Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ghetts - Don't Phone Me *Cassar Remix

Flyin' in via J Cassar on twitter last nite. Tune! #Grime

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DJ Rashad - I Don't Give A Fuck (official video)

I'm a sucker for this tune. Original Gangsta Juke. Killer dope.

Monday, November 25, 2013

ujif_notfound - Aneuch [Electroton 015 Promo]

Once again limited to an edition of 100 copies edition of 3" CDrs is the latest release on the great experimental music label Electroton which is expertly crafted by the Kiev based media artist Gregoriy Potopalsky a.k.a. ujif_notfound who - within three tracks and approx. 22 minutes runtime - perfectly merges the beauty of classically floating Ambient and ChillOut structures with the precise, futuristic, algid and surely hyperdigital sounds of the Clicks'n'Cuts genre that seemingly went a bit out of focus throughout the last years. But releases like this one are like a light at the end of the tunnel and especially the partly organ emulating synths and strings on top of rhythmic patterns built of clicks and static noise cutouts served in the closing track "Pain When" prove that there is still room and need for this kind of sound. Recommended.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Supershirt - H.Y.P.E. (official video)

One of the huge anthems featured on "Ten Years From Now: Still Doin' Our Thing #3"

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 015]

The fifteenth in a series of untitled albums released on Sascha Müller's Supersix Records has been put on the circuit some weeks ago and once again proves the studio capabilities of this remarkable German artist that in fact never embraced one single sub- or microgenre but Electronic Music as a whole whilst serving excellence in way more than 90 % of the releases that are leaving his studio. No matter if it's dry'ish or banging Techno tools for DJ's ("Master" / "Metaplex 1"), Dub heavy echo affairs ("Mr. Dub Delay"), huge Acid Rave anthems ("Murder, Death, Kill"), grinding Digital Noize attacks ("My 808 Eat My Brain"), psyched out alien Techno and much more that makes this one another sweet  lucky bag for all lovers of quality [electronic] music as whole. Fuck genres, this man needs to be a genre defining term himself.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cernlab - Atomherz [Electroton 014 Promo]

After nearly one and half years of silence the Electroton label is back with the release of "Atomherz", the first physical release of Marek Slipek's project Cernlab following up to the digital album "52.09" the Ukrainian artist released on the same label in 2009. With this release Cernlab serves a quadruple view on highly precise, cold digital Phonk and Electronica that includes not only great bass-driven synth notes but also eerie sounds and great wanderings through the acoustic stereo field alongside rhythmic sawtooth noise patterns quite similar to electrical grounding tones on old p.a. systems. With the third track "Vietnamsugar" Cernlab introduces the ever pumping magic of a straight 4/4 bass drum structure to his musical approach and caters a sweet Minimal Techno vision reminiscing to Cologne classics on labels like Studio or Profan whilst the closing title track is the soundtrack to alien activities in secret, acidic cavern swamps on faraway planets. You don't want to meet what's living in these places... but it makes interesting sounds.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Previously Unreleased: Omsk Information - Bayern 02 *Walking Da Late Nite Mok Version [XXC3 / Liquid Sky Berlin]

The deepest realms of Intelligent Club Techno.  Previously unreleased and first featured on these pages. Same goes for the video which captures some late night Berlin footage... and a huge dog.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sticker Love & World Domination: Barcelona / Spain

Sticker wall in Barcelona - captured by Marla

Sticker wall closeup - captured by Marla

Another sticker wall finding in Barcelona - captured by Marla

Monday, November 18, 2013

Trentemøller - Gravity [In My Room Promo]

Scheduled for early December is the release of the third single taken Trentemøller's recent album "Lost" which is gonna be "Gravity" featuring Jana Hunter of Lower Dens-fame on vocal duties. Apart from the epic, seductive melody driven Original Version and its shortened Radio Edit we'll find a stretched out eight minutes re-fix provided by the Danish band outfit Pinkunoizu which are switching between echo'ing, analogue heavy (Neo)Cosmic, an obvious PostKraut attitude and partly irritating, clanging anti-groove aesthetics playing around with staggered drum patterns and double time phrases, meandering through time and space with an artschool'ish, quite experimental feel served on sweet 10" vinyl. Also to be found here is the original instrumental cut which - without the vocals - seems likely to be loved by all Indietronica-headz out there. Watch out.    

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dan Wuh - 92-96 Hardcore & Jungle Mix

A DJ set feature on these pages is quite a rare thing but this classy mix is so packed with bangers, hits and tracks I used to love from day dot that I can't withstand posting it. Listen & learn about the roots of what's named Drum'n'Bass now. 100% street cred, serious beat wizzardry and tons of bass.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Soon To Come: Lisa Morgenstern - Amphibian

Great news have it that Lisa Morgenstern, the untouched mistress of Dark Sonnet and Theatrical Chanson, is about to self-release her crowdfounded debut album "Amphibian" in less than 10 days which means November, 22nd. Having introduced her intense musical magic to the readers of these pages after an impressive show in April we were quite thrilled to see the longplay thing finally happen after her decision to take care of her own releasewise to achieve full and final artistic freedom and as far as we get things from a full length "Amphibian" prelistening session via soundcloud it was this freedom she needed to unfold and shape what was already set and lying within her stunningly intense live performance. Although the heavily commuting dynamic eccentricity of going from near to silence whispers into screaming out the pain and longing that lives deep down in Lisa Morgenstern's soul within a split second seemingly has been cut back a little for reasons of consistency and her songs are now partly backed by additional violins and strings to an alleviating effect the album perfectly reflects the dark beauty, sorrow and deep melancholia filling the internal realms of the artist which is going way beyond the usual boundaries of the album format here. If any, the best way of describing "Amphibian" within only a few words would be to define it as theatromusical tale of eleven acts in which today's affliction is embedded in faraway echoes of medieval fog banks and the undeniable grave elegance of courtly rites and suavities. Recommended.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2013

01. Mr DNA x DOS4GW - Demon's World / Dos Castle Dos [Hirntrust Grind Media 038 Promo]
See review for details...

02. Plaster - Circular Mechanism [SONUOUS 003 Whitelabel Promo]
Deep Listening Music anyone? Somewhere between Broken Techno and Armchair Techno with a deeply hypnotizing twist that we all know and love from underground artists like Nommo Ogo or Carlito Verde the original cut is easily floating and drifting through coldest areas of space, located somewhere beyond any deep field photography and taking us to - not only literally - other worlds whilst the Substance Remix to be found on the flip provides an excursion into electronic UltraDub from a dark future that defo will be appreciated by Illbient headz and sci-fi freaks alike. Great.

03. Minor Rain - Excavator / Complexity [Sinous Records 022]
Actually it took eleven - sic!!! - long years until the second Sinuous Records release found its way into my collection after I-Rate's double A-sided "Game Over / Droppin' Like Flies" caught my attentention immediately when the whitelabel pressing popped up at the local record store - back in  2002. Same goes now for Minor Rain's razor sharp, hyper tight and stripped down approach of "Excavator" which surely brings back the dark'ish black tunnel funk of the "Wormhole"-era but adds some even more futuristic drum patterns which are meandering around the classic drum, snare, drum, snare focussed beat we're still feeling much love for. On the flip "Complexity" lives up to its name for sure, tricking dancefloors with well minimalistic but twisted and - guess? - complex beats riding a cold, sci-fi vibe with the occasional haunting sample and tense atmosphere popping up here and there. This one's for well advanced floors. Get.

04. Ten Years From Now: Still Doin' Our Thing #3 [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details....

05. Frederic Mercier / Prins Thomas / Pierre Bachelet / Uncle O - Cosmic Machine [Because Music]
"Cosmic Machine - A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980)" is the full title of the longplay compilation this two original  tracks on this 12" are taken which are Frederic Mercier's "Spirit" and Pierre Bachelet's "Motel Show". An additional remix for the first mentioned track is provided by Prins Thomas and Uncle O is at the controls for a re-cut of the latter. Whilst side A caters a trip into the HiNRG infused side of DiscoCosmic - not: CosmicDisco! - with a lot of Moroderes'que synth basslines and epic, if not even kitschy, string layers we find the flip on a classic - as the track in itself is one known to even those who've never been into early SynthDance music - Cosmic tip with its stick-in-you-ear synth line of that kind you'll never ever dare to forget again. Recommended for this fact. And more.

06. Dusky - Careless EP [Aus Music Whitelabel Promo]
As I'm a sucker for Future Garage and related these days this one got an 8/10 review in FAZE Magazine and whenever I put this record on I defo want to move my old white ass on the dancefloor. Bringing the best positive vibes that House music can provide fused with garage'y vibes from the 'ardcore continuum this one is an instant classic that'll never leave my box when I'm out playing that style. Huge.

07. Expension Unit [UNIT 001 Whitelabel Promo]
A 9/10 whitelabel 12" that has already been reviewed in detail in FAZE Magazine but is well worthy to be mentioned again. Not much information given on this copy but all three tracks do fuse electroid elements with Motor City flavors that are to be found regularly on great labels like Viewlexx, Ersatz Audio and the likes of. You know the score.

08. Basic Soul Unit [LAB.OUR 001 Whitelabel Promo]
Another one taken from the FAZE Magazine promo box, rated 8/10 in their November print issue for a reason. The untitled A-side sees Basic Soul Unit branch out into raw uncut House with a jazzy sidekick whilst riding a UK Bass influenced, wobbly bassline that takes punters off on a ride. On the flip we'll find a quite abstract excursion into HighSpeed Electro realms driven by nuff analogue melancholia provided by old and longtime dusted synths as well as a dark'ish trip into the spooky basements of Underground House where pure energy and stoically marching hihats overrule any kind of polish whilst acidic modulations are digging deep into your melted brain.

09. Trentemøller - Lost (Instrumental Version) [In My Room Promo]
Trentemøller's latest longplay joint "Lost" has been introduced and reviewed on these pages quite a while ago and is still as hot as your regular wiener taken off boiling water. For all of his fans who still can't do much with vocals a full on instrumental version of "Lost" will be a available soon'ish as limited 2LP white vinyl pressing which is, to be honest, a pretty thrilling and well haunting affair as it not only naturally comes along in a totally different temper due to the lack of vocals but also is able to divulge way more of Trentemøller's amazing studio skillz than the regular version. Massive!

10. General Vex / Plural Zero [SMGLTD001 Promo]
Reviewed and rated as an 8/10 in the November issue of the german FAZE Magazine this white vinyl split pressing is making a statement for sure with its opening piece "No Fucks" - a stripped down but not necessarily minimalistic tune with explicit, ever modulating vocals that don't - guess what - about whether they cause mayhem on Techno or high octane House floors whilst reminiscing about Ghetto House and Green Velvet's Chicago Basement phase alike. Furthermore we'll find technoid antigrooves on a well reduced level that are flavored with a few 'troity tones, jumpy abstractions in between Techno and Electro causing serious movement amongst advanced dancers and club attendees - "Blank VHS" - and a gnarly, analogue jam alike excursion into deeper undergound Techno realms. Sweet.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Captain Capa - Foxes [Audiolith Promo]

Bad Frankenhausen's finest IndieSynth-outfit Captain Capa just returned to their beloved Audiolith-home with the release of their new and latest longplay album "Foxes". Whilst the anthemic title track has been introduced to the readers of these pages with a sweet little official music video we posted like a few weeks prior to this review the rest of the tunes remained unheard and unchecked up to this date and so curiousity levels rose up when we opened the sealed vinyl piece we lifted from the labels offices some days ago. And one thing is pretty clear after only two songs including the sing-a-long heavy hooklined, cowbell abusing "As Far As It Goes" - this time them boys are going down the Pop-driven alley further than ever, breaking a lot of Indie girls hearts with sweet and catchy melodies, nothing but huge vocals and a special twist that's able to turn even slow, UK Bass-referring intro parts into thrilling uptempo dancefloor fillers within less than a second, replacing threading, maybe even peening beat structures with the positive not yet happy vibe of rocking guitars providing an ultimate drive that's about to turn Indie clubs into moshpits. The flip sides opener "Arsenic" fuses only slightly autotune-induced Pop with midtempo hyperglitz for laseractive lovers of 23rd century CosmoSynth whilst "The False Shepherd" brings out all the glamour and energy of a crowd rocking lifestyle and the epic "Wittgensteins Monster" comes up with the only feature joint on this extraordinary longplay piece as Strizi Hasselhoff of Frittenbude-fame drops some of his cryptically clear trademark rhymes on this one. No more questions. But a recommendation. Banger.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

OHRchitekt - Bunker Behaviour [OHRchitekt self-released]

Sitting in today's post box was "Bunker Behaviour", the latest full on bass driven CD album joint put on the circuit via OHRchitekt which some of you might remember from releases popping up on Sascha Müller's Pharmacom Records throughout the past six years or so. On this thirteen track piece that starts with a slightly distorted industrialized version of Dub he fully turns his head into various interpretations of Bass Music from Dubstep and related styles to more French DarkJungle-flavored Drum'n'Bass tunes to - sic!!! - raw and uncut experimental BigBeat / Chemical Beat bangers and shuffling, well splintered halftempo grooves with a doubletime Electronica vs Drill'n'Bass-infused attitude. Other experimentalist and highly floor destroying madness is to be found here and although we can't analyse every track in detail it's very likely that this piece should sit in your collection if you've been or still are diggin' musical works provided by artists and labels like Crackhead Worm, Torsion Records, Bombdogs, Audio Illusion, Deadsilence Syndicate, Zod, Michael Forshaw or early Dexorcist productions. So what's left to be said about OHRchitekt ? He's a purveyor of the deepest underground sounds for those who know,  dancing in run down basements of a decaying post fall-out society.

Friday, November 08, 2013

UK HipHop 1989 Documentary

This one's going out to all the old skool Rap & HipHop fans out there. Stumbled upon this just an hour ago and defo gotta share it. Nearly 25 years ago the UK Street Rap scene seemed to be on fire - just lovely how these kids are into doing what they're doing. Take a seat. Watch!

Some nice Ice-T. live footage is in this, too.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Jammin Unit - Mickey Mouse Is Coming [DJungle Fever / Liquid Sky Berlin]

A sweet killer tune for all lovers of trueskool Acid. This one's.... a trip. Full support.

Monday, November 04, 2013

NTSC Test Card With 1 KHz Test Tone

Posted for the love of test cards and sine waves. Defo miss them on TV.

Johannes Brecht - What's About [Poker Flat Recordings 143]

Johannes Brecht is the next fresh face to join the Poker Flat-stable with his double A-sided 12" "What's About", rolling out and adding up a new and yet unheard, nearly summer'ish vibe to the labels roster with the title track that starts with a kind of DeepHouse-related feel including strangely modulated, organic sounds and progressing into slightly trancey realms after an epic breakdown that hasn't been heard on Steve Bug's label before. "You" on the flip starts out on a similar tip but is less epic and seems to take things down the melancholia driven alley a bit so it turns out to be the fall'ish equivalent to the A-sides euphoria. Not the one you'd necessarily expect on Poker Flat Recordings for a reason but as the label introduced quite a bunch of new names within the last months this branch out into unusual soundscapes might fit well when you look back at it in like a years time.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

08.11.2013 Psychedelic Kitchen goes TV (Trailer Video by Uli Sigg)

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Mr DNA x DOS4GW - Demon's World / Dos Castle Dos [Hirntrust Grind Media 038 Promo]

The Austrian Hirntrust Grind Media-imprint is back on track for the colder season with it's 038, welcoming microphone warrior Mr. DNA, on the flip lyrically supported by NoEmotion GoldMask, and beat wizzard DOS4GW to it's ever growing roster. Sticking to the beloved 7" format again - this time served as orange transparent pressing - the collaborational joint explores the realms of Mutant HipHop and tight raps - especially when it comes to the epic, beatless break in "Dos Castle Dos" that lets every rhyme spitting geezer fall silent forever - on top of stripped-down, hyperclear, nearly scifi'esque and surely Electronica-trained, heavily compressed beats blasting through P.A.'s like wrecking balls through walls. There's no escape but to move whatever you got when this gem is on. Damage will be done. For sure.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Machinedrum - Vapor City [Ninja Tune Promo]

Machinedrum – seit ungefähr 12 Jahren macht Travis Stewart unter diesem Pseudonym vorwiegend dem Bass gewidmete Clubs unsicher, verschreibt sich dabei konsequent dem sogenannten 'ardcore continuum mit all seinen Derivaten und veröffentlicht mit „Vapor City“ dieser Tage sein mittlerweile zehntes Album, das mit dem Opener „Gunshotta“ gleich den ersten Hit im Gepäck hat, vermischt sich hier doch skelettierter Jungle mit der verhallt-romantischen PostStep-Attitude diverser kontemporärer Produzenten. Diese Verortung zwischen den Stühlen behält Machinedrum auch im folgenden Verlauf bei, liefert mit „Don't 1 2 Lose U“ die erste SlowRave-Hymne des Longplayers, während „Rise N Fall“ steppende Dancehall-Riddims mit rollenden Junglebeats kombiniert und athmosphärisch in den den Sonnenaufgang gleitet. Mit „SeeSea“ legt Stewart dann das dieser Tage wohl notwendige, aber nicht minder funktionale Juke-affine Spiel mit auf verschiedenen Geschwindigkeiten gelayerten Vocalfetzen und Crab-artigen Cuts nach, um jene schliesslich mit „Eyesdontlies“ auf Hochgeschwindigkeit gezüchtete Breakbeats, Hallexperimente und vereinzelte Tablas zu schichten. 21st Century Bass Music. Me likey.
9 Points (of 10)

Another lost review that was originally written for the German FAZE Magazine but remained unpublished for unknown reasons.