Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sascha Müller - Faith [Audio B Records]

Another new digital single by Uelsen's best known international secret that is Sascha Müller's is "Faith", released via Audio B Records on May 30th, 2k19. Consisting of two well-crafted electronic cuts the single opens with "Dead Science", a hard banging, atmospheric take on perfectly sculpted, stripped down sci-fi Techno warfare for the darkest, most uncompromising warehouse rave moments ever imaginable whereas "Cornelius", the second cut on here, presents a hounded, yet thrilling highspeed variation of jackin' ChicagoTechno alongside trippy, spiralling and trance-inducing Acid modulations for hardcore underground ravers and strobe-lit bunker brockouts. Excellent.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Trupa Trupa - Remainder (Official Video)

This is news! The Gdansk-based lo-fi Indie / PostPunk heroes Trupa Trupa have a new album scheduled via Glitterbeat  Records on September 13th, 2k19.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Bushman's Revenge - Et Han Mot Overklassen [Hubro Music]

Scheduled for release via Hubro Music somewhen in August, 2k19 is "Et Han Mot Overklassen", the label debut by Norwegian trio Bushman's Revenge comprised of Gard Nilssen, Rune Nergaard and Even Helte Hermanssen after releasing exclusively through the renowned Rune Grammofon label over the course of many years. On this new album the trio presents a menu of ten brand new compositions which are fusing a The Doors-resembling take on bluesy Psychedelia with deep, late night Jazz vibes on the opening tune "Sly Love With A Midnight Creeper" whilst drifting off into dreamy full-on Ambient territories with "Folk Kremtar No Av Og Til Berre I Lause Lufta Og" or presenting a deep, down-to-earth vision of PostRock / DesertRock with "A Bottle A Day Keeps The Wolves At Bay" which turns out to be our favorite cut on the whole album for a reason. Further recommendations: the atmospheric, score'esque, textural beauty of "The Curious Case Of The Resting Blue Steel Face", the psychedelic, inward-looking Blues rock presented by "Greeting To Gisle", the tense droning beauty of the "Ladies Night At The Jazz Festival" and the repetetive, tribal meditations of "Toten", just to name a few.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Murder Capital - Don't Cling To Life (Official Video)

The Murder Capital are coming at us with the first video taken off their forthcoming album "When I Have Fears" which is scheduled for release on August 16th, 2k19 via Human Season Records. Does anybody else think THE CURE in capital letters when listening to this tune?

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Sascha Müller - Time To Acid [Phased Mind Records 006]

Put out on the digital circuit via Phased Mind Records as the labels 006 on May 24th, 2k19 is Sascha Müller's "Time To Acid" single on which the Uelsen-based producer presents a set of three new bangers for the worlds dancefloors. Opening with "Dilemma" we see the ever active artist riding a wave of stomping, raw and merciless MonoAcid for ultimate club warfare and braincell destruction whereas the follow up "Desert Force" brings forth a well distorted, yet melodic and rave-oriented approach to captivating, super seductive Acid madness and the final cut named "Da Police" even enters a sonic realm that could be well described as early 90s ProtoHardcore with its uncompromising, dark'ish AcidRave attitude. Guess who's the one and only dominator?

@C - Espaco, Pausa, Repeticao (Official Video)

Anotações Sonoras: Espaço, Pausa, Repetição from Miguel Carvalhais on Vimeo.

A detailed, intense look on sound installation art.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Luise Volkmann / Didier Matry - Wünsche [Umland Records 025]

Saxophone meets church organ - this is the basic formula of "Wünsche", the first collaborational album effort created by this unusual duo consisting of Luise Volkmann and Didier Matry released via the ever busy label Umland Records in July 2k19. Recorded in one night in March 2k18 at the Paris-based St. Augustin church in the cities famed 8th Arrondissement the two artists create an eight track, 36+ minutes journey on this album which is somewhat meandering between intense Future Jazz, Ambient, Contemporary Classical and a fragile, slightly score'esque attitude, bringing forth both spine-tingling atmospheres like in "Wunsch #2: Materielle Existenz" as well as beauteous romanticisms most prevalent in the tender, caressing "Wunsch #3: An Blumen Riechen" whereas "Wunsch #4: Stehen Bleiben Und Schauen" creates a yearning, wistful atmosphere for lovers of inward looking melancholia. On the contrary we see "Improvisation #1" drifting into more dramatic territories, providing a brooding, intense opening sequence and high dynamic range, marking a mid-album shift in the duos approach as "Wunsch #5: Lächeln Von Fremden Auf Der Strasse" weighs in  a maelstrom'esque atmosphere well suitable for silent movies and classic black and white horror flics in terms of scoring. Following up is "Egalite", a surely more calm and peaceful variation of the duos musical work, "Wunsch #7: Mehr Tanzen" indulges in more thundering drama and FreeJazz-bordering sequences as maybe the most outstanding composition on this longplayer before "Improvisation #2" waves goodbye building up towards a climax of danger heralding nature, telling tales of all the dark things that lurk slightly beyond the visible borders of our world. Good stuff this.

Tralala Blip - Facing Monsters (Official Video)

One of the big, 80s-infused neon smashers included on the album "Eat My Code If Your Light Falls".

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records 088]

Fresh on the circuit is Sascha Müller's 88th - sic! - untitled album effort put on the circuit via his very own label Supersix Records. Once again serving a selection of twelve brand new tracks we see the Uelsen-based artist diving deep into soft, spatial and melodic, yet club functional DubTechno-realms with "Mars" whilst the follow-up "Mikrostrukturen" caters a twisted, bubbly take on MonoAcid-infused MinimalTechno and the "Mind Machine" enters your deep consciousness on a swampy Acid-infused IDM / Electro level.  The subsequent "Monodelay" presents a dry, polylayered approach to raw, ear-piercing MinimalTechno, "MonoPoly Mit CR-76" brings forth a raw, hounded, lo-fi version of stripped down ElectroTechno and the "Moontrip" takes us into the lands of muscular, jumpy uptempo Hardcore Rave bassdrums and uplifting HardTrance elements for all the oldskool ravers out there. Furthermore "Nagelbrett" competes with early 90s raw, monotonous Italian sawtooth RaveTechno over the course of nearly 6 minutes, spilling ecstatic AcidTrance excellence all over the place, "Neurotransmitter" emits a soft, melodic, yet buzzing IDM vibe accompanied by dreamy, trance-inducing melodies whereas the "New Sound" brings forth highly seductive bass pulses alongside dry, oldskool'ish and well classic MinimalTechno harking back to the origins of the genre for a reason. Following up is "Niederfrequenzohm", a weirdly shuffled variation of bleepy, sweeped subaquatic Techno, "Ninja" is banging, gooey oldskool HardTrance on hyperspeed and the concluding take "No Talk" transfers minimalistic Tribal drums onto super stripped down, yet jacking AcidHouse for a well hypnotic closing.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

DJ Haram - Gemini Rising

Fascinating nuskool club sounds bordering both Bass Music and Future Tribal with a distinct, melodic attitude. We need to see this hammered onto peak time dancefloors over big ass rigs for major impact and devastation.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Rhys Mottley - Parasite [Splitrec 028]

Coming in from the headoffices of the Australian imprint Splitrec only recently was "Parasite", the new solo album effort by Splinter Orchestra-member Rhys Mottley. Based on prepared acoustic guitar we see Mottley present an array of three compositions stretched out over the course of 49 minutes, with the opening "Gut Feeling" occupying more than half of the total playtime. This tune, as the rest of the album recorded in an abandoned Sydney sports club, is like a deep meditation on percussive, yet well-stripped down Post-PostRock carefully performed and evolved by the former Metal guitarist who's able to touch the inner core of the human subconscious with these slightly varied, ever evolving repetitions slowly and steadily progressing into more of an electro-acoustic take on experimental Ambient soundscapes with squealing metal sounds and scraping surface noises whereas the subsequent "Throat Feeling" provides an inward-looking jouney into the realm of minimalist, tenderly plucked guitar figures as well as what can be described as a beauteous, ultra-calm overall vibe for PostRock lovers and those beyond. Finally, "Ear Feeling" brings forward a tense, flickering and partly score'esque arrangement with a slightly post-apocalyptic touch, telling dark tales of lurking, yet unspoken of dangers and a world torn down in which only echoes of human civilisation still exist whilst nuclear tumbleweed finds its way through abandoned streets and into progressively decaying ruins of what once west a thriving metropolis. Great stuff. Recommended.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Hüma Utku - Black Water Red

Brooding dark electronics taken from Hüma Utku's debut album "Gnosis" on Karlrecords.

27.07.2019 Sternbrücken Festival @ Beat Boutique / Hamburg

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / El Caballo Semental]
Kuestenklatsch [Formatik+]
Murks [Hamburg]

doors open: 9 pm

log in via facebook!

Beat Boutique
Max-Brauer-Allee 219
22765 Hamburg

Philippe Petit - Descent Into The Maelstrom [Opa Loka Records]

Put on the circuit via the ever thriving label that is Opa Loka Records is Philippe Petit's "Descent Into The Maelstrom", an album inspired by an Edgar Allan Poe novel of the same name. Produced and performed on the elusive Buchla Easel synthesizer we see the three tracks spread out over 48 minutes total providing a thrilling journey into the very depths of modular synthesis, opening with "Descent", a dark, yet partly also tongue in cheek ride through the buzzing, intense, oftentimes warped realm of pure spaced out modular synthesis whereas the relatively short "..." - yes, this is the tracks title! - deals with a clean, minimalistic array of retrofuturist computational bleeps in combination with actual, comprehensible melodic structures of raw, slightly alien but still well familiar, and somehow cute, nature which makes this our favorite track of this longplay piece. Furthermore the final cut, the 21 minutes spanning "Into The Maelstrom" even introduces abstract, glitched out beat structures alongside spatial bleeps, brooding low frequency shifts and an overall, highly reverberating sound aesthetic which, in combination with massively twisted repetitions of tonal sequences and a piercing electrical buzz, comes across as a well threatening affair, heralding unknown dangers from outer dimensions and unexplored regions of the non-visible cosmic consciousness. Intense and demanding, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Andrew Poppy - XY Song (Official Video)

A cosmic space opera song adventure taken off Andrew Poppy's most recent album "Hoarse Songs" which we've reviewed earlier this month.

Babe Rainbow - Something New (Official Video)

Sweet lo-fi Psychedelia with a little funky twist is what Babe Rainbow are serving with this video taken off their forthcoming album "Today" which is due for release on August 16th, 2k19 via 30th Century.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tralala Blip - Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls [Someone Good Promo]

Coming in from the Australian imprint Someone Good is "Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls", the latest album release by the inclusive project Tralala Blip, a five piece group consisting of members of various abilities and disabilities who've joined forces to create a new way of musical expression. Released on July 19th, 2k19 the album caters a menu of eight tracks / songs stretched over the course of 31 minutes and is focused on the broad realm of what could be described as Electronic Leftfield Pop, opening with the dreamy glitch meets autotune-effort "Pub Talk" whereas the follow up "Voodoo Pins" presents a super catchy, seductive amalgamation of IndieElectro and over the top 80s ItaloDisco before the group is "Facing Monsters" feeding off more lo-fi ItaloDisco greatness whilst the "Star Of Hope" shines over glitzy neon signs in a kitsch-driven instrumental ballad fashion, well suitable for late night dancefloors. Furthermore we see "Voltage Flowers" in bloom, picking up on syncopated lo-fi rhythm signatures, a certain IndiePop vibe and soft, dreamy atmospheres reminiscent of early UK SynthPop, "Nightmare Lands Welcome You To" brings forth a little bit of darkness in its super blurred, shuffled mid-tempo range, "Dear Formless" surely bangs on intimate (Neo)Cosmic-related dancefloors with a sweet'ish, lo-fi 4/4-based SynthPop vibe and noisy, percussive spaced out climax and the final cut named "The Canyon" indulges in beatless, multilayered synth melodies and reverberating vocals for a soft, tender closing. Intredasting stuff, this.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Shura - Religion (U Can Lay Your Hands On Me) (Official Video)

Does this video mark the return of 80s-infused Disco Funk?

Siavash Amini - Serus [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release via Room40 on August 2nd, 2k19 is "Serus", the most recent album effort catered by Iranian composer Siavash Amini who is presenting four brand new compositions stretched over the course of roughly 34 minutes on this album. Sifting through "A Recollection Of The Disappeared" we see Siavash Amini focusing on a noisey, droning DarkAmbient journey garnished with aggressive, bleepy and partly even hostile sound warps which surprisingly takes a turn towards more score'esque beautiful Ambient later on whereas the follow up "Semblance" provides more of a tender, scenic approach towards the genre from the very start. Furthermore the double feature of "All That Remained Pt.1" and "All That Remained Pt.2" brings forth a take on brooding and highly intense DarkAmbient for horror movie scores, incorporating ominously looped high frequency screeches and scraping Noize pulses from the darkest vaults of the underworld, danger heralding minimalisms and finally calming echoes of echoes of (Neo)Classical arrangements for a peaceful closing.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Bad Stream - Zombies (Official Video)

Berlin-based audiovisual artist and pioneer Martin Steer a.k.a. Bad Stream brings back Chemical Beats big time with his new track "Zombies" which is a certified dancefloor anthem by default. Beware of the glitch!

Luis Fernandes - Demora [Room40 Promo]

To be released via the Australian imprint Room40 on on July 26th, 2k19 is "Demora" which is the first solo record by composer Luis Fernandes. Based upon a foundation of modular synthesizer works we see the Portuguese artist embark on an approx. 38 minute journey with the track "Rising Edge" which combines digital surface scraping with icy Ambient arrangements whereas the follow up named "Fractured Harmony With Pulse" dives into sonic waters influenced by classic Synth and vintage Cosmic stylewise. Furthermore the subsequent cuts "Demora Pt.1" and "Demora Pt. 2" provide more of  Luis Fernandes' strangely distant, super clean and frosty signature Ambient sounds before the final "Refracted Cloud" brings forth 160 seconds of calm, combined with warped, electrical buzzes and a feel of twisted inner isolation for a closing. Defo a more average, not necessarily essential addition to the Room40 catalogue, this.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Deena Abdelwahed - Ababab *Ital Tek Remix

Is this the dark future of post-apocalyptic bass music?

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Zeitkratzer - performs songs from the albums "Kraftwerk 2" and "Kraftwerk" [Karlrecords / Zeitkratzer Productions Promo]

Following up to their 2017 released quite similarly named album is Zeitkratzer's "Zeitkratzer performs songs from the albums 'Kraftwerk' and 'Kraftwerk 2'" which will be released via Karlrecords / Zeitkratzer Productions on CD and vinyl respectively on July 19th, 2k19. On this second longplayer we see the renowned ensemble led by Reinhold Friedl adding their specific, unique touch to four more of Kraftwerk's early Avantgarde / Krautrock classics, opening with the mellow, well dreamy "Harmonika" which defo can be seen as a lovely piece of ProtoAmbient masterly performed and executed on real life instruments before the beloved "Stratovarius" is as tense, intense and oscillating as the original in its recent score'esque and Film Noir reminiscing interpretation which, after a chaotic and noisy sequence, drifts of into meandering Krautrock signatures and even driving Jazz territories accompanied by mad nervous background string works for an additional layer. Furthermore "Vom Himmel Hoch" starts on a well brooding, dark'ish tip only to evolve into an ever climaxing crescendo of fear and sonically induced horror before "Wellenlänge" closes out on a calm and peaceful wavelength with hovering atmospheres and tender, inward looking guitar works highly recommended for all fans of PostRock and / or Indietronica. We like this.

Skat Injector - Unknown Violator [Slime City Records Promo]

Coming in only recently from the Slime City Records offices even though being released back in April of 2k18 is "Unknown Violator", the latest full on album release produced by internationally renowned electronic music brutalist Skat Injector who's been preaching ultimate darkness on the production circuit since 2009, approximately. Going in full force for this longplay piece we see Skat Injector setting up the vibe with the atmospheric and brooding DarkAmbient intro that is "A Garden Watered Only In Blood" before he does what he usually does best: unleashing hell and a slayfest of sonic terrorism. Over the course of an hour we're exposed to a fusion of Grindcore / Metal-influenced vocals, horror score-resembling atmospheres and a merciless barrage of ultra-compressed high speed drums, oftentimes exceeding the Speedcore barrier to embark on a journey into Splittercore and even Extratone realms whilst providing intense, chaotic HorrorRave experiences with tunes like "Slaughter Is The Best Medicine" or "Spread The Disease", diving deep into nightmare'ishly Doombient or moments of marching, straightforward Hardcore soon corrupted by another sequence of most brutalist rapid fire. Do not play to minors or PTSD patients. Might cause trauma and epileptic seizures.

Best sample included: "I wanna kill everyone. Satan is good. Satan is our pal."

CD artwork on Instagram!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 067]

Fresh on the digital circuit is Sascha Müller's most recent digital album release, once again an untitled longplayer released via Supersix Records. Bringing forth a serving of eleven new track the Uelsen-based artist presents "Kommando" as an opener, an 11+ minutes journey into hypertense Ambient, fusing what could be the background atmosphere of a banging mid-90s HardTrance tune with swampy, hyperminimalist IDM beats whereas "Kompakt" makes our heads nod using some Phonk-infused Downtempo magic reminiscent of Fauna Flash's seminal three track EP released as 015 of the Compost Records label. With "Kopfgeld" we see Sascha Müller go down a different route with dry, minimal, technoid beats and scraping rhythm signatures, "Krach" indulges in banging 90s Techno with flogging snares and screaming, ear-piercing synth twists and "Living On A Highway" goes hand-in-hand with living high speed and interesting percussion filter movements for a stripped down, yet highly exciting trip to raveland. The subsequent "Lock Down" is more of a raw, slo-motion affair trying to amalgamate soft, trancey arrangements and echoes of Chicago jack, "Machine-Made" takes us into an Ambient dream state of sorts with its slow moving, swampy early 90s vibe which surprisingly evolves into a percussive HypnoTrance cut after five minutes in before "Maria Himmelfahrt" showcases a jumpy, gooey approach to Techno reminiscent of many Italian productions around 1993/94 due to its unprocessed vibe, sharp driving hi-hats and overly distorted bassdrums. Furthermore "Medusas Child" brings forth more gooey, slightly distorted AcidTrance accompanied by classic ClubTechno stabs, "Metabolism" relies on dry, clean cut drums, hypnotic, tripping background atmospheres alongside classy House stabs and an overly exciting main melody to bring back original Trance vibes and the final cut "Metal Forces" is built on a raw slo-mo stomp, ever spiralling yet minimalist Acid lines and various layers of mechanical, metallic percussion sounds somehow evoking memories of Depeche Mode's "People Are People" phase when the band were sampling various percussion sounds from their Field Recording trips.

Ice-T. - Feds In My Rearview (Official Video)

The man is back with some straight up classic GangstaRap shit. Define: Pure dope.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Mirco Magnani & Lukasz Trzcinski - Lumiraum [Undogmatisch Promo]

Released via the Undogmatisch label on June 24th, 2k19 is "Lumiraum", the new collaborational mini album by Mirco Magnani and Lukasz Trczcinski which is put on the circuit in a highly limited quantity of 200 vinyl copies and 100 CD albums. Sporting five tracks and a runtime of approx. 25 minutes we see the two artists engage in what can be described as a kind of EthnoAmbient of sorts, fusing slow droning bass movements with natural, unprocessed wind instruments and naturalistic melodies referring to spiritualism and a state of deep relaxation which reminds us of mid-90s ChillOut floors in a PsyTrance context and, somehow, of the oftentimes organic vibes of the early 'Buddha Bar' compilation series which was directly related to the Paris-based venue of the same name. If names like Ravin, Raphael Marionneau or the more widely known Mixmaster Morris immediately resonate with your musical taste this might be one EP to check out for sure.

75 Dollar Bill - I Was Real [Tak:Til / Glitterbeat Promo]

Another new release on the Glitterbeat Records sister label Tak:Til is "I Was Real" by the New York City-based band outfit known as 75 Dollar Bill which has been making waves on the circuit since about 2013. Based on a slightly varying line-up and a range of contributing guest musicians the band created a crafty array of nine new songs over a four year period... and in four different studios which sounds like quite a bit of an effort to us. Over the course of more than an hour the well known NYC locals present a deep, defo down-to-earth approach to PostRock, Desert Rock and Americana on this longplay piece, adding both traditional American as well as seemingly Irish elements to the mix and instrumentation and even embarks on dancefloor filling - sic!- excursions into the lands of Psychedelia meets Rock'n'Roll in tunes like "Tetuzi Akiyama" or provides an epic take on deep, instrumental DesertBlues meditation in the nearly 17 minutes spanning title track "I Was Real" whilst tackling droning Ambient structures alongside inward looking guitar meditations in the three part piece "New New / Worm / Like Laundry Suite". Interesting stuff.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

13.07.2019 baze.djunkiii In The Mix @ Neu Jersey Radio / Rutherford, NJ - USA

It's time for some radio action again and this time we're going international. baze.djunkiii has partnered with the rising Rutherford / New Jersey-based web radio station Neu Jersey Radio to present a new bi-weekly saturdays DJ radio show named "baze.djunkiii In The Mix" which will be streamed worldwide via the stations website and via Mixlr.

With the stations head offices being located only a few miles from Manhattan / New York this is the first time baze.djunkiii enters the American broadcasting market with a regular show, which is especially exciting in one of the most densely populated areas of the United States.

Musically baze.djunkiii is about to employ a more experimental / freestyle approach for the first few shows with a stylistic range focusing on Downtempo / TripHop / Dope Beats / Electronica / Ambient and beyond for a start but is well ready to steer into a variety of more club and dancefloor focused territories as well as time progresses. Tune in!

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Combat Dubs]

file under: Downtempo / Freestyle

transmission starts:

19oo EST saturday - New Jersey / USA local time
01oo CET sunday   - Germany & Europe

Tune in to the stream here!

Park Jiha - Philos [Tak:Til / Glitterbeat Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Glitterbeat Records offspring Tak:Til on June 14th, 2k19 is "Philos", the new album release by South Korean composer Park Jiha. Providing a menu of eight brand new tracks on this longplayer she, like on her 2018-debut "Communion", employs the sound of traditional Korean instruments once again only to fuse them with deep and floating electronic textures more related to the Western world and its traditions. Especially the opening tune "Arrival" exemplifies this approach in a thrilling way, presenting an intense, captivating composition somewhat meandering in between Post-PostRock, score and most pure naturalism whereas the follow up "Thunder Shower" employs more of a looped, folksy feel in its multilayered, slightly off kilter and somewhat baroque-reminiscing structure. "Easy" digs deep into the world of Spoken World with a poem written and read by Lebanese poet Dina El Sayed, "Pause" weighs in tender, intimate piano romanticisms over the course of 129 seconds and the title track "Philos" provides a hypnotic, trance inducing flow for all lovers of PostRock and Indietronica alike. Furthermore we see Park Jiha refer to urban environments with the title named "Walker: In Seoul" even though the music presented feels more like a late summer afternoon stroll at the ocean shore in its super melancholic attitude, "When I Think Of Her" slightly touches on (Neo)Classical composition and dramatic, and also kitsch-oriented, Ambient for being that one slightly questionable track on the whole album before "On Water" follows on a similarly peaceful path and gives us a dreamy, minimalistic, yet beauteous xylophone line as a main motif to follow into the land of dreams.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Hüma Utku - Gnosis [Karlrecords 068]

Released via Karlrecords on July 5th, 2k19 is "Gnosis", the debut album by Istanbul-born, Berlin-based producer Hüma Utku employing her real full name for a musical project after releasing under the name of R.A.N. / Roads At Night prior to this longplayer. With six tracks on this album, most of them incorporating Field Recordings of sorts, the opening cut "Vulnerary" embarks on a journey into clean, sterile and desolate Cold Ambient atmospheres accompanied by echoes of outerworldly background choirs and a regular pulse of well rounded, yet brooding sinewave bass signals which are seamlessly progressing into the follow up "Black Water Red" where they're met by atmospheric crackles, scraping Future Tribal signatures and most importantly masterly sculpted Industrial Electronica beats which could've found their way onto signature releases on the Hymen / Ant-Zen empire in the past before the follow up tune "Truth From The Deepest Source" indulges in ancient (african) rhythms and cold blasting space winds for an intro leading into lively polyrhythmic action  and threatening low end transmissions from the earths deepest vaults, or the place where your inner monsters reside. The subsequent "All The Universe Conspires" caters a more minimalist, heavenly approach to slightly scraping Ambient vibes in conjunction with tribalistic, bass-heavy, slow motion Electronica to fit the needs of all Illbient heads at their darkest out there, "A Gift From The Dark Ages" is more a gift from the Cold Ambient ages and the concluding "All-one" provides some sterile, unsettling electric background buzzes as well as steadily shifting sonic plates as a foundation for a calm, sci-fi-infused setting - a tune that defo should be considered to be included in some futuristic space horror movie score due to its imminent tension and spine-tingling attitude. Check.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Solastalgia (Suite One) / Agitas Al Sol (Suite Two) [Room 40 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Room40 on June 21st, 2k19 is "Solastalgia (Suite One)", the latest album outing created by New York-based composer Rafael Anton Irisarri which is accompanied by the additional limited cassette tape release of "Agitas Al Sol (Suite Two)". With the first album we see Rafael Anton Irisarri exploring realms of darkish Ambient over the course of six tracks, with the opening piece "Decay Waves" combining a seemingly reprocessed ocean swell with beautiful, yet doleful string arrangements followed by a "Coastal Trapped Disturbance" a.k.a. a trip into deep Ambient melancholia whereas "Chrysalism" explores a calmer, more comforting variation of the genre. Being "Visible Through The Shroud" results in a tender, slowly evolving atmospheric stream of sound that leads into an intense, steady swell of panoramic quality, "Kiss All The Pretty Snakes Goodbye" introduces washed out, reverberating piano tones and seemingly field recorded crackles to the overall mix for the first time whereas "Black Pitch" isn't as dark and threatening as its title but waves goodbye in a soothing, fully relaxed and slightly mystical manner. Furthermore the two tracks of "Agitas Al Sol (Suite Two)", "Atrial" and "Cloak", are merged into a 38 minutes long fusion on our CD-r promo version of the two combined albums, bringing forth an epic journey into atmospheric Dark Ambient which, regarding its compositional value, might also be appreciated by lovers of ethereal, reprocessed (Neo)Classical music for a reason.

Anatolian Weapons Feat. Seirios Savvaidis - To The Mother Of Gods [Beats In Space Promo]

Fresh on the renowned imprint that is Beats In Space is "To The Mother Of Gods", the new album release by Aggelos Baltas a.k.a. Anatolian Weapons which fuses the electronic aspect of Baltas' previous works with the musical direction of Greek Folk musician Seirios Savvaidis... or at least stems of his songs which have been slightly re-arranged by Baltas throughout the production process of the album. The result of this combination is a deep, well psychedelic and time dissolving experience based on varied electronic, mostly Ambient textures as a foundation for organic, Trance-inducing ChillOut structures including the epic 8+ minutes spanning "Ofiodaimon" which evokes memories of infamous 90s projects like Technova or Loop Guru whereas "Chaire Eos" brings in a certain, and well fascinating, Americana / Desert Rock vibe paired with, of course, Greek vocals whilst "Limnothalassa" indulges in dramatic, ever meandering instrumental Folk / Indietronica with a muscular twist just to name a few of the eight songs featured on this longplayer. Defo sth. well unexpected from the Beats In Space-camp, this.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Ghostface Killah - Conditioning (Official Video)

When a music video is way more than HipHop but a fucking short film... . Dope shit!

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 07/2019

Monday, July 08, 2019

Heiner Rennebaum Doppelquartett - Live [Umland Records 023]

Fresh on the circuit via the ever active Umland Records label is "Live", the first release by the Heiner Rennebaum Doppelquartett which is aiming towards the amalgamation of both Jazz and Classical influences within the setting of a live performance, with the Jazz section of the group providing the foundation and the Classical string quartet weighing in complementing elements, melodies and sequences. This combination results in quite interesting textures over the course of the album for sure, providing a feeling of twisted and warped DesertBlues / Desert PostRock in the opening tune "RFC" whereas the "Mäandertaler" indulges in what could be described as tenderly floating, slightly krautsy PostRock for real genre connaisseurs and "IFAS" weighs in echoes of oriental / arab music to create a subtle, captivating groove monster for hot and steamy summer nights. With "Ja Klar" we see the Heiner Rennebaum Doppelquartett explore a realm of deeply relaxing, smoky late night Jazz melancholia, "Solitut" weighs in a soft, continuous stream of tender, twangy and inward looking experimentalism as well as a touch of - again! - DesertBlues before drifting off into a more free floating Jazz approach bordering on Improv / FreeJazz at times whereas "Pianavia", the last track on this live recorded album, brings forth a short scenic vibe accompanied by well dramatic string swells and imminent tension for a thrilling closure. Good stuff!

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Yair Etziony - Ingress [False Industries 025 Promo]

Put on the circuit as CD and MC - yes, cassette tape! - via the False Industries label on May 3rd, 2k19 is "Ingress", the latest full on album outing by Israeli artist and producer Yair Etziony which is now based in the German capital of Berlin. Presenting a total of five compositions over the course of approx. 57 minutes playtime, all shaped and sculpted throughout a period of serious illness, the album opener "Throbbing Coldness" brings forth a calm, minimalistic take on Isolationist Ambient which defo feels a bit frosty but neither hostile nor deadly whereas "A Residue Of Optimism" is more of a static, slowly evolving drone fest for deep meditation before turning into something a little more dramatic vibewise and the title track "Ingress" follows on a deep, solemn and slightly melancholia-inducing Ambient path that is best to be explored throughout a cold winter night. Furthermore we see Yair Etziony floating along a calm, comforting stream of sonic waves with "Katajonkka" and the concluding trip to "Station 61" leads into a realm of dreamy twilight, sparsely populated by haunted souls drifting over from a parallel world, an acoustic upside down of sorts in which the perception of time and its progress starts to blur and fade within minutes.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Andrew Poppy - Hoarse Songs [Field Radio]

Soon to be released via the label known as Field Radio is Andrew Poppy's brand new album "Hoarse Songs", a conceptual longplay piece revolving around piano, electronic music, orchestral textures - and vocal performances in general, fusing several styles and variations, bringing together fusions of previously unheard qualities and dabbling with the idea of a multeity of artistic entities bouncing their individual ideas on, and off, any given track on the album, creating a creative cascade of sorts. Opening with "Song Tide (Interrupted)" we're lead into a world of Pop-infused (Neo)Classical/ Contemporary Classical piano lines presenting a certain drive and friendly playfulness for a start before "Rainy Must Kiss Everybody" changes course towards a neon 80s vision of stripped down, minimalistic ElectroPop / SynthPop of Yellow'esque qualities whereas "Wave Machine (Endless Parting)" incorporates opera-reminiscent vocals, dramatic pianos and ever spiralling (Neo)Cosmic / Synth in one single composition. With "Downside Up" Andrew Poppy combines a certain swing, Dub-influenced basslines and looped Future Jazz, "What Alice Said" branches out into scenic, ballad'esque Broadway Pop, "Riderless" combines formal baroque dance and lo-fi electronics with a tongue-in-cheek twist over the course of 9+ minutes and "What Is This Place" could well be placed within a dramatic modern opera for many a reason. Furthermore the "Cyber Spark" brings forth what can be described as dark'ish, brooding undertones to the drama it presents, the "XY Song" unfolds its crystalline, retrofuturist magic and hypermelancholia - the latter evoking memories of Cosmic Baby's 90s Techno Opera "Futura" for some reason - atop a foundation of intense, raw and hypnotic electronic pulses before "Hoarse" harks back to dreamlike piano purism for a calm and peaceful closing. We'd be curious how this diverse conceptual and widerangeged musical approach would translate as an actual stage play.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Dize 7 - Mechanical Systems EP [Psychocandies 078]

Put out on the digital circuit via the ever active imprint that is Psychocandies is the "Mechanical Systems EP", a new four track single crafted by Finnish producer Dize 7 who's appeared on the label on a regular throughout the past years. Opening with "Rate Parameter" we're getting hit straight in the face by a stomping brutal Rave excess on the brink of Gabba whereas "Two Specifications" result in an evident space-time-error, massively warped, multi-layered melodic signals and more relentless bassdrum assaults. Furthermore "Initial Time" fully embarks on a cut-up Gabba tip whilst not even thinking about taking any prisoners on the dancefloor and the final cut "Mean And Variance" presents Dize 7's home country Finland in full on preparation for battle and hypersonic warfare, ready to fight until the very last bassbin is about to fail. In yer face musick!

Friday, July 05, 2019

Xtort - Nothing Is Real [DA Records]

Incoming only recently from the Dutch / German Industrial meets Wave and PostPunk outfit Xtort is their latest longplay outing "Nothing Is Real" which is, like most of their work, put on the circuit via DA Records, short for Dildo Action Records according to discogs. Stretched out over roughly 46 minutes the band, which is a successor of the long defunct Industrial Metal outfit HOER, presents a total of eleven new cuts on this longplayer, building a bridge between CyberPunk and FuturePop with the epic, yet dystopian opener "Truth" which is followed by the merciless and stomping, yet still melodic banger "Fire" and the more Industrial-flavored "Die Stadt", a tune leaning toward cold string arrangements, brutal vocalisms and robotic background vocoders. With these three opening cuts Xtort are presenting a rough layout for further things to come, like the grinding slo-mo brutality meets (Neo)Cosmic synth melancholia found in "Devil", the raw SynthPop / SynthWave flavours found in "No Passion" or the full on lo-fi (Neo)Cosmic meets ItaloDisco vibe in "Escape" which could've found a welcoming home on the now defunct Berlin-based imprint Das Drehmoment whilst the title track "Nothing Is Real" brings forth more stomping, uptempo Rave / EBM brutalisms with a tongue-in-cheek twist for absolute peaktime abuse. Furthermore "Waiting" sees the multinational band project surprisingly fuse classic, a little over the top Rock vocals with an easy, and well cheesy, ElectroPop foundation, "Like A Knife" brings back the CyberGoth / FuturePop drive of earlier tracks whereas following "Dangerous Impulses" might lead straight into the wee hours of Future Industrial underground parties and the abuse of echoing voices and warped space synths right before "Dieses Leben (Acoustic)" adds a surprising twist for a closing, entering a quick slice of German Rock music which surely isn't expected after 40+ minutes of cyberreal dancefloor focus.

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Maps And Diagrams - Azurescens [False Industries / Handstitched Promo]

Put on the circuit on April 19th, 2k19 as a limited joint venture release between the labels False Industries and Handstitched is "Azurescens" which is issued as CD album and cassette respectively. Opening with "Chiba" we see Maps And Diagrams, a duo consisting of the label heads Tim Diagram and Yair Etziony, paving the way for things to come with an 8+ minutes journey into twisted, Psychedelia-infused Ambient layering accompanied by what seem to be modular bleeps, abstract ChillOut percussions and an overall dreamlike, spaced out atmosphere which is a main theme throughout all eleven tracks on this longplayer, be it within the electrical, droning buzz of "Kubensis" which additionally dabbles in scraping, electroacoustic rhythm signatures whereas tunes like "Spore" indulge in fully fledged (Neo)Cosmic synth beauty and a cascading, playful sonic vision and the follow up "Bohemica" is a blueprint for hovering overall calmness and classic Space Age Ambient for sure. With the subsequent "Ohmic" the duo provides an ebb and flow movement of well scenic synthesizer pads, "Sola" brings forth more of a warped and droning space time effect reminiscent of how time dilation is depicted in old sci-fi movies and "Amarra" amalgamates the sparkly joy of jumping fish and flowing water in a creek with a blurred out panoramic Ambient drone to a massive widescreen effect. Furthermore "Shiro" combines scraping surface noises, isolationist winds, clean, partly even sterile atmospheric layers and an unsettling, brooding low end, "Odora" harks back to classic by the book Ambient beauty before "Helvella" enters fever'ish, ritualistic terrain whilst being the first rhythm driven cut on the album and leading our braincells towards a hell'ish, intense pre-climax state whereas the final cut that is "Vesca" waves farewell in a soft, organic and all embracing peaceful manner. Nice one.

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Antwood - Delphi [Planet Mu Promo]

Scheduled for release via Planet Mu as soon as July 19th, 2k19 is Tristan Douglas' third album for the label employing his artistic alias and nom de guerre that is Antwood. Building this longplayer around the fictional lovelorn character "Delphi", namesake for the album and so is the ancient Greek city of the same name, which he developed alongside his girlfriend Olivia Dreisinger he creates a sonic journey spanning thirteen chapters / tracks and around 45 minutes total playtime. Musically the realm revolving around "Delphi" is comprised of cut-up, ravey, experimental HyperPhonk meets ElectroBreaks in tunes like the highly captivating "Club Dread" which is quite a challenge to all club DJ's out there due to it's fucked up, filtered nature and extended, warped breakdown sequences whereas the title track indulges in a scintillating, cascading fusion of modernist Bass Music and shiny neon Vaporwave before unleashing brutalist, Electronic Metal-resembling sonic terror for a while. With "A Hostile Message" things get really psycho and evil for about 45 seconds, the "Healing Laybrinth" reveals unexpected beauty in an innocent piano miniature and the "Portal" leads into a wildly spiralling maelstrom of high speed synthesizer madness before dark choirs and twisted, brooding experimentalisms take over. Hunting the "Cave Moth" we see Antwood bringing on a sound reminiscent to Neil Landstrumm's bass excursions on albums like "Bambaataa Eats His Breakfast" whereas the "Ecstatic Dance" amalgamates beauteous (Neo)Classical string sections, angelic backgroud choirs and sweet electroid uptempo beats infused by the UK Bass scene for a captivating unique dancefloor experience just to pick a few of our favorite cuts from the album. As futurist and neon-oozing as electronic dance music can be. Get.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 14 [SM Traxxx 37-2019]

Scheduled for release via the SM Traxxx label on July 18th, 2k19 is "Traxxx Vol. 14", the latest digital two track single by Uelsen's Sascha Müller. Opening with "Track 27" the ever active producer caters a serving of spiralling, raw, hypnotic and storming Acid for wild, strobe-lit underground parties whilst the following "Track 28" is a massive AcidRave jump fest for all you oldskool ravers and early 90s fanatics out there. Proper!

Monday, July 01, 2019

baze.djunkiii Charts 07/2019

01. NO MORE - Love, Noise & Paranoia (1979 - 2019) [Rent A Dog]
See review for details...

02. A Sagittariun - Return To Telepathic Heights [Running Back Incantations]
Finally it's here. The long awaited third album by A Sagittariun and probably his best release after his 2013 longplay debut "Dream Ritual" presents a thrilling collection of ten tracks which sees the well-secluded producer explore new musical territories somewhat in between classic Electro / Phonk with a certain retrofuturist twang, great crystalline synth lines mixed with sweet Intelligent Techno, highly advanced BrokenBeat / BassMusic and even echoes of Proto HipHop / B-Boy Breaks for those who know. Recommended!

03. Etch / Nico Lindsay [Sneaker Social Club]
Quite a surprise this brand new three tracker on the Sneaker Social Club label is. Etch and Nico Lindsay are taking Grime and Grime riddims to a next level, adding a certain complexity to the breaks that seemed to be lost since the days of Broken Beat / West London Phusion on the A-side whilst the flip is operating on a dry, minimalistic level. Highly interesting cuts for all them advanced DJ's out there.

04. P.T.B.S. & Sascha Müller - Rebels [Urbangrooves Records]
See review for details...

05. Ruby My Dear - Phlegm EP [Analogical Force 022]
Coloured vinyl seems to be the shit these days and therefore Ruby My Dear delivers his fresh EP release on a limited purple print run, bringing forth a selection of five hyper excellent cuts meandering in between IDM, GlitchRave, Electronica and twisted Breakcore that will make you forget the majority of Aphex Twin / AFX releases of the past two decades within seconds. This is pure musical genius and a must have addition for every advanced collection of electronic music.

06. Various Artists [Destroy Oh Boy 003]
Sum, Supa Ape and Aaron Spectre make up the listing for this excellent four track 12" on blue vinyl which surely covers the whole spectrum of the genre from raw, classic GangstaJungle referencing tunes to high speed breaks and rugged DarkJungle for the darkest hours on the dancefloor.

07. Sandy B - Qhum Qhaks [Vumbuka Records]
South African Kwaito legend Sandy B teams up with Danish producer Simon Lundsgaard for a new album release and it's a massive one. The seven tracks on here fully reveal the magic of classic Kwaito with all its deep lo-fidelity, ClubHouse referencing bass synths, stripped down, yet seductive downtempo 4/4 grooves and interesting vocalisms meandering between singing and a twisted form of local rapping that  make up for a perfect introduction to a genre still widely unrecognized in Western countries.

08. Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Six Days Remixes [Remix Records]
Happy Hardcore? Yes, please! Jimmy J & Cru-L-T's "Six Days" has been one of the big anthems back in 1994 and still didn't lose any of it's fascination for an oldskool raver like me. A proper banger, this, with the so-called 'Al Storms 1999 Remix' being our favorite cut on this 12". 

09. Kedr Livanskiy - Your Need [2MR]
See review for details...

10. Monsta - III [Opa Loka Records 019]
See review for details...

Babymetal feat. F. Hero - Pa Pa Ya!! (Official Video)

A certified Kawaii Metal banger, this.