Saturday, July 31, 2021

Alexei Borisov / Jerome Lorichon / Olga Nosova / Quentin Rollet - Shampanskoye [Reqords 006]

Released via Reqords as their 006 on June 15th, 2k21 is "Shampanskoye", the new, first ever recorded album by the multi-national quartet x double-duo consisting of renowned artists Alexei Borisov, Jerome Lorichon, Olga Nosova and Quentin Rollet which came to life a baffling seven years ago in Paris even though being put on the circuit just now. Within seven tracks and a total playtime of roughly 42 minutes the four musicians, creating for the first time in this specific setting and with a combination of voice, real-life instruments and electronic enhancements, do explore a tense, undoubtedly intricate and surely avantgarde-leaning musical realm infused by both Improv and FreeJazz as well as microtonal and highly fragmented tonal shifts and sonic evolutions, always demanding, probably partly straining and nerve-wrecking at least for the weak-heartened yet filled with interesting details and beautifully sculpted sequences - see the intro sequence and especially the captivating drums of "Escopados", accompanied by ghostly, outerworldly vocals and most desolate guitar feedbacks - for those well versed in experimental music whereas the subsequent sketch named "Outrock" evokes memories of the first, long-forgotten Emphase Records 7" release and "Yellow Jacket" presents a polylayered cacophony of beautiful FreeJazz-infused madness for those who know just to pick out the most outstanding sequence of tracks on this album as a recommended teaser for more things to be found on here. Heavy.

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Friday, July 30, 2021

T. Griffin - The Proposal (Original Soundtrack) [Constellation 151 Promo]

Released by the long-standing Constellation imprint in June, 2k21 is T. Griffin's "The Proposal", the original soundtrack the Brooklynite created for Jill Magid's very first feature film of the same name which, as a part of an even bigger project, deals with the legacy of Mexican architect Luis Barragan and how his work and estate is dealt with after his passing. With this kinda complex and conceptual topic to tackle musically T. Griffin decides to open his score on a rather floating, ethereal and Ambient-leaning tip in "Dearest Frederica" before thundering drums, later followed by soothing Jazz arrangements, produce an initial sonic jumpscare when seamlessly, yet dramatically progressing into "Grass Hands I" whilst drifting further into spiralling, floating Synth / Easy Listening realms with "Manufacture", taking on a solemn, naturalistic and ruminant angle in the part folksy "Void Room And Reliquary", drifting off into a short scenic Ambient episode in "The Jeweller" whilst "The Nun With The Chipped Tooth" takes the Ambient / Score approach to a brittle, clear and shimmering early morning-, right before sunrise-level and defo is a standout tune amongst the ones named and unnamed on this beautiful soundtrack album.

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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Listen Again: Sound Kleckse Radio Show 0453 - baze.djunkiii (2021. Week 28.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Lisa Ullen / Anna Högberg - Step Up A Second [Disorder 009]

Lined up for release via the artist-run imprint Disorder as the labels 009 is "Step Up A Second", the latest one take album effort brought to life by piano-player Lisa Ullen and saxophonist Anna Högberg alongside a plethora of collaborators taking part in the live realization of this 33 minutes spanning piece which elegantly fuses an emotionally dramatic, ever meandering and highly expressive, whilst in parts nightly and noir'esque, interplay of two main instruments accompanied by sequences of intricately layered, hyperdetailed micro-additions and what might filed under the flag of Granular Jazz movements later moving forward into late night slow grooves and complex FreeJazz arrangements before breaking down into an extended period of near silence only to emerge once again in a livelier, somewhat even frolicking and - at least in parts - not less dramatic manner. One for the real Jazz x FreeJazz x Contemporary Jazz connaisseurs out there.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Richard Pinhas & Duncan Pinhas - Sources [Bam Balam Records 081 Promo]

Released on June 12th, 2k21 as a special edition for the French Record Store Day and put on the circuit via the long-standing Bam Balam Records label is "Sources", the new collaborational album of Richard Pinhas, celebrating both his 70th birthday and the 50th anniversary of his career with this one, and his son Duncan Pinhas which are pairing their arsenal of guitars, analog synthesizers and Field Recordings backed by Arthur Narcy on drums. With this remarkable father / son lineup in place the duo sets off to explore a most captivating variation of instrumental, highly experimental Rock music - for a lack of a better term, that is - going all in with the thundering, storming "Puissances Infectees" before drifting off into dreamy, electronically infused Berlin School / Psychedelia / ProtoAmbient territories with the subsequent "Echappees Belles" whilst "Aiguille Rogue" adds raw, gnarly synth movements, modular bleeps and weeping, distant guitar solos to the recipe its predecessor followed. With "Onde Aux Rivages Trop Meconnes" we experience scenic, yet inward looking and ruminant Deep Listening Music in combination with chirping birds and what seems to be reprocessed burbling water, "Le Gritche" weighs in more of a swirling, ever escalating Progressive Rock approach and "De Sources Et De Ravins" waves goodbye with a slowly evolving, yet still highly dramatic combination of steadily modulating Ambient drones and longing, reverberating guitar solos for a closing. Deep.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Xotox - Ultima II [Infacted Recordings]

Released via Infacted Recordings only recently is "Ultima II", the second part of Xotox' latest two album retrospective and the one focusing on rare and even formerly unreleased tracks and remixes harking back to the earliest days of the prolific producers career which started more than two decades ago. Opening with the eerie, dystopian "Live-Intro 2016" which only has been used in less than a handful of live shows ever and therefore can be considered unheard by the vast majority of Xotox fans out there we're drawn deep into the projects history, best characterized by cuts like "Nullpunkt* Area Kollen Remix" which fuses a super dry, yet banging mechanical rhythm foundation with a simplistic, yet captivating, trancey and surprisingly melodic main motif whereas "Animal" pairs highly compressed brutalist HardTechno with elements of Rave, Rhythm Industrial, classic Trance and a well epic intro sequence for the darkest hours of the night, "Offizium" goes down a lane of tool'ish, full on IndustrialTechno violence whilst "Degeneration" takes the fast lane on the same road, yet decides to go full throttle instead and "It Came From The Dark" takes us back to the days of early 90s Techno put on the circuit by pioneering German labels like Boy Records vibewise just to pick a few favorites here. Essential darkness.

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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Zoku Metsu - Zoku Metsu [Alrealon Musique 108 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the ever active imprint that is Alrealon Musique on August 6th, 2k21 is "Zoku Metsu", the self-titled album by the group of the same name which drew inspiration from the Japanese word 'zokumetsu' which translates to 'destroy the whole family' and applied this approach to their studio techniques, radically re-arranging and adhering to their love of Krautrock and so-called Berlin School music coming out of 70s Germany. With these influences in mind Zoku Metsu are presenting their new longplay outing, a seven tracks and roughly 39 minutes spanning longplayer that has got more in common with PostRock or misty, all blurred out Shoegazing Metal than with retrofuturistic synth elegies of the past from the very first seconds of the opener "Flower School For Unsuspecting Yakuza" onwards which comes at the listener with thundering war drums and Prog-infused guitars whereas the subsequent "Field Of Swords" presents itself as a true sonic maelstrom of feedbacks before entering complex, stumbling MathRock structures, "Epistemophobia" builds up a freefloating, well monolithic atmosphere as intense and threatening as things can get before "Undulations One" evokes memories of modular drum programming accompanied by somewhat funky guitar twists on a more positive note slowly turning into krautsy, washed out meanderings over the course of the tunes total runtime. Furthermore "Undulations Two" takes the musings of its predecessor towards more dramatic, haunting and hounded uptempo territories, amalgamating gallopping drums, atmospheric dreamscapes and ghostly, desolate guitar solos, "Obituary" feverishly marches forward onto ancient battlefields and the final cut that deals with "Science In 3D" takes on the subject from a highly Psychedelia-infused angle, building up layers and layers of dense, ever tripping, spiralling synths for a highly experimental, surely (Neo)Cosmic closing which is slowly fizzing and crackling out throughout the albums very last minute or so. Well interesting, this.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Dauwd [Psssh Records 002 Test Pressing]

Scheduled for release on July 30th, 2k21 on his very own Psssh Records imprint is Dauwd's second, once again untitled, 12" instalment on the label. Whilst "La Nota" on the A-side sees the man Dauwd Al Hilali presenting a deep, swinging fusion of laid back UK Garage / 2Step infused with echoes of BrokenHouse, ethereal vocal snippets as well as a stripped down, super minimal motif that evokes memories of the earliest - a.k.a. late 90s - releases on labels like Dessous Recordings, "Steve" on the flipside is on a dry, aggressively pumping uptempo House tip whilst throwing beautiful DeepHouse pads, a looped, slightly muffled vocal sample and distinct, bleepy and futuristic synths into the mix for early morning / super late night workout sets whereas JD Twitch's rework of "La Nota" to be found on B2 weighs in complex, poly-layered and surely Industrial-infused Breakbeat arrangements and dark'ish, twisted atmospheres challenging even the most experienced Dark Garage / Sublow / South London Bass spinning DJs out there. Check.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Margit Myhr / Erlend Apneseth - Slattesong [Heilo Music]

Released on May 21st, 2k21 via Norwegian imprint Heilo Music is "Slattesong", the latest collaborational album effort created by the two Folk-leaning musicians Margit Myhr and Erlend Apneseth which are going back to the very roots of their countries Folk tradition, not only in terms of the albums sparse instrumentation solely consisting of Hardanger fiddle and vocals but also when it comes to the song  material which was chosen from a collection of traditional Folk songs specifically dealing with the Hallingdal region of Norway. This said, the fifteen cuts, both of instrumental and vocal nature, ooze the beautiful naturalistic innocence of ancient nordic rural living, telling sonic tales of summer morning mists, green, highly saturated pastures, love and legends as well as battles fought in past, hard work and good times as one would expect from a masterfully executed Folk album performed in a language one does not speak. Top tier with a special recommendation for "Den Som Rulla Ette Golve", "Krist Give Jeg Var Der" and "Gro Gudmundsrud".

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Thursday, July 22, 2021

25.07.2k21 baze.djunkiii presents Deep Exposure Volume 2 @ Radio alHara / Betlehem, Palestine

Exactly three months after his first ever DJ mix aired by Betlehem-based Radio alHara baze.djunkiii is back with a second edition of his "Deep Exposure" showcase this weekend, once again digging deep in the eclectic and experimental section of his 5000+ records deep vinyl collection to take us on a journey into a realm of what can be best described as Deep Listening Music, starting from melancholia-inducing Dark Ambient and brooding, tectonic sound shifts via stripped down Electronica, Armchair Techno and Illbient only to come at us with some cheeky surprises in the final section of this mix. Get locked!

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: Drone / Dark Ambient / Electronica

transmission time: 01.00 Betlehem time / 00.00 cet

get locked via Radio alHara

Betlehem, Palestine

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Rdeca Raketa - ...And Cannot Reach The Silence [Ventil Records 026 Promo]

Scheduled for release on August 4th, 2k21 via Ventil Records as the labels 026 - later to be followed by a special edition on Maja Osojnik's very own Mamka Records as its 004 - is "...And Cannot Reach The Silence", the very debut album by the duo Redeca Raketa comprised of named Maja Osjnik and Matija Schellander. With the title of the album translating as 'red rocket' and an overall conceptual approach dealing with non- and parallel mis-communication in todays multi-layered and partly parallel - a.k.a. #irl and digital - society as well as the overall theme of violence the duo caters a three tracks and roughly 34 minutes spanning firstling opening with the cold, futuristic piece "The Night Is Spilling Across The Room" which pairs hypertense DarkAmbient atmospheres with slow Electronica rhythm signatures, trademark bleeps and vocals as longing and Blues-infused as they might ever get, bleeding through from different, probably hypertech-focused timeline before drifting off into an intense, highly compressed realm of Industrial Electronica. The subsequent cut "The Gasoline" provides a grinding, ever shifting collage of various interfering, non-interlocking Illbient rhythms built from mechanical, robotic and industrial foundsounds accompanied by an intense SpokenWord performance before "Waiting It Out" is built on a slowly morphing electrical drone - think of Muslimgauze on the label back in the day - interrupted by various sequences of barrage fire blown over from afar, grinding, tectonic Noize bursts as well as static / atmospheric noise, disintegrating vocal fragments and, once again, sci-fi related upsweeps as well as intense laser gun / phaser bleeps, all falling together in a dense and tense athmospheric manner that makes this album an essential listening experience for this single track alone. Get.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents W.hat A.bout H.ouse Volume 11 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (15.07.2021)

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Out Now: Freddy Fresh - 333 / Watch It Go Roun Roun *featuring Mikey Dredd [Intrauterin Recordings 009]

A1: 333
B1: Watch It Go Roun Roun (featuring Mikey Dredd)

File under: Modular Jungle / Drum'n'Bass

Freddy Fresh is a legend. Period. From a plethora of 12“es on labels like Nu Groove, Drop Bass Network, Forced Nostalgia, Spaziotempo, Lone Romantic or Toolbox Killers to albums on 90s scene mainstays like Harthouse, Anodyne or Eye Q to countless releases on his own imprints like Howlin Records, Analog Records USA and Electric Music Foundation. From remixes for the likes of GusGus, Heaven 17, Kitachi, Steve Stoll, Frankie Bones and many more to hitting the UK Top 40 with the massive BigBeat smasher „Badder Badder Schwing“ produced alongside Fatboy Slim. The man has done it all. Nearly.

And therefore Intrauterin Recordings is proud to present the first ever Drum'n'Bass release in the more than 30 year spanning career of the one and only Freddy Fresh!

With „333“ Freddy Fresh is going down a twisted, hard stepping and yet positive alley of what the man himself refers to as Modular Drum'n'Bass that is unmistakably cooked up live and direct in his Minneapolis-based studio. Expect a whirlwind of swirls, swooshes, bleeps and FX alongside raw junglistic beats and the most positive Synth bass motif you've heard in a long while.

Yet the singles' main dancefloor smash is to be found on the flip side. „Watch It Go Roun Roun“ is a raw classic, a heavy original JumpUp banger driven by a killer vocal performance by Mike Gates a.k.a. Mikey Dredd. Likely better known to many for his Techno productions on labels like Kanzleramt, Creation Rebel or Howlin Records rather than for his MC skills this is the very first time Mikey Dredd's secret love for taking up the microphone as a proper Jungle / Drum'n'Bass MC is officially recognized and revealed on wax as a late tribute to and honoration of a large scale talent which passed away way too soon in 2019. Lighter crew!

Initial pressing will be limited to 217 copies on clear 7" vinyl. Hand-stamped whitelabel, stamped and stickered paper sleeve.

Vinyl Distribution Worldwide:
- Word And Sound / Hamburg

Shops / Mailorder:
- Intrauterin Recordings Bandcamp
- / Germany
- Decks Records / Germany
- Disco Piu / Italy
- Further Records/ Seattle, USA
- HHV / Germany
- Jungle Exotica / Japan
- Juno Records / UK
- Laterna Records / Bulgaria
- Otaku Records / Hamburg, Germany
- Redeye Records / Ipswich, UK

and many many more worldwide... - contact your local record shop or trusted mailorder for order options!

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Pleasure - Saint Albans [Disasters By Choice Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Disasters By Choice imprint on July 21st, 2k21 is "Saint Albans", the latest longplay outing cooked up by the Sydney-based trio named Pleasure. Condensing down a mere 20 (!!!) hours of material recorded unrehearsed and improvised over the course of three days in October of 2k19 into nine tracks of 38 minutes total playtime the project caters a playful, warm take on what might be best described as TripHop / DopeBeat-infused live Electronica with a well organic twist, partially drifting into complex and haunted polyrhythmic territories like in "Be Yourself Harder 191012" with its ever spiralling, captivating low-end and heavy drum explosions or the clearly Dub-infused "Taste Mouth 191013" whereas the dark'ish, nightly "Breathe In 191012" brings associations like Morr Music, Jan Jelinek as well the Moritz Von Oswald Trio to mind, "Sublimation 101014" pairs Illbient with calming, melancholia-inducing melodies, "Slurp 191013" harks back to a DopeBeat attitude once again and the totally unedited "Brain Waste 191013" presents itself as an essential deep listening amalgamation of Dub basslines and stripped down Post-PostRock just to name a few favorites here. Good stuff, this.´Get.

Friday, July 16, 2021

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 07/2k21

Thursday, July 15, 2021

La Nuee - La Nuee [Umland Records 048]

Fresh on the circuit via Essen's Umland Records label is the new - and self-titled - album outing produced by Brussels-based saxophone outfit La Nuee which has built the three compositions on their latest longplayer around the sound of five saxophones and a drum kit. Opening with "Flottant" the six piece project explores tender, brittle and carefully layered Deep Listening drone vibrations blown over from afar whereas the subsequent piece "L'Eveil" dives even deeper into the realm of yearning, space-time defying sax-based Minimal Music providing a steady, ever evolving ebb-and-flow of sound coming from near silence, building up to somewhat klaxon'esque intensity only to die off again until a new, slightly altered circle begins, pulsating, vibrating, fluttering, yet calming even at its dynamic peak. For a closing, the 29+ minutes spanning main piece named "Le Depart" is focusing on microtonal movements and granular close-up microphone recordings of air fluctuations within the respective instruments resulting in an icey, glacial and timeless sound setting out of which, once again, calm and flickering, yet defo Ambient-leaning tonal movements emerge, accompanied by thundering war drums building up to an intense crescendo from what started from a point solemn, focused, clear and crisp, comparable to the half hour before a clear sky sunrise at high altitudes. Highly recommended, this.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

WE3 - WE3 [Aut Records 072]

Released on May 24th, 2k21 via the ever active Italian imprint Aut Records is the ten tracks and 65 minutes spanning self-titled debut album by WE3, a new musical triumvirate formed by Francesco Chiapperino, Luca Pissavini and Stefano Grasso which are combining classic instruments with synths and other electronic devices within their music. With the full album recorded within one day in April of 2k19 the three artists carve out a storming, captivating landscape from the very first bars of the opener "England" onwards which, in some sense, takes us far up north to the highlands, presenting itself in a comforting, yet somewhat raw and rugged manner before "Ben Morse" seems to sonically depict a nightly, inward looking, yet tumultous and FreeJazz-infused exploration into one's inner philosophical core whereas "Kirchhoff's Wave" dabbles with melancholia in (Future)Jazz, building up towards a stark climax relying on ever meandering sax lines before "Lights On A Satellite" put eerie, slightly reprocessed violins in the mix which do perfectly match the tunes tender background drums, evoking memories of Bugge Wesseltoft's "New Conceptions Of Jazz"-series of long time ago. The subsequent "Horizons" sees WE3 pushing dancefloors with a spine-tingling, uptempo Jazz vibe for espionage movies and highly dramatic chase scenes, "Only Theme" even seems to draw influences from calm, meandering PostRock meets expressive FutureJazz variations before "Vife" is as panoramic and free floating as a large American river delta on a calm hot summer afternoon. Furthermore "6's And 7's" slowly builds up from tender, minimalistic beginnings to thundering, complex drum rolls and elaborate sax lines, "Lights On A Satellite *Set Version" provides a livelier, shimmering variation of the original tune and the final bonus track "Impro On A Satellite Theme" weighs in exactly that, a playful, lightweight and frolicking, yet dramatic improvisation for a closing.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

15.07.2021 baze.djunkiii presents W.hat A.bout H.ouse Volume 11 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (2300 GMT+1)

„W.hat A.bout H.ouse“? It is ALL about House Music in this new 60 minutes vinyl selection put together by Hamburg-based Radio Flouka-resident baze.djunkiii. From raw modernist underground whitelabel bootleg editions to big time vocal anthems taken from various eras of the genre and even a turn towards complex, stomping, multilayered UK Techno with a housey twist baze.djunkiii presents a unique and well specific view on House and its multilayered, widely varied spectrum from a longtime DJ's and electronic music connaisseurs perspective with this one. Enjoy.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: House Music

transmission time: 23oo - 00oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka

Monday, July 12, 2021

Karkhana - Al Azraqayn [Karlrecords 086 Promo]

Released via the ever active Karlrecords imprint on July 9th, 2k21 is "Al Azraqayn", the latest album outing cooked up live by the multi-member collective that is Karkhana - basically a conglomerate of artists x musicians at home in the Middle Eastern experimental  scene, all renowned for their solo achievements and their involvement in a plethora of groups and projects. Recorded on stage at Bimhuis / Amsterdam on July 3rd, 2k19 the eight pieces on this album, stretched out over a whopping 84 minutes playtime, capture the energy and versatility of the collective in one monumental album which incorporates elements of tripping Psychedelic Rock as well as ever meandering sequences of fever'ish Arab- / DesertKraut, inevitable citations of Oriental cliches, heavy guitar feedbacks and distortions, intricate post-melodic spirallings, bits of Jazz as well as screaming, hysterical FreeJazz explosions and even fragments that some might consider to be somewhat Tarantino'esque in terms of speaking of soundtrack x score suitability for movies directed by the now Hollywood legend. An album like a whirlwind, powerful, rousing, overwhelming and hard to grasp within one sitting only. Which might go for live experienced Karkhana shows as well. Intriguing.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Xotox - Ultima I [Infacted Recordings]

Put out on the circuit via Infacted Recordings only recently is Xotox' "Ultima I" - the first part of a two CD album set that's closely examining the history and development of Andreas Davids' famed Industrial / EBM / HardTechno outfit. Opening with "Eisenkiller", probably the projects biggest hit and most recognized tune ever, followed by cuts like "Nasse Wände", "Sla Tilbakka", "Schwanengesang", the uptempo and almost Hardcore-bordering madness of "[PSI]" as well as more recent productions like "UFO" and "Wir Haben Die Wirklichkeit Zerstört" amongst others it is pretty clear what we're in for - mechanical brutalism, hypercompressed bass drums and grinding, nerve-wrecking dancefloor structures in combination with robotic movements, oftentimes psychotic vocal samples and the occasional shimmering synth motif to provide at least a spark of hope on vantablack dancefloors and in secluded sonic torture chambers with screaming high-end PA's cranked up to the max. There is no mercy. There is no hope.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 38 [SM Traxxx 61-2021]

Next up on SM Traxxx is Sascha Müller's "Traxx Vol. 38", set for release on July 22nd, 2k21 and probably the Uelsen-based artists final release for a while. With "Track 75" we see Mr. Müller exploring a pumping, well exciting ClubTechno vision infused with spiralling Acid modulations and loads of 90s Rave spirit whereas "Track 76" provides more of a tool-oriented approach, weighing in a seductive, positive and hyperfunctional groove accompanied by a thrilling Acid backdrop barely audible at the far end of the mix. Good stuff.

Friday, July 09, 2021

Julian Sartorius - Locked Grooves [-ous 035 Promo]

The -ous label goes "Locked Grooves" with the new highly conceptual vinyl release by drummer Julian Sartorius which is put out on the circuit today - July 9th, 2k21 - and features a total of 112 loops, each restricted to a total length of 1.8 seconds due to the vinyl format with 56 of them, extended to a roughly one minute beat tool, featured on the promotional CD version of this release. The result is stunning and hypnotic, with true emphasis on polyrhythms and somewhat complex, tribal-infused patterns which are - at least on our version - perfectly cut to match eachother and therefore present a truly monolithic array of beats. With this being a hot and thrilling concept in itself we are sure that even more literal dancefloor damage can be done when this one is used and abused by DJ's in a club setting on one or even multiple decks or, probably even more exciting, when these beats are used and abused as a sample source by creative producers and beat makers who are able and willing to transfer them into a totally new and entirely unexpected context. Next level shit. Get.

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Aar & Dag - Tifold Af Fri Form Og Faelles Motiv [Aar & Dag 006 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via their very own Aar & Dag label on June 28th, 2k21 is "Tifold Af Fri Form Og Faelles Motiv", the latest album by Danish four piece collective Aar & Dag which have created their new 34 minutes and eight tracks spanning body of work alongside a plethora of collaborating artists operating on reeds, brass and percussion instruments alongside self-built and created synthesizers and other electronic gear. With this sonic arsenal to draw from and a strict anti-leadership approach with all collaborating artists having an equal say in composition and musical development of the particular pieces, each one logically generated from scratch deriving an initial creative push from a hand-driven clock wheel sequencer with a corresponding musical matrix for initial interactions by single musicians and x or their instrumental sections, Aar & Dag are creating a complex, organic and surely somewhat Jazz-infused sonic universe with an undeniably dense Indietronica / Electronica x PostRock fusion twist built on an interplay of several corresponding and non-corresponding time intervals and measures, creating a poly-layered, polyrhythmic cosmos that is, despite its high volume of sonic events per fraction of a second, surprisingly calming and full of tranquility in contrast to the hectic, highly technological world out there. Go check.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

John Cage - Variations VII [Epicentre Editions]

The music of John Cage. Undoubtedly ecletic, unique, avantgarde, pioneering and at the forefront of everything, be it sonically or in the use of exploring new technical possibilities. This goes for the artists entire discography but especially for the now re-enacted and re-recorded piece "Variations VII" which has been released via the new label Epicentre Editions in mid-June of 2k21. Originally conceptualized for an event held in October of 1966 with the sounds of ten NYC locations brought in via (analogue!!!) telephone lines to the event venue this new variation and interpretation was recorded on August 15th, 2k20 at the Le Bruit De La Musique Festival - this time with a total of 17 artists involved as well as chance operations executed via computer programs added into the mix. The result of this new re-recording is monumental indeed, with a massive 68 minute main piece accompanied by a short intro and outro sequence bringing forth an intense collage of muffled Field Recordings of a melange of voices, electroacoustic sweeps and manipulations, scraping, nerve-wrecking transmissions seemingly coming from a construction site, radio broadcasts of unknown origin, twangy guitar micro-interventions, screaming babies as well as ominous, threatening low frequency shifts, all sorts of Found Sounds, short sawtooth modulations, sinewave bleeps, electrical buzzes and whatever it takes for a truly Avantgarde composition that didn't even come with an original score, yet ends up to be a fascinating sonic experience requiring multiple focused listening session to embrace, discover and unveil every detail that's going on here - including fragmented echoes of Jimmy Somerville's "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)". Essential.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Heiner Rennebaum Doppelquartett - Bebop Bizzare [Umland Records 049]

Scheduled for release via Essen's ever active Umland Records camp on July 17th, 2k21 is "Bebop Bizarre", the first full length studio album provided by the Heiner Rennebaum-led Heiner Rennebaum Doppelquartett, an eight piece fusion structure which sees a classical string quartet working with and alongside an improv-savvy Jazz quartet to create something new and previously unheard of. The result is an eight tracks and roughly 44 minutes spanning longplayer, bringing together the best of both worlds - be it in the elegic, yet fast paced opener "November" which evokes memories of complex live Drum'n'Bass approaches of the 90s or the dreamy, twangy late night Jazz variations of "Dido's Lament" whereas "20/20 Vision" is on a well naturalistic, peaceful and almost folksy tip in its combination of multiple string layers and friendly, meandering guitars. Furthermore "Maximum" enters the dancefloor with a dramatic brass intro followed by captivatingly tight, intricate and ever evolving drum structures and an innate momentum that keeps crowds moving to the max, "Kreisel" caters a whirlwind of movements starting out from a longing, romantic angle only to build up noir'esque tension over more than 7 minutes total playtime whilst the title-bearing piece "Bebop Bizarre" provides a hounded, funky, tense and spine-tingling ride for espionage flics of a kind not made anymore and the concluding cut "Oder So" waves goodbye in a well enchanted, timeless manner, providing us with an instrumental journey to the age of yore and even beyond that, telling tales of peace and happiness, dark shadows, tumultous times and mythical beings for a most beautiful closing. Go check.

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Benoit B - We Come In Peace [Animals Dancing 009 Test Pressing]

Scheduled for release on 12" vinyl via Melbourne-based label Animals Dancing on July 30th, 2k21 is "We Come In Peace", the first ever production effort by French producer Benoit B created for the imprint. On four tracks, and most outstandingly on the opening cut "Drum Symphony", we see Benoit B pairing a somewhat muffled (Neo)Trance meets NuDisco crossover with playful, somewhat psychedelia-infused melodic motifs whilst also incorporating influences of slightly spaced out Electro in tunes like "La Retraite De Rockers" and "Dreelkrugz Conquest" for extended late night sets on advanced Synth x (Neo)Cosmic x KrautDisco floors. If this does speak to you, you well know what to do.

Monday, July 05, 2021

MME Psychosis - BSV [Cut Surface 034]

Put on the circuit via the ever active label that is Cut Surface as a cute and colourful cassette tape on May 07th, 2k21 is "BSV", the latest physical outing sculpted by Vienna-based artist x producer MME Psychosis. With "BSV" being an abbreviation for 'beats -synths - vocals' and therefore laying out the general musical direction and approach of this eight track mini album we see MME Psychosis exploring a sonic realm of soft, deeply Synth- and melancholia infused Leftfield Pop, touching base both with Electronic Chanson and elements of Easy Listening whilst drawing influences from (No)Wave and PostPunk in pieces like "MAD", dabbling with spine-tingling score noir vibes in the subsequent cut that is "Evil" whereas the aptly named "Galaxy" amalgamates highly spaced out Synth realms and Psychedelia and "Rave 2" surely sets PostPunk floors on fire with its muscular uptempo pump and ethereal, well seductive guitar melodies just to pick a few favorites here. Recommended for a reason. Get!

Cassette tape artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, July 04, 2021

Anatoli Grinberg And Andreas Davids - Silence + Noise [Ant-Zen Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit on June 15th, 2k21 via the long standing Ant-Zen imprint is "Silence + Noise", the first ever collaborational album released by Anatoli Grinberg a.k.a. Tokee and Andreas Davids of Xotox-fame which, according to the accompanying press release, set out on a journey to explore the hidden meaning of silence and noise in our present as well as a dystopian future to come. Within six tracks and a total runtime of 42 minutes the duo caters a magmatic and ever floating variation of deeply melancholia-infused DarkAmbient pads paired with abstract sci-fi Industrial Electronica-leaning rhythm signatures in the opener "The Passage" whereas "Nuclear Chillout" pairs elements of Noize and fluttering IDM / Braindance - think: FSOL! - for advanced late night dancefloors and the monolithic "First Contact" presents an ever escalating layering of Rhythm Industrial-infused beats in combination with brooding, threatening tectonic shifts building up towards a state of claustrophobic unease without ever providing full relief or closure. Furthermore the "Pain Piano" brings on hypertension in the form of metallic clanging and mechanical / robotic movements evoking memories of a lost space station abandoned many millenia ago, "Mechanical Synchronicity" harks back to a deeper, yet somewhat dubbed out  DarkAmbient approach whilst the concluding cut examines "Strange Lifeforms" only to find a flock of friendly, playful and well curious, yet also radically inquisitive beings hidden in microscopic plainsight for a closing. Highly recommended. Plus: This should've been released on vinyl.

Fleischwolf - Einst [Valve Records]

Coming in from Wuppertal / Germany these days and released via Solingen-based Valve Records is "Einst", the debut album of Fleischwolf - 'meat grinder' in German -, a duo comprised of Gunda Gottschalk and Achim Konrad. Based on a combination of violin and digital computer processing "Einst" caters a body of work stretched out over 13 tracks and roughly 47 minutes, gravitating towards a haunting, dramatic and oftentimes dry, off kilter and dissonant take on brittle Modern Classical / Contemporary Classical music, exploring the more experimentalist and surely avantgarde-leaning side of the genre, yet incorporating echoes of echoes of ancient (Nordic?) Folk in cuts like "Die Oga Schwingen" which also presents some quite unnerving sequences only to be appreciated by the dedicated headstrong whilst "Der Riesenkater" evokes memories of both Noize and ElectroAcoustic sound manipulations, "Paradiescreme" is as traditionally (Neo)Classical as it gets on this album and "Freivogel" is as chirping as its title - which roughly translates to 'free bird' in German - might suggest just to name a few. One album for an admittedly small, yet highly specialized audience.

Saturday, July 03, 2021

baze.djunkiii Charts 07/2k21

01. Bukkha & Nuphlo [Booyaka Sound 002]
Bass is the message and the message is bass on this three track 12" whitelabel which comes in a beautifully clean stamped white paper sleeve. Whilst the A-side comes at us with a deep complex Tribal Drum'n'Bass vibe which at some point reminded us of productions by the long gone Italian D'n'B project once known as Totem Vibes Cru the two tracks on the flip are on a more stepping, darker and surely more ominous tip for all the junglists out there.

02. Steve Bug - Loverboy [Poker Flat Recordings 226]
Steve Bug's "Loverboy" is a classic. Probably the first large scale MinimalHouse - or better: MinimalFunk as he once put it - hit ever. An anthem deeply engrained in the DNA of more than an entire generation of punters up to this day. Now reworked once again, carefully and respectfully by both Catz'n'Dogs as well as Acid Pauli that one specific "Loverboy" once will leave its mark on a new generation of club heads and ravers. And rightfully so.

03. Ramos & Supreme - The Journey Part 1 / Crowd Control [Hectic Records / Kniteforce Records]
Back to 1993 with a Kniteforce Records endorsed re-issue of two certified UK Hardcore / Darkside Breakbeat bangers. Originally put out on the circuit via the legendary Hectic Records imprint both "The Journey Part 1" and "Crowd Control" are still deadly as ever, causing havoc amongst the whistle crew and all dedicated Breakbeat ravers with their ever rolling drums, heavy stab signals and uplifting piano lines and highly energetic attitude. We're 100% in for this.

04. Freddy Fresh & Laura Grabb feat. Mark EG & The Tonewrecker - Analogical Mind 2 [DJ.ungle Fever 046]
Our man Freddy Fresh is back on DJ.ungle Fever, collaborating with Laura Grabb both under her real name as well as her Venechor alias and other artists on this eight track 12" which comes at DJs and collectors in various colour variations. Musically we're taken from heavy, fast and hard-hitting analog Acid / Techno to trippy Electro workouts and short experimental sketches with the bleeped out Acid ElectroPhonk fusion cut aptly named "Electroex" and the all spiralling "Analogical Mind 2" Svensyntetix RMX" being the ones that stand out as weapons of extraordinary dancefloor destruction.

05. Desert Sound Colony [Holding Hands 014]
The Darkness. Desert Sound Colony weighs in four uncompromising, heavily Rave-infused Bass Music cuts walking the line between Unformatted Breaks, raw original Breakbeat action, Jungle, UK Garage and Broken Techno - a deadly amalgamation of sounds, genres, samples and styles that's about to mash up many a dancefloor in the hand of experienced, boundary bending DJ's.

06. Rex Ronny & DJ Sotofett - Epidermis [Full Pupp 075 Testpress]
See review for details...

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Friday, July 02, 2021

Murena Murena - Take Care Of Me [Cut Surface 033]

Released in May 2k21 via Vienna's Cut Surface imprint is "Take Care Of Me", the latest eleven track album outing by Munich-based artist Daniel Murena a.k.a. Murena Murena who's in for taking the listener on a roughly 40 minutes spanning journey into his very own musical universe, from the distorted, haunted and somehow DigiDancehall / Industrial Dancehall - Al Haca Soundsystem! Razor X Productions! - infused rhythm signatures fused with the greyscale aesthetics of acts like Tristesse Contemporaine in the raw opener "Turn Your Back On Gold" to the haunted PostPunk-sequences of "Fight Rope" which fascinatingly come with both an Industrial- and HipHop edge at the same time whilst "Dark Twine" touches base with twisted SynthPop and DeltaBlues if one can imagine a combination of Rangleklods, Pink Floyd and drunk Depeche Mode ca. "Delta Machine". Furthermore "Overvoice" takes greyscale Alternative / Leftfield Pop to a new, nightly and inward-looking level, "Watch The Sphinx" gets deep into highly agitated Industrial PunkRock whereas "Look Now" weighs in muscular ElectroPunk x ElectroRock for moshpits of death, "Medea Madre" presents more of a sacred, score'esque atmosphere and the concluding "Heart Game" waves goodbye in a well psychedelic, brooding Post-DeltaBlues manner just to name a few. Recommended!

Thursday, July 01, 2021

03. x 05. x 06. x 09. x 10.07.2021 Sound Kleckse Radio Show w/ baze.djunkiii

So this is a first. Basically baze.djunkiii's first ever contribution to the long standing Sound Kleckse Radio Show run and hosted by German DJ, producer and label owner Jens Müller who has syndicated the show to a plethora of web-based and FM radio stations all over the globe which does come down to a whole weeks schedule of radio transmissions for all die-hard Techno and electronic music fans out there. Expect 60 minutes of banging Techno in the mix, classic tunes and underground belters drawn from all over the genres history, mixed and blended in an advanced 100% vinyl selection for those who know. Watch out.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: Techno

detailed transmission schedule - get locked via the stations websites!

03.07.2021 - 2300 CET Sound Kleckse Radio Show with baze.djunkiii @
05.07.2021 - 2000 CET Sound Kleckse Radio Show with baze.djunkiii @ Radio Techno Norway / Norway
06.07.2021 - 2100 CET Sound Kleckse Radio Show with baze.djunkiii @ / Hannover, Germany
09.07.2021 - 2000 CET Sound Kleckse Radio Show with baze.djunkiii @ HGM Webradio / Stuttgart, Germany
10.07.2021 - 0100 CET Sound Kleckse Radio Show with baze.djunkiii @ Radio Web Phre / Quebec, Canada
10.07.2021 - 1800 CET Sound Kleckse Radio Show with baze.djunkiii @ In Progress Radio / Amsterdam, Netherlands
10.07.2021 - 2000 CET Sound Kleckse Radio Show with baze.djunkiii @ / Dresden, Germany