Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ghetto - Mountain E.P. [Beyond Da Booth 003]

Another excellent release on the hyper-fresh Beyond Da Booth-imprint is Ghetto's "Mountain E.P." that easily crosses borders between four by four driven Niche and the aggression of Grime-flavored vocals. One to rewind twice if you bang the vocal version through a proper PA but the instrumental on the flip works well, too. Three top notch releases of three releases to date is quite a damn good percentage, so watch out what's coming next on Beyond Da Booth as this label seems to be ready for big glorious times in the future.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

05.05.2008 Booty. @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: Electro / GhettoBass / GhettoTech

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 P.M.

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Just Banks - Under The Influence [Etage Noir]

Due to be released on may 30th via Etage Noir is the debut album of the Austria-based artist Just Banks. "Under The Influence" - as the album is named - comes as a package of fifteen tracks that basicly can be filed under the flag of Advanced HipHop, covering a musical range from relaxed, classic HipHop-vibes, jazzy Grooves plus a whole lot of what well fits into the field of so-called West London / Phusion / Broken Beat music. It's a pity that there's only a few clubs these days dedicated to this style as this is pure dancefloor music that'll work well with a grown up crowd, if suited in a cool DJ set mixed with some Downtempo and Vintage. But as this album is only released in CD format it'll mainly reach a homelistening crowd and not the wide range of club jocks and vinyl fanatics out there. But anyway, this is a good one and defo checkworthy.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em) [Aftermath / Interscope]

Busta Rhymes' new album "Blessed" is to drop soon via Aftermath Records / Interscope and "Don't Touch Me" - now on promo circuit - is the first single to hit the stores. Still on his trademark hectic and slightly nervous Rap style on top of kinda AfroBeat- and Funk-influenced structure this one is for all the breakers and b-boys out there, one to flip back and forth and forth and back again. Also works well in every kind of Freestyle- or Vintage-set so force your local dealer to hunt this sweet piece down.

G Unit - I Like The Way She Do It [G Unit Records]

Taken off their new album to be released on June 24th is G Unit's new 12" "I Like The Way She Do It" on their very own imprint G Unit Records. Expect a proper club tune with a deep, hot and horny vibe and solid beat that for sure turns some chicks on and makes them act explicit. Talking that - who the fuck needs a clean version, a superclean version plus a superclean acappella and who's about to play that when the full album version is fetaured here, too? Dirty shit is what we need. But no matter what, it's a good tune though.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Plemo & Rampue - Love Peace Hate Fuck [Audiolith Records]

Yes, they did it again. The Hamburg-based AnarchoElectroPunk-imprint Audiolith Records is about to release another ass-kicking longplayer these days - Plemo & Rampue's collaborational work "Love Peace Hate Fuck". Imagine ten tracks of ElectroPunk combined with a heavy "everything goes"-mentality, smashing samples, some quirky ItaloDisco sounds and fist in the air hooklines that work every IndieFloor as well as yr small hip underground electronic nerd venue of choice. Track to check: "Fight For Popcorn".

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gabriella Cilmi – Sweet About Me / Sanctuary [Universal Island Records]

7“es seem to be a fashionable format again according to the amounts of more like Pop-flavored releases these days which are released as tiny single pieces of vinyl. One of these is Gabriella Cilmi’s double A-sided „Sweet About Me / Sanctuary“ – a proper piece of Pop that is about to work well with all followers of Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Ayo and maybe partly Feist as well. Advanced Pop might be a categorization for this style that hopefully will be taking over some air time on bigger radio stations soon.

Friday, April 25, 2008

baze.djunkiii presents: Technovision @ Byte.FM [27.03.2008 / 01.00 - 02.00 GMT +1]

For all TechnoHeadz out there here is part two of my latest "baze.djunkiii presents: Technovision" radioshow @ Byte.FM that was aired on march 27th ....

Grab it here...

transmission started: 27.03.2008 / 01.00 GMT+1

transmission ended: 27.03.2008 / 02.00 GMT+1


01.00 - 02.00

1. Channel B [Styrax Leaves 010]
2. G.I.O.N. - Move *Beroshima Remix [Human Race Nation 006]
3. Big Chief Electric - Halbschwarzer Schnitt E.P. [Shot 012 Testpressung]
4. Nightnoise - Another Way [Super Six Records 030]
5. David Hausdorf - Dementia Pt.2 [Synaptic Waves 009]
6. Martyn - Get Down *Underground Resistance Remix by Nomadico [Revolver 010]
7. Kalle M - Karuselli *Harrison Fnord Remix [Phonokult 001]
8. Noirdegout - Sharks Bay [No Fear Records 002]
9. C-System - Load Game [Patterns 040 Whitelabel]
10. Snitzer & McCoy - Auto Aggression [Superstition 097 Promo]
11. Model8 *Lemon8 Remix [Plus8 089]

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Playlist: 24.04.2008 baze.djunkiii presents: Clashment @ Byte.FM


24.04.2008 baze.djunkiii presents: Clashment @ Byte.FM

transmission started: 23.04.2008 / 23.59 GMT+1

transmission ended: 24.04.2008 / 03.00 GMT+1

00.00 - 01.00

1. DJ Skye vs Ali G - Hear Me Now * Garage Mix [Whitelabel]
2. Passage Of Time [DH 001]
3. Dangerous [Ride It Riddims Volume 2]
4. Black Ops. Productions - Johnny Cash The Drop Top Bimmer Kid [JC 001 Whitelabel]
5. DJ South Central - All Night Long *After Hours Dub [Nice’n’Ripe]
6. Nude vs El-B - South West [Shelf Life 001]
7. N-Gen - Lost In Dub [Particle Recordings 001]
8. El-B feat. Juiceman - Digital *Alternative Mix [Locked On 025]
9. Count It Off [Ghost 002]
10. Nude vs El-B - Reality [Shelf Life 001]
11. Underground Fusion - Taxi Driver [4 Real 001]
12. Richii & KC feat. MC Danger 18k - Deep [Virtuosos Records]
13. Artwork - Red [Big Apple Records 001]

01.00 - 02.00

1. Plasticman - Pump Up The Jam [Soulja 006]
2. Kode 9 vs Badawi - Den Of Drumz [Roir USA]
3. DJ Hatcha - The March [Tempa 011]
4. The Slaughter Mob vs Search & Destroy - Saddam [Soulja 007]
5. Digital Mystikz - Mawo Dub [Big Apple Records 004]
6. Benga & Skream - The Judgement [Big Apple Records 003]
7. So Solid Crew feat Romeo & Face - Dilema [SC 001]
8. Lewi White & Smasher - Back In The Day *Part 2 [Beyond Da Booth 001]
9. Santogold vs Switch and Freq. Nasty - Creator [Lizard King Records]
10. Le Tigre - After Dark *Diplo Remix [Universal Records]
11. Mitch feat Uffie & Feadz - Fais Rentrer Les Euros *Feadz Uptempo Remix [Mental Groove Records]
12. Wonder [Dump Valve 018 Promo]
13. MRK1 - Quiver [Boka Records 006]
14. Mark One feat Virus Syndicate - The Industry [Planet µ 112]
15. G-Man / Black Ops Productions - Ignorance [JC 048]
16. Black Ops Productions - War [JC 016]

02.00 - 03.00

1. DJ Edwards - Flatulence [ED 001 Whitelabel]
2. DJ Narrows - Hardcore (Take Me Higher) [Storming Productions 005]
3. DJ Narrows - House Of Pain [Octagon Dubs 001]
4. Luke Envoy - Gamma [Hotflush 012]
5. Badawi vs Juakali -Crows [Roir USA]
6. Pressure vs Warrior Queen - Money Honey [Hyperdub 002]
7. Digital Mystikz - Walking With Jah [Soul Jazz]
8. Skream - I [Tempa 014]
9. MRK1 - Never Warned [Contagious]
10. Distance & Skream - Wise Man [Ringo Records]
11. Rusher ft. Plan B & Example - Everyday Remix
12. Virus Syndicate - Karma [Planet µ]
13. Wonder [Dump Valve 018 Promo]
14. BC 400 - We Got The Flow *Album [Buttercuts Records]
15. Mitch feat. Soper & DJ Raze - Fais Rentrer Les Euros *Sewed & Chopped Mix [Mental Groove]
16. G-Man / Black Ops Productions - Drama [JC 048]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

28.04.2008 Dereliction Of Now @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: Experimental Electronics

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 P.M.

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Monday, April 21, 2008

baze.djunkiii presents: Technovision @ Byte.FM [27.03.2008 / 00.00 - 01.00 GMT +1]

This mix, part one of my latest "baze.djunkiii presents: Technovision" @ Byte.FM, was recorded on march 27th and features some of the finest Dub- / Ambient- and ArmchairTechno ever released - true underground classics in here....

transmission started: 26.03.2008 / 23.59 GMT+1

transmission ended: 27.03.2008 / 01.00 GMT+1


00.00 - 01.00

1. Khan & Walker - Empire State Building [XXC3 801]
2. Round Four - Found A Way [Main Street Records]
3. Triple R & Walker - Aufraeumen! [XXC3 601]
4. PWOG - A Kind Of Prayer [KK Records 118]
5. PWOG - Kraak [KK Records 118]
6. Fred Gianelli - 1st Premonition *DBX Detroit Mix [Superstition 068]
7. Pub Surgery [AMP 007]

Sunday, April 20, 2008

hiGhFi_dElitY - Brotherhood [Holophon]

Sometimes I tend to not to review a release just because it has a shit name and "Brotherhood" straight out of the studio of hiGhFi_dElitY, due for release via Holophon on may 9th, is one of these. Guys, it's two thousand fucking eight right now and there's no use in using oh so underground'ish hacker typo in your name no more because it won't get you any street cred no more, especially when your not making lofi 8bit Bleepfunk or whatever but proper Downtempo / Lounge / younameit. Yes, the music is quality ChillOut stuff and perfect for any kind of Buddha Bar'esque venue or balearic terrace during daytime or early evenings - not any revolutionary newness involved but relaxed, familiar grooves that sound nice, are well crafted and defo about to be licensed to a few Lounge compilations as well. So here we go - change your groups name, try a re-release and someone will care about your music.

PLAY! 02 live - Rex Club / Paris mixed by Oliver Huntemann

Due for release on may 15th via Confused Recordings is Oliver Huntemann's new DJ-Mix "PLAY! 02 live - Rex Club / Paris" which has been recorded live on february 22nd of 2008. In difference to many re-edited and remastered mixes today this one is special as it transfers not only the music played out in this but also the crowds reaction, which was picked up by various mics placed in the legendary and 1991 established Paris venue during the set - so the whole thing sounds like as one was standing in the middle of the dancefloor, directly catching the vibe and groove and sweat and cheers and all that. Defo a unique idea technically that in a special way underlines the strong impact of Mr. Huntemann's selection that includes tracks like Martin Landsky's "Man High", his own "Paris", Shlomi Aber's "Sekur" alongside many others - a contemporary and up-to-date reflection of what so-called Minimal Techno is today that will be well appreciated by nightlife regulars and electronic homelisteners the same. Due to this recommended and check-worthy.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

24.04.2008 Platinum Garage @ Elbwerk / Hamburg

file under: UK Garage / SpeedGarage / Niche

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 6 PM

Bernhard-Nocht-Str. 68
20359 Hamburg

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sam Sparro - Black & Gold [Modus Vivendi Music]

Put on the promo circuit as limited gold vinyl edition via Modus Vivendi Music is Sam Sparrow's new single "Black & Gold" that'll instantly make it to major radio airplay success and single sales charts Top 100 as it combines an easy, being stuck to yr eardrums vocal alongside more dark'ish, electronic beats and epic elements in a quite unique way that seems to be as unique as the likes of Amy Winehouse or Gnarls Barkley were without hopping on a copycattin' train. "Sally" - featured on B1 - is on a hot and funky tip and works well in mostly every kind of set, no matter if it's Downtempo, Freestyle, Funk or even a Breakdance-related selection... yeah, try some robot moves to this... whilst Russ Chimes rework of the title track basicly satisfies the commercial Filter House jocks, so I bet everyone will love this lil' 12".

Kode 9 vs Badawi - Den Of Drumz / Badawi vs Juakali - Crows [Roir USA]

After literally ages of Dubstep-boredom this 12" on the Roir USA-imprint delivers freshness again into a neverending stream of cloned releases that have been put throughout the last weeks. "Den Of Drumz" partly reminds of Mala's releases on DMZ as it uses a kind of uptempo'ish Broken Techno-beat - 4-2-the-floor beat but the last bassdrum heavily syncopated - and interesting percussion- and hihat-structures on top, accompanied by echoic Dub-references that perfectly make sense and do not come along as over-abused classical offbeat stabs but inna deep, melancholic way instead. "Crows" on the flip is one for all those influenced by Illbient-heroes like DJ Spooky and the whole Crroklyn Dub-posse as well as for fans of SpokenWord-/Dubstep-MC The Spaceape, usually on the road alongside Kode 9. Dark mystical stuff is to be found here that musically tells tales of a forthcoming apocalypse. Deep shit!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

19.04.2008 / 17oo GMT+1 Das Drehmoment Mixtape @ Byte.FM

Das Drehmoment, Berlin's finest imprint for Disco, ItaloDisco and Cosmic Electro, hosts a mixtape show on Byte.FM this saturday. Don't miss as their selection of tunes is huge!


1. Kalson - Pulsar II
2. Makina Girgir - Siren Scam
3. Starcluster feat. Elke Brauweiler - Jusqu´ à la Fin
4. Replicant - Forbidden
5. Datafreq - The Only Place I Go
6. Dream Disco - Get Away
7. Polygamy Boys - Captain´s Hearse
8. Direct Control - I Drive My Spaceship
9. Keen K - 8 Puls Beat
10. Hardleft - Missa De Profunctis

Tune in to Byte.FM @ 1700 GMT+1

23.04.2008 baze.djunkiii presents: Clashment @ Byte.FM

23.04.2008 baze.djunkiii presents: Clashment @ Byte.FM

file under: Dubstep / Grime / Sublow / Dark Garage

Dubstep & Grime – der Sound des urbanen Untergrunds des Inselkönigreiches und immer mehr auch Thema auf deutschen Tanzflächen. Neben aktuellen Releases und natürlich auch zeitlosen Klassikern des Genres widmet sich die heutige Sendung partiell auch den Wurzeln und Ursprüngen des jetzigen Dubstep Sound, der sich in seiner Reduktion schon in den spätneunziger Jahren in Genres wie Sublow oder dem sogenannten Dark(style) Garage abzeichnete.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

transmission starts: 23.59 [GMT+1]

transmission runs up to: 03.00 [GMT +1]

tune in @ Byte.FM

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LaptopAcidXperience - Dumpsville [Super Six Goodies 042] 042 of the Super Six Goodies-imprint is LaptopAcidXperience's three tracker "Dumpsville", which not deals some acidic structures but more like minimalistic Techno stuff in a range from dubby and chilled to more experimental musicwise and delivers solid, tool'ish quality in that. Maybe not essential but still good.

21.04.2008 Pure Garage & Silk @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: UK Garage / SpeedGarage / Sublow / Niche

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 P.M.

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

LazioKasaa & Alec Creep - Rookie E.P. [Super Six Goodies 041]

Fresh on Super Six Goodies is LazioKasaa & Alec Creep's "Rookie E.P.", a three tracker focusing on Minimal Techno with a kind of funky, uplifting twist that sometimes turns into an attitude named to be as slightly cheesy especially when those epic strings and DreamTrance hooklines unfold like they do in "Minds". Good for a big room crowd that appreciates a bit of positive vibe from time to time.

Multimensch - Acidophile E.P. [Säurebad Records 007]

One for all real AcidTrance-lovers out there is Multimensch's "Acidophile E.P." which has been released via Säurebad Records recently. Tweaking 303-lines, deep string arrangements and a bit of dreamy melancholia are to be found in all of those five tracks featured on this release that make a perfect soundtrack for early morning hours after a long night out. Defo sounds somewhat 1993/4 but these were the best times that Trance ever had so nothing's wrong with that.

Smasher - Back In The Day *4x4 RMX [Beyond Da Booth 002]

It's only been a few weeks since Smasher was tearing up Grime- and UK Garage-floors the same with his massive reminiscent banger "Back In The Day", which is now reworked inna proper Niche-way and unleashed as 002 of the fresh Beyond Da Booth-imprint. Although this one is not as huge as the original version it's about to set floors on fire anytime when it's batttered through a huge PA and defo proves that Beyond Da Booth is a label to keep yr upon these days. Get that!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

19.04.2008 Sunset Lounge @ Elbwerk / Hamburg

file under: Disco / (Neo)Disco / Cosmic / DeepHouse / Broken House

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 PM

Bernhard-Nocht-Str. 68
20359 Hamburg

Saturday, April 12, 2008

16.04.2008 @ Sampa / Hamburg

file under: UK Garage / Breaks / Freestyle

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]
+ support

doors: 9 PM

Kampstrasse 20
20357 Hamburg

Thursday, April 10, 2008

14.04.2008 Urban!zm @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: Dubstep / Grime / Eski / Sublow

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 PM

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Playlist: 10.04.2008 baze.djunkiii presents: Acid House Revolution @ Byte.FM


10.04.2008 baze.djunkiii presents: Acid House Revolution @ Byte.FM

transmission started: 09.04.2008 / 23.59 GMT+1

transmission ended: 10.04.2008 / 03.00 GMT+1

00.00 - 01.00

1. D-Mob feat. Nuff Juice - Put Your Hands Together *Slammin & Jammin Mix [FFRR / London Records]
2. Nitro Deluxe - The Brutal House [Cutting Records]
3. The Bass Boyz - Lost In The Bass *Mike “Hitman” Wilson Mix [Hot Jam Records]
4. Royal House - Yeah Buddy [Idlers Records]
5. S’Express - Superfly Guy [Rhythm King Records / Rough Trade]
6. Dux Dux - This Is A Sound [Electrola]
7. Farley Jackmaster Funk - You Ain’t Really Acieed *Acieed Mix [BCM Records]
8. Model 500 - No UFOs [Westside Records]
9. Risque Rhythm Team - The Jacking Zone [Westside Records]
10. Acid Burns Chicago [Molecular Funk Guerilla 004 Promo]

01.00 - 02.00

1. Maurice - This Is Acid [Soul Jazz Records]
2. Chip E. - Time To Jack *Jack Beat Edit [D.J. International Records]
3. Deskee - This Is A Dance Track [Black Out]
4. Gentry Ice - Do You Wanna Jack [Westside Records]
5. E.T.M.S . - Sound Of The Humanoid Kind [Musix Records]
6. Mr. Lee - Get Busy *Lidell Townsell Mix [Jive Records]
7. Chris Cuevas - Hip Hop *12” House Version [Atlantic Records]
8. She Rockers - Do Dat Dance [Jive Records]
9. Boy George - No Clause 28 *Emilio Pasquez Space Face Full Re-Mix [Electrola]
10. Pop Stars / Rocky Jones - Pop Goes The House *Dub Instrumental Edit [D.J. International Records]
11. G-Zone - Nebula 1 [Gee Street Recordings]
12. Adonis - Two The Max [S12]

02.00 - 03.00

1. DJ Pierre - Box Energy [Trax Records]
2. Baby Ford - Flowers [Rhythm King Records]
3. Lil Louis & The Diamond Corp. - 7 Days Of Peace *Feeling Good Instrumental Mix [Dance Mania 015]
4. Jack-E-Makossa - Opera House *Acid Fingers Verses [ZYX Records]
5. Coldcut feat. Yazz & The Plastic People - Doctorin’ The House *The Upset Remix [Big Life Music]
6. The Beat Pirate - Are You On 1 Matey ? *Acid Mix [BCM Records]
7. Farley Jackmaster Funk & Jessie Saunders - Dub Can’t Turn Around [D.J. International Records]
8. Fresh - Dum Dum Part 2 [Soul Jazz Records]
9. Hithouse - Jack To The Sound Of The Underground *Underground Mix [CBS Records]
10. Duane & Co - J.B. Piano Traxx [London Recordings]
11. Keynotes - Let’s Let’s Dance [Westside Records]

12.04.2008 Levi's Electric Disco Tour @ Mandarin Kasino / Hamburg

lineup mainfloor:

PUNKS JUMP UP [Kitsune / UK]
baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

lineup Hinterzimmer:

Timo Weiner [Soundlook / Byte.FM]
baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

Mandarin Kasino
Reeperbahn 1
Hamburg St.Pauli

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

baze.djunkiii presents: Hör:Elektronik @ Byte.FM [13.03.2008 / 00.00 - 01.00 GMT +1]

This mix goes out to all lovers of abstract, experimental and deep listening electronic music as this is part one of my recent "baze.djunkiii presents: Hör:Elektronik" radioshow that was aired via @ Byte.FM on march 13th - nearly no beats involved here, just drones and soundscapes.

transmission started: 12.03.2008 / 23.59 GMT+1

transmission ended: 13.03.2008 / 01.00 GMT+1


00.00 - 01.00

1. Aube - Segmental Touch [Old Europa Cafe]
2. Tarkatak - Resa Bort [Dhyana Records 023]
3. Tarkatak - Skärva [Drone Records 034]
4. Alec Empire - Pussy Heroin [Mille Plateaux]
5. Zen Faschisten - Rock’n’Roll Control
6. John Carpenter - Dark Star Original Soundtrack [Colosseum Schallplatten]
7. Wäldchengarten - Six Silver Bullets [KFI Rec.]
8. G. Reznicek - Allergie und Gegenwelt: Schub IV. [Wachsender Prozess 02]
9. Still - Love From Room 232 [Bomb Mitte]
10. Nimoy - Schönheit Gibt Es Nur Im Kampf [Bunker Records]

Monday, April 07, 2008

Various Artists – Raw Essentials Part 1 & 2 [Raw Elements Promo]

Does anyone out here still remembers Steve Bug’s first ever label, the 1995 established Raw Elements-imprint? No? Now a glimpse to the past is possible with these two 12“es that feature a whole of six visionary and sought after tracks from the Raw Elements back catalogue as there are Steve Bug’s „Rhodes Flash“, Vincenzo’s „My Vibrations“ and Supalova’s „All Night“, another moniker of Mr. Brügesch’s early days, on Part 1 whilst Russ Gabriels’ remix of Steve Bug’s „Honeymoon“, Les Rhytmes Digitales re-cut of „Drives Me Up The Wall“ plus Vincenzo „At Throb“ are to be found on Part 2. All tracks are of a vibrant, timeless beauty and functionality that is rarely found in these days productions but reminds us of how stripped down to the bone House music was – and still should be – responsible for an endless stream of happy moments on the dancefloor, when we were young, our bodies were sweaty and our eyes luckily met with the eyes of unknown strangers, smiled and instantly knew that we were all one under one groove. If there’s still hope for electronic music these six tracks will be played out for now and ever – not for retro or nostalgia reasons but fort he simple fact that there’s still DJ’s out there feeling the same as we did in past times, doing it for the music and for the groove and not for drugs, fame and „3 Tage Wach“. Top notch.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Rregular – Corner Hash Man / Shit’s Dope [.shadybrain 004]

Berlin’s Drum’n’Bass-imprint .shadybrain is back on track with release number zero zero four and once again delivers straightforward dancefloor fodder. While „Corner Hash Man“ presents a more rave-flavored attitude and – at least when it comes to so–called Neurofunk - surprisingly melodic midrange sounds that keep the crowd hyper, „Shit’s Dope“ hits the spot right with short, evil grinding bassline attacks plus a few stop-and-go breaks that drive punters mad when used in peaktime sets.

Robert Babicz – Dark Flower [Audiomatique 029 Promo]

Robert Babicz is back with his fifth instalment on Audiomatique Records named „Dark Flower“ which is probably his best and most fly release on this label so far. Funky elements combine with epic, dreamy strings here so the title track is pure niceness with proper dancefloor functionality and a bit of Trance-flavored feel – talking the good times of Trance here, way back before the mid-90’s, whilst „Spiral Boogie“ on B2 seems to a piece of fat, party Cosmic-influenced SpaceFunk on a stripped down, minimalistic tip. The flipside comes up with a Joris Voorn-relick of „Dark Flower“ who delivers a powerful, uplifting rework that’ll explode on dancefloors and lifts every crowds hands up high in the air with a nice mixture of (Neo)Trance and `troitish sounds. Well done.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

09.04.2008 baze.djunkiii presents: Acid House Revolution @ Byte.FM

09.04.2008 baze.djunkiii presents: Acid House Revolution @ Byte.FM

file under: AcidHouse / Chicago- & HipHouse

Ein wenig mehr als zwanzig Jahre ist es nun her, das mit dem sogenannten „Summer Of Love“ nicht nur AcidHouse, Smilie-T-Shirts, weite Klamotten, Anglerhüte und Raves aus dem Vereinigten Königreich nach Kontinentaleuropa und die Welt herüberschwappten, sondern gleich die gesamte Tanz- und Clubkultur im Sturm eroberten und revolutionierten. Zeit für einen kleinen Rückblick auf Acid-, Chicago- und HipHouse – den Soundtrack jenes wilden Sommers und der nachfolgenden Jahre.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

transmission starts: 23.59 [GMT+1]

transmission runs up to: 03.00 [GMT +1]

tune in @ Byte.FM

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

CDJJJ - Pick E.P. [Super Six Goodies 040] 040 of Super Six Goodiesis CDJJJ's "Pick E.P.", which - despite a strange artist name - delivers four pieces of deep, hypnotic and slightly psychedelic Minimal Techno that'll work underground crowds right with their dark, purist and sometimes acidic attitude. Best to be played in steamy, lightless basement clubs at 5 a.m. while only a slow strobelight flickers from time to time. Will be loved by fans of The Hague-based Bunker Records the same as by followers of Basic Channel or raw, grinding back-in-the-days Chicago Acid.

Brett Knacksen & miniMax - The Real Life *Ohrchitekt Remix [Super Six Goodies 039]

New on Super Six Goodies is the Ohrchitekt Remix of Brett Knacksen & miniMax' track "The Real Life", a quite experimental piece of Minimal Techno vs. Electronica that plays around with several layers of strange noises, echoes and seems to be meant rather as a kind of score'esque collage than as a dancefloor working tool. In the end some Illbient influences are shimmering through so fans of this genre might be up for that, too.

07.04.2008 Eclectic Groovez @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: DeepHouse / Broken House / (Neo)Disco

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records/ Byte.FM]

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

baze.djunkiii presents: Booty. @ Byte.FM [28.02.2008 / 02.00 - 03.00 GMT +1]

This mix is part three of my recent "baze.djunkiii presents: Booty." radioshow that was aired via @ Byte.FM on february 28th - dedicated to all lovers of raw Electro & GhettoBass.

transmission started: 28.02.2008 / 02.00 GMT+1

transmission ended: 28.02.2008 / 03.00 GMT+1


02.00 - 03.00

1. Drexciya - Dr. Blowfins Storm Stabilizing Spheres [Tresor 181]
2. Drexciya - Lake Haze [Tresor 181]
3. Direct Maniac E.P. [Elektrofunk Whitelabel]
4. Microknox - Transmission [Direct Beat 035]
5. Dre Brown - Rejuvenated Rhythm *Mix 1 [Direct Beat 043]
6. East Coast Art Solution [Atak Records 005]
7. Di’Jital - Execute [Direct Beat 047]
8. DJ Deeon - Get Your Duke On [Projex 039]
9. DJ Godfather - Freak Em Down [Databass 035]
10. DJ Shortstop - Throw Em Out [Databass 017]
11. Technician - Peace Out [Databass 034]
12. DJ Assault - Say My Name *Dirty [Assault Rifle]
13. DJ Godfather -Pimp Of The Nation *Instrumental [Databass 004]
14. DJ Assault - Weave Pulled Out *Radio Edit [Intuit Solar 012]
15. DJ Slugo - Godzilla *Disco D Remix [Databass 042]
16. Aux 88 - Step Into The Light [Submerge Recordings]
17. Auxmen [Puzzlebox Records 6.5]
18. Condition Red - Cosmic Osmosis [Underground Resistance 043]
19. The Shadow People - Firestarter [Southern Outpost 006]