garage Rock turning intimate Indie song "Alive With Pleasure" and Autolux' drum roll heavy "Turnstile Blues" pleasing those loving a neat dose of distortion and Grunge, anthemic, tongue-in-cheek Weirdo Folk catered by the well-admirable Tunng via badgering, hard flangered Indie sporting heavy brass sections - see Malcolm Middleton's "We're All Going To Die" for this one - to thrilling Wave / PostPunk affairs with Fujiya & Miyagi's "Knickerbocker" the first CD of this set covers the period from 2004 to 2009, closing with The Leisure Society's "The Last Of The Melting Snow" - an intimate piece that exemplifies the labels musical turn towards more acoustic and Folk-related releases.

With Timber Timbre catering the opener of CD2 named "Demon Host" we're entering the spheres of fully acoustic Alt.Country as some might name this musical genre, followed by classic Beat- and Flower Power-reminiscing polyphonic vocal harmonies  of Hooded Fang's "Tosta Mista" and the awesome, lovely, swinging stop-and-go Funk of The Magnetic North's vernal "Rackwick" there's a lot of variety to love here for sure and the story continues. Cheek Mountain Thief's are going back to sweet folk'ish melancholia with "Cheek Mountain" whilst Braid's "Freund" turns out to be one of the cutest space ballads of all time, Seams is entering electronic dancefloors with a Skweee / Electro / Future Garage-fusion called "Punch" and Omega Male's "Testosterone" is a dead cool, super-dope affair with a bit of a shady attitude.  Epic distortion orgies on (Neo)Kosmische are to be found in Pinku Noizu's "Moped" and more musical greatness is served by the likes of Smoke Fairies, Samantha Crain and The John Steel Singers before the most recent "Crushed Pleats" by Dralms makes spaced out, Psychedelic SynthPop the most desirable genre ever. What a great package - guess we're turned into fanboys now!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

New And Strictly Limited Hainbach Album To Come

News have it that Stefan Paul Goetsch a.k.a. Hainbach is about to unleash his new and beautifully covered album "The Heat" as a very, very limited edition of 19 - sic!!! - tape copies these days that will only be availble via his bandcamp. Don't miss this one if you're fond of modular synthesis and deep, yet advanced dancefloor moving Electronica sporting a tender, playful twist every now and then.We like.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Fagottmädchen - Albu. [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 006 Promo]

Recently put on the circuit via the experimental tape imprint Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse is the longplay debut of the mysterious Fagottmädchen named "Albu." , not "Album" as one might easily reckon. Limited to a very limited print run of 41 hand-numbered C40 Ferro cassettes worldwide Fagottmädchen takes us on a ten tracks journey from Experimental Techno with a slightly tender twist to spiralling Tribe Tekno / Rhythm Industrial amalgamations including galopping dry minimalisms for those who can take stoic repetition assaults and ever pulsating, reverb heavy stuff not necessarily made for dancefloor abuse. With tunes like "Quillwarze (Schlag Mix)" we're even exploring flangering Hardcore and, later on, Speedcore as well as Rhythm Industrial combined with graval, sacred athmospheres with an epic, possibly even cinematic twist and a bit of dry tongue-in-cheek Tekno with well playful, but  quirky melodies. If you're in for the far out orbits of electronic dance music this one might be one to hunt down if you're able to get hold of a copy.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Mo-Do - Gema Tanzen (Video)

One of the big #wtf moments on Youtube that makes us laugh for a reason. We never heard of this Mo-Do song before and in hindsight it seems like a pretty funny but well crafted fusion of ItaloDisco, SynthPop and HardTrance - although the vocal parts are nothing but pure crap, both in performance and content excluding the great line "Welches Chaos. Was ist los?", roughly translating as "Such a chaos. What's happening here?", that's perfectly depicting the video's storyline. That being said I still could imagine an instrumental version rockin' large scale mid-90s raves for a reason. Where's the whistle & glowstick crew?